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Twilight Dale - Murder of Crows

The second part of the Twilight Dale arc, in which a group of adventurers attempt to unravel the mystery behind a sudden famine in the once lush lands south of Stormwall.

Having met a variety of seedy characters, good village folk and keepers of the Old Ways, those who have made the journey from Arx must see if they can uncover the reasons behind the sickness, wasting and misery in Twilight Dale.


Aug. 14, 2019, 9 p.m.

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Rukhnis Mikani Willow Kaldur Thea Artur Arcadia



Outside Arx - Northlands near Stormwall - Twilight Dale

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The party listens to the remainder of the bard Lessie's song, but, weary from the journey (and perhaps the company in the case of Thea), the group retires to rooms in the Rider's Rest Inn. The rooms are comfortable enough, but the incessant cawing of crows, does not make for a restful night. The group awakens in the morning, and Rukhnis has promised a boy named Murffy that she would visit his ailing mother. A hot porridge has been set out for the wealthy travelers from Arx, along with water, ale, mead or coffee as the individual prefers.

Rukhnis's preference seems to be hardly anything at all, as she takes only a few spoonfuls' worth of porridge and a bit of cold water to help wash it down with. She doesn't look as if she's slept well, but since she always looks like that, it's a little hard to lay the blame entirely on the crows. Meagre breakfast in hand, she moves to sit by a table near an open window, and frowns out at the village with a rather brooding air. Which is, all things told, also pretty normal.

Mikani grins as she takes a mug of coffee and some hot porridge. She is in her usual adventuring gear. Though her leathers keep her protected in a fight they are also built for adventuring. Small pouches and tools hang in their allotted places and she takes a seat by Rukhnis before going over her notes from the night before. Mikani doesn't look if she had a rough night or not. Maybe it's the coffee but it's probably the adventure that has the woman looking like a breath of fresh air. "Good morning." She murmurs to Rukhnis in greeting with a grin before she starts eating her food in earnest.

Seven am and already the air ain't right. Willow scrubs at her eyes and yawns, hard, picking at her food to try and gamely nibble at it, but between nerves, sleep quality, and driving guilt, she winds up finding a hungry kid to take the porridge, opting for coffee instead. And a refill if available. She's freshly groomed and combed but wearing the same thing as the day before.

"Don't look like ye slept too well, if I may so so, Mistress," says the innkeeper as she gives Rukhnis a fresh cup of water. "'Twasn't always this way, but them blasted crows now ne'er give us a moment's peace, damn them," she says. "Murffy was sitting out by the stables since the break of dawn. Still wishes for you to see Ol' Moll, I'll wager." She then quickly bustles over to the fire and grabs the pot of coffee to fill Willow's cup.

Kaldur arrived late in the night, having left a company of Knights of Solace to head into the Twilight Dale. The strangeness of the place has his neck prickling, and it wasn't restful, his sleep. Nor long. The stairs creak as he makes his way down, conversing with his page and soon-to-be squire, their heads together at the foot of the stair. He claps the rangy boy on the shoulder and sends him off, turning to survey the room. He is half-surprised and half-expecting the familiar faces, and breaks into a grin on seeing them, "Half the household is here, aye?" He surveys the offering and dishes up a portion of porridge for himself. He looks to the Innkeeper as he settles, the others as well, "When did they start-" he waves a hand at the outside and presumptive cacophanous murder.

Thea has decided to sit at the table with Mikani and Rukhnis, eyeing Rukhnis discreetly. Yes, she knows she can tend them herself, but---habits. The young Malvici medic sits with a cup of black coffee, no food, looking like she slept fine. Thea's slept in worse places after all. She simply warms her hands around her cup and looks out the window, taking in the scenery.

"Ah, Duke Kaldur - here in my Inn. Only wish we had more suitable fair, m'Lord," replies the innkeep. "We had three magnificent harvests in as many years," he says, putting her large, red hands on her hips. "Then, since this last fall, the crows, the wolves have been thick as flies on a corpse - an' nothin's been groin' neither. Some says it's a curse," she says with a shrug. "Whatever it is, them crows ain't natural."

Finally coming out of his chambers, Artur is late to the party. "I have a poem on these creatures." he rumbles as he comes down the stairs, shifting his foot to get his boot on better.

"Caw cries the crow.

'Shut up' I mutter low.

The crow calls again.

I feel my blood boiling then.

The crow is joined by another.

Over my face I attempt to use my pillow to smother.

Another caw another cry.

And I could not sleep so I sigh."

There's his poem. Amazing, right? Dropping in at the table, he reaches for the ... "Coffee?" There's a grunt and he pushes it away. "Whisky." he mutters, glancing towards the bar, hoping that they have at least some of that left. And then he's picking at the porridge. "I'm gonna stuff them all. Make a travelling band of merry murders. One with a lute, one with a flute, one dancing..."

Rukhnis offers Mikani a quiet grunt which seems to be her greeting for the morning, and rubs absently at her cheek as she spoons up her porridge with a mechanical air. The scratches from the previous night's crow attack are still distinctly visible across her face, but thanks to Thea's ministrations the Eurusi woman no longer looks as if she's a prisoner only just escaped from some weird torture ritual. Her expression becomes a little more focused on the here and now as the innkeeper mentions Murffy and his mother, and she nods with a look of serious determination. "I intend to do what I can for her, straightaway."

Artur checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

The innkeeper nods to Rukhnis. "May Lagoma guide ye then, Mistress, but I wager she's not long for this world." She goes over to the bar and grabs a bottle of whiskey filling a glass for Artur. "Ere ye are, Yer Highness. Ye got a mighty voice, but not yet the finesse of Lessie, if ye don't mind my sayin'."

"No, no they are not," Willow confirms needlessly with a look to the Innkeeper before glancing back outside at the crows. Blink. Her duskstone eyes stray back to Artur and there is laughter in them at the last of the words. She tells him, "It is genuinely surprising that you do seem to indeed, have a poem for everything." She looks between Rukhnis and Thea and asks, "Would you like a third or do you think you have a good handle on what ill there might be, or?" Her attitude is solicitous, trying to see where she could be of help before considering her own opinions on the matter.

Thea turns to Willow,"I -think- we have it unless you have an idea. More ideas never hurt anyone, no?"she responds with a sip of her coffee.

Rukhnis's mouth draws down in a deep frown at the innkeeper's words, and she mutters to herself, "We will see about that." With a glance to Willow, Rukhnis says, "It is up to you. I imagine two will be adequate to whatever needs to be done for a sick person, but if there is something unnatural to her sickness, your knowledge might be of use. However--" and she looks out the window again "--there is certainly a great deal that is unnatural elsewhere to look into as well."

Kaldur is mid shovel when the innkeeper wishes for better fare, shaking his head as he swallows the great mouthful. "This's more than adequate, Innkeep. Thank you." He shovels more thinking on the timeline of events. "Last fall, were there any strangers come 'round?" He glances at the others and then to the Innkeep. And quieter, to his companions, "Who's Mol?"

"Give me time, I'll have a poem for you too, Lady Nightgold." Artur responds as he downs the shot of whisky. As he listens to the others, he starts to assemble his thoughts. "Gimmie a moment. I'm not officially awake, and I'm currently an unofficial official and Lessie can keep the damn job." he mutters, before he considers, lifting his hand to Rukhnis. "Tend to sickly. Thea, I know you want to go, but I have a better need of you. The Vice-Governor's a suck-up to your name. I need info. When this started, what they have going on. What I really need is a beautiful and wonderful distraction." he points out to her.

As he looks to Willow, and he purses his lips in a frown. "You have a special kinship with this area - they're already coming closer to you. Find out if there's a shaman in town. Or someone close in the arts, see what they have - if any information. Check the library, or.. rectory, or shrine, or whatever they have passing for it here. They should have some kind of religious figure." He hopes. If not, there's a bigger issue. Kaldur and Arcadia's arrival brings a welcome smile. "Good morning." he greets them both.

"Research. Do you have it? We need it more than anything. Duke Crovane, I know you're new to the role - and I'm gonna throw you into the fire. The governor here is still routound and living off something here. See if you can find out what it is. Use whatever method you can." he mutters. "Whoever I didn't ask to do something.. we can start to talk and ask questions. Speaking of Lessie, someone should speak to her. Do we have any entertainers among us?"

The innkeep ponders a moment at Kaldur's question. "We do get travelers from time to time, but no major incidents that I can recall. Nones that brought an army of crows, o' that much I'm certain." She takes a sip of coffee her self and says, "Mol's a farmer just to west of here. Husband died some years back, but she's done a fine job with her crops and livesock and she's raised up two fine boys too. Gods and spirits, if I was younger I'd shown her eldest Rolth a good time!" She laughs from her belly, but recollecting her company she blushes a bit and takes another sip of her coffee.

Mikani perks up at the word, research. "I can do what needs to be done with the books." Mikani offers. "Or anything really. Just point me in a direction. Well maybe not the direction of the sick. I'm not much good there besides holding tools ...."

"The governor said last night that there had been no shamans here, 'since--'. Since /what/, he did not say." Rukhnis shakes her head slightly, looking not a little suspicious. "But that would certainly be a good thing to find out."

Softly, Willow points out, "I am an entertainer, I just rarely use the ability in front of witnesses unless dancing at a party." After another sip of coffee, she adds, "Last night her ties to the Old Ways were mentioned along with something alluded to about Shamans fleeing the area."

Thea slants her gold-flecked green for a moment at Artur. Seriously--There may be even a twitch. She just sips her coffee as she nods her head,"As you wish."

See, this is why we're saying that Artur is slow on the brain. Because he's reprocessing. "Mikani, there you go. Find out why the shamans left." he says towards her, as he adjusts to what he's being told. "Willow, do you want to talk to Lessie?" he asks her in thought, trying to get her feel for things.

Offering a bit of a nod, Willow lifts the coffee for another swig and says, "It would seem an efficient way to multitask, though that supposes she knows a good bit when it may well be ignorance of key information is why she stayed while other shamans left." She frowns thoughtfully as she mulls this.

Kaldur nods, lauhing a bit at the Innkeepers designs on Moll's eldest. Ears coloring, and brow furrowing, brow furrowing, tipping his head at the information. "'s bound to be some connection." There's a musical scraping as Kaldur ekes the last of the porridge from his bowl and nods at Artur's direction, "I'm for the governor, then." And to Rukhnis, nodding, "I'll find out 'since what.'" He pushes to his feet and takes and drains a mug of water in long pulls, smiling slowly as the cool seeps into his belly, "Nothing like that first drink in the morning." Mmmh. "Thank you, ehm," Kaldur blinks, "I didn't get your name Goodwoman."

Mikani nods and finishes her coffee and porridge. She softly clasps Rukhnis on the shoulder before heading off to the library. Hopefully they would have something on what she was looking for.

Rukhnis makes short work of her tiny smidgins of porridge, pushing her bowl slightly to one side as she gets to her feet. "I suppose if no one else is coming with me I will also attempt to get some feel for what has been happening at the farm, by the state of the crops and livestock." She frowns a bit dubiously, sounding less confident about the former than the latter. "But if the woman is in a poor way, I may have little opportunity to look about. I will do whatever I can, however."

"On second thought. I'd rather you not go alone," he looks from Ruhknis to Artur, "I'll go with Ruhknis, see what I can learn too."

"You're the Duke, Kaldur. You hold more sway on the governor than I would." comes Artur's response. "Ruhknis, I will come with you. I can at least help you check on the cause of the issue."

"Very good," Rukhnis says. She might look a little surprised that someone actually cares whether she goes off alone or not, but she only bows first to Kaldur, then to Artur, and goes to fetch her medical kit in preparation for departure to the farm.

Thea rubs her temple a little,"Gods...I need a drink before I go anywhere." She glances at the innkeeper,"What's the strongest thing you have back there?"

"Whiskey," replies Ryka, and pours a glass, handing it to Thea with a knowing smile.

Unhurried in her quest to wander off alone into the birds and hungry, Willow nurses her coffee a little longer, perhaps waiting on the inn to clear out before finding someone to ask of the shaman songstress' whereabouts.

Kaldur is a Knight of Solace, partnering with healers is What He Does. Except when commanded otherwise in his own domain by a Prince of Redrain. He inclines his head to the Innkeeper, whose name he still didn't catch and strides out the door, pausing, "Meet back here at midday?"

Thea swallows her drink in one smooth gulp and slams in on the bar. "Right....ready."

As Rukhnis and Artur make their way out of the Inn, Murffy approaches instantly. "Miss!" he shouts excitedly when he sees her. "My momma's even worse. Can you come and help her now?" he asks in a pleading voice, as five crows perched on the eve of the inn caw loudly, and shift their eyes from side to side.

Rukhnis's gaze snaps instantly to Murffy, and she moves swiftly to his side, nodding to him seriously. "I will come right away. Please, just lead the way." Hand on her worn bundle of medical implements, she looks fully ready to break into a run if necessary.

Once people's attention is elsewhere, Willow tugs at the leggings in a few places, trying to get comfortable in what she certainly isn't going to /tell/ people is her first pair of pants.

Nodding, Artur is quickly following after Rukhnis. Sure, he probably /could/ have gone to the governor's house with Thea. Surely, he could have even played up his role, flirted with Thea, done the whole kiss kiss political thing.

But you know what? He didn't wanna. So screw that, let's go check on the sick mom instead.

Being a Prince has it's advantages.

The three make their way across the soggy ground, and, though it's morning, there is a gray haze that seems to hang in the air like a miasma. As Rukhnis and Artur pass with Murffy into the fields near his family's farm, they notice a cow - nearly skin and bones - snuffling about the ground, but not seeming to find much. A swarm of gnats seem to hover over the poor animal like a dark cloud. "We're almost there," he says, moving even faster as he climbs up the stairs and opens the door of the large wooden farmhouse.

Rukhnis keeps darting glances around herself even as she follows the little boy in all haste. She seems to eye the mist in particular with great misgiving, as if it reminds her of something deeply unpleasant. The cow in its miserable plight gets a look of compassion only slightly less than she might give a human being, but she shakes her head in focused resignation as she passes by it and up to the door of the farmhouse.

There will be time later to deal with the cow. Right now, there's more important things to do as Artur wrinkles his nose at the smell. "Smells about as I expect it would at the governor's house." he mutters to himself as he glances to the healer. "I am not sure what we may come across, with this land's unfortunate pall. But we have to find the answers.." a glance back towards the malnourished cow. "And soon."

"Rolth!" shouts Murffy as soon as the three pass the threshold. "Gods and spirits, Murffy!" comes a reply, as a handsome boy of some eighteen years rises from a wooden chair near the hearth. A sofa has also been placed near the hearth, and a middle aged woman with mousy brown hair and luminous blue eyes is lying upon it, with the residue of tears in the corners of her eyes, breathing in shallow rapid breaths. "Who... who are these people?" he asks, when he sees Rukhnis and the Redrain Prince enter the farmhouse. "This is no time for visitor's Murf," he says, and his voice sounds ragged. "She's passing and she's in pain."

"Momma!" shouts Murffy, and he rushes to her side, kneeling by the couch and taking her hand in his. "I brung some people to help you, Ma. You're going to be ok... won't she?" he asks, with tears forming in his own eyes as he glances back to Rukhnis and Artur.

Rukhnis takes in the scene quickly as she comes into the little house, and with a quick yet courteous bow she says in a sober, business-like tone, "I am a healer from the Physicians' Guild, and I am here to do whatever I may to help your mother." Even if it is only to ease her passing, something dark in her eyes says as she looks at the fading woman on the sofa. But with a small, sharp shake of her head she moves to Mol's side, taking her wrist to check her pulse, and laying her other hand on the woman's brow. "I will do everything in my power, Murffy," she says softly, not taking her keen and yet calm gaze from the mother's eyes.

Rukhnis checked perception + medicine at difficulty 50, rolling 6 higher.

Rukhnis checked perception + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

As Rukhnis gets to work, Artur turns his attention to the older boy. "How long has your mother been ill?" he asks curiously, keeping an eye on the healer as she works - Rysen will be all mopey if he gets her killed after all.

Rolth stands over Rukhnis in a combination of shock, fear and hope. Artur's questions brings him back to consciousness. "She's been weakening for a while now, My Lord - but this is all my fault." The last words are barely spoken, and his face squeezes together, as he fights back overpowering sobs.

Rukhnis continues with her quick yet careful inspection of the woman, going from pulse and temperature to checking the whites and pupils of her eyes, listening to her breathing with an ear against her chest, gently palpitating her abdomen, observing the colour of her skin, and taking in gods only know what else as she goes. Finally she draws in a slow breath, gives a single firm nod, and turns to look over her shoulder at the others in the room. "Someone must fetch water for her straightaway, which she must drink. Have you any pickled foods in the cellar? Those will have salts that will help her. If not, I will simply add straight salt to her water. Also--" she plucks a little book out from the folds of her sash and scribbles a quick drawing in it with a piece of charcoal tucked inside. She hands it to Murphy, saying, "This is colt's leaf, and it is a common thing that grows in poor soil. If you can find just a bit of this, it will be useful. Otherwise I will make do." And she rolls out her bundle of tools and medicines and begins crushing up a diminutive preparation of some mysterious leaf and dark powder. As she works, she says matter-of-factly, "Something has been poisoning her. But she is strong, and with help can recover."

"How is it your fault?" comes Artur's question, lifting a brow. "Unless you somehow made her ill, I see no way that you could have.." And then Rukhnis is starting with her checking and when the prognosis turns out to be poisioning, the Prince's brow is no longer lifted, it's narrowed. "Poisioned with /what/?" he asks.

"She got worse after I gave her a squirrel I shot near the hermit's cave. I shouldn't have cooked it. It looked... odd, but we hadn't had meat in so long, and she was always so tired," he says. At Rukhnis's words, both boys spring into action. Murffy rushes into the pantry, and Rolth turns to Artur. There's a place where herbs like this grow not far. But... it's not safe. If we go together, we'll have a better chance. Will you please come with me, and help my mother?" His eyes are filled with a desperate determination.

Ryka the innkeep takes up her rag and starts to clean Rukhnis's dishes in a bucket of soapy water. She turns to Willow and says, "If you're looking for Lessie, m'Lady, Ye'd be pretty like as not to find her by the ol' spirit's shrine. It's in the south west part of town near the wooden bridge over the stream. Just head toward the governor's hall and turn right, and ye can't miss it," she says, "but be careful, m'Lady. They say that place ain't safe no more, but I no Lessie goes there e'ry morn to sing to the spirits. Loves the Old Ways, she does."

"I think we should check this hermit's cave while we're at it." comes Artur's response as he nods to Rukhnis. "I'll go with to gather the herb that you need." he comments as he turns to head out the door to help with the search.

"Please do," Rukhnis says to Artur, turning a brief intense look on the prince as she begins to add the scrapings from the underside of a piece of bark to her mixture. "I will be well here. As will you," she adds in a firmly reassuring tone to Mol. If she doesn't believe this you would never know it from her voice, which manages to sound as if by the power of her will alone she could heal anything at all.

At Ryka's directions being given, Willow sets off in the direction of the shrine the woman mentioned. With work, she keeps most of the inward turmoil and worry off her face even despite the crows. Her features instead evoke a northern flavor of stoic modeled on a glacier.

Willow, moving with an aura of stoic courage, makes her way towards the shrine through the dreary, mist-filled morning. Before long, she comes to the bridge, but the first thing she notices there are crows. They are cawing loudly, and hopping forward and backward, pecking at something. Behind the crows, she sees an old, weather worn stone, carved with shamanistic patterns, not unfamiliar to the duskstone eyed artist.

Willow checked intellect + occult at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Reaching for the previous day's walking stick slung over a shoulder, Willow sidles closer. After a look around, before she gets close to touching anything, she pulls the bells in her hair around, shaking them a few times, you know, just to be certain. And then she tries to swipe some of the crows back from the stone with the stick to kneel near it and study the symbols on it more fully. She taps her chin and says, "It can't be that easy, can it?" She steps around trying to find any kind of break or crack or even chip in the stone which might be halfway new.

As Willow sweeps her walking stick at the murder of crows, she finds that they are feasting upon the corpse of a woman with blonde hair, who is lying beside a blood stained lute. The crows burst into a ruffle of wings and caws, and Willow notices a black eyed gray wolf, which curls its lips and leaps at the Lady of Stonedeep.

Willow checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

It's amazing that Thea and Rukhnis would think that one talk about safety would stop that damnable Arcadia. Suddenly she springs from a branch above, an arrow suddenly shoots out towards the wolf.

Just as the wolf's jaws are about to snap around Willow's face, a bolt cuts the air and knocks the wolf aside. It slides across the muddy ground, and without so much as a whimper, rises again to its legs, though a good deal of dark blood is trailing from the bolt wound, as Arcadia rushes to side of Willow.

Arcadia checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 68 higher. Arcadia rolled a critical!

Rysen GM Roll checked dexterity(3) at difficulty 10, rolling 5 higher.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 20, rolling 21 higher.

Arms wheeling in surprise, Willow whips around to check the tree line after catching herself on her crow whacking scepter. Fear? Yeah, it's fear, but it melts to relief at the appearance of blonde hair. Not like she tried to get anyone blonde to come along despite warnings otherwise. Newp! *innocent whistle*

Arcadia isn't one to waste shots, one more arrow and it's over. Wolf is down. Turning her owlish blue eyes to Willow, she scowls "Where the hell is your buddy?"

The wolf ceases to move and the crows overhead caw and circle. The corpse that the animals were feeding on remains face down in mud near the stone shrine.

Not about to miss a beat, Willow transitions into a bow to Arcadia, gesturing to her with a flourished sweep of her walking stick: "Why, I'm not certain, when /did/ you get in?" She's flushed enough to give away that her heart is racing but otherwise does not the worst at compensating for the shock, before nudging one end of the stick up under the corpse's shoulder to try and turn it over without directly touching it.

Willow checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Willow turns the body with her walking stick, to reveal the face of Lessie, cold and pale, but probably not long dead.

Willow checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Arcadia checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Kaldur, Thea and Mikani make their way to the governor's hall, which, at that gloomy hour of the morning, seems eerily quiet, save for the incessant caw of crows. The three come before a large door, and after pounding on it and waiting, Captain Ersfain opens the double doors of the hall. He frowns when he sees the group, clearly not recognizing Kaldur for who he is. "What do you want?" he asks, with a snort.

Kaldur checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 3 lower.

Kaldur's brows lift, he may not be recognizeable as a Duke, but he's wearing the Silver Order's tabard. His expression clouds, ears coloring, chin lifted he grates, "Duke Kaldur Crovane to see the Governor."

Ersfain's jaw drops. "M...My Lord Kaldur," stammers the guard captain. He glances at Mikani and Thea to see they're reaction. "My apologies, Lord," he says, dropping to a knee before Kaldur, and then rising quickly and gesturing to the interior of the hall. "Right this way," he says, though he apparently lacks the ability to suppress a sneer.

Thea lifts her eyebrow at the Captain's rude behavior, clearly not impressed at all. However straightening her back, she just greets him back,"Good morning..."following him through the door. All the while, a twitch can be can seen as she tries to mask her face.

Mikani laughs softly under her breath as she enters with them. "Good morning." Mikani notices the face and drops her voice to speak to Ersfain, "You know your face could stick like that if you keep it up." She says with a very helpful tone.

Kaldur makes a sound in his throat and falls in step after the man, following deeper into the building.

Ersfain's face darkens at Mikani's razor wit, but he says nothing. He closes the door and moves behind the three as they move towards the governor's seat in the wooden hall, reminiscent of those lodges in the Northlands that were prominent before the Reckoning. Seated with Tura, and a skinny, red-haired dog, Wiglaf eats some bacon and eggs rather loudly. When he notices the guests, he rises and says, "Welcome, welcome! Lady Thea, was it? And Lady Mikani. And who might you be, My Lord?" he asks, gazing at Kaldur, as a bit of bacon grease moves down his beard and lands on the shirt covering his rotund belly. Tura rises, and offers a courtly curtsy. "A very good morning to you, Lady Thea, Lady Mikani," she says, smiling. "Can I get you anything to eat? We have plenty of eggs and bacon."

Kaldur looks impassively to the Captain, shifting from impassively to mildly expectant. Polite, though.

Rysen GM Roll checked composure(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

At the sight of the govenor, Thea somewhat gags a little. Pretty sure he looks like what he's eating. With a polite bow of her head and what could be a real smile--to those that dont know her, she responds smoothly,"No thank you--I am just fine." Someone better be proud!

Mikani smiles more at Ersfain before turning her attention to the Wiglaf and Tura. "Good morning. No, I'm good with the porridge and coffee I had at the inn." She bows her head to the pair as she takes a spot in the back of the room allowing Kaldur to take lead.

Mikani checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

"This is Duke Kaldur Crovane, Sir," says Ersfain to Wiglaf. Wiglaf's eyes open wide and sets down his bacon and, wiping his hand across his tunic, he bows. "A very good morning to you, Duke Kaldur. You did not need to come all the way from Arx for our small town," he says chuckling. "All is well in hand, I assure you. I told the same to Lord Rysen's retainer, Degor."

Tura smiles and seems even more enthralled by Thea. "My Lady, you have come at a bad time. If you had been here last year, I could have thrown you the most Elysian feast!" she says gleefully. "I'm sure you'd have /so/ much to tell the ladies of court of the bounty our Dale if only that fool, V...." she coughs and Wiglaf shoots her a look.

Kaldur nods, "Thank you," to Ersfain. His eyes narrow, taking in the state of the court, its denizens, the contrast to the Dale beyond. "Is it. Please make anything available to Lady Mikani and Lady Thea that they request." He gives the Governor a steady look, "Where is your Shrine. We should pray, you and I."

Mikani is overheard praising Willow: Bringing bells to a Crow fight.

Mikani is overheard praising Rysen: Murder of Crows

Mikani is overheard praising Kaldur: Not punching his face in.

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