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Familiar Taste of Poison

Noah has decided that he needs to embrace the Velenosa fealty with open arms. What better way to do that then to give into all the rumors and whispers? He is holding a party of sorts, if you dare. There will be drinks and you will probably be dosed with something. It might make you feel high. It might make you feel sad. It might make you feel like a dog. Who knows? Only the catch is, there is at least one goblet with just a bit of poison. Not a lot. You won't die. But are you willing to try?


Aug. 5, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Giada Eirene Sorrel Thea Emberly Elizabetha Jaenelle



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Dining Room

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1 Knight of the Temple, Trouble, the waddling raccoon, 1 Redoubt Buccaneers, 1 Templar Knight guards, Luzio, the burly Mirrormask arrive, following Giada.

Noah checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 25 higher.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrive, following Sorrel.

The Velenosa Estate is always buzzing. It is always moving. There is always a sort of energy that lives and breathes through it. Right now, people are escorted to the Dining Room. A long table is set with finger foods and the wait staff just looks at each other. There is nothing out of the sorts to have poisons or poisoning parties. Really. This is fine.

Noah Grayson is in the room already, for once, on time. He walks around and hands vials to various healers around the room. "You know, for when the choose the wrong glass." Noah smirks as if the idea of taking someone to almost death is the best idea there is. One hand comes up to run through his blondish hair as he nods. There are servers wearing gloves prepping for the 'guests'. As they enter, they are given a glass of water. That one is at least safe.

It's a humble contingent by Velenosan standards. A swashbuckler, a pair of templars, and a short, finger-breaking bruiser of a Mirrormask are likely enough, however, to drag Giada to safety if the Healers can't reverse whatever happens to the Archlector. Perhaps that's why Giada looks worried not at all, or maybe it's the hint of amusement in her eyes as the Lycene-born priestess looks for a place to post up.

No drink is accepted from a single server. Not. One. Not even the water.

Eirene was no stranger to these halls in the past. She married a Velenosa prince, and was friends with Eleyna and Talon. But it's been many a year since she's entered the dining hall. "Accepting a drink at a poison-party is dumb but fun. Why not live a little dangerously, right?" Her blue eyes twinkle with mirth, her smirk caught on her lips. She takes the water and eyes it as if expecting it to be laced as well.

Giada smirks back at Eirene. "Dumb, yes. Though I'm curious if the host means to observe hospitality and taste the drinks first." Maybe THAT'S why she looks like she might be here for a good laugh.

Wandering in with one hand in her pocket and the other holding a leather bottle, Sorrel waves off the water casually, grinning at the servant. "Thanks," she murmurs. "I brought my own." Clearly she does not entirely trust her future sister-in-law's new husband.

Thea comes venturing into poison party. Yep. She is. Seeing Eirene and Giada, she gives a little wave and makes her way over in their direction. But not before nodding to Noah. "Princess Noel. I thought I would just come and check on things for a moment. You know, curiosity and such." Then off the Countess goes to see her aunt with a brief smile.

Emberly is there to sample or maybe change some of the elixir's, a gentle smile to her lips as she looks in on the halls. The alchemest had nothing to loose, she moves to try one of the glasses. Hell why not die at a party.

A lithe melody, hummed for her own amusement heralds the arrival of Elizabetha. The young princess enters the room with a lively gait, just shy of a skip, her eyes wide with wonder as she takes in the scene unfolding before her. With unmasked curiosity, she studies the various offerings on the table, the servants, and even lingers on the guests for probably a half-moment longer than is acceptable in polite circles. When her eyes finally land on her brother, her face illuminates with a vibrant glow as her smile arches into another level of happiness.

Emberly is overheard praising Thea: Princess Noel? This girl has balls!

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The Archduchess watches the going ons of her husband as this is completely his show and she has no hosting duties to attend to. In her usual chair at the Velenosa dining table, she reaches for one of the foods laid out idly and takes a bite as she looks amused at the servants being handed vials. "I'm sure everything will be fine" Jaenelle tells Giada with a grin.

Giada finally settles near a table. For some reason, her guards do not look like they're glad she's here, and there's more than one set of pursed lips. Perhaps they were argued down by their charge? "Eirene," she says, face straight. "How many toxins can you name?" Jaenelle gets a grin. "I've got something for you and Noah, by the way. I just got it shipped up from near Lenosia."

Eirene checks wits and alchemy at hard. Eirene fails.

"Princess Elizabetha," Sorrel offers as a greeting to the tall blonde as she comes bouncing in, though she's drifted towards the dining table with her bottle of safe fluids, likely intending to sit down. "It's good to see you again. And with a song in your heart." She bows slightly to Jaenelle. "And it's good to see you again, as well. Too long since I had the pleasure of your company."

Eirene's able to name the normal ones but the more obscure? Not so much. She ticks off what she does know on her fingers. A lot of them have medicinal purposes - the 'take too much and it kills you, take enough and it'll help'.

Emberly smiles to the Princesses as she giggles at Thea's antics "you have balls dearest." she says as the woman walks past. She holds a dup from the server, a rather colorful one, she sniffs it softly. "This is truely an alchemist party.." she says to the countess

As the people start to enter, Noah looks from one to the other. "Theresa, I thought you weren't coming." This is given to Thea as he asides to her, "The water is just water. That is the only promise I'm making of the evening." His blue eyes move towards the others, but it is Elizabetha that he moves first. If she does not shift away from him, he will greet her with a side hug. His lips finding the top of her head. "You are back. You were missed." Then he winks to her and not so subtly directs her towards Jaenelle.

"You will find---" Noah's deep voice rumbles out from his chest. "-- that the servers have a tray of various drinks. They will tell you about them." The servers move forwards to walk next to each person seated or those that are milling around. "If you dare, pick a drink. What happens is all in the fates of what you choose and what you choose to do." He nods towards the others and moves near to Jaenelle.

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Giada's eyes turn to her guards. "Stop hovering, would you?" she asks, brows lifting as she takes a glass of wine from a passing tray. Eirene gets a murmured word.

Noah drops Drink list, if you dare.

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"It can't be any worse than the shit Blacktongue used to make," says Eirene with a dry chuckle. She takes one of the glasses in her gloved hand and sets it before her. "Are we allowed to taste-test or simply take a chance," she inquires of their host.

Eirene picks the green one with glitter, showing it off to Thea. "Since you can't," she says to the pregnant woman, "I will, how's that?"

Thea winks at Emberly. There's a smirk at Noah as well as a look that just merely says,'He started it.' Seeing Jaenelle as well, Thea gives her a small smile. "I need to go--,"pausing as she hears Eirene. She blinks repeatedly. "There's a GLITTERY one?! Thank you!" Thea declares with a sincere gasp.

"Enchanted to see you, Princess Sorrel. But, please call me Eliza. Since we will be risking not only our good reputations but all of our hopes and dreams and our very lives tonight, must we be so formal?" there is a mirthful intonation in Elizabetha's words and she looks set to push the game further, but at his presence, the sunny princess falls into her brother's orbit, returning his hug with an enthusiastic vigor as she says, "You cannot be rid of me so easily, dearest brother. When I heard what trouble you had gotten into, I couldn't stay away."

As she is directed towards Jaenelle, Elizabetha offers a warm smile but her words lose a touch od their teasing tone as she says, "Princess Jaenelle, thank you for hosting us in your home. This seems to be a lovely event. Did my brother come up wth it all on his own or did you have a hand in guiding his interests?"

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

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Emberly raises her glass of Doll's Eye up to the table and with a small smile to Sorrel "maybe someday we can chat about Metals Princess, if I survive".. she grins as she sips on the white fluid.

Giada motions at Eirene's glass with her wine, looking for all the world like she's explaining the damn thing. Her cheeks begin to picken under their caramel colour, eyes dilating slightly. A finger brushes lightly over the table cloth repetitively.

Eirene wrinkles her nose. "Aniseed/

Eirene wrinkles her nose before taking an exploratory sip. "Anise," she says with a grin. "And a touch of haze - good stuff too." Her green glass is raised to Noah and then Jaenelle. "A nice way to start my evening. Might get a nice high. THAT brings back memories," she remarks as she looks around.

"You'll survive," Sorrel replies to Emberly with a measure of amusement, laughing softly. "If Noah manages to kill me, I feel pretty confident that the avenging forces coming after him afterwards would make him regret it seriously." She then nods to Elizabetha, waggling her brows. "Eliza it is. Do come join me. It'll be a good time. I think I am going to try the black one, because I like to live dangerously. Or something like that."

"It has been a day," Jaenelle tells Sorrel with a laugh, "though I agree, even a day between visits is much much too long a time." She shifts her attention back towards Noah as he speaks, glancing towards the servants with trays of glasses in all colors. She does not pick one just yet, instead giving Elizabetha a smile, "this was all his doing, Im afraid. He didn't even run the idea by me, which is wonderful. I trust him not to kill anyone, because I might make him drink all of the bottles himself at the end if he does." Eirene is given a nod as she lifts the glass, "there are enough bedrooms in the estate if anyone needs a place to sleep after this. I still have one of Blacktongue's apples, he once broke into my room to leave it for me, I almost stabbed him."

Giada's lips form a warm smile. "Didn't I hook you up the other day?" she asks Eirene, head tilting. "Yeaahh, this one is laced with something, but I'm not sure what." She looks at her hand as it pets the tablecloth. "This fabric is so -soft-."

Emberly nods her head as she talks to Sorrel, whom she sits with, her eyes turn to Eliza and she starts to greet the princess but her words get a little drawn out and she yawns softly slumping softly in her chair... the woman slowly falling alseep

"Now I see what Talen meant about the candle-people," Eirene remarks with a laugh as she holds her hand out towards the nearest candelabra. "They're starting to jump off the wicks. You little bastards better not set anything on fire," she comments sternly to the flames." She pauses and points at Emberly, "Ha. That was fast."

Noah drops to a seat. He keeps the water. That's right. The. Water. However, to be fair, Noah already looks hazed up. There is a laugh a bit as he watches the choices people make. A low comment towards Jaenelle. "I make no promises that everyone leaves alive. It is a party offered to poison people. You take your own chances. Some of those drinks are not going to be fun to deal with." He doesn't look at them but he nods towards Sorrel. "If you die, well, I promise to hide your body by the prettiest flowers in Jaenelle's garden." Noah looks towards the others and smiles openly to the effects. This is how you get Noah Grayson to smile. Drugs. Poison. Chances of death. "Lady Emberly, you may want to try a different drink." His arm comes up to wrap around the back of Jaenelle's seat. "Perhaps a drinking game? That game of nevers? Where one says something and you drink if they say the thing. This is an example, no need to drink. However, if I say I have never had a drink at a poison party, you would all drink."

"This tastes like trees," Sorrel notes, wrinkling her nose for a moment. She eyes Emberly. "Well. I guess we're not having much of a conversation today, are we?" She laughs softly, then glances to Eirene. "Wait, what are you happening? I want to see the candle-people now."

Giada's eyes turn to Noah. "This whole party is a drinking game," she quips dryly.

"You can be sure, Your Highness, that my brother has a remarkable knack for wonderful adventures. Oh the stories I could tell you . . ." Elizabetha muses to Jaenelle before Sorrel diverts her attention, perhaps saving the room from a tale of youthful malfeasance and she joins the bard in considering what to drink, "Oh, so many choices, and all of them so mysterious and deadly and beautiful. I hardly know what to pick," she rocks from her heels to her toes as she contemplates which fate to choose tonight, "Noah," she calls out, "What does the host recommend for a pure and innocent princess? Shall I choose the deep red of the roses or the dreadful sleep of the orchids?"

Emberly looks as if she can barely keep her eyes open though she reaches out to snag another drink, this one Pink! Well she did not really pay attention as she sleepily yawns and sips on the new drink

Eirene squints and points at the candle. "If you look -just- right, you can see little faces. Mostly mocking you." She nods back at Sorrel. "Prince Talen told me about them, many many years ago when HE was high." She grins at Giada and nudges the Archlector with her elbow. "And a fun one at that."

Noah nods towards Giada and holds up his water. Then his innocent, baby sister talks about drinks. "You should try the water." He nods with a certainty. The man seems content to watch those around him with the reactions. However, there is a study of Eliza. A mixture of protection and letting it go. He turns to watch the others and tries to nudge Jaenelle to the red one.

Emberly checks luck at normal. Emberly marginally fails.

"I did get to interact with him a few times when he was not high," Sorrel offers cheerfully to Eirene, though she twitches slightly and blinks. "I might hit the host, though." She eyes Eliza, glances to Jaenelle, then says to Eliza, "Definitely the red. Definitely the red."

Giada's olive green eyes drift from her glass to the candles. "I can see it," she decides upon reflection. "Cheeky bastards." If possible, the street rat accent is even thicker than normal. "Oh, yes. The red one is the best choice." She throws in her two coppers, backing up Sorrel by waving her red wine.

Emberly has made two wrong choices first the white then the pink... she gasps... and slumps. The lady falls out of her chair, as the last drink strikes the poison through her system rather fast. Shes down and the healers come to help out.

Elizabetha Elizabetha's brow furrows slightly at Noah's guidance, she looks as if she is about to retort something to assert her independence, but instead she spots the interaction between her brother and Jaenelle and an impish cast finds her features. "Ah, yes, Princess Sorrel, the red sounds wonderful. But, it would be selfish of me to horde it for myself. If Princes Jaenelle is intrigued, I would gift my portion to her delight."

Eirene stands abruptly out of healer's habit and wobbles. Even if someone else rushes to Emberly's aid. "OOh that's bad," she says, grabbing the chair's back with her hand. "Bit dizzy and now the candle-people are flying. Little spots of light dancing around," she advises everyone. "Don't let them land on you or they may set your hair on fire."

Giada checks willpower at hard. Giada is successful.

And just like that, Giada steps out of her seat and moves immediately to Emberly. Somehow, she's managed to shut off the 'high' and is kneeling to reach for the noblewoman's wrist. "Get the antidote over here," she says, eyes focused again.

Jaenelle begins reaching for the red that Noah nudges her towards, though her hand stops midway towards the glass. She looks between Noah and Elizabetha, "ah, no. Of course not. You are a guest in my home, and should you wish to try one of the glasses, then I could not take it from you. Though I am sure there are more than one glass of such, that we could both try it?" As Emberly slips out of the chair, there is another pause as she watches the woman and is by no means concerned as the healer comes to do the job assigned.

Noah reaches out and takes a Hazed and Confused as he watches Emberly slump to the ground. He studies her as she's obviously been poisoned. "Well that is unfortunate." Then he just takes another drink. "Eliza, you should try one of the other ones. However, there are more than enough drinks for everyone to drink every single one if they wanted to. More if they liked it." His eyes slide over to the Archduchess. Then he goes back to watch the 'death' of Emberly as he takes a drink. As if this is just dinner theater for him.

Noah is overheard praising Emberly: You know, for almost dying. Almost? Right?

Noah is overheard praising Sorrel: You took the ride, it kicks back.

Noah is overheard praising Eirene: All about the green fire people.

Noah is overheard praising Elizabetha: Just for existing.

Noah is overheard praising Giada: Red is the color of passion, drink up.

Emberly almost dies, no doubt a life changing experience so they say. The healers are on it right away and give her the antidote she slowly awakens... looking around. "Where am I?" she asks as if the whole thing set her aback... well that was no surprise

Elizabetha laughs gently at Jaenelle's offer, "Ah, that sounds like a perfect solution, Your Highness. Shall we drink at the same time so no surprises are spoiled?" She glances over to Noah with a satisfied look on her face, clearly pleased at how her gambit unfolded and, perhaps, testing to see how far he will let this go.

Emberly is overheard praising Noah: Healers were a good cause

Once assured that Emberly didn't crack open her head, Giada stands to leave her to the gentle ministrations of Velenosa's healers. With a little clear of her throat, she turns to Jaenelle and inclines her head. "Apologies, Archduchess. Force of habit." Sorries given, she retakes her seat and switches to water.

Emberly is overheard praising Giada.

Elizabetha is overheard praising Noah: He knows how to throw a dangerously good party!

Eirene hums as she tries to grab some of the dancing lights again. "So has anyone tried the white drink yet? I'm curious as to how it may react with the absinthe and haze. Not that mixing is a good idea, that's a fun way to get alcohol poisoning by itself," she comments.

Sorrel looks uncomfortable now, though, with a bunch of little twitches. She gets to her feet carefully, holding on to the back of her chair, and it's clear that she's having some issues with muscle spasms. She walks over to Noah as gracefully as she can, managing to maintain her balance as she goes. She then rests her hand on his chair for balance, and then kicks it. Hard. The chair, not the prince. "Sorry. Spasm," she says to him, and then heads carefully back to her seat, hoping this annoyance wears off quickly.

"No, no, you are fine Blessed Giada, trust me. If I thought healers coming to a party where healers would be needed and not doing anything I would have made you sit outside" Jaenelle assures the woman with a grin. "Though you did mention having something, and I might have let you inside for that alone. I am so easily bribed." She reaches for the red glass, extending another towards Eliza. It is lifted in toast, though not before she says to Eirine, "we could have Noah drink the white. It is his party."

"Emberly drank the white one first." Noah offers as he stretches his legs before him. He sighs a bit and then waves a hand to the two annoying females in his life. This is a party. He does offer to Emberly, "Welcome back to the land of the living. Luck was not on your side there."

Emberly nods her head "I tried the white, its a sleeping potion." she says as she starts to realize where she was at and the words of the others reach her hears. She moves to take the water and she nods her head to Noah, "no indeed it was not. I think its water for me."

Giada's eyes twinkle at Jaenelle. "I'm rarely not doing -something-," she remarks, toasting with her water. "But yes. Moment." She murmurs something to Eirene and hoists up to walk the Archduchess' way. She hands over a small box with a couple of whispered words. It might be just big enough for a quill.

Elizabetha glances over at Sorrel with a hint of concern, but as it is the chair that seems to have the worst of it, she turns her attention back to the scandal at hand. She offers a gracious bow of her head to Jaenelle as she takes the red drink, holding it aloft as a toast is proposed, "To many adventures to come. May they be both to the joy and chagrin of the dearest, and most handsome, prince in all of the city."

Eirene coughs into her hand, "Princess" recall Thea's comment from earlier. She sniggers at that. "Hmm, so nobody's tried the purple Spider's Kiss? I'm tempted.."

"I look forward to meeting this Prince," Jaenelle tells Eliza with a grin before the red liquid is tipped back to taste, using her teeth to pull one of the candied rose petals into her mouth in the process. Then there is a moment as if she waits to die, but thankfully Giada is there to distract her! She leans forward, listening to the woman's words before taking the offered box. She then leans forward to reply to the Archlector.

Noah glances towards the box Jaenelle has and then there is a kick of his chair! He jolts and the water spills across his chest before he smiles at Sorrel. "Drink the pink one." Oh yes. The one that luck just dropped the other Lady. He then watches the others. "No one has tried the purple one." Noah has another drink of the hazed and confused.

Emberly laughs softly as she shakes her eyes watching the others now as they sample the drinks, "oh no dont sample that pink one." she says to Sorrel, "thats just mean!" she looks to Noah "you should be nicer."

Elizabetha offers a conspiratorial grin in return to Jaenelle before downing the crimson liquid, diving in with an eager abandon. She closes her eyes to absorb the sensation of the strange elixir and says, "Alas, I do not think I have perished. My brother has played a cruel game and denied us the experience of mortality," she says playfully before drawing open her eyes. "Oh!", she says at Noah's report, "Someone must try the purple one. Who will be brave enough?" As she asks the question, she begins to unconsciously trace the lines of her tattoo with an idle finger.

Eirene says, "Ah what the Abyss, I'll drink it." She snorts dryly and leans over to grab a glass of Spider's Kiss. "If I die, have 'She was a fucking moron' inscribed on my tombstone."

Giada checks composure and performance at hard. Giada is successful.

"Alright. I'll try it. With Lady Eirene. Because, fuck it," Sorrel offers, motioning for a purple one herself. "Let's go. Purple here!"

Elizabetha is overheard praising Eirene: She dared the Spider's Kiss!

Elizabetha is overheard praising Sorrel: She dared the Spider's Kiss!

Emberly is overheard praising Eirene.

Emberly is overheard praising Sorrel.

Giada's eyes close at something Jaenelle says to her, but makes not a sound for about two seconds. Instead, she just nods. "Probably for the best," she replies, eyes cutting to Noah in amusement. "Enjoy, your Grace." For whatever reason, she's still sticking with water for now.

Jaenelle's eyes grow huge when Noah spills the water, "what? What is wrong?" Whatever is wrong can wait though as a soft smile is turned on Giada as the pair continues to speak softly. The Archduchess' fingers twitch ever so slightly as her eyes lift towards Giada's hair suddenly mid conversation.

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Giada settles back into her seat by Eirene, smirking at some look from the other Physician. "A girl's got a right," is her only reply before motioning Luzio over.

Eirene leans over to CLINK her glass to Sorrel's. "Okay, let's see what this shit can do, yeah?" Her blue eyes twinkle with excitement. She savors the flavor a moment. "Plum, very very strong," she advises the room. When it starts to kick in a few minutes later, she leans back in her chair and twirls her finger around. "The room... the walls are MELTING. Like, oozing wax. Are the candle-people to blame? They're starting to sing a little song and it's melodious. The very -air- tastes like it's... blue. No, blue green. I can see the SKY from here and the sun is the king of the candlepeople because it has a face too."

Giada's face finds her palm. Mouth covered and eyes closed, she's clearly trying not to fall out of her seat laughing.

The princess clinks glasses with Eirene with a grin, then drinks. The purple goes down easily. Much more easily than the black. And Sorrel relaxes a bit, which is nice, because it helps with the twitching. And then she starts to sing, and the melody is A little haunting. Not discordant but not ...right, either. "I had a little cat in mind: black and green with tiny claws. Its tail was of the crooked kind, and twitched when faced with giant maws," she croons in that incredible voice of hers. "The walls are tall and full of mice, the chimney blocks have wicked goo. The ceilings all have orange blights, glittering with butter too. And the candles have nothing to say. No, the candles have nothing to say. She sat and asked them all day, but the candles: they have nothing to say."

Jaenelle is overheard praising Noah: The dusk to my light, my shadowed protector. When everything in the world fails to make sense, you are the chaos I have chosen to bring me balance and peace. Where I may have brought light to your life, light can not live without darkness.

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

There is a deep sigh from Jaenelle as Giada moves away, and it seems almost as if the woman wishes to follow her. Instead she turns towards Noah and those itching fingers lift up to pet his head. "Hi," she says with a grin, fingers continuing to run through his hair.

Elizabetha claps her hands as Sorrel delivers her aria. The sunshine princess sways to the tune no matter how off it might be, declaring, "By the stars, Sorrel, your voice is simple divine. It flows like the coolest water cascading down a waterfall and dancing into azure below," the words are sincere if a touch nonsensical. "Your voice feels almost cerulean." Eliza nuzzles her check gently against her own shoulder.

Elizabetha is overheard praising Sorrel: Her voice is a cerulean waterfall. Pure azure!

Noah stares at his sister. Is it possible to angry eat cheese? Noah is chomping a bit harder. As a server comes up to Eliza, Noah just looks at them until they back away. Then he look over at Jaenelle and smiles at her. It's a full sincere smile. "How you doing, Poison?"

"Is this one of those games where you play with a scorpion and you have to put it under a shot glass?" Eirene arches her eyebrows at Giada, speaking loudly in her rough Lycene voice enough so everyone can hear her. "I can feel them going up. Up. Up. All the way up." She grabs at her face and tries to gently tug her eyebrows back into place. "See, Sorrel can hear them too. Not surprised. Her song is better than theirs. Again, no surprise." She pauses and says, "I can see it in the air. It's like the song is made of clouds. Not the words, though, no. Those are more like strawberry roses. It's not azure," she disagrees with Elizabetha.

Giada throws her hands into the air as if to say 'fuck it'. So she turns in her seat, leaning her cheek into her palm and propped on the table by an elbow. Gasp. Then she begins very calmly explaining something with her best attempt at a straight face.

"Your sister promised me a handsome Prince, I thought if I closed my eyes she would bring him in, but she is busy hearing colors" Jaenelle tells Noah, keeping a completely straight face as she says this. "I might ask Liara to exchange siblings and i'll keep her instead. She seems to have good friends," her voice lowers though it is far from low, "in handsome men." She does her very best attempts at a wink here but just blinks, which seems to catch her off guard. This is why Jaenelle doesnt drink.

"O beloved," Sorrel sings to Elizabetha with an entirely unfocused look, holding out a hand to her. "We must dance! The candles say nothing but the music must play!" She's on her feat again, trying to convince the Grayson princess to dance. "The cat will eat us if we stay, so lover, let us dance." She motions again, insistently. "Let us trip on the clouds, with our feet on the ground, and our heads as high as the sky."

Noah looks amused by Jaenelle's state. Then he shakes his head a bit more. "Poison." He gives her a silly sort of smile that talks about him being very high. Then he leans in to kiss her head. "You would miss me."

Elizabetha shakes her head at Eirene, aureate curls dancing to and fro, to and fro, and for a moment the princess because lost in the spectacle of her own locks. Her lips press with bemusement as she tries to make her point, "I'll have you know," she explains in the general area of Eirene, "I am an artist!" Whatever fumbling argument was to follow, she is lured into the tangle of Sorrel's dance, "Oh, how magnificent! Let's dance until the cats come home and the ravens grow bright." She leans in closer and says softly to the bard, "You must forgive me, but I never noticed before but your eyes, they are as green as gloam bells that glisten in the golden grotto."

Eirene stands and announces, "I'm headed home. My guards will make sure the candle-people don't follow me," she says solemnly. "And hopefully the pavement won't turn into gelatin under my feet like it is now."

"Like I said," Giada laughs to Eirene, "A girl's got a right." She pushes up from the table and looks at Eirene. "Come on. I'll make sure you get to the Crown Ward safely." Her eyes twinkle.

"Could you kick everyone out and come to bed?" Jaenelle asks the silly smiled Grayson Prince. "If I am going to miss you, I want to make sure I memorize everything first."

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Eirene has left the Dining Table.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leave, following Eirene.

Noah is silent for a moment to Jaenelle's comment. Then he kicks back the chair, causing it to tumble over backwards. Someone else can handle that. He wolf-whistles very loud, very, very loud. "EVERYONE OUT!" Yeah just that. He then reaches out to sweep Jaenelle up and into her arms to carry her off to bed.

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