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Escape from Arx: Bay of Thrax Edition

The heat and humidity of the city has been overbearing and those not used to this kind of weather - and those who are - are invited to join the house of Thrax on the Victorious as they head out into the Bay of Thrax to escape the heat - and smells - of the city and enjoy the ocean breezes, dolphin spotting, swimming, oyster shucking games and a moment of peacefulness before the impending storms that sit on the minds of all. It's a caraval, so there's plenty of room for all.


Feb. 12, 2020, 7:30 p.m.

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Thea Lucita Jules Peri Valencia Strozza Orelia Selene



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Arx - The Victorious, in the Bay of Thrax

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Brother Tomwell Leary has gone missing, seemingly vanished without a trace. Truthfully that's hardly an emergency for the Faith of the Pantheon, with the sheer number of godsworn in Arx, even for one as wellborn as Tomwell and as respected as a counselor as he. Though quite a few templars remark under the strange perfectly white eagle feathers found in his bedroom in the Rectory, and how little sense it makes for him to be able to leave without being seen by the numerous guards. It remains a puzzling mystery.

That passes without notice to much of the city, who are more talking about an odd sighting in the sky. It had been cloudless for most of the day, and then there's numerous reports that a sudden cloud bank that looked just like a gigantic bird started moving rapidly to the west. Others claim to have seen a huge convocation of eagles, which is quite rare as they are normally solitary near Arx.

A day later, similar reports of strange sightings come from Sanctum, and then finally from Westrock Reach, as a great flight vanishes over the Eventide Vast.

The smells of the city have been left far behind and instead there's the salt water, the scent of the sails and the protected wood. And the food. The cook below decks being assisted by ones from Thrax who ensure that food is kept on hand to feed the masses who have descended upon the Victorious. Alarissa stands on the deck eschewing silks and brocades for a pair of leather trousers tucked into comfortable boots adn a long tunic. Feet bplantedly surely on that rolling deck, dark eyes take in the people on board as if making sure everything is in it's place and no one is unhappy.

Quite familiar with being on a ship, Thea steps effortlessly onto the boat. Dressed in her leathers, she is dressed for outdoors and comfort. Seeing Alarrisa, she greets her with a brief smile and nod of her head,"Hello. It's good to see you. This was a great idea, if I hadn't told you yet."

"When the city is too much for his Grace, I often drag him out onto a ship. I find it allows him a chance to breathe and think, the movement calming, of the ship. How are you Lady Thea?" Alarissa smiles to the other woman. "Have you heard of Lord Martino's hijinks with my sister?"

Thea inhales the ocean air and she relaxes. Curious, she looks at Alarissa,"I--have not. Do I want to know? Would you like me to get him back?"

"Oh, Songbird already got him back. I believe he met the sharp end of Songbirds teeth. And he has apologized and is sending a lovely bone for Songbird and dubbed it Martino's leg." Alarissa smiles. "Your brother crows that at least he is remembered." Alarissa takes up a drink from a passing server, who stops and offers a tray filled with different drinks for Thea to pick from. "How is Malvici faring?"

"Finn used to eat his boots and he was trained to only pee on his shoes,"Thea says with a grin. "Wait until you hear what I have planned for both my brothers,"her gold-flecked green eyes impish. Plucking a glass of rum from the tray, Thea says,"We are good. Busy as always. Yourself?"

Alarissa and Thea are standing on the deck of the Victorius with drinks in hands and the ship bobbing in the sea. The hopes that whales will be seen or dolphins. "Oh? I shall keep my ears peeled. Do send me a warning when you do it? So I can be prepared to sit in my atrium and chortle." She takes a sip from the wine, and regards the deck before her. "Preparing. Victus prepares for battle and I prepare for the aftermath. That is always how it is. I wait till the clouds have cleared and sweep in to ensure that our people are on the road to recovery as swiftly they can be and that the navy doesn't lack for boats. Is there anything that Malvici is in need of that Thrax can assist with?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Thea sips her drink and assures the Princess,"I'm sure you'll hear about it,"a grin appearing. When she mentions the call of Thrax, Thea listens. "Yes. I imagine that takes its toll as well. As far as Malvici," Thea expresses with thought,"We're good at the moment. I will pass word along to my Duchess however. She's been so busy lately..."

"Many are. They prepare. In case the Eurusi don't turn back, or who knows what else." People come up from belowdecks, others head down, Caravals are still a limited thing after all. Not everyone has them despite that the Cullers have three. "But we are here to enjoy ourselves, perhaps see some of Mangata's beloveds and enjoy the breeze and be away from the heat of the city and the stone walls baking us all to within an inch of our lives."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Lucita says, ":has been very quiet since arriving on the ship, standing near the rail as the sails flap over head and the ropes creak. Her amber gaze is fixed on the rise and fall of the waves and the receding land. Anyone standing near her can hear a few words of prayer, most of them indistinguishable yet now and then Mangata's name heard. Finally she turns toward others gathered and smiles. "Lady Thea, Princess Alarissa, good to see you again."

Thea bows her head to Lucita,"Baroness, hello,"a smile there. "How are you?" She looks out to the ocean, rum in hand as she asks,"Enjoying the view? This is nice..I've needed to get out for awhile."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

"I realized when I sailed with victus and Ailith the other day that we were unlikely to be the only ones who needed such." There's Lucita and Alarissa smiles from her perch on the deck, pressing a kiss to Lucita's cheek. "You need this too." She chides the other woman. "We should see to the oyster shucking contest soon."

Lucita says, "it does help, getting away for a while." She returns the cheek kiss to Alarissa, a gentle smile showing as she does. She then includes Thea in the conversation. "You did not bring Admiral Glitterbeard?" She teases Thea gently. "Catch us up on what is going on? I have not heard from you for a while." She reaches up to tug at a lock of hair that the sea breeze has tugged free of its formerly neat arrangement, now styled in wayward curls tumbling here and there down her back and across her shoulders."

Jules appears on deck looking just slightly pale but he's holding a weak smile on his face. He allows his eyes to scan about and then makes his way towards the group of women and gives a bow to each of them in turn but generally gives the greeting, "My ladies," His tone is mildly energetic but can't carry the full force of enthusiasm. His eyes shift about and he continues, "might I join you?"

The youngest Malvici looks over and admits with an amused smirk,"I was eating oysters today,"turning to Lucita with a slight chuckle,"I'm afraid not today. My birthday gift must had scared him. It was hung near the pool this time." Turning to Jules, a look of surprise etches across her face,"Master Jules...I thought you didn't like boats.."

A Seliki can be heard rummaging around below decks. "WHERE IS IT! I can't find it! Well, no matter." Talking louder makes things easier to find. She pops out on deck.

"Jules. Not one with sea legs?" Alarissa asks even as ships continues to bobb gently, sympathetic look on her face. The wooden troughs of oysters are being brought over, settled on the tables that have been cleared of the food that was there. Plates with wedges of lemons and a hot pepper puree for those who want to dine on the shucked creatures. People start popping up from below, look there's a Seliki. "Now the fun can begin. Who here wants to shuck oysters. I have a prize for the one who chucks the most."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Lucita glances over toward the oysters being set out. "People have been busy to have so many freshly harvested for this. It does look very tempting. " A sympathetic glance is given Jules. "I used to get sick wien I was expecting the twins in the early months. Keeping your eye on the horizon where there is less motion to hold the gaze is what they told me to do to help. I'm usually a good sailor."

Jules looks over towards Thea with a weak laugh, "Dear me, how did you get that idea?" Then after a momentary pause he adds, "Well, in truth it's not my favorite thing but I'm trying to overcome a bit of my uncomfortable feelings towards the sea." He turns his eyes towards Alarissa and adds, "I've rather neglected some of my service to your family and yet still hoped to take advantage." He looks over towards the oysters but doesn't seem especially hungry. He gives Lucita a weak smile and a nod of his head, "That's an excellent idea my lady." He turns over his shoulder and says, "Dear me I must have left Princess Valencia behind."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Valencia emerges with a bright smile, the seas seems to agree with the little Lycene. "No, no, not at all. I am just a little slow. This ship is a wonder. I'm so very excited to appreciate such a fine vessel," the dark haired princesses beams as she moves to stand at Jules' side. A little frown mars her expression as she looks to Lucita and then Jules. "You are not well?" she asks with a flash of worry.

Thea hears Peri and smiles,"Lady Peri." Yes HEARS! Earplugs soon! But Thea still looks for her friend. "I never did get seasick. We sailed as much as we trained. I'm afraid it's in our blood.,"a bow of her to Valencia as well.

"They have been busy, but there's quite a few people to feed." Alarissa smiles to Lucita before her attention turns to Jules. "Not neglected. You have answered when I reached out. I assure you, you are always there when we have need, so you are encouraged to take advantage. Who all is going to be joining us in the oyster shucking? Though, it won't be me. I'll just keep track of who will be the winner." Here's another Princess and there's still more smiles from Alarissa. "I predict that the Princess Valencia will win."

Out on deck, Peri soon finds people she knows. She is happy to see them. She gives a loud "Lady Thea!" when Thea speaks (very softly, in contrast) her name. She waves her hand when Alarissa calls for oyster shuckers. "Me!"

Lucita's smile shows her delight at seeing Valencia and Peri, a discrete gesture toward Jules and his paleness seems to indicate he is the one affected, not her. "I've only gotten seasick when in early pregnancy and it was a severe case, not just morning sickness." She looks toward the Oysters, preparing to help shuck them.

Valencia checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 3 lower.

Valencia checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 7 higher.

Valencia checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 1 higher.

Valencia checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 17 higher.

Valencia checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 6 higher.

Peri checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 5 higher.

Peri checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 0 higher.

Peri checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 10 higher.

Peri checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 0 higher.

Peri checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 4 higher.

Jules checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 22 higher.

Jules checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 0 higher.

Thea checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 2 higher.

Jules checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 4 lower.

Jules checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 4 lower.

Jules checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 4 higher.

Thea checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 9 higher.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 22 higher.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 8 higher.

Thea checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 2 lower.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 7 higher.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 12 higher.

Lucita checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 10 higher.

Thea checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 3 lower.

Thea checked luck at difficulty 7, rolling 8 higher. Thea rolled a critical!

Jules turns over towards the extroverted Peri and waves to her with a weak smile before turning back towards Valencia, "Heavens no, I'm quite fine." His hand gives a dismissive wave to the thought, "Just taking a bit longer to get adjusted to the sea is all." He turns to Thea and adds, "Your brother mentioned my going down to help with a project he has lined up. I hope to be able to help if I can." He drops a bow towards Alarissa and says, "You're very kind to say so, I hope I shall be able to attend to your families needs as well." His smile is a bit more broad at the suggestion of Valencia winning and adds, "I certainly will be shooking." His attention moves towards the horizon momentarily before the competition begins.

Thea is curious as she hears Jules,"Which brother?" Though she assumes Martino.

Valencia smiles gently and offers Lucita a little hug, her smile growing increasingly bright at hearing Peri gamely agree to join the contest. Another warm greeting is offered to Thea as they move to the tables and a warm and respectful incline of head is offered to Alarissa. "I would be so very a happy to join, if that is allowed," she nods warmly. As the conversation continues, her dark eyes drift to Jules as he speaks to Thea.

Jules gives a tap of his chin, "Not the admiral, I believe Lord Martino."

"Of course it's allowed." Alarissa waves that little statement from Valencia away with her right hand - There's no flase arm, it's easier to be on the ship without one and just that well tailored sleeve - and the wine in her glass shifts as she does. "Come, to the table. So that the game can start and the masses can be fed." Alarissa starts to make her way over.

Where servers wait with clean rags, shucking knives and everyone gets thier own bowl, each one with the same amount of oysters in it. Waiting for someone to take up a spot so the game can get started.

Peri steps up to the table eager to go. She accepts the gear from the servers and stands ready. "I wish my cousin Lani was here. She's better at this than I am."

Lucita says, "i remember some of this frm a survival lesson. They made me go to the kitchen to watch the cook a while and then try some. They just never showed me how to get down to the oysters to get any if I ever needed to." She has a mischievous grin on her lips as she approaches the oysters and takes up her knife in hand. Her gaze picks out the cup side and the flattened top, the curved side and hinge side as she stands there. "Good thing I have kept up my dagger exercises to keep hands and wrists ready for something like this."

Valenica nods warmly and moves to the table and inspects the large pile, the scent of the sea filling her senses seeming to make her smile. "Gods, I do love this. Though it has been some time since I have prepared them myself," she admits with a smile. "Tell me, these oysters? What kind are they? They look so fresh," she notes looking to Alarissa and back as she accepts the offer of the rags and knives. "Beautiful," she muses.

Jules moves over towards the table and looks at the knives, bowl, and rags. He seems to give a quizzical look at it all, his brow furrowed very low. As he sits, he picks up one of them and looks at it in several directions and then to the knife as if trying to determine really how best to do this but he's mostly silent.

"I have no idea where they are from, but just that they are fresh, or else I'd have someone's head if I brought everyone back home, sick from bad oysters. I'd be excommunicated I think. Can you see the heralds already climbing the sparklegas lamps screaming Thrax Princess assassinates nobels and commoners with oysters." Alarissa gives a sad little huff at that but then sets her wine down, taking up a cloth napkin. "Are we ready? I think you'll enjoy the prize!" The napkin is lifted as everyones ready and when it's time to go, it's dropped and she calls out 'GO!"

Lucita reaches for the first oyster, grips it carefully so not to cut her left hand and edges the knife in near the hinge, twists and angles the knife, trying to separate the shell without spilling the contents. Once done a questioning glance is given Alarissa as the prepared oyster is slid over toward her to enjoy eating and she starts to reach for another.

Jules has no idea what he's doing and yet he slides the knife in and pops the oyster open with a natural ease. The paleness and illness seems to have faded as he's focused enough on trying to fidgeting with the knife and shell. He's entranced but then he's done with that first one, hey, that wasn't so hard. He looks around slightly cheerfully to see who else is working on theirs.

Peri is perhaps too careful. She know how easy it is to slip and cut a hand. She carefully inserts the tip of the knife into the hing and slowly twists the knife until it pops. Then she slides it around carefully before opening it completely. She looks up to see how the others are doing and finds that people have already finished!

The call of go brings a bright smile to the little vixen's face and she sets to work impaling herself rather readily as the knife slips off the hard grey shell of the oyster. There is a soft hiss of pain, but she steadies herself and tries again, her knife gently slipping between the two shells.

Gently, and much slower than before, Valenica twists the knife and smiles as the telltale soft pop signals the oyster's defeat. With a deeper little press and turn of the blade, the shells part to reveal the sweet delicate flesh. Again the knife dives beneath the shell and the mean, cutting it free from it's armor and setting it aside, the other shell placed in the bowl.

The oyster that Lucita offers up is politely refused by Alarissa who seems to have no desire to eat the things. Though there's a line up forming of those who will take what is shucked and boy are they shucked. As Lucita and Jules go head to head, it's plain to see that luck works for one whereas skill works for the other. Peri, well, she's Seliki and she holds her own. Valenia and Thea seem neck in neck almost even if there's a trace of blood from the slipped knife on Valenica's behalf.

Lucita nods as her offered oyster is declined and passes it to someone who is waiting and willing to have it. Distractions fade away as she focuses on the task of opening the next oyster, a thumb rubbing over a rough ridge on the shell before finding a spot easier to grip as the next is opened and passed aside.

Jules takes the next oyster as he can and begins the process again. He's not got nearly the skill of the first time but he's continuing to trudge along with the knife and shell and pop and fiddle and ... well, whatever but there it goes. He's got that ever present smile present but it's mixed with that minor bit of focus he can manage but he is clearly needing to rely on skill. His eyes do shift over towards Valencia again as he seems curious on the bit of blood she's drawn.

This oyster is a little tougher to open. Peri very digilently goes at it. It cannot be outglared. It is a stubborn mullusc. It takes a while to open up all of its secret flesh to Peri.

The blood is staunched and the blade quickly cleaned just in case, no trace of it upon the oyster it would seem. But just so, the first sacrifice is set aside and the next is taken up in her hand. This one meets the same fate, but blade and vixen do not seem to meet again. "I fear I am out of practice and desperately clumsy," she smiles to Jules as she notices him watching. "It is fine. I sacrifice to the gods for a beautiful meal," she teases. "Nothing like a little challenge to make things taste more sweet."

Oyster three in her left hand, knife poised to open it in her right, Lucita focuses on the procedure of separating the top and bottom shell pieces ever so carefully. When done she glances around, for someone to hand the oyster to, sets it into their hand and turns back to reach for the next one to attempt shucking.

Jules is still shucking by luck and this time he gets a bit of a knick from the blade as he's trying to slide it open. He winces but doesn't linger on it long except for a bit of watering of his eyes. He gets it open but makes no mention of it. His smile is a bit more forced but it's still present. He turns towards Valencia and asks, "Do you bleed wine your higness?" Then he gives a quick glance to Peri and Lucita quickly. He's clearly not taking this as seriously as some but he's also probably losing ground.

This oyster fits Peri's hand nicely. Her knife unhinges it with ease. She eyes the line of people enjoying the results of the competition. Her stomach growls. She asks the others, "Do you have a favorite oyster dish? I can't choose. Fried oyster sandwhiches are good, but I also like them raw with a dash of lemon and hot sauce."

"If only," Valencia muses with a little smile as she takes up another oysters and slides the fine edge of the blade between the shells and gives a little twist of her knife. "I am sadly a mortal thing. No fancy heritage to make my blood sing of a different song, sadly," she muses aside to Jules as she pulls back the shell. A little smile is offered to Lucita as the mowan make short work of her pile. "Raw, I think," she notes to Peri. "A pure taste of the seat, sweet flesh and salt upon lips is the best way for me."

Jules falls behind Lucita, the Baroness Regent of Saik seeming to have put those countless hours of instruction to good work. though the oyster wins this round against the merchant as blood is drawn. Peri still holds her own in the middle and continues to do Seliki proud with that. Alarissa raises her brows at fried oyster sandwiches and takes a loooong sip of her wine. Wine that sadly, it seems, no Valencia doesn't bleed. Many will sigh with releif and not have to question the red wine at the Golden Hart. Though there's someone offering up a lemon does oyster on the halfshell to the Velenosan princess to swallow in between oysters.

Blue sails with golden hydras hail the arrival of three. Never doubt Lycenee to be ostentatious. The port side brought up along the stern of the Victorious, a stepped plank from the Erudite allows a quartet to join the festivities, fashionably late. Strozza Mazetti, caught between the champion Orelia Stonewood and the Radiant Emeritus, Selene Whisper. An arm for both and behind them a tall, broad and rotund man in fez and broad smile. Kuhlai D'Mahn, Strozza's aide. Once on deck the man clad in dark blue greatcoat looks to the dark haired woman to the fair, quietly inquiring a to where they wish to go, spying the oyster shuckings and other distractions available.

Never doubt Lycene for an ostentatious entry.

With that first knick, Jules seems to have once again lost his stride and knicks himself again and gives a more audible sound of pain. The man is not one to tolerate it well and it is probably good he did not stay a blacksmith. He actually stops at that knick and shakes his hand several times and puts the finger in his mouth for more than a second. When he does return to it, nearly everyone has passed him but he doesn't seem to disturbed by this in truth. He's still more focused on simply the fun of competition. He can tell that he's fallen well behind where he had been not long ago.

Lucita continues to work quickly at the oysters, one by one. Fingers and hands, wrists strengthened by instrument playing and small weapon practices hold steady as she works on oyster after oyster, quickly passing them to others who are watching the contest. Under her breath she asks to the side to the others competing. "You are alright, no cuts? Be careful."

Orelia's boots hit the deck and she glances around, spotting the contest. "Think we're in time to see who won?" she asks Selene and Strozza.

Valencia smile and gives a sweetly playful nod to the plumb morsel offered to her and soon one of the oysters finds her lips and is swallowed with a savoring smile. "My lovely princess, these are truly divine. You must share where you found these lovely delicacies. This time of year is often difficult to taste such sweetness. You have such beautiful taste," she nods warming as she takes up another and places the blade carefully between.

The arrival of Strozza, Selene and Orelia is readily noted as the little vixen looks up from her work. The ladies quickly recognized and offered a bright smile of warm welcome and the gentleman and graceful incline of head and a quick study as Valencia pops open another shell. allowing the Princess of Thrax to welcome her guests upon deck.

Peri is struck by the smooth, nacrious interior of the oyster shell she opens, and she pauses for just a moment to admire it. It takes her a little extra time, but she does eventually finish shucking it. She is wearing a mother-of-pearl neclace with lustrous disks made from oyster shells much like it.

With Strozza and Orelia, the petite brunette Whisper is utterly unsuited for seafaring of any sort. At least aside from the boots. Oyster shucking in a glittering vision of seaglass, not the most likely of affairs. Dark hair spills from under a shimmering spidersilk veil, guided off her face. Selene touches her fingers to her lips as a smile takes shape at the celebrations laid out. "Only one way for us to know. Let's go and mingle, shall we?" Delight deepens the crescent smile, spotting a particular Velenosan princess. Valencia is noted in kind, a delayed response required other than her brightening expression. A deep curtsy to Alarissa is achieved without somehow all the stardust comprising her dress falling to the floor in a glittering heap. It may make an interesting tilt for Orelia and Strozza.

The Princess of Thrax does welcome, having been told and then seeing a Mazetti caraval come slowly easing on in till it's anchored close enough to remain safe and the trio coming on board. "Just in time indeed. Lord Strozza, Lady Orelia, Radiant Emeritus! To the winner goes the spoils." Alarissa dressed in leathers and aeterna tunic, absent a false arm, but holding out an oyster to the approaching trio. "Come, which of you wants to gift the prize?"

Which draws one back to the table. Oh, the tides turn, and there's a switch up. Valencia's eating and shucking at the same time and pushing ahead of the others from where she was. Jules drops, his concentration broken and blood, well, sharp pokes of blades into skin can do that. Lucita still shucking so fast that it earns some whistles from observers. Who knew Baroness Regents were so good with thier hands. And peri. Steady as she goes, and someone offers her an oyster on the half shell but with that pepper sauce on it.

And another oyster is shucked and passed back to Strozza and his group and then another as she continues to work on the pile of them before her. "Is there a time limit on this? I admit, my hands are starting to tire enough am glad I don't have to do this every day!

Lucita lays the last oyster down, unopened as she cleans her knife, checking the edge for nicks and then washing her hands. "Phew, that was hard work, harder than playing for hours to a rowdy audience that won't let you stop for a break.

Peri takes time to savor the peppery oyster and so spends less time shucking oysters. She makes a middling show, but by her smile it is easy to see that she enjoyed the game. "I'm much better at diving than I am at shucking," she admits. Hearing Lucita, She nods in agreement and stretches a hand.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, delivering a message to Alarissa before departing.

"Indeed, let us!" Strozza walks easily with a lady on each arm, dropping to a half-kneeling bow to keep himself in line with the Whisper's curtsey. He has no arms for oysters, so Kuhlai takes any if Selene or Orelia do not deign to take them. "Your Highness, you are ever the vision that I am sure I will be spoken to of by the sun and moon that flank me this day." Strozza looks to the shucking in progress, a slow grin still holding his expression while he studies each of the shucking power houses that are cutting oysters like no one has cut and shelled, shocked. Whatever he has people to do these things for him... if he ate oysters.

When Selene curtsies, Orelia bows. "I think our dear Whisper would be most appropriate, your highness," she answers with a smile."

Jules manages to get a bit more on pace with the final stretch but he's fallen far behind. He cheerfully finishes up then laughs and turns to look around with a shake of his head. He looks to Peri and says, "I may steal a few from yours to make mine look better." His tone is teasing. He turns to look over towards Valencia and adds, "Are you a fan of seafood then?" He gives a soft laugh as he watches Peri switch right to eating. He then gives a bow to the new arrivals with his cheerful expression remaining.

"And I am best at savoring the sweet fruits of your labour," Valencia winks playfully as she sets down her knife and smiles a nod to the servant who offers her a towel to wash her hands. "I am a fan of many things that are found upon and under the sea," the little scarlet silk clad Lycene woman smiles to Jules as she admires the handy work of those around the table.

Turning, Valencia offers Selene another smile, "It is very lovely to see you, sweet Whisper and you Lady Orielia. It has been some time since we met. I'm glad to know you have returned to the city," the little vixen nods with fond regard. Large dark eyes turn to the man that bows. "And pray who is your honey-tongued companion? I do not think I have had the pleasure before," she nods gently.

Only after cleaned up and presentable does Lucita turn toward the others and with a warm smile she inclines her head in a respectful bow of greeting. Discretely she massages her hands, clasping them together before her.

"A perfect time to applaud the success before us. A champion to be declared!" Selene conveys such warmth for so petite a woman, her smile the hearthfire on a winter's night. "I commend your creativity, coming up with something both practical and engaging." She dips again for Valencia, marveling at the handiwork before her. "How long it has been since we shared a table over a display of arms. I promise to come by soon. Your Highness, I am pleased to introduce Lord Strozza Mazetti of Ostria. Lord Mazetti, Princess Valencia Velenosa. A doyenne of hospitality and the city's delights. Whisper House has fond affection for the Golden Hart."

The oysters handed over are given first pass to Orelia, though she is not about to deny a gift of the sea. Her thumb runs alongside the rugged shell as though appraising how one actually cracks it apart. The edges must have a point because she jolts a little. "Lady Seliki is rather performing what I would. Putting these kinds of shells into art, wrapped around my wrist or waist."

Winner winner, oyster dinner. OR well, the masses descend upon it, commoner and noble alike as the shucking is done - well a good chunk of it though servants ease in once the contest is done, to finish the rest and spare people the blood. "Radiant EMeritus, you have been volunteered" A servant moves forward with a little silk sewn oyeter, stuffed with fluff likely, and a small opening held closed by pearl buttons. Something inside of it obviously by the feel of it. An official steps forward ot murmur and Alarissa turns to step up on a crate. "THough all shucked valiantly and first bloo dwas drawn, there can be only one winner" Alarissa gestures to Selene. "If you would gift that to the Baroness Regent Lucita Saik, who so gallanatly shucked the most oysters!"

Lucita says, "I.. I did? I was so busy with the ones before me that the others... I thought surely?" The words falter and then she regains her composure and with a dignified bow, gives a warm smile. "Thank you! This is such a lovely prize!" Her eyes widen as she spots the gem within the little pouch. "It is beautiful!""

Jules claps at the announcement of the winner gives a bow of his head to the winner, "Wonderful!" He makes a short line over towards Valencia and whispers something to her very quickly then returns his attention back to Alarissa. His hands fold behind his back and he bounces on the balls of his feet with that excited energy bubbling out.

"And there is always room for Whisper House in our Hart," Valencia offers with a fond smile to Selene. Another nod is offered and the little raven haired princess turns to take Strozza in. "It is a pleasure to meet you, my lord. I'm so very sorry we have not met before now," the little vixen smiles brightly ash she gracefully offers the Lord a delicate hand. "I am so delighted we have finally done so. I do hope you will allow me to make my terrible mistake." The winner announced, Valencia beams brightly and claps her hands as Lucita is declared champion, the little vixen looking very pleased for her friend. "Bravo!" she calls out with joyous aplomb, before leaning to listen to Jules and then gently smile.

Orelia accepts the oyster handed to her with her free hand

Orelia accepts the oyster handed to her with her free hand and uses it to salute Lucita. "Well done, Baroness Saik! Congratulations."

"Dear Princess, I would allow so many small mistakes." the hand taken with a ghost of a kiss to the knuckles before releasing so that she can applaud. "This ship is absolutely beautiful by the way, the line and beam, the damp line. I would ask it to the next ball were she a human woman." Strozza winks, before raising his hands to clap for Lucita, "A victory for the Lycene Baroness. Elegantly done."

Alarissa's been speaking quietly with someone in Thrax livery but when done, looks to the others gathered near, smiling as Lucita see's the dragonweep nestled in the silk oyster. "Put it to good use. Well done." And Strozza's congratulations has Alarissa smiling. "The second one built in the Compact. It is from New Hope's drydocks. Commissioned while we were on a tour of the Isles. Baroness Skye called her the Victorious. Since it was in the wake of the Gyre war, and we wished a symbol of the tenacity of the people of the isles." The comment about asking it to dance if it was a woman draws a a shake of her head. "If you'll excuse me, I need to see to something belowdesck."

Lucita:'s cheeks warm with a gentle infusion of color as she again smiles. "Thank you all. I just got lucky that they did not get stubborn and that I did not get cut while trying it. But this is such a lovely sail, nicely cool and the weather so cooperative, let us share in a toast to the hostess who was so kind as to invite us to join her on this lovely trip! To clear skies, calm seas, good company and a wonderful hostess, Princess Alarissa."

Jules glances around at the ship after Strozza mentions if it were a woman and seems to consider it more carefully here. He may not look like he's been sick lately but he still seems surprised by the statement. He turns back to Strozza and asks, "Are you a man of the sea as well my lord?" He then looks around, "Perhaps I'm actually the only one who was not born a fish." He gives a soft laugh at this and then adds, "But I suppose one way or another, boats are the love of the Compact at present and this is a most impressive ship if I have seen one before!"

Orelia is overheard praising Alarissa.

Alarissa is overheard praising Jules: Such shucking! Such speed! Such blood!

Selene is overheard praising Alarissa.

"It is a beautiful ship is it not," Valencia agrees whole heartedly as she looks up at the gradeur of it and smiles. A sad look washes her face as Alarissa starts to depart. "Do return to us soon, Princess. It is not half as fun when you are gone," she nods warmly and then turns to give Lucita a girlishly excited hug. "You were amazing!" she beams brightly. "A worthy win."

Alarissa is overheard praising Valencia: There are none who can wield a knife so well as a Velenosan, when it comes to oysters.

Alarissa is overheard praising Peri: Those Seliki know their oysters!

Alarissa is overheard praising Thea: Never get bteween a Malvici and their oyster!

Alarissa is overheard praising Lucita: The queen of shucking!

Lucita is overheard praising Alarissa.

Valencia is overheard praising Alarissa: Such grace and style. And a hostess I admire.

Jules is overheard praising Alarissa: What a boat for a shucking good time!

Strozza is overheard praising Alarissa: Ah shucks, such a party

Strozza is overheard praising Lucita: The victor, and shucker of the oysters of our hearts.

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