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PRP: A Reaving

An ambitious raid into the Saffron Isles seeks to claim prizes from Gildorian slavers.


June 30, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Valdemar Gideon Archeron Acacia Ahrsen Zyn Edward Mabelle Tython



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Brighthold - The Mourning Sea

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Comments and Log

One week ago, a skirmish had taken place at a Shav outpost hidden in the islets of the Saffron chain, half a day's sail south-east of Brighthold. Three tribes had been scattered, and dozens of Arvani prisoners had been rescued mere days before a fleet of slave traders could arrive and bear them off across the sea. Which meant that a fleet of slavers was still mere days away.

Mere days was more than enough time for a handful of ships filled with rough souls to gather and set out for the small, nameless islet, scant miles wide, to prepare an ambush for the slave traders. The reavers of the Mourning Isles (plus friends!) had sailed overnight, dropped anchor out of sight, and set out scouts before first light.

Then the waiting began.

The weather was terribly hot by midday, even a good westerly wind wasn't enough to give reprieve from the heat. They were told that the Gildorian buyers had always approached the outpost from the south-west in two ships: one a mighty four-masted vessel, with a smaller two-masted escort, and set in to the Shav camp to buy.

Lying in wait was a mighty dromond flying the personal standard of Duke Grimhall, a galley flying the skull banner of the Culler family, Ahrsen's square rigged cog, and three longships of freebooting Islesmen; more than a match for the expected slave traders. The dromond, galley, cog, and a longship lurked in the hidden cove, while two scouts had been set out to spot which of the straits the Gildorians would take in approach.

Aboard the Spear of the Grim Duke, Valdemar sweats. He's not nervous, of course; heat like this and heavy metal armor is bound to lead to perspiration. But he is focused on the job at hand, watching for signs of either the enemy that they've come to face, or the scouts that were dispatched to look for signs of them. His crew, mostly disciplined Grim Fleet veterans of the battle of Setarco, are quiet after orders were given to keep chatter to a minimum.

Waiting is so hard. Zyn drops her head backwards, face turned up to the sky above. "I'm -sooo- bored," she declares to no one in particular. In one hand, she twirls a set of bone dice as she paces aboard one of the Melaeris longships that accompanied her. A bored Zyn is a dangerous thing, as her sailors quickly learn. She struts around, barking random orders to random people -- like yelling at that kid swabbing the floors to make her some dinner, and redirecting the cook to organizing all the ropes she can find by length. She's got that look in her eye again and that mischievous smirk. Time to find someone else to make as miserable as she now is.

Ahrsen has spent some time preparing for this event. The ship has been repaired as best can be and the crew well provisioned and equiped. His pirates, er sailors do everything from manning the sails to boarding if need be. He did manage to squeeze in a few extra sword arms for an agreed upon price. Unlike some of the other ships his lacks a catapult and he relies primarily on boarding to overcome a ship. Today the Captain is enduring the heat as sweat seems to constantly pour down his brow and has pretty much plastered most of his hair against his head and neck. "Bosun, give me a report about Zyn's fleet, are they ready?" He can't help but wonder if the girl is going to botch this somehow.

With the heat coming up, Archeron glances up for a moment before he pulls his cowl up to shade his eyes so he can look to the horizon. He isn't a sailor - he pays his people to do that - but he does have a particular set of skills, so he has hopped across to Zyn's boat and leaving the longships to their captains and the others archers. With grapples ready on deck, Archeron moves around the small free space at the rear of the Longboat, sliding the bow from his back and carefully stringing it ready for battle "I really do prefer trees still in the ground, but, at least this is a much clearer view than a forest. Should be able to get some kills before Gideon even gets his axe wet."

Valdemar takes Rubicund Recurved Warbow from black leather belt.

Gideon is standing off to the side as Zyn barks and expresses her current mood. The prince has his helmet on the deck beside him, and his eye is wandering across his recently repaired left arm, giving it a hard knock. "Made it this far." He speaks up in response, he too was lightly baking in his armor, but this was nothing new. "There's always plenty of fun where slavers are involved." He pushes up the massive alacrite axe that had been leaning against him as he bends with a grunt to lift his helmet, glancing to Archeron as he comments. "Last archer behind me got awful close to the splash zone, better hope I don't get you wet." He teases, a grin crossing his lips.

Archeron wields a rubicund bow with bears and badgers in Tyde colours.

Haakon was aboard one of the scouting longships that relayed word back to the dromond: three longships approaching from the south-west, screening the advance of FIVE ships of sail, one of which numbered four masts, all flying yellow banners. The slave fleet is near and significantly stronger than had been expected.

Brightening instantly at the word 'kill', Zyn's trek takes her towards Archeron and Gideon. "Ooh! Ye may jus' be speakin' me language. It 'go time' yet?" She wonders, looking much like a kid in a candy store with no end of coins, eyes wide and intensely hopeful. "Hmm. I think y'all are backward. Yer tallish, so ye'd make a better archer," she says to the prince before tapping her chin thoughtfully, "Mebbe not. Better ta have someone ta be hidin' behind, aye?" She grins to Arche. Somehow she scraped enough manners together not to demand the two silks actually switch weaponry, regardless of skill. "Eh, guessin' tha' means I gotta learn how ta actually shoot things I plan on hittin' seen as I be the shortest here. Again." Shrug. She'll leave the ordering people around part to her betters. Her wartime tactics are simple - kill everything not on their side and do it for as long as possible.

Ahrsen orders his ship to start moving. "All hands to your stations, boarding parties prepare for boarding. I have a feeling this is going to be a tougher battle than we was counting on." He looks over to Zyn's ship and tries to give the spritely girl a wave, assuming she can even see him. Hopefully she at least remembers some of the sailing and battle lessons he has taught her.

Archeron looks across at the horn of the bay where the scouts have reported the enemy are coming from, using his bow as a pointer he gestures "The longships have a shallower draft. Let's skirt along close as he can to the land, keep ourselves hidden as long as we can. When their scout comes around, we try to take it. I'll try to shoot anyone with a damn horn or drums. Otherwise we are going to get rammed back into this bay with no where to retreat if it all goes wrong." He pulls his first arrow from the quiver

Ahrsen checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Gideon checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Valdemar has taken off his helmet momentarily to wipe his brow when the scout ship is sighted. He takes a moment then to process the situation, since as it is not at all what was expected. "Well fuck me, then," he mutters, before raising his voice to order, "All hands to stations! Cast off, and slow to the east! Ready the catapult and hold to fire on my command!" With this he unslings his bow, ready to fire when the first enemies come within range.

Valdemar wields Rubicund Recurved Warbow.

Archeron checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Gideon looks down at Zyn at her words, pointing to himself. Specifically to his scarred up face, and the thick leather patch that's covering his right eye. "Me?" He asks, unsure if it was a joke or not. "I can hardly use my axe these days, let alone a fuckin' bow." He says as he looks ahead to the direction of the incoming enemy, a low chuckle rumbling out of him. "More than we thought, eh? Good." He pushes his helmet down, securing it firmly in place. "Bring is in, let the archers weaken them first. No need to board and be swarmed!" He calls out, beginning long, slow strides towards the center of the ship.

Signal horns cannot fully be silenced before as the Eurusi scouts catch first sight of unfamiliar ships and raise an alarm raising an alarm, which the Arvani scouts take as an invitation to abandon stealth. The reaver longships row fast, darting out to intercept the nearest of the small Shav'arvani ships working with the Gildorian fleet. Volleys of arrows are traded in closing, oars are hastily shipped and sailors stand ready with grappling irons.

As Grimhall's flagship and its heaviest allies round the little cape and gain first sight of the enemy fleet, the quartet of Gildorian escort ships first seize the eye with their high prows and raised aft decks, each flying a pair of notched triangular sails, each one roughly the same size as Ahrsen's cog. The armor of soldiers can be seen glittering in the afternoon sun on their topdecks.

_. /(
_.'-| /' \ _. /

) \ _.'-| /(
|) \
' \
/| \ |) \
) /)|`. \ /|`. \
( /' | `. _`.__\__
\. _ ___`.__ ._ ___`.__.
\`.______`. __.'---'HHHHHHHHHHH/`.
\ t / /
.~C~.\~s.~C.~.~c. ~C.s.~c.~S.~./~C~

Behind those four escorts forming into a defensive screen looms the greater ship of sail, secure at a distance. Few details of it can be made out, at such range.

Valdemar checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Zyn checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Gideon checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Zyn checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Gideon checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Archeron checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Acacia watches the battle unfold, grim faced and unusually quiet for now. The curvy leather clad redhead turns to catch the eye of her brother and nods once as her hand casually reaches down to check the wicked looking blades slung low on her hips. Silently, she draws her hood up to hide the wild tangle or rich red hair as her eyes narrow and lock upon the beginnings of the battle.

With the first enemy longship tied up with allies, Valdemar sights the next nearest opposing vessel. Drawing an arrow, he calls out to his crew, "Archers draw! Catapult hold! Archers, loose!" He fires with the archers, raining arrows down on the enemy ship to take out several of those manning that longship and preparing the next hail of projectiles while surveying the battle that has joined.

Archeron yells over to Gideon as he watches the Shav oarsman fall back dead "That's one, Gideon." Archeron counts, before quickly reaching for a second arrow and drawing back "Get over there and see if you can't catch up, old man." He does take a moment to glance across at the other fleet "I rather hope they keep the rest off us. I am not sure I have enough arrows..." But then there is the clash of boats and boarding and Archeron sweeps his bow across the deck, as one man leaps away from the marauding Gideon, Archeron exales and releases his bow string, not even waiting for that satisfying thud before he is reaching for another "Two, Gideon."

"Wait for it .." Zyn whispers, standing at the ready as the ships move closer together. "Closer .. closer .. aaand .. go!" Zyn shouts and jumps up on the edge of her ship, using her cutlass to wave the others onward. With an elated screech, she leaps abord that evil shav ship and scoots across the surface on her knees, cutting the legs out from under some poor bloke. He screams and crumples in a heap, weapon skittering away. Well. He had a weapon, so all's fair.

Tython checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 34 higher.

Gideon dives across onto the enemy ship, with little grace as he thuds heavily onto the deck. The prince quickly turns to the nearest man, roaring out as he slams his axe in a heavy overhead, only to be met with a bench instead, and for his target to take an arrow. "Who are you calling old?!" He shouts back to the other boat, grumbling as he tredges towards the next target, weighing his axe in his hand. "I am getting too old for this shit." He admits in a quiet grumble.

Tython looks down to his leather clad sister and nods to her, smirking a bit before looking up. "Alright les' go feck'm up!" He shouts and steps along the deck a few paces. "All oars ghet yer rowin'

Tython looks down to his leather clad sister and nods to her, smirking a bit before looking up. "Alright les' go feck'm up!" He shouts and steps along the deck a few paces. "All oars ghet yer rowin'! Heave ho ya blooders!" Calls the pale-eyed Culler as he artfully directs the Galley in and soon enough their oars fold aside, and the hooks are out grappling the smaller scout ship. "Now gittum!" He calls and soon the Cullers are out to swarm that smaller ship.

The redhead grins up at the Culler captain and then calls out. "Alright loves, ye heard the Captain! Let's make it count," the redhead smirks as their ship draws near. Her breath held, she makes ready to pick off a few or board, which ever seems more appropriate.

Acacia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 42 higher.

Acacia checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Sometimes an opportunity opens that you just have to take. Is Acacia's boarding of the smaller ship a bit showy? Damn right it is. This isn't some night time raid. No sense holding back now. And so with the effortless of a Lowers alley cat, the redhead is snagging a rope and taking leaping in battle, blade flashing bright and wickedly sharpe as the grin she's wearing.

Ahrsen checked command + sailing at difficulty 50, rolling 1 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked command(3) + sailing(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Ahrsen notes the larger ship barreling down on them and quickly moves to take the helm. The captain has the sails moved even as he turns the wheel and his ship manages to do a sharp turn that takes him just out of ramming range. "Ahaha, those louts won't...what!!" The big guy growls as the lines are tossed onto his ship and quickly musters the boarding party to cutting them down. Even the sailors can chip in if they aren't doing something necessary to keep things going smoothly. "Come on me buckos, we have ships to take and getting tied up here ain't part of me plans."

Valdemar checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 40 higher.

Zyn checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(4) + huge wpn(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Archeron checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Gideon checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Seeing the biggest of the enemy ships heading for open water causes Valdemar to let out a growl, but there are more pressing matters. Focusing on the two nearest ships, he goes on barking orders at the crew of the Spear, "Oars in! Make ready to grapple those fuckers and board! We'll give" He then stows the warbow so that he can take the greataxe from his shoulder. "At least I'll finally get you blooded properly," he tells the weapon as he makes his way to the port side to join the boarding party going that direction. As he crosses over to the enemy ship, he yells, "For Grimhall!" The cry is taken up by those around him as they crash into the enemy crew.

Valdemar checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 10, rolling 30 higher.

Valdemar checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

As the battle continues, Archeron begins to hum an old song. Moving along the clear section of the longship, he waits for a clear shot with his bow before he takes the shot, a rock of a wave meaning it maybe isn't as overwhelmingly thuddy as he would like, but he is calling it "Mmm. I make that 3, Gideon!" Archeron calls over before he resumes his humming. Staying back means he can keep a weather eye on the larger ships, yelling across "We might want to kill them a bit quicker. The big ones are getting bogged down."

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

'Mon," the little brunette yells, "Where's tha' cap'n's hat? We gotta git done here fast an' git to the rest o' the fleet!" Zyn pauses to scan the deck, shielding her eyes against the sun. Finding a mark that looks promising, she works her way that way, using her shorter stature to duck under swinging blows of all those six-footers around. Just when she's close enough to actualy stealthily give that Shav a dagger to the back, she lets out a battle cry and swings at him. Her blade hits home but .. stupid armor. That maiming blow becomes a slash across the shoulder. She growls, cursing the man before her and adopts a defensive stance just in case he feels like swinging back.

Gideon dashes forward as the fighting continues, taking a sidesways swing broadly at one of the crewmen in front, who had the brilliant idea to try and block a giant with an axe. Amongst the sounds of battle, there's a wet sound as a hand holding a blade falls to the deck instead, finally wetting his axe, but leaving the prince otherwise disappointed. "Fucking hell." He mutters as an arrow plunges in from Archeron, but with hearing a battle cry from Zyn he looks up in time to see the chief still standing. He places himself firmly between them and the rest of the crew, intent on making sure the small woman doesn't get surrounded in her fight.

Ahrsen is impatient as all hell as he yells at his men to fight back, cut loose and take the ship back out into open water. He is practically frothing at the mouth, his hair wild and unkempt around his face. "Get those bloody bilge rats off my boat, cut the lines, man the sails, AND someone...if your not too fucking busy, go get my rum!" He has a few crew members who might as well be lapdogs, one of them will surely bring the needed liquor to him. Meanwhile he moves over to saw off a nearby line that someone cast onto his ship.

Tython wields Windrunner, a well-made assegai.

Tython checked strength + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 30, rolling 16 lower.

Acacia checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 45 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(3) + medium wpn(2) at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

With his vessel securely grappled to an enemy longship Tython for a moment feels the need to break free and chase after more important quarry, but then his sister is fighting the enemy so he grabs Windrunner, his Assegai, and leaps to action running closer to the side so he can reach out with the polearm and /jab/ the tip of the blade through some poor saps head, just as he was about to get a hit on Acacia. "Ayeah ye fecker keep hands off m'sister!"

Now on deck she moves like a tigress, seeking to take advantage of any who crosses her path, blades ready to leave them in a bloody ruin. Agile hands catch a burly sailor by the back of his head as he bellows out orders and with a sharp tug back, she efficiently and quietly slits the man's throat. Blood rains to the deck as she carelessly tosses the dead man aside and gladly rushes to meet the next sailor in her sights. Another man falls beside her thanks to Tython's quick action and she pause a moment to offer him a smirk as she turns to face the next foe rushing her way.

The aquatic battle grows gory, as the reavers proceed to dump dead, dying, and still living foemen over the rails. Not only does it clear the decks of clutter, the blood in the water begins to draw predatory fish. There are few things more damaging to the morale of a Gildorian mercenary than hearing the first screams of a comrade being eaten by a shark.

The Shav longship is nearly cleared by Zyn, Gideon, and Archeron: a handful of Shavs, and a line of thralls chained to the oars are all that remain opposing them. The Grimhall warriors are finding good marks among their armored but heavily outnumbered opponents aboard the pair of Gildorian escort craft. Ahrsen's men chop loose the grappling lines (free grappling hooks, woo hoo!) and shove for distance, leaving one escort behind in pursuit of the greater prize... obstructed only by the last of the four Gildorian escort ships.

Meanwhile, the great four masted Gildorian flagship whose strong complement of warriors and archers could turn the battle wherever it chose to deploy.. continues under full sail for open Eastern waters, its abandoned escorts raising shouts of dismay at the sight..
_. _. /(
_.'-| _.'-| /) \ _. / _. /
.V | /) \_.'-| /( _.'-
) \
\ |. \
.' /' |. |) \ | \ /| \
`.' (( |`. /|. \/|`. \ /.|`.__\_
`. `.'| `. /)| `. / | `.TTTTTTTT.'
`. \| `. /' | `. /._ __] o o o [
.....`TTT`. `./.__ ____`_.-'TTTTT :
`--._: . `----.___ __.--' .'|
\ t .'| |`:
.~C~.\~s.~C.~.~c. ~C.s.~c.~S.~.~C|.~

Valdemar checked command + war at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked command(3) + war(2) at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Zyn checked strength + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(4) + huge wpn(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Zyn checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Valdemar takes a step back after staggering the Gildorian he initially attacked, allowing others of his men to step into that gap and finish him off. The Duke surveys the fighting as it rages around him and then begins telling off groups of men where to attack, where to hold, where to make use of the masts and other obstacles on the ship to their advantage. As the first of the ships seems to be well in hand, he is about to turn and make his way to the other ship when that smell coming from below decks reaches his nose. "What in the Abyss?" he growls to no one in particular before commanding the men on deck with him, "Go reinforce the other boarding party! We need these ships under control fast so that we can go after that big ship!" He then begins to head below himself to see what is going on there.

big ass axe shot 78 inflicted and Gideon is harmed for moderate damage.

Archeron checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 32 higher.

Gideon checked strength + intimidation at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher.

Gideon turns his head at the fight beside him, dashing back, his shadow overtaking Zyn as the chief's axe that was meant for her thuds down into Gideon's shoulder. The prince, being more scar tissue than skin, turns his head to look at the axe in his shoulder, then back to the chief. "That all you've got?" His hollow voice rumbles, as he reaches up a hand and grabs the handle of the axe inside him, holding the chief in place while Archeron takes his shot.

Ahrsen checked command + sailing at difficulty 50, rolling 7 higher.

Archeron takes a fresh arrow out and fixes it to his bow, sweeping over the enemy boat and finding most targets have been taken care of. As he watches the little fight going on and not going well, Archeron lets out a small sigh. He waits a few breaths - shooting Gideon won't help anything after all, but as the strike and the consequent dispute with Gideon distracts the shav, he carefully lines his shot up on the shav's head and exhales a long held breath as he releases the arrow. That satisfying thud following soon after "Mm. Thanks for the distraction, Gideon." comes the rejoinder, before Archerin looks around "Grab the loot, free people, bugger off to help the others?"

Haakon GM Roll checked command(4) + sailing(4) at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Z doesn't even see the rest of the crew so shielded by Gideon and her rage for blood .. just the Shav with a hat she wants, among other things. "Where's yer bloody map?!" she feigns, laughing when the bloke falls for it. She falls to her knees again since that worked well last time and yanks the punch dagger from her sheath. From this angle, she rams it up in his underparts just as his counterblow is intercepted by a Prince of all things. Just wait until she explains -that- to Ahrsen. Was there an arrow? She didn't see it. Not yet. Oh right. Oops, they're supposed to be capturing people. Shrugging, Zyn searches him and comes up with keys to toss to Gideon so he can free the thralls (and an arrow that gets tossed over her shoulder), saluting him with her bloody dagger. "You lot .. you want freedom? Git to them oars. We've got slavers who still have heads!" Stormy disposition washing over the mercurial woman, she heads to the front of the ship, grumbling about stupid Shavs and stupid maps. She grabs someone by the belt loop, hopefully someone from her side, and yells at him to get back to the Melaeris longship and have them follow. Two ships are better than one when attempting to crush enemies underfoot.

"By. The by," Acacai begins to call out loudly to her brother. Word punctuated breaths as she fights with bobs and dips low to avoid another slice. She rises again and strikes out sharply with a quick kick towards the man's knee. "I've been scrapping longer than you," Acacia calls back as the next one fall. "Ye think I..." the redhead tries to continue as step back and advances with a slight huff of breath* "ye think...need you're... help in... a... Oh, the hell you will, lad," she says breaking off her comments to speak to her opponent as she counters his strike. "Like I need your help?" she smirks and then suddenly grins as she notes the opening she's seeking.

Tython checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Tython says, "C'mon Cullers, let's kill these feckers! They might be more but we're crazier'n way deadlier'n they'll ever hope t'be!" He calls and he /leaps/ over the railing to fight closer to Acacia! Unfortunately, it wasnt enough to get his crew to redouble like he hoped and, the progress is slwo."

Tython says, "C'mon Cullers, let's kill these feckers! They might be more but we're crazier'n way deadlier'n they'll ever hope t'be!" He calls and he /leaps/ over the railing to fight closer to Acacia! Unfortunately, it wasnt enough to get his crew to redouble like he hoped and, the progress is slow."

Haakon GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + archery(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Tython checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

crappy arrow! 6 inflicted and Tython is unharmed.

Acacia checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Haakon GM Roll checked strength(4) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Acacia checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 32 higher.

Tython wields Hydra's Bane, a deadly-looking rapier.

Haakon has rolled 10 10-sided dice: 2, 2, 4, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 10

The curvy redhead flows like mercury, as fast flash of quicksilver that only seems to rise with the heat. Another attack, her large honey brown eyes locked on her opponent as she forces him back with savage thrust and a bloody bold smile, eyebrows flashing as he meets his attack again, locking his blade with his. A saucy wink is offered along with another grin, and then she's pushing him back and kicking at him again, only to dip and turn lightly aside as he launches his own attack. "Care to try again?" she purrs. "Yield or die, love," she offers with a more serious tone.

Aboard the Gildorian flagship, the captain peers backward with growing trepidation as an Arvani cog breaks free of his defensive screen and- despite mounting less than a quarter of the sailcloth the great four-master boasts- for a moment it is gaining. There is a moment of indecision, his ship commands a hundred hired swordsmen, by any conventional logic he could easily trim sails and overwhelm the cog. Yet Ahrsen's reckless pursuit, combined with seeing his scouts and one of his escorts overwhelmed has shaken his nerve, and with a bead of sweat running down his brow and nose, the Gildorian slave trader shakes his head and gives the order, "Full sail. Follow the wind. I care not where, leave this water to the savages." The full retreat of all unbound slavers has begun.

Meanwhile, Duke Valdemar and several of his shield men step belowdecks to find half a hundred filthy humans huddled together. Mostly men, but also women and a few children. They are crowded together in the reeking shadows, bound at the ankles, but a callous ship's master could likely get another 50 inside, if they tried hard enough.

Valdemar checked command + war at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

After finding out the source of the smell, Valdemar calls out to one of his senior sailors, "Svend! You have command of this vessel! Take twenty men, secure everything, and get those people below free! Hopefully some of them speak Arvani..." His voice trails off as he heads back above deck to take stock of the situation again. Seeing that the caravel is too far away, he makes his way over to the other escort ship and begins barking orders at the marines there the way he did on the first ship, guiding them in the most efficient manner of bringing these Eurusi to heel as well.

Zyn checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Gideon checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 43 higher.

Striking a captain pose at the bow of the boat, one leg up and on the edge of the ship, she stands there, sea spray dripping down her eel skin leathers. She remains there looking stoic and impressive while her ships .. well, they sail along rather slowly. Seems these thralls don't really want freedom after all. Perhaps her own crew is slacking. Couldn't be that the able bodied sailors are split amongst two ships. That would be all kinds of logical and logic doesn't suit Zyn. She scowls, but spares a cheery wave to the Culler ship as they pass. It's not a 'Haha, race you there' type of wave, but a 'yay! Reaving!' type of wave.

Archeron begins the arduous process of sorting out grabbing valuables across to their Longship, including those found on the dead shavs that go overboard. Silver, gems, anything that can be melted down or sold to pay the reavers and for Margot's promise. "Grab what we can, and get the boats moving. Their big ship is going to be gone. Let's get everyone else untangled, load up and sail. At the moment, we have a good profit in boats and haul, we get trapped here and that goes into a loss rather easily."

Ahrsen checked command + sailing at difficulty 50, rolling 24 lower.

Gideon still has the hand on the handle of the axe after the chief had fallen. With a hand each on an axe, and one eye, the keys that are tossed to him just clank against his chest plate and fal to the deck. With a sigh and a grunt the prince yanks the axe from his shoulder, tossing it off the side of the ship as he bends down to grab the keys. "Right you lot, the faster we work, the faster we go home!" He calls out, unlocking the cages as he makes his way through the ship. "Dead stripped and overboard, nearly dead need a little help getting there!" He pulls his helmet back from the front, letting it hang from a strap as he reaches down to his hip for his flask, taking a long drink from it. "Fuckin' hell." He mutters again, rolling his injured shoulder.

Tython checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Ahrsen is gnashing at the bit to catch up with that main ship. He can practically taste her, the damn 4 saled piece of wood that taunts him as it sales away. "Fire, fire fire!" He growls out to the men, trying to angle the ship to get the best angle. As the bows shoot out their fiery darts he can only growl inwardly as the first volley falls well short of their mark. "Shoot right or swim the fuck back home." He growls out, sure it might have been his fault but he isn't letting his men know that.

Tython's clearly had enough of this slow progress. "Aye call up tha' rowers!" He shouts up to the deck of the Culler galley. "Get'm out here! We're takin' this here log! All in ye fecks!" He calls this as he lifts his fine rapier into the air waving it around and rallying his forces to assault the longship. "Every man what gets mea' officer gets five hundred coin!" He shouts, and in no time hundreds of crew are coming in to back up Acacia and Tython.

Haakon has rolled 10 10-sided dice: 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10

"I said YIELD," Acacia growls her demand, the sound of so many sailors coming to land on the deck like booted hailstones from above. "Surrender your ship, or die," she orders as she holds at the end of her blade. "Don't be a fucking idiot. Your done," she offers the hard truth with a light shrug of a shoulder and waits for the man's decision.

The Shav chief staring down Acacia's blade does indeed yield, but not before making a crass quip that earns him a swift pommel upside the head and a harsh naptime. While the Gildorian flagship and a pair of escorts have escaped into the eastern sea, two escorts and a trio of longships have been taken, with cargo and captives intact. An incomplete, but very profitable day of reaving on the Mourning Sea.

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