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Tournament of the Hart - Archery - Round 2

Lady Emily and Lady Zoey bring to the Arx the Tournament of the Hart, a competition for the Compact's archers. The top two who pass round 2 will compete in the final round along with the two best competitors from round 1.

Restrictions: Nothing higher than a high quality steel bow may be used, in order to even the playing field for all competitors. There will be one on hand as a loaner to use if you do not have an applicable weapon. We are focusing on skill.


Dec. 5, 2020, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Zoey Emily


Leena Miraj Ember Braelynn Rosalind Haakon Vicarin Norah Kaia



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Kennex Kay - Inner Courtyard

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Ember has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Braelynn has joined the Wicker Couch and Table set.

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Braelynn has joined the Wicker Couch and Table set.

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Leena arrives hoping she isn't late. Moving quickly to settle into the audience area to onlook.

Miraj has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Having never seen the Kennex Kay so up close and personal, Miraj enters with somewhat of a wide eyed and mystified expression. Spying Ember by the pool she raises her arm and waves enthusiastically. Then of course she makes her way over, obviously here to spectate. "Oooh, the pool looks lovely this time of year."

As spectators and contestants pass through Kennex Kay's Great Hall, they can hardly tell that just a few weeks ago it was the site of a brutal attack that sent many guards, servants, and enemy soldiers back to the embrace of the Queen of Endings. Only a few minor seems in the rebuilt wall show any sign that something happened at all, and one might rightly suspect that it was left that way intentionally.

Once they make their way to the the event location, they are ushered to either the spectator area or one end of an archery lane to have their bows inspected for the contest. That is where Lady Zoey Kennex stands, bow in hand.

"Welcome to the second round of the Tournament of the Hart!" she greets them once they arrive and settle, her smile bright. "As in round one, we require that the weapons use must be of human make, and not blessed by the gods or similarly enhanced. This is a contest of raw skill, so we wish to level the playing field. Please present your bows for inspection now, and we will begin soon."

Ember is indeed sat by the pool, but true to form, she doesn't seem very relaxed about it. Her posture is as though the Bloody Baroness is sitting at the Assembly of Peers. She spots Miraj and motions the courtier over toward the chair next to her. When the Setarcan woman is close enough, Ember leans up, to kiss Miraj on the cheek. "As nice as the pool is, I'd rather be competing. Alas. I washed out in the first contest."

Braelynn enters quietly, Tobias draped lazily over her shoulder and yawning. She smiles brightly, and nods her head to any she passes in a spritely manor as she looks for the sign-ups. She pulls her bow out and prepares to have it inspected, tilting her head as she watches everyone else ahead of her. A bright sile is given to Zoey as she steps up to the table.

Rosalind rushing in as always, a smile on her scarred face. "Hello everyone,"she greets in a strong northern accent. "I came to wish everyone luck and things!" Hearing Zoey, she waves. "Hi Zoey!" Looking at the pool, the Ravenseye grows a little more excited. Ohoh! Can I jump in there! I'm dying of heat! I think I'm melting!"

Miraj would never, EVER, sit beside the Baroness. So she sits on her lap like she owns it. Like she is now perched upon a throne befitting of her. Then, and only then, does she return the kiss to Ember's cheek.

Haakon had arrived along with many others, giving Zoey a quiet greeting and turning an eye around the courtyard, in search of someone. "Hrm." A small shake of his head before the Prodigal's eye lands on Ember. "I *thought* something felt off in the world, this morn. The Redreef is in a bloody gown," he jests, deadpan.

Kaia has joined the Lounge chairs by the pool.

Vicarin walks in after bidding the men with him to wait outside, in the courtyard. Obsidian eyes survey the surrounds cooly. Zoey is given a polite dip of the head, and Haakon a familiar nod. Shortly there after, he walks towards the chairs set up near the pool, and sits in one not too far from Ember. "Good day, Baroness Redreef." is the laconic greeting he gives her. Any other nobles that might look his way are given polite nods of greeting as well.

2 Eswynd shieldbearers arrives, following Norah.

Rodolfo, a grizzled, powerfully built Saikland Sealion veteran have been dismissed.

Arturo, a young but rugged looking Saikland Sealion officer have been dismissed.

Ember seems to have no complaint, as far as being Miraj's chair. An arm wraps around the courtier's waist in an idle fashion. "I own many gowns, Lord Haakon. Do you think that because I know how to swing a sword, I was not raised a proper noblewoman of the Compact?" Ember's tone isn't exactly playful, because she's not a playful person, but she doesn't seem to have taken any genuine offense. "Keep up the comments and I'll wear something to your wedding that will keep every eye firmly on me."

Zoey waves back to Rosalind with a bright smile and a flutter of her fingers before looking down at Braelynn's bow. "I am afraid, Lady Braelynn, that in the interest of fairness we will not be able to accept this bow in our competition. However, you are more than welcome to borrow mine." She hands over own blackwood bow, then looks Haakon's way with a laugh. "What, is it somewhere written that a Baroness cannot slay in whatever manner she sees fit?"

Miraj grins over at Haakon and winks, "And if you're extra not careful with the comments, I'll lend her my dress." And she gestures to her scandalously transparent dress.

Norah arrives fashionably late, but in time to hear Ember's comment. "My dear Baroness, you likely would have to make an effort /not/ to have every eye on you," she remarks lightly, finding a good spot to watch the competition.

Braelynn takes the news with a nod and a smile, putting her own bow away, and taking the one Zoey loans her. "No worries! Thank you!" She says cheerfully, and steps back to start getting used to the foreign weapon. Once the weapon is in her hands the cheerfulness, while it doesn't fade entirely, it is honed in on preparing for the competition. She rocks on her feet as she becomes accustomed to the tension in the bowstring, and the weight of the weapon. While she's doing this her eyes lift from time to time to look around at not only the other competitors, but the others present. A cheerful little chirp can be heard as she says, "Baroness Ember! What a delight it is to see you again!" But then, of course, she's back to concentrating on the bow.

Ember wags her dark eyebrows at Norah's comment, perhaps the closest she wishes to come to a smile in such a public venue. "You flatter me. If I am beautiful to behold today, it is because I have one of the greatest creations of Setarco adorning my lap. Once Messere Roumier stands, I am finished." Ember says it totally deadpan, but... probably a joke. Her head dips toward Zoey: "I am quite pleased to show support, if I cannot be even more pleased by victory."

Rosalind calls over to Zoey with a grin,"You can have people use my bow if you want to,"offering some help. There's a laugh at Miraj when she answers next. "Oh! It's just shortened. That's all. My brother Cadern compares me to chimpmunks and trees a lot."

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Leena stands and curtsies to the Bloody Baroness (with Miraj adornment). "Baroness." Then is moving moving to sneak out of the event.

Miraj looks arouns and gives Ember a kiss to the cheek. "I'll be right back. This looks like fun!" And she scampers over to participate. Even though it appears as if maybe she's never held a bow before.

Inspection done and bows loaned as needed, the competitors are directed to line up before the targets. They are set relatively close, to give even novice archers a chance to hit at least once. Then comes Zoey's signal, "Draw, nock, loose!"

Haakon answers the 'threats' of Ember and Miraj with a dry snort and the ghost of a smile. "But wearing two gowns?" in reference to the lady on her lap. "Fucking excessive." Dry amusement voiced, he draws his borrowed now on the signal and looses when called.

After a while, Kaia makes her way across the doorway of the Kay. Her witery eyes moving through the crowd until they spot Zoey. There's a beaming smile that takes over her face before she moves closer to greet her. "Sister.~ I heard you were hosting an archery competition along with the Lady Emily. Have I arrived too late?"

Haakon checks dexterity and archery at easy. Haakon is spectacularly successful.

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Ember gives Leena a very slight nod and a bloodless "Lady Leena." She then releases her grip so that Miraj may stand. "You see, Marquessa? Already I am reduced to the appearance of mere mortal, rather than splendor worthy of the gods."

Braelynn checks dexterity and archery at easy. Braelynn is marginally successful.

Kaia puts Silentsong, Bringer of the Storm in a black backpack with two pockets.

Braelynn wields Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow.

Braelynn checks archery and dexterity at easy. Braelynn is successful.

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Kaia has joined the Wicker Couch and Table set.

Haakon's first arrow strikes the target dead center of the middle ring. Looking aside to the next Archer in line, he hands the bow to Miraj. "Luck," is wished simply.

Kaia wields Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow.

Kaia checks dexterity and archery at easy. Kaia is successful.

Braelynn faces the target, and the cheerful smile disappears for a moment as she sets to focusing on the target. She pulls the string back and after releasing it she closes her eyes for a minute. One eye starts to squeak open and when she sees it's just off the mark she lets out a frustrated little rumble, but by the time she turns to Kaia to hand off the bow she's smiling again. "Good luck!" She wishes her cheerfully, and steps back

Miraj accepts the bow happily from Haakon. "Thank you!" She says chipperly, taking aim.

Miraj wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

Miraj checks dexterity and archery at easy. Miraj is successful.

Ember applauds politely for each competitor -- and then thunderously for Miraj, her protege.

Miraj is careful and takes her time. Aiming. Aiming. Minding her breath and her feet and then finally lets the arrow fly from the string. It lands just off center from the bullseye but she looks proud of not taking out anyone's eye none the less.

Braelynn wields Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow.

Braelynn checks archery and dexterity at normal. Braelynn fails.

Having being waved off and directed to the grounds after inquiring on her tardiness for the contest Kaia is greeted by Braelynn's smile and well wishing words. "Thank you!~" she replies with a cheerful expression before moving to take her place and have her shot. She moves with ease, even in that dress, her posture neatly practiced. She lifts Roar and takes her aim. The arrow flying across the field in a swift motion hits true just off the center from the bullseye. "Ah! So close!" She makes a soft tisking sound and lets out a little chuckle as she moves to hand over the loaned bow back to Braelynn. "Missed by a bit! All yours again.~"

Haakon wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Rona, Aurora, a dark coated Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Emily.

Haakon checks dexterity and archery at normal. Haakon is successful.

Norah cheers politely for Haakon, but her polite demeanor is balanced bt a fiece competitiveness in her eyes.

The first round complete, a couple of household staff members move the targets back a few paces to a standard practice distance. Once they are done and clear of the field, Zoey nods and calls out, "Congratulations, you have all made it to the second round! Take your marks! Draw, nock, and loose!"

Rosalind grins at both Miraj and Haakon as they hit their targets. "Hey! Did I mention my bow is like, great,"sounding excited for them. "Felix made that one for me. Apollo made me a nice one too.."

Emily may be late but she is quick to make her way towards Zoey once arrive. The hurried footfalls carry her across the distance with the young hound at her heels. Aurora's attention shifts here and here like she might like to go greet a few people and she nearly does veer off towards Haakon as her ears perk up. Catching sight of the near veering off, Emily clicks her tongue and motions Aurora to stay near her.

"Do forgive me. Let me know if you need me though it looks like you have this well in hand," she murmurs to the Kennex lady as she settles into place near her. Smiles are offered to familiar faces as she lifts her hand to wave while attempting not to distract.

Haakon takes the oaken longbow back from Miraj, fits a yard long arrow onto the string, and bends the bow to loose a shot at the second line of targets. Most of his preparation is done before drawing: noting the movements of air, gauging the distance and so forth. Once he starts to draw it is one smooth, swift motion back and then a prompt release. His second shot strikes near to the bullseye, but off center. A short nod and the long oak weapon is passed back to Miraj. "For true, putting the Redreef in that isn't much of a threat."

"Thank you Lady Rosa! It is quite lovely indeed. Must be lucky if /I/ can hit a target." Miraj agrees with a nod. "Send my compliments to Master Felix when you see him next." Accepting it back from Haakon with her ever present smile she again steps up to fire off the next round.

Zoey grins to Emily. "I am glad that you made it! We have some excellent competitors here."

Braelynn notches an arrow and moves in for the next round of the competition. She gives the bow a few practice pulls before she finally settles in to concentrate. She releases the arrow and it flies through the air. It barely grazes the target and lands in the grass just behind it. A little cry of annoyance escapes, but she is smiling when she swivels on her heels and presents the bow to Kaia. She gives her a wink and says, "I'm rooting for you!" Then she makes her way toward Emily.

Miraj wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

Miraj checks dexterity and archery at normal. Miraj is marginally successful.

"Next time my threat will be to paint you." Miraj says, cheekily, drawing back the bowstring tight and then. Well she does her best. "I only do erotic nudes." She looks over her shoulder and lets her gaze dip low and then high. Well high enough.

Looking back to the target, she sees that she has hit it second ring from center. Huzzah! She bounces and hands the bow back to Haakon.

Kaia wields Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow.

Kaia checks dexterity and archery at normal. Kaia is successful.

Emily catches sight of Braelynn, her smile growing on seeing her cousin at the line. There may be a favored clap for the lady before she hands off her bow to Kaia. But her smile only grows as she lets her gaze flow over the archers. Kaia is given a bright smile and Haakon is noted as well, a faint smirk tipping the edge of her lips before she glances towards Braelynn upon her approach. She moves to intercept the other woman and give her a hug. "Brae," she says softly. "I wish you all the luck. You are doing well." She adds, giving her a faint squeeze is the hug lasts that long.

Zoey smiles and applauds the contestants. "Lady Braelynn Deepwood, thank you for coming any joining us. Please feel free to join the other spectators while we have the last three compete. There are servants passing by taking orders for refreshment if you so desire," she says. "The rest of you, well done and congratulations on making it to the third round! When you are ready, draw, nock, and loose!"

Braelynn laughs as Emily hugs her and she kisses her cousin on the cheek. "Oh Em, how I adore you. Only you would think I'm doing well when my arrow lands in the grass behind the target. Nobody was injured though, so I'll take that as a success!" She nods to Zoey and calls good-naturedly to the other three competitors, "Good luck to all of you!"

Haakon wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

Haakon checks dexterity and archery at hard. Haakon is marginally successful.

Haakon sniffs back at Miraj, "Paint? What, throw a bucket at me? You're shit at threats, anyone ever told you that?" he claims, dry amusement subtly coloring his otherwise flat voice. Taking the bow back, he eyes the next line of targets, before noticing Emily's arrival draws his eye, briefly. Then in a smooth motion, he draws and looses.

Miraj wields Raven's Final Whisper, a longbow.

Miraj checks dexterity and archery at hard. Miraj fails.

"Oh no!" Kaia's face fills with an bit of a sad expression at the sight of Braelynn's failed shot. However, when the lady moves closer and hands the bow to her Kaia welcomes her with a sweet smile. Braelynn's words prompt a chuckle from the Malvici and she nods. "I shall hopefully not dissapoint.~" Then she is back on the move. The small lady takes her stance, a perfectly practiced posture. She lifts the bow and takes a deep breath, letting the air out slowly. Her lively eyes are on the target and at last she lets go of the string. Once more an arrow flashes across the field and it's definitely a kill shot. Shame though, it missed the center. The smile on Kaia's face, however, hints she's quite pleased with the result. "Ha-ha!"

Returning his dryness, Miraj sighs at Haakon and responds, "If only I ccould capture your immense wit." Taking the bow from him again when it's offered, she looses with a twang that sounds off key and with a whiff it misses the target entirely and lands in the grass some distance behind the target. Looking proud of herself she beams, "Still didn't hit anyone! That's an amazing feeling."

Kaia wields Roar, a lion rampant steel and blackwood bow.

Kaia checks dexterity and archery at hard. Kaia is marginally successful.

Before anyone had fired their arrows, the staff members moved the targets back again to a more challenging distance. The competitors were given the same signal by Zoey.

Haakon rumbles back at Miraj, "You could capture my wit in a cup. And not an especially deep one, at that." When Miraj's longer range shot goes just astray, he sniffs sharply, muttering, "Shit. Well, fair company while it lasted, lady." A short dip of his head as he accepts the bow back.

%Emily swore she saw Brae make the shot so when her cousin tells her otherwise there is a hot red color that rushes across her cheeks. She chuckles and pats Braelynn's arm before glancing past her towards the competitors. "Yes well, in spirit I know you to be the finest competitor and in that you will never fail." She grins at her reaches down to brush at Aurora who is nudging upon her hand with a wet nose. As the shots are taken she glances aside at Zoey. "Those are the final two. I think we have winners." Aurora gets chin scratches before the Deepwood leans down and urges her hound to go. GO she does. Aurora is bounding across the distance to get to Haakon and circle the familiar lord in greeting. Watching as the young hound goes, Emily straightens up slowly.

Vicarin coughs once and then presses his arm to his mouth and coughs two more times, subdued. He pauses for a moment, rubs his temples and rises to his feet, excusing himself, he moves out.

Vicarin has left the Lounge chairs by the pool.

"It's alright. It was fun and that was the point!" Miraj says chipperly, returning to her seat. "Good luck, finalists!" She claps enthusiastically for them. Until she finds a drink. Then she's buried in that.

Not needing to hand away the bow any longer, Kaia remains at her spot. A little glance and a brief smile directed towards Haakon before readying herself to take another shot. Another arrow dashes across the field and hits the target; but, sadly, the shot is nowhere as good as the ones before. It lands on the second ring from center. "Ah, shame! Perhaps next round I'll have better luck."

"Next round?" Zoey laughs. "Kaia, oh dear sister mine, you and Lord Haakon are our finalists!" Zoey applauds. "Now, as our top two competitors from this round, you will both be participating in the Tournament of the Hart finals! The date will be announced once we have spoken with all four of our finalists." Ruslana, Zoey's aide, steps forward then and hands pouches to Haakon and Kaia. "Please accept these as your prize for winning this round, and we will be in touch with more information soon. Everyone, please congratulation Lady Kaya Malvici and Lord Haakon Eswynd on becomign finalists!"

Haakon eyes the circling bloodhound puppy that has run over to greet him. With a snort and dismissive motion of one hand, he bids the dog, "Off with you, beast! Drooling mongrel! Wretched hound, circling me like some fucking shark about to feed.." And yes, despite the griping, the puppy gets ear scritches, and a playful moment of side to side wrestling between his hands. Taking the borrowed bow back up, he looks about to ask, "Whose bow were this?" To Kaia, he dips his head. "Until next time, then."

Miraj sets her drink down to clap loudly for the both of them. "Congraulations! I look forward to seeing the next round too!"

Braelynn's eyes light up as she cheers for Haakon and for Kaia, calling over to Kaira, "See? I chose well! Congratulations!" She squeezes Emily's arm lightly and and leans in to say, "I'll see you at home soon, I hope." Then she's off! Because, well... she has things to do!

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2 House Deepwood Guards, Tobias, a pine marten leave, following Braelynn.

All of Haakon's words are just music to Aurora's ears and she even barks at him. She mock gnaws on his arm a few times before circling and coming to sit beside him and goes still. Her tail however is a weapon and any who get near are in risk of getting THWACKED! Emily smiles as she notes who won and cheers, clapping her hands before she looks to Braelynn. "See you soon. Look at you, so busy." She wrinkles her nose and touches Brae's shoulder before she goes. "Well done to you both!" She cheers for them as she begins to close the distance towards the winners.

With Miraj having returned to her seat -- which, dear reader, was Ember -- Ember has returned her arm to Miraj. "Indeed," she says, backing up her protege. "A fine showing by all, and even finer work yet to come. Lady Zoey, you have put on quite a show."

Miraj gives Ember's cheek a proud kiss. "Did you see me? Did you see me? I hit the target /twice/!"

"If you're not careful, Miraj, I'll train you to swing a sword," Ember murmurs, and through her typically severe expression, she still looks quite pleased -- with both Miraj's success at using a bow and not killing anyone by accident, and with the kiss to her own cheek.

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