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Impromptu Tragedy

An impromptu event held for many of the orphans at the Tragedy. Some of the Knights of Solace put out word that they would be putting on a special day for the kids at the Tragedy orphanage and that anyone wishing to come by for the fun is more than welcome. The event will mostly consist of games that have been hastily thought of, some face painting that likely is missing most of the colors, food people donated like just now, and probably some light day drinking. For the adults. And the kids too if they're sneaky enough, probably. OOC: Just some fun light RP, come by if you wanna play with kids and be nice to the lowers, k bye.


Feb. 11, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Bree Sabella Jareth Isidora Sunaia Fecundo Bedivere



Arx - Lower Boroughs - The Tragedy

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Comments and Log

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

"Get offa me! Get off!"

The little runt swings his arms about wildly growling and occasionally roaring his protest. The young man currently has one giant hand nearly encapsulating his entire chest, preventing him from running forward. The owner of the massive hand speaking in a much calmer, much deeper voice. "Now, we all know the rules of this one. Don't we. When you get called goose, you have to chase the other kid. If someone calls you a goose they're not insulting you, and you don't punch them, you chase them to /not/ punch them." The massive knight is explaining, the young man squirming in his grip perhaps sporting the beginnings of a shiner as he tries to lunge at another child.

"But maybe no more of duck, duck, goose, huh?"

Some of the Knights of Solace and the clergy that run the Tragedy have a large gathering of kids just outside the building in a small, mostly dirty square. Though the rundown look has been given some haphazard decorations for this joyous occasion of... being today! A single table has been set up with food that likely didn't cut it at the butcher or the bakery. But it still looks pretty good. A scattered assortment of supplies the knights brought laying in a bag next to the table.

Jeffeth Bayweather, currently holding an angry goose-child shines a warm smile over the rest of the children. "Who wants Dame Bree to paint their faces, hmm?"

At the sudden uproar of eager volunteers the massive man radiates an absolutely brilliant smile over to Bree. "Ready, Dame Bree?" Jeffeth asks with a smile that should be considered unlawful it is so bright. Without waiting for an answer, "Alright kids, make an orderly line. An /orderly/ line!"

Bree checked composure + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

For the impromptu event, Bree has worn her best hat - the feathers dancing merrily atop the tricorn, bright colors enough to charm even the most cynical of Lowers children. At the moment she finds herself crouched down with a group of children, nodding her head again and again as they laugh. "Fun, isn't it?" she pops the hat off then and dumps it on the nearest kid's head. "You try!" The kid squeals in delight, and begins to dance about for the others. Bree, for her part, stands slowly, a hand rubbing against her hair to smooth over the 'hat head.' "I wonder if I'll get it back," she muses, although she doesn't seem too heartbroken - as long as it is bringing joy somewhere.

And then Jeffeth is volunteering her for something, and her eyes go wide. "Grandmaster, I /can't/ paaa...." she begins to protest the offer of her services, but then the screaming children, and their excitement, stills her truth. She has not a creative bone in her body, but she says, "I can't /wait/ to paint your faces!" The lie told, she moves over to the small area set up with paints, a brush. "If only Karina were here," she muses painfully, and then turns to the first kid who asks for a dragon on his cheek. "A dragon? Uh... sure." And she begins to paint a 'dragon,' which ends up looking more like a deformed dog, and even that is being kind. She adds a touch of red paint for the flames. "There you go, kid," she nudges the child off.

Sabella is not often seen in the Lowers, not unless she's headed for a ship at the docks, which happens very, very rarely because it's, well, in the Lowers. But she just happened to run into a couple of Knights of Solace that maybe were following her hoping for a smile and an autography when they mentioned this get together for the orphans and so here she is with a couple of guards and her retinue, smiling brightly at everyone in her sparkly dress, "Goodness, this is lively! Sir Jeffeth!" she waves to the large man, spotting him easily in the crowd and making her way over. She spies the table as she does so and Bree's face painting skills, "...what an enthusiastic gathering!" She says brightly, "Do you need help with anything? Do you want me to fetch some cakes?"

Jareth makes his way towards the Tragedy, having heard of the Knights trying to bring a little joy to the young denizens of the lowers. Afterall, Jareth, was like these children before finding the stage.. or rather it finding him. The lithe actor finds a place to prop for a moment and watches curiously spotting both Sir Jeffeth and the Princess whom he has met before.

Jeffeth is busy mediating a very serious fight between an accused goose and a goose-caller, he gives a distracted wave but is really talking this out.

Obsidian - a black Warlander, Lystra Voss - The Quiet Assistant arrive, following Fecundo.

Skiftfeather - an Elegant Snowy Owl, Morigan Bradshaw - Nurse and Doctor in Training, Fayre Wyrmfang - Excitable Champion, 1 Valardin Knights, Jaibrian - Oathlands Vanner, Fecundo arrive, following Isidora.

Bree looks up as an adult voice that isn't Jeffeth volunteering her for all the things chimes in. "Oh! Hello!" she smiles widely at the woman. "Help?" She looks to the line of children wanting their faces painted, and asks hopefully, "You wouldn't happen to know how to paint, would you?" she grins, wide and bright, and then turns to see Jareth wander in. "Hi! Welcome!" Even if Sabella offers her services as face painter, Bree grabs the arm of a passing Solace member and hands off the paints. "Just try to paint what they want," she offers expert advice, and then dusting off her hands, "Dame Bree Harthall. At your service." A fist comes to her chest in greeting, and she dips her chin.

"Princess Sabella Grayson," The princess introduces herself to Bree with a grin. She does not offer to paint, but she does send Elizabetta and Lily away on some errands, one of which might be to procure a painter or two, "I am no painter, I'm afraid, but if you want someone to do a storytime then I might be able to help! I'll send for my husband, who is a painter and can likely paint various fantastical things for them. Also I've sent for some...more delicacies for the children this evening! Is there anything in particular being celebrated or is this just a fun night out for them?"

Conall, a large, friendly sable Wolfhound pup with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, a large, gangly, silvery Wolfhound pup with bright gold eyes, 3 Armed Confessors, Atanas Pandev, a wry, stalwart escort, Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes, Ash, a fearless grey fuzzball of cuteness with butter-yellow eyes arrive, following Sunaia.

Jareth looks about and then makes his way over near Sabella and bows his head to the princess. "Hello.." His greeting for her and also for Dame Harthall introducing herself. "It looks like a roaring success." The actor offers a genuine smile and arches his scarred brow with all of the childhood energy flowing around them. "Games.. food.. face painting. Did Sir Jeffeth enlist the assistance of musician to sing them some songs?"

"Just a fun night for them," Bree's smile warms as Sabella lists all of the efforts she's taking to make this evening better. "The Grandmaster thought it would be fun for us, too," she adds with a small lean forward, as if sharing a bit of information about Jeffeth that no one might know. "I grabbed a few metal rings from our training gear, and thought we might play a ring toss a bit later," she continues with her own contributions to the event. "Otherwise, just a cheerful evening for the kids." Just as she says this, the one wearing her hat runs by, being chased by two others who clearly want that hat. Oh kids.

Isidora entered with her husband Fecundo. Though the Princess was normally very reserved there was something about seeing the children that made her more animated. "Hello. I heard there was good fun to be had, so I had to bring my husband to join."

Having seen to it that the dispute over the Goose Incident of 1012 is mostly resolved, Jeffeth starts to slowly stand from the two children. Just in time to see a child with a green blob and a red trail running down his jaw run by. His eyes immediately go over to Bree the face painter, his lips curling up into a brilliant smile immediately. "You're doing great!" Jeffeth calls out with a laugh that is most definitely /with/ her not at her. Probably.

Sabella then has his attention, the big man moving over with a brilliant smile to the Grayson princess. "Your Highness. It is wonderful to see you. Thank you for coming out." He gestures with his hand, "We didn't really have anything concrete to do. I think we'll figure it out while we go. I think Bree has a game in mind she wants to introduce in a little bit here." He motions over his shoulder. "We have some food there, if you're hungry. And.." He leans forward. "If you lift up the cloth there's a couple flasks hiding there." This part he says in a much softer voice.

There was some rumor going on about some thing down in the Lowers, and it's been a while since Sunaia wandered around - so she, 'the lads,' her pair of large dogs, a fuzzy grey kitten (holding fast to the nape of the sable pup) and a tall man in a red vest join the pale Inquisitor on a trip to The Tragedy.

Sunaia is the first to enter (with dogs astride) when she notes the Grayson princess, pauses bows and breaks a quick smile. "Princess Sabella. I didn't realize this was being put on by you. How are you, this evening?" Sunaia bows, aside, to Isidora and Fecundo, nods to Jeffeth and glances around the room. 'The lads' disperse randomly in pairs of two, and the red-vested man helps to prop up the door.

"Master Jareth can likely lead them in a game or two," Sabella helpfully volunteers, giving Jareth a brilliant smile, "Or at least capture their attention with a rousing performance or two! I've asked Prince Niklas to stop by to help with the face painting. And oh, no," she quickly shakes her head to Sunaia, gesturing to Jeffeth, "Grandmaster Jeffeth and the Knights of Solace are responsible for this merriment tonight! Dame Bree was just telling me about a fun game of ring toss that they'll be starting up for the children shortly! I think this was a lovely idea, Grandmaster. Look at how much fun they're--oh, actually they're attached," she tells a couple of children that are picking at the jewels on her dress, "Very well. Let's not--oh one came off. Well, that might be--it's fine!"

Following Isidora's lead, Fecundo enters the buidling with a smile and a small sack over his shoulder. He pauses and looks to Sabella, nodding and then offers Jeffeth the sack, "This might help with your face paints...small collection for just that...when Champions mark their faces for the ones they represent. Was suggested a few years back when I joined. Probably will do more good here."

Jareth isn't quite able to lower that scared brow though he chuckles a little and Sabella's antices and motions with a hand not quite bowing, "I'm sure the children wouldn't want to be bored by a rousing performance. That would require wanting to sit and not turn around. Cakes.. sugar... I think we could be seeing a rather fun rendition of a child induced whirling dervish." He claps playfully at this idea.

Bree watches, wide-eyed, as the children begin to pluck at Sabella's dress, the jewels shiny enough to draw them in like little squirrels. "Now wait..." she begins, but one of them pops a gem off with greedy fingers, and the Knight of Solace bends to scoop up a kid in each arm. "Come on now. Leave the princess alone," she tells them, and then marches a few steps to put them on their feet again, where they share in the prize they won. To Sabella: "I'm sorry about that. I'll replace it for you..." she tells her, and then turns to nod to Jeffeth. "Shall we play the game, then? The adults can join in, too! Team up with the children, maybe?"

"I remember you," Sunaia notes Bree. "The Butterfly Knight - who fought so bravely against Mercedes. I don't know if we caught each other's names, though. I'm Sunaia - Lady Sunaia Ashford; and you're quite the fighter." She glances around to the children and a small smile grows on the pale woman's lips. "And quite the artist, too. I don't think I've ever been in here." Sunaia's pale eyes flick to Colm and she gestures with her head as if to tell him to make the lads go away. Meanwhile, the pale Ashford removes her coat, folds it neatly and hands it off to Colm.

Dressed now in only the leaf-green leathers, Sunaia settles on the floor with the huge dogs beside her. A toddler wanders up, his eyes huge and he stares at the dogs. "BIG DOG!" the child points. Sunaia chuckles, "Big as a horse, almost, hmm? Come here, I'll introduce you."

Isidora bows her head to Sabella and Sunaia. "Maybe My Raven, you could show them how to paint their faces and pretend to be fierce?" She teases her husband softly. Though she wonders what they are getting teamed up for.

The massive man is looking down at the little boy who just found a way to get a gem off of Sabella. There's a grimace, his hands raising to the children who swarm Sabella. "Gems on dresses have to stay on dresses! They're dress-gems..." But Jeffeth doesn't put a massive amount of effort into policiing this new rule. More smiling at the little grubby hands that pop gems off. But then Bree is marching in to stop them, which has the big man's smile fading. Right. Kids. Bad.

There is a broad smile over to Sunaia, Isidora, and Fecundo. There is a deep bow to the new arrivals. As he straightens, a little crow lands on his shoulder, letting out a chipper /caw-caw/. The big man glances over to Bree and smiles broadly. "Alright, let's get teams everyone." Looking to the adults who have arrived. "Grab an adult, kids. The game is about to start! Dame Bree will explain it."

At least one or two children are then attaching themselves to each adult in preparation for whatever game this is.

As adults and children look to pair off for a game, is a good time to slip away.. which is precisely what Jareth does.

"A pleasure to meet you, Lady Sunaia Ashford," Bree beams at the woman, the compliment bringing a flush of pink to tanned cheeks. "Dame Mercedes is fierce indeed. I think I still hear the ringing in my ears from that one. Oh! And I am Bree. Dame Bree Harthall, Knight of Solace." She bows slightly. "Welcome to the event! Jeffeth thought it might be nice for everyone to have a little joy tonight." And then the game is being called for real, and she ohs softly, "I have to go - the game. Pair up, everyone!" she's moving off, waving her hands for children and adults alike. A space has been cleared, a few sturdy cylinders at one end, a pile of rings at the other. "We will have the teams come up, and each member tosses a ring. If you get the center cylinder, five points! An outer cylinder, one point! And uh... no points for hitting the Grandmaster!" She tosses in that rule with a cheeky grin cast Jeffeth-ward.

"It's fine," Sabella assures Jeffeth and Bree even as she gracefully evades a couple of searching hands by scooping them up in her own, "I have plenty more where those came from!" And then noticing the state of the children's garments she adds, "Perhaps I will have some of my old ones made up into little outfits for the children here, even if it's just for dress-up!" She leans down to say to the young boy she's grabbed the hands of, "I'm not very good at throwing things, so will you help me with this game?"

Bree checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Bree checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

As odd as it is, Sunaia murmurs to the toddler who grins and nods, then nods again. The pale Ashford scoops up the child for her teammate. "Alex and I are teammates," she declares, stepping over to where Bree stands and waiting for their chance. "Are you good at throwing, Alex?" Sunaia checks with the child.

"I AM!" he shouts - winning a smirk from the Ashford.

Sabella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Sabella checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Sunaia checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Fecundo checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Sunaia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Fecundo checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

2 Whitehawk Guards, Cabbit, a nub-tailed tabby cat arrive, following Bedivere.

Although they show up late, Lord Bedivere and the nub-tailed kitten Cabbit are finally here! The latter perches atop the shoulder of the former, of course.

Isidora checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Isidora checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

A little girl, Tilly, has teamed up with Jeffeth, and the pair are mean mugging the rest of the competition, the massive man standing with his giant arms folded and the little girl standing in quite a similar pose, at about knee height. When it's their time, Jeffeth plucks up one of the horseshoes and with some gentle murmuring to the little girl on their game plan, they both throw their rings /hard/ at the center pole and are immediately cheering for their success without looking at the results. Jeffeth is picking up Tilly and throwing her into the air before catching her and spinning. Yaaaa! They won! Maybe! Who cares!

"One, two, three, TOSS!" Sunaia encourages little Alex - who manages quite well. (Did it help that he was still in the lady's arms? Who knows, but still he managed well enough, indeed. Sunaia tosses a ring next - and manages exactly as well. Alex bounces in her arms, cheering; the pale Ashford lightly laughs.

3 Armed Confessors, Conall, a large, friendly sable Wolfhound pup with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, a large, gangly, silvery Wolfhound pup with bright gold eyes, Atanas Pandev, a wry, stalwart escort, Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes, Ash, a fearless grey fuzzball of cuteness with butter-yellow eyes leave, following Sunaia.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Sabella heads over with little Larry, smiling encouragingly as she throws the first one and it lands...well, basically right in front of her. The kid does a little bit better, after giving her a look, perhaps wondering if she did that on purpose, but at least he gets it in the outer ones. Sabella claps delightedly and beams at him, "Amazing job! You've got quite the arm on you! Are you planning on being a Knight of Solace?"

Cabbit loves attention, and Bedivere holds him in one hand (the only hand), so the little kiddies can pet the little kitty. Meanwhile, the Whitehawk lord side whispers to their Grandmaster Jeffeth.

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