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Opportunists and Scavengers - Desperate Times

With food scarce in the city of Arx, Seraceni ships have been transporting goods from Ischia and Southport to the city by use of a discreet cove east of Arx. It seems, however, that not all the goods have reached their intended targets. Marquis Dio Seraceni has asked for help investigating who or what might be responsible for stealing from those who in the most desperate need.

[OOC: PRP investigatory bar scene open to sailors or anyone who might be helping common folk in Arx. Some combat may occur as it is a bar scene.]


June 30, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Zoey Ian Thea Mikani Amieli



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Arx - Inn of the Last Hope

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In the West, the dying rays of the sun paint the sky a vivid crimson, as the low-lapping water of the cove rolls darkly to shore. The last of the shipments from Ischia and Southport have arrived by small boats from The Runner and The Marlin, cogs anchored further off shore. Sailors stand in the shallows, lifting onto the their shoulders, or hoisting between two of them, large wooden crates packed with smoked and salted fish, fruit, both dried and fresh, and other provision for the city of Arx.

"Hurry now!" calls Captain Tancred of The Runner. "We've all but used the daylight. Let's get these crates on the wagon - then enjoy some of Marquis's rum!"

"Aye!" return some of the sailors. One blond-haired young man suddenly slips, sending a crate of hard tack into the salty water, and bringing a curse from his mate, and laughter from those nearby. "Gild's blood, Alyosha! You're hardly off the teat and weak as a lamb! You've no business at sea, lad," says the fallen youth's mate still holding the half-water logged crate.

The only heavy lifting Zoey does is figurative in nature, so she waits at the inn with the best wine they have to offer. She is here because a call was put out asking for aid in discovering who has been taking food out of the mouths of those most in need, and it was a call she readily answered. The leathers she wears are sharkskin, but she hopes she will avoid notice by staying at her quiet booth in the corner while awaiting instructions.

Ian sticks close to Zoey, sitting with her at her booth in the inn. With his beat up coat hanging open to reveal a sweat-stained loose fitting linen shirt, partially unlaced, and his no-nonsense close haircut, he could be just another sailor on the docks, crippled by an accident at sea. That is, until some movement he makes flashes the purple steelsilk lining in his coat.

Thea checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Thea is dressed in her leathers and it's safe to say where she's from and who her family is. But food isn't making it from HER home to those who NEED it. Sooo--what else would she be doing. Here's hoping they think she's a dumb woman. Men think that about young women right? Spying the sailors taking jabs at a man probably the same age as her, maybe a bit younger, the younger Malvici decides to head over that way, jogging a bit. With a slight smile on her face, she greets him,"Hey. Did you want some help,"her gold-flecked green eyes lit up with the natural miscief. Thea reaches over to help the man, glancing at the others.

"Wouldn't say no, m'lady," replies Alyosha, shaking some sea water from his face, as he quickly rises to his feet. His mate, Stefano, grunts. "He's got to earn his keep, m'lady." As Thea steadies the crate, Alyosha repositions himself, nodding gratefully to Thea.

"Get the crates onto the carts - and then it's time for rum!" Bellows Captain Tancred.

As the crates are stacked onto the waiting, ox-drawn carts, sailors being to filter into the inn. The bartender Buglio, a balding, stout fellow with a waxed mustache and full chops pours a glass of wine for Zoey. "There ye are, m'lady," he says, his open shirt revealing a good number of sailor's tattoos. "Anything I can get for 'ee, m'lord?" he asks Ian.

"Whiskey." It's a little warm for hard liquor, but since when has that that stopped a Kennex? Especially Ian Kennex?

"Aye, comin' up," replies Buglio as Tancred makes his way into the inn. "Evening, Captain," says the bartender as he pulls down a bottle of whiskey and pours a glass for Ian. "What'll it be."

"Rum for The Runner's crew."

"The cheap stuff or that stuff from Redreef?" asks Buglio.

"Gods, Man, you're going to make me say it? The cheap stuff, aye. We're moving food to the Lowers, not smuggling from the Chain," replies Tancred, laying his hat on the driftwood bar.

Thea looks over at Alyosha and just smiles,"Oh, I doubt I'll be of much help anyway. I'm sure he's earning just fine." There's a nod to Stefano and a discreet wink to Alyosha. That said, she helps carry the crates over to the carts, quietly asking,"What are in these anyway?"

"Thank you," Zoey says to Buglio, giving him a warm smile as she does. "Looks like a ship just came in. You have a busy night ahead of you." She watches the clientele make their way in with some interest.

Mikani is with Zoey and Ian. She is in her usual black leathers which marks her Redreef childhood. Though her vest is laced open to show umbra below. She knew how to keep cool in the warmer weather. She like Zoey was better used with looking over books or like another sailor pulling sail lines. Not carting boxes. She would usually get too distracted looking over the vintages. Which when she heard Redreef perked her ears up.

"Smoked fish mostly, m'lady," replies the sweet-voiced Alyosha. "Food that'll keep." He pauses a moment, and then says to Thea. "Why are you here, if ye don't mind my askin'? You're from Southport, aye? From House Malvici?"

"So you've got eyes," grunts Stefano at Alyosha as he helps Thea lug the crate onto the cart. "Thanks again for your help, m'lady. Join us from a drink?"

Ian nods in thanks when his whiskey is served, but he's not the personable one at this table, and he's clearly not here to be personable.

Amieli checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Amieli is...well, it might be difficult to say where precisely Amieli is, but she did say she would be helping. The docks are terribly busy with the last of the shipments; busy with rushed, last-sunset activity, and there she lurks. Eavesdropping and snooping are harsh, judgmental words, but likely fairly descriptive of her contributions to this operation.

"Just passing through with some friends is all." Thea pushes the last of the crates in the cart, casting both men a smile. "Sure. I'd love to, thanks,"walking with them both. "Where is that going, if I may ask,"her southern accent sounding deceivingly innocent. Conversation back to the tavern is a thing and all.

Among the clientele Zoey watches enter are sailors from The Runner and The Marlin. A few stand out: Tancred, The Runner's captain, and a shorter, tanned man with serious disposition (not unlike Ian's) named Luigi. The other crew also make their way inside, among them an enormous fellow with an open vest and sizable exposed belly named Elroth, the black haired captain of The Marlin, Vena, and, catching all eyes of the inn, Tatanya, a copper-haired woman with amber eyes and bronze skin, dressed in a gleaming silver dress and wearing ruby jewelry that would be the envy of any noble or Whisper.

When Buglio notices Mikani's attention at the mention of Redreef rum, he says, "Can I interest you in glass, m'lady?"

Zoey says in Nox'alfar, "Missere Buglio," Zoey asks softly, "Who is that woman in the silver gown? She stands out quite a bit from the rest.""

Ian's demeanor is detached, but his eyes move constantly, taking in the people who file inside as they do so. He's not really looking at their faces, however, as much as how they move, where they look, what they do with their hands. Just a slew of little details that he focuses on, one after another.

Thea, Alyosha and Stefano then enter the inn. "They're headed to the Lowers, m'lady. The Cullers have been helping the Marquis get the goods to those that need 'em, as I hear it," says Alyosha. "Aye," chimes in Stefano. "The Marquis has been damnably tight with coin of late. Used to shower it on us like we was his kin. Now we's lucky to get some of the cheap rum." As Stefano passes, Tancred hands him a glass of cheap rum, and offers a toast. "To Mangata! May she be ever merciful!"

Ian checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Under Amieli's watchful eye, the last of the carts are loaded, and she notes a brown haired, big nosed sailor named Scuttle, dragging his feet with a long eye toward the cart taking the last of the goods from The Marlin. He sighs, but walks in a somewhat waddling fashion to make his way into the inn as well.

Ian lifts his glass when the toast to Mangata is proposed, but his gaze is mostly following Elroth.

It is in the shadow of this commotion that Amieli follows scuttle into the tavern, and if Ian is observing, then Amieli is taking advantage of her relative proximity to do something similar--listening and casing for anything useful on her way to the table with the others. And a discussion about wine?

"Aye, m'lady," replies Buglio to Zoey, twisting his mustache. "But I've other things to complain about than coins in the coffers. You come in from Ischia or Southport?" he asks, as his dark eyes catch sight of Zoey's Kennex signet ring.

Thea peers at Alyosha and Stefano but toats the rum,"To Mangata,"and slams the rum back. Swallowing the drink, she turns and leans against the bar. "I see. "How do you do you get the goods there?" Thea chats the men up, looking at the Buglio,"Can I buy them--a more expensive rum please?" She charmingly smiles at the sailors, the youngest one included.

"'Course, m'lady," says Buglio smiling warmly at Thea, as he pulls down the Redreef rum, and begins to pour a three glasses. Tancred grins, and runs a hand through his long brown hair, retying the black ribbon that holds it in place. "Gods, m'lady, you're making me look bad."

"You could make it up by buying like rum for your hardest working quartermaster," says Luigi without smiling. "Ha!" replies Tancred.

Meanwhile, the exqusitely dressed Tatanya makes her way over to Alyosha as soon as he has his glass of (good) rum. She lifts his glass to her lips, fluttering her lashes as she sips the rum. "Sailor Alyosha," she says in a honey sweet voice, "Would you sing us a song?" Aloysha's skin flushes a deep crimson.

Vena frowns, and picks up her own glass of rum, and Elroth crosses his arms over his enormous chest.

Zoey checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

"I have family in Southport, but my own House is based in Stormward," Zoey answers Buglio. "Would you be so kind as to tell me what you know of that woman?" She smiles sweetly at him as she asks. "You seem the type who listens, and knows his regulars well. An admirable quality."

Ian checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Ian drinks his whiskey and has the self-control, even though Zoey is sitting RIGHT next to him and doing the thing with the sexy, to keep his hands to himself.

Entranced with the charm and eloquence of Zoey Kennex, Buglio smiles. "Aye, m'lady. 'Er name is Tatanya Miriana. I don't know how she came to sail on The Marlin, but she's oft with Captain Vena. A very talented dancer, though Captain Vena takes no liking to any partner she takes. Gods, I've seen Vena cut down more than one man whose intended to take that prize to his cabin -"

"That's enough outta yer blasted hole, Buglio. Serve drinks and shut up," interjects Elroth with a snort. Buglio frowns blackly. "Show some respect, Elroth, or you'll be drinkin' yer own blood outside." Elroth laughs, and his belly jiggles. He begins to rise, but Alyosha then begins to sing.

Dio GM Roll checked charm(5) + performance(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Alyosha begins to sing with a clear and moving voice, a sailors song of longing and loss. The entire inn seems to hold its breath a moment, save for Tatanya, who giggles gleefully, and whose amber eyes shift playfully to Zoey. Moving gracefully over to the table, Tatanya drops into an effortless curtsey. "Do you dance, My Lady?" she asks, mischief glinting in her eyes.

"I do," Zoey replies, smiling to the silver-clad woman once she is able to tear her attention away from the beautiful voice of Alyosha. "I have been studying a few different styles."

Ian doesn't show any real reaction to the music, displaying the detachment of the truly tone-deaf. There's no distaste, but no fascination, either. In the sense that he listens (and he's still watching the people in the room, so it's not even clear that he IS listening), it's a polite sort of listening, an acknowledgement that someone is singing something, and that's all. Being an audience to this music is, for him, a duty rather than a pleasure. He watches Tatanya's approach, and shows what might be a remarkable lack of reaction to what happens next.

A smile creeps across Tatanya's lips as she offers the Voice of Stormward her hand. Moving with practiced steps in an intimate style, she leads Zoey across the floor of the inn while Alyosha sings. "Gods, the lad can sing," mutters Stefano to Thea, as he takes a drink of the Redreef rum. From across the inn, Vena does not look pleased. She pulls her hat lower over her features to try and hide it.

While Tatanya and Zoey dance, Tancred offers a hand to another sailor, and the two begin to dance as well.

Zoey checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Dio GM Roll checked charm(5) + performance(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Dio GM Roll checked dex(4) + performance(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Thea listens as she sips her drink. Looking to Stefano, Thea murmurs,"Who is he exactly? " She crosses her long legs, appearing comfortable.

When Zoey goes to dance, Ian changes his positioning at the booth so that he's at the edge of it, where it will be relatively easy to get up quickly. A person would have to look at his electric blue eyes to realize how alert he is, however, because his carriage is a comfortable slouch, and his expression is parked in neutral.

Zoey glides across the dance floor with Tatanya, practically floating with fluid grace. A pity she does so while wearing leather pants, denying the illusion that fluttering skirts would provide. Hands touch as the two of them circle, and Zoey picks up queues to help them move nearly in unison down to gestures of the hand or tilt of the head. When they drift close to switch hands, she whispers something to her partner.

"Our cabin boy," replies Stefano to Thea laughingly. "Still young as yet, but he follows orders so well as he can." Vena's eyes track the graceful Zoey and Tatanya jealously, but the fair-skinned captain makes no move to rise from her spot at the bar. Even the hardened Luigi raises a glass to the fluid movements of the dancers.

As Alyosha begins to sing a second, similar song, a young woman with braided hair barges into the inn, and nearly smacks into Scuttle. Apparently as immune to beautiful music as Ian, the new commer's dark eyes begin to scan the room, while Scuttle takes a step back. "'Scuse me, Miss. Didn't see ya commin' in," he says slowly, but the young woman, whose name is Heruna pays him no mind.

Ian's eyes move to the newcomer and follow her for a moment, then snap back to the dancers, the people at the bar, and back to the newcomer again.

Zoey checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Thea looks over to the young woman now, taking her in. She skims her attire, eyebrow lifted. The Malvici greets her nonetheless,"Good evening." She smiles at Heruna briefly.

There is a pause, it lasts only a beat, where Zoey must catch her breath after Tatanya's whispered response. Catching up with her dance partner again, she gives another quiet reply to go with a pointed glance toward Ian.

Tatanya nods to Zoey, and she whispers something in return, allowing the tips of her fingers to lightly brush the lady's neck as they dance. Heruna's eyes flash to Thea for just a moment, and then double back to her, and she takes several quick steps to arrive at her side. "M'lady," she says, out of breath, "Are you of the Iron Guard from Arx?" There's a bit of desperation in her face. "Shut the fuck up," says Elroth to Heruna, leaning back and resting his hands on his belly. "Let the little bird sing 'smore."

"You bastard!" shouts Heruna, drawing a crude steel dagger from her belt.

Ian braces on the table and his cane and is on his feet with remarkable rapidity. The fact that he accomplishes this through pure upper body strength doesn't really lend him any kind of intimidating or imposing air, though. "That's enough." What he DOES have is a captain's voice, effortlessly booming through the room without any sense of shouting, and the unmistakable aura of command that comes with someone who's more than comfortable with being in charge. When he moves towards the source of conflict, however, he moves towards Elroth rather than, you know, the person actively waving a weapon around.

Ian checked command + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 39 higher.

Thea turns toward pushes herself from the bar now, her back straight,"I am not no, but I AM Lady Thea Malvici. Of Southport. What can I do for you?" Her voice is firm and well--you get the rest. Her gold-flecked green eyes are on the woman and Elroth now, unflinching.

Zoey says one last parting word to Tatanya, and then Ian is using That Voice. She had been so absorbed in her dance and her partner that she had somehow missed the commotion. Her attention snaps back his way and she starts to make her way back.

The voice of Ian cuts through song and spirit with equal power and authority. Alyosha literally chokes and goes silent. Heruna turns to Thea, but before she can say a word, Elroth rises from his barstool which topples over. Even the large sailor, used to throwing his weight around The Marlin, seems at a loss for a moment in the presence of the Sword of Stormward. Tancred's jaw drops. Scuttle takes a step back, nearly cowering. Tatanya involuntarily clings to Zoey, and Vena rises from her place at the bar, slipping back her coat to reveal the hilt of a saber.

Finally, Elroth seems to recover. "I ain't start nothin', Cripple," he says to Ian, spitting near him (not on him). Heruna grits her teeth and tightens her grip on her dagger.

Ian makes his way to generally where Elroth has parked himself, casually touching the occasional empty table or chair back with his off hand while he does so. His gait is strange -- there's no limp as might be expected, but there's something decidedly off about it, nevertheless. Cane, weird way of walking, braced boots. Definitely a cripple. Definitely been called that often enough that he's hardened to it. Standing next to Elroth, he addresses Heruna. "Put the dagger away. Nobody is going to attack you here. You wanted to speak to the Iron Guard?"

Not having seen or heard anything useful--noticing she is being of no use in the tavern--Amieli uses the sudden distraction of weapons flashing and Ian shouting to slip back outside and act as lookout and scout for anything unusual there.

Dio GM Roll checked dex(2) + brawl(6) at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

"Yes," says Heruna, nodding vehemently to Ian. "He took my brother!" she shouts, pointing at Elroth. The huge sailor bellows a laugh. "'S a lie! I don't know your fucking brother!" he says, grinning. Vena whispers a word to a few members of her crew.

Tancred flashes a look toward Vena, but says nothing. "If you got a problem with me," says Elroth to Heruna, taking a step toward her that causes the floor boards to creak, "let's step outside and handle this. You can even use your knife." He picks up a bottle of cheap rum and chugs it, before smashing it on the ground. "Gods damn it, Elroth!" says Buglio, but Elorth grabs his collar and headbutts the bartender, breaking his nose, and sending Buglio tumbling back into the bottle on the shelves behind him.

Amieli checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Ian checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

"Are you all right?" Zoey asks Tatanya when she notices the grip on her. Her face turns slightly toward the woman when she asks, but her eyes stay on the brewing confrontation. Then Buglio's nose is a gushing blood fountain and without awaiting an answer she backs the pair of them toward the door.

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Heruna,"And who is your brother? Why do you think that?"The Malvici starts shooting out questions because, Gods--This went haywire.

"The Malvici's eyes turn to Elroth as well, remaining eerily calm,"Why does she think you took her brother?" Thea is already walking to the group, but you know, steering away from Ian.

Even as Elroth is moving to headbutt the bartender, Ian is moving, too. He whips around with startling speed, brings the heavy pommel of his cane up and smashes it in a perfectly placed blow on the big man's chin while with his other hand, he grabs the back of his neck and slams his head into the bar. He's fast for a cripple. He's also showing no signs of anger as he does any of this, which might be the most disconcerting part. His electric blue eyes look positively serene.

Ian checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

"He told my brother he'd give us food if he signed on with the crew - but that was before Sungreet and I haven't heard a /fucking/ word since!!" screams Heruna at Elroth, but sort of in answer to Thea's question.

Ian's cane dazes Elroth when it cracks his chin, and the big sailor's head bounces off the bar, blood spilling from his nose. Elroth instantly lunges at Ian, with an overhand right, pressing forward with his enormous girth to grab a hold of the Kennex lord.

As the melee breaks out, Luigi grabs for a dagger in his boot, and Tancred roars, "Everybody out!" as he runs to Buglio's side. "You alright, Mate?" he asks the bartender. "Aye," Buglio replies, accepting some help to his feet. Tatanya meanwhile, steps away from Zoey, and slips out of the Inn. Drawing her saber, Vena begins to take a step toward Elroth and Ian.

Dio GM Roll checked dex(2) + brawl(6) at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Ian checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 91 higher. Ian rolled a critical!

Ian just flat out isn't there. And it's not that he danced agilely out of the way, either, because whatever happened to him that required him to use the cane and the braced boots also stole his ability to do that kind of footwork. No, it's clear that he knew EXACTLY what Elroth was going to do probably before Elroth knew what Elroth was going to do, which puts him in an exellent position to sweep the man's legs out from under him with a blow from his cane, and put him on the ground. "I said that's. enough."

Dio GM Roll checked dex(5) + medium wpn(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

They were headed toward the door anyway, so Zoey thinks nothing of it when Tatanya slips away and follows her out.

"Oh for Fucks sakes,"Thea shouts. NOW she's clearly had enough when there's daggers and weapons coming out. She's well prepared to back Ian up, even though he doesn't need it, and looks over at Buglio. "How are you doing over there? Do you need anything? I can look at that if you'd like, but ice will do it for now.."

"I agree," says Vena, sweeping her saber to clear Ian's cane from the area immediately beside her subordinate. "Elroth, we're leaving. You've clearly had too much to drink." Turning her brown eyes on Ian, she sweeps off her hat and bows. "Till next time, My Lord." He voice is icy, and her face betrays no emotions as she slips her sword into its sheathe. Elroth gets up slowly, blood dripping from his face from the earlier smash on the bar. His eyes green eyes stare at Ian in a bit of disbelief, but he moves to leave the inn after Vena.

"I'll be alright, m'lady," replies Buglio with a wincing smile.

Meanwhile, Tatanya moves quickly with several of The Marlin's sailors onto a cart. Apparently, she had a seat ready, as she pulls some furs that had been resting on the seat around her shoulders. Her amber eyes meet those of Zoey, who has now come to stand beside Amieli, and there is a look of... worry? Regret? It's dark now, and difficult to see.

Zoey checked perception + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 19 lower.

Ian is clearly trying to end the trouble rather than start or continue it, and thus allows his cane to be batted away without protest. He's over at the bar now, so he takes a seat. Lowering his voice enough that it won't carry far enough for the departing Elroth to hear, he remarks to the bartender with a twist of dry humor: "He ever gives you trouble again, just remind him of the night he got his ass kicked by a cripple." If Elroth's "sister" looks like she's gonna try to follow him out, he'll call her back.

"Id like to hear more about this--signing on for food and such,"Thea admits. Her eyes are on Elroth then turn toward Heruna.

Zoey lets out a defeated sigh and turns to Amieli. "What happened out here?"

"If you're a cripple, I'm the king," laughs Buglio before wincing, and taking a drink of his own rum. "Aye, m'lord, I've not seen many who could best Elroth in a fight - let along make it look easy. Mangata's breath!"

"What was that about, lass?" Tancred asks Heruna, raising an eyebrow. "If your brother joined The Marlin, it was his choice, no? Not that I have any love for the bastard, but that's life at sea. The godsdamned Marquis lost his wife not long ago. Happens all the time." Heruna's features darken. "It's not just my brother," she mutters. Turning to Thea, she says, "It's true the Cullers is giving food away in the Lowers, but there's thieves taking it away again from those as can't stop 'em. The Iron Guard doesn't want to go in 'cause there might be riots, and everyone else is trying to guard the Crafter's Guild, the clinic or other places, so we're on our own. That fat idiot makes promises. He gives protection and food to families to those who'll join his crew. But not one of 'em that's signed up has ever been back. Not one."

Ian looks back at the booth, remembering he left his glass of whiskey over there. "This round is on me," he decides, motioning to the bartender for a new one rather than go to the trouble of fetching the first one. "Sorry about the trouble." Then he looks to Heruna. "Do the Cullers know about this?"

Outside, Zoey and Amieli watch as Elroth lumbers into a cart that groans under his weight. Vena mounts a brown mare, and casts a glare at Zoey, before she kicks her heels and rides swiftly east. Elroth spits blood, before his own cart takes off in a similar direction.

A plainclothes commoner woman is simply standing by Zoey as Tatanya leaves and night falls. The silver of her eyes glints in the darkness--and it is Amieli, even if it might have been difficult to identify her at first sight. She waits until the others seem well beyond earshot before responding.

"Some of them are headed someplace called the Manta Ray," she replies quietly, indicating eastward with her eyes. "They left during the singing. Ah-is it a useful name? I suspected it might be another boat, but Ian might have a better idea?"

The Malvici very slowly turns toward said fat idiot. Her gold-flecked green eyes turning a very golden hue. Those that know the youngest Malvici know that means one of two things! That she's either A. She's up to some joke or another. or B. She's pissed. Pretty sure it's the first. "So what you're saying is..Food is being brought from my home--meant to keep others fed? And it's going where exactly? Not there correct.."inching her way closer. "Not there obviously...You're giving away product that doesn't belong to you..." We'll just start there for now

Zoey nods. "Come back inside with me then. The rest will need to hear your observations." She turns to go back in.

Buglio pours Ian a very full glass of whiskey. Heruna shakes her head, and says to Ian, "Not as I can tell. We've spoken to some that claim to be connected to the family, but they're spread thin." When Thea speaks, Heruna grimaces, and nods. "They're only giving food to those as join them - but none who join ever come back." Tears well up in her dark eyes, and her lower lip trembles. Buglio offers her a glass of whiskey (young though she is), and she takes a sip, and suppress a cough, clearly not as familiar with the spirit as Ian.

Ian scans the room for messenger looking people who might be hanging around waiting for a message to be delivered, and motions one over. "Ride to Arx, fast as you can. Look for Torian Culler. You'll probably find him at the docks or Lowers Leather. Tell him I'd like him to meet me here." He takes a stack of silver from a belt pouch to pay what's probably going to be a hefty fee for delivering a message so far.

"Calypso is going to be so pissed..."Thea mutters. "And there is no idea where these men are? None?"she asks. "I mean, there has to be word somewhere. A person hears rumors all the time." She looks over at Ian with raised eyebrows,"I mean, you hang out enough ports too. Sailors talk..."

Amieli trails quietly after Zoey, back into the inn in time to overhear Ian's call for a messenger. "Wait-" She attempts to raise her voice, but, well, commanding of voice or notable of presence are two things Amieli very much is not.

"Lady Igniseri says some of the are headed to... Manta Ray, you said?" Zoey tells the group, but looking to Amieli for confirmation that she heard right.

Alyosha glances from Ian, with his bag of gold, to Tancred. The captain sighs, and gives a dismissive wave of his hand. "I'll deliver the message, m'lord. I know the docks and Lowers Leather." He accepts the bag and says to Tancred. "I'm taking Ginny. I'll see her back here to the Cove tomorrow afternoon."

"Why not the morning?" asks Luigi. "My sweetheart," says Alyosha with a smile. Tancred, Buglio and Luigi laugh.

Heruna shakes her head at Thea. "That's just it, m'lady. No word. Nothing. No one's seen them since they left to board with Elroth - not even the others that crew The Marlin. They gave us food though; that much was true. And it was fruit and fish - perhaps it was taken from your homeland. I don't know." When Amieli speaks, all but Alyosha turns to glance in her direction. The blonde haired young man, however, is humming to himself feeling the weight of Ian's coin, while securing his message in his bag.

Ian takes a sip of his whiskey and considers Amieli. "Did they say they were going back to -the- Manta Ray, or just 'Manta Ray'?"

"The Manta Ray. I was hoping the name might mean something to any of you," Amieli agrees with Zoey, dipping her head in a polite greeting when the net of attention is suddenly cast her way. And in that scrutiny, with the stealth stripped away and beneath the homespun clothing, there would in fact appear to be a trace or two of concealed nobility--in her posture and the diction of her words, if nothing else. "Due east? I would suspect a false trail, if it were not straightforwardly away from Arx."

Luigi raises an eyebrow as Zoey, Amieli and Ian talk. He glances at Tancred, who takes a gulp of rum. "Did you say you heard someone say they were boarding the Manta Ray, My Lady?" the captain asks Amieli.

With a lengthy exhale, Thea nods,"Guess it's time we go talk to sailors and such, isn't it." She obviously has no shame. "And I want to find the dumbass giving away food that isn't his and--"And then Thea pauses. She looks over at Luigi. "What about the Manta Ray?"

Ian knows enough to shut his mouth once the relevant information starts happening, so that people who are good at talking to people without pissing them off can do their thing. Ian, in the meantime, will sip at his drink from time to time and listen, his sharp eyes always moving.

"There is a ship by that name that's done some smuggling for Seraceni in the past - mostly silverware, rare furnishings, art taken from outlaw vessels - that sort of thing," replies Luigi. "Ain't seen her around," he adds. "Nor me," says Tancred. "But it could be she's using some other cove here off the coast, since the port's awry."

Ian will ask Tancred and Luigi some specific questions about how many masts the ship has, what kind of hull she has, how she's rigged. The kinds of things a sailor would use to identify the ship, and the kinds of things that might indicate the kind of range the ship is capable of sailing.

Thea checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Thea is already asking about the cove, looking to the sailors,"What cove is this?" She's already mentally calculating about it--naturally.

The sailors are content to share what they can recall of The Manta Ray with Ian: its most distinctive feature being its wing-like ornamentation outside the windows of gallery. They are also more than eager to drink in the presence of the noblewomen from Arx, and will stay and speak long into the night.

"If you can prove the ship's stealing goods meant for the relief of the Lowers," says Tancred, "I'll gladly offer The Runner to bring the Abyss down on those bastards."

"Aye," chimes the crew.

Ian takes a drink and gives Tancred a faint, humorless smile. "If they're stealing goods meant for the relief of the Lowers, any Abyss any of us can bring on them is going to be the least of their problems."

Thea narrows her eyes a bit,"Stealing food from MY home MEANT for the relief--They can deal with Calypso as well..."

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