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Avaline Fashion Soiree

The fiery beauty Eryka Avaline has come to Arx with her father, and thrown a massive party in the Queens Rest Inn. She is celebrating an extremely lucrative deal which will see her receive considerable payment for inciting public demand for the clothing and jewelry of several choice designers and artisans. She has sent out numerous invitations to all the major Houses represented in Arx, promising the very best entertainment and refreshment, and many who follow the trends of fashion in the city are eagerly looking forward to seeing what she and her entourage will be wearing, given the lady's propensity for couture styles, and, perhaps, for what drama she may stir up, given her reputation as a firebrand.

[OOC: This is a murder mystery PRP open to all. Come by for the party, the mystery or both!]


Oct. 7, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Catalana Merek Quenia Agostino Ember Lethe Zoey Graham Reese Porter Thea Tesha Cassandra



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Queensrest Inn - Main Room

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The lighting of the Queensrest Inn comes from brilliant candle-lit chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, as well as numerous candles set on tables and on elaborate stygian candelabrum, bringing out the shimmering colors of brilliant jewelry and finely woven fabrics.

The inn is crowded with the richest and most ambitious courtiers as well as those who business or interests are tied to the fashions of Arx. Impeccably dressed bards play music near a dance floor, and the rich and fashionable mingle at various high tables set throughout the Queensrest's main room. A table on the western side of the room most certainly is not offering dust in a variety of forms to those who want the ultimate party experience, while liquor of every variety so long as it's expensive flows freely.

The courtier Eryka Avaline stands near the entrance of the Queensrest Inn, resplendent in a gorgeous brocade A-line gown, seraphinite jewlery and a Clearlake marmot shawl, surrounded by a fawning entourage, greeting guests as they arrive.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Porter arrive, following Zoey.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle arrives, following Quenia.

Catalana breezes into the Queensrest, a vision in white chiffon and gold. She makes the rounds to those she knows, offering milk and honey smile and gentle touches while her assistant Jane gathers her a drink. Eventually she finds a seat by the fire, where it's light casts a dewy glow over her skin.

Merek walks into the Inn with his dark attire on, really he doesn't wear a lot else, then he finds a place to settle in, shifting his scarf while he orders a hot chocolate to be poured for him. He then leans back, seeming to content while he looks about.

Quenia is dressed simply in warm gear, you know the kind that has her bundled from head to toe in the most warm thing she can find, and then piled with additional layers for good measure in this cold wintry air. Once inside she only peels off her scarf, even if it might be quite warm within. It's that Lycene blood of hers. She peers around for a place to settle, furrowing her brow as she takes in those already gathered and where she might fit in.

Wearing mostly black with gold and blue highlights, Agostino does his best to slip unobtrusively into the Queensrest. He approaches the bar, leaning against it after he has gotten his hands on a glass of red wine, his dark gaze idly taking in the partygoers and the star of the evening as well.

Baroness Ember Redreef is in attendance with a handful of her maidens. It seems like this is much more of an event for Ember's ladies than for Ember herself. The Bloody Baroness has a glass of wine in hand, but is otherwise stood straight up with her ramrod-spine beyond-military posture, turning her head this way and that, nodding to some, exchanging brief, unsmiling pleasantries with others. It's Ember's handmaidens who are whispering among themselves with bright, excited eyes -- apparently they're the ones in awe of the fashion celebrity due to appear.

Lethe arrives wearing a colorful outfit with a smile for those she sees. She gets a drink and finds a comfortable place to sit.

"Lady Catalana," says Eryka with a graceful curtsey. "You are gorgeous, My Lady, thank you very much for coming." The courtier's green eyes glimmer in the low light, and a smile passes venumously over her full lips. At Merek's entrance, Eryka snorts. "You think you could of put in a little effort, mmmm?" she says, as the three women beside her giggle into the back of their hands. A large man with a shaved head, however, give Merek a nod. "Welcome, Sir Merek. Name's Brutus, head of security this evening."

"Ah, Marquessa!" says Eryka in glowing warmth as she sees Quenia arrive.

Lady Zoey Kennex arrives escorted by her devilishly handsome brother-in-law, Lord Porter Kennex. Black bear fur shelters her from the late autumn chill as she enters the Inn.

The attendees begin to show up bit by bit it seems as the area fills with people coming to enjoy the party. The door to the in opens and two more enter Graham Byrne wears clothes of his new house mostly blacks with some red accents at his sleeves and shirt front. He walks arm in arm with Princess Reese, who is undoubtedly looking stunning as ever.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

Reese arrive along with Graham while adorned in her pink and ivory. She has ribbons tangled up in her golden locks and a sword at either hip. The Princess looks over the area, trying to get a feel for things. "Oh, this looks beautiful." She says regarding the party.

Catalana smiles to Eryka, "Thank you for hosting such an event. You look stunning yourself." She then notices her family arrive and gives them a wave. She does give Porter's very tight pants a brief look and eyebrow raise.

Quenia glances over at Eryka and offers the woman a warm smile. "Good evening. Thank you for hosting this event. It looks like it'll be quite a wonderful delight!" she exclaims, just as her eyes catch on Catalana. With a wave to Eryka, she makes her way over to Catalana's table. "Mind if I join you?" she asks.

Porter escorts Zoey in, engaging in quiet conversation with her as they approach the soiree, offering to his sister in law once they are in "Want me to get you a drink? Maybe a little tea?" And then he is looking around, eyes dancing over the crowd catching Catalana's glance and winking at her in addition to a small wave.

Eryka waggles her fingers at Ember and Lethe as they arrive. "Lady Zoey, so good of you to come," continues Eryka. "And who is this?" she asks, offering a graceful curtsy to Porter, and offering him a hand bejeweled with star iron and diamonds, presumably to kiss. Something in her gaze looks predatory. "Dear gods above," says Eryka momentarily distracted by Graham and Reese. "Thank you very much for honoring us wiht your presence, Princess. It is good to see you as well, Count Graham." Eryka gives a wink to Catalana and says, "I might be able to let you in on a little secret later that would do wonders for one with a glamorous sense of style such as yourself - if you can afford it, that is." She grins wickedly, as a passing servant hands her some wine.

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Thea arrives in none other than her leathers and Finn. Always Finn. The young Malvici is actually wondering why she's here, but she strides inside and definitely goes in search for a drink.

Graham nods to the one at his side. He two wears his blade at his side hardly being without it ever. "It is quite beautiful indeed i'm glad I could steel you away for a few moments." He chuckles lightly as he looks to the others who gather nodding to some he knows even in passing and making sure he's not ignoring others he doesnt know. He turns at his name. "Thank you, and likewise to see you."

Lady Tesha Telmar arrives without an escort and something told her the dog wouldn't be wanted at an event like this, so it was also left at home. She is here more to observe than to fawn over things. There's a smile to some of the familiar faces and she makes her way to one of the quieter seats after getting a drink to take with her.

Zoey smiles warmly at Eryka. "This is Lord Porter Kennex," she says. "He just recently returned to Arx from a long mission at sea."

Ember has to wait in line, so to speak, to greet Eryka. When she makes it to the head of the pack, she's almost excessively formal in her curtsy. "I will be brief -- it is our honor and pleasure," she says. Behind Ember, her ladies are trying to keep their eyeballs in their heads: this is ERYKA AVALINE, in PERSON, in FRONT OF THEM, and her OUTFIT, and her JEWELRY, and SO ON. With an incline of her head, Ember moves on to survey the rest of the party, but her handmaidens almost have trouble prying their eyes away from Eryka and her retinue.

Sipping from his wineglass as he remains at the bar, Agostino looks on as people continue to filter in. He bows his head to Reese in silent greeting when he notices her arrival, a charming smile on his face. Still on his feet leaning against the bar, he puts his head together with the innkeeper for a quiet exchange before his attention returns to the room at large.

Reese smiles to Eryka, her dimples briefly appearing. "It is very nice to see you as well." She says softly in her direction. She then waves to Agostino. "Greetings." She says before smilng to Zoey and Porter as well. "I think there might be dancing here." She adds to Graham. "I can trying out my new ribbons dance."

At the entrance of Thea in her leathers, Eryka almost chokes on her wine. She begins to fan herself vigorously, showing off a variety of rings and bracelets in the process. "Did that Malvici lady, bring in a /dog/? Brutus! Do something about that please, before I get fleas all over my gown and shawl. Gods, this shawl costs a fortune - at least until the Baroness Clearlake and I come to an arrangement," she says, as her entourage nods and agrees energetically. Turning to Ember with a look that sometimes happens when two predators face each other, Eryka curtsies, and smiles. "Thank you for coming, Baroness. To pleasure," she says, holding up her glass of wine.

Porter offers a deep bow to Eryka, taking the proffered hand lightly in his own to press a light kiss to it. Standing her offers her a roguish smile that speaks to some mischievous design the man is playing upon "It's a pleasure to meet you." Straightening he tucks his arms behind his back in a manner that is more austere captain then the roguish features would suggest.

Catalana beams warmly at Quenia, "I'd be honored Marquessa. Please sit. I was just speaking about you the other night."

Rysen GM Roll checked charm(4) + seduction(5) at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

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Reese peeks over to Thea and then back to Eryka. "Oh, am sure that Lady Thea's dog is very clean. She is a doctor and everything. They keep clean animals without fleas." Reese is quick to say. She then smiles over to Quenia and Catalana.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

Lethe smiles and waves back to Eryka while she admires her outfit. She stays seated and enjoys her drink while she watches the others here and looks to what they are wearing.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound have been dismissed.

Quenia takes the offered seat at Catalana's table, dipping her head gracefully in acknowledgement. She glances up at Reese and smiles as she notices her. "Princess Reese. Good to see you again," she tells her. Then, she spies Zoey and Porter. "Zoey! Porter!" she waves her hand at both, and it seems she's familiar with both in some fashion. She offers each a warm smile in greeting. After that business is taken care of, she orders some wine, then turns her attention back to Catalana. "You were? However did my name come up?" she asks, curious.

Eryka's eyes shift to Reese, and she does her best to hide her sneer. "Of course, Your Highness," says the courtier to Reese. Turing back to Zoey, Eryka smiles and says, "He is most handsome, My Lady." Her eyes remain fixed on Porter as she kisses his hand, and she leans forward to whisper softly in his ear, "I think you will have a wonderful time, My Lord."

The young Count will smile warmly to Reese at her words of dancing and a new ribbon dance. "I can only hope that I am prepared to be any kind of dance partner for such an unveiling." Graham looks towards the animal in question nodding "Does seem quite in order to me as well dog fashion may be an untapped resource." He says without teasing.

Ember nods in response to the toast, and lifts her glass as well. Her expression remains stony and inscrutable. As she walks away, her ladies buzz among themselves: 'Did you hear what she said?' 'To pleasure!' 'To pleasure...' 'Wow!' etc. Ember pays it no mind, but stops in her tracks upon spying... "Lady Lethe Tyde, correct?" Ember stands by the seated Tyde, regarding her carefully.

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Thea almost smirks. Key word--almost. However to save the woman from fainting, Thea plasters on a smile,"It's alright. While Princess Reese is correct, I'm sure Finn wont mind the cold at all. North and all. It's no bother, truly" She lowers her voice her voice to Finn and watches as he trots away.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes have been dismissed.

"Gods damn it, Brutus - I want to talk to Eryka now!" roars a man with long brown hair and a black sailors jacket. "She'll get you your money when she's good and ready!" shouts Brutus to the man. "Fuck, I knew this was a mistake. You know how much that dust costs?"

"Quiet Tekko - you'd better be careful crossing the Avaline's," says Brutus, cracking his knuckles. Tekko scoffs and takes a glass with him, heading somewhere towards the back of the inn in a rage.

Lethe nods as she looks to Ember. "That is correct. Have we met before?" She looks up at Ember with a curious glance.

Tesha gives a look to the area where they are entering and there's a bit of a smile when she catches sight of the Kennex's. She gives a nod of greeting to Zoey and Porter, who she hasn't seen in ages. She doesn't interrupt their talking though, simply enjoying the people watching and the look of people's clothes.

Reese looks to Tekko and Brutus with an air of wary suspicion. She leave them alone for now though. She then peeks to Thea, having another smile for her. Even as she has the Grayson Guard take her dogs outside as well.

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"Perhaps only in passing, my Lady," Ember says to Lethe. Her expression is like someone who's lining up an arrow before firing. "But my parents were well acquainted with one of your uncles, I am given to understand." The shouting makes Ember turn her head and gaze over in the direction of Tekko and Brutus. "Mm. I'd hoped we would have occasion to talk, Lady Lethe, but we may have to wait until this is over. I don't care to shout over the sounds of breaking furniture."

Porter winks to Eryka and responds in an equally low voice "I already am." and then he is drawing back and everyone else is making themselves known. Retreating to a table alongside Zoey he settles in with an easy going smile and lowers his voice to say something amiably with a small gesture to accentuate whatever point is made.

Catalana almost answers Quenia, but then there is Thea dressed in leathers and then the shouting. Her eyes round on the conflict at the door

The "discussion" between Brutus and Tekko has Agostino watching from the bar, though he doesn't outright stare at the two men. Instead, his wandering gaze continues to return to them as he sips from his glass, and then follows Tekko as he makes his way toward the back of the inn.

"Princesses, Ladies, and Gentlemen of fashion," says Eryka loudly, raising her glass of wine. "Please clear the dance floor, and make room for any fierce enough to model the greatest fashions in Arvum!" Her entourage raise their voices and their glasses, and one, a beautiful blonde haired courtier of the Oathlands by the name of Lacy, struts across the dance floor in her white aeterna gown embellished with diamonds and sapphires, as the bards play music that gives the woman's walk an even greater effect.

Quenia was waiting for Catalana's answer, until Brutus and Tekko came in and started shouting at one another. She gives them a discerning frown, and a light sniff, though her gaze is ever curious in that Igniseri way.

Lethe turns her head toward Tekko and Brutus. She then nods and speaks to Ember. "I suppose that wouldn't do. We'll speak later. I look foward to it. It is nice to meet you." As Eryka speaks she looks with interest toward Lacy.

Rysen GM Roll checked composure(3) + performance(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Reese looks to Lacy, having a dimpled smile that reaches her her blue eyes. "Oh, very lovely." She says happily. She goes to get herself a glass of rose colored wine and then tries to find a place to sit, likely along with Graham.

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Graham looks to his side where Reese resides still and gives a small shrug and the dogs dismissal "I'm apprently not trending correctly, but this is nothing new." The young Count does find his smile again looking about the room taking everything he can in but will also take a drink for himself and follow along to sit at the side of the princess.

Lacy looks to be in Elysia at Reese's compliment. "Thank you very much, Your Highness," she says beaming.

"I would be quite keen for us to speak, indeed," Ember says, and as she passes by Lethe's seat, she seems to murmur something, perhaps too softly for anyone but its intended target to hear. She moves to the bar, to watch the show -- or watch her excitable, fashion-loving maidens watch the show, whichever proves more entertaining from moment to moment.

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Rysen GM Roll checked composure(4) + performance(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Another young courtier, with dark curly hair and a black umbra gown and gold jewelry set with seraphinite makes her way onto the dance floor, moving with grace, and twirling like a dancer. The crowd applauds, and several of the younger people lean in to speak to each other with approval. Erkya sneers, and a vein in her forehead seems to pulsate. "Gods, Shirena! I feel bad for whoever wasted that umbra on a goat!" She yells, turning up her nose. Her entourage nods, and shake their heads in flash of jeweled earrings.

Catalana is easily distracted by the woman's comments. Leaning to Quenia, she murmurs astounded, "Did she just call that model a goat?"

Reese claps even as she looks to the dark-haired Courtier. "Very Elegant!" She says living her voice to carry. "You move like a dancer..." She adds maybe only encouraged by Erkya's sneer to keep praising.

When Ember approaches the bar, Agostino bows and tips his hat to her. "Good evening, my Lady. Quite the turnout in here, isn't it?" he greets her in a pleasant tone, before Eryka's remarks toward the woman in the umbra gown causes him to raise a brow for a moment. He then goes on to introduce himself politely, "I am Agostino Alonso, by the way." He then takes another sip from his glass.

Zoey leans toward Catalana and replies, "I do believe she did."

Quenia looks over in the direction that Catalana is when some comments are brought to her attention, then frowns. "It seem she did, yes." She looks over at the model, then back to Eryka, then says to Catalana. "I thought the whole outfit the model was wearing was outstanding. . ." That frown settles even deeper, in spite of the fact she was just joking and teasing and smiling at her table not that long ago.

"Baroness Ember Redreef," Ember replies to Agostino, and gives him a lift of her glass. The Redreef handmaidens seem shocked by Erkya's dismissal of the model, hands over their mouths and everything. Ember simply looks nonplussed. "It's indeed quite a turnout." Ember's eyes drift back towards Lethe, then to the fashion show again. "I couldn't imagine it going any better." It's not clear if she's being sarcastic or something.

Shirena gazes daggers at Eryka and struts straight toward the socialite, and looks like she might have struck her but for the interposition of Brutus and a well timed compliment by Reese. "Ba-a-a-a-a!" says Eryka to the laughter of her inner circle. She turns to Reese and says, "You're really too kind to these shameless hacks, Your Highness, but I appreciate the kindness you show the talentless. I'm sure it helps them sleep at night." Shirena, overhearing, Quenia, says softly and with a slight glimmer of tears in her amber eyes, "Thank you, Marquessa."

"Perhaps then, Mistrss Eryka, you can show them how modeling is done if they are such 'shameless hacks?" Quenia quips back to the Avaline woman, her disapproval clear on her features.

Catalana gathers her skirts in hand. A small sniff to her table mates. "Let's see what she calls me." Catalana makes her way to the stage. Her shoulders straightened and she begins to strut. Her long legs certainly helping in this regard. The skirts billow and blow around her, and for good measure, she tosses her hair over her shoulder as she smiles.

Catalana checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Agostino does not seem terribly shocked at the way Eryka treats the model, either, though Ember's remark does elicit a low, somewhat dry chuckle from him. "A pleasure to meet you, Baroness Redreef. I did have a feeling this would be...interesting, at least," he remarks in reply to her as his attention mostly shifts between her and what is going on at the center of the room, though he occasionally glances around the rest of the inn.

Reese checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Quenia is overheard praising Catalana: What a marvelous job modeling at the Avaline event!

Reese sucks in a soft breath and then another breath. The color draining form her cheek in a moment of outrage that paces quickly to be passed by a moment of awkward flushing. "I can assure they you they have talent. I am good judge of such." She says, but manages to mostly control her temper. She then smiles to Catalana. "Very lovely, Lady Catalana."

Lethe glances toward Ember and makes her way over toward the bar. Once there she nods to both Ember and Agostino. "Hello again. This is certainly an interesting show. I think I'll need more to drink."

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Tesha's storm colored gaze looks to Eryka woman when she insults the model and there's a frown as she thinks something to herself. Then there's a look to those around to see their reactions. She then gives a look to her drink and stands up to move towards Zoey's table. "May I join you all?" she asks the people at Zoey's table.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Rysen GM Roll checked composure(5) + performance(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 68 higher.

Eryka watches as Catalana watches with a smug smile as Catalana models her gown. She claps her hands lightly as she nods with the various murmurs approval from many in the crowd. She lifts her chin, and glances at Quenia. "Of course, Marquessa." Eryka makes her way to the center of the dance floor with three of the best dressed members of her entourage. Suddenly, the music changes and a flare of light erupts in the room to a collective gasp from the crowd, as servants dressed in black step away from the candelabrum. Eryka and her entourage begin to dance in time with the music, moving like dancers, with every turn, lift, twist and pose perfectly calculated to show off the wardrobe she's championed for the evening.

Thea watches Catalana--strut. That's the term right? Not that she's an expert, but she thought the Kennex woman did well.

Reese watches Eryka and her company, some of her annoyance seeming to fade and the princess looks all wide-eyed and impressed. "Wow..they really are amazing." She murmurs.

Lethe checked perception + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 34 higher.

Agostino checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Ember checked perception at difficulty 30, rolling 16 lower.

Catalana watches the dancers in the center, "It's quite mesmerizing, isn't it?"

Zoey reads a message delivered by the messenger and sighs sadly.

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Quenia glances to her table mates, then back to Eryka and the others. "They're good. Indeed. But that's still no call to be /rude/." She sniffs, then looks back to Tesha. "Yes, it's quite fine to join us." She takes the wine from the server that she ordered, who'd gotten caught up in watching the models, and takes a sip then.

"More to drink sounds like a wondeful idea, my Lady. Though i don't believe I've had the pleasure before. I'm Agostino Alonso," the man at the bar introduces himself to Lethe with a bit of a grin before emptying his wineglass. Squinting for a moment when the music changes and the lights flare, he blinks a few times before his eyes settle on Eryka and her entourage and he comments to no one in particular, "Talk about a flare for the dramatic."

Ember watches the dancing display, but doesn't seem to know what to make of it. She wrinkles her nose slightly. It only makes sense that the reputation of one called 'the Bloody Baroness' doesn't include patronage of the arts. She does give a nod to Lethe, but no follow-up on what she murmured earlier. The Lady of Tyde's presence seems to make her just a bit more tense than she was a moment ago -- but with Ember, who can really tell?

Moving like a panther at the conclusion of her performance, Eryka struts across the dance floor and grabs Porter by the collar of his waistcoat and kisses him passionately, running her other hand through his hair, and pulling on his lower lip with her teeth before she opens her eyes and winks at him.

Quenia was just about to respond to something Catalana said at the table when Eryka comes up and full on grabs Porter and starts kissing him. Her jaw just drops.

Lethe gives a curious glance toward a woman at the bar. She watches for a moment before looking to Agostino. "I'm Lady Lethe Tyde. It's nice to meet you." She smiles politely and gives a nod to Ember.

Zoey's jaw drops at Eryka and Porter.

Reese's cheeks warm with a pink hue. She looks over to Porter, trying to gage his reaction to the kissing.

Catalana checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 6 lower.

Porter is surprised at first by that kiss, but the moment he catches himself he returns it. A low rumble of masculine laughter escaping the man "You offer me too much flattery." And ever the rogue he leans in to steal a brief kiss of his own.

Catalana stares for a second as Eryka kisses her baby cousin. Immediate indignation contorts her face and without even thinking she jumps up and dumps her red wine all over the woman's head.

"I'd like to thank my designer, Sheena," she says gesturing to a tall blonde haired woman standing on the edge of the dance floor. Sheena smiles and waves, blushing. "Bitch!" comes a yell from someone near the bar standing beside Lethe and Agostino, but whoever it was turns and leaves quickly.

Reese sucks in a soft breath and then smiles, seemingly content now that Porter returned the kiss.

Rysen GM Roll checked willpower(1) at difficulty 50, rolling 46 lower.

Rysen GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Graham is turning back to the table when the kiss takes place he looks on perhaps only a tad awkward not knowing planned or unplanned or welcome or not. He can only judge by others reactions to the event.

Catalana checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

2 inflicted and Catalana is unharmed.

Quenia looks equally stunned when Catalana walks over to dump wine on Eryka. She then turns a glare on Porter, like somehow this is his fault!

Zoey gasps and scoots away from the conflict.

Reese looks a bit stunned even a she rises to her feet, seemingly on the alert now.

"Lord Porter has been back in town a handful of days and already causing trouble." Tesha states with a bit of a laugh as the wine gets poured over the head of the model. "Well, I fear this is going to get interesting." she admits as she finishes off her drink and settles back in her chair JUST in case a bigger kerfuffle happens.

Graham is not expecting the kiss to take place, but equally not that retaliation is incoming. He looks to the table a moment but he too will gain his footing not wanting to get caught sitting should things become worse. He looks about the room taking everything in before those closest still at the table.

Porter seems to be more surprised by Catalana's reaction then the kiss, the man standing up and holding up a hand "Cat, there's no need for that. It's a kiss, I'm fine." Though he is now noticing with disdain how wine has ended up on his clothes as well. Hefting a sigh he says "Look, I'm going to go get changed. Try to get along, yeah?" And with that he heads for the door, totally oblivious to the catfight that follows

Reese gets the Iron Guard crest from a willow woven basket lined with petal pink wool.

Catalana is almost shocked at herself when the wine soaks Eryka's gown. But the real shock comes when Eryka swipes her nails towards her face. She swipes just enough to leave a red mark, but is otherwise unharmed. Catalana seems to weigh up her options for a moment and instead of retaliating. She offers a cold smile to the woman, "You should consider utilizing the whispers while in town. I am sure they have a wonderful assortment of tools and lessons to help you master your manners." She then slinks off back to her seat. A glare to Porter is given as she sits down.

As a fight erupts between the blonde noblewoman and the courtier, Agostino looks on a little confused. "Ok, I clearly missed...something...there," he remarks, again to no one in particular, before the woman nearby yelling snaps him out of it and he does his best to watch her until she fades from view.

Thea is standing, the Malvici eyeing Porter,"You owe me way more at this rate." Shes not concerned about getting caught in anything. Seriously...just. ..hmm

Brutus immediately steps over and pulls Eryka away, who is still trying to get at Catalana, as the wine drips down her face and clothes. Her nostrils flare, the wild look in her eyes gradually subsides with what appears to be much effort. "I'll be seeing you soon, Lord Porter," she says, grinning at Catalana, as she brushes her wine soaked hair back from her face, and struts towards the back of the Queensrest with her head held high. Turning to those nearby she says, "I apologize for the interruption - please dance and enjoy yourselves while I go freshen up."

Reese gets an Iron Guard crest from her basket and pins it quickly on. She watches as Eryka claws Catalan, the princess sighing softly. "No violence in the Queensrest Inn!" She says, lifting her voice to carry.

Ember glances to Agostino. "Well, it's simple. She kissed Lord Porter -- and so Lady Catalana poured wine on her head." Ember motions for a fresh glass of wine for herself. "Clearly you haven't attended many functions on the Mourning Isles. This was actually fairly tame. No one's swords even came out, or at least, not properly." As Reese takes control of the situation, Ember calmly sips her wine.

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Quenia looks around the room for the Iron Guard, who usually patrol this establishment, then nods in approval when Reese pulls out her insignia and starts taking things in hand. She eyes Eryka and Brutus, giving each very disapproving looks, before turning to Catalana and the table once more.

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Merek looks up in confusion, when he sees the main exchange between the two women. He lifts up a brow, while he shifts his attention back to what he was doing.

Zoey sits next to Catalana and looks at her injuries.

With Eryka out of sight in the back of the Queensrest, and Reese restoring a degree of order, the bards nervously start up the music, and the guests, seemingly delighted with the recent events, begin to talk excitedly, and a few move onto the dance floor.

"Oh no, I saw what -happened- Baroness. But aren't the two of them cousins? Why did she care that Mistress Avaline kissed him?" Agostino asks Ember in response, though he only turns to face her again once he is sure that the yelling woman is gone. Picking up a fresh glass of wine, he then returns to where he was leaning against the bar before.

Reese is still standing, her swords are notably not drawn and she seems to be watching the Inn warily rather than doing anything now. Still there is a tense wariness to her, suggesting the princess is now on the alert.

Lethe looks to Agostino and Ember. "Maybe she's protective of him." She takes a sip of red wine. "Either way I'm glad I've come. This is the most entertainment I've had in a while."

Graham takes a breath as Reese seems to take control over the situation. He is still both parts warry and confused over the situation he isnt entirely at ease but he does look back as he's spoken to. "I see, I wonder if I would be fire or ice. You are correct no reason may be needed for such a thing." the young man agrees.

"Indeed," Ember nods to Lethe. Her amber eyes cast back towards Agostino. "Protective of him. Protectived of the family name. Or maybe she just feels that... he could do better." Ember is so deadpan that it's not even clear if she's joking or not.

Cassandra had heard there was some kind of fashion thing going on, and being Legate of the Arts, she felt somewhat obligated to make some kind of appearance to see how that was going on. Flanked by her trio of Templars, she stands in the entrance, eyeing what looks like some kind of altercation that had been going on. The Sword of the Faith watches on for a slow moment, as if expecting something else is going to happen.

Reese looks over to Cassandra, giving her a polite nod of greeting. She seems standing for now.

Within a few moments Brutus comes back into the main room of the inn, with what appears to be a huge red hand print on his face. He looks like he's been happier, as he walks past Merek to the bar and says, "Rum."

A moment later, Eryka re-enters, moving slowly, and uncharacteristically disjointed. Her green eyes are lidded, and she opens her full lips, seeming to gasp for breath. She holds out her hands to her entourage and stumbles forward, collapsing on the dance floor, to reveal a large chef's knife protruding from her lower back.

Catalana is flushed with embarrassment. She waves off those checking her cheek, "It was barely a thing. I'm fine. Honestly." She shoots Reese a very sheepish and apologetic look.

Quenia checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 25 lower.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Catalana checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Quenia is just moving to get up from her table and make her way out when she sees Eryka moving in a wrong manner and then just drop down. She lets out a loud, audible gasp that might couple as a shriek of horror. Her hands go to her mouth and her eyes widen.

Tesha checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Ember checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Lethe checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Reese sucks in a sharp breath and the another sharp breath, looking shocked. She even bit back a loud gasp. The pink drains from her cheeks and she moves her right hand to the pommel of her silvery pink blade. The Princess seems quite troubled. She tries to make brief eye contact with Cassandra, looking relieved that the faith's sword is here. Reese starts toward where Eryka came from, drawing her weapon.

Merek stands up after a moment and blinks to the woman with the knife in her back, while he lifts his brow. Then he looks to those that are there, "Are any of the King's Own here?" he asks. He doesn't look like he's as affected as most people, though clearly he does look upset.

When Eryka pitches forward, blade stuck in her back, Ember had just been about to say something. No doubt it would have been absolutely witty and charming -- in her own particular way, anyway -- but the stern Baroness of Redreef is well and truly caught off guard. Her eyes widen and, though she struggles to keep her face from registering her shock, her wine glass falls clear out of her hand and shatters on the floor.

Agostino seems about ready to say something else when he notices Eryka apparently stumbling out from the back of the inn. Dark eyes widen when she falls and he sees the knife in her back, and his hand instinctively drops to rest on the dagger at his side. His focus returns to the back of the room as if looking for something or someone.

Reese adds to Merek. "Call some or message some?" She says to him.

Tesha was getting ready to wish Quenia a good night, but then the courtier that just caused a ruckus starts walking out curiously and then collapses on the floor. The Telmar woman stands from her seat, but she's not shrieking or going into hysterics. This is not the place to do it. "That is not going to be a good thing." she frowns.

Cassandra checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 94 higher. Reese rolled a critical!

Thea's gold-flecked green eyes turn to Eryka and blink. She stands immediately, going to complete attention.

Catalana was only giving Eryka a briefing glance, but then she pitches forward and Cat can't contain her surprised. A strangled shriek comes from her throat.

Graham is about to answer about the ball when movement catches his eye, or well an odd form of movement at least. He is confused a moment before his mouth drops open a moment at the sight. The young count is quiet though he gets up following Reese though he has no such authority as her his hand is at his hip where the hilt of his sword rests though it remains sheathed for now just following to lend assistance.

The guests gasp and recoil, and many of them begin to rush towards the door, while Brutus bellows, "NOOOOOO!!!" and rushes to the fallen courtier.

This was not what she expected, but Cassandra can personally take action when she needs to. The trio of Templars that is her entourage move forward to protect the Legate when the woman with knife in her back falls over. But she doesn't need it, having been a knight longer than she's been Legate. "Cover the exits." she barks at her Templars, eyes snapping towards Reese running after someone.

Lethe watches Eryka with a strange expression on her face. She just stares at her. She stands after a moment and moves closer to the dance floor.

Zoey tries to leave, but the order is faster than her feet. She instead stays close to Catalana.

"I don't know if there are any... Oh look, it's the Templars, next best thing, do you want the Guard to assist?" Merek asks then of Cassandra as she takes charge, making sure he is not messing with their territory as both of his gloves are placed upon the hands.

Cassandra checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Tesha gives a bit of a look when the guards are told to cover the exits and the red head settles back into her seat. "Well, this should prove interesting." she admits quietly.

The command of the Sword of the Faith is followed without question, and the Templars move with great alacrity to close off the exits to the kitchen and to the street. The guests start to panic, but there is also something reassuring about the potent voice of Legate Cassandra.

Reese returns from the kitchen while dragging a man who she has pinned with his arms trapped behind him. To those here previously, it is Tekko from before. The man seems to be struggling. Reese gives the room a quick study and then starts toward Cassandra with the captive. "Caught him trying to run away. Not sure if it was him though."

Cassandra snaps a nod to Merek. "The Templars will hand control of the situation once the Iron Guard arrive." she states curtly. "Anyone care to explain to me just what was going on here?" She doesn't swing that title around very often, but when she does, it puts emphasis behind it.

Thea checked perception + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 31 higher.

Quenia checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Tekko screams, "Ey, ey! Take it easy, Yer Highness. It's not my dus - Ooooh /GODS/!!" he shouts when he sees Eryka's corpse, and the pool of blood spreading around it.

Quenia is still pretty much looking on in horror at everything, not able to speak or move or react.

Catalana tells Cassandra, her eyes wide and her voice breathless. "A fashion show. I... I tipped wine on her and she went to change."

Graham moves further into the room looking to those taking charge of things the man that Reese brings out gets a look over and listening to his words. He moves further along offering his assistance wherever he may be useful. "What can I do?" the young Count asks simply.

"... I'm the Admiral of the Guard and an Officer," Merek adds then to Cassandra, "And Princess Reese is with us also."

Reese looks to Graham while still keeping a hold of Tekko. She isn't very gentle about it. "Message Sir Filshiar of the King's Own and see if he can come? And then..if you can find some rope?" She asks, before looking to Tekko. "Who's dust is it then?"

Ember follows a pace after Lethe, and indeed, moves to set a hand on the Tyde woman's shoulder as if to stop her from drawing too close to the crime scene.

"Um, Eryka's - yeah, Eryka's, Yer Highness. I'd rather get sucked in ta th' Abyss 'fore killin' Eryka! Gods, she's my meal ticket! Ya gotta understand!" shrieks Tekko, still struggling against the iron grip of Reese.

"A fashion show?" Cassandra echoes the statement of Catalana. Hand on pommel of Chivalry's Point, she moves to approach the body, stopping short at Merek. She blinks. "My apologies, Admiral. Perhaps a joint investigation for the moment, then? Just so we have the numbers to operate properly. Statements, examination of the body, etectra? I would defer to your expertise in the matter as a man of the law. But I can help keep the peace."

Thea slowly steps closer to the Eryka's body, closely inspecting it,"Whomever did this, they're hurt as well--,as she points to the blood on the chef's handle." Thea's gold-flecked green eyes continue to look,"Her hands are bloodless, see,"she points. "It went right to the kidney."

Graham gives a single nod, and steps to find parchment and a writing agent. He will raise his left arm where a rather large bird an eagle lands upon his forearm. He will tie the note around it's leg and send it off, before also finding a bit of cord strong enough to keep someone in place, and returning it to Reese.

Catalana pales at the easy way Thea talks about the murder. She flops back on her seat and takes a much needed drink of wine.

Tesha checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Lethe stops once Ember touches her shoulder. She looks to her. "Who do you think would do? This just isn't right." She looks back to Eryka and where Thea points.

Reese looks to Cassandra, giving her a nod. She then turns to Thea. "Good call." She adds, looking over Tekko and even Brutus as well for signs of injuries. "Thanks." She says to Graham. She then will try to tie Tekko's hands behind him. "It will all get sorted. We will release you if you are innocent. I am sorry about this." She says, maybe about rope, maybe about Eryka, it is hard to tell.

Quenia checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Zoey checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Cassandra checked perception + investigation at difficulty 50, rolling 20 higher. Cassandra rolled a critical!

Agostino checked perception + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

"Alright, Legate," Merek offers then to Cassandra, while he takes a moment to place a hand to his belt, then he moves to Reese, "Would you speak to Lady Catalana, as she had likely one of the most recent interactions?" Then he nods to a few of the others, "I'm going to take a look at the weapon." He moves then to inspect the knife while he kneels next to the woman.

"That's what they'll find out," Ember says to Lethe, softly. She draws in a deep breath through her nose. "I know where my strengths lie, and in this, I would only get in their way. 'The Bloody Baroness' is not a title well suited to matters of finesse."

It takes a bit of time for Quenia to snap out of it, but once she does she looks around and then makes her way to Merek. She leans over to whisper to him, lightly pointing to a dark haired woman with a nose ring.

Quenia mutters, "... woman ... there, she's intently ... the stairs. Perhaps she ... something to add to the conversation?"

Shirena, the curly haired model looks agitated standing by the door, eying the Templar guard. "Could you please let me through. I can't stand the sight of blood."

Zoey quietly moves toward the stairs, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed protectively around her middle when she gets there. "Not the party I was expecting," she says with an uneasy smile to a dark-haired woman standing beside her.

Zoey has left the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

Tesha was watching things and the woman gets up as she notices something. She gives a nod to those still left at the table as she moves off. She watches a certain someone in the room as she approaches the one templar by the stairs and whispers something to the guard, but offers a smile and a dip of her head as she gives a look to someone.

Tesha has left the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

The woman turns to Zoey with a wild look in her eyes. She throws a drink at the templar in front of her and attempts to bolt by him.

Pushing away from the bar, Agostino moves closer to where Eryka fell, but not close enough to examine the knife of its immediate surroundings. "Well, there are a few possibilities," he remarks to Lethe in answer to her question, though he's not exactly keeping his voice down, "There was the woman near the bar. The one in the fancy blue gown with the nosering who broke the glass?" He then glances at Brutus pointedly and adds, "There's him, coming out from the back after having been slapped. And I would have added Tekko, but he was actually shocked to see her dead."

Catalana looks quiet faint by this point. Her corsairs are not looking happy. There is a brief whisper to their lady and she nods and rises. She apologizes to Reese. "I'm feeling quiet faint. I'll be at the Kennex Kay for the night should you need to question me."

Merek looks upwards a bit to Quenia, listening, then he nods, while he takes a moment to stand up, while he moves to a nose-ring'd woman watching the stairs, "May I speak to you?" Then he sees that a woman is running.

Reese tries to get Tekko secured with the rope and sitting in a chair. Reese then look to Catalana. "Okay, feel better, Lady Catalana."

Catalana has left the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane leave, following Catalana.

Tesha checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Zoey in a blur of motion, Zoey whips her bow out of her bag and takes aim at the dark-haired woman.

Zoey gets Intricately forged ancient steel recurve bow from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Zoey wields Intricately forged ancient steel recurve bow.

Cassandra was in the midst of making some kind of gesture when upon turning, she sees the woman at the stairwell make her move. She moves forward, but clearly isn't fast enough, and not nearly as close as Zoey is. But she's moving in that direction, shoving forward if she needs to, Chivalry's Point in the midst of being drawn.

Thea nods to Catalana as she leaves,"be well..."

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Lethe nods with a sigh as she speaks to Ember. "I probably would too. I can't really do much for her now that she's dead." She looks to Agostino and nods. "Yes I do remember that woman. Are you an investigator?"

Graham looks over quickly at the motion of movement. He is moving though it seems that it's not needed though he's still on his toes he begins to look about the area perhaps finding anything that he can to help put the puzzle pieces together.

"Not in any official capacity, but I've done some freelance work of that sort in the past," Agostino tells Lethe, though soon his gaze is drawn to whomever it is that is trying to get away and the efforts to stop her. Once again, his hand makes its way to his dagger's handle, but it remains in its sheathe for the time being as he observes the situation.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Tesha sees the woman throw the wine and then she tries to bolt past the guard. The red head tries to move to grab her, but she's not quick enough. The dress didn't want to help with that! She ends up hitting the wall instead and slides down it to stay out of the way for the moment. Just in case anyone else felt stabby.

Spontaneous applause erupts in the Queensrest Inn for the wildly famous visitor.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Zoey looses an arrow at the feeling woman, but aims for a leg rather than any vital organ. Her arrow finds its mark and the woman falls with a heavy thump.

Quenia has left the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle have been dismissed.

Thea's hand is on the hilt of her kopis as she watches the the going ons. She make a wound just as fast as she patch one. Which you know, think! There goes another body.

Reese is sends Rosalie off looking for King's Own. She says next to Tekko. The princess as her blade drawn, but is not attacking anyone right now and she looks even a bit baffled about what is happening exactly.

Merek looks over to Zoey, "Don't!" he exclaims, then he sees the arrow go into her leg, "We need a medic, now, bind up her leg!" he sighs looking then to the Kennex Lady, but doesn't comment. Not his place, still of the places she could shoot, he sighs staring to it, then looks back to nose-ring, "Officer Black," he mentions, greeting the woman, "All alright?"

Ember's stony expression sets deeper into a grimace as the arrow lets fly and finds its target. She looks at the fallen woman for a moment, then back to Lethe and Agostino. The Baroness seems untroubled by the violence -- or at least, desensitized to it. "Come, Lady Lethe," she says, moving to touch Lethe's arm. "Let us move further back from the fray. Master Agostino, I will protect her from... any of THIS. You put your keen eyes to a task to which they may be needed."

The Sword of the Faith lives up to her name, the sword free in her hand once the woman goes down. Seeing one of her Templars grab the woman and bring her to the Legate, she will, gesture her man to bring the woman forward. "Now would not be the best time to lie, girl." A look at Merek, a look that suggests 'your show'. She'll not be doing any questioning. She will, however, look quite intimidating.

Zoey looks to Merck after shielding her bow. "I'm sorry. I didn't know her," she says to him.

The woman screams and still tries desperately to rise and continue climbing the stairs. When Merek, speaks to her, she merely gazes at him with a wild look in here eyes, as blood runs from the wound in her leg. The templar, however, lifts her and brings her before Cassandra, she looks up at her looking /very/ frightened.

Brother Chester leaves, following Jeffeth.

Merek checked charm + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Thea checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Cassandra checked command + intimidation at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Tesha checked command + manipulation at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Agostino nods at Ember's suggestion, though his hand remains where it is on his dagger as he steps closer to where the woman who was shot in the leg is now being questioned. He has nothing to say yet himself, but rather watches her closely, looking for signs of guilt.

Graham eyes the one who runs, and the sound of a bowstring. He sighs as things seem to be getting more confusing not less. It's with his hand at the sword at his hip however as he stays close enough to be of help should he be needed for anything.

Lethe seems like she wants to move closer to the woman but nods to Ember. "I suppose you're right. It looks like she's being taken care of."

Agostino checked perception + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Merek then notices that the one shot is the one he was about to question, the one that decided to run. He facepalms, then he sighs a bit, while he nods to Zoey, "The leg bleeds pretty fast, is all, it's fine, my Lady," he seems to know about the logistics of arrow'ry. He then looks to Cassandra, and with her there, he nods, looking to the nose-ring woman, "Would you like to explain why you ran?" he asks, calmly, politely, caring. He's pretty nice about it, "We'll get you proper medic care," a nice look to Thea, and a look to the Legate, "If you have a question, please ask, we need as much information as we can. The Templars are well knowledged in these things." He knows they all need to work together.

Thea reaches into her satchel, grabbing all the neccessary supplies. She removes the arrow swiftly then, applying this and that so it doesnt become infected. Thea wraps the woman's wound tightly,"There you go."

"I... had... to get away..." the woman pants, pressing her hand to the bandage Thea just tied. Her eyes shift from Eryka's corpse, then glances to Zoey and spits. "But... that damned archer..."

"Did you just spit at me?" Zoey's voice is calm and controlled, but instead of reflecting the smile on her face, the eyes are cold and hard as steel.

Tesha gathers herself off the ground after Zoey shoots her shot and she knows that some of the danger is gone. She brushes herself off and then looks to the woman that's currently bleeding. "Were you running from a murder you committed or something else?" she poses the question to the woman.

Ember checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Graham checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Reese is still here, standing near Tekko and not doing much of anything at the moment. She does looks over to the tied woman though, watching that situation unfold. "So any of this dust in the building? On your person or left?" She asks.

"You're /gods damned/ right I did!!" shrieks the woman at the top of her lungs toward Zoey, seething with anger. She glances at Tesha, still breathing heavily. She narrows her eyes. "She /fucking/ deserved it!! That was /my/ design! And she gave the credit to that BITCH!" she says, pointing at Sheena, the tall blonde tailor that Eryka had so celebrated before her death. At that moment, Sheena breaks her wine glass and rushes towards the woman on the ground, and might've stabbed her, if it had not been for the quick reflexes and sharp senses of Count Graham.

Reese is overheard praising Cassandra: Woots, Templars present and Sword of the Faith keeping order!

Reese is overheard praising Merek: Iron Guard Officer keeping the peace!

Reese is overheard praising Zoey: What a shot!!! Archeress Lady Zoey!

Reese is overheard praising Graham: Quick moving and thinking.

Merek checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Ember keeps a hand gently against Lethe's arm, but mostly seems faintly bewildered by all the twists and turns -- though her grip on Lethe does tighten a bit when she sees Sheena break the wine glass. The Bloody Baroness seems at a loss for words.

Reese is overheard praising Thea: Alert doctor Lady Thea!

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Zoey checked composure + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Merek checked perception + investigation at difficulty 25, rolling 2 higher.

Zoey bites her tongue and backs away from the woman, muttering, "Next time I'll aim higher."

"You're not answering the question," Agostino tells the yelling woman, his own voice calm, "At least not the important one. -Clearly- you spit at the Lady, but she was only trying to keep a murder suspect from escaping. Your venom certainly isn't doing you any favors if you're innocent though, you know? Unless you meant that as a confession, I suppose."

Rysen GM Roll checked composure(4) + manipulation(3) at difficulty 30, rolling 2 lower.

Thea suggests then,"Check her hands,"her eyes moving to the blade on Eryka's back.

Graham is glad that he is paying attention when he spots the movement and the sound of breaking glass it clicks what's happening thankfully he's able to toss himself in front of the charging woman grabbing the hand which holds the broken glass and hit the flat of it against his body to try and disarm her and reaches to try and immobilize her as well."

Merek keeps from actually throwing the woman through a few walls. Then he takes a moment to place a hand into the woman's hair, turning her face away from Zoey even while Graham handles Sheena. "Don't spit at the nobility," he says calmly, then he takes a moment to swivel the woman in front of him while he shifts to her side, holding up a hand to Brutus, "No, friend." He seems to have noted something. Then he takes a moment to look to the woman, "For the crime of impassioned murder, you are hereby taken into custody. You will be delivered to the Inquisition for further questioning about your confession, should our King's Own permit this."

Cassandra watches the question asked and the response between Merek and the girl. And looking back to Merek, she starts. "You might if I-" and then the woman is lunging at Zoey. Thank the gods for Graham, catching her before anything unfortunate can happen. With an expression as hard as iron, she strides forward, putting tip of her diamondplate blade inches away from the woman, the point of the weapon directed at her a silent promise. "You would do well to calm yourself, girl." There's unspoken threat there while Merek reads the woman her rights.

Tesha figures her question was answered in another way, so she gives a dip of her head to the rest that are around the woman and then heads to the bar to lean against it a little and watch the rest of this play out.

Thea checked perception + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Sheena struggles against Graham up until the moment Cassandra's diamondplate comes close to her neck, at which point, she drops her glass and falls to her knees, weeping into her hands. As Merek places the woman under arrest, she grabs the arrow that had been lately been in her leg and lunges at him with it, burying it into his collar bone.

30 inflicted and Merek is harmed for serious damage.

Cassandra checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Agostino watches the woman intently for a moment longer, seeming to turn something over in his head before nodding when Merek tells her that she is under arrest. "Well, I guess it -was- a confession, if not one she intended. That should make things easy for the Inquisitors handling it, though she clearly does not have a long criminal career ahead of her," he rubs at his beard as he comments. He then blinks again when Sheena lunges at Merek, and this time he draws his dagger before asking no one in particular, "What is -wrong- with these people?"

Zoey wields Intricately forged ancient steel recurve bow.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Cassandra wields Chivalry's Point.

Agostino wields Bloodthorn Stiletto.

Zoey checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 68 higher.

Merek looks to the woman, and looks about to speak, before he twists a bit to move just as that arrow is pulled and lunged into him. His movement means that it strikes his shoulder next to the collar, still it pierces clean through and breaks skin to the other side, while he winces a bit, and blood begins to roll along his shoulder and arm.

Reese gasps as Merek is stabbed, the princess looking pale and concerned. "Merek..." She says. Reese spare a glance to Tekko, making sure she is still secured.

Zoey quickly draws and fires again, this one going through the woman's hand.

Tekko is gazing wide eyed like a man in a daze. "What in the name of Aion...!"

Wrong decision. Cassandra had given the woman two warnings, and she had tried very hard to prevent it getting to this point. But the Legate also has a level of restraint, and with a twist of her arm and wrist, lashes out, but not with the blade of Chivalry's Point, but with the engraved pommel of the sword. She is not out to kill the woman, but incapacitate her. "Foolish girl!"

Tesha gives a look at the lunging and the woman that stabs Merek with her eyes wide. That is definitely not good. The Telmar woman doesn't rush forward again as she knows she'll only be in the way.

Lethe watches with wide eyes. She gasps as Merek is stabbed with the arrow. She seems hesitant to approach and stays near Ember.

The young Count is busy trying to hold on to the other though he sees further trouble and can hardly believe the night has come to the point it has. Graham's hand which hand simply been at the hilt of his sword draws the blade holding it as a warning to the crying woman and maybe if any other should act up.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 4 Byrne Mountain Men, 2 House Crovane Guards arrive, following Mikani.

The wounded woman takes another arrow through her hand, before Cassandra's pommel sends her slumping to the floor in front of Merek. The guests gasp, not for the first time, and move back from the various bodies now prone on the ground.

Reese looks to Tekko. "Yeah, this is crazy." She says, looking to Merek with concern. "I am glad Thea is here." She says talking to Tekko who probably has no idea who Thea is even. She looks pale cheeked and unsettled still.

Ember indeed puts her arm out in front of Lethe's middle -- either to hold her back, or to protect her from anything coming her way. "Tt," Ember murmurs under her breath. "A bloodbath..."

"So... Princess..." says Tekko to Reese, trying to hop toward the dust while tied to his chair. "Kin I, maybe, get free just this once? I'll jest take the rest of the dust and be on my way?"

Merek checked wits + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher. Merek rolled a critical!

Merek looks to the woman as all the people begin to fall upon her after she shanks him with that arrow. He winces while he begins to stand up a little, blood pools a bit into a lake that drifts from arm to floor, still he takes a set of shackles from his pack, then he hands that to Cassandra, while he takes a moment to take his shirt off, then he's wrapping that about his shoulder. He manages then to expertly, through willpower, manage to tie the wound up so that it will not pool any further, a look then to Thea, "So uh, I used to be an adventurer."

Tesha gives a look to the blood, the bodies and the Telmar woman decides that it's time to go. She heads for the door, hoping that the guard that's there will allow her to leave.

Reese looks to Tekko and the princess seems very deeply conflicted. She sucks in a soft breath. She bites her lower lip. "You didn't harm anyone right?" She asks, giving him a close study and trying to be empathic.

Thea points to Kith,"Her hands, rinse them. Pretty sure you'll find knife wounds,"as she hears Merek. The young Malvici medic actually almost grins,"I hear they're a bit inventive sometimes. Or try to be.."

Tekko shakes his head rapidly, and says to Reese, "No, Ma'am - er, m'Lady - ekk! I mean, Yer Highness!"

Cassandra holds the stance with her blade a moment longer before her feet slide back into a proper standing position, sliding her blade back into it's low slung sheathe. With a sigh, she gestures one of her Templars over. "Go to the House of Solace, call for the healers." A beat. "And more Iron Guardsmen." she orders, taking the shackles from Merek and going about putting them on the now prone woman who she just knocked out. "Don't move, Admiral. I'd rather not have to explain your death to the Dominus."

Reese checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Lethe nods to Ember. "It is. Some people just do not know how to behave themselves. Hopefully there won't be anymore tonight."

Merek bites at his bottom lip, "Yes, well, as nice a point as any," he mentions then to Cassandra, while he finds a place to settle in, so that he can wait for medical treatment, looking thoughtfully to the people about.

Thea steps away from, streaks of blood all over her face, her leathers soaked. She's earned a bath and a drink. For now, she steps over to steps over to attend Merek.

Tesha gives a thankful look to the templars and then makes her way out once things are being handled and people can start to leave.

Ember lets out a little breath through her nose. Almost a chuckle, but not quite. "Indeed, Lady Lethe. In fact, your reaction gives me hope that when we do have a moment to sit and talk -- we will find ourselves on the same page of things."

Graham shakes his head having had a much different idea at how this night would go it would seem. He will only after certain things are calmed re-sheath his own sword the blade at his hip. He looks about moving towards the one he'd entered with brow arching he'll speak something unheared in the last bit of chaos going on.

Once securing the now-prisoners, Cass will go to sit with Merek, waiting til both the healers and Iron Guard drop by.

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