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Celebration of Rebirth

With hard work and dedication, the Stone Grove has been restored and reopened to the public. House Redrain invites all to come celebrate the moment and help plant trees that will grow in the new, revived soil.


March 19, 2017, 5 p.m.

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Remi(RIP) Kieran Khanne Anze(RIP) Freja(RIP) Dante Edelma Valery Cybele(RIP) Ariel Fergus(RIP) Acacia Valencia



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Stone Grove

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Valery has joined the benches.

Darren stands near-to the altar, having a quiet conversation with Khanne as people begin to filter in. He nods to those who enter, offering warm greetings. "Come and make yourself comfortable. We're going to start with a blessing from Lady Khanne," he mentions.

Valery sits on one of the benches, glancing to the entry of the Grove often. She is wearing her lace dress tonight too, but at least this time she's wearing boots and wrapped in the cloak too. The mice have been left somewhere else, so she may be the only -mouse- around.

Edelma comes sauntering into the grove with Lady Ariel and her oscelot in tow. Edelma has what looks to be a brand new steel helmet tucked under one arm, but that appears to be the only piece of armor the woman carries with her. Glancing over toward Ariel as they make their approach, Edelma indicates Khanne up near the altar. "THe Lady is a Halfshav, which is the house my house gives allegiance too."

Acacia casually strolls deeper into the Grove, but her right hand rakes absently at her curls as she scans the surroundings with mild discomfort prompting that crease in her brow. There's a slightly stiff bow provided towards Darren at his words despite the crowds that have begun to form and the fair distance she's placed between them. Carting about a flask in hand, she quickly drains a solid portion of it before tucking it away within the interior of her cloak. An easily-missed wink is granted towards Valery, before her attention floats towards Khanne.

Fergus makes his way into the Stone Grove, a look of determination on his face. He moves through the area, looking about it, and then towards the others who have gathered. His eyes linger on each of them, giving nods to those who may notice him, and looking on to Khanne as she prepares. He doesn't interrupt otherwise, and moves towards one of the benches, seating himself near Valery.

"Dame Edelma. It's nice to see you," Darren remarks to the woman as she approaches Khanne, inclining his head to her companion as well. He spots Acacia as she strolls and offers her stiff bow, and he raises a hand in greeting. "Mistress Acacia. I apologize I missed your event the other day, time got away from me. If you all want to settle? We'll let Khanne do her stuff," he strolls over to where Fergus has placed himself, coming to settle down beside the man, offering him a firm pat on the shoulder in greeting.

Ariel walks along with Edelma upon one side and Minnow upon her other. As she looks upon the alter and softly says to Edelma "I have had the pleasure of meeting her before. She is quite lovely and she knows my cousin, Count Max." A nod of her head is given to Darren as she says "I am quite excited about the ceremonry your Highness. I am quite fond of groves and gardens."

Khanne speaks quietly with Darren for a moment, then looks to her items laid out on the altar. She lifts a vial of soil and sprinkles a small pile out onto the stone, then lifts the vial of salt to do the same beside it. The vial of water is sprinkled over the two, some of the salt dissolving into the droplets. Picking up a packet of dried dill, she sprinkles the fronds into the small granite bowl atop some small twigs within, taking the fire starter in hand. She fumbles with it a bit before a spark ignites, setting the fronds to glow, eventually lighting the twigs. Lastly, she lifts a smudge stick, holding it over the fire until it begins to smolder and smoke.

"Each day brings us joys, and sorrows, elation and worries, especially now when chaos charges towards our gates. However, in this moment, we celebrate. We celebrate renewal, rebirth. We celebrate the spirits of us all who have worked to restore this place to what it was." Khanne starts to look around, her misty-grey eyes taking int he stone pillars, the new earth spread out, life beginning in its early stages. "There is still work to be done, the plants and trees must take deeper root, grow taller, flowers bloom... but here, life has begun once more." She lifts a feather from the alter and starts to wave it in the air, to let the fragrant smoke wash over herself before she steps away from the altar, walking slowly around the grove. Her hand moves the feather in a fluid motion through the air and smoke, spreading it over the stones and the people in attendance.

Khanne picks up a bundled smudge stick wrapped in twine.

Khanne picks up a ceremonial eagle feather.

Acacia gingerly slips among the benches, though she opts to perch on the edge of a seat nearer the edge. Her dark eyes thoughtfully track after Ariel, before she turns her attention towards Fergus, murmuring something to him when she had navigated the row behind. Rubbing her palms together gingerly, she swayed a bit in place in order to catch a better peek of Khanne's actions.

Looking taken aback that the head of the Redrain house actually knows her name, Edelma opens and closes her mouth like a fish out of water before managing a smile and looking at Ariel, leaning in to whisper. "Thats Prince Darren!" But then as Khanne begins to speak, Edelma moves to settle into a spot to sit, falling silent for the moment.

Darren flashes a grin to Edelma at her reaction, uttering a low chuckle under his breath with a shake of his head. As Khanne begins to speak, he leans to murmur something to Fergus, before sitting up a little straighter to watch the ceremony, looking thoughtful.

Cybele arrives, moving slowly, along the edges of the gathering, considering the crowd, and the ceremony, staff jingling as the young prodigal moves, spiraling slowly closer to the familiar faces. Looking somewhat dubious and uncertain.

Fergus looks towards Khanne as she begins her speech and ceremony. He quiets himself down after a brief nod to Darren and a simple, "Yes, I'll be doing my best, for all of us." His hand moves to rest on the hilt of Demonslayer, and he watches the ceremony, eyes briefly moving to each piece used.

Valery nods politely to Fergus and Darren as they sit at the bench at her side. But all her attention turns to Khanne as she starts speaking, looking at her with wide, curious eyes.

Ariel focuses upon watching Khanne's actions with a soft smile curling her lips. A breath in through her nose as she smells the smoke as it begins to echo about those present. Her movements bringing her to sit next to Edelma and Minnow laying at Ariel's feet.

"With any destruction, there is life that takes its place. Fire will rip through a forest, only so that new growth can use the ash to enrich the soil, grow healthier, stronger flora. Here too is an example of just that. Here, something evil tried to destroy our faith, took a bite out of stone to intimidate us, deadened the ground to take away the plants we hold so much pride in. Our faith was not shaken." Khanne shakes her head, continuing to use the feather to spread the scent of the ceremonial smoke around the grove and its current inhabitants. Serenity, representing her name sake well in the moment, stands perched atop one of the pillars looking regal and strong while the ceremony takes place. "We wasted no time, those of this ward and others, nobles and commoners, Shamans and those of the faith, all working to return this sacred place to its glory... and here, we see the results of such work. Here we see what we can do, the power of working together."

Khanne returns to the altar, setting the smudge stick in the abalone shell. She looks out to those in attendance, her eyes intense, settling upon each person at least briefly. "Today, we thank you and welcome you back into the Stone Grove. Today we thank the Spirits and offer them this sacred place once more for when they wish to return. Today we thank our ancestors for providing us with the knowledge and foundations to rebuild and to grow ever stronger with each generation. In this moment, we celebrate life and rebirth. Let us take from this moment the hope and strength we will need in coming days." She touches a finger to the pile of soil and water, then to the salt, then to some of the ash within the abalone shell and anoints the center of her forehead with it. "Let us be one with the soil, the water, the fire, the air. Let the Spirits bless and guide us all, let our ancestors be proud, and let us, the people of the Compact, stand together in every moment of joy, and support one another in every moment of sorrow. Today, let our voices ring out and celebrate life!" She takes a step back and lowers her head.

Acacia sat in a respectful silence, but her tongue dragged along her lower lip when she studied the actions. Quiet words were murmured afterward towards Fergus, but they were discreet in nature. By the time Khanne stepped back, she lifted her hands, hesitating visibly when her two palms were but several inches away and then awkwardly glances around herself towards the others in attendance.

Edelma begins a very slow clap, glancing from one person to the next. "Lets all help each other...." She starts speaking softly, growing louder near the end as if she's convincing herself it is all over and something needed to be said in agreement.

Darren bows his head to murmur something under his breath as Khanne finishes up the ceremony, before he lifts himself to his feet and approaches the altar. "Thank you very much, Lady Khanne," he says to her, patting her on the arm warmly, before addressing the rest. "With that being said, the Stone Grove is an important piece of history for us all. It's destruction was a terrible thing, but the efforts made to bring it back to life is proof that anything can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. We are facing some of the darkest days of our lives.. but it's my hope this is a sign of things to come." He pauses for a moment, looking to each of the group in turn. "If you'd like to plant a tree to help bring new life into the grove, you're more than welcome. If not, there's plenty of whiskey to go about."

Valery smiles lightly at Khanne's and Darren's words. Her eyes, however, turn to the entry of the Grove from time to time, frowning a bit each time she does so.

When Edelma starts that clap, Acacia readily joins in, the volume of her own applause steadily growing. As Darren rises to his feet, she ceases nearly as fast as it had started and adopts that more sober expression to pair with his words. "Well spoken." Gingerly, she rocks up to her feet, already rolling the linen of her shirt back to cuff above her elbow. "Aye, let's plant some trees." In lower tones, immediately after, she breathes as she glances around, "... Thank the Gods, they have whiskey." Clearing her throat a bit, she fractionally leans in Fergus' general direction, and queries in hushed form, "... Where's the whiskey again?"

"You speak well, Khanne Halfshav. Your words ring true." Cybele murmurs, stepping closer to the other shaman, giving a few nods of greeting to Darren, to Valery. Both hands knuckling against the staff. "I am... Hoping I can relax again soon. Once the spirits return here. I have been very worried."

Fergus watched Khanne quietly, until the speech was finished, for the moment. He leaned in closer to Acacia and spoke to her in low tones before standing up and looking towards the nearby trees needing assistance at being planted, "Come on, we can put several of them in the ground. He makes his way towards Darren, and Khanne, reaching out with one hand for each to grasp at their shoulders before moving towards the areas to plant the trees.

Valery looks at Cybele, nodding quietly to her words.

Darren chuckles over to Edelma, pointing a thumb at the nearby table set up with drink. "Right over there. This is a Redrain event, after all. Wouldn't be complete without whiskey," he winks to the woman, before offering a warm smile to Cybele. "I've heard they may have already begun returning, Cybele. That is a good sign."

Ariel begins to slowly slide from her seat and then makes her way over to where she can get one of the baby trees and find somewhere to plant it. Not seeming to mind the idea of her getting dirty for helping nature regrow within the grove.

Khanne smiles, lifting her head. She dips her head to Darren and says, "thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak." When Cybele approaches, she places her hand gently on their arm, nodding. "I too have worried, I am confident we will see their return, when they are ready." She smiles up at Fergus as he clasps her shoulder and says, "it is good to see you again. It has been far too long. Thank you for coming."

"Valery, love. I'm certainly hoping you can assist Prince Fergus and I in figuring out how to plant trees in ways that aren't lopsided-- or, you know. Prone for something worse." Acacia's dark eyes drift down towards that basket in hand, before she comments with a dusting of her palms together, "If your hands are full with your mice... mouse. Friend. If you tell us what to do, I'm sure we can comply or so. ... Likely." But she dances a half-circle to detour nearer the table, shamelessly pouring two glasses and offering one to Fergus as she nears him, "They're sturdy trees, aye, your Highness? I really don't think I've ever planted anything in my life. Seeds of doubt, count?"

Valery doesn't have her basket with her, actually. She may have been counting with other sort of -dangerous- pets and the mice have been left somewhere else. So she's the only one right now... unless any wild one decides to get closer. She looks to Acacia and nods, bitting her lower lip a bit. "I'm not an expert either... I just know the very basics..."

Standing from her seat, Edelma moves to grab up a shovel. "I can dig the holes wherever I am pointed to dig, and you all can plant the trees!" Edelma glances in Ariel's direction. "Where do you want to plant a tree, Lady?"

Acacia checked dexterity + agriculture against difficulty 15, resulting in 26, 11 higher than the difficulty.

Fergus looks back towards Khanne, "It has been too long, and it is good to see you doing something important, as we all must." He looks towards the ground, and the trees, commenting to Valery and Acacia, "I am no expert at planting trees either, but I am sure if we dig, shove them into the ground in some manner, it'll be planted, won't it?"

Acacia checked intellect + agriculture against difficulty 15, resulting in 25, 10 higher than the difficulty.

"I don't know the first thing about planting trees. But I'm pretty sure if you..." Darren starts, before Fergus says exactly what he was thinking, and he points to Fergus with a laugh. "What he said. I'll dig a hole if one of you stick the tree in it?" He starts rolling up his sleeves and wanders over to the shovel to start doing just that.

Fashionably late is a thing right? Totally, totally a thing. Thats Anze, very fashionable, very late. He slides into the Stone Grove and looks around at the assembled people and the groups of bushes and trees that are to be planted. There is a hrm and he saddles his way over towards some familiar faces. "Somethin actually managed to drag you out of your room brother? No f'an shit" he says and nods to the other people he knows "guess we're diggin holes?"

Khanne turns to watch those planting, smiling with a small chuckle. "It is not so difficult," says the new Minister of Agriculture. "Hold it straight, pack the soil in tight, water it well. Life will do the rest." She gives a bit of a smirk to Fergus and says, "It has been some time... I do many important things...." She nods then and moves off to plant her own. She lifts a young bush and looks about for a good spot, moving off to it. She kneels on the ground and uses only her hands to dig.

Khanne has left the altar.

"Can't be that hard, aye. Alright. You dig a hole, your Highness. I'll drink your whiskey, and then by the time I'm on my third, we should be polished off for Valery and I to stick our trees into it," Acacia dictates with rife humor, with far greater interest paid to the languid sip of the whiskey she seems to savor in the chill. Her cloak drapes about the back of her calves when she stills in place, visually surveying the area. It's the presence of Anze that has her grinning, providing that flourished bow lightly, "Your Highness. Perfect timing. Do you have shov--" She cuts off when her focus falls upon Khanne digging with her hands, dropping her voice far lower when she murmurs, "... Guess not."

Valery looks between Fergus and Darren and she covers her mouth to hide a light chuckle. She nods and moves closer to help planting the trees.

Cybele follows Khanne's lead, finding a little plant, which the shaman whispers to, settling on their knees, digging out a hole, carefully packing the dirt around it, and looking around for a can to water with.

Darren flashes a glance to Cybele and Khanne, lofting brows. "There /are/ shovels," he remarks, pointing his head in the direction where the shovels have been gathered, right next to the tree. "But uh, I suppose your hands work just as well." He, however, will stick to the shovel. It makes digging so much easier. "Anze, good to see you," he calls over to the Prince as he saunters in, "Any word from Calypso over at the camp?"

Fergus makes his way closer to Khanne, nodding as he watches her begin to dig, "I knew you would do many important things, don't worry, this is just one of them. I'll be doing something myself, soon, hopefully, it works as well this did." He turns himself to look towards Acacia and snorts, clapping his hands together and saying, "Yes, you just relax yourself while everyone else does the work, and we'll have you try to stick a tree in the ground when you're good and proper drunk." He lowers down near Khanne, and begins to help her dig with his hands as well.

Ariel looks to Edelma as she says "I am not sure where but I want to make sure that it will be able to take root and receive plenty of sunlight. Where do you think might be the best spot for the Dame Edelma?"

"... It sounded good in my head," Acacia murmured, the dramatics feigned when she guzzles the whiskey with only that potent exhale evidence to the burn it delivered. Abandoning her glass against the table, she steps towards the shovels at the direction from Darren and flashes a bolder grin towards Fergus. "If only life were that easy, your Highness-- I might not even feel bad about my earlier words." She snatches ahold of three of the instruments, the bases clinking together. One is caught under a crooked elbow, one offered with an unwieldy flourish towards Valery and the other given towards Fergus. "Can we just plant them wherever or are there certain spots dictated?"

Anze shrugs a bit when Fergus doesn't answer him and he finds a shovel and swings it over his shoulder. There is a shake of Anze's head to Darren "Havent. Havent really had any communication with her. It's a long way for Ryder to fly, I imagine shes tryin to limit his communication to important shit." There is a smirk at acacia "I ain brought my own shovel but I managed to find one" he takes a few steps over to Cybele "wanna help me plant one of these bushes Cy?"

Fergus looks back towards Anze and says, "Someone got me out, and it is important enough to even run into me, isn't it? How are you doing, with all your days?"

Khanne glances up and over to Darren, her hands covered in soil. She smiles and says, "Dear Highlord... as if the shaman would refuse an opportunity to feel one with the earth?" She chuckles then smiles to Fergus as he lowers near her. "This.. is only the beginning. Let me tell you about the other things later.... Spirits willing."

"Plant wherever you heart desires, Acacia," Darren says to the woman with a grin. "I didn't think to designate certain spots. Maybe next time," he shrugs his shoulders, and continues to make his hole, nodding over to Anze. "She'll be fine, I'm sure. She has the best army assisting her. And Veleosa."

"Sure thing, F'an." Cybele offers, watering the tree, and then moving over towards Anze. "You can lift the bush into the hole and I can push the earth over the roots," The tall shaman declares, giving him a bright smile. Letting out a little sigh. "I miss you, when you're down in the south." They declare. "But I am glad you are happy."

Glancing skyward as if trying to decide where the sun will give the best benefit, as if she actually knows what she is doing, she's a sword afterall. Edelma walks back and forth a few times before suddenly planting the tip of her shovel into the dirt and digs a hold for a tree to be planted into. "Lets try this spot, Lady, and then everyone will be jealous because ours grew the biggest."

Ariel smiles happily as Edelme finds the perfect spot and she begins to kneel down. Her hands carefully placing the baby tree in the freshly dug hole. Her hands then begin to regather the soil to bring it back to cover the exposed roots, gently patting the ground down around it as she says "I think this is indeed quite the perfect place for the tree."

Acacia gingerly sucks at her teeth, scanning the placement of those aligning bushes and such. "Thank you, your Grace," she expresses with a genuine earnesty to Darren at his answer. She steps with due care through the grove itself then, seeking whatever shade she might be able to find and planting the tip of her shovel into the soil nearby. "It's a fine way to keep the chill off, though. Whiskey and digging, that is," she concedes, brassy voice carrying when her boot levels the top of the instrument and she employs her weight to begin her little hole. A slight grin is cracked towards Edelma, even when she chose the completely opposite strategy herself, "A good idea that, Dame. -- What kind of trees are these anyhow?" She pauses, before wondering, "Can I plant an Acacia tree? For... uh. Well. Nevermind."

Valery helps digging, and planting a small bush, trees maybe a bit too heavy for her to carry. Her eyes move to the others, following their conversations with some curiosity, but they fly often to the entry, frowning a bit each time she does so.

Watching Ariel finish planting the tree, Edelma moves off to find some water which she brings and pours around the planted tree before giving Ariel a smile. "Thanks for helping plant a tree, Lady!" Edelma then glances toward Acacia. "I don't know... the sort of tree that makes wood? A wood tree."

Anze nods in agreement with Cybele "aye, I'm alright with this plan" and a smirk as well "it's not like i'm livin in f'an Southport yet, i'm still in tha city you know. People act like I'm livin on tha f'an moon" he says with a good natured laugh. There is a nod to Darren "that she does, I ain worried bout her, just hopin that tha group can get back before tha seige begins. i'd hate to have em all stuck outside tha walls"
Anze looks to Fergus and hrms "since tha last we talked? Shit, that was ages ago. I got engaged an almost got my dick cut off an kicked out of my room, those are probably tha highlights." he says to his brother before looking back to Cybele and having agreed with Cy's plan lifts the bush from the base to drop it into the hole with a bit of a grunt.

Khanne places a small sapling in the second hole she digs, tiny for now, but sure to grow tall. She starts to pack in the dirt once more, glancing sideways to Fergus. "How have you been?" She pulls up her flask and trickles some water over the tiny tree.

"That's my concern as well," Darren sighs about people getting stuck outside the wall, setting his shovel aside as the hole has been successfully dug. He gives his back a little stretch, before flourishing his hand over to the hole. "Want to put something in my hole?" he lofts a brow to Acacia, shrugging as he turns back to Anze. "You're putting 'getting your dick almost chopped off' as a /highlight/ to your life?"

"I've heard about that," Fergus says to Anze, "Who decided they would be able to put up with you so closely, I can't imagine..." He looks on to his brother, letting out a grunt and looking as if he was just teasing as he moves to help Khanne dig nearby, placing a sapling into his own hole, "Well and not well, I guess, figuring things out, how I can best help and also trying to have some fun in between, we only live once and for so long."

Edelma snorts and points at Darren. "He asked for someone to put something in his hole..." She is looking at Ariel to see if she gets it. "Get it?"

Cybele kneels, and once the bush is in the hole, murmurs quietly to it as the young prodigal shovels dirt around. "Will you get the water can, F'an? And I will come visit you in your southern home. Even if I have to go to Southport. We can scare them all with our northern ways.

Edelma's joke has Cybele glancing over to the sword. "I get it. You are saying it sounds like he wants to indulge in lovemaking."

Ariel begins to slowly rise as she says "Anything to help with the grove. I adore lovely things growing after all." At the question of what type of tree she says "I know not the type of tree either but I am sure whenever they are fulyl grown, they will be strong and wonderous." Then her attention is drawn to Darren's words to Anze and her eyes go wide in surprise. Thankfully Edelma is there is distract her and she giggles as she says "I do indeed, I find it quite humorous."

"Wood trees are the best," Acacia easily replies towards Edelma, without a bit of faltering in her agreeability. She carefully taps the head of the shovel against the inside curve of her boot, dusting off some of the soil when she carts it back to lean it against the other tools. She slides a look towards Darren, countenance all innocence when she remarks, "... I don't think an Acacia should fit in your hole, your Grace. But--" Her splayed hand dances around one of the robust saplings, before she tugs out a fresh pair of gloves and begins to tug them on her hands, utterly keeping her composure, "This one is nice and thick and I imagine it'll fit perfectly." She doesn't laugh at all, until she looks towards Edelma and Cybele, heartily chuckling, "You could help me if you want to ensure it gets buried deep."

Anze shrugs at Darren "I mean, shit, you ever have a high lord say to cut off your dick? It certainly is at least f'an notible" Anze of course can't help but smirk about it "I mean, its a pretty f'an odd story eh?" At Cy's request he grabs the watering can and crouches down next to them on the balls of his feet "thats tha plan as is, scare em all before they realize I'm actually a big softie." Anze glances back over to Fergus "aye, well, we don't all have your grace an charm, so, we take what we can get eh?"

Darren turns to just /stare/ at Edelma, Cybele and Acacia, putting his hands on his hips. "First off, if anyone's going to be stuffing holes.." he remarks, coming over to the pile of trees to pick up the one that Acacia has mentioned, already hoisting it over his shoulder. "It'll be me. Second of all? You are all very strange," he clicks his tongue, and yet chuckles as he carries the tree over to the hole. "Let me rephrase. I'll fill the hole with this thick trunk, and you can put the dirt around it, Acacia," he winks to her, and starts to arrange the tree trunk into the hole, to position it correctly.

Valery waits patiently until they are done with the watering can and she moves for it, trying to be as careful as she can to not soil her dress. Then, she waters the bush she just planted and looks around, as looking for something else to do.

Edelma mutters under her breath. "Kind of tough to fill a hole with a small trunk..." Edelma then moves to put her shovel away and points at Ariel. "Lady, did you want some whiskey?" She inquires as she pours herself a glass of whiskey and holds it up.

"Sometimes," Cybele concludes, working with Anze, "I think you are the biggest softie." Glancing to Darren. "Or maybe the Great Bear." Looking away from him again. "He has strange habits." The shaman concludes, giggling. It would probably work better as a joke if the young prodigal could keep a straight face.

Valencia slips down the path to the stone grove, skirts lifted well above her ankes as she rushes to the event. She pauses and lifts an eyebrow at Darren's first comment and looks relieved as he clarifies.

Khanne looks up again towards those talking about stuffing holes. She simply smirks, shaking her head before going back to work, moving over a bit to start digging a new hole, not minding the dirt getting under her nails.

Acacia's laughter at Darren's pronouncement, but it was Edelma's quip that has it finally crack in its fullness. She steps back to provide him that easy access to that tree so he can lift it, but pads lightly behind him. "This is all positively filthy, your Grace," she jests, gloved hands already readily digging into the dirty soil in preparation. As her dark eyes peek up towards Valery, she queries, "Mind bringing that over here, Valery? So His Grace's tree can get nice and -- Well, you get the point."

"The watering can that is," Acacia clarifies to Valery.

Fergus shoves the sapling into the hole he has dug and grunts, "Seems like people are stuffing holes all over the place, makes me wonder what I'm doing with my time." He covers the roots, and then moves onto another hole, digging with his hands.

Anze smirks at Cybele "thats me. I'm just a big softie. Don't tell anyone though eh? Tryin to act all tough an intimidatin so people are fraid of me. If these lot all caught on I was nice then what would I do?"

Valery nods and approaches to water their tree.

"Ah, yes. It's very important that the hole is wet before tree planting," Darren confirms to Acacia, nodding his head sagely. "Good thinking. Yes, Valery, please help Acacia get the hole nice and wet." He leans the tree slightly, to ensure it is secure, probably making sure there are at least a few muscle groups flexing as he waits for Valery and Acacia. "And I'll have you know, Dame Edelma, that I know nothing of tiny trunks. I brought out only the thickest and sturdiest."

"Apologies for my lateness. I was caught up speaking to a sailor about a swork," Valenica apologies with blushing smile. "How may I help?" She looks around unsure what needs doing or how she might assist.

Ariel smile sto Edelma as she says "I would adore some whiskey indeed. Pardon me a quick moment however." Her steps quickly, yet gracefully move through those gather to Valencia as she says "Princess Valencia, it is ever so wonderful that you were able to come. Did you wish to plant a tree?" Her hands then reach into her pack and pull out a set of hairpins that she is gently putting into the hands of the small princess. A bright smile curls her lips as she says "I asked for Master Haati to make these for you. I think you will adore them."

Edelma grins over to the Redrain Prince as he returns the quip and the follows it up with a wink. "Do say more, my Prince..." Edelma brings Ariel a whiskey and then moves to get her own. "Lady Khanne, thank you for bringing us all together to do this."

"... Looks like you're handling it all yourself, your Highness. That's a skill in itself, I think. One that involves a lot of practice to get it right. And you said you've never done this before," Acacia jests towards Fergus, her grin more open as she begins to shove the soil about the base of the tree from her balanced crouch beside it. Her dark eyes flick up towards Darren with a quietly amused snort at his words, but she leans back with a rock upon her heels to allow Valery more room to work her magic, "Think that's wet enough, love? ... Good enough. Blessed be, I didn't mean to get this dirty." She clears her throat as she seeks to shove up to her feet, dusting off the crests of her knees.

"You'd have to be nice -all- the time." Cybele declares, with a bright grin to Anze. "And that would just not do. Best you sharpen your teeth." offering him a sage nod. "So you can scare them." Glancing back between Edelma and Darren, quirking their brow. "I like her." Cybele confides to Anze.

Valery's cheeks are getting red by this moment, the small woman not commenting on any of the jokes... But at least seeming to get them, this time.

"Yes, I would love to hel..." Valencia begins as the beautiful hair pins are pressed into her hands. Her wide dark eyes widen and her lips part in utter surprise, "My lady... this is too much. I cannot accept these. It is far too much." She looks down again and then up. "They are stunning. So very stunning.. I...," words seem to fail the little raven-haired fox for a moment as she stares down at the extraordinary gift.

Khanne sits up, her rear resting on the backs of her heels as she remains kneeling on the ground. She smiles to Edelma and says, "do not thank me, Darren brought in the trees and asked me merely to bring about a blessing. Thank you though for coming. It is a welcome sight to see those from our ward here." She brushes her hands together to let some of the dirt off them, though her forehead still has that dot of offerings still upon it. She refrains from all the talk of hole filling, wetness, and girth of trunks, merely shaking her head with a chuckle under her breath.

"Valencia, there's more than enough trees to plant if you'd like," Darren says over to the woman as she enters, before he grins over to Acacia, uttering a hearty chuckle. "The best planting is the filthy kind, Acacia," he winks to her, using his boot to shove dirt into the hole to secure the tree. Afterward, he stretches up and wipes his palms off on his pants, looking to Edelma with a broad grin. "Thick and sturdy trunks are not often the main subject of my conversation. I prefer to talk about bushes. Like that one over there," he points to a bush as he comes around, "Look, it's not too leafy and seems the perfect size."

Acacia is overheard praising Khanne for: Redrain has the best trunks and bushes in Avrum!

1 Redrain novice guards arrives, following Kieran.

Anze snorts at Cybele "I ain sure I can manage to be nice all tha time, or scare people. I think i'm stuck inbetween, call me lukewarm" he says with a bit of a grin then his eyes follow around to look at Edelma "only met her once. Someone found her worthy enough to be a sword, so, she's probably got at least somethin to her eh?"

Valery moves to water another of the just planted trees, still trying to be careful to not get too dirty. She is still blushing, her eyes low.

Valencia looks up and nods to Darren,thought she still looks rather shocked by the gift. She turns and smiles at Ariel and pulls her into an enthuastic and very grateful hug. "Thank you. Thank you so much. You are so very sweet to me. I love them. I do. But I cannot. They are to precious," she attempts to hand them back the the lovely lady of Darkwater.

A flush reaches Edelma's neck as abruptly the converation moves to bushes, perhaps it is different if she weren't the one that started the improper joking. "Well my lord, I'll have you know a well trimmed bush is the best bush!" Edelma gives a firm nod before looking to Anze. "I won a duel to become a sword."

"I might need a drink after that one, your Grace," Acacia faux-laments towards Darren, that sailor's grin retained as she eases back. She brushes her palm against the side of her thigh, before reaching out to kindly clasp a hand on Valery's shoulder, "Thanks for the help, kitten." As she rounds for the whiskey-laden table, she quips behind her towards Darren and Edelma, "Your Grace, I'm surprised you showed such interest in the wood, if you were so well-versed with bushes. What makes a bush the perfect size, anyhow?"

Fergus finishes the second hole with his hands, and he reaches for another sapling. This time, he takes more time, placing it gently into the hole, and covering it up with some dirt. He packs it lightly, and just stares down at the little thing, bound to grow into something larger. He brushes his hands together and starts to rise up to his full height, eyes still on the tree, distracted. Then some of the words nearby catch his attention and he looks towards Edelma and the others, "I think everyone is going to have their preference in trunk thickness, bush trimming, or simply not having any bushes decorating their landscape." He begins to step closer, "The important part in both is probably irrigation, and watering, making sure the soil is wet enough to work with, or else bushes, or trees, won't flourish."

There was a great disturbance in the force, as people were making innuendo, and Kieran must have sensed it, since he arrives at the event finally, looking the small gathering over. He gives a dip of his head in greeting to those he knows, before moving to grab a glass of whiskey. Hearing the conversation, he raises an eyebrow and looks to the crowd, shaking his head. "Amateurs."

Ariel smiles to Edelma as she says "Thank you Dame Edelma for bringing me the whiskey. Have you happened to meet Princess Valencia Redrain yet?" Her attention then looks to Valencia with a bright smile as she returns the hug and kisses upon Valencia's cheek. Her hands guide for Valencia's to close around the hairpins as she says "I had them made for you Valencia, please keep them. They are like mine, just made specifically for you." Darren's and Edelma's comments about the bushes make a soft giggle escape her lips before she asks Valencia "Now, wasn't there a tree you were wishing to plant?"

"I don't disagree with you there," Darren grins over to Edelma, before chuckling over to Acacia. He goes over to the table where the whiskey is contained, hopping up to sit on the edge of it while grabbing a bottle of whiskey and uncorking it. He points the bottle to Acacia in salute. "The only wood I care about is mine own, Acacia," he declares, "Which is why I'm so concerned with ensuring the Stone Grove is fully populated. My land, after all," he grins, and takes a gulp of the whiskey.

Cybele wwaves a hand to Edelma as well. "I am Cybele Walker Inbetwen to the Children of the Sun and the Moon. And house Halfshav. And house Redrain. F'an is my friend." Gesturing to Anze. Surely that's the most important of Anze's titles. "I like you, and I am glad you are Sword."

"It's why he brought in so many bushes," Khanne murmurs under her breath, a misty-grey glance given around to all the women working.

Anze glances over to kieran when he speaks "cousin, I felt like you've been here tha whole time. My ears been rining with bad jokes, I figured Darren learned em all from you" He snickers at Cybele's introduction "aye, thats true, I am Cy's friend"

Valencia smiles fondly at Ariel and shakes her head with warm affection, "You are so sweet to me. Thank you, truly" A light kiss is placed up on Ariel's cheek and the little princess turns to smile at Dame Edelma, "I have not had the pleasure yet, not. I am so very pleased to meet you, my lady. Pardron my distraction. I was up far to late last night." The little princess turns to gather up some trees, cradling them in her skirts and, watching carefully how to proceed, begins to assist with the planting.

Dangerfloof, the Bearded Vulture arrives, following Freja.

Valery seems to have taken her job 'making holes wet' kinda seriously and moves around watering the new planted bushes and trees, just keeping her eyes low except for each time she glances at the entry. She nods politely to Kieran and she eventually leaves the watering can aside, trying to shake the dirt from her hands.

Freja checked dexterity + stealth against difficulty 15, resulting in 56, 41 higher than the difficulty.

Mischief The Monkey arrives, following Remi.

Kieran looks over at Anze and raises his glass, "Ringing with bad jokes? Sounds more like you have been talking to yourself again." He glances to Darren, before shaking his head to Anze, "Sadly, he is unteachable in that regard."

A swifter hand from Acacia ensures she snatches up her previously abandoned glass before Darren's new, hoisted seating arrangement might start it trembling. The whiskey bottle in hand is lavishly poured into her own glass and toasted lightly towards the Prince. "It's very important, naturally," she assures him, tone bearing feigned importance on the subject, "-- that you have as much wood and bushes of perfect quality as you can manage to contain, your Grace. And I think you set that bold example with the trunk you stuffed into that hole. No one will forget it, yes?" Her grin is retained when she pivots some, winking towards Khanne, "They certainly keep the gardens looking gorgeous, my Lady, aye?"

"My jokes are not bad!" Darren snorts over to Anze and Kieran, rolling his eyes. "I have the best jokes. Why, I've been keeping Mistress Acacia amused for at least the past fifteen minutes," he grins over to Acacia. "She even said no one will forget this moment. I am the Prince of stuffing holes, apparently."

"A pleasure to meet you, Cybele." Edelma glances to Ariel and Valencia, giving Valencia a bow. "Valencia, the Princess from the south, yes?" She inquires, surely meaning the Princess who married into the Redrain house from teh south. As Fergus approaches, makes some bad jokes and such, Edelma looks the man over before pointing a finger at him. "You're Prince Fergus." She glances to see if he's carrying the famous sword, seeing it, she almost swoons. "A pleasure to hear of you making holes wet, Sword Prince." She offers a deferring bow before chuckling at some of the jokes. "I thought Prince Darren was doing quite well for a diplomat."

Having snuck up and climbed up one of the towering stones encircling the grove, Freja had spent a good few long moments peering down at the festivities. It is only when she decides to let herself be seen, the monstrous albino bear headdress peeking out over the edge of the stone's pinnacle, that her arrival is announced. She hops down and makes a beeline for Cybele, at height with the other Shaman and going 'boo' when they aren't paying attention.

"Oh, I ain say my jokes are -good- but they're a particular kind of bad, I ain really tha bad sexual innuendo joke type." Anze counters back to Kieran with a smirk "how are you anyway baby cousin?" There is an eye of Edelma meeting Fergus and then Freja is spooking him and Cybele "jerk" he grumbles at Freja, scooping up some water from the watring can and flicking it at Freja

Freja checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 15, resulting in 73, 58 higher than the difficulty.

"It was very much his duty to put to rest any of your concerns about the saplings being too small," Acacia imparts towards Edelma with a grave nod that belies her deepening grin, "I think he performed admirably, even with the help from others. That's also important, probably." With a careless splay of her hand towards Kieran, she remarks lazily, "Would you have done it better, your Highness?" But her gaze veers off thereafter towards Valery, before she wonders, "You want whiskey, Valery? You've been working hard, love."

Fergus wasn't sure if they were bad, just horrible jokes. He looks down at the sword at his side and nods towards Edelma, "I do not know if I caught your name, but I am Fergus, and nothing special." His hand does rest on the hilt of the Demonslayer, and he reaches out to try and clasp Edelma on the shoulder in greeting, "Good to meet you, and are you helping plant trees into wet holes, because, it is important, you know."

Cybele beams brightly to Edelma, and is easily snuck up on by Freja. Startling at the boo, jumping in against Anze, before they put wide blue eyes on their fellow shaman, and covers their mouth with a hand stifling laughter. "Best trick ever!" Cybele declares between breathless giggles, offering a hug to the other tallest.

Khanne gives a dip of her head to Acacia and says with a bit of a nod, "that they do. Why, the trees would get lonely without some bushes around for them, aye?" She smirks and shakes her head. "And well, that would never do, all those trunks with nary a bush around to enjoy." She winks towards Acacia, then looks to Darren with a grin. She seems about to say something, but bites her lower lip, a dimple pressing into her cheek as she shakes her head. She catches Fergus' words and nods. "The wetter the better."

Valencia nods to Dame Edelma and smiles as she sets down the saplings in her skirt and pins up her dark waves with the beautiful new pins. "Yes, I am the Valencia from the south," she smiles at Edelma, "One and the same. How are you finding the city, my lady? Are settling alright." The little southern princess begins to plant her saplings while speaking, sending a little smile towards Ariel and then Kieran.

Freja is apparently playing the roll of ninja tonight, side-stepping Anze's arsenal of water with a raising of her brows. "It's not my fault you were asleep on the job." she remarks to her brother, punching him on the upper arm in friendly greeting before Fergus gets the same, albeit harder. "It is." she grumps at the downplay of the sword, "But not the only of its kind. It is the man that makes it, the family, not the sword itself."

Ariel smiles to Valencia as she says "I spoil the ones I hold dear." Then she is catching more of the bad jokes flying about, giggling at them here and there. Then she is sipping upon her whiskey and moving along with Valenica to assist it planting more of the trees.

Put out the booze and surely a Thrax or two might come out of the woodwork, For now the Thrax in question comes in the form of Remi. The man making his way with a bit of hesitation into the grove within the Redrain ward. His eyes flitting over the towering stones before he is searching over the faces of those there to celebrate the new health of the place. The man seeking out in those faces anything familiar.

Freja also winks at Cybele, grinning with a wink, "I love that the trick never grows old for you, darling."

"Where in the Abyss did you come from?" Freja's sudden apperance distracts Darren from talk of holes, trunks and bushes, and he rapid-blinks in his cousin's direction. "You really need to stop sneaking around. One day, you're going to give somebody quite the fright."

Kieran snickers and shakes his head at his brother and cousin. "But those are some of the best jokes really." He looks to acacia and shrugs, "I can't say, as I don't watch how my brother stuffs holes. I suspect, though, that I could manage to match it if not top it."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Freja before departing.

Valery hesitates at Acacia's offering. She looks at the entry of the Grove again and she eventually sighs lightly and nods. "Thank you..."

Anze bahs at Freja "I ain asleep at nothin, i just gave up years ago on tryin to figure out where you're hidin you f'an weirdo" Anze almost sticks his tongue out at Freja... almost. Anze snorts then at Kieran and rolls his eyes "this f'an family"

"Mmph. Kieran might know a thing or two about stuffing holes, but he's the lazy brother. He'll just stick the trunk in and expect the hole to do all the work," Darren waves a hand at the conversation dismissively.

"From whence I came." Freja sarcastically answers Darren with a flash of pearly whites, impish grin brightening her pale featuers considerably. Something has the scout in good spirits (pun intended/not intended). Anze gets a roll of her eyes. "Well, it is kinda my -job- to be the sneaky one, right? And maybe if one day I scare the person I'm sneaking up on it will save me the trouble of having to sully my axes with their guts and gunk."

"One day I will learn to veil myself like you do." Cybele insists, with a giggle to Freja. "And I will surprise you!" The shaman claps their hands together. "That is Sword Edelma. She won her sword in a duel." Pointing out the woman to Freja. "She knows F'an."

Fergus "I'm trying to be humble, it is a change of pace," Fergus says to Freja before moving closer to her and giving her shoulder a good shove. "Jaenelle came and met with me today, called me brother, never going to live that shit down, tell you."

"Princess Valencia. I heard your event last night was sensational, by the way. Congratulations on your grand opening," Acacia ushers towards Valencia, presenting a flourished bow towards the princess. But her grin returns towards Khanne at her words, laughter quick to follow at the woman's quip, "I was wondering if you'd say something. When you bite on your lip like that, it brings to mind all kinds of thing flitting through your head." She fondly thumps the side of the table nearest Darren, flashing an affable grin towards him when she departs with a fresher glass of the whiskey to deliver towards Freja. "We're planting trees and initiating boasts of who stuffs the best holes." She singles out Cybele when Freja speaks to her, remarking lazily when she adds Edelma to the duo, "They've been instrumental in ensuring everyone's doing it right."

"A pleasure, Fergus, I am Edelma Pierce, Sword of Giant's Reach." Edelma pats Titansbane at her hip with a smile. Edelma more or less startles as Freja scares Anze and Cybele. As Freja approaches and talks of the man making the sword, she nods her head. "I understand that, Princess."

Kieran looks to Darren and shakes his head, "I take pride in the things I enjoy. I'm only lazy when it comes to important duties. See, to do it right, you have to get your hands involved and really make sure that the hole is well prepared and ready for the tree you're about to plant."

Valery gets that offered glass of whiskey and moves to one of the benches, sitting on its border as she sips the content of the glass. She looks atound at the gathered people, her head slightly tilted, looking kinda curiously from ones to others.

"Sometimes I feel like you're spendin all that energy only on spookin me, not our enemies you goofball" of course, this is all well worn back and forth between Freja and Anze. He cocks a brow at Fergus "you're tryin to be humble? How drunk are you right now?"

"Interesting. See, I think tree planting is a very important duty. No need to be lazy about it," Darren tsks at his brother, shaking his head. "Sad, really, that he doesn't consider it an important duty," he remarks to Acacia with a mock frown, before chuckling to himself. He takes a heavy gulp of the whiskey, before setting the bottle aside.

"Brother? Well, that is new. She is our cousin. If we're adopting siblings, please let me know - I would like some power in deciding the application process. And you, humble? Let's work on the brooding first." Freja drawls to Fergus, planting her feet firmly but still being moved an inch or two from the shove. She sticks out her tongue at him, playing the role of bratty baby sister perfectly tonight. Cybele gets a bright ripple of laughter, ringing like bells in the valley. "Oh, she did and she does? A pleasure, Sword Edelma. Freja Redrain, Scout of the Snows, Ghost of the Gray Forest, and more importantly Pain in the Ass to Anze and Fergus." She extends her hand for a shake of greeting to Edelma. To Acacia her smile turns vulpine, "Are we? I would interject, but I will save my brothers the horror of my lewd thoughts."

Kieran having made some innuendo and stolen a glass of whiskey, Kieran heads off.

"Well met, Sword Edelma," Fergus says, reaching out to offer his hand to her in a shake. He looks aside to Freja, "No, I think she is talking about that time you both decided to swap siblings for a day, and I'm left with dealing with her teasing for the rest of my life. No, by all means, go ahead and try to embarrass us and realize you'll horrify yourself."

Valencia smiles at Ariel. "You do me honour, my sweetest friend. Thank you," she replies, her cheeks flushing again with gratitude. She turrns to thank Acacia. "Oh, my lady, I ams very glad you think so. I am so honoured. It is the first of many such events I hope. Thank you for coming. I hope we will see you at the Hart more often now that we are open," Valencia beams at Acacia. "We are opening the Arena for sparring so that all may practice. I hope you will join us there as well perhaps?" Movent along the path has her had turning and she glance over to see Remi and Mischief arrive. "Remi!" she calls her eyes lighting up. "I am so very happy to see you. What are you doing here?"

Ariel smiles happily at Valencia's words. Her hands assisting in planting the saplings, carefully patting the soil around them once they are inside of the holes. Her gaze flitting from person to person nearby her as they speak, not having much to imput at the moment.

"Acacia Culler," Acacia lightly tosses towards Edelma in passing introduction, "Very well met, Sword. You have a remarkable sense of humor. It keeps things light." She scoffs out a laugh at Darren though, her freer hand drawn against her chest with dramatic poise, "Perhaps some day you can teach him the wrongs of his actions, your Grace. But then maybe you would have to let him watch." But she snaps her fingers lightly as she looks between Fergus and Freja, "Aye. I remember that. I wanted to get involved even. We were talking about this huge family exchange thing once upon a time, but I didn't have a brother. You all should do that /again/. You know-- when things are more easy." An extra bow is given towards Valencia, at her words, but her grin turns almost abashed, "I don't often spar in public. Afraid I don't fight nearly as well head on. Very large fan of the betting. I'll do my best to send people your way."

When his name is called out Remi looks around finally finding that source of something familiar. The man's gaze settling upon Valencia as his features seem to relax and show a brief glimpse of true warmth as he begins to make his way through the grove towards the Vixen. As that distance is closed he finally offers up in that distinctly rough voice of his, "Game to show m'respects for what your people be doing here Vixen.. and well might have been searchin for ya." A quick wink given with the last words before he is looking away from the Princess to take in what they were doing.

Returning the shaken hands of both Freja and Fergus, Edelma smiles warmly to the two of them. "It is a pleasure." She dips her helmeted head to them both, it appears to be the only armor that the woman has on. Edelma then pats the sword at her hip. "If myself, Titansbane or my group of Axes of Giant's reach can ever be of assistance, do not be afraid to ask!" As Acacia then introduces herself, she offers the other woman a grin. "I do not know if I hav a great sense of humor or that I just do not keep my mouth shut when I probably should." A wink and then Edelma glances from person to person as if readying herself to leave. "I should probably let you all wet the bushes."

Darren blinks at Acacia and makes a face. "No thank you. He'll just have to remain uneducated," he snorts, hopping off the table and stretching to pop his back before he heads over to Valencia, lightly patting her on the shoulder, "I'm sorry I missed your grand opening. But I'm glad it was a success. I'll have to hold an event at the Hart myself at some point."

Freja barks a laugh at something Acacia says and her grin only spreads. "A cousin perhaps then? You can borrow Fergus, or Anze, they don't seem to have much use for me anymore - save tormenting me." Fergus gets a sisterly glare. "The only reason it would horrify me is because you two have a knack for -oversharing-. By all means, go ahead, I haven't thrown a knife at you in -ages-, Ferg. I want to see if you can still dodge." Still, this seems to be the way the trio of siblings show love - relentless teasing and tormenting. "I always need swords, or axes.." Freja pats the duo at her hips, " in my pocket for when shit hits the landslide."

"That would be lovely, my lady. So long as you join them. I enjoy your company very much," Valencia replies to Acacia with a spark of a smile in her eyes. Another sapling is planted and she moves onto the next, ignoring the mess she is making out of her skirts. "I'm so glad you are here Remi. Would you care to help?" she asks, offering him a little tree. Reaching for another one she asks, "So what bring you to Arx, Dame Edelma?"

Valery keeps sipping her drink, her gaze still lost on the crowd. She removes her boots, using the toes on the heels, and crosses her legs under her skirt.

Anze snorts at Freja "you play more pranks on me than f'an Kieran an you're gonna say that I'm tha f'an only usin yah to torture? Feel like thats tha other way round yah jerk" He glances over to Cybele now that their bush is properly watered and the dirt packed around its base "good teamwork Cy. I'll drag you to tha Lycene ward some time an we can throw things at tha Lycene an glare at em" HE says with a grin "till then though.." Anze turns his head to look at Khanne and Valery "tha grove looks a lot better. Everyone did a lot of good work here."

Freja reaches over to flick Anze on his ear, if he doesn't dip out the way that is. "I'm the jerk? You're the one leavin' me cause you went and had to fall in love! Shame. Love ya still, abandoner."

"March Cirroch Sanna came to the city, and I felt the need to bring myself and my group of axe women to Arx, hopefully we can help with the approaching army." Edelma indicates her sword. "And perhaps they might have giants, and Titan's bane was made for slaying giants." A warm smile and then a wave to everyone. "A pleasure meeting you all." With that, Edelma begins to head off out of the grove with a saunter to her steps.

Dante enters the grove slowly and with an almost weary expression on his face. He's clad in the gold and steel colored armor that's almost become a second skin for him, two swords hanging from a belt that rides low on his hip. His brows rise as he sees the rather sizable crowd, his moss-colored eyes moving from face to face until they set on Valencia. His weary expression turns to a smile, and he starts to make his way over towards her.

Valery blinks, as coming back from some daydream, and nods to Anze. She murmurs. "Thank you... But most of the hard work was done by the people we hired..."

"There are good clods of dirt for throwing." Cybele assures Anze, rising, the tall shaman stretches. "But I am... A little tired. I think I will go back to my room now. I am pleased with our work." Stretching. Picking up their staff again. Waggling dirty fingers to the assembled crowd.

"I would like that very, very much, Darren. I would be so proud for the Hart to play host to your events," Valencia nods over to Darren, looking so pleased that he should with to host an event there. "And please, do not worry. I know how busy you are. With luck, there will be many other fine events, eyes?"

"I would... love to see Princess Freja throw a knife at someone," Acacia confesses, eyeing Fergus a bit over her shoulder, "That probably sounds terrible for me to say, but as long as it wasn't me, I imagine it'd be quite entertaining. So, if you have the desire--" There'd been a few murmured words towards Freja, though the last has her clearing her throat to rid herself of that pronounced grin. A gentle elbow was subtly angled for the woman's leather-clad side, but she'd bowed her head with utter respectfulness towards Valencia. The whiskey glass is lofted towards Edelma, with the departing call, "Stay safe, Sword."

Remi seems to think over the question from Valencia, The man in the end giving the woman a small nod as he moves to begin helping with planting the tree the woman holds. His eyes lifting to Edame as the woman moves to leave causing him to shrug before his voice drops down and he mutters something in low tones to Valencia.

"You introduced us, its your fault" Anze says back with a grin "an youre happy for me anyway, don't pretend otherwise" Anze says with a playful shove to Freja. He glances over to Valery and her response and he shrugs a little "you still helped, an its still better than what it was."

Fergus shakes his head at Freja's knife throwing and Acacia's suggestion, "No knives needing to be thrown this way for now, I'm only here to plant trees, not cause too much trouble, if I can help it."

Khanne stands up, placing her hands, dirty as they are, on her hips, smiling as she looks around the grove, bustling with activity and merriment.

Freja grabs at her side, staggering in step in a dramatic fashion when Acacia gently elbows her. "Oh, m'lady, you wound me." She flutters her lashes, the back of her hand pressed against her forehead in near swoon before she erupts in a fit of laughter. "Yea, yea, I introduced you and that is my sword to fall on. Introduce me to more of your friends if that is how matches are to be made." A pointed pause. "Tall ones." Fergus is eyed before she adds, "Yeah,'re safe. For now. Let's go ahead and plant one together? I haven't done one yet. I've been gettin' things ready for the woading of the warriors."

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