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Melaeris Brunch

House Melaeris offers brunch to its members, vassals, and friends of the family. Come join us for food and drink and spend time learning about the passion projects of those attending and discuss the future of the House.


Sept. 18, 2019, 8:30 a.m.

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Amir Dariel Artur Mayir Catalana Iseulet



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Melaeris Fasthold - Dining Room

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A wiry-built redhead named Deirdre is the main source of escort through the Fasthold for the invited guests that require a guide. Llewella's handmaiden is polite and efficient, answering questions if asked but mostly just getting people from the front door to the dining hall and seeing them announced. In the dining hall a few servants remain off to the side to see to needs once brunch has begun - refreshing coffee and so on.

Llewella stands near the head of the table with a smile on her face and a bit of conversation going on with Amir. "I'm glad you were able to come to Arx, Cousin. And more so that you're here to help me greet our guests. Should we be expecting your Countess to join us?"

When the first guests begin to arrive, Llewella turns her smile up a notch to welcome them. She curls her arm through Amir's and drags him towards the door for this part. Curtsies, kissed cheeks, bowed heads; everyone gets a greeting appropriate to their station and relationship to the hosts. Introductions are made, to include Amir, and the guests invited to make themselves comfortable at the table.

It's around this time that delicate music begins to play. The musicians are tucked away in another room, ensure that while their playing provides some mood music, it's never going to be loud enough to overwhelm the conversation.

"No, I don't believe she is able to attend," Amir answers Llewella, just moments before he finds himself conscripted to go meet guests as well. "I believe Dariel plans to attend though. I ran into him at the Grotto and spent the next three days removing random bits of glitter from my clothing." The big man crinkles his nose at the memory.

There's no kissed cheeks from Amir. But clasped hands or bows? Those he can do. A, "Pleasure to meet you," here and a, "Welcome to Melaeris," there helps move through the line of attendees.

"Lady Llewwlla!" Artur positively coos when he arrives, greeting the lady with an affectionate kiss to her cheek. "I was just talking about your daring paintings and decided to bring my company with me, because she was interested in showing off your art." To Amir, he gives a warm smile and a tip of his head. "Prince Artur Redrain, I'm Llewella's patron. And goodness, she does me well." he gives Llewella a wink, before he turns to Iseulet.

Lady Llewella Melaeris, may I present Lady Iseulet Blackshore, patron of the Empyrean. His hand tightens on Iseulet's in warmth and gives her a swift smile. "She's interested in seeing what you have for an art show, or even to put on display."

Mayir Grayhope makes his way on into the room. Now, typically, the Grayhope would not haul himself out of bed for such an early event. But there is a //lot// of food here, and he is pleased to be a part of it. He kiss-kisses Llewella's cheeks and clasps her hands, and then goes to get himself a plate. He is a growing boy, you know.

Catalana for once isn't fashionably late. She shouldn't be. She lives across the road. Stepping in from the hall in a silver adorned antenna gown she immediately smiles at the hosts. Stepping forward to greet her hosts, she stops and laughs a deep smokey chuckle at Amir's words "Glitter? Dare I ask?" After, she introduces herself "Lady Catalana Kennex. A pleasure to meet you and a greater pleasure to join you for brunch."

Dariel is always one for being fashionably late. He makes no exception for relatives. He catches the end of his cousin's statement about the glitter. "You only had secondary exposure. I still have clothing that's been washed several times that still glitters." He dips his head to his sister and his cousin then to the others he does and does not recognise. "Greetings everyone!"

Iseulet enters with Artur, her arm around his, returning the little squeeze and saying her polite greetings with effortless curtseys and warm smiles. "I have indeed heard of your art. I would love to see it, at the very least." Then she pauses a beat to smile, "But - we can talk about that later. It's very nice to meet you." Then, she greets everyone else in turn, seeing as how she doesn't want to hold up the line.

"Ah, you are too kind, Your Highness," Llewella responds to Artur. "I would be pleased to discuss my art, but I have little to show off at the moment. The muse can be fickle and does not like to be shown off until something is ready."

"Mayir," Llewella greets the Grayhope with some warmth. "I'm glad you could make it as well."

"Lady Catalana! A pleasant surprise, but there's no better way to meet one's neighbors than sharing a meal." Llew quirks a grin towards Amir, then Dariel, with the exchange of glitter. The latter is gifted with a loud smack of a kiss to his cheek, full of the kind of trying-to-embarass that can only come from an older sister. "Dariel, I think you've gotten taller! Please, make yourself comfortable."

And of course, "Lady Iseulet, welcome. Any friend of Prince Artur's is always welcome among us. The Empyrean has had quite an impact on trade across the Compact and I'd love to hear more from those involved."

"It was worse than sand!" Amir protests Dariel's glitter. The cousin still gets a clasped arm and a smile though. "Ah, I have heard you recently accepted my cousin as a protege, your highness. Good to see you could make it," he greets Artur with a bow. Should they allow it, kisses just above knuckles are offered to both Iseulet and Catalana. And Mayir? A slightly quizical look and a nod of head. "My lady," Amir approaches Catalana, "may I escort you to your seat?" His arm is crooked and the Sword of Melaeris prepares to guide Catalana to the table and pull out her seat for her. Because that 15 feet long walk is so treacherous or something.

When Iseulet is here, Mayir makes his way over to her, for his own version of clasped hands and cheek kisses. If he notices Amir's strange look, he shakes it off. And then it is back to the buffet line, piling up bacon and eggs and oh, a little fruit, before he looks for a seat.

Cornelius, a studious looking attendant arrives, delivering a message to Amir before departing.

Catalana gives a soft chuckle to Llewella, "I hope you don't mind. Duchess Margot always had such love things to say about your house when I roomed with her that I had to come see for myself." She naturally accepts Amir's arm and immediately praises him. "What a gentleman. Thank you." Settling and smoothing her gown over her knees she smiles up at him and engages in friendly conversation "You have just returned to the city I heard? How have you found it?" She beams at Dariel too as he joins them, "Hello Lord Dariel. I hope my letter didn't offend. I wasn't quiet sure what you were asking and the topic is so big. I'd be happy to sit some time and talk with you."

Artur gives a little chuckle. "I feel like the Northerner out of water." he admits with a laugh as he casts a little wink at Llewella. "Your muse is beautiful, and when she decides to show herself, it will be a delight to all." he promises her. "I just hope I haven't put you to too much work as of late." There's a wink as he grins at Catalana. "I remember you from the pool party. That was delightful. You even made Baroness Redreef smile, which I had thought impossible."

Mayir gets a quick smile. Llewella isn't bothered by the Grayhope's presence, so he doesn't seem phased. "Master Grayhope. I purchased some of the furniture you had about in the Robbery for a friend that is getting settled in the city. She was delighted." he points out as he comes over to greet Iseulet, but Artur makes it a point to know some of the more notable citizens - and the Grayhopes are in that number with the Harrows.

"Lord Dariel. Lady Miranda could not attend with you?" he asks. "Or is she still having issues with glitter as well?" he asks in some amusement as he moves to lead Iseulet to the buffet line so she can pick what she wants to eat - he knows she hasn't in a couple of day.

Cornelius, a studious looking attendant arrives, delivering a message to Amir before departing.

"Thank you, Lady Llewella. You're too kind," Iseulet's smile grows broader. "I'd be happy to tell you all about it."

To Amir, she curtseys, allowing her hand to be kissed, of course. "It's lovely to meet you my Lord."

Then, greeting Mayir with warm smiles and cheek kisses. "Mayir. Nice to see you again. You're looking well.. I'm glad. It's been a long time."

Then of course she's being taken to the buffet line, and along the way pauses to greet Dariel and Catalana cheerily.

"Fair too long," agrees Mayir with a nod of his head as he brings his towering high plate to the table. So far, no one can quite see whether the Grayhope has pilfered any silverware. It is just impossible to say. "Ah. Mayir Grayhope," he says to the Amir who is eyeing him like that.

Dariel smiles at his sister's kiss. He's not that easy to embrass really. Most of the time. So he returns the kiss with one of his own. There's chuckle at Amir's problems with the glitter to which he can totally relate. He dips his head to Catalana when she greets him. "Offend? No. It gave me pause to thought. Though I had other thoughts since I wrote it. I would like your opinion. Though not right now." At mention of his name and his Floofykins' he turns. "No she is glitter free. Though I'm still getting used to being upstaged in notoriety by her."

No, Llewella does not seem bothered at all by Mayir's arrival. But Astarrea is a mercantile city, so that could explain the inclusion of the Grayhope among Melaeris's allies.

"We will just have to ensure I meet more from the North so you are not so alone next time, Your Highness," Llewella lightly jokes with Artur. "You can start by hosting something in Redrain that I can attend."

The mention of a pool party has Llewella grining a little more, giving Catalana another look, one bearing a little pensiveness to it.

"I am certain we have many things to talk about, my lady," Llewella says to Iseulet. "From trade to art to ways ensure our mutual Prince is kept on his toes. It may take more than this one meal to go over everything!"

Llew squeezes the back of Dariel's arm and goes to take her own seat at the table.

While the food may look simple, and the decorations are not extravagant, just start eating. It becomes evident where the money spent on this gathering has gone. Quality.

"A few weeks ago I returned," Amir says. "Arx is Arx, and as much as things change the city as a whole is still largely the same, my lady. Though having such moments as this, when friends and family can gather make the vast loneliness of it all more bearable." He sees the lady seated before going to claim his own place at the table. "I know it was rushed and had its repercussions, but I do admire Kennex for leading the way in freeing thralls. Now if we can learn from those lessons and ease the trouble with the other Houses, life will be much better indeed."

"Welcome to the Fasthold, Master Mayir. I do not recall having heard your name around here," Amir's deep voice rumbles, "Are you helping my cousin with one of her projects?" A cup of coffee is poured and taken black.

As Llewella mentions her and Iseulet keeping him busy, Artur laughs. "You act as if I'm not on my toes enough, Llewella!" he calls back teasingly as he works on loading his own plate after Iseulet starts to hers. Though he glances over towards Amir's sword. "I didn't notice you at the discussion the other day of House weapons, my lord. Does your blade have a story behind it?" he asks both Amir and Llewella as he gathers a few eggs and meat.

"As for an event.. hmm. I have been doing some taxidermy projects. Perhaps that would be worth showing off. Even if it is not as say.. extravagant as the art that you produce or that Lycene are used to." he laughs. "Princess Ophelia has taken a couple of my projects to display in the hallway of the Manor. I am still waiting to see how the Princes-Regent responds to it. :

Catalana laughs and presses her hand against her chest at the mention of the pool party "Oh yes. You missed the Baroness upstaging Prince Galen and stealing the title of princess of parties. It was a fun night." She agrees with Amir after, her tone softer "It was a steep learning curve, but one we've succeeded in. I am so proud of my family's accomplishments in that. I look forward to seeing what our future holds."

She laughs, as musical as a peal of bells. "I have trouble keeping him in one spot long enough already. He's quite the social butterfly," Iseulet says, letting her smile linger at the corner of her mouth. Then, to Amir, she respectfully inclines her head. "I have known Mayir and his family for quite a while. They are excellent business people. Lovely, and kind. When I first came to the city, Mayir was the first person I called a friend... and his family helped me find my feet." Her cerulean gaze flickers to Mayir, brows lifting a moment. "Do send my regards to Magpie."

2 Redrain Guards, Iseulet leave, following Artur.

2 Redrain Guards, Iseulet arrive, following Artur.

2 Redrain Guards have been dismissed.

"We /are/ excellent merchants," agrees Mayir with a nod of his head. "And getting only better every day, for when the Grayhope caravel is complete I would rather say that we will be the greatest sailors outside of the great houses!" He is modest when it comes to these things.

"Was there a discussion on House Weapons?" Amir asks, looking genuinely as if he had not heard about it. "I wish I had known; I would have made the effort. As to the history..." Here Amir frowns a little. "I am certain it has a history, but that's been lost to us. Llewella and I are both starting to make an effort to recover our house history, but it has been slow going. No one I've contacted so far has even a hint so we're buckling down for some actual research." WIth Mayir vouched for, Amir stops counting forks and spoons in his head. "We could certainly use some skilled sailors these days, with piracy on the rise."

"I had a piece on display in the square, but someone has taken it. I do not know who. It was just gone one day," Llewella says of her own art. "I do not mind. If it inspired someone or brought them joy then I wish them the best with it. But I do plan on a series around a knightly focus to auction off and put towards the freeing of thralls."

Llew blinks a few times. "Prince Galen was made Princess of Parties? That must have been quite the event." She grins at Iseulet then. "Master Mayir does make fast friends quickly."

Catalana agrees with Amir, a serious look to her face "It is rising fast. My sister General Jan and Lords Ian and Aethan encountered some up near Pearlspire just last week. Thankfully there were few casualties." A milk and honey smile is given to the serving boy who brings her coffee and a platter of salmon, cheese and bread

Iseulet looks troubled hearing that Llewella's art had been taken. "That's a shame. I would have loved to have seen it."

Then, to the subject of pirates. "I've noticed it too, with the Empyrean Route? When I began it, someone tipped off a certain... pirate to the route as well as plans. I am lucky to have had Duchess Calypso and Lord Domonico protect the Lycene stretch, but the threat has not been eliminated in the Thrax and Oathlands stretch.. yet."

After excusing himself for a moment, Artur returns, to a chuckle. "So that's why Ember signed her note with that when she wrote me." he admits with a laugh, having to apologize. "Something to take care of. Sorry about that." He moves to return to his seat at Iseulet's side as he checks to make sure she's eating before he starts on his own meal.

"I think that it is the Traditionalists," says Mayir, as he begins to tuck into his massive plate of bacon. Where does it all go? He's so lean. "I heard that they were preying on Redrain and Grayson shipping, maybe trying to start a war or take advantage of things." Now some coffee. "Of course, not a problem if you know how to avoid them, like I do."

Llew grins. "I have this daydream that one day I will get invited to tea with someone and see the tryptych sitting in someone's Hall and I can be, 'Ahah!' and know where it went," she explains to Iseulet. A light plate of food is provided and Llew picks at it between moments of conversation.

"We will all have to do something about the upswell of seaborne crime. I'm looking for a skilled commander of a fleet to put together ships just for that purpose, to protect Astarrea's trade routes." Llew turns her smile to Dariel and shifts the conversation with, "What have you been doing, brother?" The resemblance is uncanny...right? "Quite alright, your highness."

A sympathetic wince flirts across Amir's expression. "I am glad to hear that they came away with so few casualties. The pirates are definitely growing bold, and I don't think near as many of them are freed Thralls as others might have us believe." He cuts into what appears to be an open-faced sandwich of toast, salmon, and slices of the soft-boiled egg. "Has your family had trouble with this, Mayir?" is asked after the Grayhope beats him to speaking his suspicions.

"I know that we have talked of one of our Countesses in the north staring work on a ship yard in the waters near Stormwall. It will help have ships ready there when it's done. But that's going to take some time. I was considering talking to Darren about having a small rapid response force put together - but even then, pirates would be long gone. Patrols, shared between the fealties, may have to be the rest way to go. To have merchant ships escorted."

Catalana glances to Mayir and wrinkles her nose the smallest bit. "You can only avoid the pirates and traditionalists for only so long. It's a bigger problem than just dodging pirates." She crinkles her blue eyes then at Artur, "I got to see some of the Redrain lands this last summer. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I believe my husband hopes to one day sail the coast properly."

Dariel just listens to the talk of piracy and other things of which he knows little. Little to nothing. Which leaves him a little quiet and able to investigate the food and drink. Which means eating it, of course. At mention of his name he looks at his sister. "Hmmm? Oh, trying to find roles as ever. Or maybe make them."

"A bigger problem for /you/," says Mayir, cheerily, when there is talk of not being able to dodge the pirates forever. "I am happy to just dodge and leave the politics to others." To Artur, then, he says: "I am glad you like the furniture! Finest in all of the Compact!" Not entirely true. "Do tell more of your friends!"

"I haven't been to the North. What did you find most breathtaking, my lady?" Llewella asks Catalana. "Is there a role you can't fill, Dariel? I would love to see some of your work one day. I don't think I've seen you on stage since... What was that show you did at Pridehall?" she prompts.

Amir nods. "Yes, unless it occurrs near a port or you luck into being nearby, the seas are too vast for a rapid response to make a huge impact. The patrols will have to rely on some luck and perhaps just staying near to scheduled shipments. Or setting up rumors of f fat shipment and then springing a trap when it's attacked." Amir sips his coffee.

Catalana leans over to Artur and murmurs something to him, before straightening "Oh the vastness. The trees and the air and how it just kept going. I'm not a great rider, so that part was dreadful. Days of riding, but at least it was beautiful."

"I fear the lands of the north can be as vast as any ocean. Especially when you find yourself in the mountains." Artur admits with a fond smile. "But I'd not trade it for anything. My family is trying to encourage me to learn sailing, for further adventure there, but I just have not had the time." he gives a little wave of his hand between bites as Catalana leans over to him.

Swiftly smiling to Mayir, he laughs. "The chest was especially enjoyed. It was quite finely crafted." Divinely even! He gives a nod to Catalana's words and responds back just as quietly.

"I was told you were an actor, Lord Dariel. Is everyone in your family so talented, Llewella?" he asks her as he listens. "And I missed the story of the sword." He laments to Amir for a moment before he's back to eating and making sure that Iseulet is getting in a meal.

Dariel looks to Llewella. He's full of modesty. "Of course not. I can play any role amazingly! I'm not sure which one you would have seen me in when you visited Pridehall. The Soldier and the Sailor? I've been in plays here since. Most recently Lady Evonleigh's play. I think that was before you arrived in the city though. Dariel nods to Artur. "Indeed, your Highness. I live for the stage really."

Catalana brightly tells Artur, "You should contact Lord Wash. He is currently teaching a few to sail. I believe so far it's Lord Pharamond, Countess Arcadia and Missure Apollo. I am sure he'd be happy for another. He takes great joy in teaching."

With a snap of her fingers, Llewella nods. "That was the one. You made a magnificent performance, playing both Soldier and Sailor parts. And the lighting!" She laughs and shakes her head. "No, Artur. Some have not the least artistic talent." An accusing stare is given to Amir. "I should learn to ride enough to see the North sometime, if it has left such an impression in Lady Catalana. Though I will make no plans to visit until summer."

"I must learn to sail as well, or risk being a shame to Islander blood," Amir admits. "Ah, you missed nothing, your highness. I said that we did not know the history of Beacon, or much of anything from the ancient days of Melaeris. It's something Llewella and I are working to uncover." Amir swallows a bite of food. "I tried to get Dariel to write his own play and perform it for us, but he's far too modest to let his genius display so grandly." Amir's eyes widen and he puts up his hands in surrender. "I'll learn to, uh, perform something. I'll be the flashiest sword around if that's what's required." Taking a chance to look away, "Lord Pharamond was a great help in helping me with some dodging when sparring."

There's a laugh at that. "I have already promised Lady Mikani Crovane. She seems rather.. enthusiastic about the training. I think she just wants to see me look like a drowned rat." Artur admits, and then points out to Llewella. "The art of sword play is in itself a lovely art form." he points out to her, but when it's mentioned that the sword is it's own mystery, his eyes light up. "Oh, perhaps I could help. I have a rather nice network to assist with such things, and of course, there's always the Society of Explorers that love to research such mysteries."

Dariel chuckles at Llewella. "I'm surprised you even realised they were both me under all the make up." Dariel looks to his cousin Amir. "Well, we can't have two handsome men fighting for all the parts, so I'm grateful he never embraced acting at least." Dariel waves a hand. "You laugh, but I might yet do that so I can actually have enough decent roles to keep me happy and out of trouble."

Catalana finishes up her food and dabs the corners of her mouth with a napkin. Good timing as her mousy assistance Jane comes in and informs her that the carriage is ready and the next meeting awaits. Standing, she offers an apology to Llewella, "I unfortunately have another engagement, by thank you for the brunch. It was a lovely event this morning. I do hope you will wander across and visit sometime."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Artur before departing.

"Oh, I have sent a petition to the Society already. Princess Lou has said she is rounding up those interested. Your help though would be amazing, Your Highness. Lady Mikani was helping, but I believe her marriage has her a little tied up at the moment." Llewella laughs. "I confess, I didn't. Jophiel told me about it." She rises when Catalana does. "It was lovely to meet you, my lady. Perhaps we can enjoy a quieter conversation sometime soon."

"Trust me, a good adventure will not keep Lady Mikani occupied with her husband for long." Artur points out, then mentions to Catalana something quietly as she prepares to head out.

"Ah, but think of the hearts we could break, opposite one another, Dariel!" Amir declares in a boom, laughing after. "But you are safe from such things. I will keep my performances to duels." Amir bows his head to Catalana. "Yes, thank you for the visit, my lady. It was a pleasure to have you here."

Of course Iseulet is eating, silly Prince. Iseulet shoots him a (playful) look every time he frets over her, but has had more than sufficient thank you and is now working on her tea. "Ah, acting. It's been a long time since I have seen a good play. I love theater... Thankfully always enough drama in my personal life to keep me entertained." A wink at Artur, "It was lovely to meet you, Lady Catalana." She too bows her head to her as she begins to leave. "Send my love to Aethan. It's been a long time since Ive seen him and it was a pleasure to work with Kennex recently."

2 Kennex corsairs leaves, following Catalana.

Mayir does not quite rise when Catalana announces her departure, doing that little half-stand-up that people do when you want to show respect but don't entirely care. He then settles back down and goes to his coffee. At talk of exploration, he does seem curious, however.

Rising for a moment when Catalana leaves, Artur sits back down with a small grin at Iseulet. "I would never cause you drama." he offers innocently to her as he sets his hands in his lap for a moment as he smooths his napkin.

Dariel dips his head to Catalana. "Good to see you again, my Lady. Perhaps we could meet sometime soon to discuss that idea." He grins at Llewella when she admits she didn't realise. "See.. that's how amazing I am." There's a not of agreement to his cousin Amir. "And I shall stay out of wielding a sword. Well a real one anyway. Master Caspian Wild is going to re-enact some famous battles and I'll be in one. So there will be a stage sword at least."

"Ah, that is good to hear. I was helping her with a building project as well. I should reach abck out to her and see if she has the time to resume. It's the research before the adventure that might be of less interest." Llewella sits back down after Catalana's exit. "Mayir, what does your family trade in, mostly?"

"Is he? That would be interesting to watch," Amir responds to Dariel. The corner of his mouth starts to tick up in a grin when Artur's innocence is announced, but whatever expression grows on his thick lips is hidden behind another drink of coffee. He looks to Mayir when Llew asks her question.

"Why, anything that needs trading," says Mayir, with a certain brightness to it in its vagaries. "We typically take consignments from others, moving others' goods. Why, we are the best at moving things from place to place without incident." That is, smuggling. "We do not often trade for our own account, though we can do that, too. When we do, we do whatever is trendy. Have you heard of this new fur?"

"Barones Acantha is a friend, I have been looking to get some of the fur for winter hunts, but I don't think she expected it to become as popular as fast as it did." Artur admits with a laugh. "The funny part is, just a couple of weeks ago, she let me hunt her lands to trap some to use in taxidermy projects."

"It's alright, I will cause it for myself thank you," Iseulet says into her tea cup with a lift of her brows. "Caspian is also an interesting fellow. I've asked him to help me with a project of mine, too. Charismatic and energetic." She nods approvingly. "It's a lovely fur. Very creamy."

"I have heard it was becoming quite fashionable. I suspect this winter will see everyone wearing a fur hat or mittens!" Llewella smiles at the thought. Iseulet's response has her grinning openly. "Oh, Artur, thank you for bringing her. She is an absolute delight!"

"I may have to find some to trim a cloak," Amir adds his small contribution to the fashion of things. "What is Redrain's Weapon, your highness? And what is the story behind it? Another that dates back to the War of Names or something older still?"

"Caspian did tell me which ones. I believe many of them are in the Hall of Heroes. Which I do need to check actually." Dariel thinks for a moment. "He explains them to me they were all fascinating." There's a nod to Iseulet. "He is an interesting fellow, I agree. Full of energy. Hard to make him stop talking sometimes!"

"Hmmm. Yes. I would rather say so," says Mayir when Llewella speaks of the fur being quite fashionable, as if trying to work out an angle on it." He inclines his head slightly, back and forth, then shakes it. He'll figure it out later. "I suspect many will need to keep warm this coming winter."

"I don't think I've ever seen a marmot, however," Iseulet clears her throat awkwardly, "Are they... uh... large and fearsome then, Artur?" She innocently takes a sip of her tea, finishing it up. "Since you've been hunting them and all?"

Like Iseulet, Llewella looks to Artur to answer on Marmots. "You're not out trapping cute and cuddly creatures are you? That might make their fashion appeal drop considerably." she plucks up a few blueberries to nibble while waiting on the answer. "Winters always need people to keep warm. With fur or other things," she responds to Mayir.

"Hopefully, we'll have more of you art to show soon at the Empyrean, and Iseulet can help you with getting your name out there." Artur says. "And if you ever have the inspiration for a Redrain piece, I would be happy to ask my High Lord for permission to display in at our halls, Llewella." he comments, before turning to Iseulet. "Yes. Totally ferocious. Will rip your throat out without a second thought."

Fine, they're only about 7 inches tall, chubby and cute - but they have large teeth - for eating wood. But Iseulet doesn't need to know that.

There's an uptick of brow when Artur describes marmot's. Amir hides his not-buying-it face by turning to request more coffee in his mug. "What got you interested in Taxidermy?" he asks when facing Artur again. "Are you a performer or artist, my lady?" he asks Iseulet.

Dariel stands and moves over to shake his cousin's hand then give his sister a kiss to her cheek. "Thank you for the invite you two. A fine brunch and company. I hope to see more of you now you're in Arx." He dips his head to the other three. "Good to see you again, or meet for the first time."

"And you, Lord Dariel!" says Mayir, cheerily, to the Bisland as he goes to make his way from the brunch. "Remember: Grayhope, for all of your mercantile and marine logistics needs!" Always be selling. And then there is coffee. "I find myself available for all manner in which I might be needed during the winter, Lady Llewella."

Iseulet looks at Artur, horrified, reaching to touch her throat with wide, round eyes, staring in awe. Thankfully, Amir distracts her from this horrific animal momentarily and she turns her attention to him, looking thankful for it. "I'm a performer. I sing, dance... Well. Not much, anymore since I have been ennobled... I can do private shows, of course, but I have turned my attention to running the trade route and various other projects to improve the domains of Houses. It's where my passion lies. Economics, trading, paperwork." She looks to Dariel, "It was lovely to meet you my Lord. I look forward to seeing you again soon."

Llewella stands and makes her way to Dariel, giving his cheek another kiss. "Do not be a stranger, brother. Bisland you may be, but you are family and always welcome here." There's an embrace of course, but she doesn't hold it overly long before backing up and letting Dariel make his escape.

"We may take you up on that, Mayir. We recently opened a few more mines outside of Astarrea and could use some help getting the ore where it needs to go. Not a luxury good, but it provides silver, and that's what we use to get the thigns that warm us in the winter, no?" She replaces herself at her seat. "Oh, truly, a woman after my own heart. I've asked Mistress Yasmine if she might teach me some of the Rivenshari dances."

"Be well, Dariel," Amir says in parting to his cousin. "Fine whisky. Now that's something I need to get. Lady Monique disliked the idea of drinking rum and I need to ensure there's something for her when she finally comes to visit. Perhaps that's something you can help me find, Mayir." He nods then to Iseulet. "Perhaps you could arrange a performance for us one evening soon."

"Oh, yes, a performance would be lovely," says Mayir, though he might not have been necessarily included in those who would be in the audience or even really part of the conversation. "Lady Iseulet is so beautiful and agile. I am sure it would be a thrill." Then to Amir. "I am sure I can track something down, my lord. Whiskeys are a favorite of mine, as well."

"Oh yes, Monique is very fond of her whiskey." Artur offers to Amir with a nod of his head, and grins at Iseulet. "I'm not sure she performs as much as she used to. I've been trying to coax her for a performance a while. But she does have a lovely singing voice. I hung around for one of her shows one night and was quite enamored. I'm glad to call her a friend."

"I wouldn't mind at all. My favorite are aerial performances from hanging silks. Of course it's nothing without musical accompaniment." Iseulet smiles warmly, "I think I have a few books on dancing styles of the Compact but the Ravashari --Rivenshari? weren't included. Also it's always much better to learn from a tutor than a book. You never know if you have it /quite/ right."

"I am woefully behind on my singing and dancing lessons, but I would be utterly delighted to see an aerial performance." Llewella smiles at Mayir, in a way that confirms he'd be welcome to join the audience of such a show. "And after we can discuss all the ways to make ourselves and our families rich," she concludes for Iseuelet.

Finished with her food, Lelwella leans back in her chair and surveys the table's occupants. "Moments like these make me happy. When you can have all those you cherish around you, and make new friends. Thank you all for taking the time to join us."

"Thank you, Mayir," Amir says. "She does not seem the sort one wants to offend when she visits." Amir looks intrigued at the aerial performance, himself. "That sounds amazing, my lady." Artur's response makes him chuckle. "I have found many people in Arx that are fond of either whisky or wine. And I hear there was quite a to do over tea recently as well."

Iseulet is overheard praising Llewella.

Iseulet is overheard praising Amir.

Artur is overheard praising Amir.

Iseulet is overheard praising Dariel.

Mayir is overheard praising Llewella: A lovely brunch held by a lovely lady!

Mayir is overheard praising Llewella: A lovely brunch held by a lovely lady!

Llewella is overheard praising Mayir.

Llewella is overheard praising Iseulet.

Llewella is overheard praising Artur.

Llewella is overheard praising Dariel.

Llewella is overheard praising Catalana.

Artur is overheard praising Dariel.

Artur is overheard praising Iseulet.

"Any time spent in your company, my Lady, is time well-spent," flatters Mayir shamelessly as he polishes off the rest of his foot and settles back in his own seat. "To also share it with such interesting and almost-as-charming people is simply an additional benefit." And here, he turns to include the other three at the table with them. "I look forward to working closely with all of you, as resources and time permit."

Her cheeks turn a little pink, her warm smile lingering yet still! "I would be prepare something." Iseulet says, casting her gaze up toward the ceiling, curiously. "I could probably work around the chandelier. Nice, tall ceiling. Of course, everyone would have to look up, but... Such is the risk with aerial performance." She chuckles, "Thank you so much Lady Llewella, Lord Amir... for such a wonderful brunch and warm company."

"Perhaps we should have a performance night. Oh, I got into taxidermy because I was really into keeping something from my hunts when I was a child - and my mother grew tired of me bringing home squirrel tails and rabbits feet without the rest of the animal." Artur says with a light laugh.

"Perhaps in the main hally, my lady," Llewella suggests. "The ceiling is considerably higher, and there are brace points where one might string silks of great length. And, if I do say so, such a performance against the backdrop of the knight statues could be absolutely interesting." She lifts a finger and taps her chin in thought. "If you might do such during the auction of the art, it would be an amazing thing for people to watch and a great way to draw attention from one piece to the next." Llew smiles more. "Well said, Mayir. Well said." She looks then to Artur, listens about his hunting, and looks thoughtful but says nothing of it.

"Anytime, Lady Iseulet," Amir promises. He draws in a slow breath and stretches a little under the table. "Ah, so if it is an art project, then there is less objection to the small critters, or parts thereof." He rises from the table. "If you will excuse me, I need to speak with a few people before the day runs away from me. It was a pleasure to meet you all." He even looks at Mayir when he says that! So, maybe less worrying about the Grayhope just being in the fasthold.

Mayir rises to his feet when Amir says that he must go, showing the lord at least that measure of respect. "Lord Amir. What a pleasure to have your company as well. I will let you know what I can find in rare whiskeys sufficient for your purposes."

"Pleasure was all mine, I assure you," Iseulet says with a dip of her head. "Maybe I should scoot too, thank you again so much for the lovely company and brunch, everyone." And with that, she begins to stand. "Artur, won't you drop by soon? Also, I'm very sad I haven't yet acquired any taxidermied animals from you just yet. Maybe I should have one of these ferocious marmots for my living room..." On her way out she says her polite goodbyes one after another. "Mayir you've been scarce. Don't be a stranger!" She says, finally, as she begins to make her way out.

"Lady Iseulet, if you want to stay, you're welcome to. I need to head off and take care of some things." Artur rises, kisses Iseulet's cheek. And then she says she's leaving. "I'll walk you home on my own way, then.'

2 Melaeris Justicar Recruit leaves, following Amir.

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