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Telmar & Vassals Roundtable

Lady Tesha is calling a roundtable at the Tower for Telmar family and their vassals. There is information to discuss and there's some new faces that could use introducing. There will be a few guests. Dinner will be served!


Nov. 11, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Dominique Alis Simone Korka Monique Gaspard Eshra Marius



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

Jotun, An Oathlands War Horse arrives, following Gaspard.

Metzger, a great grey shrike have been dismissed.

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It's been a bit since there was a Telmar roundtable, but now was the time to do one. For it was coming down to getting everyone on the same page as far as information went and making sure that people had things that they needed. There are drinks that can be picked from and there are plates of food that can be served around during the meeting. Tesha wasn't wanting people to be bored to death or hungry while they sat there.

And speaking of Tesha, she's seated and going through a frew papers, making sure that things are altogether. She was also making last minute checks to see if Ansel was going to attend. Seats are plentiful at the table and other places. Atramentous is laying at her feet and Cora is off to the side as she goes through things as well. Tesha has a grim look on her face, but that might be the new norm for the woman.

Dressed in the colors of her house from head to toe in a sweater dress and matching thigh high boots is the Marquessa Wyrmguard. With a fur lined cloak wrapped about her lithe and athletic frame, she glances about as she comes in with her usual retinue of hanger-onners. Glancing about, she runs her fingers through her dark locks as she purses her lips and bows her head at Tesha before taking a seat.

Alis is gloom to match Tesha's grim, the clank of her boots really the only thing that heralds her entrance as she tries to find a place to sit where she can listen, take notes, maybe nudge shoulders if she has anything helpful to offer.

Haurchefant, an unassuming assistant leaves, following Tatienne.

Marquessa Simone Greenmarch nee Telmar arrives in a gown of seasilk red, accompanied by her sister-in-law with quiet murmurs between them that are ended as they step into the great hall of her childhood. She smiles, warmly, to Tesha as she greets the Telmar Voice, "Lady Tesha, thank you for arranging this. I find myself far too out of the loop, lately, and I would like to remedy that."

Korka is here, standing off to the side since she's not technically a Telmar anymore, arms folded and holding up the wall while she watches everyone come in and mingle.

Monique arrives with a once-Telmar on her arm, her crimson head bent to that of her sister-in-law, the lovely Marquessa Simone Greenmarch. That quiet conversation between them seems to amuse the Minx for she wears a smile upon her carmine stained lips as her black-clad form keeps pace with Simone. There's a smile for Tesha. "I'm certainly curious to hear of the latest developments. Greetings, Lady Tesha."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tesha before departing.

For all the presence the height and breadth of Gaspard could give, his entrance is rather quiet. No flash to his attire outside of what's expected of him, the only true pride taken in his appearance is the neatness of slicked and tied hair and a well kept beard. He's not without his manners, either, greeting Tesha upon entry with a fist to his chest and a deep bow. "My Lady. It is good to see you, thank you for the invitation." Deep, rumbled words are soft, but appreciative along with the small smile that follows when he rises back to his full height, eventually stepping off to sit in a chair he hopes will hold him without too much protest.

Tesha gives a dip of her head as people come in and sit down. She doesn't really have a smile, but Simone gets a warmer greeting, "Cousin." she states. Then she's going through her stack of notes. "Now, I know a few of you already have the information that I'm going to give you. But I wanted to make sure that everyone was on the same page about what happened at Highill and what is being done since then." she tells them. She has Cora pass out the pages that have been copied for the others that need them. When Gaspard comes in there's a look to him, up a little bit, "Lord Blackram, it is good to see you as well." she states.

Simone does not take up more of Tesha's attention, but she murmurs a, "Thank you," as she accepts the pages and directs Monique to a place at the table and claiming a seat gracefully.

Simone has joined the North End of the Great Oaken Table.

Alis is flipping through some of the information handed out, that she hadn't seen before, a circle drawn around one word before Tesha begins speaking again. That's where her attention settles then, the princess remaining silent thus far.

Monique has joined the North End of the Great Oaken Table.

Eshra sits back in the alcove by the hearth, the Rivenshari voice abnormally quiet, even her bells seems subdued whenever she moves her head or nods to those she knows. When Tesha states that she wants to make sure everyone is on the same page about what happened at High Hill,. Eshra's dark eyes lift from the material being discussed, her gaze flickering quickly to Alis with a slight arch to the woman's brow.

Her gaze washes over each of the representatives of the various houses though she quirks a brow at Gaspard. Dominique hrmms for a few moments as she leans in against him for a few moments, muttering something softly before she sits up and nods and waits.

Monique settles in beside Simone, crossing her legs one over the other, her eyes following the flow of conversation and information with intent eyes. She leans in to offer a soft murmur to her sister-in-law before straightening.

"Spring of 1012 is upon us soon," murmurs Simone, stating that obvious fact as she looks over the papers, before her forest green gaze lifts to sweep the room.

Finding a seat that doesn't groan too much when he sits, Gaspard readily settles in to listen and catch up on things likely missed since his time away. But his attentions are captured a moment when Dominique leans in, the man perking and leaning down so she doesn't have to strain and he doesn't have to be too loud when murmuring back.

"Yes, if they could have lasted only a few more months, none of this would he happening." Eshra's dark voice rises from the shadows.

Simone's deep gaze settles on Eshra, her chin tipping into a soft gesture towards the man, before she leans a moment's closeness towards Monique to murmur to her sister-in-law.

Tesha stands after a moment of letting people soak up information, it was a lot to handle for those who haven't seen it. "After everyone is ready I will read a report from Sir Amund." she states.

Simone tips her chin to Monique softly, a simple answer to whatever their whispered conversation was, before her attention turns to focus the entirety of the weight of it on Tesha.

Tesha takes up the report from Amund, "Now if anyone is already aware of this, please bare with us." she tells them.

"House Thornweave predates the Reckoning, being present supposedly at Queen Primeria's time in Caer'alfar. The most important member, Oberion Thornweave, had been so powerful that he was kidnapped, tortured and broken by the Skylords of Cardia, only to be healed."

"Oberion was the first Huntsmaster of the West, a title Sylv'alfar in origin, and a powerful blood mage on his own right, on par with King Calithex and many others.

Sometime around the time of the Elven War, this Lord offered to House Telmar the sword Red Thorn. It was a powerful bloodwood blade, it once fought against evil, but it has since been corrupted by Slaver's touch. It, and many others made by Oberion, likely carry his ills and burdens, including indenture to the Slaver's will.

At around 1012 AR, sometime before the mass murders of Prodigals by House Beaucage and its associates, Trevor Beaucage, son of the then-Marquis, slaughtered a tribe of Shavs that protected a Vault of Thorns, where House Thornweave, who had close ties to House Valardin, made a ritual to lock themselves in until such a time this, writ binding all Sylv'alfar could wear off on them. An unfortunate unlocking of this vault unleashed them and thus they traveled to their ancestral home in Highhill and spelled doom for House Steelhart and its heirs. It then split into two groups, a group of twelve headed a Northward path, and one Thornweave, Oberion, southward to Acorn Hill. There, he promoted a widespread killing and then joined up with the Knights of the Swarm. This has been confirmed by Marquessa Lora diFidante.

At any rate, there are three goals that the Traitor requires, to achieve his goals: the sacrifice of his daughters - bloodied, and then spent Old Souls and the regal crown of a great Queen. I believe that this third goal would be the one that the Knights and Oberion are after.

A red-haired man at Highhill, whom Lady Lilia, the team and I met at the expedition has said that Elfblights do help to ward against the Thornweave. Artshall was right in the course of Oberion Thornweave and yet left whole, which may lend credence to this piece of knowledge. It has been bandied about by many I've spoken that this elf must be redeemed, rather than slain. Plans to do so include the use of Red Thorn as a ritual sacrifice in a ritual. a way that might give House Telmar an actionable sword, for the destruction of what cannot be used. I am trying to achieve this effort.

Thus ends my report.

Sword of the Telmarch."

Monique murmurs something quiet to Simone, rising and then slipping from the room just as silently.

Monique has left the North End of the Great Oaken Table.

Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, Kit, the grey fox, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants leave, following Monique.

Simone listens to the report, considering the weight of the information in it. It's only as Monique rises that her attention falters, moving to Monique with a moment's smile and nodding her chin, before it returns to Tesha.

As the report is read, somthing said causes a slight catch of her breath from the Telmar Admiral, Eshra falling silent almost immediately though if one looks back there is a paleness to the Rivenshari's face that is note normally found.

Marius slips in with a quiet, apologetic word in time to listen to the report from Amund, the Marquis of Greenhaven's face growing serious and concerned as he listens. "Forgive my lateness. Thank you for the report, that's..." He shakes his head, "I hadn't known it was so dire."

Korka tilts her head just slightly at that report, looking around the room at everyone's reactions rather than giving one of her own. A raised eyebrow the only indication that she probably hadn't heard some of that.

Simone makes a soft gesture to her husband, a beckoning one, as she tips her chin in agreement. "And what of the other twelve? If the ritual is to free Oberion Thornweave, is there similar rituals for his kin? And do we know where they are, what their goals are? Where they are headed?"

"So, it's the regal crown of a great queen that they're after next? Is this something we should alert the Crown about?" Alis wonders, taking several long moments to digest the information, "Or would this be an elven Queen they're looking for the crown of? Or am I making this more complicated then it needs to be. I know, I do that."

Tesha gives a look around the room, taking in some of the reactions, "Sadly, the Swords of Telmar are seemingly cursed, so when another one that is appropriate is found or is forged, we will let people know. Red Thorn will be destroyed." she states. "Is there anything that anyone is confused by with the report, or would like to add anything with their own dealings with the Thornweavers?" she asks the room.

Simone gets her attention though as she moves to sit down, "We are trying to keep apprised of where they are, but for the moment I do not know their goals or any of those things. I'm wishing we could work on that faster." she admits. To Alis though, there's a look, "I was guessing it was an Elven Crown. I'm going to be guessing that it is one that was reincarnated, but, more research needs to be done for this. I am unsure if they would be going after Queen Symonesse, but, I guess until we know more that everything is possible. I can contact the King's Own to share that information." she nods to that. "There's a lot of holes that we are trying to fill information wise and I apologize that we don't have all of the answers right now, but, this is information that I wanted people to have." she admits.

Eshra nods to Alis' questions, her own rising as well as she glances back to Tesha. "Seems to be more questions than answers. You said the sacrifice of his daughters? Bloodied? Do we know who they are? Is it simply the spilling of blood or are they in danger of death?"

430Tesha gives a look to Eshra and there's a shake of her head, "Those are things that I do not know, but I am hoping that we can either find out or see if we can help with." she admits.

Alis has a slight smile for that, though it's a self-deprecating one in the end. "Lady Tesha, I feel half the time as if I'm stumbling around in the dark while trying to keep several plates balanced on my head and in my hands these days. You are not alone in that." is commented with an air of exasperation for the circumstance. "If you would be so kind, yes, to inform the King's Own. It would be prudent, I think."

Eshra nods, glancing to Alis with a slight smile and then falls back to her silent watching

"My sister-in-law, Monique, has said that their death is a requirement of the ritual. The daughters of the Horned Gods," Simone offers to the group, her fingers brushing thoughtfully over the edges of the papers. She gazes to Tesha from Eshra. "I believe that they know who they are, and others might. I do not, however."

*Horned God

There's a nod of acknowledgement as she looks towards Gaspard in the affirmative. Dominique hrmms for a few moments as she runs her fingers through her hair before she raises her hand as if seeking the floor. With what Simone offers, she figures it's as good of a segue as any for this bit of information dump.

"House Thornweave's pains go infinitely deeper than this and their ripples through us, far wider. The Horned God is amassing forces into his services with the apparent goal to put all the world in his master's chains. The Knights of the Swarm are a group of very capable mercenaries under his purview, and they were involved in troubles associated with the Road in the Lyceum and Artshall area, and again in the Lyceum. Sons of the Centipede are cultists derived from shav'arvani that came out of the lawless Saffron Sea islands, striking towards the southeast Lycene coast. So mentally draw a map with the Telmar duchy in the upper left corner, Rubino-Grazia and Graypeak in the lower right, and start carving a straight line. It takes into account several strongholds of the Sylv'alfar in the past and cuts off Arx from significant naval and overland reinforcements in the Hundred Cities. Which, it seems, the Horned God wants to hit. Here, of course."

Oh, and Dominique isn't done. "And back to the Horned God and House Thornweave, we might need to find out more about the blood bromeliad. I do not think elfblight orchids will be enough to defend from them."

Alis writes down more words she is unfamiliar with. There is, of course, a visible twitch at the word 'Centipede', but otherwise the continued chain of disturbing news is met with a quiet mutter.

It is a lot of information that Dominique offers, and Simone processes it quietly, drawing that mental image as she follows along. It is only after, once Dominique seems to have finished, that she questions simply, "Blood bromeliad?"

"I know that for a fact that one Thornweaver can wipe out an army. They are seeming to be unstoppable, but I am hoping that we can find a way to combat them effectively." she tells them. Then there's a soft nod to Simone, "Ah, if they are the Daughter's of the Horned God that makes more sense." she states. "I do not know who any of them are and at this point I believe knowing the identity of them might put them in far more danger." she states. Then she listens to Dominique and there's a soft nod, "The Knights of the Swarm are a horrible group." she makes a disgusted face. "We found one of their old ruins ages ago." she frowns. "And Elfblight Orchids might not be enough, but, I would still like to make sure that they are available to those who will need them." she nods to that.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tesha before departing.

From her dark corner, Eshra's voice is barely a whisper as if she really isn't talking to the room at all. "And so the Great Liberator made the Third Choice, and he took his heart and gave it to those who lived where his brother had emerged, placing a bit inside each of them. And he told them, "Those pieces of my heart will grow inside you, and all those who come from you. And if you remain here, my brother will be trapped in sleep. But I cannot demand it of you, you must be free to choose for yourself." And the ones who'd taken his heart agreed to stay, to keep the Lord of Chains slumbering." her soft voice fading as she stands with the jingle of bells.

Korka's green eyed gaze slides over to Eshra at that quote, then back to Tesha, "Are things still in research phase or are you looking to draft plans of action tonight?" She pipes up from where she leans against the wall.

"I would like to start a few investigations going forward so that we may work to get more information on what we're dealing with. I feel like making sure the fealty and others are on the same page when it comes to threats and of course I invited Princess Alis as she's a Voice and Military leader for Valardin as well as our Liege." she states to that. Then there's a look to Eshra and there's a look of sadness for a moment. But she gives a look to Korka, "No drafting of plans tonight. I feel that while we have information, we have nothing very solid as far as what tactics could be used." she admits. "So I would love to focus on investigating." she states.

"Blood bromeliad." Dominique repeats. "My understanding of it is limited, but I have heard that it is a more concentrated sort of elfblight orchid. I imagine it must require more blood to bloom, but that is all I now. I am still researching it more." It's then that she quiets to see if there's an action plan.

"I cannot speak for what to do about the Thornweave, but we of House Wyrmguard request the aid of Telmar and the other vassals in order to restore High Hill to make it habitable again. That will surely require more economic and military resources. Please lend us your aid."

Eshra blinks, looking at the others. "I am sorry, I need to.." half points towards the door with a frown. "Please, anything that Rivenshari can help with, just send me a message. We will help where we can." At which point the woman simply turns and heads for the door.

"Will it not be dangerous, to have too much activity at Highhill, if the Thornweavers are still about to bring destruction to it? Are we sure that they won't return to their ancient home again?" Simone questions quietly, words written with a tone of concern.

Eshra has left the A stone alcove with a fireplace and chairs.

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Alis writes something out for Laurene to pass along to Dominique as the woman speaks of High Hill, "Something to start with. If you tell us how much you need, Valardin is happy to see what we can do to continue to help rebuild. In honor of the fallen." she murmur quietly. "Additionally, if there is any silver or resources required for the investigations please let me know."

"Telmar will of course aid Wyrmguard with the rebuilding of Highhill." Tesha gives a nod to Dominique. There is a look to Simone and a nod of agreement with that, "That might be a risk with the rebuilding, but, I have not heard of them returning since they destroyed it." she admits.

Marius nods in agreement with Simone's words, "Ultimately, I think we'll just need to gather more information, and anything I learn I'll pass on immediately."

"We have done a risk analysis, and we do not think they will return when there is on one there. The lands are fertile, and there is an overgrowth of flora over the lands, so we need to at least send forces to reclaim the land." There's a bow of her head in thanks to Alis and Tesha. "I've already been putting together an expeditionary force to survey High Hill. The last thing we need is squatters on that land." Dominique admits ruefully.

Simone is overheard praising Tesha: A steady and appreciated Voice of Telmar.

Gaspard is overheard praising Tesha.

"That is a relief to know," Simone offers to Dominique, nodding to the Marquessa's well-laid plans for the survey.

Alis sneaks out after that! She's short, so she managed /somehow/.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant leave, following Alis.

Korka joins Eshra and Alis in quietly exiting as things wind to a close, giving a subtle nod to Tesha as she does so.

Simone rises gracefully from the table, stepping away to discuss the matters with Marius and share the papers that she received, perhaps, about matters at hand.

"When myself and a small group went to Highhill a long while ago to recover a very very precious cargo we had some stragglers that attacked, but none of them were Thornweavers or Knights of the Swarm." she tells them. "I think that we will have brigands and things like that when we try to reclaim it, but, for now we are hoping it doesn't become more than that." she tells them. Then she's sitting back, "I think that is all for the night. Thank you all for attending." she tells them.

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