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Society of Helpers - The Inaugural Gathering

In the face of what seem to be ever-more frequent tragedies and horrors, many are feeling out of their depth, or of little use. If you are one of those people-- if you feel a desire to help but are unsure where to begin, have ideas you'd like feedback for, or are simply in need of support without feeling burdensome, come to this first ever meeting of the unofficial Society of Helpers.

The Society of Helpers is for people of all walks of life and political leanings to come together, support one another, and discover what we can each contribute to the fight.

We also welcome those who once felt this way but have found their purpose, those who have ideas and suggestions, and absolutely anyone who might benefit from a supportive, judgment-free environment.

Together we can inspire, heal, and rebuild.

(OOC - The purpose of this event is to gather newer players and everyone else who is looking for ways to get involved in current events. The goal is to put them in touch with people who have ideas, inspiration, and other hooks, and generally make connections among people who might not otherwise have them.)


Jan. 9, 2022, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Keely Denica Mabelle


Cesare Raven Thea Caspian Mark Baldessare Udell Grady Quenia Evander Griffin



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Stormbird's Roost - Public Room

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Keely sits at a table with Denica and Mabelle, watching the entryway and offering smiles to everyone as they enter and find a seat. She gives the occasional glance toward her fellow hosts, sharing small exchanges with them as she shuffles some bits of parchment on the tabletop within what appears to be a makeshift miniature folio-- essentially just a larger piece of parchment folded around the loose leaves that have been carefully torn to be a quarter of their normal size. Before her is a glass of the house's ginger beer, and she lifts it here and there for sips while waiting for the stream of arrivals to taper off.

Once everyone is settled, she draws a deep breath, rising from her seat after a brief struggle involving her chair and her full skirts, and she presses her smile a bit wider in attempt to conceal the nerves evident within. "Welcome, everyone, to the first meeting of the unofficial Society of Helpers," she calls out, her gentle tones making projecting somewhat of a challenge for her. Her fair cheeks instantly flush a brilliant red, and she turns her dark gaze aside to the Thraxian princess beside her as if to bolster herself. "Thank you for coming. For those who do not already know, I am Princess Keely Grayson. Joining me as hosts are Princess Denica Thrax, and Lady Mabelle Laurent. This is an introductory meeting, to discuss why we are here, hear some inspiration, and perhaps begin forming connections and revealing needs as we go."

She allows a pause, taking a breath as her dusky eyes travel from face to face somewhat assessingly. Her tone finds a bit more steadiness now, the expression on her youthful features growing quite serious. "Horrific things have been happening, whether to our homes, to people we know and love, or to us directly. I don't think anyone present is entirely unaffected by recent events. While many people, through training, instinct, chance, or otherwise, have found ways to help, some like myself are still searching for their role in things. Not because the roles are not there, but because we have not yet made the connection between those roles and our strengths." Her voice wavers slightly, and she lowers a hand to avail of some of her fizzy beverage, the color in her cheeks deepening. "And so, the purpose of the Society of Helpers is to bring together those in search of their purpose and those with experience. This may change or evolve over time, because it depends in part on you." There is another sweep of her gaze over each face present. "What brought you here? Is there anything you wish to gain or offer? Do you see yourself as a seeker, a supporter, an inspiration, something else entirely? Consider those questions, and we will revisit them when we open the floor at the end of the meeting. For now, I turn you over to the endlessly talented Lady Mabelle Laurent, who has agreed to share her experiences and some inspiration for us." And with that, the princess seats herself again, with a bit less incident than when she attempted to rise.

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Mabelle flashes an awkward smile toward Keely and then those who are in the room, "Good afternoon. I recently got into a discussion with Princess Grayson here about those feeling.. helpless. Or unhelpful and I tried to convince her that there is no such thing, everyone has a role and strength in them, they just need to find it. Many of you only know me, well through things I've done for my house, likely", she quirks her lips a moment, "But I was not always like that. When I was young and before I married, I was quite helpless. I was meek and not quite involved but life circumstances changed it and you find the power within you so, whether through medicine or alchemy or diplomacy, I found a way to help my family even without waving a sword. I do throw a mean firey honey jar. Dont tell Cristoph. Anyway if someone needs guidance I'll be happy to help. Alright. Lovely!", she sits back down.

From his position in a shadowed table, where he nonetheless stands out due to the gleaming trousers and gold-green of his shirt, Cesare raises his voice. "I am here to do as my role as a Whisper demands, and provide information and assistance to those in need. The fact that this gathering also offers the opportunity to fulfill another role as a Disciple of Jayus - providing inspiration - is, shall we say, a bonus."

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After listening intently to Mabelle with the same seriousness to which she gave her own speech, Keely lifts both delicate hands in gentle applause, a slight and gracious smile offered up to the woman. She doesn't rise, but does lift her voice as her eyes follow the Laurent Lady. "Thank you very much for sharing with us, Lady Laurent." A pause, and a smile for Cesare as he speaks. She then clears her throat softly, and as she gestures aside to Denica, a touch of fondness finds her smile and she announces, "Princess Denica Thrax has also offered to share her experiences and wisdom with us. Thank you for holding your questions and statements until the floor is open." She folds her hands in her lap now, full attention on the Thraxian princess at her side.

Using a parasol to walk with, Denica straightens up to speak, though she doesn't lack in volume when she does. Despite her dainty and small stature, she is loud and knows how to make her voice carry. There is a little smirk when the word 'wisdom' is used with her name, but no need for her to address it. Rather she begins to speak, "There will always be outside challenges. That is something we have no control over. What we can control, is ourselves and our reactions. No one is good at everything and anyone that claims this, should be met with suspicion," she smirks. "However, the strongest leaders are those that can recognize their weaknesses and supplement them with those who have that strength. You don't have to be good at everything, but you can find what you are good and work on that. Leverage it. It's easy to get overwhelmed but we are all present with a choice. Who we want to be."

A breath, "growing up I never would have guessed I'd hold a weapon. It still surprises me, but...I found within me a desire to make a difference, to face injustice and to protect others. That sentiment was something I cultivated. It's not my go-to, however, when things happen, I fall back on my natural talents. That's okay! We find our place and we chose who to be, if we say we are strong and we commit to a purpose, we change that narrative and become that." Denica isn't typically a motivational speaker, so she considers her words. "Someone once told me the only way to deal with fear is to face it. That is true. Once you have? Fear has no power over you."

Denica looks around, "there are so many familiar faces here and people with a wide array of skills and talents, and I encourage you to get to know each other better, there is a fit for everyone, it's just a matter of taking action and finding it."

And with that, she retreats.

Keely lifts her fingertips to brush subtly at her cheek as Denica finishes, drawing a quiet breath and smiling up to her with guileless admiration. "Thank you, Princess Denica," she murmurs softly, before turning her focus out over those gathered. "Now, I want to open the floor to anyone who wishes to speak. Please make sure to introduce yourself first. This is the place for comments, questions, and requests for guidance. If we do not have someone present to offer an answer, we will note it down to research and either reach out individually or the matter can be addressed at our next meeting, depending on its nature. Additionally, if you would like, you can address any or all of the questions I posed at the beginning: What brought you here? Is there anything you wish to gain or offer? Do you see yourself as a seeker, a supporter, an inspiration, something else entirely?" Her lips curve into a kind smile, and she makes an open gesture to invite people to speak.

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Raven remains casually, or perhaps simply wearily perched with her back against the bar and her customary rum in her good hand. Her green gaze is settled on the Princess and she flashes an encouraging smile to the softly spoken princess. When Mabelle is introduced her gaze shifts and Raven is no less encouraging to Mabelle as the lady speaks. For now, she declines to speak as the Princess knows why she is here though as she listens there's a lift of her chin towards Princess Keely as if she would say something but makes a show of showing the Princess deference.

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Turn in line: Caspian

Thea is late. She knows it, but you know--duty wants for no one. Sliding quietly inside, she goes to find a seat.

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Keely smiles as Caspian rises to speak first, her full attention on him. She has just opened the floor to general remarks, questions, requests, offers, and what ever else attendees wish to contribute.

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Denica is looking for a drink after she gives her speech, returning to the table with Keely and Mabelle. Someone hands her a cup of tea and her brows lift upwards. Her attention draws around the room, offering a well practiced smile and the occasional nod to a familiar face. The Thrax princess seems curious to hear those that are taking to the line to speak.

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Caspian rose from the table and bowed to all those present, a warm smile playing over his face. Blue black eyes darted around the room as he ran a hand through the jet black Mohawk his hair was cut into. "Lord's and Ladies, its a pleasure and honor to be here with you all today. I am Caspian Wild, some might remember me, to others who i am has fallen out of their mind." He chuckled, "As a Duelist, i sought to lend my aid to those who need it in settling disputes. Now however, the time for petty squabbles seems to have been long gone. Thusly, i would offer my skills in any more productive way i can, to protect Arx." he took a breath and grinned playfully, "I simply need someone to help point me in the right direction"

Keely smiles warmly at Caspian as he finishes speaking, turning her focus over the rest of those gathered. "Does anyone have any advice or guidance for Mister Wild, in the direction of putting his strengths to use?"

Mark isn't timely. He shows up once the meeting is well underway, ducks into the far back of the room and hunkers down.

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Mabelle mentions quietly to Caspian, "You are of the Thrax fealty, yes? Many of the great houses are currently facing conflicts in their lands, perhaps you can offer your services to the hand of that house? Or if you prefer something different, the Faith? There are many delegations upcoming on severals matters that have come up.

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After Mabelle speaks, Keely nods and turns her focus back to Caspian, her warm smile still in place. "My House, House Grayson, will soon be making a large push to take back our home from the Traitor and his horrors," she offers softly. "You may be able to put your strengths to use there. If you like, I can put you in touch with the right people to get you involved." She gives one more glance around. "If anyone else has guidance for Mister Wild the duelist on how best to put his strengths to use, please reach out to him, or us." She then smiles, inviting the next person forward.

Turn in line: Cesare

Caspian looks to those who spoke, offering a bow and a smile in turn, making note of the suggestions and then sits down to allow the others to speak.

Cesare rises to his feet. "It behooves me as Softest of Whisper House to say that our services are available to all members of the Compact, be they noble or common," he acknowledges. "Our membership costs are quite reasonable and provide a number of benefits, but our aid is not contingent on membership. I personally make efforts to respond to queries that are posed to me on all topics whether or not I am able to assist as an individual, and as I'm certain you all know, Whisper House has a well-earned reputation for having knowledge on a very wide range of topics, from religious ephemera to the occult, to historical and political matters, as well as the usual etiquette and education." He folds his hands, interlacing his fingers. "I am personally involved on a number of fronts in the current battle against the Herald of Slavery, and there are opportunities for those from a number of backgrounds to become involved - fighters, those of a diplomatic persuasion, socially-inclined. I am also a Disciple of Jayus, and would be happy to speak as a member of the Faith on our goals as a growing Discipleship if anyone is interested. And finally, if there are any here who are interested in membership in the Courtier's Guild or apprenticing as a Whisper, I am also available to discuss those matters."

Turn in line: Udell

Stepping into the meeting and trying to do so as unobtrusively as possible given his late arrival, Baldessare slowly finds a seat as he listens to the speakers. He settled in and considers quietly what they have to say.

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A wide and warm smile is offered to Cesare as Keely dips her chin to him gently. "Thank you, Softest Whisper," she says, and sounds quite earnest in her intonation. "We will note down these many avenues for our records and point people in your direction where prudent." She then turns her attention to Udell, who is next in line.

Mabelle inclines her head to Caspian, adding hushedly, "Let me know if you need more information". She then inclines her head to Cesare in gratitude before looking at Udell.

Denica looks up and offers a smile to Caspian and nods with respect to Mabelle's offer, adding her own to that regard.

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Udell stands from the cushion he is perched upon, addressing the gathering with an inclination of his head, "Friends, and honored Helpers, I suppose Her Highness will take to calling us, I find it difficult to gather together my thoughts as eloquently as those who have spoken before me, in particular, those of the Softest Whisper. Just the same, I am here to offer the services of myself and the Harlequins with any requests for assistance that may deign to rise either or in the future." He smiles warmly and gestures to the box of baked goods settled nearby as he adds, "And with the spirit of this in mind, we have begin with a simple gesture to the assembled in the form of delectable treats." Having said his piece, he settles back onto his place.

Mabelle's nose wiggle like a dog who just smelled bacon. But she's a noble and not a puppy and she calms herself.

Keely blinks a few times and pauses to scribble down a few notes in her tiny, makeshift folio, glancing toward Caspian and then Cesare briefly in between notes before her full attention is back on Udell. A soft giggle breaks through her demeanor of Serious Business, and she flashes the Archlector a small grin. "We are most grateful for your contributions, Archlector," she murmurs warmly. "But none so much as the delicious treats you have brought us. Thank you very much. Everyone, make sure to avail of some treats so they may be thoroughly enjoyed." As Udell settles, her gaze drifts to the next person up to speak.

Turn in line: Raven

Denica notices the Mabelle nose wiggle and she is looking for the source of it. Seeing the box of pastries she grins, eyeing them up.

Raven listens attentively Cesare and Udell and nods her thanks at being acknowledged and invited to speak, pausing briefly to take another sip of her rum and perhaps sneaking another second to gather her thoughts before speaking to the room. Unlike Keely Raven's slightly roughened alto carries easily throughout the room,

"I intended to mostly keep my trap shut so those who are not normally part of War room or Scholarly meetings were not drowned out in my opinionated yammering but unsurprisingly it seems I've come across at least two things I feel ought to be said earlier rather than later."

Raven's verdant gaze sweeps across those gathered, "One: I get the helplessness.." She rolls her eyes "Yes soldiers get the glory which I think is bullshit but probably the only way you get people to stand and fight against things of fucking nightmares. We fight the things that /can/ be fought but the fact of the matter is our role is reactive. The circumstances the Compact finds itself in CANNOT BE won by might of arms. It simply cannot. While I don't understand much, one thing I DO understand is that the roots of almost every threat we face stem from seeds planted and carefully tended. Not by armies but by individuals. "

" Secondly, It's not just acts of heroism, or great diplomacy, it's hundreds of small drips in the bucket against the scales. How we live our lives, the choices made. Efforts like this very meeting MUST bear fruit because while we are now where great sacrifices and epic effort are required-it is only because the threat was realized too late. You ALL are the seeds of the /actual/ force that will change the tide and anyone who knows I wouldn't say it unless I was certain of that much."

She draws in a deep breath, "To that end, I am here to offer my support to any who require it. Access to my library, introductions, an explanation of what threats are known to the Compact-at least the threats I'm aware of, a louder voice so you're harder to ignore-I am here to support each of you. Cause I damned well know I will have to keep risking my scarred ass until I die unless you all are successful in finding ways to change the tide."

Baldessare nods slowly in agreement with Raven's comments. He remains silent off to the side, but he clearly seems to support that idea everyone can contribute in their own ways.

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Mabelle mentions quietly, "We of course, or I do not think people are actually unable to contribute. But as some approached us, we decided to try to bring some minds together and offer from our experience".

A barely perceptible shiver passes through Keely as Raven speaks, and though she listens with rapt attention, a broad smile is on her lips by the end. "I am glad you came, Raven," she remarks initially, as much earnestness in these words as in most everything she says outside of her canned royal politeness. "You, Prince Baldessare Velenosa, the ladies beside me, and many others have served in different ways to inspire this meeting to come to be. So, I wish to add to Raven's offer for help, that she will tell you the hard truths and then stand beside you as you face them. And she will bring you inspiration in unexpected ways." Her smile lingers, and she nods once to the Blackheart before finally turning her gaze to acknowledge the next in line.

"A great deal many people do seem to feel that way," Grady responds to Mabelle with an easy smile. "Not about others, generally, I don't think. About themselves. That they, personally, cannot contribute to resolving problems so monumental and far reaching."

Turn in line: Quenia

Cesare's expression flattens slightly. Quietly, he slips out.

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Quenia steps forward to address those who are there. "I am Marquessa Quenia Igniseri of the Lyceum fealty," the Marquessa introduces herself. "I am here to gain additional connections, but also to offer connections as well. I'm Voice of the Mirrorguard, an institution that often delves into investigations regarding matters of the unusual sort." Mystical. She means mystical there.

Quenia pauses a moment before she also adds. "I was also, over this last year, given insight into matters pertaining to Wolf's Song, which may help in the fight against the Traitor; but it'll take some doing to unlock it because generally only those who are Wolf-blooded may sing Her song and there's none left that I'm aware who can sing it. Shard was both the last Prima and the last of the Venandi." This is spoken with both some sadness and certainty, at least as far as Quenia is aware.

"I'd be happy to discuss the matter with those who might have a serious interest in helping. I will warn you, if we are successful there will be a sacrifice involved. It must be meaningful to you and it must not involve blood being spilled." It seems Quenia has tired of waiting on others she might have contacted about this previously. Also, there. She's bold enough to state one of the ways that the tide might be changed and how to help. Possibly.

Denica nods with Mabelle at her point, "exactly," she says. "Anyone can contribute to anything, everyone has a place to shine. Often, it's just that little part at the start, finding the right people, or the right fit, that is the challenge, but once you connect, everything falls into place."

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Mabelle looks curiously at Quenia, "That is an interesting offer, if I did not have so much on my plate, I would take it up", she grins.

Raven bows her head to Mabelle and a vaguely chagrined expression crosses her features as it occurs to her some things may have been implied she hadn't intended to imply. There's a flicker of relief briefly when Grady speaks up. She points gently as if to indicate those who she means to support. Quenia's revelations about her effort draws a blink and a /profound/ look of relief that has her sagging back against the bar a bit, "Oh, Thank Gods." as if this had actually been a worry for her. By the time Quenia gets to the SPECIFYING that blood must not be spilled in sacrificing Raven's actively making doe eyes of pure gratitude to the unfamiliar Marquessa.

smiles softly, her gaze flitting between Mabelle, Grady, and Denica as they speak. Her attention is then drawn to Quenia, however, and her eyes grow steadily. There is silence from her for a time after the woman speaks, and she clears her throat softly once Mabelle fills it. "To clarify," she wonders of the Marquessa. "Does someone have to have... wolf blood to help? Or are you seeking anyone interested?"

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"The last of the Wolf-blooded is dead, as far as I'm aware, Princess," Quenia remarks in response to Keely who asked the question. "However, there is a way to maybe do what it is needed without Wolf's blood. We'll be discovering that way together, and well... it's not going to be an easy task, as far as I gather. But anything worth doing is never easy."

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Mark doesn't join the queue for conversation or to speak up, instead he's entirely silent as he listens to the others speak. His eyes alight on the various guests and then he pushes off from the piece of wall that he'd claimed and drops down onto the cushions by fireside, not far from Udell. He leans over, speaking the man in quiet tones that don't travel.

Keely gives a few swift nods to Quenya, her cheeks coloring a faint, dusty pink. "Thank you, Marquessa," she murmurs, before remembering to project. "This is a most unique and specific thing, and we are grateful you have brought it before us." Her gaze flits to Caspian. "Mister Wild, this is another thing that might interest you." She smiles a bit, then turns her dark eyes back to the Marquessa with a small dip of her chin. "Everyone who has interest in assisting the Marquessa on this most intriguing task, please reach out to her after the meeting for more details." She smiles, then turns her gaze to the next person in line.

Turn in line: Evander

Evander seems to give Raven a bit of an assessing glance before breathing out a sigh and pushing up from his seat beside her at the bar. "Count Evander Darkwater." He'd quietly introduce himself, an idle nod given about the room before clearing his throat, "I wanted to thank those involved for arranging this meeting, as I believe there are many just like I who are struggling to find their use in these strange times. I wish great success upon this society, and hope to see it's continued existence, perhaps even beyond our current problems." He'd offer a warm smile toward the three organizers, though he'd quickly avert his gaze and continue speaking, looking at no one in particular.

"Uh... I suppose as for me, I found myself attending this meeting in hopes that I might hear some new insight on the current events plaguing our people, and that perhaps I might find ways to make myself of better use. I'm a scholar, and consider myself to be quite adept at uncovering information." He'd give a pause to look to Raven again, a small nod. "I agree wholeheartedly with the words that have been stated before me, and implore anyone who's uncertain of their place or feeling that their efforts might be fruitless to simply try. I know the challenges we're facing seem insurmountable, and it's easy to feel paralyzed with uncertainty, with self doubt. But your actions matter, now more than ever, and there is a way for you to be useful. I hope through this meeting you'll find it, but even if today proves uneventful for you, please. Reach out to those you know, figure out what the people around you are doing, and find a way to play to your strengths. It's out there, and the only person that will stop you from finding it is you." He'd briefly turn his head to the side, a small moment spent suppressing a cough. "If anyone has information they need found, or old information they need help understanding, I encourage you to reach out to me. You'll be no burden, and I'll respond as soon as I'm able." When he's finished saying his piece he'd quickly lift his scarf to muffle a cough into it, a smile of apology cast before settling back into his seat, eyes dropping to his lap.

Mabelle mentions to Evander, "Archscholar Oswyn has a large project right now revolving around building libraries in less than common places to spread knowledge, you might want to reach out to him to offer your assistance. Its not a crisis but, its.. helpful", she flashes him a smile.

Caspian looks to Keely and smiles, nodding his head in agreement. His gave looks to Quenia, offer a smile and to take note of the woman so he can speak with her later.

Keely's smile for Evander is welcoming and warm, and she dips her chin to him graciously following his words. "Thank you very much for your kind words, Count Darkwater," she remarks, a touch of concern on her features as he coughs. She glances aside to Mabelle, nodding her head a few times in agreement. "I hope that this meeting is helpful to you and anyone else in need of direction." Her focus then turns to see if anyone else is ready to speak.

Turn in line: Griffin

At his turn Griffin stands. "I'm Lord Griffin Redreef. And I suppose I can offer a little of both - helper and helping, but mostly I don't know precisely where I fit in." He frowns, and offers quietly, "I can use a sword, though I chose not to. I'm a Harlequin, a scholar, and though I may not be able to write my poetry, I am a fair decent performer still." And with that, he sits down, and stand again. "I have been looking on anything about Despair lately. It's a personal project though." NOW he sits.

Quenia glances up when Mabelle says it's not a crisis. "Actually, Archscholar Oswyn is building the libraries as a means to further civilization and combat that which is against civilization." Combat Ruin, that is, but Quenia won't say that openly during a public meeting. "House Igniseri was contacted to include such a library on our lands."

Mabelle inclines her head apologetically to Quenia, "Oh well. I must have missed that part, forgive me, since we already have a library in our land. But the Physicians are doing the same with clinics if someone wants to help with that. Forgive me for the mistake, Marquessa".

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Raven assures Evander, "I am more than supportive of the Arscholar's efforts to counter -ah, yes, as the magnificient MArquessa says. But! Rest assured if you find yourself with idle time let me know, I always have use for scholars. It should be scholars who are offering briefings of threats though lately it seems lately I have been thrust into the role and it is less than ideal to make those who BARELY understand some of these things to being the ones dispensing relevant information or ensuring those coordinating efforts have access to researchers." her gaze shifts to Griffin and she offers something softly uttered at the bar.

A warm smile is offered to Griffin. "I am glad to see you here, Lord Redreef," Keely murmurs, with a small gesture around. "Many of the ideas offered to Mister Wild are also available to you. Archlector Udell would be a good place to start. You are also welcome to join the push to reclaim Bastion, and there are many crises at hand that could use your assistance." Her gaze flits to Quenia as she adds, "And the Marquessa's matter could likely also benefit from your assistance, if it interests you. Anyone else here with further ideas for Lord Redreef, please feel free to reach out to him after the meeting." She offers another smile, then, looks toward the next person who wishes to speak.

Turn in line: Grady

Grady rises with some little hesitation, but when he speaks, his voice is clear and strong, the voice of someone who has been taught to speak well. "We have heard a great deal here today about matters of the martial and the, ah, the esoteric. I would like to put forward, if I may, a different knot of a problem. There has been, hasn't there, a great deal of upheaval in the last few years. People have been displaced, their ways of life have been changed in ways, yes, that they never imagined and certainly don't appreciate. Ah. To put it mildly." He pauses for a moment, and then, with an apologetic note, adds: "I... don't really know where I'm going with this. I, ah. I suppose, yes, that I just didn't want to see the people lost in the broad swing of events."

Grady then sits down.

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"A very good point, Lord Deepwood," Keely remarks, and then to the room at large, "Lord Grady Deepwood, everyone." She smiles back to Grady, pausing to lift her ginger beer for a careful sip. "Thank you for bringing these people to mind. Certainly, if we may all find ways to assist to that end, we should." There is a glance around to assess for any new voices, but she sees Raven poised to speak again and smiles gently in acknowledgement.

Turn in line: Raven

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Keely gets a chocolate muffin with chocolate bits from a beautiful bakery box.

Raven rises promptly and notes, "I believe M'lord.." She bows her head respectfully to Grady, "..Is onto something though I too struggle to articulate it coherently. The truth is there is often a cascading effect. Things which affect whole a whole society but maybe not EVERY society have an impact on the dream. YES it's just more esoterics but regardless if your goal is one of compassion or pragmatism the strife, the friction VERY MUCH needs address but as far as I know, outside of efforts like those the Arscholar oversees, I am not aware of anyone addressing the issue my lord observes. Someone every much OUGHT to be, so I do hope someone here does find a way to qualify the strife as well as it's remedy."

Keely is writing again, glancing from Grady to Raven and back. "While the matter is on the floor," she says, loudly enough for everyone to hear though there seems to be a bit of strain to her gentle voice now. "Perhaps this is something we could try to address as our first real effort as an unofficial Society. Who would like to be the point person? Lord Grady?"

"Isn't the King holding an open discussion soon?" Quenia counters gently in response to Raven's words. "I think if anyone has anything they wish to discuss regarding some of those frictions, or just want to know what folk are up in arms about, they should attend his open discussion. It's meant for the traditionalists to speak their mind, and openly air their grievances and to maybe find a way forward."

Grady clears his throat and gives Keely an apologetic smile. "I'm afraid I'm about to spread myself a bit thin, between my house, my liege houses, and the Courtier's Guild. Not that I've ever let it stop me, yes, but I wouldn't want to let anyone down because I had taken ill." He looks between Raven and Quenia. "I would very much, however, like to hear the wants, fears, and concerns of the people who haven't the power to make their voices heard. Not everyone, yes, can demand a seat at the table."

Raven says, "With the traditionalists, Aye, but I'd be very surprised if that particular menace only manifested in one place, Marquessa. I could very well be wrong but as my lord says-are needs of a people who perhaps do not otherwise have voice, lacking title. The Traitor's hooks into the Su'tavi began long ago under similar complaints. I feel it is at least worth someone looking into beyond the concern of mere politics."

Raven inclines her head again to Grady as if she agrees with what he's said.

Udell ponders Mark's words before he stands and speaks, "As we often care for those who are welcoming new life and easing the transition for those who are passing into Her care again, I would certainly wish to volunteer for taking up the banner which Lord Grady has put forward for consideration."

Keely's eyes light up as Udell speaks, and her smile grows considerably. "Excellent," she remarks with a firm nod, looking aside to Grady with a touch of surprise. "Archlector Udell will take up the matter of the displaced and unhappy people who do not have the voice they wish. Archlector, Raven and Lord Deepwood are knowledgeable about the topic. I am sure many here would like to offer support as well. So, everyone who wishes to assist with this matter, please contact the Archlector after the meeting." Her smile is even broader, and she glances aside to Denica as if checking in. "Are there any other matters anyone would like to raise, before our first meeting concludes?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Raven before departing.

Quenia taps her lips a moment and asks, "Is the Commoner's Council still a thing? I believe they were the Voices of those such people." She's out of touch with that, but she at least gives a starting point for those looking into such matters. "Although I'm not sure when they last held their elections, if they are such a thing."

Grady seems pleased that Udell has spoken up, but not surprised "While I fear I might drop the, ah, the standard - goodness, this really is a good analogy, isn't it? - if given it to bear myself, I would very much like to make myself a resource, Archlector, to be drawn upon when needed."

Denica takes a quick sip of her drink, surely it is tea, and looks up hearing her name. A smile forms on cue and she tosses out a few more words. "I think this has been a really productive sessions, so I want to think Princess Keely Grayson for bringing us all together," she says, projecting her voice again. "It's easy to get lost in the chaos, no matter how experienced we are, or knowledgable, but I truly believe we are in times that require everyone to pull together. We all have strengths, when he focus on those strengths and build on them, there is nothing we cannot achieve." A beat, more inspiration comes now that Denica has had a few drinks...of tea. "I encourage people to get out, have conversations with each other, show up to help, you never know where your curiosity will take you. Everything is a learning experience and we are all on this adventure together." And that's that, she settles down again, hitting her quota for catch phrases for the week.

Raven beams again, relieved and pleased to see another problem she had known had needed attention but hadn't known how to address is now in capable hands. Both men are given deeply grateful glances from the wearied Blackheart. She beams brightly at Keely, "I too, Princess Keely, Princess Denica, Want to thank you from the depths of my shrivelled black heart. You or anyone who reaches out will receive my most sincere gratitude and eager support."

A messenger arrives for Quenia. She furrows her brow slightly at it and she rises from her seat with quiet apologies before she heads for the door.

Keely drops an elegant, woven basket.

Keely flashes a grin at Denica. "Thank you, your highness," she murmurs warmly. "Beside the box of treats, which I encourage everyone to avail themselves of, there is a basket of Society of Helpers badges," she calls, her voice sounding just a touch raspy. "You are all welcome to take one, to inspire conversation with those who could not join us or have not heard of what we are doing. Or so that people can identify you as someone who helps." A simple sentiment, but the princess seems to feel it is profound. "I hereby call this first official meeting of the unofficial Society of Helpers to a close. You are all invited and encouraged to linger and mingle and enjoy the refreshments. This is also meant as a place to support one another. We have seen terrible things and need to allow ourselves to experience real human emotions. So please, if you do not wish to seek that support here, reach out to me or someone else. We are all in this together." And with that, she gives a quick nod, and sits back in her chair with an exhale.

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