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The Eighth Feast of the Senses

Come join Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa for the Eighth feast of the senses, a sensual and intimate dining experience. All couples will be blindfolded and fed by the other a selection of dishes crafted by the Velenosa chefs. Poison testers will be on hand for those who are concerned.

(OOC: This is a public event though each person will be paired up. To make it fair and to make sure Jaenelle doesn't feel bad if someone is left out, please RSVP with your intention of attending and if you have someone you wish to bring or if you want to be paired blindly).


April 23, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Alis Mattheu Noah Aethan Ann Edris Cillian Aedin Sira Dacian



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Servants are waiting within the audience hall to escort each blindfolded guest to their specific area of the ballroom, small gathering of pillows encased within a shield of gossamer cloth to give them an air of privacy from any who might not be wearing a blindfold. Each pair has a specifically assigned servant with a bell tied to their person to indicate their presence coming to and from their charges.

Someone wearing a silken Butterfly sash has had no idea what to expect here, but being led into the ballroom while blindfolded was probably not first on her list of things she figured on until she received her instructions. Novel, but distinctly uncomfortable for one who is not used to relying on someone else merely to navigate their footing in a large room. Fortunately, they make it to the gossamer tent without incident and she can fuss around with pillows until she feels comfortable. One gets the impression she'd build a small pillow fort if she could.

The stumbling is matched only in that they are walking in backwards with a laugh in then being spun around by the awaiting servant, "Ah bells! Perfection! Are yours tied by ribbon or silk?" The person wearing a horse blindfold is probably the easiest to identify for any that are listening for the small bells of their own, clothing moves like the wind as they shuffle in guidance to their table barefooted through the ballroom.

Crash! "Fuck!" A low rumble of a masculine voice is heard as the man is led into the ballroom. "What in Lagoma's burning loins did I just bump into?" A growl as if he's going to intimidate the object for just existing. There is a few more grumbles as the Serpent Masked man enters. One foot goes out to pat in front of him in a measure of deep abiding trust. Obviously, this is lost on the others that are also blindfolded. Then another crash noise as he stumbles into something else. "The disrespect."

Someone wearing a silken Fox sash has joined the Ballroom Floor.

Someone wearing a silken Fox sash has left the Ballroom Floor.

Someone wearing a silken Fox sash has joined the a Rabbit and Shark gossamer lace canopy.

The tension of being blindfolded is clear in the frame of the man wearing the Shark blindfold. The things he does to celebrate! He's lead towards the lace pavillion bearing the shark and rabbit - completely unaware of what's going on around him. His head is canted to the side, as if he's trying to hear everything he can - trying his damndest to know what's going on.

Someone wearing a silken Butterfly sash absolutely did not just outright laugh at Serpent man. Nope, not at all.

Someone wearing a silken Horse sash spins while there are two now trying to lead them to their table in that crash and a laugh of their own. "Ha! I wasn't the first to break something!"

The Turtle sash wearer is following or attempting to follow whoever is leading her. Giggling when she hears bells. "My so confusing? Is that the wind I am hearing or something else?" She's being a good sport and doesn't take her blindfold off to see what others may be here and she holds her hand in the servant that is leading her to the table. Hands go forward to find the table that she is to sit by. Only for those hands to find the pillows that make the seat. "Oh luxurious. I always did like pillows." Settling in as she moves her face to where she thinks the servant is who lead her, "Thank you, kindly." Waving a hand in the air as she smiles.

Someone wearing a silken Lion sash's steps are cautious as he is led alongside the butterfly by their assigned guide, though he still keeps her arm tucked into his, if she allows it. It's clear though that not only does he listen for the servant bells, but also the steps (and bumps and crashes!) of others, canting his head a little. "I do believe," he rumbles a bit lowly to his butterflied companion, "Once we played a game somewhat like this at court. We had half convinced one of the visiting senior pages we were guiding him up to the balcony overhang and then pushed him off. Dreadful savages we were." Hopefully their guides will be kinder.

Someone wearing a silken Crow sash is not stumbling or crashing into things, he relies on listening around him and trusting the servants movements. His steps are carefully taken and follow that of the person next to him, there is a little bit of a hum that comes from him as he is brought to where he is to be seated, "Thank you." a thick northern accent can be heard, he flops down into the pillow.

Someone wearing a silken Serpent sash is led over to the canopy and does not know that his poor dining companion has not yet arrived to it. So he lifts his foot and tries to bounce his foot on the pillows. "Nope." The deep rumble comes out. "No." He stops just beside his canopy. "I have learned not to trust soft things in my life. You pet a cat, it bites. You pet a woman, it well all right, maybe trust a few soft things. Still. Am I going to die? Is this like leading me to a balcony to push me?" There are assurances given that it is not a balcony to die. Then Serpent's hand comes out and feels the soft gossomer -- "Curtains?! Why are there curtains if this is not a balcony."

Someone wearing a silken Butterfly sash is ever willing to walk with her arm tucked into Lion's; it might well be the only thing keeping her from both stumbling as well as being disturbingly uncomfortable with this blindfold situation. "What did you actually do to him?" she wonders, of the rest of the story. "It seems someone here is already afraid they are going to receive the same treatment as that poor Senior Page did." There's laughter in her voice, even if she's not guffawing. And her voice lowers to solely address her companion.

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Someone wearing a silken Rabbit sash has joined the a Rabbit and Shark gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a silken Shark sash settles down, given the encouragement by the one who led him in, into the pillows at the canopy he'd been brought to. At least it's comfortable, right? He was a bit uncertain as to what to expect, or if somehow someone might use this opportunity to torment him with pranks. Thankfully, no such deviltry is going on.

Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrives, delivering a message to Someone wearing a silken Serpent sash before departing.

Someone wearing a silken Rabbit sash has left the a Rabbit and Shark gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a silken Rabbit sash has joined the a Serpent and Bear gossamer lace canopy.

The fox sash wearer follows with a careful step, despite being led. It is as if she does not fully trust who is leading her. She alwsys put a lot of faith in being abe to read a person and decide if she could trust them, and clesrly this was not the case here. Nevertheless, she follows along with a soft exhale and softly murmurs. "Are we almost there?" She did not really expect an answer and she did bnot received one, but as she finally reaches the Shark and Rabbit Canopy, she lowers herslef with a guided arm down onto the pillows, another softly spoken. "Thank you gor getting me here safely. Am I hear alone now?" Her hand goes out in front of her reaching blindly at the air and then beside her, waving somewhat wildly and hopefully not hitting her canopy companion.

Someone wearing a silken Giraffe sash has joined the a Spider and Crow gossamer lace canopy.

Someone wearing a silken Serpent sash has joined the a Serpent and Bear gossamer lace canopy.

Jaenelle has joined the Grand Duchess Throne.

"We got him out to the reflection pool," explains the Lion to the Butterfly. "And up to the ledge. And then ran like our arses were on fire after the push. The lad was was larger than the three of us put together at the time. But he did get us back. Eventually. Perhaps not quite as fantastically." There's a hint of humor in the otherwise calm voice.

Someone wearing a silken Rabbit sash is probably heard through the closed ballroom doors saying something like "shit, sorry, I'm late, oh right the blindfold." After a moment, the doors open and a servant leads the owner of that feminine voice to a seat. Once there, the woman spends a moment feeling the table and trying to figure out if someone is there with her.

As people filter in and sit in their sectioned off places, the Archduchess claps her hands to signal that the first course is coming, and to alert the paired off guests to anticipate someone coming to bother their conversation. "Stuffed friend sardines," is announces by the head server, and each pair is given a single small fish stuffed with a salty ham stuffin and fried to a golden crisp. A light open to the meal. "Please enjoy," Jaenelle then tells everyone, "and dont forget, you are meant to feed your partner. It would be far too easy to just eat it yourself. Half the fin is finding the right hole."

Someone wearing a silken Horse sash's laugh echoes through the ballroom, "That tickles!" Then trying to muffle their laugh, "Oh. Sure. I forget my boots. Now I'm just..."

Someone wearing a silken Giraffe sash was properly blindfolded at outside the entrance and led in with the assistant. His arm was draped over the assistant's making a quiet assumption of the helper, "I'm assured you'll take me to the most handsome figure in all the room." The Giraffe chuckles as he's guided to a seat, his form whispering through the gossamer to be situated amongst the pillows.

Someone wearing a silken Crow sash sits listening to the sound of people coming in and talking, his head tilts this way and that as he lets his ears take in the sounds. His head lifts up when he hears someone approaching where he is sitting. "Hello." he greets the person joining him.

Someone wearing a silken Serpent sash drops down on the pillows, still pretty certain he's going to his death. The drop is a short one and he didn't fall on his head. This is a good first step. Now the food. He takes it and is about to pop it in his own mouth until Jaenelle says they are supposed to feed the other person. It is here that his voice drops and there's sure to be a grumble. He's a friendly one. SSSSSSSSSo Sssssssweet.

Someone wearing a silken Giraffe sash is blinded, surely, properly, thoroughly. "A bonus if you sat me with someone handsome!" He titters back to the assistant who abandons him in the sea of pillows to the nameless voice of the one across from him. "I cannot tell from your voice if you are handsome. Be assured, I am." He swats his hands around, trying to find the distance to where a silken Crow sash was sitting. He's trying not to be too aggressive as he paws in the air, "Lean forward. I have to know!"

Jordan, apologetic Gentleman of the Chamber have been dismissed.

Someone wearing a silken Fox sash bites her lower lip when the food is mentioned and the fact that she now was going to have to feed her partner. That coarse voice leading her to believe that she might actually be feeding this fish dish to an actual shark. Her hand grips the stuffed fish as she murmurs loud enough to be heard. "The fish dear Shark. Leave the fingers." She dangles it in front of him, as if he is able to actually see it. Quite the partner this one, at least for now.

Someone wearing a silken Crow sash chuckles as he leans forward a bit so that the other can touch him, "I assure you, I have been told I am hansome." he does have a beard but it is trimmed very neatly almost not there its hot ok! His hair is short, his skin is smooth to the touch. When he speaks its with a accent. His hand reaches out to touch the other in return.

Someone wearing a silken Giraffe sash catches the hand that reaches out and skims his cheek, "You didn't say please may I." Though his fingers are not hewn with callouses, evidence that he's living a more luxurious life style devoid of sword fighting. He shakes the hand, "They call me Lord Giraffe. What are you this evening? And what is that I smell? It stinks of the worst cheapest sort of fish." With the a silken Crow sash's hand still in his, he sniffs, "Thank the stars it's not your hands!"

As the first course is passed, and enough time gone by to make sure that those who are strangers are introduced and those who are not are reminded why they asked to be paired with the person to begin with, bells jignle to announce the servants are coming around with drinks, and the second offering. "Open-faced crab empanadas," the head server announces again. Crab simmered in tomato held with a shell of savory crust.

Someone wearing a silken Crow sash gasps softly as his hand is caught and he looks in the direction of the man who is holding it, his head tilts to the side listening. "I believe it is stuffed fish of some kind and now crab." he smiles, "I am Lord Crow, a pleasure to meet you." he says, "May I please." he asks the man who is holding his hand.

Someone wearing a silken Giraffe sash hmms pleasantly, "You, feed me? If you insist! Crab is an exceptional dish." His thumb is sweeping over the other's hand, "You will have issue finding my face, won't you? Here, even though you forgot your manners and didn't say please." The Giraffe has such an attitude, although by the whimsical tone, it is completely all in good fun and not serious at all. The a silken Crow sash is being flirted with, without a doubt. He turns the a silken Crow sash's hand to his face. His face is soft with a styled goatee and lips are warm but not overly moist. "There are my lips," he kisses the tips of those fingers as a way of greeting, "Can you remember and not get any up my nose?"

Someone wearing a silken Horse sash's table has small giggles followed by bells and a few of the sardines are sent flying. "Oh that's just..." the rest is muffled as a fumble for a glass is heard then caught not completely before liquid is sent to the floor.

There is a lot of whispering and low chatter at the Lion and Butterfly canopy, and perhaps the Lion is just a little bit greedy, as lions are wont--one wonders if there was a bite left for the butterfly once the little fried fish is dispatched! Though he can't see her, he's still grinning down at her (not that anyone can see that!) and he listens carefully at the next course is announced.

Someone wearing a silken Turtle sash hears the liquid she had offered to the Horse being sent to the floor. "Oh Spirits. Well there goes that." Yes, she's humored.

Someone wearing a silken Fox sash keeps her hand on the side of Lord Shark's cheek as he does hers as well. It would appear to anyone with vison that they have developed a fairly decent system to detect where a mouth might be. Clever ones this Fox and Shark. They seem to be taking this /game/ somewhat seriously in trying to not make a mess of one another. "You will enjoy this crab." Words stated by the softspoken Fox.

Someone wearing a silken Crow sash smirks as he looks in the direction of the voice, feeling lips press to his hand. He is very still, "Oh I do believe I will remember and I will do my best to not feed your nose." he chuckles when the food arrives he moves to take some from the plate. Reaching out to carefully let his finger tips touch, when he feels the softness of the others lips, "Your bite, M'lord." he holds it to his lips, head tilting to the side.

The rooms grows quiet as words begin to soften as the paired off people start to speak more to one another than lifting their voices to be heard through the marble room. Bells once more signal the next small plate of food to be presented to the pairs,. "Chorizo-filled dates wrapped in bacon," is told to those who receive plates, then quickly in softer tones, "we removed the toothpicks for you. We thought it best. The chef was not pleased."

Someone wearing a silken Fox sash holds one of the drinks to where she believes the lips of the Shark are, once again showing her methodical approach to this entire feast. "Tipping glass in 3..2..1." The glass is tipped and then she can be heard counting out loud. "1..2..3." The drink is tipped back. "Hopefully the SHark will be as careful. Clever little Fox.

Someone wearing a silken Giraffe sash is taking in all the sensations around him, outside of his sight. The pillows are not too soft and not too firm, the food smells sea-like, the conversation coming from the other tables causes him to amuse ever so slightly with a further twitter. The voice across from him steals his attention, loud as it is when sight is no longer an option. "Very well," he grins with his voice in spite of everything, mouth opening and lips parting. It's a cautious movement, so one doesn't loose fingers in the process. The crab is enjoyed with a lip smacking of sounds, "That was superb. You did well feeding me without sight, are you a performer? Would you feed a peer of the realm all night?" He takes up one of the crab things and tries his very best to find the a silken Crow sash's mouth, "Incoming crab. Where'd that mouth of yours go?" Finger poke poke prod, until he finds it, "Open your pie hole wide!"

Someone wearing a silken Turtle sash is attempting to feed the next dish to the Horse. But she misjudged and the clattering of a plate finding the floor can be heard from their table and a giggle when the Turtle realizes what has happened.

Someone wearing a silken Crow sash smiles, "There are times I am use to just relying on my hearing and touch at times." he says softly. He finds it amazing how hearing can be heightened when one loses the ability to see. He pulls his fingers back gingerly wiggling his fingers as no fingers were harmed in this feeding. He opens his mouth waiting to be feed in return. Once feed he mmms softly, chewing and swallowing. "Very good." he lowers his voice as he starts to speak at the Giraffe.

"The second to last course is two," the head server explains as bells ring out as if the staff are well oiled machines. Each plate dropped off contains a rib with sherry glaze and a cauliflower fritter topped with a yogurt sauce and caviar. Glasses are topped off and plates collected from the former courses. "We will be serving dessert next, but there is no rush so enjoy and if anyone wishes more of anything do let your server know."

Someone wearing a silken Crow sash grins when he speaks softly with the Giraffe, he helps his partner around the table so he can sit next to him. He moves to snake a arm around the Giraffe and leans in to continue speaking softly a grin on his face.

Someone wearing a silken Turtle sash is heard saying, "Found It!" That carries out to the others here. What did she find exactly? Lips, fingers, something else?

Someone wearing a silken Serpent sash isn't overly friendly. Poor luck of the Rabbit draw with this one. At one point, he's reaching over the table and lifting the poor sash wearing Rabbit up and over the table. Serpent dumps Rabbit in his lap as the growling and low comments continue. There may even be a 'Eat' command in there. Not saying this is going to get a bad Yelp score, but not saying it wouldn't if there was a Yelp.

Someone wearing a silken Giraffe sash is cuddling right up next to a silken Crow sash, having successfully maneuvered around the table to sit next to a silken Crow sash.

Someone wearing a silken Horse sash has made a complete mess of their pillow area, yogurt sauce has found flight. To where? Good question. Possibly off to where ever that errant Sardine decided to swim away towards. Glasses found this time as they let out a small cheer before sharing a giggle with Turtle. "See, this is the much better..." Words cut off as food is stuffed to their face.

Someone wearing a silken Serpent sash is overheard praising Jaenelle: For being the mood of the food. For being the queen of the cuisine.

Someone wearing a silken Giraffe sash inhales the scents flying around him, from the aroma of the food to the musk of the a silken Crow sash next to him. Through the arm wrapped around him he can feel the muscles curling to guide him to the feeding which his head tilts upward a bit, assuming based on how the arm is held. Then there's a bump of noses and he giggles under his breath before his mouth opening slowly and warmly to meet the offered morsel. With a flare of grace and daintiness he extracts half of the date, leaving the other half for a silken Crow sash. He licks his lips after and mmms softly in appreciation.

Each canopy is presented with an entire tray of different flavored fudge, the small pieces coming in pairs so each may taste. Twelve flavors in total, with a different topping for each different fudge, what better way to end an evening with such a different collection of foods and tastes.

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