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Ischian Pleasure Cruise

The Count of the March of Ischia has invited guests from Arx to join him aboard the ship named the Ospery, to escape the last cold days of winter. The ship will cruise the beautiful crystal blue waters surrounding the island, where guests can enjoy some Lycene fare and dancing on the ships deck, and perhaps even some fishing if they feel inclined.


Nov. 21, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Dio Imogene


Sabella Braith Niklas Theron




Outside Arx - Lyceum near Ischia - The Osprey - Off the Coast of Ischia

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Comments and Log

It is late afternoon. The sun is making its way towards the horizon, and glints off the surface of the water in sparkles of golden light. Small boats, rowed by the least piratical looking of Dio's crew, ferry guests to and from the island to The Ospery.

It is late afternoon. The sun is making its way towards the horizon, and glints off the surface of the water in sparkles of golden light. Small boats, rowed by the least piratical looking of Dio's crew, ferry guests to and from the island to The Ospery.

The deck of The Ospery has been set with tables, secured to the deck against the slight rocking of the sea, and a variety of sea food, olives, fruit, Lycene breads and sauces can be found spread across their surface. Crew members are on hand to offer guests wine, rum, brandy, water or drinks mixed from various liquors and fruit which grows in abundance on Ischia.

Dio moves on deck, with the breeze passing over his dark hair, speaking those Ischian guests who've come aboard the Osprey, and seeing that they're offered the finest drinks he can provide.

Sabella only looks a little green around the edges, what with not being the biggest fan of boats even though she married an islander. Maybe because she married an islander. She stands near the railing with one hand clutching it in a white knuckles grip while her other hand olds a glass of red wine. She's still smiling though, making small talk with those nearby until Dio comes near, "Marquis Dio! What a wonderful idea for a party! It's so beautiful out here!"

With his own glass of red wine in hand, Dio comes to stand before Sabella, offering a deep bow. "Thank you, Your Highness. I'm glad you could make it out. I'm not so used to the cold of Arx, and it is a great relief to be back as sea for a time, and in a warmer clime. Haven you spent much time in the Lyceum, if I may ask?"

"Not really, no," Sabella confesses after having another sip of wine, not releasing her death grip on the railing, "I've heard you have glorious beaches! I almost married a Mazetti once and a I think Princess Tikva was hopeful they could fine a Velenosan Prince for me, but I'm afraid I ruined everyone's plans by elevating a Thraxian Lord instead," she grins, raising her glass, "And Grayson has been all the better for it since! But a very good friend of mine who used to be a Whisper married a Lycene Lord and now spends all of her time relaxing in the warm sun. You have reminded me I really should visit her! But how are you finding Arx, besides snowy and cold?"

Dio smiles, listening to Sabella speak. The afternoon sun gleams through his wine, giving the brief impression of the lunar phenomena so celebrated in the Lyceum. "It is a little overwhelming to be honest," admits Dio. "There are a lot of people in a very small space - many of whom wield great power and influence." He takes a sip of wine and his smile broadens a bit. "Though your introductions have been a gift from the gods, Your Highness. I believe I have made a less than horrible impression on Lady Dianna, Lady Alessia and Countess Arcadia."

"Oh, come now, you and your wife are absolutely delightful! I'm sure you've been the toasts of the town since you've arrived," Sabella laughs. She's standing by the railing, one hand holding on to it tightly as she talks to Dio, "And I'm always happy to make introductions so please feel free to request them! I'm hosting a few events in the next couple of weeks as well, and you both are of course invited."

Dio checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

"You are most kind," says Dio. A school of flying fish leap from the waters near the boat, as gulls circle overhead. When Sabella mentions hosting events, Dio says, "We will certainly come if at all possible. I am probably the least apt person to be hosting anything, and my wife is not pleased with me for leaving for Ischia without her, since she must attend to other matters in the city." The slightest look of embarrassment rises to the Marquis's face, and one his crew snickers; however a sharp look from Dio brings him to immediately silence and a feverish performance of his duties.

Stepping off the latest boat to arrive on the island, Braith Mazetti takes her time to move about the dress that catches the light and sparkles like day light stars. She steps aside, the low sandals serving her well and the air stirring the shimmering dress as she glances back to her companion or rather her husband.

Dark black curls gleam in the light, carefully oiled to keep them from frizzing about her face. The scent of sandalwood and rose mix together to fill the air around her. She uses her hands to grasp up the dress and situate it so they might join the others.

Niklas comes back from the other side of the ship where he's spent the last few minutes creatively painting the ocean, but now that he's cleared out his stomach and had some fresh air he doesn't like quite as green about the gills as he did earlier. Though he still doesn't look like he's glad to be out here on open waters. So much for every Islander loving the sea. Approaching his wife he groans to her, "Sabella, why do we keep going to parties on boats?" Still, now that he's got an empty tum, he stops to grab a handful of olives, cold shrimp and cheese. Once he's topped everything off with a snifter of brandy he returns to the group. "Marquis Dio, you have a lovely boat and a lovely home, and it's good to know that if pirates come after us other pirates will come to our aid."

If Sabella notices anything is amiss she breezes right past it, "I shall have to let her know that we missed her and make it up by inviting her to tea when we get back," as Niklas approaches she laughs again, "Because the company is so pleasant and the views absolutely gorgeous! And look, there's Lady Braith!" she forgets herself for a moment, letting go of the railing to wave to the other woman, but then quickly grabbing on to it again, "They say you eventually get your sea legs but I never seem to."

Dio's attention is swept away by Braith's shimmering dress. "Welcome aboard the Osprey, My Lady," he says. "Can we get you some wine or some Ostrian brandy?" He laughs a bit piraticaly at Niklas's greeting, and bows his head. "Thank you, Your Highness. Folk like myself and my crew thrive on the thrill of adventure and the aquisition of treasure. It is good to be able to be of use to those with more refined and useful talents." His dark eyes shift to Niklas's painting. "Would you consider selling me your work? My wife would love it for the palazzo in Arx." Turning again to Sabella, Dio asks, "What will you be hosting, Your Highness?"

Following the wife Theron is actually dressed for ocean adventures. He even looks at home on the ship and ready to do swimming, or hand to hand combat with aquatic creatures. Garibaldi is in tow working overtime as Swordbearer as he has them all for once. "Ah, see once you have them Princess Grayson you never really lose them!" He's not bothering with a hand on the rail at this point, but he is leaning to one side to get a good look at what's in the water. "Not too hot, not too cold, so the water. Well. That part will be a mystery until I try it."

"Hello!" Braith remarks to the others when Sabella calls out her name. She's too busy futzing with the gown. "I am thinking the practical outfit would have been better and I am not realizing..I am likely to blind someone in this thing. Ahhhh well,"she says and clears her throat. She starts their way even as Theron is giving a survey near the railing. "Oh if you have some whiskey to start this off, I will take that and then work into some brandy to appease my husband." She glances back over her shoulder. "And I am sure he will just take brandy. How are you all?"

"Now that I have seen your beautiful city, I think I must paint something specific for you and the Marquessa. And of course there will be no charge. The creation of beauty is its own reward, truly. It's all we can do." Niklas offers the others a bow. "Lord Theron, Lady Braith. So good to see you both."

"I'm afraid, Lord Theron, that one cannot lose something they never possess," Sabella grins and leans a hip into the side of the boat to steady herself, "But I think of it as a trade off for how well I move when the ground isn't lurching beneath my feet! And Marquis Dio, the first and most important event it the fundraiser for the Tragedy orphanage. I'll be raffling off baskets donated by other families and filled with all sorts of goodies! And of course there will be music provided by the Bard's College," she smiles at Braith, "The second is a scavenger hunt throughout the city itself! That might be fun for you and your wife, a way to get acquainted with the layout of the streets while also playing a game!"

Dio smiles to see Theron arrive on board, and raises his wine in greeting. "Thank you for joining us, My Lord. It would appear you've spent some time at sea?" When Braith mentions drinks, the Marquis nods to one of his crew, and she offers Braith some whiskey, and some Ostrian brandy for Theron. "If you wish, My Lord," says Dio to Theron, "we have nets and rods for fishing, or we can take a few of those spears and see if there's anything fit for eating we can catch in the reef," gesturing towards various fishing gear stowed just below the forecastle.

"Tragedy orphanage," echos Dio. "I've not heard of it before. Is it in the city of Arx?" he asks, taking another sip of wine. "As for the scavenger hunt, we will certainly come if we can. It would be nice to have a good reason to move through the city - so long as I can find my way back to some place familiar in the end." To Niklas, Dio has a look of surprise. The largesse of the Grayson prince in offering such beautiful artwork for free is clearly not something that he's very familiar with. "That is very kind, Your Highness, and most appreciated."

There is The Sigh of The Long Suffering Male from Theron as Braith seeks whiskey first. "Baby steps." He cocks a smartassed smile at Braith. "You look lovely regardl-AUGH MY EYES!" He makes a show of slapping hand to his eyes as if blinded. His next step is to slide step back AWAY from the wife's immediate reach as a result. "Prince Grayson, a pleasure." Theron bows in reply and looks to Dio. "Marquis, thank you for the invitation, it really is good to get out of the capital into some actual natural weather. Ah well. Ostria does have a strong port, and while we do love our walls. It's good to get onto the ocean now and then." He considers and grins brightly. "I may take up the spear offer!" Theron turns attention to Sabella. "Ah, well. I was trying to give you some good news? Sea legs do come in time."

"Are the Bard's college performing? I always seem to be so woefully informed. I am a member, but I fear I have to keep an eye on this one lately I don't have time for it," she remarks and chuckles with a grin at Theron when he squeals about his eyes. She gives him a look and her hand swats out to smack him playfully in the chest. "Can not take you anywhere!" She finds she misses though for he steps back and she harumphs. "He knows me too well."

"Thank you," she says as the whiskey is delivered and she sips from it, a happy sigh followed by a smile. "This is truly lovely," she admits about the ship and the cruise. "I prefer dry land but I have to say, it is a lovely day."

"I always have them play at my events," Sabella confirms to Braith with a smile, "So if you don't feel up to being social you can always grab a chair and just play! And yes, it's in the Lowers, although please promise that you won't venture down over the bridge unless you are very well guarded," Sabella warns Dio. Finally to Theron she offers another smile and laugh, "I do appreciate your optimism, Lord Theron, but I'm afraid this is the one place in life where I become pessimistic. On a boat."

Dio laughs softly as Theron and Braith banter. The sun begins its final descent into night, and the horizon glows with fiery reds, golds and oranges, fading into deeper purple to the east. The first stars of the evening being to glimmer in the sky.

"It is nice to out of the snow for a while," says Dio to Theron. "I've sailed up to the waters off The Cloudspine, but, gods, it gets cold in Arx, though I'm lucky my wife had some manner of special tiles installed in the Palazzo that vent heat up from the fireplace below." To Braith, Dio says, "You are a member of the Bard's College? Do you have an instrument you prefer? I was telling Princess Sabella in Stahl Hall that I can play a little on the lute, though not well." At Sabella's warning about the lowers, a slight grin touches Dio's lips. "I do some business in the Lowers, and know the dangers well - though I am perhaps luckier than most nobles in that Seraceni has some long standing ties with some of the most dangerous elements there, though I will certainly take your advice and remain wary."

There is a continued chuckling from Theron as he did manage to avoid Braith's smack. "Yes well, you started training me early for it, really." A wink towards Braith and he looks to Sabella. "I suppose that is fair, we all have our spots we are not fond of. It really does take practice." Theron studies the horizon and the sunset, even taking a few steps so his hand can seek his wife's. "One can get too much of snow, especially when it is starting to drift across areas." There is a faint emphasis on the word drift. "I admit I have had to get a little closer to the hearth this winter. I blame it on not getting out of the capital more often." He gestures to Braith and grins. "She can play, just don't try to take the lute from her. She has amazing aim."

"That it is," says Niklas in agreement with Dio when the marquis comments on getting away from the snow. "People keep saying that spring is coming, but it doesn't seem like it to step outside. They had the First Bloom celebration two weeks gone and I can honestly say I feel bad for any blooms that pop up, since they're going to quickly be snowed in." Niklas pops an olive, looking a bit more hale with every sip of brandy he takes. "Where I come from it snows a few days a year, it's sunny a few days a year and the rest of the time it's cold and rainy. Which is how I like it, if I'm being honest."

"I will consider that an open invitation," Braith quips to the Princess. "And thank you. I will make sure to have Larksong with me. My lute that is," she adds over the rim of her glass as her voice muffles just a tidge near the end when she takes a deep pull from her whiskey. Her face shows her reaction to the burn but its a pleased smile that soon crosses her features. "Mmm so ohhh yes, I am. The lute...most assuredly. Sir Jeffeth replaced my old lute which was destroyed by Prince Kieran when I hit him with it. He made sure my new one was braced with diamonplate so I might better protect it." She grins a bit more and rubs a hand at her neck as she moves closer to Theron just as he seeks her hand. The dusky hand settles into his as she smiles and leans in to whisper something to him but soon after comes a kiss to the corner of his mouth. "Thank goodness for good matches or where would I be? With someone who has lackluster hair..THAT is where I would be." She lifts her dirnk and down sher whiskey before seeking out someone for brandy while lofting the empty glass into the air.

Sabella gives Niklas a fond smile, even as she pushes at his shoulder, "I think every poet likes the fog and the rain. My favorite time of year is the fall, but I do like the winter as there's more excuses to stay in and curl up infront of a fire." She looks over to watch the sunset and then look up at the stars, "...however I do love summer nights like this as well!"

Dio nods to the musicians on deck, who begin to play string instruments and woodwinds. Steaming trays of lobser, crab and swordfish are laid out on the table, and crew members circulate to refill the drinks of the guests, with Braith getting to decide between more brandy or be tempted with more whiskey.

"I also enjoy the autumn most, Your Highness," replies Dio to Sabella. "The winds tend to favorable, and ships are often loaded with all manner of interesting goods that time of year." When Braith speaks of hitting a prince with a lute, the Marquis grins and says, "May I ask what Prince Kieran did to become the source of a broken lute?" Anne comes to stand beside Dio, and whispers something in his ear and he nods to her. "This is my first mate, Anne." Anne sweeps her tricornered hat from her head, and bows, her blonde pontail, falling over her shoulder for a moment, before she rises. "m'Lords and Ladies, if it please you, I'd like to preform the knife dance - an honored tradition of House Seraceni."

More food is just a plus for Niklas, who happily loads up on everything on offer. Southern seafood is quite a bit different from the whitefish and squid on which Niklas was raised. When Dio introduces some crew, he offers polite nods to each, then sits back when the Marquis announces his plan to do the knife dance, trying to imagine just what such a thing might entail.

Sabella watches Niklas pile all that food onto his plate and starts to look a little more pale than she was before, but then Anne is offering to dance and she gives a very polite smile, "Of course! I always love to see new dances. Nik, help me over to a seat and later we can show everyone how uncoordinated we are on a boat."

Following Niklas, Dio also takes up a large plate of food, and leans agaisnt one of the tables, and turning his attention to Anne. The crew also look to the first mate, who turns her back to those on the deck. The flutist plays a melody, while the lute players add in their harmonies. Anne beings her dance, moving in a sensuous Lycene style. Her dance is punctuated by the occasional clap from the enirtely of the crew to punctuate the more acrobatic moves. The first mate's graceful hips, combined with the twirling, juggling or tossing of knives make for an exhilerating performace, culimating in a finale where Anne sends two of her knives twirling through the air, while drawing another two from hidden sheathes at her lower back, and hurling them into the air as well, so that they all collide in a flash of sparks, and land in a rectangle surrounding the dancer. Anne holds her pose for a brief moment, breathing heavily but smiling, while a cheers and applause spreads among the crew.

The musicians are pleased to play longer for the guests to dance if they wish, and alchohol and good food continues to flow freely, until the air becomes cold enough, to warrent a boat ride to island, and an offer of the finest rooms in Ischia to the guests, before the morning ship leaves to Arx.

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