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Igniseri Family Dinner XVIII

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. Family members are encouraged to invite at least 1 guest they wish to introduce to the family or enjoy at the dinner. This dinner is also open to any who wish to attend and want to learn more about House Igniseri. Topic of discussion may include the recent threats against Granato, making this more a working dinner. Possibly not for the faint of heart, but her doors remain open to those that want to come.

OOC: Please note this event is open to the general public who might have a reason or can conjure a reason to attend the family dinner.


March 26, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Calypso Catalana Zoey Wash Juliana


Igniseri Keaton Kennex Saik Amadeo


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The room is set up for dinner, with tables arranged for optimum seating. For appetizers there is choice between various cheeses, fresh sliced breads, and herbed olive oil. Dinner is a choice between duck in a dill sauce or seared branzino, with a choice of asparagus, a light vegetable salad, or cooked carrots. A decadent chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and cream is what's for dessert.

Quenia has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Quenia can be found seated by at the cozy seating by the fireplace. There's hot chocolate set out for any that wish it. Servants seem happy enough to serve at the large table, or the seating at the fire, given the colder months for the Lycene have arrived.

Fairly swallowed by a giant, shaggy, off white fur coat, Calypso is well protected from the snow that falls outside, although some of it is still clinging to said coat by the time she gets into the great hall. The thick soles of her heavy boots beat out a rhythm on the floor in time with his long-legged stride. She carries an unopened bottle of rum by its neck, a hostess gift that may or may not have been pilfered from her office while she was on her way out the door. At least she grabbed one of the unopened ones.

Catalana shakes a small cloak free of snow before stepping into the room. She gives Quenia a warm smile when she sees her by the fire. "I still don't know how you don't die in all the heat of summer, but I love how cosy your home becomes during the winter. Thank you so much for the invitation."

Quenia looks up when servants start announcing the arrivals of others. She rises to her feet and smiles warmly. "Duchess Calypso, Lady Catalana, so good if you to come," she tells them. To Catalana she grins, "The stone of the house actually keeps things cooler during the summer," she tells her. "Be welcome and feel free to sit wherever you like. The fire is nice and cozy, especially on a night like tonight."

Zoey follows not long after Catalana's arrival. She waves off her guards and lowers her white lion mane hood as she enters the great hall, though in her relatively short distance precious little snow even touched her. When she sees whom has arrived before her she curtsys. "Duchess, Marquessa, good evening," she greets them. Her head is high until she bows it to them, but her usual warmth is somewhat diminished. At least the dark circles that were under her eyes are finally gone.

Calypso sets the rum on some surface that she passes on her way in. Someone will take care of that, right? "It's getting so I only understand every third or fourth word that comes out of Eirene's mouth when she talks about Granato, so I figured I'd better take an interest before someone realizes I haven't been paying attention." She snags a couple of appetizers without really paying attention to what she's grabbing.

Catalana chuckles softly. "That explains it. Perhaps I shall come hide away here during the summer." Her smile then is extended to Calypso, "Duchess. A pleasure to see you too." And another smile to Zoey too.

Quenia grimaces a bit when Calypso brings up the troubles with her city. "The short of it is that the Traitor feels something was stolen from him personally, and he has decided that he's going to destroy Granato in his fury over it. It's hard to tell if it's something that was taken during the War of Stolen Names, or something he feels was recently taken, or if it was the three members of the Thornweave Sir Corban's group, which included Lady Eirene, managed to free from the Traitor's influence that set him to his ire. All I know is that we were certain Granato was one of the places they'd intended to take one way or another." She pauses with a touch of a smirk and adds, "If it's Granato he thinks stole something from him, I haven't the foggiest idea what it is, but I aim to soon find out." She glances back to Catalana and chuckles softly. "You'd be most welcome, Lady Catalana, you and any of the Kennex clan." She waves over at Zoey, "Lady Zoey. In light of the topic I'm addressing, thank you for aiding with my research this week to look into that very matter."

Zoey returns Catalana's smile before replying to Quenia. "It's my pleasure to help, and honestly I'm glad for the distraction. It makes waiting a little less unbearable." Her hand reaches for an iridescite compass rose hanging around her neck as she says this.

The corners of Calypso's full, dark-painted lips curl up and she nods to Zoey and Catalana before dropping into a seat near the fire with her hands full of her pilfered appetizers. "Well. That's melodramatic and childish," she says to Quenia with a roll of her eyes. "Sounds just like a man."

"Someone called for Wash Kennex?" Wash asks. "Melodramatic and childish, at your service."

Wash is announced and comes in with a dramatic flourish of his new ironwool cloak. "I

Wash says, "I apologize Marquessa, for my tardiness. Last minute updates on Sungreet."

Quenia glances over at Wash and smiles. "Lord Wash," she greets with warmth in her voice. She is over at the cozy seating by the fireplace, while everyone else has yet to figure out where they are going exactly. "No worries, Wash. Important events always come before a dinner. Be welcome, sit where ever you want. The servants will service you anywhere in the room. Feel free to raid the liquor cabinets. Luis has been away, so there's sure to be something good left in there." She winks, then looks back to Calypso and chuckles softly. "Well, at least one that has lived hundreds of years anyway." She does see Wash flourishing his cape, "Is that the new cloth everyone has been talking about?" she asks.

Catalana smiles at Wash's enterance, clear relief that he's still in the city evident. She too takes a seat at the fireplace. Her own hands occupied with dainty sandwiches. She regards Wash's cloak with a head tilt, "What is with you and Niklas and odd woodland animals currently?"

Calypso brightens when she hears Wash's voice, and she crows out a single laugh. HA! "It's the brave little tailor. Nice cloak." She flashes Quenia a smile widened in the wake of her laugh. "You know, it's refreshing to know that even these ancient magical man-creatures need a woman's hand to drag them out of some ridiculous tantrum. Between you and Eirene, I'm sure the job will be well-handled."

Zoey has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Zoey gets herself a mug of hot chocolate, spikes it with rum, then goes to sit with Quenia by the fire. "I think I saw Prince Niklas wearing some of the iron wool when we went north," she comments. "It looks itchy."

Wash gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Wash puts Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka in a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

"It is." Wash stoops down to go through the liquor cabinet himself, eschewing the suggestions of a servant. He fishes out the dregs of something in the back. "I knew it! I knew I sent Luis some of that Rubino vino in here." That is definitely not wine. "Bought a bottle of this flammable liquid Brogan was calling alcohol and sent it to Luis as a jest. Appears he drank at least some of it." He pours himself a tumbler. "Luis and his impeccable taste!"

Catalana pulls a face at the memory. "It can not be as bad as what Lady Thea made. It burnt for days. Though, it was sweet of Porter to drink it all to prove that it was not so bad."

Quenia chuckles softly at Wash. "I'm surprised he left any of that in there at all. He usually absconds with it to his room." Not that the Igniseri have much privacy between rooms, with each raiding the alcohol stores of the other from gifts to the latest wines. She glances over at Zoey, "It does look itchy, but the Lycene have a way of fixing that by putting it over other things that are less itchy, making it look fashionable all the same," she winks. "I haven't actually bought any of it myself, yet, waiting to see what the trends will be like before I do. Steel is what we're stocking up on for now, to outfit the family for the things to come." She lets out a soft sigh at that, then looks back to Calypso. "I wish had your confidence in that, but what with him bringing demons and large bugs to the table... I don't know." She looks to Catalana and asks with an amused tone. "Is that why he drank it all?"

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrive, following Juliana.

"Can you imagine still being mad about something that literally nobody else even remembers?" Calypso pops a cube of cheese into her mouth and smiles to Quenia as she chews. "Against something that pathetic, I'd bet on you and Eirene any day of the week. Demons or no demons." Then she looks at Catalana and Zoey. "Porter.

"We're not talking about Thea's giant again, are we?"

Wash flops into a chair, since it is a casual dinner. "Duchess Malvici. How fares uh..." He snaps his fingers. "Southport. It's called Southport. Most of the Lycene cities are ports, aren't they? Tor, Granato, Setarco ... Saikland Greens. Others that I completely remember visiting." He steadies himself before taking a sip of the extremely potent alcohol. He follows it with cheese from a nearby plate to at least absorb some of the fumes.

Quenia chuckles softly. "No, not quite," she says to Calypso. "And hundreds of years is an awful long time to hold a grudge. Likely, most of my family died and forgot all about it, if something /was/ stolen." She sniffs faintly.

"... I know but the Lady Jewels isn't going with them, the Queen yes, but Jewels is staying back here." Juliana's voice sounding a moment before her steps as she strides into the Great Hall, then pauses with a blink at those gathered. "Damn.. I forgot." a hand lifted, the aide slips back past the woman's ever present Eurusi shadow. She looks tired and wind blown, dressed in her leathers with the jeweled rapier by her side, it's a Juliana none have seen since before the Gyre Wars and the Lady putting down her sword. Now however she crosses towards the table. "Good evening to you all."

"Good evening, Juliana," Zoey greets her from beside the fire, both hands wrapped around her rum and cocoa. "What's this about leaving the Lady Jewels behind?"

Catalana answers Quenia while laughing. "I don't think he was game not to with the glare she gave him." She nibbles on her sandwich, "I wonder if you appease to the man's vanity if he will receed back?" She waves to Juliana, "Ahh. I was hoping to see you. I wanted to thank you again for that amazing painting."

Calypso kicks up to her feet to go in search of a drink of her own. And maybe something other than cheese for dinner. Maybe. The snow on her shaggy coat has melted and dried by now.

Wash greets Juliana. "Lady Igniseri is off to war!" Wash approves. "I finished the arrangements with Kaldur. You're Canines will be front and center. You should probably take his silver though, he's very anxious about having foreign troops on Crovane lands. Even a single coin would be enough to salve his ego."

Quenia smiles warmly over at Juliana. "Cousin," she greets warmly. "Come join us by the fire?"

Juliana waves a hand towards Zoey as she moves to the cabinet.. and well fishes back into the very back coming out with a bottle of Setarco Fire. "I am not sending her to Sungreet with the Admiral, just the Desert Queen." filling her glass with the spicy whiskey. "You are welcome, not exactly what you asked for but then Sebastian isn't exactly one to do light hearted and warm." she smiles as she turns back and nods. "The Duke and I wrote up a contract last night, he will be paying a sizable amount more than a silver." her drink almost to her lips as she moves towards them when a messager in the Arch Duchess' livery appears with a package.

Catalana asks curiously, "Why is the duke wishing to pay when aid is being freely given?"

Calypso retrieves a glass and Wash's (well, Luis's) bottle of paint thinner, and, after pouring herself a little bit of whatever it is, circles around to put not-cheese on a plate. Plus more cheese. "If he pays her, she works for him."

Wash points at Calypso rather than answer the question.

The package accepted and set aside for the time being. Looking to Catalana. "Pride. He wanted them under his command, as long as they were free, I was giving them to Aethan. If he pays for them, they are under his banner, not Kennex. As I know Kennex doesnt' care who's banner they are under as long as they are there. Really what he is paying for in my mind is Fatima not yelling at me." at which Juliana dimples. "Which is good but also, it would have been interesting to see who won that fight."

"And... not that I worry about such things, but if they did some backstabbery, then there would be broken oaths to Limerance... presumably." Wash leans over to collect one of those green olives with peppers inside. "And yeah. Fatima stuff."

Quenia chuckles softly over at Catalana. "Oh," she says in response to Porter's drinking bad alcohol. She is quiet as the talk of the rescue happens, sipping at her hot chocolate and looking at her drink. And, perhaps, still feeling a bit guilty she can't do more.

Catalana huffs faintly. "Men and their egos. Why not accept the aid and be grateful?"

"As long as the job gets done," says Zoey, holding her locket. "I think we're all ready for this to be over."

"Because no matter who I am married to Catalana, I am still born Pravus and still the daughter of Princess Marjory Thrax and some people don't forget that."

Calypso brings her paint thinner, not-cheese, and cheese back over to the fire. "It's a chain of command thing. Normally I'd get it, but --" And then, just as she's about to pop another piece of cheese into her mouth, something seems to occur to her. "Is this about the Sungreet trip? Domonico hasn't pestered me to let him go on some other adventure."

"No. Sungreet wasn't a factor, as far as I could tell. Though Kaldur was surprisingly interested in how fared the house's defenses as a result of this venture. Too curious by half." Wash adds.

"He wanted the houses involved to give them the numbers of their armies," Quenia speaks up behind Wash, frowning a bit. She takes another sip of her hot chocolate.

"This is a mission in the North," Zoey tells Calypso. "A rescue mission." She drinks deeply from her mug.

Catalana looks over at Wash with curiosity, "I have to admit. I've never met the duke. I suppose Lord Rysen and Lady Peri's decree about war it would interest him with how they can defend the coast." She brings her wine to her mouth and pauses, "You would think if you plan to go that way you'd befriend those who hold troops and can mobilize so easily."

Calypso looks between Wash, Quenia, and Zoey, and purses her lips. "Well. Nobody tell my cousin. I can't spare any more people, and he'd want to go too."

"And Lady Zoey Kennex is burying the point of the spear. Other than learning that they are alive, I know nothing of what the surveillance told us." Wash looks pointedly at Zoey.

Quenia glances up sharply from her hot chocolate then, looking over at Zoey. "They're alive?" A light touch of hope lingers in her eyes. Even if she couldn't help, this is news enough for her.

Juliana leans against the wall beside the hearth, sipping her drink. "Yes, I was with Kaldur last night when the word came. And I don't work for him. /I/ am not part of the contract." she smiles ever so slightly over her drink.

"As far as we can tell." Zoey pulls a star iron portrait case from her pocket, and a palm-sized scrap of an ugly, singed, stained, multicolor scarf from her satchel. "This-" she holds up the scrap, "I found in the hands of a dead shav. And this-" she holds up the portrait case, "was on the edge of what was an old encampment. I'm certain Ian left it there for us to find. After that we found this other tribe, the Stonewaters, and they told us we could find the White Ravens at a place called Shadowtop."

Calypso takes a sip of her drink and gives it a startled look. The look on her face says everything a person would need to know about what it tastes like. Otherwise, she listens to the discussion of the thing she is absolutely not telling Domonico about.

Catalana pulls her face at Ian's scarf and remarks, "well. We always knew he'd kill someone with that thing." However, the relief is evident in her features. "I am relieved he is alive."

Quenia lets out a small breath and nods. "Good. Good." She looks like she'd say more, but thinks better of it. "I shall pray to Lagoma that the winds of change are favorable that night so you can get him back."

Juliana looks to the items then nods before lifting her eyes to Zoey. "I am going to tell you what I told Kaldur, even though you know it, sometimes you just need to hear it. I don't know Lady Brianne, I only know Rysen in passing. But this I do know.. it will take a whole hell of a lot of effort for anyone to kill Ian Kennex."

Catalana nods in agreeance with Juliana, "Plus. Don't they know if they harm Ian they'll be stuck with all the Kennex brother's wrath?"

"That's the whole point of bringing thousands to the engagement." Wash explains. "Not only will it offset their abyssal taint, but it also brings them to the negotiating table if that's at all possible."

"Now -I'm- starting to get a little jealous," Calypso admits between bites of her dinner.

"Jealous? Of what?" Zoey looks at Calypso before returning the portrait case and the scrap to where they came from.

"Of not going, I expect," Quenia quips to Zoey. "Duchess Calypso is a woman of action," she grins.

Juliana looks to Calypso and smiles sadly. "It was going to take something of grave import to get me back in armor."

Catalana remarks "It is the north though. Isn't it full of savages?" She tells the women present. "I met Lord Kritr Clearlake the other day and he shouted at me for wearing a dress. Apparently it looks like a child's dress on me and should cover up more."

Calypso taps the tip of her nose and gestures towards Quenia. "It's been longer than I'd like since I've been in the field."

"Goodness." Quenia says with a raised brow. "Sounds like he'd go into fits of apoplexy if I wore the heirloom dress that Talia Baseborn gifted to House Igniseri." A dress she hasn't shown off to the house yet.

Juliana wrinkles her nose at the North part... that is something she has been trying very hard to ignore.... snow.

"You coming to Sungreet?" Wash asks Calypso.

"Was this the dress that comes down to..." Wash gestures to just below his hips. "The white one? I like that one."

Calypso shakes her head to Wash. "I'm sending my admiral. I want to be able to lead my ground forces against the Marquessa's hundred year old toddler whenever he decides to throw his epic tantrum, and I can't do that from a couple hundred miles away."

Quenia looks to Calypso. "Isn't it more like thousand year old toddler? Weren't the Metallics around during the Reckoning?"

"Lord Clearlake was very loud when I met him," says Zoey. "I got into a card game with him and lightened his purse just for fun." It was not that long ago, was it?

Catalana scoffs at Wash, "It's a little longer than that." But she nods. "It's likely the most lycene thing I own and even then it's quite modest by most standards."

Calypso shrugs off the distinction. "Whatever," she says to Quenia. "Point is that he's not acting his age." Then she fixes Wash with a look. "What are your rates?"

"My rates?" Wash asks. "I don't rate anything, except a midshipman that falls asleep on duty."

Speaking of falling asleep... Juliana has at least closed her eyes where she stands leaning against the wall listening. No doubt getting ready for two possible battles, a race added to three children under the age of two will do that to a person.

Quenia finishes up her hot chocolate, setting the cup on the table. She rises from her seat and says. "I have an early meeting with someone in the morning, so I should go and rest. Do please enjoy the remainder of dinner this evening, and feel free to hang out until you are all done chatting." She offers warm smiles to all of her guests.

"If I were to have you make a dress or two for me," Calypso clarifies to Wash, in the tone of someone who has decided she needs to speak in short, one-syllable sentences to get her point across. "What would it cost me?" The party seems to be breaking up, and she gets to her feet as she asks the question.

Quenia pauses in that moment, raising a brow at Wash. "You make dresses?" she asks.

Wash stands when Quenia does. "Thank you Marquessa. I have always been made to feel perfectly welcome in the Domus." He settles himself again. "I don't make money off such a venture." Wash says, recoiling. "That's ridiculous." He looks accusingly at Catalana. "You've been telling tales on me. I bet she thinks you married me for a discount. And I just like drawing designs. Petal makes them come to life. Or did. Not sure I should keep using Petal."

Catalana amusedly regards the women. "Lord Wash has designed most of my wardrobe. He has a ridiculous good eye for fashion." She too stands "My favorite is the stars on the dark sea one he made me. It's absolutely breathtaking." She waves to both the Igniseri women. "Thank you for inviting us this evening."

"Why would you stop using Petal's shop?" Zoey asks Wash. "She does such good work."

Quenia bites her lip a moment. "Because of her challenge to Princess Alarissa?" she asks Wash.

Calypso gives Wash a smile on her way out. "Send me a messenger. You could find yourself in demand."

Juliana starts a little and opens her eyes. "What? I have not."

Wash sits down again. "I can't remember why. Oh yes. She's an intolerable prat who said mean things about my cousin." It came back to him soon enough when Quenia mentions it. Ee is sizing up Calypso for a dress. "You're not really a dress wearing sort. Something to accentuate your hips. And off the shoulder. Asymmetrical so that a blade sits naturally on either side. But don't wear two blades with it. Defeats the purpose."

Calypso makes a writing motion with her hand. "Messenger. I'll be waiting." And then out she goes.

"I'm going to completely forget she wants a dress, and that will come back to bite me later." He looks at Juliana. "Did you fall asleep?!"

Jules blinks at Wash. "Well that will probably be less difficult to explain than what I thought I was answering.. so." then shrugs and takes another sip of her drink.

"She had let Petal go as a protege to take me on," Quenia remarks. "That reminds me that I should be getting a gift for the Princess for doing so." She lets out a breath. "Anyway, do please have a good night." Better than hers have been anyway.

Catalana teases Wash with a laugh. "You bored my favorite Igniseri to sleep. See how you keep wounding her?" She dryly considers, "Why is Miss Petal whining over being dropped as a protege? She has a successful business and really doesn't need the aid from Her Highness."

"Good night, Marquessa," Zoey bids Quenia as she departs.

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