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Fruitful Beach Picnic - A Fundraiser

Join Lady Mabelle Laurent and Lord Pasquale Malespero in a lavish picnic at the beach. The fundraiser is designed to collect economic writs, as many as your heart desires to part with, to build a hospice for parents who find themselves in difficult circumstances in the boroughs.

The Hospice will enable families who have been rendered destitute by serious illness to continue to support their families, thus keeping children from suffering unnecessary hardships. The intention is to provide the sick parent, and their children, with board, food, education and basic nursing for the duration of the illness. The more donated - the more families we can help!

[ooc: give as much as you want, even 1! If you want to donate big and be part of the @action that will follow after the summer break, drop us mail]

There will be food and lots of desserts, there will be swimming, a pleasurable afternoon sun and an activity with beautiful prizes.


Aug. 9, 2019, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Mabelle Pasquale


Insaya Ras Alessia Gerald Thea Helena Brigida Denica Athaur



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Its a beautiful afternoon in the beach, It’s a beautiful friday afternoon at the beach and everything looks colorful and festive. Several blankets have been laid on the sand with picnic baskets in their midst. A bar packed with fruit stands in the shadow of the trees and a game of rope lays next to the waterline.Several dogs are running about playing in the water and in the sands, barking happily. It is so very hot, inviting you to catch some shade among the trees or just jump into the water!

Standing by the Enternace are Mabelle and Pasquale, welcoming the guests and direction them to gather their picnic baskets. Pasquale is in his usual darks and Mabelle is wearing a fancy brocade gown, very unfitting for the weather, yet looks exactly like the sunset behind her, she almost blends.

PARTY FAVOR CHEST is now unlocked.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Helena.

Insaya gets a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Insaya enters the Beach trailed by three armed confessors. She looks around the beach to see who is here and seems to take note of the decorations

Ras comes into sight along the dunes, stopping and lingering at a distance as he appraises the party by the beach. His hands are kept in his pockets and though the wind tugs at him, he doesn't move. There's an almost suspicious expression pasted across his features.

Walking along the sands, her retinue following behind, Alessia approaches the hosts of the event, beaming with her greeting. "It looks as wonderful as I imagined it would." She offers Mabelle a hug, inclining her head to Pasquale. "It's truly a blessing what you're both doing here." She fans herself in an effort to cool down.

Whistling a tune, Gerald Wilkerson meanders down the path onto the beach, a rather burgeoning beltpouch at his waist and a grin on his lips. A platinum Duke rolls across his knuckles, almost casually, which is in stark contrast to his well-made but worn linens -- and similarly worn leather boots. Finding the donation handler, he takes a roll of paper from his belt to offer them. "This should help, my good sir. Just mention my name and all of 'em will offer some assistance." There's an easy going wink from the man.

That easy going grin is sent Mabelle's way as well. "Lady Laurent. It's been a time. I hope you're well?" One brow rises in question.

Insaya has joined the Quiet Strand.

Pasquale is standing by Mabelle taking any donations and making a note of the names that go with them. "Thank you" Pasquale he says to Alessia as she offers a donation. "I'm hoping we'll help a few people out with this project." and then it comes Gerald's turn. Theres actually a flicker of surprise as he accepts that. "This is very generous Gerald. You must really approve of the project."

Thea makes her way onto the beach, the sand familiar under her boots. Finn automatically takes off toward the beach with the other dogs, leaving Thea behind. Walking to Pasquale to and Mabelle, she bows her head. There is a brief smile on her lips,"This looks very nice..."

Mabelle beams brightly at the guests that have arrived, "Welcome, welcome! Goodwoman Insaya, Master Ras, Lady Alessia", she gives the latter a hug, "Did you all take your picnic basket from the chest?". Her smile widens as she notices Gerald, "Hello Master Gerald, it has been a long time, how have you been? thank you for the donation!". Her eyes dart toward Thea, "Lady Malvici, good evening!"

Insaya gets a richly stocked picnic basket from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Gerald gets a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Dressed in summary teal seasilk that she has to hold to keep the ocean breeze from flapping too widely, Helena makes her way down to the beach, smiling as her gaze alights on Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle, what a charming idea. I have an idea for a fundraiser spinning in my head, but you have the energy I lack in putting yours forward where mine may ever be just a pretty thought," she says with a smile. She looks around at the decor and activity areas. "Everything's so bright and lively. I love it," the Redrain princess says, reaching up to secure an errant strand of hair back into one of her hair pins, only to have another strand slip free on the other side. It's a never-ending battle.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Having been skulking slowly down towards the party, Ras startles awkwardly at being called out by Mabelle. He hunches his shoulders and drifts towards Pasquale. "Hey," he says to the lord. Pulling a dirty little wad of notes from his pocket, he shoves them over.

Helena gets a richly stocked picnic basket from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

"Oh, not overmuch, my dear lad. Just what I had on hand. I approve of charity and the like. If you need some aid on the front of dealing with scared youngsters from the streets, let me know. I've been there and have a bit of a touch. Plus, well. If you can guess, well, I can help show them that there's a future for the sort," Gerald says, offering Pasquale a grin and a smile. Then, looking back to Mabelle, he upnods. "More than welcome, milady. It's an appropriate little endeavor. Figured I could toss a hand towards things."

He does look at the sign. "Though the contests are like to be beyond me." He looks to Pasquale. "Oh, I've got something else. Not sure if your taking raw coinage as well."

"Oh, I did, thank you Lady Mabelle and thank you as well for the invitation, it looks amazing," Insaya replies to Mabelle with a warm smile. "Greetings," she offers to everyone else and waits till Ras is clear of Pasquale to hand over neatly organized notes of her own. She seems to keep her armed confessor trio close and a careful, watchful eye on Ras

Mabelle smiles brightly at Helena, "Princess, how lovely to see you this evening, and would you look at that gown", she greets her friend, "I'd be happy to help you! I do love holding events". She directs her guests toward the fruit station mentioning, "There is a yummy prize if you build a good sculpture, or a really bad one too! as per tradition!" She tisks at Gerald with a smile, "Come on, its just putting fruit together with sticks, you can do it! You can too!", she encourages Insaya.

Insaya puts a colorful sand bottle in PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Insaya gets a colorful sand bottle from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Thea hands a few notes over to Pasquale before glancing over at Ras. She offered him a brief nod, hiding her smile. She steps over to collect some fruit because well--fruit!

"Its good to see you are still in one piece Ras." Pasquale tells Ras as a note is added to the book to record his donation. "I'm glad for it." he smiles to Insaya "Thank you." and then to Thea "I see you made it Thea. Are you all going to try out the games? Lady Mabelle has been quite creative with them."

Helena laughs. "My cookie was close to the worst last time, but apparently not bad enough to win anything," she recalls. "Your gown is divine." She turns to give Pasquale a coin purse full of silver with a nod for him. "TLord Malespero, I believe. How nice to meet you," she says. Ras draws her attention and earns a smile. "I'd like to give another 5000 on behalf of Master Ras, please."

"That's half of it." Alessia smiles to Pasquale before turning to the chest to retrieve a party favor.

Insaya gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Alessia gets a richly stocked picnic basket from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Mabelle grins at Helena, "Well the competition seems to be slim right now so you might actually have a chance to be the worst in the room", she winks to her, "Unless Lady Mazzeti beats you to it!", teases the women, "Go for it".

Thunk! The beltpouch is taken from Gerald's waist and dropped on the table before Pasquale. "That should help a mite too," he remarks. He looks about himself, eyes flitting this way and that.

Ras ducks his head in a sullen nod to Pasquale, getting out of the way quickly. When he notices Insaya's watchful eye, he pulls a smirk in her direction, not malicious but not friendly either. It doesn't seem to be heartfelt, as he's clearly uneasy, darkening with a flustered glance towards Helena. He wanders around the party a little, eyeballing various curiosities, but keeps his hands in his pockets.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Insaya before departing.

Mabelle scans Ras for a moment and flashes him with a smile, "How are you finding the city? I'm uncertain we officially met. I am Lady Mabelle Laurent, by the way. Are you good in making food sculptures? I'm sure you should try!"

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding arrive, following Brigida.

"I told you I would,"Thea reminds Pasquale. "I keep my word...,"as she considers building something with her food. "Perhaps? Are you supposed to play with your food?" Turning she greets the others with a nod of her head.

A chuckle escapes Alessia's throat at Mabelle's words. "She is not wrong. Although my work in the last even looked vaguely like a serpenty creature." She says in her own defence. Helena's offer has her raising a brow. "That's very generous of you, your highness." She smiles warmly before turning to Ras. "I hope you've been well." She greets the young man kindly.

Pasquale nods to Helena "Thats right Princess. Lord Pasquale Malespero." He makes sure the money that Gerald gives is safely handed over to his bodyguard and then tells Gerald. "This is incredibly generous." He turns to Mabelle. "Mabelle. Gerald has donated almost a third of our goal."

Pasquale is overheard praising Gerald.

"Food's for eating, not mashing all over the place with sticks," grumbles Ras rudely at Mabelle, and a look of chagrin instantly glints in his eyes. However, he doesn't apologize, instead taking the first moment that she's distracted to escape with several quick strides down the beach - where he stands to watch the dogs playing.

Pasquale is overheard praising Thea.

Enter a pig. A fat pig (or war boar) to be precise, on a leash being followed by an Archlector with a pair of Disciples and a bored looking guard. Brigida smiles as she kicks off her slippers and hands them to Keski before making her way down the beach, Oswald's four trotter prints accompanies by three prints from the Archlector, her two feet and her new (and temporary) staff.

Pasquale is overheard praising Insaya.

Pasquale is overheard praising Helena.

Pasquale is overheard praising Alessia.

Pasquale is overheard praising Ras.

Mabelle rounds her eyes at Gerald, "That's very generous of you, Master Gerald, thank you! Did you take a basket?" she smiles kindly to Ras, "It will not be discarded, I assure you, if anything, I promise to eat it all!, she tries to lighten his mood. The hog gets her attention, "Archlector Brigida, nice to see you this afternoon"

Mabelle is overheard praising Gerald.

"You can eat the sculpture." Alessia says to Ras before he heads off, shaking her head with a chuckle.

Mabelle is overheard praising Insaya.

Mabelle is overheard praising Ras.

"It should be interesting to do something other then work," Insaya states. "I am curious to see how your event unfolds Lady Mabelle

Mabelle is overheard praising Helena.

Mabelle is overheard praising Alessia.

Alessia checked charm + artwork at difficulty 25, rolling 8 lower.

Brigida gets a richly stocked picnic basket from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Helena checked charm + artwork at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Insaya checked charm + artwork at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

"I remember being a young lad on the street," Gerald says, flashing Pasquale a grin. "Be good to give back." Those eyes move back to Mabelle. "Got a lovely bottle of sand," he says, with a flash of a smile. "It's a good thing, what you are doing. Be glad to help in the now and again. Seems a good way of giving back."

Ras folds his arms and turns just his head, shifting from his study of the dogs and the sea to subtly watch Gerald.

Brigida bobs her head in greeting to Mabelle, "Lady Mabelle. Seems like you have got quite the turn out. What is it all in aid of again and what's the hopeful target?" Oswald snuffles around at the sand, getting his wet nose covered in it.

Mabelle asks Gerald curiously, "Have you met Archlector Brigida, Master Gerald?", she indicates the woman with the pig. And then disappears toward the fruit station, trying to get creative, while she lets Pasquale explain, "Lord Malespero is heading the project so he can explain far better than I".

Thea unfamiliarly glances at Gerald. She skims him a moment as she introduces herself,"I am Lady Thea Malvici. I am sure it's a pleasure to meet you..."the young woman says.

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A young female server passes among the guests, offering them a variety of cold drinks and cocktails.

Turning to Brigida as she arrives, Alessia inclines her head. "Archlechtor. I'm glad you could join." She turns to Mabelle to reply since full concentration of the station does little to improve the final product.

"I am Insaya Bergere," Insaya says to anyone she has not met. She struggles to create anything at the fruit sculpting station but it just looks like a very poor stick figure that falls right apart

Mabelle checked charm + artwork at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

Thea has joined the FRUIT SCULPTING STATION.

Helena makes her way to the sculpting station. "Sometimes we do things for the fun of it. Especially for a good cause, Master Ras," she calls over her shoulder, before she begins to piece together some atrocity or another. Eventually it begins to like a pine tree, if a little lopsided. "It looks better than the cookie did, but that isn't saying much," she says. "Helena Redrain. I'd shake your hand, but mine is full of honey," she tells Insaya. She offers Brigida a smile when she sees the Archlector's arrival.

"Its mostly homelessness that this will resolve" Pasquale explains to Gerald. "Or at least thats the idea. The way I envision it working is that the medics could refer people who have dependents to the hospice. Then the hospice can take in the most deserving cases for the duration of their illness. That way the person struck by illness, and their dependents, will at least be guaranteed a roof, warmth, security and food. I think we have enough funding to also fund a live-in nurse and to hire a tutor for anyone staying there as well."

"I have not," Gerald replies, offering Mabelle a smile, before offering a respectful half-bow to Brigida. "Mother Brigida. It is an honor and a privilege. I am Gearld Wilkerson, Merchant Extraordinaire," he says. "I pray the evening finds you well?" Then he's being addressed by Thea. "It is! Well, usually." That flash of a wink follows. He repeats the previous explanation.

Ras unfolds his arms and turns from the sea to square with the party again, waving a hand towards Helena in acknowledgment of her statement. For some reason, he appears a little more relaxed now, and even shows Brigida a goofy two-fingered salute on his way over to the fruit sculpting station.


Insaya looks at her own honey covered hands and chuckles. "Yea we may get stuck together if that was the case," she says warmly to Helena. She keeps a careful eye still on Ras, her three armed pals not to far from where she sits.

Thea is busy trying to stab a piece of fruit with a stick. Finn has managed to noticed there's food and has snuck his way over to her side. She dabs some honey here and there, attaching more items as she goes,"I'm well enough, thank you."

Mabelle attempts very hard to piece the fruit together with the stick and the honey but it seems the task she has given her friends is one she cannot quite accomplish herself. To save face and her gown, she abandons the project after she eats some of it

Ras checked charm + artwork at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Brigida offers those who have acknowledged her a bob of the head and a small smile. "Petrichor's Blessings on you all." Gerald gets a serious look before she responds, "Such an honour and privilege that you give me a Legate's term of address." She cracks a small smile, "Blessed Brigida is the correct term. Although I have been referred to as Archlector Brigida, The Former Golden Rose of Tor, The Iron Thorn and I'm pretty sure the Scary Old Woman by more than a few. A merchant Extraordinaire then Gerald? You sing your praises high don't you?" She chuckles before asking Pasquale, "How much is the goal you are aiming for?"

Ras crouches in the sand and works on his fruit sculpture - first starting slowly, with a careful selection, and then he enters 'art mode', and begins frenetically stacking and stabbing things. It doesn't look like anything at all. "There," he says, with his mouth full of half-chewed peach. "It's a dog."

The dogs are running around the beach, toying with each other, jumping into the sea under the watchful eye of guards, while Mabelle observes from the side while Brigida and Gerald converse, an amused smile on her face. Ras's.. 'sculpture' gets a bemused look ast her tracks the station situation, "You are all doing great", she lies through her teeth

Brigida's response receives a warm, full-throated chuckle from the merchant. "Ah, alas. I am certain you are by far deserving of such graces -- even if the title is not quite accurate." A languid wink follows. "I try not overmuch for false modesty. Talents are as they are, no?" He reaches for his other beltpouch, drawing out a pipe. Slowly, he packs it with tobacco, draws out a flashstick and lights up. A small drag is followed by an exhale of smoke, rings passing through each other with a certain ease.

"Looks lovely Master Ras, you are mighty talented," Insaya tells Ras. "My creation hardly will keep together," she says with another chuckle as she tries to unstick her fingers from sticks

"Beautiful," says Helena with a nod to Ras' dog. She's about to say more when a messenger comes to deliver her a message, taking the slice of apple that Helena passes in exchange with a smile. After unfolding the message, Helena nods. "I'm so sorry, I do have to run to deal with something. But have a lovely afternoon. Lady Mabelle, charming gathering as always," she tells the hostess, before slipping away with the bearer of the message.

Stojan, the assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, Damaia, the assistant, Lady Snow arrive, following Denica.

Ras tilts his head to direct a cautious look at Insaya, then stands to wave goodbye to Helena.

Denica wanders her way down to the beach. Her normal army in tow. "So what are we raising funds for? I have an unseemly amount of funds to give out." The little Thraxian trouble maker says with an absolutely terrible grin on her face.

"Well its hard to know the exact figures we'll need this early on" Pasquale tells Brigida. "But we thought about 5000 economic writs should be more than enough. That way we'd have plenty to build any facilities and set up a trust to fund it over the long term." He glances to his book. "Mabelle and I were expecting to need to supply about half of that. Maybe a bit more." He gives the sculpture station a faint smile. "But Gerald has been so incredibly generous I think we might have already hit our targets. So at this point, I think every extra donation will go towards providing more spaces and helping more people at any one time."

Mabelle beams at Denica as she enters, "Princess Denica, goodness I've note seen you in the longest of time, you look lovely", she greets the new guest while Pasquale goes over the details and invites her, "Take a picnic basket!"

Denica gets a basket of cookies from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Turning to Ras' work, Alessia shrugs. "Why not? Mine isn't any more discernible." She laughs. "Until next time." She offers the Redrain as she departs.

Denica gets a richly stocked picnic basket from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Thea presents her fruit sculpture then,"It's a sword."looking like a sticky mess. Would anyone expect anything less from the Malvici woman? Hearing a familiar voice, she turns. Thea smiles a bit at Denica,"Goid afternoon your Highness."

Ras grins at Alessia, then looks at Thea's sculpture with an appreciative nod. He sits back down to finish eating his 'dog', with all the manners of a Lowers street rat. After he's finished, he wipes his sleeve across his mouth and burps across the station in Insaya's direction. "That's what you get," he tells her, inexplicably.

Then, as an aside, Gerald looks to Pasquale, pipe drawn from his mouth. "You might also speak to Dianara Whisper. We've discuss establishing a school in the Lowers. Perhaps there is room to weld those projects together, mmm?" His voice is rich with warm bonhomie, a casual utterance. He look about, before sighing. "I simply must find myself an assistant. I've no one to fetch wine these days." He sighs. Then, thinking better of it, he realizes he carries some. Reaching into that self same pouch as the pipe, he takes out a small glass bottle, from which he takes a swallow.

Insaya seems to ignore Ras and turns to greet Denica. "Greetings, I am Insaya," she says warmly

Brigida gives Gerald a rather thorny look, "Flattery will get you nowhere Master Gerald. Not with me anyway." Oswald snuffles around at Gerald's feet as the Archlector takes a step to the side, avoiding the smoke coming from the merchant before she smiles at Pasquale's explanation of what they are planning for the homeless. "So you have been very generous have you Master Gerald? Perhaps you have some uses then?" She then smiles at Pasquale and waves over Aletta before raising her voice in a manner that is used to being heard. "Aletta. Prepare writs to give Lord Paquale here three thousand five hundred economic writs and five hundred social writs."

Denica snags a basket as instructed with her usual smile, "Well Thank you Lady Honey. I shall be happy to join." She turns to Insaya and curtsies, "Princess Denica Thrax. At your service my dear."

The servant girl rushes to Gerald's side to offer him a drink, while she grins at the interaction between him and Brigida, which donation leaves Mabelle with her mouth agape. Her eyes are literally torn toward Denica and she asks her, "How have you been? I've barely seen you lately"

A brow is raised as the common man burps, though Alessia doesn't seem especially surprised. She turns to Denica. "Your highness. Welcome." She smiles warmly, greeting the woman.

"Lovely to meet you Princess Denica," Insaya says with a warm smile. "I am a bit sticky with honey at the moment or I would give a better greeting," she explains still struggling to free her hands of honey

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat, Patock, A clever Youth arrive, following Athaur.

Denica grins at Mabelle, "Oh so very busy. A woman in my line of work never has down time..." She leaves that part quite vague, "If I do I am doing it wrong. I have been preparing several more paintings to adorn the Ebb and Flow. I have my brothers upcoming soon." She smiles and curtsies also to Alessia, "Why thank you! I do love the smell of the sea and giving out coin. Lady Mabelle seems to have targeted me with this particular event." She grins. Then the grin gets bigger for Insaya, "Lady Laurent has trapped you in her webs then?"

Ras seems to realize something, leaning back, then turns to leave his seat and take a few steps away over the sand. Glancing around self-consciously, he puts his hands in his pockets, and then ducks away secretively.

Thea maintains her expression cooly but pushes her fruit sword at Ras,"Here you go. Enjoy. Dont go stabbing people with it..." Is she joking? Does he want to find out?

Ras -starts- to duck away secretively, but then turns back at the offer of Thea's fruit sword. He receives the sculpture carefully, mood solemn. "I'm full," he says. "But I'll take this to somebody else."

Mabelle teases Insaya as well as Denica, "You know how I love to get my guests down and dirty", she chuckles at the Princess's words and notes, "If that's the case I should take you swimming and then shopping for myself!", she winks to her and travels toward the station to peer at some of the fruit sculptures made, "Is that a sword, Lady Malvici? Very good!", she ocmpliments Thea as she tilts her head at Alessia's sculpture, "That must be a humphlalmph!".

"A school?" Pasquale asks. "Thats a lofty goal. And a worthy one. I'd very much like to see it succeed." He gives a short nod. "Perhaps rather than a tutor we could simply offer to fund their attendance at the school? We'll have to look at it when everything has been set up." He turns to Brigida and listens to her proposal, looking pleased at the offer. "That is extremely generous Archlector. I promise that we will make sure that every writ is used."

Denica checked charm + artwork at difficulty 25, rolling 38 higher.

"You can take mine too. If you can manage." Alessia gestures to her own scultpure, assuming the man's hands aren't full. "Lady Mabelle targets us all one way or another." She winks to the Laurent.

Athaur walks down to the beach, looking about with a smile on his face. Each step sending the various bells on his person to jingling as he makes his way merrily along. He takes a look over the changes for the event, grinning slightly before wiggling his fingers towards Mabelle. "Lady Belle, this all looks wonderful. You have outdone yourself."

Insaya keeps a careful eye on Ras as he attempts to sneak off

Denica's ears perk up at the sound of the bells. She turns. Arms wide open for the count Athaur, "Ah Count! I am so glad to hear you! I am sorry I have been away so long!"

Brigida waggles a finger at Pasquale, "I expect to be updated on the progress of this project my Lord. If I find any of these writs have gone anywhere ^but^ this venture then I'll be coming to rap your knuckles hard." She gives him a glare to let him know that she means it before she looks around, "Why is there honey ^everywhere^?" She's asks to no one in particular... Oswald has slipped the leash and trotted off to find a picnic basket and starts eating.

Mabelle mentions to Ras before he runs off, "Worst sculpture, or dogs, for the matter, also gets a prize" and she offers him a seashell statue and a bottle of schnapps. Listen intently to the conversation about schools interestedly and still trying to target everyone, she winks at both Alessia and Denica, "You cannot escape my honey web". Athaur gets a smile, "I'm so happy you made it! Join us!"

Pasquale is overheard praising Brigida.

Mabelle is overheard praising Brigida.

Denica heads over to the station and starts ignoring everyone and assembling /something/.

Swallowing, Gerald slips his bottle into his beltpouch, taking the offered drink from the serving girl with a warm smile. "Thank you kindly, my dear." He offers a tilt of his head towards Brigida. "It's been noted from time to time," he replies, his tone rather amused. Then, he's looking back to Pasquale. "I've a few other endeavors I am seeking to aid with. I'm getting to an age where I wish to help more than I want money."

Mabelle quip to Brigida briefly, "Because I'm a Laurent, that's what we do". she refers to the question about honey, and teases Gerald, "I'm in the age I want it all, but priorities, right?"

"Worst sculpture?" echoes Ras quietly. He takes a bite out of Thea's sword to quell his hurt feelings, despite having professed he was full, and stops by Athaur while wandering up the dunes - to push the schnapps into the count's chest.

Athaur smiles brightly at Mabelle. "Of course. I would not miss it for the world." He moves over to Denica, sneaking a hug before she scurries off to the sculpture table. "Think nothing of it Your Higness. I am just pleased you are well." Then Ras is shoving a bottle into his chest. He looks down at it, and then at Ras. "Thank you." He opens up the bottle and takes a drink from it before blinking. "What did I just put in my mouth..."

Denica manages to form together an EPIC piece. A massive shark biting a caravel in half. Complete with little grape peoples abandoning ship. She turns and holds it up. "Best I could come up with."

"Hello again Count Athaur," Insaya says, smiling warmly over at him, she is keeping a careful eye on Ras and has three armed friends close at hand

Thea glances at her drink, just drinking it. She lifts her eyebrow a touch,"" Turning to Denica, she just blinks then turns to Arthaur,"Good day, Count--.Nice too hear--er see you again.."

Brigida peers over and smiles widely, "Ras? Is that you?" She waves at the young man, gesturing him over, "Come over here now." She notes the person that seems to be focussed on the man, and she gives Insaya a beady eyed look.

Mabelle flushes entirely at Ras, "I didnt... it was... a joke. There was..", she gives up and blinks now that Denica has completed her statue, "Is this a shark made of berries? How did you even...?" she's shocked.

Pasquale smiles at Brigida's departing form. "I'm not sure i'm brave enough to risk dissapointing her. We've no choice but to make this a success now." He looks back to Gerald and nods. "Its difficult indeed to find the right people. You mentioned you needed an assistant earlier I think? I wish I knew someone suitable." He starts to watch the interaction between Ras and Insaya but turns his attention away when Brigida calls the young man over.

Insaya flashes a warm smile over tk Brigida and seems to turn her focus to the sculpture. "Oh, wow how amazing," she exclaims. Seems whatever focus she was giving Ras is totally caught up with the event now

An apologetic smile given to Mabelle, Alessia's gaze drifts to Denica's scultpure. "Wow." She raises her brows. "I.... don't know what to say." She smiles to the princess.

Mabelle murmurs hushedly to Pasquale, "Why do you think I let you handle the funds? I'm scared of her".

Ras seems to have been all set to scramble off over the sand towards the city, until Brigida calls him over. He turns, still carrying Thea's fruit sword and the seashell sculpture, to tamely obey the command of the Archlector of Petrichor. "How's it going, old lady?" he asks, relatively politely. He might have enough respect to listen to her, but his forms of address seem to need some work.

Athaur shrugs his shoulders slightly, taking another drink of Schnapps. He examines Denica's sculpture and gives a small nod. "Wow OK. That's really good."

Denica blinks at everyone and looks at her sculpture... "This? I mean... I thank you. Hardly my best work..." It is likely not be a braggart, just.. well... art is kind of her thing.

Mabelle quirks her lips at Athaur, "You are likely the only one in here I would have brave in the rope contest", she wonders at her guests, "Anyway cares to outdo the Princess's sculpture?" she wonder

Brigida smiles and bobs her head, "I'm well young Ras and yourself? You seem to be quite the busy young man at the moment don't you." She meets him partway and leans in conspiratorially, "Just to let you know I prefer Blessed Brigida... or Archlector if you must. At a push Brigida is alright too. I don't mind being called old but others might get the wrong idea and think I am feeble and weak hmmm?"

Glancing Denica's way, Gerald offers a sharp clap. "Most excellently done. Have you a name for the piece?" One brow arches as he considers the piece for a moment, before he ponders Pasquale for a moment. "I'm sure I'll find one in time." He takes a sip of his drink, before looking back towards Ras and Brigida and offering a pleasant nod their way. A chuckle is offered at Mabelle's words. "Mmm, no. But, I shall be most pleased to create some manner of a story regarding the winning piece."

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Denica looks at Gerald with a smile, "Let us go with.... 'Revenge from the depths'" The princess grins wildly.

Pasquale suggests to Denica "A gift from the islands."

Mabelle claps her hands pleasedly, "Oh! A story! She walks with a drink to settle behind the table, not before giving some prizes to Denica and a token of appreciation to the biggers donator".

Athaur looks over at Mabelle and grins widly. "Then we shall have to give it a try at some point, My Lady." Then he turns towards the fruit to attempt is own hand at sculpting.

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Athaur checked charm + artwork at difficulty 25, rolling 6 lower.

"This has been quite the event Lady Mabelle but it seems I have lost track of the hour, I must be going," Insaya says. "It was nice to meet you all and again thank you so much for inviting me once again," she adds before offering a polite farewell to all.

"Blessed Brigida," confirms Ras to the archlector. "I'm fine. Great, just gotta get to going..." He nods in the direction of the city. "I wanna ask you about something though." With a self-conscious glance around the party, he adds, "Maybe another time."

Denica glances at Pasquale with a giant grin, "But my dear. /I/ am the gift from the islands."

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Brigida smiles and pats Ras's hand, "I'm glad. Come and find me soon and you can ask whatever you need." She places her hand on Ras's head and murmurs a small blessing before she says, "Run along now. I'll see you soon Ras." She turns back to the party, "OSWALD! OSWALD! GET OUT OF THAT PICNIC HAMPER!@

Thea bows her head to Ras,"Enjoy your day and your sword--,"considering the water. She gives a goodbye to Insaya as well as she amusedly smiles at Denica. "She has you there,"mentioning to Pasquale.

Ras bows his head uncertainly before the blessing, then gives Brigida a slight smile, nods his thanks to Thea, and finally heads off towards the city at a hurried pace.


Mabelle drums the table curiously for Gerald, "Shark tale!"

Pasquale gives Denica a small, amused, smile. "And from your hands came our very own fruit shark. I think my suggestion is still valid."

It appears that Athaur is attempting to make a boat. It doesn't go very well. Perhaps a boat that has been vicioused by sharks or the elements? He looks down at his work with a small frown.

Gerald nods, watching Denica for a few long breaths, consideringly. The pipe is brought to his lips and he takes a slow drag from it. A plume of smoke rises from his lips, flowing from mouth and nostrils with the ease of simplicity, as he looks back towards Mabelle and nods. "A moment, Lady Laurent. The muse has need of fuel." And he reaches for his wine, taking a long swallow, before nodding. His eyes lid for a moment, taking another puff from the pipe.

Mabelle is overheard praising Denica.

Denica glances at Pasquale, "I hope that will help?"

Brigida takes a step back from the party and looks around before starting to make her way back up towards the city, her guard wrangling the pig that has demolished a pair of hampers and dragging it along. She doesn't seem like one for goodbyes though.

Athaur pushes his boat off to the side, slipping away from the fruit table. "Ah, wonderful a story!" He scoots away, hoping no one notices the atrocity that he had created.

Pasquale passes the coin Denica handed him off to his guard and gives her a nod and a smile. "I think it will make a difference Princess Denica. Thank you. We'll make sure your contribution is honored."

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Mabelle picks at the servant girl and she quickly gathers a glass of rum and cookies and runs to her patron, as she smiles to Athaur, "Lovely boat count, come, join us at the table so we can pressure Gerald.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding leave, following Brigida.

"I still lean toward 'Revenge from the Depths'." Alessia's lips curl as she regards the princess. "Would make for a good book title. The kind of tale that has children bursting into their parents' room in terror." She seems fixated on the shark for a few moments.

Thea's fingers are sticky from honey and fruit but pauses at the mention of story and sharks,

Pasquale asks "Is nobody playing the rope game tonight?"

Mabelle murmurs to Pasquale, "I think we're waiting for a tale"

"Few know the tale I am to tell today. The tale of Vengeance, the great rage of the isles." Blandly, Gerald adds, "Largely because I am making it up on the spot." He offers something of a grin. "Vengeance, the great shark, ancient of mien had lost all regard. Their brood," he muses, leaving gender for others to determine, "Had long since bled out. Upon a whaler's spear, the sawtoothed bite of their rivals, the grasping tentacles of the deep... and." Pausing, he sips at his wine, before continuing. "Over the years, their bite had shorn many ships from wave and life. The hours and the months bled into years."

The glass of wine is raised into the air and he takes a long draught, before beckoning the serving girl over. It is offered and he takes another puff off his pipe, cherry and vanilla melting into the underlying harshness of the tobacco. His eyes widen slightly and he tosses a wink to one of the younger observers, before continuing his tale. "But then... then one of those Eurusi ships started across their way. They offered great prey, but in the heart of this aged creature, she knew they were a worse vileness than any other thing. How many of their children were stolen by such a creature. How many bled and tamed and slaughtered and worse."

He looks then to Denica and Mabelle. "Like a tempest, they broke the waves, breaking the back of the ship... but more, you see, others heard their call. They stole into the waves, shearing the righteous from the monsters, carrying them to the shore. Those that held that vileness within them? They we never heard of again. There can be great virtue as in this great beast. Revenge came from the depths. Like a just flame, burning the world clean."

Gerald checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Mabelle listens intently as Gerald shares his tale, unnoticable clearing a plate of cookies all by her lonesome

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Athaur _history

"Few know the tale I am to tell today. The tale of Vengeance, the great rage of the isles." Blandly, Gerald adds, "Largely because I am making it up on the spot." He offers something of a grin. "Vengeance, the great shark, ancient of mien had lost all regard. Their brood," he muses, leaving gender for others to determine, "Had long since bled out. Upon a whaler's spear, the sawtoothed bite of their rivals, the grasping tentacles of the deep... and." Pausing, he sips at his wine, before continuing. "Over the years, their bite had shorn many ships from wave and life. The hours and the months bled into years."

The glass of wine is raised into the air and he takes a long draught, before beckoning the serving girl over. It is offered and he takes another puff off his pipe, cherry and vanilla melting into the underlying harshness of the tobacco. His eyes widen slightly and he tosses a wink to one of the younger observers, before continuing his tale. "But then... then one of those Eurusi ships started across their way. They offered great prey, but in the heart of this aged creature, she knew they were a worse vileness than any other thing. How many of their children were stolen by such a creature. How many bled and tamed and slaughtered and worse."

He looks then to Denica and Mabelle. "Like a tempest, they broke the waves, breaking the back of the ship... but more, you see, others heard their call. They stole into the waves, shearing the righteous from the monsters, carrying them to the shore. Those that held that vileness within them? They we never heard of again. There can be great virtue as in this great beast. Revenge came from the depths. Like a just flame, burning the world clean."

Pasquale applauds the story. "I can't believe you just made that up. It was really entertaining."

Athaur leans forward, clearly interested in the story being spun. He nods his head, a wide smile on his face. "Well told. Very well told."

Thea nods her head, a small smile on her face,"That was a well told story..."

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Tilting his head, Gerald offers a grin. "I'm most pleased to share such," he muses, winking once.

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