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The People's Tournament - Lowers Street Gala

The Compact has the Tournament of Roses but the lowers and uppers of Arx has the People's Tournament.

As the tournament comes to an end, the streets of the city - particularly the lowers, uppers and spilling into the market - are filled with festivities. Food and drink at every corner and jubilation had for the lucky few who have found themselves the lucky winners. Whether common or noble, any who pass through he parts of the city will find themselves in jovial spirits likely.


Oct. 5, 2019, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Josephine(RIP) Gianna


Sydney Caspian Merek Alessia Petal Modi Elisha



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square

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Comments and Log

Across the street that makes up the main road in the commons square, the festival that has been going most of the day is still going as the day gives way to night. The moon having started to make it's ascent and is 3/4's the way climbed into the sky means that the sparkles streetlamp are turned up with their little sparkles mites swarming over the gas if one looks very very closely. People sit on rooftops and the sides of the roads as people partake of the food and drink that is provided on just about every corner. Scents waft everywhere of meat, root vegetables, soups and the like. Evaristo's massive haul of a fish is on showcase, having been baked and slowly devoured out bit by bit and a pair of teenagers have sneakily made off with the head of it and are roaming with the head making the jaws snap. Josephine stands near the dais, one last crown in a box beside her and watches from where the announcements are sure to be offered up when the time is right.

Sydney arrives in the very best of finery - which is to say, the same set of clothing she's worn throughout the tournament. At the very least, they're looking a bit cleaner than after the city mud run, if only slightly. She does what any self-respecting commoner would - she makes a beeline for the refreshments and starts selecting the choicest stuff, with an emphasis on meat. She loads a plate heaping with thick, juicy cuts of pork and grabs herself a tall ale. She can do math enough to know she didn't place, but a catered party will ever be near and dear to her heart.

Caspian is here, enjoying a chicken leg as he slowly devours it, leaning up against a wall. Seeing Sydney over at the refreshments, he waves towards her, calling out to her, "Sydney! I voted for you for People's Champion! You're a real trooper!" He calls out to her, waving a chicken bone, "Good luck!"

Merek has on his dark attire, and looks like he is attending with his longcoat upon him, though he makes a way to the lamps, so that he can check upon them. They always are pretty fascinating, while he tinkers about, then he's making a way to settle in and watch.

Entering the commons square, more curious than anything, Alessia scopes her surroundings before her eyes rest on the familiar faces. "Messeres." She gives as a general friendly greeting. "Good to see your bruises are healing, Master Caspian. I regret that I didn't watch the fight." She chuckles lightly.

Petal arrives at the party while adorned in autumn themed seatouched wools. She has a small baby bump. A warm smile is given to Caspian. "Hi Master Caspian." She says in here heavy accent. She then waves to Merek and Alessia as well.

Sydney meanders her way over to Caspian, not content to simply be called to from afar. She draws near and claps hands with the man, "I appreciate it! If they do this again next year, though, I'll be hopin' to cross fists with you a second time. Yer no joke when it comes to outlastin' a girl in the ring, and that's more'n I can say for most men." A wink, and she offers that signature grin before meandering back on over to the refreshments, already in need of a refill for her drink.

Caspian gives a wave to Alessia, Petal, and Sydney. "Yeah, I'm feeling much better now. Hey there Lady Alessia, Petal." He turns to Syndey, nodding, "Yeah, next year lets fight again. Next year I think you'll beat me. You'll probably be even better by then!"

Petal looks over to Syney and smiles. "It is nice to meet you, the girl who will beat Champion Caspian. I'm Petal, a seamstress and gardener." She says toward her. Petal speaks with the heavy accent of a Northern Shav.

"Alessia Mazetti." She grees Sydney with a smile. "You were one of the competitors?" She grins. "I've never tried unarmed combat. Save for when I've had to. It always intrigues me to watch though, when I have the chance. I was just telling Caspian how I wished to I had watched the last. My sister was there though." She turns to Petal. "Mistres Petal, it's been far too long."

Josephine checked luck + smithing at difficulty 19, rolling 73 higher.

Sydney laughs heartily at that descriptor, whirling about to beam at Petal, "Wonderful to meet you, as well, Petal. Name's Sydney - an' his modesty over there ain't accountin' for the fact that he'll be even stronger next year, too. Still, I can always do my best knowin' I've got a fashionable and flowery fan." She gets drawn in to Alessia's words. "You might not have seen me. I was last place and covered in mud near-well the whole time." At least she seems to have a good sense of humor about it.

Josephine, using a cane and a cloak to keep warm in the autumn chill, is making her way to the dais, raising her voice and tapping her cane on the wooden floor beneath her feet loud enough to be mistaken for Brigida possibly and calls out. "Attention please! The winners are going to be announced and the people's favourite"

Modi certainly looked out of place in the Lowers, wearing mostly an assortment of umbra and silks along with glittering jewels. However, the man is certainly no lord. The recently accimilated prodigal wears a warm smile as he travels without entourage. His black hair sprinkled with spots of grey is combed back to be as presentable as could be. The older gentleman finds himself drifting toward Josephine to observe the proceedings. One hand is dug deep into his pocket to protect from the autumn chill, while the other remains tightly wrapped around a wooden cabinet sporting near a dozen locks.

Petal smiles to Alessia. "Oh, too long yes. I am married now and expecting a child." She says before looking to Sydney. "I hope to be about to watch your fight next year. It will be interesting." She adds, before looking to Josephine. She gives the Crafting Mistress a warm dimpled smile.

Sydney bobs her head at Petal, "I'll do my able best to meet those expectations." She snags up another round, leaning back against the refreshments table and getting ready to applaud as needed.

Merek looks over to Josephine, and nods a bit while he listens. Petal and Alessia also get an incline with a shift to look towards the place.

"Thus we are coming to the conclusion of the second People's Tournament. Which I think was just as successful as the first one. Though I confess perhaps Orathy culler would have done a far better task at handling the fist fights. Regardless, we are gathered to see who this year will be claimed the people's champion and those who will see their lives and their families lives changed." Josephine gestures for Demetria to hand over the list. "In fifth place, and with a prize of one hundred thousand silver, is good woman Mirella."

Caspian's attention perks as he hears the announcement of the winners, telling Syndey, "I hope you win people's favorite. Rooting for you." He looks to Josephine, then when Mirella is announced the winner of fifth place, he claps his hands.

Petal claps too. "Yay, Mirella!" She cheers while lingering in the crowd. She does take off to get some some chicken.

Sydney claps one hand against the back of the hand holding her drink. It's not a terribly audible one, but the intent is there. Besides, how's a body to finish her drink, elsewise? As her cheeks are puffed out with drink, she can do little but offer a little shake of her head towards Caspian, alongside a shrug. When she finally does swallow, she yells, "Congrats! That's a heavy coinpurse!"

"In fourth place, Goodman Evaristo, with a prize of two hundred thousand. You can thank him for the immense fish that was caught, the largest that was caught." Josephine gestures to the slowly being eaten behemoth. " in third place, Mistres Maja Darling, and a prize of three hundred thousand silver." If they are there, they are welcomed up to gain their prize.

Elisha slinks in from the alley and angles immediately toward the food, though he pauses when people start clapping, and joins in with enthusiastic ignorance. He smiles to the people he recognizes and even hoots a few times in support of ... whatever everyone's cheering! Then he continues through the crowd and grabs a turkey leg. Then another. And another. He brightens at the sound of a familiar name. "I'll take Varis's coin, Grandma Jo!" he hollers through he crowd. "He'd probably want you to just give it over to me. Easiest that way!"

Petal woots. "Master Evaristo the second first Harliquinn!" She cheers in her accent. "And Mistress Maja!" She seems all cheerful and into the party. Petal also has a chicken leg.

The pink-adorned Elisha is rather difficult to miss - doubly so when he's by the refreshment table! Sydney lifts a hand in a wave initially, then makes her way through some commonfolk to post up nearby to the man. "Turkey's a fine choice! The pork's truly a gift from the divine." She offers a wan grin as the other two names are read off, and proclaims, "Fisherman extraordinaire, and all around entrancing slayer of man and woman alike! Well-deserved!" She 'privately' and loudly murmurs to Elisha, "I totally wanted to fight Ras's sister. Woulda been fun."

"Goodman Elisha, Goodman Evaristo has already directed where his coin is to go. But you do look fetching. Even if that turkey leg is bigger than your head my dear man." She calls out. "Now for second. Goodman Aksel! A well run race by this man, and though it wasn't as close as last year, he served and fought well. He has garnered four hundred thousand silver for a job well done." Josephine turns to Demetria again as a crown if offered up to Josephine. 'Before we say first place, we will announce the people's favourite. This is the individual who the city voted as their choice. The one whom they thought exhibited the best strength and perseverance. Last year they did not get a crown, but this year, the people's choice does and a prize purse of two hundred and fifty thousand silver."

Josephine looks to the crowd. "Godowoman Sydney, you are the people's choice."

Elisha laughs at Josephine, and flushes at the compliment--then squeals when she calls out Sydney's voice, and attempts to give Sydney a big--and rather greasy, considering those turkey legs--hug. "The people's choice! Empress of the Alleys and Calipha of the Crows! All hail Sydney, long may she reign!"

Petal smiles happily to Elisha. She then looks over to Sydney. "Congrats on being the people's choice, that is very impressive." She says to her.

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Merek is overheard praising Sydney.

Merek is overheard praising Maja.

Merek is overheard praising Evaristo.

She has a mouth full of pork and ale when her name is called out. Those vivid green eyes widen, and she nearly chokes, gasping down the food and taking a staggered step back to lean against the refreshment table for a moment. "I - are you being serious?" She looks utterly flabbergasted, and drops the rest of her food and drink without a thought to wrap Elisha up in a bearhug, "No way! No shardin' way!" She looks left and right, as though uncertain what to do next. She lifts her voice, with a bit of a crack to it midway through, "To all of those who supported me - why'n the world did you go and do a thing like that? And THANK YOU!" She calls, pumping as fist and giving an unrestrained, "WOO!"

*a fist

Merek offers praises up to winners, while he's applauding, then he offers a smile for Sydney and all the other winners.

Modi is overheard praising Sydney: Well won!

Applauding Sydney when the winners are announced, Alessia grins. "Congratulations, Messere. A blessed day for you."

Alessia is overheard praising Sydney.

Sydney gets a smile from Josephine who claps for the woman. 'Well deserved in my opinion. Before we announce the first place winner, I wish to offer my public thanks to those who assisted me in the financial costs of the tournament. Last year, it wiped nearly all coin that I had and then some but this year, others stepped forward to expand the prize pool to be on par with the tournament of roses and provide more. A hearty thanks to Goodwoman Wren Lavere, House Grayson, House Velenosa, Whisper Gianna and the Bard's College, Goodwoman Mirella herself, Houses Malaeris, Ashford, LYoness and halfshav. A round of applause for them."

Elisha squeaks at Sydney's bearhug, his eyes bright with laughter and his hands busily trying not to drop any turkey legs.

Petal is wandered off to get more food, but comes back in time to hear Josephine' latest words. She cheers once more.

Sydney gives a particularly raucous round of applause for the donors with hands that are visibly shaking. Who's crying? She's not crying. You're crying. She pauses her applause for a moment to turn back to the refreshments and wipe her arm past her face.

"And now for first." Josephine gestures to the crowd. "Though not first in every competition, he was none the less, high enough in most. Goodman Caspian Wild." She calls out. "To him, we declare him the people's tournament champion. With it a million silver." Josephine calls out, searching for the man in the crowd.

Petal cheers and even jumps and down just a bit. "Yay, Caspian, congrats!" She says happily, giving him a warm smile that touches her brown eyes.

Modi is overheard praising Caspian: Congratulations!

The emotional brawler puts her hands together fiercely, a fierce grin plastered to her features to help her better keep her composure. Sydney ends up looking positively severe without meaning to, but such is the way of things. At least she sounds genuine enough when her rough voice calls over the din, "You took it all the way home! Well shardin' deserved!"

Elisha grins and waves a celebratory turkey leg toward Capsian, then slips away through the cheering crowd.

Caspian cheers, throwing up his hands, heading for Josephine, grinning her way as he thanks her, "Thank you, thank you. This is quite the honor!"

When Caspian bounds up to take his prize - a note to draw on the bank, not an actual million silver, there's a roar from the collective people who are in the square and more than a few cranky people who were hoping it was them, disappointed that they didn't make it. Josephine claps before turning back to everyone assembled. There's a glance to Modi and that heavily locked object in his hands and a raised brow, but carries on. "And now the year has ended. Next year, will will do this again and see who's futures we can change. For now, eat and drink, be merry and try not to be hurting too much in the morning yes?" And with that, everyone is turned loose to party.

Snatching up a fresh mug of ale, Sydney makes her way through the crowd with the friction of distance that comes with being one of the named champions. She makes her way up to Josephine, and claps a hand to her heart. "I know I'm speakin' for all of us when I say, thanks for showin' us a good time, and I'm certainly speakin' for myself when I say, thank you for helpin' to turn my luck around."

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Josephine before departing.

Caspian gives a few nods to Sydney upon hearing this, nodding his head a few times, "Yes, this was a great event! Thanks for hosting this. I had a lot of fun and am super happy that I have won!" He says, pumping his fist. "I will be donating the winnings to the houses that have freed thralls as well as The Liberators!"

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