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Knight Games II: The Equestrian

House Telmar Presents: The Knight Games, Event II: The Equestrian

Bring your mightiest steed and your best skill! In full armor, participate in the challenging riding course on the Valardin grounds. If you wish to participate, send a message to Duchess Isabeau Telmar in advance of the event with your intention.

The Knight Games are a series of events with the second being the Equestian course meant to prove physical and combative prowess, consisting of four events, with the winner of each receiving an award at the closing ball. Despite its name, it is open to all with something to prove.

(As this is not a paired course, RSVPing is not very important.)


Sept. 3, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Isabeau Ansel

GM'd By



Cristoph Artorius Mattheu Felicia Tyche Cesare Ivy Kiera Ksenia Jaenelle Patrizio Tesha



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

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Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Laurent veteran guards, Tyche arrive, following Cristoph.

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Isabeau stands near the riding course, her pale blue gloved hands folded neatly in front of her. She is bundled and wrapped in a combination of Cloudspine velvet and cashmere, with braziers specifically set near her. She offers all those participating and attending a bright, seraphically sweet smile in greeting as her contralto voice rings out, clarion clear and musically, "Welcome to the second event of the Knight Games, my friends! Valardin and Telmar are pleased to have you all." She greets with a soft incline of her brow. "We are pleased that you are all able to attend, and on behalf of my husband, Duke Ansel, I hope those wanting to participate will do so with honor."

Isabeau smiles warmly, making eye contact with various people, "We will be running the course one by one, and judging maneuvers and fullest completion both. It would be dangerous for the horses to do otherwise. The award for best rider in the Course will be presented officially at the closing ball, but in addition to that, Telmar will be pledging a donation to whichever charity or cause the winner deems right. So with that being said, please enjoy the food and drinks available and have fun!"

Arriving fashionably late or exactly on time, Duke Cristoph Laurent enters with one Marquessa Tyche Inverno. He looks like he's planning on participating, but he doesn't lead his own horse at the moment. That's what the squire is for! As they pass through the grounds, they're engaged in some quiet conversation that appears to amuse the both of them. They stop at a certain juncture, with the duke leaning over to brush a quick kiss to her temple before straightening up again to listen to Isabeau's welcome and instructions. "I'll endeavor not to harm myself this evening, we wouldn't want a reoccurrence of last year during that one joust."

Artorius has been living island style living for the past decade, but he's showing up to represent in his darksteel armor worn with extra padding to help against the cold of the day. A gold hawk on a silver trident on a black field is the heraldry that sports from his bannermen and present upon the cloak that's sprawled out over the dappled gray gleding he's riding for this tournament event. Whether he'll be in the other events is unclear, since he was a late entry, but it doesn't seem to rattle the older knight either way. He salutes Isabeau after the speech and looks toward the course.

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A soft melody of bells wanders towards the edge of the games the colorfully dressed Mattheu Rivenshari looks to the horses with a shake of his head, then makes way for the bar.

Felicia arrived a bit ago with her stallion, Wrecking Ball. The towering black beast starting to go grey in the muzzle but, from the way he paws the ground impatiently... not quite ready to be put out to pasture yet. Despite the lack of a squire the redheaded Harrow seems to have faith that her steed will remain where she left him when she steps forward to listen to Isabeau. Offering the Duchess a knightly bow possibly slightly ruined by the cheek in her grin.

Tyche braves the snow to watch Cristoph join these festivities. That must say something about how much she cares for this man she's oft seen with. When he leans down to brush that quick kiss she smiles, her own attention on Isabeau and her rules. When Cristoph pledges to try harder this time, she laughs, nodding her head. "Let's stay on the horse. That is the only part of last year's joust I would change." She turns, dusting off some snow from his shoulder. "Ride well, my lord. I will cheer you from the stands."

Cesare... is not here to participate. Oh no. Instead, he is here to drink hot beverages, sit in the stands, and use all the prodigious power of his voice to yell questionable things at the competitors while looking absolutely resplendent in scarlet. Probably. Maybe. There are a lot of Oathlanders here and they often don't like being heckled. He slips toward the bar to retrieve something warm to drink and then settles, politely and elegantly - for now - at a picnic table, assessing the competition with a shrewd gaze. As if he knows anything about the equestrian arts.

Ivy is milling around, checking on horses, making sure they're all watered and brushed down, hooves are scraped and cleaned. Ensuring everyone has the most even start possible. Once all the contestants are mounted and in place, she washes up quickly in a basin, scrubbing face and hands before making her way up into the stands to find a seat for watching.

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Kiera enters and wanders over to find a hot drink before finding a place to watch the competition

A willowy figure wanders into the grounds, quite out of place it appears as Ksenia gazes wide eyed at all the horses and pagentry on display. She turns several times, trying to keep track of everything going on but seems unable to. "Oh!" she exclaims as she tries to find a safe place to observe.

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Artorius regards Ivy as she passes by his horse and he nods his head toward her, "Thank you for the care earlier. He's shined up now." The dappled gray doesn't really do much more than look bored to tears and flick his ears back, flapping his lips as he chews randomly on the bit. Artorius watches where Ivy goes and finds his gaze curiously sweeping the audience. Someone in red draws his eyes and his lips twitch upward, smirking at the Softest Whisper.

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Isabeau makes her way to stand near the course, obviously taking the place of 'judge', though there are some other militant individuals with her to comment on the happenings quietly and help the small blond formerly Valardin princess score the runs. "Our first participant this evening is Dame Felicia Harrow, Lieutenant of the Iron Guard!"

"Good luck, to all of you." Felicia offers her fellow competitors with a respectful dip of her head before collecting Wrecking Ball's reins and swinging on up. The massive stallion doesn't exactly look built for agility so much as strength... but still the redheaded knight makes her way to the starting line with a flourish. Green eyes assess the course while waiting for the signal to go, a small smile on her lips.

Jaenelle is certainly not here to participate, though like any good noble she knows how to ride a horse but it is more for social reasons and not knightly riding off into battle. She moves to where the audience has gathered and looks towards those on actual horses to see who might be participating in the event.

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"You're welcome, my lord. I've never been much of a rider, but I can at least make sure your mounts are all in their best possible condition," Ivy offers a quick bow on her way towards finding a seat. She settles in to watch the contest, offering a faint smile and wave towards Isabeau as they get started.

The thing with Whispers is that you can never really tell if they're mentally calculating things like posture, muscle tone, confidence, and making judgments on who will win; or if there are simply two brain cells floating around their head, both echoing "pretty horses" to each other. Cesare's facial expression is giving nothing away, even when he spots someone smirking at him; he simply takes another sip of his steaming beverage, and applauds for Dame Felicia when it's her turn to take on the riding course, which only too recently was a dance floor. /That/ is a thought which makes him vaguely grimace.

Though being fashionably late seems to be Sebastian's thing, Patrizio's borrowing a page from his book with the 'fashionably late' arrival. And without his usual escort of centurions, he's at least quiet about it as he's joining the crowd, with a few nods to those that he recognizes. Though the call about the matter of the first rider does draw his head around, even as he's drawing forth his flask from beneath that heavy cloak for him to take a good sip of it.

Artorius finds himself chuckling abruptly, resting his helm on his seat while he turns his attention forward to Dame Felicia and her stallion. Artorius' own grey gelding doesn't seem at all interested and quite possibly is asleep.

"I'll try to manage that at least," Cristoph replies to Tyche and ducks his head with a short rumble of laughter issuing forth from him. From there he goes to join the rest of those at the riding course, which includes his horse! That he seems to be bribing with some treat pre-performance. This is fine.

Ksenia finds a seat to perch on, wrapping herself up in her shawl as she watches keenly from her position, not wanting to speak to any of the nobility without bring spoken to first.

Tyche moves off to find her perch to watch, drawing her cloak more firmly about herself as she sits. A perfect bundle at a bench, cheeks getting rosy from the cold! Her gaze is distracted by the sight of familiar guards first, and then an even more familiar face next. She lifts a hand to wave to her cousin, a faint grin at his tardiness, but her attention returns to the riders just as swiftly.

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"Please be aware, good duke," calls out Patrizio, not that it's going to help, "that this is not a matter where a duel can help you in the aftermath." Though the prince is settling in comfortably enough, and there's a look about, as if he's almost challenging anyone to question whether or not a duel would be helpful, though there's a nod to Tyche as he's joining her at the table. "Hey, if Bas isn't going to be here," he can be heard to opine aloud.

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Given the running mount, Felicia has to hop off her horse once she reaches the starting line and goes back to the mark on the ground. It might be easier if she removed the protective warmth of her cloak, but nah. At the signal she sprints forth, leaping upon the back of her stallion and tearing off around the course. That the pair have worked together for years is clear in the smooth way the big horse thunders towards the hedge jumps. Not the most nimble of creatures, it takes no urging for the large black and its rider to clear them... even if with less elegance than raw power... rocketing across the narrow bridge with little concern for the cacphony of sound it causes.

That the knight's a battle tested veteran is obvious given the way that she lets the horse pick the speed with which they enter the pendulums, bending and shifting to avoid the heavy bags of sand and finally extracting her broadsword as they round towards the 'bandits' for a decisive strike on the way to the final line. She only draws up the large beast once they reach the finishing line, causing the stallion to trumpet its annoyance and settle ill-manneredly for the gathering spot at the end.

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A light but audible chuckle can be heard from kiera as she raises a hand from her seat at the bar to wave to the Pravus prince

" thought you had to take his style?" Tyche finished Patrizio's thought, amusement rich in her voice and her gaze as she casts him a look. "Come to help me cheer on Duke Laurent?" she wonders of her cousin, gesturing toward the man in question on his horse. "Or do you have another champion tonight?" Her voice dips then, words shared at the table as they play the part of spectator well.

Turn in line: Felicia

Turn in line: Artorius

Isabeau watches the course, attentively, her eyebrows raising at the skills displayed by Felicia. At the pendulums, she gasps in awe of the weaving, obviously having worried about that particular feat in her own way. At the end of the run, Isabeau's hands raise to applaud Felicia, "What a remarkable display, Dame Felicia. Exceptional!" she enthuses, before looking down at a list. "Next we have Count Artorius Magnotta! Please ready yourself and begin, my Lord!"

There's a mindful gaze from Patrizio briefly to Cristoph, before there's a playful sound that slides from the prince as he shifts, the faint shift as if he's wont to rock the seat backwards, not that the bench is going to give in to his will. "I would, but a /certain/ duke told me that it'd not be possible for me to go ride a dire bee as a steed. So... I'm honour-bound to root for his opponent, alas. Even as it should trouble certain people that I know." There's an almost innocent look on the prince's face as he turns that attention back towards the action.

Jaenelle looks towards those gathered as they quietly discuss the riders, attention shifting then to squint at the horses and the people on them. "Would it be dishonorable to bet on them, considering?" she asks Kiera and Mattheu. "I am not sure if since they are Knightly games, what would or would not be accepted. Because," she points towards Artorius, "I would bet on him for no other reason than I think if given the chance his horse might try to eat him."

Tesha is late to the event, because Tesha's still healing and people didn't want her moving around. Especially with the last bit of being pinched to bruises by scorpions. She pulls the hood of her coat up and lets the dogs that guide her lead her to a place to settle in to watch the festivities quietly.

Cesare gives a hoot of approval and applauds loudly for Felicia. Even he is capable of telling when somebody's done a good job. "Wake your horse up, Count, it's time to ride," he hollers, switching out his empty drink for a second one.

Artorius checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 46 higher.

"Ah, you put yourself at great risk, your highness, of winning my ire for your choice to cheer against the duke," Tyche's smile is gracious and sweet and she tilts her head toward her cousin. "I hope you are as greatly disappointed tonight as you were when you learned a dire bee was not rideable!" She lifts her hand to wave at Cristoph cheerfully, the encouragement of her support in that little gesture.

Artorius checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 10 higher.

Artorius checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Artorius checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

Artorius checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 2 higher.

When it's Artorius called forward, he nudges the gelding ahead and it has this lazy plodding pace. Sliding off the gelding's back, he puts on his helm and makes it to the starting line. He's wearing full darksteel so the weight is obvious for the high quality metal, black and gold cloak fluttering out behind him and causing the grey's ears to pin back as eyes get larger and nostrils of the gelding flare. If anyone is asking what the beast's name is something akin to Dream Danger. The veteran of two wars had he been younger might have better approached the starting, since when the signal is given his 'fast' pace doesn't match up to Felicia's pace at all. His loading style is all heavy weight of armor and their run is more of a trot, but he yannnnks himself up. He pushes his viser up and salutes to the crowd, before getting this Dream Danger grey into gear! Thankfully the rider manages to stay on during the jumps, the grey breaking through the tops and giving base effort.

It's the narrow bridge that begins the trouble, honestly. The horse and rider are not a team as much as Felicia and her Wrecking Ball were, so whether rider error or horse stubborness, the pair slog off the narrow bridge and splash through the obstacle instead, which doesn't set them up for the pendulums very well... and Artorius nearly gets knocked off his horse... The crowd can follow along and go make their respective noises as once, twice, and then THRICE ... one of the pendulums smacks into the rider and it really does piss off the horse. The horse gives a farting kick as it gallops onwards, fighting Artorius and shaking its' head upward. There's some dignity left in the pair as Art pulls his sword out last moment and hacks his target in half, somewhat sitting on a very distressing angle!

As the contestants begin to ride the course, Cristoph pats his horse affectionately on the neck. The motion of someone waving to him in the audience of course catches his attention and he shifts position, looking over and spying Tyche, then hearing Patrizio. He can be seen laughing again and this time lifts a hand and waves back, sparing the people nearby the sound of him shouting.

Patrizio scoffs, most distinctly. "I will not give up until I learn if one is," the prince points out to Tyche, even as he's watching the goings-on with those who are participating, and there's a rueful shake of his head. "Honestly. Given the terrain we hold, a dire bee would be /the/ proper steed for a general. But alas." Though the prince seems not all that much put out about the matter, given the grin on his features, and then shakes his head, before the wind blows again, and he bundles down in his cloak. "Gods /damn/ it. It's abyssally cold out here."

Isabeau remains near the course, with the brazier set up next to it, blue eyes watching the goings on of the rider with obvious interest and pleasure at the sight. She keeps her wraps bundled around her even as Elaine bustles over with some warm cider for the Duchess. She watches Artorius's run with interest, applauding at the spectacular leap, grimacing at the smacking pendulums, and then applauding once more, "A very good run, my Lord!" she encourages at the end, her radiantly warm smile directed to him as she confers with some of the more expert horsemen helping her judge the riding skills. "And next we have Duke Cristoph Laurent, if you will ready yourself and begin."

Turn in line: Cristoph

"A noble quest, cousin," Tyche commends Patrizio in his journey to discover if dire bees might be ridden. "Perhaps a better one would be to see if dire bees can bring with them a little heat?" she teases when he calls out the cold for being cold! But she is also cold, so she draws the hood of her cloak more tightly about her head as she watches the knight contend.

Cristoph checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 25, rolling 37 higher.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 35 higher.

Cristoph checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 35, rolling 10 higher.

Cristoph checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 41 higher.

Felicia can't help but wince when Artorius gets smacked by the sand bag, pulling out a flask from her belt and offering it to her fellow competitor,"Whiskey?" she says by way of offering.

Artorius tries to right himself up in the saddle before the damn thing slides all the way upside down and eventually decides to give up and dismount as soon as he's able. The embarrassing run is met with a flushed face, as he yanks off his helm, exhaling a breath and handing it off to a squire. Looking up to Felicia he nods at the offer, taking it, "I didn't expect much. Both of us are rusty." He takes a swig of whiskey then hands it back over, "I'm getting out of the armor. Good showing, Dame Felicia." He goes to find a pavillion to dress down.

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Tesha watches the Joust intently given it is her favorite part of any Knight games. There's just a bit of sadness in her stormy gaze as she watches the competitors. When Cristoph and Artorius are up she watches closely. Probably hoping that Cristoph doesn't end up with another broken arm. When the pairing is over she gives a round of applause for the riders.

It should be noted that the horse Cristoph decided to take the field with today? Is the same horse that he's been unseated from, numerous times. The dangerous, the dreaded, the unpredictable, the capricious... Honeycomb. And yet on this day, the pair of them work very nicely, almost like Cristoph has been through many additional riding lessons under duress from a certain baron. He makes a successful running leap onto Honeycomb's back, quickly taking to saddle and gathering up the reins. The heavily built destrier clears the hedges without complaint, then obediently making it across with the bridge with only the faintest hint that he might like to throw Cristoph over the side (he's thinking about it, look at his wild eyes), then they weave through the pendulums. By the end they're moving at a brisk clip and the duke successfully hits all of his targets before they hit the finish.

In the stands, Cesare /may/ be cheering when people get hit by sandbags, because he's that sort of bloodthirsty little menace. When Cristoph absolutely gives the course what-for, there's a moment where it looks like he might wolf whistle, but then he thinks better of it with so many equines around, and settles for enthusiastic applause instead. How he manages to applaud with such verve and not spill his drink on himself is probably a trade secret.

Felicia can't help but applaud Cristoph's skill, though the effect is somewhat ruined by her gauntlets, at least the presence of the whiskey flask means there's a metallic clang to 'voice' her approval.

Whatever chatter Tyche had with Patrizio is cut off when Cristoph takes the field. She sits up, inching to the edge of her seat, craning to watch him move atop Honeycomb through the track. Her hands clasp just in front of her mouth, and at times she holds her breath, because she's watched him become unseated from this very same horse too many times. But he rides beautifully, and the beast is with him at every turn. At the end she cheers, turning back to Patrizio with a cheeky grin, "Regret your choices yet, cousin?"

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Patrizio tips his flask towards Tyche, as he looks as serious as he can - which is to say, with a few good swallows of Setarco Fire in him, not at all. "I regret nothing," voices he back, even as he lifts the flask in acknowledgement of Cristoph's skill on the horse.

Attentive to the progress of Cristoph, Isabeau watches on. She claps at the various skills on display, before beaming at the skillful conclusion, "What a fine display of horsemanship!" she enthuses at the end, beaming, "And with that, we'll take a break from the competition, and if anyone else wishes to join in they can find me or Elaine and make their own run." The Duchess breaks away and makes a bee-line for the dessert table for the break.

Artorius finds himself out of armor and walking good naturedly like he didn't just boom that course. He wears a jovial smile that's framed by mustache and beard, the former which gets a twitch as he heads toward the bar, probably because someone told him who was there. "Archduchess," he sing songs out with a fervent delight and the rest of what he speaks gets lots in the din of the crowds.

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Cristoph dismounts Honeycomb and slips the horse another cube of sugar that he'd hidden away in one of his pockets. After the squire takes away his horse to lead back for some rest, the duke begins to move back through the crowd. He nods his thanks to some of those that are applauding his non-accident-involved performance on the course, looking well cheered by it. He eventually makes it to Tyche and Patrizio. "Was there something to regret?" he wonders as he takes up a seat next to the Marquessa, leaning comfortably into her space.

Cesare slips out of the stands and makes his way over to the bar where a small crowd has assembled. "I'll buy each of the competitors a drink," he says, and then, acknowledging that drinks do not cost anything at the event, "whenever we meet next. A very solid display of horsemanship. And horsemanship."

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Tyche is more than happy to steal Cristoph's heat when he sits himself beside her, and she leans in to congratulate him, "Well done, my lord. You didn't fall off, which was exactly what I envisioned for you tonight." All part of her plan, you see! As to regrets, she laughs, casting Patrizio a look, one brow arched. "My cousin put his cheering behind another champion tonight. All rode quite well, but you have proven Baron Norwood's efforts were not wasted."

Kiera opens her eyes wide at Christoph's performance, applauding enthusiastically "Good show Dukr Laurent before hollering over to patrizio " You would seem to be the duke's good luckcharm my friend. "There was a day and a time when the lady wyvernheart would not dare have shouted across the space but like pravus prince seems to have grown more boistress

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Felicia is the last to make her way off her horse and towards the gathering at the bar, tucking her flask back into its home as she goes. The half-bow offered for the assembled nobility respectful, even if she doesn't exactly wait for leave to find herself a spot and order a drink.

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For a moment, despite Cristoph's joining over at the table, Patrizio's still laughing, and there's a brief lift of his flask in salute, too, to Cesare with the offer to buy the competitors a refreshment, as if he wholeheartedly approves. And then there's the brief lift of those well-plucked brows of his when he's hearing what was discussed. "See, my cousin lies, I fear, my duke," corrects the prince with the dip of his head. "I cheered not for any other champion against you and that skill of yours." There's a moment where he holds his tongue, before he points out, "I rooted for all of them. I think I'm still owed a dire bee as a steed. But alas." That he hears Kiera's shout over to him, there's a chuckle and the shake of his head, but a playful smile still for the quip.

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Patrizio can be seen to murmur what looks like a soft apology to Tyche and Cristoph, before he's rising from the table and making his way over towards the bar.

Isabeau has collected up a plate of chocolates to take with her and has made her way to a spot directly next to a brazier. The duchess seems quite happy to begin devouring the chocolate truffles, though she does so with utmost elegance, as one would expect of an Oathlander princess. She does offer her glowing, radiant smile to all who look at her, exuding charm and sweetness.

Cristoph smiles, briefly playing his chin upon Tyche's shoulder before straightening up somewhat more respectfully. "Your cousin lies?" he asks of the prince, looking between him and the woman that they're seated with. There's evident amusement on his face for the idea of it. "A true lie? Or simply a little twist of the truth?" he has to wonder. "But I'm afraid dire bees can only be awarded when one is fully supportive of a man's work. When Patrizio stands a departs, he lifts a hand and offers him a small wave to see him off.

"Dire... bees?" Felicia can't help but ask,"Oh please for the love of all the gods don't tell me that we're talking bees the size of horses or I might never sleep again." the redhead elects to interject emphatically.

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"Dire... bees?" Felicia can't help but ask,"Oh please for the love of all the gods don't tell me that we're talking bees the size of horses or I might never sleep again." the redhead elects to interject emphatically.

A grin's offered up, as is a /very/ respectful tip of his head to Cristoph, before Patrizio's grinning to Felicia about the matter of such a thing. "I'm /told/ they are, indeed. They'd be a fearsome, appropriate thing for me to ride into battle." There's no clear sign that Patrizio's serious, especially with the grin on his features, but there's no reason to believe he's making a joke of the matter either. "I'd written the good duke that I /ought/ to be permitted to try, but alas..." He lets a dramatic sigh slide free.

Felicia shudders and shakes her head, nodding her thanks to the bartender and collecting the whiskey to her hand,"I'm okay, with those giant spiders the Nox have... but the idea of a giant bee is just... no. The sound alone would have to be deafening... and how on Aion would you stay in the saddle?"

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When Patrizio exits after accusing Tyche of lying, she turns to Cristoph, studying his expression. "Do you believe him?" she demands to know, a playful spark to her words. "Or do you think I would never do such a thing?" The question stands as she lowers her voice, her hand extending outward to point to certain parts of the course, clearly recounting his amazing ride in very detailed appreciation.

Isabeau finishes up her plate, then heads over to speak with some of the lingering more experienced cavalrymen who were helping her with the course. After a few moments of consideration, Isabeau calls out, "Excuse me! If I could have everyone's attention." She calls out. She waits a few moments for a hush in noise so she can speak, "In the absence of additional contenders, I believe we can safely agree on the winner of the Equestrian course. Duke Cristoph Laurent! Though we had great showings by all the contenders, his ride displayed the most skill and ability."

Tesha had settled off to the side and watched the rest of the riders. She didn't have that great skill that others did. Maybe after she healed fully from the giant centipedes. She gives a smile when Cristoph if called as the winner and she applauds for him, "Well ridden!" she calls.

Felicia applauds for Cristoph,"Nicely done, your grace." she offers with a whistle of approval, nodding her head eagerly.

Isabeau is overheard praising Cristoph.

Isabeau is overheard praising Felicia.

Isabeau is overheard praising Artorius.

Kiera smiles to Artorious "We will have another Wyvernheart family dinner soon to know each other properly

Artorius looks to Kiera, "I love dinners. I love being invited to everyone's House. Most wonderful, thank you Lady Kiera."

"No," Cristoph answers of the question that Tyche just put to him. It comes immediately and without hesitation, so easily answered. When her voice drops and she begins to indicate the different parts of the course, he follows along. Now and again he looks from the course back to Tyche, and something that she says earns a lower laugh and a quieter reply. He breaks off that conversation so that he can listen to Isabeau's announcement, blue eyes lingering on the Duchess. "Thank you!" he calls back to the congratulations. And the more specifically to Isabeau herself, "Thank you for hosting such a well run event!"

Near the bar, where Cesare is definitely mixing business and pleasure, he lifts a glass to Cristoph, sending the Duke one of those little, fleeting smiles.

Tesha gathers herself and then gives the dogs a pat on the head, "Alright, back to the tower and convalescing, boys." she murmurs to them as she heads for the exit. Small bouts of getting out for fresh air were good!

Tesha is overheard praising Isabeau.

Tesha is overheard praising Cristoph.

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Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup, Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound leave, following Tesha.

Isabeau flutters long russet lashes at Cristoph for a moment, laughing softly, "It's such a pity Baron Beesbury wasn't around to see it, my Lord." She says with some bemusement, "I'm sure with Telmar being so lovable and reliable, and you being a most remarkable honey Duke, it would have been very interesting to him." There is pure innocence in her tone at the suggestion, her lips twitching up at the corners.

Cristoph audibly chuckles when Isabeau's words filter over to him, "Yes, such a pity. I don't know how I'm going to survive this night without his charming commentary. But I suppose we'll make due /somehow/."

Kseniaquietly makes her way out of the area, holding her shawl around her for warmth as she goes back home.

Ksenia has left the a handsome outdoor bar.

When Cristoph is announced as winner, Tyche's smile is so wide one would think /she/ performed the course. "Bravo, my lord," she commends him more quietly, as he's seated right there. Whatever even quieter words are shared have her nodding, and she stands from her seat, shaking out her cloak to make certain it falls about her.

Isabeau grins for a brief moment towards Cristoph before she addresses the crowd once more, "We will be announcing the first brackets of the melee tournament within the next few days in advance of the event, but there is still time to get involved in the next game! All you must do to get involved is send word to me. Thank you all for attending, and please feel free to enjoy the hospitality of our Ward as long as you'd like."

Felicia elects to slip away at last, sans squire electing to ride her horse back the way she came.

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