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The Reckoning: The Stand at Setarco

Setarco, the Silken City, stands against the Reckoning. Ancient city that long pre-dates the first Reckoning, it has never fallen. This time it will be tested.


Jan. 24, 2024, 8 p.m.

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Apostate Patrizio

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Cesare Gabriella Mirari Xia Cassimir Valencia Raven Andromeda Jian Lucrezia Renata Oriana Savio Orland Sabriel Giorgio(RIP) Nyima Akio



Apostate's Dynamic GMing Room <OOC Room>

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Comments and Log

House Pravus has been aided by terrible storms that have delayed the advance of the demonic hordes, all but certain magical tempests that have battered the ships bearing shards, and kept the winged demons from the full speed of their flight. But still they come on, eventually reaching Setara. There's a lack of strategy or care in the approach of the endless hordes, just moving to advance and surround Setarco from all directions and falling upon it like a hammer. Demons sweep in from across the bay, approaching the Titan of Setarco, and the ground begins to shake with the steady boom of the thousands of war drums matching the foot falls of ogres, ettins, minotaurs, war golems and giants. But as they approach, there is still some final time to prepare and rally the troops.

At first there seems to be some panic in the steets of Setarco, as cries go up that demons have already infiltrated the city. But it's not what it seems at first. In the loneliet alley of Setarco, and far underneath the crypts of House Pravus, vaults open. The Tomb of Mirror stands open, and the oldiest inhabitants of the city move to come to defense of the city against their brethren.

((OOC: Pre-battle turn, anyone can check leadership, war, or a social skill at hard to add a bonus to the troops here out.))

Patrizio checks command and leadership at hard. Patrizio is successful.

Cesare checks charm and performance at hard. Cesare is successful.

Mirari checks charm and seduction at hard. Botch! Mirari fails completely.

Sabriel checks command and war at hard. Sabriel fails.

Orland checks charm and performance at hard. Orland is successful.

Cassimir checks perception and occult at hard. Cassimir is successful.

Lucrezia checks command and war at hard. Lucrezia fails.

Raven checks command and war at hard. Raven marginally fails.

Gabriella checks command and leadership at hard. Gabriella marginally fails.

Valencia checks charm and propaganda at hard. Valencia is successful.

Xia checks charm and propaganda at hard. Critical Success! Xia is spectacularly successful.

Renata checks charm and propaganda at hard. Renata is successful.

Akio checks command and leadership at hard. Akio marginally fails.

Jian checks charm and propaganda at hard. Jian is successful.

Andromeda checks stamina and intimidation at hard. Critical Success! Andromeda is spectacularly successful.

The Singer of Setarco, the Heartscourge of Eswyndol, makes his way to the top of the walls. Cesare pauses a moment as he peers over the parapet at the approaching horde and then back at the defenders. He is not quite sure why he has returned, considering the circumstance in which in left. But something has drawn him back, whatever may have happened in the ensuing years this was his home. A home that shaped and molded him. One that must be defended.

Cesare finds a quiet spot amid the Pravosi troops and as he passes by Savio and Orland he offers both men a quiet knowing smile before he moves off and seats himself upon a barrel, unslinging his lyre from his back. His fingers begin to play over the strings as he gently hums. At first it might seem as if he is merely warming up, tuning both lyre and voice in preparation of a song. But the random plucking at the strings soon takes on a soothing, calming melody, the thrumming from his throat a gentle accompaniment. It is a soothing song meant to ease the anxiety of the coming battle and allow the soldiers to focus on what must be done rather than their fears.

Giorgio checks charm and propaganda at hard. Giorgio is successful.

Giorgio wields gem-studded alaricite cestus.

Gabriella lifts her sword and points at the horde. "Let's kill some fucking sheeeyards!!!" and it's very convincing, but she stresses a syllable just a little too much to leave some among her ranks smirking and unimpressed.

Setarco is home. Mirari arrives leading the Corsetina collection of not-pirates, the woman almost looks happy to be here. There's a twisted smile on her lips and a blade in each hand. She's ready to kill. Steelsilk glimmers, and she's adorned with a variety of carefully crafted weapons. There's an easy to her step, no tension, only a sense of peace, like she belongs here. Mirari has walked these streets many times, good memories, some terrible. But, this is where her heart is, and this is where she choses to bleed. The aggression is real, that blood lust, one might think this would be charming, but something doesn't quite land. The woman's tell-tale smile turns to the troops, but then she just bursts into laughter. Loud, boisterous laughter. Why does Mirari laughs? Who knows, there's some joke that's going through her head. Only her head, and she doesn't actually tell it, so it doesn't land well with others, but you know, she's smiling. It's a riot! "Kill the all," the woman says, "fuck, kill them twice. Make everything bleed."

Xia takes a break from maintianing the storms that have been raging around Setara and walks among the troops. Where she goes she speaks, telling them of the wonders of House Pravus and the mighty mages of Beyul. She speaks of the long, proud traditions that they serve and how often Pravus has crushed enemies. Enemies just like this. Yes, they're about to fight demons. Yes, the battle will be hard. And yes, some of them will die. But this is the Saffron Chain. They fight under the banner of the greatest of Great Houses! They fight with those who have traveled across oceans more distant than they can conceive... all to be here now. All to save the FUCKING WORLD! And where she goes, cheers erupt and men and women take heart.

Cassimir moves where he has access to the walls in case it is needed as he watches what is going on around him. There might be a small smile on his features as he sees their demons join them in this battle. But he's not cocky and stays quiet as he settles in place aware of his surroundings and for whatever comes next. At the ready as he waits for the enemy to come closer to the fight.

Aware of her surroundings, Valencia is there doing what she can to help rally and rouse one and all so that Pravus can enter this fight with their best foot and weapons forward.

Raven is out with the soldiers, leading from the front to try to rally morale "Setarco will stand today, tomorrow, and a thousand years! Lets send these arrogant turd-munchers back to where they came!" she pause and then calls "Trieste, my lovely, it is time to party. Bring our friends and join the fun!"

Andromeda has a dragon. It's a beautiful thing in bronze scales, just slightly outsizing the largest of horses, because Andromeda also slightly outsizes the largest of horses. Wearing a mix of snakeskin and shadowmeld, with her pyran darksteel blade in hand, the Sword of House Proscipi stalks along the frontline, roiling with murderous energy as she looks to the other edge of what will be the battlefield.

"We kill," She instructs, voice carrying.

"We die. All that matters is that the blood feeds the ground and that more of them die than us."

And the dragon takes off, as the massing horde comes closer.

Not for an advance attack, but for Andromeda to rejoin with her closer ones, readying for the first attack, and giving a grunt of welcome to the rest of the Proscipi delegation.

Patrizio wields Beast's Unmaking.

"/PEOPLE OF SETARA AND THE SAFFRON!/" Patrizio Pravus, the Archduke of Setara and the Saffron Chain, stands upon the walls where he can be seen in the open, the shine of his armour despite the darkness that advances upon the city, looking out upon the army that advances towards Setarco's walls. "Our ancestors stood where we do today, and withstood the first Reckoning. And /we/ are here, their children's children, to remind the world that we will withstand this one as well. Let the enemy learn all to well that Pravus DOES NOT RUN. Long live Setara! Long live the Saffron! THE COMPACT SHALL ENDURE!"

When it's time to break from their cabal's effort, Jian takes a different route than Xia. She travels among the troops talking about Gloria and the need for honor, about the Sentinel and the drive for justice. Jian tells the soldiers about Gild and preserving civilization. She leaves a sermon here and there, picking out pockets and letting her message grow on its own.

Lucrezia doesn't exactly avoid Setarco, but it's not the first place she'd sail either. So when word reaches the Wanton that the Tomb of Mirrors is spilling forth demons there's some severe consternation as the Iron Kraken by all reports has gone into deep, deep drink and won't be roused. Maybe it was just a nasty rumor, those things happen in war, but she's later seen on the deck of the Wanton, one foot posed on the railing and a bottle in her free hand. There might or might not be a dedicated line of her crew bringing her more bottles. The proof has been thrown into the bay. She's drunk, murderous.

Cassimir wields The Bloodsong.


Princess Renata stands ready before the First Legion and armies of Setarco, and her families under the Pravus banners. Her eyes filled with determination as she gazes out towards the threat of darkening sky with all of the eater's forces swarming to descend upon Setarco. A swirl of soft summer breeze wisps around The Kind Lady, lifting strands of her hair to appear as if they are floating within the warm waters surrounding the city. Looking to those near to her a warming smile slips to her lips as she closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. Eyes opening to reveal piercing aquamarine pools a near glitter to her stare as she raises her voice to address the troops gathered before her.

"Brave defenders of our home Setarco, Pravus, hear me now!" Her words carry a magical resonance, reaching the ears of all who stand before her. "Soldiers and allies! In the crucible of war, where cunning is our sword and strategy our shield, let it be known that in this pursuit, cunning is no sin. A foolish ideal is no virtue, and we shall rise above the simplicity of blind valor. Look upon the battlefield, where shadows of uncertainty lurk. It is not the strong alone who shall prevail, but the wise, the cunning, and the strategic minds that guide our every move. In this war, we embrace the truth that cunning is our ally, a tool to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outshine the darkness that seeks to envelope us."

In a graceful gesture, Renata's hands holding in front of her as if singing an opera from stage. Her speech within a soft musical melody, creating a comforting embrace. "Let not fear guide your hearts, for you are warriors of resilience and courage. Together, we shall face the storm that looms on our doorstep. Our city, our home, shall not fall to the shadows that seek to consume it. We fight not for an individual, but for the preservation of all that we hold dear."

Lady Oriana Inverno isn't one for grand speeches or rallying troops, as much as she enjoys cutting bon mots. Sadly, harsh language only does so much against demonic hordes, so she settles for being one among many, ready to fight for Setarco. As she gazes upon the encroaching enemies, for once in her life, she's actually speechless.

Savio is lacking his usual joie de vivre, on account of the world is ending. Tremorus is already lost, the Saffron with its many shardhavens no doubt overrun. What a thing, to lose a homeland twice in one lifetime.

He is near Orland and Giorgio and Sabriel, and the assembled forces of Proscipi and Amadeo. He is squinting upwards at a familiar voice radiating a familiar murderous energy. "Did our cousin always have a dragon?" A question for his family near him. "I feel like the dragon is new."

Orland, the Knight of Illusions, has ensured his children were somewhere safe and secure and would fall back to retrieve them if shit hit the fan, which shit was hitting the fan, but like, if the lines started to fail. He gives a performance to help the morale of the troops in his immediate area before he walks over to where his Lord Husband is. Without a care, he grabs Savio by the neck and pulls him in for a hard kiss, "Don't die."

Savio SMOOCH. And something said quietly.

Sabriel tries to say something inspiring to the Proscipis, honorary Proscipis, and the numbers they command, but she's too busy watching the storm with a too-satisfied curl on her lips. Eventually she gives up and just draws Blood Price, ready to commence with the Shard slicing.

"I will be with you again, in this life or the next," Orland says without the care of muttering. He wields Tiderender, the blade that Prince Romulius gave him during his knighting ceremony. "We lost Bravura and Tremorus, but home will always be where you are. If one of us ..." he cannot even speak but he grumbles, "The other must try to get to the kids." Plans made, but plans can always fail.

The legion comes on. The soldiers of Setarco have rallied, cheering along the walls, and are prepared for battle and unshaken even as a number of demons move to join them in the defense of the Silken City. One demon appears to be made entirely of bleeding coins, clinking and leaving a trail of blood as it comes to stand by the gate, just waiting there for when the Legion breaks through. The hordes of Azazel appear endless, stretching into the horizon, and spiderlike beasts are skittering over the Bay and running underneath the legs of the Titan of Setarco now, with some winged demons landing atop of Procella Pravus' face on the great statue, and shrieking their rage and challenge.

The hordes creep closer and closer, finally starting to come within Setarco's siege weapons which begin to fire, launching massive rocks and ballista bolts within their multitudes. Ogres being hurling massive stones back, slamming into walls, and a watch tower is shattered and collapses. And then the thousands upon thousands of shards, abyssal twisted creatures that were once men and women, begin their mad charge at Setarco's walls, as arrows turn the skies black.

((Round 1: Can make any checks that can be justified, fails on this will result in damage unless someone with a spec success covers for a person. If you use magic, note it, and it'll count against your 3 cast limit.))

Gabriella checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella is successful.

Oriana checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Oriana is successful.

Patrizio checks command and leadership at hard. Patrizio marginally fails.

Xia checks charm and propaganda at hard. Xia is successful.

Sabriel checks command and war at hard. Sabriel is successful.

Akio checks command and leadership at hard. Akio is successful.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio marginally fails.

Mirari checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mirari is successful.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at hard. Lucrezia is successful.

Cesare checks charm and performance at hard. Cesare is successful.

Nyima checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Nyima is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven is marginally successful.

Jian checks mana and theology at hard. Jian is successful.

Renata checks charm and performance at hard. Renata is successful.

Cassimir checks perception and occult at hard. Cassimir marginally fails.

Orland checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Orland fails.

Andromeda checks dexterity and intimidation at hard. Critical Success! Andromeda is spectacularly successful.

Giorgio stands with Savio and Orlando among the assembled soldiers from their respective houses. Like Savio, Giorgio is stoic, though that is likely far more on par for the elder Pontelaeus brother. As if he can feel the pain of his younger sibling for the home left behind, Giorgio reaches out and places a hand on Savio's shoulder to offer a comforting squeeze. He remains silent as Orland and Savio share a moment, having enough tact to busy himself securing his marvelous jeweled gloves.

Valencia checks charm and propaganda at hard. Valencia is successful.

Giorgio checks charm and propaganda at hard. Giorgio is successful.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Giorgio before departing.

[MAGIC] Sister Jian walks the parapets until she finds a spot to stay. She wiggles herself between some archers and waits for the hordes to approach the walls of the city. Looking around, she searches out a commander in the tide of shards and demons. Finding one of the biggest presences she can, Jian points a slender finger across the field and begins to speak in Draconic. She speaks of how its life was shorter than expected and produces a elegy for the creature on the spot. A black aura surrounds it, taking a life as Death herself is invoked.

[Magic] As the real party comes to play Cassimir is prepared. He begins to bring things up around him to fling against the walls in hopes that he can hit the enemy in the process. He has seen how things are starting to crumble around them and will attempt to use it to his advantage. To Setarco's advantage. That is why he is here, right. His fingers continue that flinging action as he focuses his energy on that.

Andromeda shoots the smallest of smiles to her family, giving a slight upnod to her cousins and cousin-in-law. Rolling her shoulders, she watches the horde come closer - and when the siege weapons fire, she lets out a guttural, ululating howl; the dragon she rides launches into the air, and engages in an elaborate flight-pattern, strafing the demonic enemies with firebreath and the Titan of Tremorus hanging off the side, slashing away with her darksteel sword, joy finally finding her joy as she laughs triumphantly - a loop-de-loop having her turn back, and spotting Orland being exposed, she drives her mount onwards, letting out another howl of fury, and with dragonfire and darksteel, she lands and drives back the shards menacing the man.

Once the battle starts in earnest, Xia continues to walk among the troops, only now it's the ones that are along the wall. "Remember what you're fighting for. Setarco isn't a city, it's the dream of thousands. Millions, as its walls hold the dreams of those that came before you, back a thousand years or more," the former Emissary-turned-Countess tells the soldiers. "How can you fail? You have the assembled might of the Saffron Chain here with you. The very Abyss has coughed up soldiers to fight at your side. Elyssa is with you!" She points across the way at Jian as proof of this.

With an insatiable bloodlust, Gabriella runs into battle and just indiscriminately starts hacking away. The Butcher of Setarco is immediately covered in blood, goo, whatever.

[MAGIC] No longer tied to the spellwork that brought the bad weather, Nyima takes to the field as she was born to do. She sweeps along the walls until she finds a spot where the defenders look to need additional help. There she leaps into the air, an impossible twenty feet, and draws her alaricite blades while hovering briefly in the sky. Then suddenly, Nyima is diving and lands with an impact and a three point pose that's left her crescent blades cutting through the enemies starting to cluster.

The onslaught comes.

Patrizio's hand rises to draw down the visor on his helm, the better to keep safe, for while cunning is not a sin, being stupid - as Sir Tiberio once warned - is inexcusable. And usually fatal.

"Take them down!" His sword arm swings out to indicate the approaching horde, with calls to the captains of the archers to let loose on those approaching, his voice strong and carrying. "Mind their siege engines, and prepare to repel those closest to the walls and gates!"

Raven bellows "For Setarco!!" and charges forward, her crescent blade glinting as she attempts to carve a path fearlessly or recklessly through the first wave of foes.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe," Mirari picks her target. Then the woman christens her new blade with demon blood. Mirari looks at the creature, like it should be lucky she chose it. Blood splatters and she cuts without hesitation. There's no time to admire her work, rather she's into the fold, slicing and stabbing everything that she can get close to.

Lady Oriana is, to use the vulgar vernacular of common folk, a sneaky little shit. Where, say, Gabriella runs into battle and indiscriminately hacks and slashes, Oriana picks her spots, the same way a cat looks for just the right moment to pounce. She stabs a foe and then scampers away, out of reach of said foe's companions, before finding a suitable place to lurk and then lash out again. Stick and move, stick and move...

With no magic to help him, Akio finds a spot that looks like it needs help. "Archers," he takes command with an aura of authority, "aim for the ones pushing those siege towers! Let's not let them get near the walls!"

Cesare slips off the barrel and begins to play his lyre in earnest, a driving up tempo piece to help the soliders focus their aggression. He moves nimbly up and down the line so the tune can carry.

[Magic] BOOM. Thunder rolls overhead, loud enough to drown out most of the war drums for several seconds, and Sabriel extends her arm, aiming Blood Price at the nearest charging foes with golden eyes aglow. Suddenly, white lightning streaks down from the heavens and straight into the area, spidering out to take out several at once.

The initial attack goes better than to be expected, really. The first attempts at siege towers pulling up to Setarco's walls go crashing down, and the siege ladders fare even worse, with piles of shard corpses decorating the ground. As if recognizing that the initial attempts aren't going well, several massive giants begin hammering at the front gates, and scores of beholders rise from the shard ranks to rain death down upon the walls, the shard archers redouble their efforts, and dozens upon dozens of ettins, minotaurs and ogres are throwing boulders.

((I'll check everyone's luck. Based on failure level, they'll need to make a defensive check to take damage.))

Apostate has called for a check of luck at normal.
TIE: Critical Success! Nyima is spectacularly successful. Critical Success! Akio is spectacularly successful. Critical Success! Sabriel is spectacularly successful.
Patrizio is successful.
TIE: Cassimir is successful. Cesare is successful.
Gabriella is successful.
Savio is successful.
TIE: Mirari is successful. Giorgio is successful.
TIE: Kalakh is successful. Lucrezia is successful. Valencia is successful.
Jian marginally fails.
TIE: Oriana marginally fails. Andromeda marginally fails.
Orland marginally fails.
TIE: Xia fails. Raven fails.
Smile fails.
Botch! Renata fails completely.

The walls are scaled, the enemy is joined. Twice seems too much to defend a city under siege. "Do not get yourself killed. I will go to the Wheel myself *just to kick you in the ass*," Savio says to Giorgio, voice a little thick with -- well, everything he should have said before now and didn't, probably. Look, everyone's been busy.

He misses his strike as his HUSBAND ALMOST GETS EATEN. That'll put the fear of gods into you. "ORLAND!" panic "ANDROMEDA!" panic "Oh my stars and mirrors, fuck me." (relief but also panic)


As the skies turn black with charge of creatures, Renata moves with purpose. With a swift descent from the walls, she slips into a concealed trench, disappearing from the chaos above. Within the watery shadows, she transforms, to emerge from the trench, now as siren, surrounded by a gentle glow of bright teal and the warmth of golden light. Surfacing within the bay for only a moment where she claps her hands together, a wave of water surging from around her seeking out any nearby to pull back into the bay from their surge in attack against the walls. The wave pulling at a few to drag them further into the bay where they are left to drown. The Kind Siren dives back under the waters.

Oriana checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Oriana is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven is successful.

Orland is a non-magical knight over here. He has no insight to what is required for magic or any sort of special abilities that could aid him against the fight of demonic entities. All he has is a drive to save his kids from the monsters that come over the wall and fight alongside Savio... for maybe the last time. It's hard to say. Inevitably, for Orland, the battle is a fucking struggle. One minute he was capable of keeping himself with space to fight, the next he was surrounded. If it wasn't for some sort of spectacular thing that Andromeda is on a dragon ... he might be dead. Good thing she's come prepared! All he can do is spare her a quick lift of his sword before he's back on track and doing what he can, keeping close to Savio when possible, "After, I promise after I will!"

Andromeda checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Andromeda is successful.

Xia checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Xia is successful.

Looking aside at Savio, Giorgio offers a slight quirk of the corner of his mouth that is as close to a smile as he's capable of for his brother's continued, undefeatable sass. He offers a single nod and leans across to say something quietly in his brother's ear, then his eyes swivel to the enemy coming. He yells out to the soldiers around him, encouraging them, charging them, and then he is running on at his brother's side. Where other's have come with sword and shield, Giorgio is here with alaricite gauntless and he is straight punching these bitches!

Orland checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Orland fails.

Orland checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Orland fails.

Orland has suffered a serious wound!

Sabriel turns just in time to see some flying imps diving at Renata, drawn to her colorful glow. "Girl, get your ass back behind the lines," she roars as she charges over, reaching out to yank the Princess from the water and bodily throw her out of dodge. It is not the most gentle rescue, but it's probably better than the alternative.

It's raining demon-things, Mirari is quick to shimmy out of the way, the woman moves with ease. A step to the right, another to the left, there's smoothness to her steps. Like she's playing a little game, watching as the boulders fall, spin and stop.

Cassimir takes a breather from the flinging he was doing to now play with his sword. Glancing this way and that for anything else he can use for a future attack as he makes to move and fight in a mudane manner and not the magic he was using earlier. As the boulders are thrown he has an idea of what to do next once he is done with his playing. He doesn't speak to anyone and stays focused on the task at hand.

Xia's moving from one place to the next when the Beholders come forth. As one wipes out a few defenders near her, Xia quickly raises a shield that looks like a literally soap bubble with water running across its surface. She hurls herself out of the way, but one of the beholder's rays clips her bubble and pops it. Still, better than a full death ray to the face.

Oriana overstays her welcome a bit too long in her latest attempt to pick off a monster. She's grabbed by a... /thing/, one with vaguely human shape but altogether much too pointy and thorny. She's quick to stab it right in its inner elbow and wiggle herself free. "How /dare/ you," she says as she kicks the thing back and makes for cover. "It's as if you horrible beasts never learned any proper /manners/."

"Men, over there! Take down that giant!" Akio spots Jian in trouble and directs the archers he's taken over to save her. Arrows rain down on a giant, taking it down before it can scatter rubble across the field where the priestess is. The big tree-like...ok, no, that's a full on oak... tumbles from its hand as it falls. From across the way, Akio salutes Jian and turns his archers back to the next enemy.

Lucrezia takes a long drink from her latest bottle and tosses it over the aside, empty or not. The wicked gleam in her eyes isn't hinder by drunken haze one bit. From her post, she yells orders to be relayed to the fleet, to cut through the invaders overwhelming the bay. Any fool enough to climb upon her ship are met with the blood-thirsty swords of her crew and, when any close with her her own cruel blade. She shows no mercy for the Wanton is not a place where mercy sits.

Raven ducks out of the way but casts a swift glance behind her and sees some friendly faces are struggling, "Fuck." she growls "You second-rate turdblossoms are going to pay for every drop of Setarcan blood spilled!"

Shard arrows begin to rain down on Nyima's position. She dodges out of the way, a burst of speed that can only be described as super-human. She rolls, knocking down several defenders like a bowling ball knocking down pins, and saves their lives as arrows fly through where they had just stood.

Andromeda's usually happy to let the weapons of her enemies break against her body and drive herself forward through sheer will against her wounds.

But today she has a dragon, and, when the shards recover from her sudden appearance at the landing to help Orland - well, now she has the option to not be there.

With a rush of flapping wings, she isn't. But don't worry. She'll be back.

Patrizio's steady eyes notice the advance of the enemy, and some of the forces that are amongst them, with a frown. "Stand your ground! Watch out for the beholders!" It's probably not the oddest thing that he's actually had reason to shout, but anyone close to him might hear him also grumbling, under his breath, about how those bloody evil trees by Pieros would be bloody useful at the moment...

Despite the initial problems of their assault, the demonic legion of Azazel doesn't falter. The flying demons begin to reach the city, and the shards are along the walls now, continuing their attempts despite immense losses. The front gate of the city is holding, with a pair of giants down, but only just, as the heavy pike of the city assemble to be ready for the moment it goes down, with a shield wall to support them. Thousands of imps swarm the air, attempting to sow chaos and death among defenders, dropping lethal rocks and shooting downward.

((Round 2, offensive phase: 102 Victory Points. Same checks as round 1.))

Gabriella checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella is successful.

Giorgio checks dexterity and brawl at hard. Giorgio fails.

Mirari checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mirari is successful.

Patrizio checks command and leadership at hard. Botch! Patrizio fails badly.

Sabriel checks command and war at hard. Botch! Sabriel fails completely.

Cassimir checks perception and occult at hard. Cassimir fails.

Valencia checks charm and propaganda at hard. Valencia is successful.

Andromeda checks strength and intimidation at hard. Andromeda is successful.

Xia checks charm and propaganda at hard. Botch! Xia fails completely.

Cesare checks charm and performance at hard. Cesare is successful.

Renata checks charm and leadership at hard. Renata is successful.

Akio checks command and leadership at hard. Akio marginally fails.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at hard. Lucrezia is successful.

Nyima checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Nyima is successful.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio is successful.

Jian checks mana and theology at hard. Jian is successful.

[Magic] : A warm golden light begins to swell, swirl and dance about Valencia. It grows wider and a wider and the air begins to sing and ripple with intention. The little vixen's large dark eyes begin to glow as she looks out to battle before her. Lifting her head calls out, "Take heart, sweet souls! Those who rise and stand! Take courage! Do your best! Do what you must! For today we all fight for Setarco and all of the Saffron Islands!!!" ```

Orland checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Orland marginally fails.

Raven checks mana and occult at hard. Raven is successful.

Beholders are terrifying creatures - but even they can know fear. Like when a dragon swoops overhead and there's a howl of fury rapidly descending, and that central eye looks up just in time for it to be turned into a bloody mess with a /splurch/ of the Titan of Tremorus going /inside/ of the thing at high velocity, and moments later, after the creature crashes down, she bursts out covered in blood and gore, still screaming, swinging Caelestis in broad sweeps until the dragon lands next to her and she can re-mount, another breath of fire ensuring that the area is cleared for take-off.

[MAGIC] Coming back onto her feet, Nyima rushes forward. She leaps into the air, again at that impossible height. When she comes back down after hanging suspended, there's fire that gathers about her and she splashes it across a cluster of enemy on impact. The flames - red, gold, pink, and orange - begin to consume flesh and armor alike while her crescent blades whirl around added a more mundane death with a blessed alaricite edge.

Giorgio checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Giorgio is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Giorgio does not take a permanent wound.

Giorgio checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Giorgio is successful.

Giorgio remains capable of fighting.

Patrizio checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Patrizio fails.

Patrizio has suffered a serious wound!

Patrizio checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Patrizio marginally fails.

Patrizio is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Sabriel checks 'death save' at easy. Critical Success! Sabriel is spectacularly successful.

Sabriel remains alive, but close to death.

Sabriel is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Sabriel checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Sabriel fails.

Sabriel has suffered a serious wound!

Cassimir checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Cassimir marginally fails.

Cassimir checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Cassimir is successful.

Cassimir remains capable of fighting.

Oriana checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Oriana is successful.

Xia checks 'death save' at normal. Xia is successful.

Xia remains alive, but close to death.

Xia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Xia checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Xia fails.

Xia has suffered a serious wound!

Renata's pull from the waters to be tossed quite literally as a fish out of water to land back to within a space to have been set up for her prior to battle. She curls into the pravus kiddie pool to hide her head down with a nod and thanks to Sabriel. Her eyes closed as she seeks to catch her breath. Watching how the armies have taken to cutting the demonic legion down she calls out encouragement to the troops. "This battle is not just about victory; it is about the unwavering spirit that refuses to bow to the shadows that threaten to engulf us. In every step we take, let courage be our guide, and let determination be our armor!"

Xia starts another rallying cry among the wall's defenders. The unthinkable happens with a flight of arrows coming from the shard archers below. While she's wearing steelsilk and it stops many an arrow, others get through in places where the material doesn't cover. One, in particular, lands her throat and sends Xia to the ground, clutching at the gushing blood until the pain and loss of vital fluids is just too much. She collapses on the stones.

[Spellsong - Call to Valor] The tempo on Cesare's lyre picks up even further, hard and driving and as he spots the beholders and other fearsome creatures he hopes to give the soldiers further support. He now begins to sing, his voice becoming impossibly loud as it carries over the battlefield. There are words but they seem to be felt more than heard. The meaning is understood, "Stand! Hold! To valor! To valor!"

[MAGIC] Raven is making her way to where those beloved faces are and there's a growl when she sees the danger her liege is in and she snarls "No! you'll pay for that!" she flings out her free hand and the creature who struck down her Liege is swarmed by inky tentacles of blackness which burrow into it's skin and then expand until it bursts in a wet gore-filled splat.

[MAGIC] Not even noticing that one of her best friends has fallen, Jian remains caught up in the battle around her. She spots another big figure among the battle, one that seems to command some sway, and points to it. Once more she speaks in Draconic, composing a dirge about the short lifespan of shard generals and cocoons the figure in black energy that sucks the life out of it.

Moving along the walls, the better to survey what is afoot down below, Patrizio's shouting out commands, the warnings about what he can see, even as he's looking out now and again seriously. Those giants closer to the main gate are suddenly more of a concern, and he's shouting encouragement to the pike that are waiting behind the gates, a shift of his hand as if he's getting to do something, when he gets particularly nailed in the side of the head by one of those flying horrors over the city and...

There's a loud clatter as the archduke tumbles down several steps on the way towards the main gate, not to the ground, and out of sight for the moment, but it's also probably good that he has a good armourer. And that he'll feel that one tomorrow.

Gabriella is covered head to toe with the blood of her enemies and there's a very surreal glee for it. She may be Truly Happy only here, right now, slicing limbs off shards and stabbing these monstrosities through the heart, taking particular pleasure in the spurting of blood on her armor and speckling her face.

Akio continues his quest to take out targets with borrowed archers. "And now let's..." The words trail off as he sees something horrible out of the corner of his eyes. "XIA!" the man cries out in his accented Arvani, leaving behind his troops and running toward the fallen Emissary instead.

[Magic] You can knock a person down and make them feel like shit but Cassimir has seen to much in his life to really make him stay down. With both of his hands he does that flinging thing as things rain down on them he attempts to throw it back at their enemy. "You will not win!" Finally, the quiet lord speaks up.

Savio can see that Orland is injured, but still up. Good. Good! And there's Giorgio -- also hurt, but still up, good. Savio himself is cutting through as many foes as he can, encouraging his companions, "It's just like -- all the /other/ wars we've been through," like that's true (it isn't) or helpful (it isn't). "Sabriel, you with me? Hold the wall, hold the -- SABRIEL?" o shit o fuk

"Archduke!" Oriana cries out, scampering away from her current engagement when she sees Patrizio go down. She clambers down to where he's fallen, and for the moment just crouches over him, making sure that he's alive. Defending him can come after that.

Lucrezia lays forth left and right with her bloody blade, snarling as she fells demons but they seem an endless flood. In a lull, she squints as she surveys the tide of battle. She despises what she sees and issues another iron-biting set of orders, trying a new, outrageous plan to try to improve things in their favor.

The press of battle is all around and Giorgio is doing the best he can, OKAY SAVIO?? He rushes into the fray, all lanky arms and legs in snow white leather armor with jeweled gauntless and he looks like he needs his ass kicked, which there are plenty of monsters to oblige. Swinging a wild fist, Giorgio over commits against the faster foe that dips and comes back with a hard slap of its own that busts Giorgio wide open and starts the blood flowing down across his face.

[Cantrip - Second Shadow to the Right] It's easier to move when one throws off the trappings of themself, so Mirari looks deep within. The woman is there, and then she's just a shadow of herself. With her blade raised, it's harder to see her coming. There's no glint of steelsilk, no clang of armour, rather she moves with ease as she continues to slay everything in her path. It's bloody and she revels in it, there's no time to stop and appreciate the slaughter, she just continues to kill, like it's completely natural.

"I remember our first war together!" Orland calls out to Savio, "We barely made it off the fucking boat!" He tries to keep up with the hoard but there are so many of them and they do not have issues with stamina like people do. "SAVIO - remember! My sky, my night!" He takes another little rock hard hit from a demonic thing, something that tears passed the armor. He gets free, but the blood is flowing. "Look at all of them..." he swears to himself then turns to look at where Savio is fighting with all the grace he has, "Fuck, I'm going to miss you..." But then there's something else coming at him and no time to loiter.

No good deed goes unpunished! Sabriel immediately attracts the attention of the things she saved Renata from, and grows overwhelmed, eventually falling back into the sand.

It's brutal, the amount of fire they are landing. There was definitely some concentration towards trying to decapitate the leadership of House Pravus, and raking the defenders.

((Round 2, Defensive Phase. All will check luck, if someone -succeeds- in a luck check, they can use defensive magic on someone else, which could be particularly relevant if the unconscious people fail their checks, as they can't make defensive checks while KO'd.))

Apostate has called for a check of luck at normal.
Valencia is successful.
TIE: Cesare is successful. Raven is successful.
TIE: Patrizio is successful. Sabriel is successful.
Renata is successful.
TIE: Kalakh is successful. Xia is successful. Orland is successful.
Jian is successful.
TIE: Nyima is successful. Mirari is successful. Gabriella is successful.
Lucrezia is successful.
Oriana marginally fails.
TIE: Akio fails. Andromeda fails. Giorgio fails.
Savio fails.
Botch! Cassimir fails completely.
Botch! Smile fails completely.

Savio informs Orland, "Stop talking like you are DYING or you won't have to miss me, you will have to DUCK." He's gonna SMACK YOU ORLAND. No he's not, he's trying not to cry. And trying not to die.

Gabriella is too fast and too fluid in her killing spree. At some point she catches up with Mirari and grins. She taps the Corsetina on the shoulder and snarls, "Keeping count? I /am/." The "am" is punctuated with a quick stab into the throat of a once-human now-twisted thing that begins to spray-bleed out like your favorite gore flick.

Andromeda checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Andromeda is successful.

Oriana checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Oriana is successful.

Giorgio checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Botch! Giorgio fails completely.

Akio checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Akio marginally fails.

Giorgio checks 'death save' at normal. Giorgio fails.

Giorgio has died.

Akio checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Akio fails.

Akio has suffered a serious wound!

Akio checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Akio is successful.

Akio remains capable of fighting.

Cassimir checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Cassimir marginally fails.

Hearing Xia's name called out, Jian steps back from the wall's edge and has a look around. She spots Akio running for the Countess. She throws a hand out mutters a quick phrase of words. A blackish-purple aura surrounds the man, giving him some help with resisting the attack headed his way.

Oriana is surprisingly strong, but even so, attempting to drag Patrizio out of harm's way is tough work. His armor makes loud scraping noises on the ground as she pulls the unconscious Archduke by his armpits. "Your Grace, I /commend/ you on your sturdy armor, but I do wish that overall you were a fair bit /lighter/-- ack!" The 'ack' is when a flying horrible little imp thing comes swooping down, nearly snatching Oriana by the hair. She ducks out of the way just in time, and tries to drag Patrizio a little faster. "As I was /saying/..."

It's a lucky thing that Akio attracted the attention of Jian when he did. He's just diving for Xia when the aura of darkness springs up around him, deflecting some, but not all, of a beholder's blast. The dive for Xia goes a little off as Akio hits the ground with a grunt of pain and rolls long-wise, stopping about eight feet shy of reaching the woman he was dashing for.

[Magic - The Mirror Shatters] When Gabriella comes close, Mirari is back to her lovely self, and she winks at the woman. "You want a competition Princess? You are on.," Mirari says to the other woman, blood splattered across her face like make-up. Then Mirari sees something coming towards Andromeda and Mirari is moving fast. There's a second and then the Corsetina shatters, into dozens of little pieces. It's much like a mirror when you throw a stone at it. There's so many little reflections of Mirari, it's disorientating and Mirari hopes that this will help Andromeda get out of the way. After all, the demons now have to play, which one is Mirari? Would the real Mirari please stand up?

Orland cracks a smile toward Savio, his special smiles were reserved for only that man alone. "I fucking love you Savio Amadeo! We'll make it!" Orland is unable to help Savio though, caught up in his own demonic gang up over here. It's a mad rush and while he's trying to keep his eye on Savio he notices the unfortunate overwhelming crush heading toward Giorgio. Fuck... and there's nothing... nothing he could do to get there...!

Nyima continues to fight, shoving people off the wall, slicing her odd swords through others. She can't afford to get distracted. She hears the names cried out, but she doesn't stop. She continues leading by example: slice slice, shove. Slice slice, shove.

Andromeda spots Mirari coming, and laughs as the Corsetina woman stabs the creature having her pinned in the back, pushing it back. "Thank you, Messere. And may we bloody many more. Next one is on me." She grunts, and gives her dragon companion a pat, then takes off - now that the area /is/ finally cleared, rising high above to go for more of the flying things, and to gain oversight - grimacing as she sees how Sabriel and Giorgio have both fallen, she guides her steed towards the family with a murmur to its ear.

[MAGIC] Raven flings a hand and inky tendrils sprout out of the ground and grasp at the swarm around Giorgio but it's too little too late "FUCK!!" rage and frustration simmering in her eyes the color of venom "TEAR THESE SHITHEADS APART!" she bellows, doing her best to try to cover Oriana and Patrizio.

"Yes, yes, what she said!" Oriana calls, after Raven.

The battle is rough, and Giorgio has never been much of a fighter. The monsters swarm around him and the older Pontelaeus brother soon finds himself cut off from his family and those others from Tremorus. Blood cascades down across his face and into his eyes, forcing him to blink rapidly to clear his vision. Hearing Savio's yell for Sabriel causes Giorgio to look away, his head spinning rapidly to try and find their lost admiral.

That lapse of his attention, taking his eyes off of the enemy, the battle, is what seals his fate. He hears a terrible sound behind him and he turns just in time to see the beholder behind him. The strike is coming and there's no way to stop it. No way to dodge. Giorgio lifts a jewel covered hand as if to stop the crushing blow, and...

A brilliant golden glow flashes, sending a cascade of warmth across the entire field, momentarily blinding. When it fades, Giorgio still stands though by all appearances he has turned to solid gold, his hand still lifted high.

The front gates finally are smashed open, as the battlefield is bathed in golden light. There's a brief pause from the attacking legion and then the assault resumes, with some minotaurs vaulting the walls, and thousands of shards climbing up siege ladders. The allied demons of Setarco are fighting among the front gate, demons clawing at other demons, admist the melee of the armies of the Silken City trying to push out the attackers.

((Round 3, Offensive phase, 146 Victory Points. Giorgio had a magic secret that translates on his death, and everyone in the battle rolls at lower difficulty this round, so all checks are at normal rather than hard. If anyone wishes to drag the unconscious to safety for your round, can note doing so rather than trying to contribute victory points, and I'll ignore the uncon failing luck checks.))

Sabriel's down, but she's okay. She'll be okay! "Get her out of here!" Savio calls to any soldiers that might be able to dooo that, while a half-second of situational awareness allows him to check on something else. Andromeda: Dragoning, as TO DRAGON is a verb now, who knew. Good. Orland: Making noise. Undying love. GOOD. Just the way Savio likes him. Giorgio -- where is he, he needs him, people need commands, Savio needs direction, Savio has /always/ needed direction --

He's not there. He's falling and he's falling and Savio has lived through enough wars to understand what this is.

Giorgio saved him from himself, saved him in Arx, they drowned in blood in Tremorus together and elevated together and pissed off one hundred percent of everybody in society, and they laughed together and hated the shit out of each other and made up again and tried to understand each other and mostly failed and --

He's gone. He's just gone. Just like that.

Savio screams something in some language they shared as children, and it sounds like disbelief.

Andromeda checks strength and intimidation at normal. Andromeda is successful.

Savio says in Arakkoan, "Don't go, don't go, I can't do this without you, please don't go --"

Mirari checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Mirari is successful.

Valencia checks charm and propaganda at normal. Valencia is successful.

Cesare checks charm and performance at normal. Cesare is successful.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at normal. Lucrezia is successful.

Getting back to his feet, Akio takes Xia's wrists in hand and begins dragging her away from the danger. He leaves a trail of blood and probably smears it on her steelsilk as well, but she can yell at him later for that. He's not strong and it's slow going, but he does eventually get the diplomat hidden away in a corner somewhere.

Jian checks charm and propaganda at normal. Jian is successful.

Renata is diving back down within her small pool, hiding from the attacks. Popping back up to watch Patrizio take his stumble, her eyes growing big as she lets out a near silent scream in inhale then for Cassimir, another as she watches Giorgio. Those who she seeks to help are falling around her. Her silent scream growing to shove a curling wave of water from her pool towards Cassimir seeking to shield him.

Orland checks dexterity and huge wpn at normal. Orland marginally fails.

Nyima checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Nyima is successful.

Renata checks charm and performance at normal. Renata is successful.

Renata checks mana at hard. Renata is successful.

Gabriella checks dexterity and huge wpn at normal. Gabriella is successful.

[MAGIC] As Patrizio falls and then Xia, Cassimir and Sabriel. So many. Too many. Then Georgio, too, falls and stops moving.. The battle rampages around them. Valencia's face is stricken and then breaks into sharp fanged fury a not often seen in usually gentle lycene. A wave of something over comes her and she draws back and the light and energy explodes about her. Eyes blaze hot like fire. "FOR YOUR ARCHDUKE! FOR YOUR FAMILY AND THOSE YOU LOVE!" she roars like a titan as she moves forward to defend her Archduke and rally everyone to the call. "FOR SETARCO! RISE AND STAND! LET US END THEM! LET US END THEM NOW"

Giorgio lies still, and the fury of the Titan splits the heavens. Her dragon mount takes more control, and Andromeda ecnourages a scorched earth policy as the pair fly low, with the fire and the fury and the pyran darksteel cutting swathes, seeking for the one who /dared/ harm her kin.

If there's more than one, that's okay. Andromeda is nothing if not thorough and relentless. You can run, but she will outlast you. You can hide, but she will find you. And for Giorgio?

She'll go into the Hells themselves.

[Magic] Into the air she goes. Nyima makes one of her massive jumps and comes back down in a meteoric flare, leaving a trail of flames behind her, to punch down into the ground and send ripples of heat and air pressure out from her. Enemy soldiers go flying off the wall, many to die as they land far below on the ground or the spears of their buddies.

Oriana keeps dragging Patrizio, all the way to a position that... well, it's as safe as safe gets. "Guard the Archduke with your life," she instructs a few soldiers. "Oh, and you, kneel down by him and whisper into his ear 'Archduchess-Consort Oriana' until he awakens."

Orland has to hitch his sword up at the sudden flash of blinding light and when he hears his Husband screaming like that ... fully understanding what he's saying, there's instant anger boiling up in him. He lashes out at the demons around him, "YOU BASTARDS. NO ONE ... NO ONE DOES THAT TO MY FAMILY!" ARRR. Not that it means much but it clears the way to Savio, "GO..." he grabs Savio by the shoulder, to shake him out of it, "Get Sabriel and GO..."

Patrizio clearly has nothing to say, at the grunting and comments about his weight in the heavy alaricite armour, but for the moment, it would seem that - yes - it was a good decision for him to wear all of it today. Maybe not as smart a decision to have it polished, as if to serve as an example to his people.

Sir Tiberio would be disappointed in him.

Savio doesn't seem entirely *surprised* his dead brother just turned INTO GOLD, but he's in shock. "Get the fuck out of harm's way!" he yells raggedly at Orland, and then tries to save what he can, which is pulling Sabriel free of the worst of the carnage.

Having stepped back from the edge to cast her shield around Akio, Jian now spends time looking at the battle around them. She lifts her voice as loud as she can, "The Queen of Endings will greet each of us that passes and grant us our eternal rest or spin us to a new life. This is not the end, my friends..." and so on she goes, preaching in the middle of battle to give heart and conviction about what they all fight for.

Raven spies the prone form of cassimir and growls, "Fuck." she grabs him, potato-sacks him over her shoulder and takes off after Oriana, "More incoming, doc!" she doesn't look as strong as she is but running through demon-stew will give one extra pep in their step for sure. She gently but unceremoniously lays him beside where Patrizio is.

[Spellsong - Conviction] As allies begin to fall dead or unconcious Cesare's concentration is briefly broken and his song playing stops. He looks about him briefly panicked before taking a huge breath and breaking into magical song once again this time the message is about conviction of purpose. Do not break. Fight on. Victory will be ours.

Renata begins to sing from her pool of safety. A small and near haunting lullaby sung towards the ogres seeking to bash and smash at the gates. "Hush now, mighty ogre, close your weary eyes, Let the moonlit shadows weave their lullabies. In the quiet of the night, let your troubles fade away, As the stars above you dance, embracing gentle sway. Dream, oh gentle giant, in the softness of the night, Let the dreams embrace you, like a blanket, warm and light. Lay your heavy burdens down, let the stillness be your guide."

"Goodness," Oriana says to Raven, as she girds herself to return to the fray. "I hope they don't wake up all stupid, like when a child gets kicked by a horse. Fingers crossed, eh?"

It's impossible not to see the golden light that comes from Giorgio. What happens in his last moments, the man now gold. Mirari doesn't hesitate in her attacks, if anything, she's only more determined to kill everything in sight. But, it's hard to ignore the fact, she will have to tell her sister, her husband fell. Whatever emotions that might cause never bubble to the surface. However, with that on top of her mind, the woman just goes full out. Blood spills everywhere, it's probably some awful demon colour, too. Mirari does her best to keep her eyes on those around her, but she's probably lost to the blood lust. There's a self-satisfied smile on her face, each time she ends one of their lives.

Gabriella continues to swipe, slash, stab and thrust her swords at every ugly piece of trash shard that is within reach. Fight alongside Mirari, she starts to make a game of how many chucks of shard she can send hurling in the Corsetina's direction, deciding Mirari's armor is too pretty. She wears a big, gleaming tooth grin while doing it, too.

Cassimier is is shielded by Renata and if he was awake enough he would thank her for all eternity. If anyone drags him they will also get his thanks. He's alive. He will be thankful for that when he's conscience enough to really be awake.

Lucrezia spares a glance towards land, but from this distance it just looks like the chaos of a land battle to her. She remains at her post, leading their naval forces. The deck is awash with blood and broken corpses, just how she likes it, but she stalks back and forth, not even close to satisfied.

Savio checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Savio is successful.

Setarco, the Silken City, is still standing, fighting with the bitter intensity and refusal to yield. The sheer weight of numbers of shards is beginning to tell upon the walls, as their thousands upon thousands are battered back time and again, but still they come on. A number of the wounded are dragged to safety, but still the beasts come on, determined to slaughter everyone seeking safety within Setarco's walls.

((Round 3 defensive turn, will check everyone, and Gio's sacrifice still applies for this roll as well, so luck check is easier ,as are the checks after.))

Apostate has called for a check of luck at easy.
TIE: Critical Success! Kalakh is spectacularly successful. Critical Success! Sabriel is spectacularly successful.
Giorgio is successful.
TIE: Cesare is successful. Raven is successful.
Jian is successful.
TIE: Nyima is successful. Cassimir is successful. Gabriella is successful. Lucrezia is successful.
TIE: Patrizio is successful. Renata is successful.
TIE: Oriana is successful. Xia is successful.
TIE: Smile is successful. Akio is successful. Mirari is successful. Valencia is successful. Orland is successful.
Savio is marginally successful.
Andromeda marginally fails.

Andromeda is filled with the fury, and the fury of the storm, thanks to Sabriel, follows her. She's reckless, now, as she pursues the Beholder she saw turning Giorgio to gold (or killing him. Either or). She misses the winged creature with a massive maw that comes behind her.

But Sabriel has her covered, as lightning strikes, before either dragon or titan notices their foe, and a sizzling corpse falls earthward.

"Remember," Oriana says to the soldier guarding Patrizio, "keep whispering: 'Archduchess-Consort Oriana.' The promise of something so delightful will be sure to rouse him from his slumber." With that, Oriana dashes away, to go find a good spot to skulk and leap upon prey.

This is suppose to be a serious battle, and it is, until Mirari gets hit with half a ogre foot. Let's hope it was just the foot! Looking to see the source, eyes land squarely on Gabriella. Oh, it's on. Mirari stabs the next shard, slicing off a hand which she pelts at the princess without mercy.

Once Xia's out of the way, Akio runs back into the fray. He has no weapon, no martial skill, no magic, but he's still willing to put himself in harm's way. "We can't afford to be distracted now. Get that giant down!" he points to said giant, just in case the archers somehow can't make it out. "Ready! Aim! Loose!"

Nyima continues on. She stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the common soldiers and uses her crescent blades to good effect. The wickedly sharp swords carve through flesh and send blood spurting, bodies falling.

Renata circles within her pool trying to splash water out so she might be able to grab at someone to drag them away from the fray

Gabriella spins and catches that shard hand Mirari tried to hit her with. She squints and with one hand bends its fingers (probably accidentally snaps a couple off) into a flip-off and tosses it back at Mirari's feet.

Perhaps more than any other city in the Compact, perhaps more than any other defense, Setarco's battle is the most ferocious. The Silken City had long jealously hidden its magic during the years of the Despite, and that has been brought to the fore with a fury now. Despite the spill over of shards upon the walls, and the press of massive beasts towards the gate, Setarco is holding, and it is fighting furiously to push back the enemy.

((Round 4, offensive phase, 226 Victory Points. Almost certain Setarco has at least a partial victory and holds, and is possible to achieve total victory this round, in which case if it does so, the battle ends. Giorgio's luck effect has ended however, so it's back to checks at hard, and if using magic, note it and roll mana after if it exceeds the limit))

Gabriella checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella is successful.

Andromeda checks stamina and intimidation at hard. Andromeda marginally fails.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio marginally fails.

Valencia checks charm and propaganda at hard. Valencia is successful.

Oriana checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Oriana marginally fails.

Mirari checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mirari is successful.

Orland checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Orland marginally fails.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at hard. Lucrezia is successful.

Jian checks charm and propaganda at hard. Jian is successful.

Nyima checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Nyima is successful.

Cesare checks charm and performance at hard. Cesare marginally fails.

Akio checks command and leadership at hard. Akio fails.


Andromeda's dragon flies like a bolt across the sky, surging after her foe. Thunder and lightning crackles, thanks to Sabriel's gift before she was knocked away, and for a moment, after the lightning strike, it appears that not one, but /two/ winged silhouettes appear in the sky. Andromeda's heart beats, fast and with fury; and shines crimson as she clasps her blade in both hands; shadow and blood sizzle and steam from her hulking frame, as she throws herself at the second Beholder that shall die today.

The fire of the dragon burns its eye-stalks. The tallest woman in Tremorus crashes into it. Blood boiling, her frame somehow appearing larger. But this Beholder is less forthcoming than it's cousin, and for now, it has Andromeda in its jaw while she is trying to cut her sword at it.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven is successful.

Renata checks charm and performance at hard. Renata is successful.

[MAGIC] Why change what's working? Nyima bends her knees and leaps into the air, hanging there for a few heartbeats before falling back to the ground while on fire. She cleaves through two enemies with her swords from her tuck-and-roll position and slams into the ground in another blast wave that sends more shards hurtling from the wall. This time there's alaricite dust spreading behind her, crumbled to ruin in her magics.

Jian continues, marching along the wall now as she calls out prayers to the gods and extolls their virtues to the defenders. She speaks of the gods' love for mankind and the need to follow the ideals of Gloria in war, the Sentinel's Justice, and so on.

Renata's splashing about pushes enough water outside of her pool to be able to create a small wave sent towards those that have fallen, seeking to pull them closer and away from the fight.

[MAGIC] As people are taken to safety, Valencia nods and seems to steel herself. Her jaw sets and she grows a little taller. She draws in a breath and large golden eyes flash and flare. "WE HAVE THEM ON THEIR HEELS! PUSH THEM BACK! TAKE THEIR BREATH! SHOW THEM WE ARE NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH!" she cries with a ferocity that makes the flash in to light. "FOR YOUR ARCHDUKE! FOR THE COMPACT! FOR THE GODS! WE DO NOT YIELD! WE RISE!"

Akio checks 'death save' at easy. Akio is marginally successful.

Akio remains alive, but close to death.

Akio is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Akio checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Akio is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Akio does not take a permanent wound.

Raven stands over her fallen Duke, slicing foes as they try to partake of the fresh meat "Ooooo, as satisfying as it is to skewer these fuckers, who needs magic to weaponize spite?" she howls "You fuckers done it now!"

[Magic - A Shadow Kiss] Friendship happens in the strangest of places and when Gabriella throws fingers at Mirari, the Corsetina spins and kicks one back at her. It's a grotesque game of hacky-sack. Maybe something the Corsetina did as a child on these very streets years ago. Besides, what better time to have fun, then a fight to the death? Enjoy these moments. They could their last. There's a hideous large monstrosity of an ogre headed her way. Mirari's eyes light up and rather than attack, Mirari blows it a little kiss. It's almost sweet, until it starts to choak. The ogre holding a hand to their throat and clutching it as their very breath is sucked out from them. Watching with satisfaction, as the body hits the ground. "Aww! That was special!" Mirari says to the dead body, giving it a kick and returning to Gabriella's side. "Come on friend, let's paint the town red with their blood tonight!"

They are starting to falter. The demons seem to sense this, and the attacks of Azazel's legion has an edge of desperation to it. It's almost as if they are trying to inflict the most possible casualties now rather than actually achieve victory against the stubborn Setarcan defense.

((Round 4 defensive phase, same deal, I'll go ahead and check luck))

Apostate has called for a check of luck at normal.
Orland is successful.
Raven is successful.
TIE: Kalakh is successful. Cassimir is successful. Lucrezia is successful. Savio is successful.
TIE: Renata is successful. Giorgio is successful.
TIE: Akio is successful. Mirari is successful. Sabriel is successful.
Patrizio is successful.
Jian is successful.
TIE: Nyima marginally fails. Cesare marginally fails.
Xia fails.
Gabriella fails.
Andromeda fails.
Botch! Valencia fails badly.
Botch! Oriana fails completely.
Botch! Smile fails completely.

Gabriella checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Gabriella is successful.

Nyima checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Nyima is successful.

Cesare checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Cesare fails.

Andromeda checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Andromeda is successful.

Gabriella is gunna say something but Mirari hacky-sacks a shard finger into her mouth! (Fucking gross, Mirari) Gabriella spits it out and sullenly goes about stabbing shit. She's NOT TALKING to Mirari right now. Especially not after she almost got BIT because of that.

Cesare checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Cesare fails.

Cesare has suffered a serious wound!

Cesare checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Cesare fails.

Cesare is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Raven checks mana and occult at daunting. Raven is successful.

Fighting as she is, it's only a matter of time before something gets past the blades. Nyima misses a parry and suddenly a sword is thrusting toward her chest. She swiftly dances back, twisting out of the way of the shard's wicked blade.

Andromeda and her dragon are relentless, the shadow and smoke rising from her frame hiding whether the blood is from her or from her foes, but despite the Beholder, despite the shards swarming, fire and steel rules the day and Andromeda lets our another guttural cry as she aims to avenge her cousin.

Renata checks charm and diplomacy at hard. Renata is successful.

The Singer of Setarco is deeply concentrating on his song so Cesare is caught complete unaware as a hail of stone bullets fired from slings soar over the parapets toward him. Just as he's pushing for a high note he looks up and sees those rocks heading straight for his head, "Oh, fuck..." He manages before one cracks against his skull and he crumples to the ground unconcious.

Oriana checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Oriana fails.

Oriana checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Critical Success! Oriana is spectacularly successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Oriana does not take a permanent wound.

Oriana checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Oriana is successful.

Oriana remains capable of fighting.

Valencia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Valencia marginally fails.

[Magic] Raven looks up in time to gasps "Valencia! Doc!" she flings her hands up, one still holding a gore-covered sword and she makes twin motions, tendrils sprouting up and furiously trying to rebuff their attackers to mixed effect for all the intensity and focus Raven oours into it.

The Stand at Setarco has turned against the demonic horde, and they are wavering. Many in the rare are starting to give ground, and a solid push could make them rout. It's close now, though the losses among the forces of House Pravus are climbing ever higher, a terrible price being paid for every foot of Setarco they refuse to yield.

((Round 5, Offensive phase. 285 Victory Points. Checks are at hard still, it is still valid for people to not roll and sit out the fight if they are barely alive for example))

Orland checks strength and huge wpn at hard. Orland fails.

Oriana checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Oriana fails.

Andromeda checks strength and intimidation at hard. Andromeda marginally fails.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio marginally fails.

Gabriella checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Gabriella fails.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at hard. Lucrezia is successful.

Mirari checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mirari marginally fails.

Nyima checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Nyima is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven is successful.

Jian checks mana and theology at hard. Jian fails.

[[Magic] Renata nearly dances upon the waters creating a swirling vortex of liquid magic that rises with each rhythmic movement. The wave she conjures is not just water; it is a manifestation of her protective intent. It forms a graceful arc around Oriana, the Inverno lady, with a gentle and powerful embrace. Adorned with hues of azure and teal, glistens in the sunlight like a liquid gem. It spirals and undulates with a life of its own. The air is filled with the harmonious melody of splashing water and the soft cadence of Renata's splashing.

Valencia checks charm and propaganda at hard. Valencia is successful.

Renata checks charm and propaganda at hard. Renata is successful.


Her skin has hints of the crimson of blood, her veins exaggerated and purple-ish as the demon blood boils in her veins. She may be able to kill the second beholder - though that certainly doesn't seem certain now. And even if she should succeed - at what cost?

Her dragon steed flies just above her, now, doing her best to keep the Titan safe as she seems determined to see this thing to the end. Because Andromeda does not stop. Andromeda does not quit. The Titan will follow to the ends of the Arvum and beyond.

Nyima retakes her position at the edge of the wall. The oncoming horde seems endless. Each time she swipes her blades through a throat or cuts off grasping arms, there's always a new shard or demon to take the place of the last one. In some cases it seems that there are three or four to take the place. Still the Adept fights on, her fires dimmed for the moment but her determination unwavering.

Oriana leaps down from her perch, hoping to catch a large, lumbering beast unawares and stab through its eye into what she hopes is some kind of brain tissue. No such luck as when she jumps, she's intercepted in midair by a flying beast with leathery wings, sharp talons, and a mouth like if a water well had spikes all the way down. It has Oriana in its talons by her ankles, and as it flies, Oriana smashes into outcroppings of the walls. The monster soars upward and then drops Oriana, the way a bird might try to kill its prey by splatting it on the ground and then diving down to feast. It's as she falls that she's enveloped by the water of Renata's magic, causing her to land with a splash... and very, very bloodied and beaten, as opposed to looking like an Oriana-shaped tomato had been chucked at the wall.

Orland is covered in the grimness of the fight. It's going as well as to be expected. The victory was close at hand... wasn't it? Somehow the Knight of the Order of East Light, the Amazing Amadeo, who survived so damn much just to build a home and a family for himself was not going to back down as the enemy started to waver... But would he pay the price? A Knight does not flee the battlefield.

Orland checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Orland fails.

Orland has suffered a serious wound!

Orland checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Critical Success! Orland is spectacularly successful.

Orland remains capable of fighting.

Oriana checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Critical Success! Oriana is spectacularly successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Oriana does not take a permanent wound.

Oriana checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Oriana fails.

Oriana is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Gabriella checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Gabriella is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Gabriella does not take a permanent wound.

Jian checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Jian fails.

Jian has suffered a serious wound!

Jian checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Jian fails.

Jian is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Turning as a beholder crests the wall near her, Jian points a finger and starts to provide a elegy in draconic. Her words still in her mouth, a taste like copper welling up on her tongue as she falls to the side. The beholder was a distraction; a shard has driven its spear into her torso, shoving a dark blade through the steelsilk and into something that's probably vital. She could tell you, knowing anatomy, if she weren't passing out instead.

Oriana spits out -- she's not sure if it's a pebble or a molar -- but it comes with a squirt of blood and the feeling of her face swelling up. "I'm not down yet," she says. "Setarco isn't down yet, either! You don't have the--"

Oriana is cut off by a minotaur-like monster ramming her from behind, bucking her with his giant head and sending her flying into a wall, where she thonks her head and then falls limp to the ground. Her scarf flutters in a breeze.

Valencia's focus hard upon the battle as she calls out to rally, but that is her downfall. She turns and the warm rippling glow is shattered as she is sent careening to the ground at the hands of the foe.

Gabriella checks strength and athletics at hard. Botch! Gabriella fails completely.

The thunder continues to roll and rip across the sky, and lightning strikes here and there, always missing Setarco's defenders somehow. And then, just as the enemy's forces begin to break, the clouds tear themselves open to pour cleansing rain over the bloody battlefield below. Sabriel continues to lay somewhere, safe and unconscious, but she succeeded at bringing the vibe and that's what counts.

Raven bellows "Running won't save you shitheads! *YOUR* RECKONING is coming!" she darts forward to give chase so long as her Duke is no longer in harm's way she will try to take more of their number before they're out of her sword's range.

As the enemy forces start to break, Gabriella is finally struck by a some abyssal asshole thing that runs a piercing blow through her arm as it retreats. She grunts, "Ow! You ass hole!!!" and lifts her blade. She rears back, about to launch it through the air at the fleeing shard and stumbles back, trips over a corpse and falls on her ass instead landing in a puddle of gore and other assorted effluvia.

When Gabriella looks like she's in legit trouble, Mirari gets distracted trying to see what is going on and the blade slips in her hand, she cuts something but it's not much more than that. A little cut, instead she's looking to make sure the princess will live to throw more body parts. "Gabriella! Fuck!" It's a quick friendship, but time means nothing, somethings just go deep. So when Gabriella goes down, Mirari is there to offer a bloody hand to help the other woman up.

The battle in the water is over, now comes the mopping up phase. To Lucrezia, to looting and pillaging phase. Except this is her home, she can't indulge in her full share of fun. So she has the Wanton brought close to shore and she steps off the ship and onto land. If any of their enemy are trying to flee, she and her crew come behind, savagely crushing any chance at retreat, escape, or survival.

Orland is not missing an arm yet! Yet. The unfortunate reality is the last blow from a demon sent him twirling aside, flinging him across a fair distance and nearly took his arm off in the process, as he slams to the ground and crashes into an already growing pile of dead bodies. It's gruesome and truthfully it nearly makes him pass out from the blinding white pain. But he comes out of it, spurred on by the awareness his kids are waiting for him.. he's a dad.. he's a father! His people depend on him to retake Bravura. This is not where he will die! And most of all, Savio needs him alive. He struggles to get to his feet, but his left arm is useless... His sword has been scattered somewhere. A dagger flashes into his hand, "I'm going home tonight." Determination in the Knight keeps him on his knee instead of prone on his back.

Andromeda disappears for a moment. Swallowed. The dragon shrieks and spews fire. But then, the Beholder lurches. And like the one before it, its central eye shatters - ths one outwards. As the Beholder falls to the ground, dead, a blood-and-bile covered Andromeda steps out of the corpse, cutting herself free, and shouting vengeance, victory, and triumph to the stars above, and to the fallen in this world and the next.

Multiply, for you have lived.

Divide, for the your enemies are many.

Conquer, for Proscipi /does/ NOT /stop/!

And neither does Andromeda, the Titan of Tremorus. The Terror of the Isles. The Death that Walks.

As the demonic hordes retreats from Setarco, Renata, seeks her last graceful leap from her watery pool, the transformative magic course through her being. In mid-air, the elegant form of the siren shifted back to the grounded stance of the princess. With the sudden change, she finds herself descending towards the unforgiving cobblestones below. With a thud, her feet landed on the hard surface, and the impact reverberated through her. However, there was no time for personal discomfort as Renata's focus shifted immediately to the aftermath of the battle. The once chaotic battleground now birth of the scars of conflict fallen soldiers, wounded allies, and pools of blood staining the cobblestone streets. Renata's eyes, now open and filled with a mix of determination and sorrow. With a deep breath and attempt to not be lost staring into the pools of red. Her first instinct is to tend to those who had fallen, to pull them away from the danger and find a safer space for their care.

And they break. It's like a dam bursting as House Pravus pushes into them. A little at first, and then all the shards are pulling back and it's a full rout. Setarco itself rapidly purges the shards and demons within the city, and then the heavy cavalry of the city is running them down across the plains, and winged demons are fleeing for their life across the bay while the Pravus navy harries them.

The cost was bitter, but Setarco, the Silken City stands unconquered, as it has since the first humans established settlements in Arvum. The most ancient city remains a death trap for its foes.

((Total Pravus Victory.))

Sabriel wakes up.

Patrizio wakes up.

Xia wakes up.

Akio wakes up.

Jian wakes up.

Oriana wakes up.

Gabriella stands and somehow doesn't slip in the pussing filth of her enemies - thanks to Mirari's help. She spits out some chunks of shard ick and sniffs as she watches the enemy flee. "Let's got get hammered." Then she turns and saunters back toward the gates.

Smile checked dexterity + tanning at difficulty 59, rolling 23 higher.

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