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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXXVI

Join us for another night of exciting sparring, high spirits and excellent company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of warriors and fighting styles welcome (including melee, brawling, archery and other battles of skill). For those light in gear or wishing to truly test your skills upon the sands, the Hart's equipment is available to borrow. Or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favourite fighters.

Everyone is very welcome. Drinks are on the house.

Donations of silver and writs to the Golden Hart's charitable fund appreciated but not required. Deepest thanks for your ongoing support!

We look forward to seeing you there!



This event was created to offer some relaxed fun and more great chances to RP. As always, the Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please be welcome.

If you have questions, @mail Valencia. We look forward to seeing you! Winners from past events are listed here: <3


Nov. 17, 2019, 9:30 p.m.

Hosted By



Waldemai Sabella Lucita Ian Zoey Dio


Golden Hart


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Waldemai has joined the upper rafters.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

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Jok, the muscley muscle knight, Metzger, a great grey shrike, Maximus, the drooly Highhill Mastiff leave, following Dominique.

Micana, 1 Saik Guard, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler arrive, following Lucita.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

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Waldemai is in his usual seat high in the rafters, a bucket of ale handy. "Who's in the first fight?" he calls down. "You don't want to have to watch me do this!"

"Not I," Sabella replies to Waldemai cheerfully as she comes in wearing a very glittery Grayson outfit, "I can barely move in this petticoat. Perhaps I went a tad too big with the lace but I just can't help myself when I see such a good deal! How have you been, Master Waldemai?"

Lucita makes her way into the arena and looks about her. She orders a warm drink, winter is lingering after all, and moves over toward the table at which Zoey sits. "Mind if I join you? I've had enough fighting myself for a while and just want to watch. " On hearing Waldemai she lifts a hand and waves. "Not me, Master Waldemai, I wrestled enough with two children who were feeling the effects of eating too much of my birthday cake and starting to be extraordinarily energetic!

Ian comes in more or less with Lucita, though he's watching his feet as always. It's not clear whether he intentionally showed up with her or met her somewhere on the way. Or maybe they're just walking in at the same time. He sinks into a chair.

Ian has joined the corner table.

Zoey smiles at Lucita and Ian as they join her table. "I'm surprised there aren't more of us here," Zoey comments. "And where is our lovely hostess?"

Waldemai is feeling pretty good after a couple ales. He waves the horn he uses as a mug. "Good day away from the forge," he declares, splashing a bit. "Well, if I can't get a bet down on a fight, how about this? I've got 500 silver that says Princess Valencia gets here in less than an hour!"

Lucita says, "That I don't know. I have not seen her for a few weeks and decided to drop by. I've not heard of anything wrong regarding her but.. maybe she just got tied up with something unavoidable." A glance is given up to Waldemai. "That sounds a reasonable bet. If she is not here by then, we'll have to see what the matter is, it is not usual for her to be very late to her own events.""

"I'll take that bet," Sabella says cheerfully, heading over to where the other three are sitting, "I'm terrible at betting on actual fighting since I barely know what end of the sword to hold. Do you mind if I sit with you?" She asks Ian, Zoey, and Lucita, "It's been an age since I've been here. Do they still do archeries tournaments."

Waldemai lifts his horn to signify acceptance. "You're on, M'lady!"

"Not nearly as often as I would like," Zoey laments. "Though I did get to try my hand at throwing knives last time."

"She's got other things she gets caught up with," Ian remarks. "She's been late to one of these things a couple of times before. Princess Sabella." He greets Sabella in exactly the same tone of voice that he was just speaking in, making the greeting sound somehow like part of the previous thought.

Sabella has joined the corner table.

Lucita says, "hmmmm, I did not know she was late because I've missed a few of these, tied up in duties or off in Saikland or the like. Who's been ahead in the spars lately?" She pauses a moment then says. "Do you look at the ads much Lord Ian? I think I saw someone hunting for a teacher of dodging and athletics and survival somewhere amid the ads." Sabella is given a welcoming smile. "That sounds like me. I can handle small weapons but that's about it."

"Baroness Lucita I feel like it has been even longer since I've seen you! How are the children? Did I hear you say you'd been chasing them about? I am going to have to ask you for tips on how to handle two at a time--beyond just hiring a fleet of nannies, which has definitely helped!" Sabella has herself a seat, giving everyone a big smile, "And I'm sure she's just a touch busy. Who hasn't received inconvenient messengers or seven when they were trying to get to an event?"

Ian shakes his head to Lucita. "I don't follow the ads. If you know anyone who's looking for training, ask them to send me a messenger."

Anne, a dangerously alluring Seraceni first mate arrives, following Dio.

Waldemai sends a small pouch down from the rafters to Lucita. "The time's up and no sign of Princess Valencia, so you've won, m'lady," he calls. "I'll just sit up here and finish my ale."

Lucita says, "Lady Zoey may have some tips, too, they have one child plus others in the nursery. As for mine. The nanny does most of it, Lord Julian used to help when he was in Arx but has returned to Saikland. I try to spend a little time with them after breakfast before starting my duties, and again near their bedtime for a little while before leaving to come to events like this. The routine seems to kee them settled. Once in a while I take them out with me, one of their favoirte places is watch 'Bam-Bam' Master Waldemai at work. They sit safely on the counter and are fascinated. I think he holds their attention because their balcony overlooks the area where his shop is and they can hear the sounds of his hammer working at the Malvici armor."

"Lady Zoey doesn't have twins. Yet," Sabella grins at Zoey before turning back to Lucita, "We've now got four when we expected only three! I'd say we're getting rather used to it, but I'm not sure anyone can truly be used to having a gaggle of children about. They are so adorable though!"

Dio and Anne enter the arena, the former taking a look around with a smile. "Thinking of sparring, m'Lord?" asks Anne of Dio. "To the Abyss with that. Princess Marian thrashed me. Be a while 'fore I stand a chance against the best of Arx," he replies. They make their way over to the bar. "Rum, Mate," says Dio to the tender. "Gambling then?" asks Anne. A grin spreads across Dio's face.

"The Kay's got a lot of kids running around," Ian points out to Sabella, sipping at his drink as he does so.

"Five. We have five kids running around, two more on the way, and, Sabella, why do you keep putting this wish of twins on me?" says Zoey.

Waldemai finishes his bucket of ale. "Well, as long as the ale is good and I can get a bet down, I count myself a happy man. On a night like tonight I'd be best near my nice warm forge." He climbs down from the rafters and calls, "G'night!"

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

"Must've missed the action," mutters Dio as he takes his rum from the bartender. Anne curses in the way those accustomed to the sea and the insidious dens frequented by those who sail it sometimes do. The Marquis throws back his glass and shrugs. "Next time, perhaps." He lays a few silver on the bar, and makes his way out of the arena.

Anne, a dangerously alluring Seraceni first mate leaves, following Dio.

Lucita chuckles softly. "No, not yet but two can still keep you busy, sometimes busier since different ages need different things. I'm lucky to have a very good nanny for them, one who is teaching them manners and their colors, proper ways to speak, numbers. And they are just three and a half. She keeps them to a routine that helps to handle them.

"But twins are an entirely separate challenge, the Baroness can likely attest to that!" Sabella laughs, moving to raise her hand to wave Dio over but then he's gone again, "Ah, I'll have to make introductions some other time, he--" and then she's interrupted by a messenger and sighs, "What I said before is very true, someone is always needing something when you're just trying to relax," she stands and gives one more bright smile to the group, "I don't wish twins on anyone, Zoey! Babies are lovely, but definitely one at a time is better. In any event, enjoy your evening!"

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Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

Ian looks to Zoey. "We should probably get going. It looks like nobody's going to be fighting tonight."

Zoey sighs. "Too bad. Yes, we should head home then," says Zoey as she stands up.

Lucita says, "I need to head home, too. It was good to see the two of you."

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Micana, 1 Saik Guard, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler leave, following Lucita.

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