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Malvici Family Dinner (Sept Edition)

Members of the Malvici family - past, present and future. Members of the House and the fealty, those from our neighbors, dear friends and allies. Curious individuals who wonder how do the Malvici eat, is there salad, we welcome you all to join us for our first public dinner invite in quite some time.

Those close with the family, or have already been invited, please do bring plus one. Those who wish a fine Malvici themed dinner, do bring your company and your friends.

Obviously food and drink to be supplied. Chaos and drama, possibly.



Sept. 7, 2019, 4 p.m.

Hosted By



Waldemai Lucita Thea Rysen Domonico Lethe Caelis



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Malvici Hall - Grand Hall

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Comments and Log

Waldemai picks out a nice seat in the cheap seats, down where the commoners sit. He looks around...meat, potatoes, bread. Perfect fuel for the hard-working smith!

With the clock striking the top of the bell, Lord Martino Malvici is found by the entrance and bowing his head as several guests arrive. A crease in his sharp green eyes comes out to Waldemai as he steps in forth, "Oh Messere Waldemai! My... the finest Smith. How -are- you? How have you been? Please... not there. At the top table. The main. I cannot have you sit away from us. Not at all."

The autumn night washes in through the city, bringing with it a breeze of threatening winter air, fortunately held back within Malvici Hall with a crackling fire to snap back, away, the cold.

Waldemai knows who's in charge her. "Yes, of course, m'lord," he says, picking up his plate and moving. "Plenty of work for me, I'm happy, m'lord. And you, Lady Lucita? How are the children?"

Lucita is on time, politely prompt. She is impeccably groomed and for once, well rested. On greeting the others with a smile, she slides the shawl off her shoulders and folds it, draping it over her left arm. "Good to see each of you, Lord Martino, Master Waldemai. I prudently left the children at home. They are....rambunctious since turning three a few days ago. At least they are holding up the proper number of fingers now when showing and telling everyone how old they are.

"Aww so very cute to hear Baroness, and, please, let me take that for you." Martino welcomes Lucita with a crease of his sharp green eyes and offers his hands out to her to take the shawl. "A few days ago?! I will have a gift sent to them from Malvici. What do they like? Oh... Messere Waldemai. I might have a commission here for you." A wry smile dances on the lips of Martino as he turns his chin.

Waldemai is always interested in commissions. "Yes, of course, m'lord," he says. "With the winter coming closer I'll be in the forge more." Where it is nice and warm. Just sayin'.

Lucita says, "That does do well, for warmth. We have stacks of wood for the fireplaces lining the back wall of the tower and have had the hearths and fireplace chimneys cleaned so we will not be all 'smoky' when time to start using them heavily starts. We have found that in some areas braziers help knock the chill off the corners of the room if you use them properly. The tedium of making sure all is in preparation. Thank goodness Micana oversees some of that and just notifies me when it is complete, she is a good assistant. How are your family? And good for you having commissions!""

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

Drifting across with Lucita to the table, Martino leads her in further and hands the shawl to Johannes to hang up. "Oh you shall be Waldemai? Would it be horrible, evil of me and a sin for me to ask a blacksmith to craft jewellery? Secret jewellery." Martino's sharp green eyes shift before he tucks down to take into seat with Waldemai opposite, "Lucita, please. Do sit beside... you know. I do not think I have visited your hall. Nelida never did reply to my missive all those months ago."

Waldemai gets up quickly when Lady Thea comes in, but when he sits he addresses the question posed to him earlier. "I know a little bit about jewelry, my lord. It's much finer work than I usually do, though."

Lucita accepts the escort, veiling her gaze with her lashes as she glances toward Martino. "Oh, how intriguing that sounds. You must tell me the details of such things as you are ordering. If you had not wished me to try to charm the details out of you, you should never have mentioned it in my hearing!" She teases gently and then makes a soft sigh verging on exasperation. "Lady Neilda let herself get distracted by planning this... expedition or trip she is on. I hope she is safe and finds whatever it is she is seeking and returns home soon to take care of some of her responsibilities! My apology she did not reply.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

Thea strides down the stairs, eyeing the food first. Possibly for lettuce. She reaches the the bottom before she nods her head and greets everyone with a brief smile,"Hello. Good evening."

Martino bows his head low as he creases the corners of his eyes to Waldemai as he assures him, "Oh worry naught then. Although, well, have you ever worked with a pearl? Would a pearl work embeded into the hilt of a sword? Mm." These are the sorts of things that Martino thinks about when it comes to blacksmiths and weapons - how to make them pretty. A ripple of laugher meets across to Lucita as Martino flicks a grin aside to her and brings his voice ushed just-so about the table, "Well, well I guess it is no /real/ secret truly. Although, the temptation to be charmed away. My, my Baroness. You do tempt me to stay quiet."

Upon the arrival of another guest within Malvici Hall, there is a buzz from the house staff as they make and set up three seats. Two opposite each other. having been ticked off that Thea has left her room... as did Domonico and another guest had entered the grounds. The Smith Waldemai sat opposite Martino, the Baroness Lucita beside. A stack - a MOUND EVEN - of potatoes is before Waldemai as Martino gathers the red wine and offers it to both, "Southport Spiced?"

Waldemai has been jumping up and down to properly recognize the entrances of more of the nobles of the house he is sworn to. "A pearl, m'lord?" he thinks aloud. "Perhaps in the heel, to embellish the counterweight?" The mention of Southport spiced wine makes him look more than a small amount thirsty, although he waits his turn.

Rysen enters the hall as a servant leads him in, with his retainer Lygeia by his side. He walks to the table, and bows respectfully before those assembled. "My Lord," he says to Martino, "I hope I do not disturb you and your family, but when word reached me that you were holding a dinner, I wanted to come by and offer my gratitude for all of your recent assistance." He nods to Lygeia, who offers a servant near Martino a basket filled with Mikani's latest rum, and two bottles of Stonedeep Whiskey. "Something for later, perhaps," he says with a smile.

Lucita has settled in place, a little soft laugh given as she glances toward Martino. "Yes, that will do well. By the way, the experiment with that apple wine you mentioned failed. Seems an inexperienced person let it go vinegary so the cooks were pleased to have the apple vinegar but they have other batches in the process of properly aging so we will try again for that wine you envisioned, Lord Martino." She looks up as others arrive. "Lady Thea, Lord Domonico, a pleasure to see you. Thank all of you for having the dinner and the invitation to join you.

Domonico enters the room, serious faced as alway as he nods to the crowd before sitting after giving greetings. "Martino. You have excelled again with the fare again." After that he falls quiet, listening to conversation and sipping Southport Red.

Lifting to his feet, Martino's sharp green eyes crease upon the arrival of Lord Rysen and, instantly, he defers to a seat about the table, "Oh think naught of it. Your fealty, your House and your work deserved our attention and affections. Please do sit, break bread with us this fine day... my! Whiskey! You are kind." A broad smile touches his lips as he asks, "You have met all here?" He follows up to check with the Lucita and Waldemai before creasing them upon the kind words from Domonico, "Mine thanks brother. Do sit as well. There is fresh melty cheese to dip bread in. Back into his seat Martino goes, to sit beside Lucita as he joins the conversation anew, "Oh dear! Lucita, truly?! My... shall I visit Sailk myself and help? Waldemi, in the heel? That is the bottom of the sword. Yes?"

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Waldemai picks up one of the table knives to demonstrate. "Yes, here, my lord," he says, pointing to the base. He twists his wrist around. "It will not make your grip slip there." He gets up again when Lady Lethe arrives.

Lethe steps inside with a smile for Martino and the other guests. "I was terribly bored, so I decided to invite myself. I do hope you don't mind. I am fond of your family, and I wanted to see what your dinners are like." She nods to Waldemai. "It's good to see you again."

Lucita says, "Oh, no. Thank you though Lord Martino. We have it well in hand. Just one of those training accidents that happen in any winery from time to time. Thankfully only in the small batch this time. They do have to learn somehow." She turns her gaze toward the knife being displayed, interest showing as he points out the proper position for a pearl. "Some of the odder shaped hilts and designs are harder to hold. You are wise to think of that, keeping both function unimpaired and the beauty of the embelishments."

Thea slips in behind the table, accepting the wine. "Everyone is well,"the young Malvici asks.

Back to feet once more, Martino's right hand abandons some of the bread he had torn across his plate to rest it upon his heart with Lethe's entrance, "Lady Tyde. Lady Lethe Tyde. You are quite welcome to join us. You are a delightful friend of mine at your events, and I invited myself to yours, so you have an invite of course to ours." A crease of Martino's sharp green eyes cross to her while Johannes sets up another place at the table, "Please do help yourselves to food." Back down into sit he tucks as he listens to Waldemai and wonders to update the room generally on the flow of conversation for now, "Oh, curious! Curious... decorative part of a sword. To embed a pearl upon the... heel. Such is quite alright Baroness. How else does fare the Barony? We aught to speak soon of furthering it along. You and I."

Rysen smiles, and removes his mantle, handing it to Lygeia before taking the seat offered by the Voice of Malvici. "I have met most," he says, as his eyes pass over the company. He says to Waldemai, "You are Waldemai the smith, I believe. It was very good to hear you speak the other evening in the Sanctum," he says warmly. "My name is Lord Rysen Crovane of Stormwall." Rysen listens as Lucita speaks of the apple wine, with great interest, as he accepts a glass of his own at the table. "Please forgive my ignorance, but is Saikland Greens known for its wine, My Lady?" he asks curiously. When Martino greets Lethe, Rysen smiles to greet her as well.

Domonico sips his wine and hmms quietly, "I actually quite like the idea of pearl embellishment on a dagger."

Waldemai bobs he head when Lord Rysen reminds him they have met. "Yes, of course, my lord. It was quite the stimulating discussion, was it not? I love to listen to the debates and arguments."

Lethe nods to Martino. "You were a welcome presence at those events." She takes a moment to enjoy a few bites of food. "Your family does have good taste. The food is delicious." She looks to Rysen with a smile and then Domonico. "That does sound stylish."

Thea glanced at Martino, her eyebrow lifted,"What is it with you and leafy things?" sipping her wine. Always a tease somewhere. She turns to Lethe, nodding her head with a slight smile,"Hello. I'm Lady Thea Malvici. I don't recall if we've met."

Lucita says, "Wine, whiskey and glass. We make many of the extraordinary glass hues you see in artisan glass pieces, stained glass windows and fine bottles of wine as well as the exquisite goblets and glass beading. Quite a variety, from the simplest ink pot to the elaborate glass sculptures. Our wines are not as well known as those from Setarco or Lenosa or Granato but we have a niche. Fine ordinary house wines to accompany meals, lower in alcohol but refreshing and designed to not overpower a meal, let the food be foremost and the wine accompany, just as this wine served us does. We have a lot of the wines such as blackberry, peach, from berries and with floral .... Oh, how I am rambling. This is a dinner, not a sales opportunity! Forgive me for blathering on about Saikland products. Lady Lethe, it is good to see you again. The twins you delivered are thriving, just turned three. We spoke kindly of you at their bedtime story on their birthday just a few days past. And Lord Rysen, this is such a delicious meal we are being served."

"Thea. There is nothing wrong with salad." There Martino sighs as he shakes his head at the youngest sibling and adjusts his cassock under his rear while he takes a seat anew. "Oh? What did I miss at the Sanctum?" There Martino glances curious to Waldemai with a slight smile to him before going to break his bread once more, reaching it across to dip into cheese. "You are a midwife, of sorts, Lady Lethe?! You never told me of these fine talents! Although, well, nor did I know of your sweet, kind, words. Please. Do sit beside." As he offers such to Lethe, he glances to Johannes to set the seat up beside him. Rather than the other far flung part of the table.

"As do I," says Rysen warmly to Waldemai. He takes a sip of his wine, chuckling at Thea's remark to Martino. "I must admit, I eat fewer vegetables than I probably should, though they are highly recommended by both my cousin Clara, and Rukhnis." Rysen's eyes widen a bit with no small amount of admiration as Lucita speaks of the wonders produced in Saikland. When Lucita mentions glass for inkpots, Lygeia also gives Lucita her full attention. Rysen smiles to Lucita and says, "You need never ask forgiveness for speaking about your homeland, Baroness. It sounds like a fascinating place with many skilled craftsfolk. Your words inspire me to consider a bit more carefully the pairings of drinks and foods as well."

Waldemai eyes the salads dubiously and stick to meat and potatoes.

Lethe smiles politely as she looks to Thea. "It is very nice to meet you. I'm Lady Lethe Tyde." She grins as she speaks to Lucita. "It is so nice to see you again. I'm glad to hear the twins are doing well. It is hard to believe it has already been three years. I have a new niece and nephew now. They are also twins." She sits and nods to Martino. "Yes I'm a midwife among other things." She enjoys some more of the food.

Thea tells Lucita naturally,"There is nothing wrong with talking about your homeland,"her gold flecked green eyes looking to the Baroness. "Means you are proud." Poking at her food, she settles on her meat, taking a bite. "Right--maybe you'll listen to me someday,"smirking at Martino.

"Among other things? Oh... my Lady Tyde. What are these other things?" There does follow a slight laugh from Martino to Lethe as he bites upon his breath and follows up with serving himself salad. Checking from person to person for a top of spiced red wine, he speaks, "No. Never all forgivesness needed Baroness. Now. Yes, Lord Ryden. You aught to. Not a sight of mashy gourd either!"

Rohm the Blackguard, Avalanche, a Snow Shepherd arrive, following Caelis.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist leaves, following Rysen.

Waldemai jumps up again when Princess Caelis comes in. It's good for thighs and glutes to be a commoner at a dinner with so many blue bloods.

Lethe takes a sip of wine. "Other than being a midwife I'm a healer. I'm a member of the Physicians guild. I'm also interested in alchemy, and I'm a Harlequin."

Lucita glances toward Thea. "Oh, she is a very sweet person, and a pleasure to be around." She refers to Lethe in speaking but goes quiet for Lethe to respond to the question herself. She occupies herself with indulging in some of the fine foods being served.

"Okay! This... I apologise for asking this again. What is a Harlequin?" There Martino turns his head to Lethe, likely to steal a glimpse across as he tilts his head curious.

Hearing the announcement further from within Malvici Manor of another arrival, Lord Martino murmurs to a moment to those about the table with him as he pushes himself to table and welcome the arrival. Lady Thea sat opposite Lady Lethe, beside Waldemai. Martino, flanked by Lethe and Lucita, as if he almost planned it and Lucita opposite Waldemai. Several glasses of spiced red, a bottle or two even, set at the end of the table as the food (except the salad it would seem) becomes slowly devoured.

Slipping in, Caelis adjusts a pin in her hair idly. Seeing Waldemai hop up, she nods her head more formally before batting a hand. "Sit and eat. It's nice to see you as well, Waldemai." She murmurs before rolling back her shoulders and putting on a chipper smile. "Family. More familiar faces than unfamiliar. I must not be wholly out of touch after all!"

Thea tells Lethe,"I'm a battlefield medic myself,"sipping more wine. Seeing Caelis, Thea bows her head,"Cousin. Good evening."

Lethe smiles as she looks to Lucita. "I think you are really kind." She responds to Martino. "A Harlequin is another name for a disciple of Death or the Queen of Endings." She looks to Caelis with a smile and turns to Thea. "Being a battlefield medic is hard, but it is such an important job."

Lucita gives Caelis a warm smile, clearly glad to see her friend. "You have been so very busy, not even time for a ride the whole summer. I miss the times visiting with you while we enjoyed our horses and the day's outing."

Upon his feet, Martino's sharp green eyes crease upon the arrival officially of Princess Caelis as he bows his head to her, "Princess Caelis, darling second cousin. Please... do take a seat. Please sit." Perhaps cruel of Martino to Waldemai, or kind I mean it's Caelis, Johannes sets up the place for the Princess to sit with them. "How have you been? Yes I echo Lucita here! Too busy for us both now!" A teasing laugh follows as Martino goes to sit back down and tisking the family member. Hearing Lethe, he tilts his head curious as he wonders, "Mm... oh! Like the Lady Esme is a Disciple of Limerance, you are the same for Death?"

"I dare say I've hardly been busy at all short of offering the aid asked of me by our dear new Admiral." Caelis grins and sits. "Mostly wallowing about the Manor like a ghost and missing my husband." She offers looking for a glass to pour herself wine. "There is time enough for rides in Autumn. The weather is better for it anyway. The poor horses."

Waldemai gets a quiet messenger and gets up quickly. "There's something up in the shop I'm afraid, your highness, my lords and ladies. Thank you very much for having me." As it is, he has put quite a dent in the potatoes.

Lethe enjoys her meal while she listens to the conversation. She nods. "That's right. We both serve as disciples but for different gods."

"Oh I do understand... well. But it works differently, I imagine? You err..." Martino speaks and staggers his words for a moment as he glances about the table, wondering if this is the best place for this. But, then again, he's like three glasses of wine in. "Have more 'hands on' work with things?" It ends up weak. A sigh and a shake of his head to himself before Martino reaches in to serve himself more salad and flash a smile across to Caelis, "Oh dear! Stop wallowing there and wallow with us here, instead, Caelis. We have /tea/ parties sometimes. Even." A flick of his eyes to Thea who is liking shooting him daggers at that.

"Tea parties? Now which family has been spending too much time with the Valardin?" Caelis wonders and widens her eyes in shocked surprise. "I did seem my room upstairs has been replaced. Times have certainly changed the Hall some. Still, it is nice to come home and see the place from time to time. I have some fond memories here." She looks about and sighs wistfully.

Lethe takes another drink of wine. "We have different duties." She grins. "I enjoy tea parties on occasion. I suppose I should be going, but thank you for being so inviting."

Shifting his eyes, Martino murmurs low, "Well... not the Valadrins, Princess... the Bislands. Well, the sweet ones." There follows a slight shift of Martino's eyes as he tilts his head curious to Caelis, "Which was yours? I can see to it being made anew for you. If wished for and escape the Valadrin." A light chuckle from Martino follows before he inclines his head low to Lethe, "Oh Lady Tyde. It has been a delight and a pleasure to have you with us. You and I should arrange to speak a time soon, outside of a party. Yes? Yes certainly. Breakfast?" A faint crease of the sharp green eyes from Martino follow as she smiles easy to her.

Lethe nods with a joyful smile. "Breakfast sounds lovely. We'll have to do that." She nods once more to those remaining.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Looking at Lethe, Caelis smiles to the woman briefly before turning her attention back to Martino. "I'm sure it was given to another who needed it and as a result renamed. There's no need add on for my account after all, my bed is only a brisk walk through the city away and there's always my brother's home to crash in as well. Poor Artie. Now there is a rarely seen Malvici." She props her chin in her hand and looks at Martino. "But it's nice to see the wider family settling into the city. I surely haven't had the chance to see enough of you all over the years."

Lucita says, "How is Artie? Have not seen him around for a while." She says as conversation leads to people she knows. She has a bright interest in the conversations in progress.""

Lifting his chin as Lethe leaves, Martino's lips curl just so as he wiggles slightly proud in his seat. Glancing to Thea as she mouths to her, "Even old. I still have it." But he's mouthing it and is a bit drunk, so it's likely just jibberish at her. "Oh that is likely true, Caelis. Aww... yes. I saw Artie a little while ago. Have you met Valenzo though? The two were close... yes?" As he speaks, some of the servants begin to clear away the room, gathering plates and bowls. Bits of food and sweeping up near the door. Johannes is away taking down the drapes of Martino's and folding them carefully up into a small wooden box. "You have not! Oh... nor have you met my sweetest half yes, have you?" A tilt from Martino's head as he speaks, holding his goblet of wine once more.

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