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Whitehold Brews Grand Opening!

Whitehold Brews, reknowned in the North for their spirits, has finally arrived in Arx! Come celebrate Master Sven and his liquid art at the grand opening of his brewery in the city. Enjoy a free tasting of his fine whiskeys, gins, rums and other spirits and a delectable array of Northern delicacies. Games! Contests! Fabulous prizes! Don't miss out!


Aug. 10, 2019, 3 p.m.

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Kaldur Cahal Lethe Monique Gwenna Alecstazi Sven Mirk Aella Artur Merek Thea Alessia Baelos Pharamond



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Whitehold Brews - Taproom

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Comments and Log


I had such a wonderful time at the grand opening of Whitehold Brews, newly opened in the ward. Getting to spend time with family, old friends, and new acquaintances was great fun. I even joined the arm-wrestling contest! I did not last long, which is of little surprise to anyone I imagine, but rather enjoyed the thrill of it.

All told, it was a lovely evening and I am quite glad I managed to attend.

It's a rollicking afternoon at Whitehold Brews! The room has been decorated with seasonal blooms, some dangling merrily from the antlers of the mounted stag heads. A traditional northern band of musicians is playing rollicking dance tunes. The drinks are free today, and there is a rack of bottles for each guest to choose a souvenir. One per person, please! The bar is fully staffed with attendants ready to explain what each drink is, and of course to fetch more. Lady Brianna has stationed herself by the rack, ready to greet guests as they come up. She turns to Sven. "Happy to help, my dear. You deserve all this and more."

Leo, a Ravenseye Warrior, Runa, a large Northern Raven arrive, following Aella.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Rurik, a prodigal assistant arrive, following Mirk.

Monique gets Winter's Dark Dream from Grand Opening Liquor Racks.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Gwenna.

Lethe has joined the Luxurious island with four grand chairs.

Kaldur ducks into the taproom, brows canting this way and that, canine, as he looks about, moving to the side to not block passage before moving deeper into the space, choosing a bottle when bid, and a seat among four on an island of grand chairs.

Cahal grins as he steps into the space and heads straight for Brianna. "Long time, no see." A similar smile is given to Sven since they are nearby. "Congratulations on the opening. It looks really good."

Lethe takes her time choosing a drink and then makes her way to one of the grand chairs.

Kaldur takes Whitehold Pure Burned Spirit from Grand Opening Liquor Racks.

Monique arrives looking as she always does, like a King's ransom. And eager. Her eyes light like green fire when they fall upon the racks of booze, and brighten further as they sweep the taproom. "I can already tell," she announces, "I'll be spending far too much time and money here. This makes me feel like home," the Minx adds with a wistful smile, selecting a bottle of interest when offered.

Surely Gwenna would not miss the opening of something so important in the ward, never mind by a family of such close friendship. Pausing some paces in, she smooths out her gown and then looks around the decor, a smile immediately tugs up the corners of her mouth. "Oh, this marble is stunning. Stunning! The wood, surely, is from Whitehold?" While a question, the Redrain doesn't seem to expect an immediate answer, considering she asked it more just out loud than to anyone in particular. Seeing people selecting items from the liquor racks, she glances that way before apparently deciding to fetch a seat while there are still ones available.

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Alecstazi arrives a bit late, but there may be a reason, the goose that follows him around is sporting a couple of red gashes along his slender neck. He's being held in Alec's arms and the pair appear to be holding a one-sided conversation. "I told you that cat was irritable looking..."

Brianna smiles brightly at Cahal. "It has been too long. It's entirely my fault." She turns to Monique. "You won't find finer spirits in this city, I guarantee you." Her pleasant hostess-face falls when she sees the wounded goose in Alecstazi's arms. "You beast, what did you let happen to Xander?"

Cahal gets Winter's Dark Dream from Grand Opening Liquor Racks.

While everything has been doing through final preparations and Brianna stationed herself by the rack, Sven has been pacing back and forth near the bar while wringing his hands hands impatiently while waiting down the clock. When the first guests appear he stops the pacing and smiles at Brianna. "You've done a wonderful job." He says to the halfshav noble before turning to bow to the guests. "Thank you all for coming and I hope you'll find something that suits your tongue..." His clear blue eyes passes over the royal treasury in human form that is Monique and he shuffles over to a different chest from where he grabs two bottles by their neck to bring over. "Let me know if this is to your liking."

Mirk arrives, a little late but not too late for the opening, it would seem. He goes straight for a bottle of whiskey, and raises the bottle as if in a toast to Sven. "You've attracted a crowd, it seems," he comments to Sven with a low chuckle. "Congratulations, Sven. And my compliments to our host as well." There's a nod in Brianna's direction, and then he goes to claim a seat for himself.

Mirk has joined the Decadent lounges atop mountain lion pelts.

Gwenna takes Whitehold Fine Apple Brandy from Grand Opening Liquor Racks.

"You cant take all the blame Brianna." Cahal tells her. "I've been lazy. I bet I could have tracked you down if I worked at it." He looks to the goose with a faint frown before smiling at Sven. "Something interesting if nothing else." Another smile for Brianna and then he heads to the rack of gift-bottles to pick out something.

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Alecstazi looks up as he weaves his way through the crowd and smiles at Brianna's greeting. "And hello to you too, Lady Halfshav. This big sod picked a fight with the wrong cat. Waited while the thing was sleeping, performed a poorly executed ambush to bite the cat's tail and well." He gestures. "I've cleaned it out as best as he'll let me, but he's acting a bit.. needy." Sure enough, once Brianna is close, Xander honks and tries to flap his wings as if to get himself closer to Brianna. He's clearly trying to switch humans.

Cahal has joined the Luxurious island with four grand chairs.

It is always nice to walk outside of one's home to find a new place where alcohol is served. That is partially why Aella has shown up, the curiosity for the new establishment and the goods it has available. She moves around the room, taking in each aspect of the building and the bottles located on the racks.

Monique accepts the two bottles from Sven eagerly, examining them in the light of the tavern with obvious glee. "You've outdone yourself on the presentation, brewmaster! These are exceptional," and of course she moves to take a glass, to sample this new delight. "Will you take a glass with me, to toast your success this evening?" she invites Sven with an earnest grin.

Brianna holds her arms out to take the goose. Even with a wounded goose in her arms, she looks absolutely elegant. Must be the hat. "You mustn't do things like that," she scolds the goose gently.

Cahal helps himself to a seat at the island. "I dont think we've all met before." He offers to shake hands "Cahal Blackram."

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Goose in arms, Brianna calls out, "As promised, there is a chance to win one of two pieces of star iron today! Come to me if you are interested in the arm-wrestling tournament. The top two finalists will each win a piece of star iron and the champion will drink free here for a year on me!"

From his seat, Mirk watches the crowd trickle in, and familiar faces get a nod of his head. Gwenna, Aella, and Monique, among others. "Quite a mixed crowd tonight," he comments to Sven. "Looks like even southern nobility appreciate the value of a good Northern whiskey."

The goose exchange goes smoothly, and with his arms empty, he slides an arm around Brianna, apparently content to play lazy sort of cohost.

For House Fournier, there had been a tense peace brokered between the Oathlands and the Lyceum, but the original culprits of the massacre of the pilgrims had gone unpunished. There's a rumor that Lady Anabelle Lyonesse had been instrumental in helping discover the possibility that the guilty party was Lord Aramis Fournier, the son of Count Gael Fournier, and Lord Cristoph Laurent organized the great number of individuals seeking to help bring the count to justice. Princess Marisol Valardin led a mission to meet with numerous supporters of Aramis, as Princess Marisol, Selene Whisper and Lady Anabelle helped ease the tensions in Cassyl and talk many of the soldiers of House Fournier into not opposing the inquiry by the Faith and House Laurent, and this proved decisive in avoiding the sworn swords of House Fournier staying with their liege rather than supporting his firebrand son. Duke Cristoph Laurent led a delegation to speak to Count Gael Fournier and reason with him, hoping to secure a lasting peace and making certain no violence erupted as forces came for Lord Aramis.

This fortunately was successful, as the delegation of Cristoph, Lady Mabelle Laurent, Duchess Calista Fidante, Lady Jenessa Lyonesse, Legate Ailith, Baron Norwood Clement, Duchess Calypso Malvici and Lord Martino Malvici spent several days in negotiations, eventually managing to get Count Gael to permit his son to be taken into templar custody, and further agree to a marriage of his younger son Lord Erroll to House Daveiga to keep a lasting peace. This did just leave the matter of the hunt for Lord Aramis, who was hiding somewhere in the countryside, apparently still raiding Abandoned with forces not necessarily sworn to House Fournier.

Lady Jael Laurent and Dame Esoka Greenblood of the templars bring up thousands of troops to form a picket at the edge of Fournier lands to make sure the man doesn't slip through, while Kedehern leads a team of Norwood, Flavien, Shae and Miranda in the search, in addition to a second team of Eddard, Gawain, Ronja and Ahmar searching, as well as a young oathlander woman and her flop earred dog.

The picket led by Jael and Esoka is attacked by a tremendous number of knights, leading to a heated battle, with some claims of Jael hitting some huge far hard enough to send it airborn, but that's mostly taken as overly enthusiastic hyperbole. It's believed that Aramis was in the camp, and the forces were driven back to a smaller camp that ran into the search parties, ultimately resulting in a massive melee. The knights with Aramis oddly fought to the death, despite being given the opportunity to yield, and losses among Laurent and Templar forces were quite heavy, but the unconscious Aramis was taken into custody.

What happened next is in some dispute.

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"It's a better turnout then I expected." Sven admits to Mirk as he looks around the crowd, bolstered as it is by the large amount of bodyguards the various highborn brought with them. Eventually with a nod to Monique he takes a seat at one of the grand tables. "I'll gladly drink with you but only if you promise to be honest about how you like it."

It is perhaps no secret that Gwenna loves star iron, considering how much the princess is wearing of it. Brianna's exclamation gets an immediate look of interest before the actual means to the material registers. She glances at her delicate arms and pouts just briefly. "Alas, not a contest for me but I can only imagine the great show to come!" Catching Mirk's nod and, apparently, his words, she nods back and grins. "Who truly couldn't appreciate the value of a good Northern whiskey? Not that I'm biased," she quips with amusement.

Finn the youthful northern boy, with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

Swiftwing, a sharp eyed, red-tailed hawk, Daan, the Fanboy Valet, 2 Redrain Guards, Thea arrive, following Artur.

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Brianna settles contentedly against Alecstazi. "It could very well be the contest for you, your highness," she says to Gwenna, "as no one has yet signed up!"

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Coming into the Brewery and escorting Tesha, Artur is just in time to hear that Brianna is coaxing his sister into something. "What's the contest?!" he calls out loudly. "I can't let my little sister go alone!" he calls out teasingly as he moves to greet Gwenna with a quick hug and peck on the cheek.

Alecstazi snorts and looks to Brianna, "I think you get some perverse pleasure in seeing me bested. But as you wish," There is a kiss to Brianna's cheek and he goes to sign up for the contest.

Alecstazi has joined the line.

The game is announced and the Minx of the Marches can't seem to help herself. Minxes love games. She places her two bottles on the table before Sven. "Give me a moment? I promise to be brutally honest, but you may have to pour it for me, if I break my arm trying to win something sparkling," Monique adds to the brewmaster with a gamine smile.

The templars carrying Lord Aramis Fournier claim they took him to a closest Knight of Solace way station that had been built on the Great Road, to be sure that his wounds were seen to and he could survive to see trial. The way station, halfway in between Cassyl and Lyon's Redoubt, was a church on the Great Road that acted as a hospital and sanctuary for pilgrims, and was holy, sanctified ground. The templars claim that the moment they carried Aramis over the threshold that the man woke, screamed, and burst into flames, turning into ash. The rumor is that templars murdered him and burned his body, but House Fournier has opted after all the struggle to not contest this, and says they will take the templars at their word in a very guarded statement. The truth, of course, is ambiguous, with many in the Oathlands believing that Aramis was guilty but killed by templars rather than having it go to trial, and there was something to hide. Possibly involvement by others in the Church? A number of conspiracy theories are going around. But Fournier sees no interest in having the sordid matter of fried-son dragged out, and considers the matter over.

Aella offers a small incline of her head towards Mirk as he catches her eye, though she looks then towards Gwenna with a grin, "sometimes it can't hurt to try, even if you know you might lose. Think of the moral booster in seeing our Princess facing the odds!"

Merek makes his way into the Whitehold Brews with his cloak on and hood up, looking about at the place in curiosity while he finds a place to settle in to watch also.

Gwenna can't help but laugh at Brianna's words. "Well, surely I can not arm-wrestle just myself! Much as I would like to think all that writing in the ledgers has given my impressive muscles, I suspect that not to be the case. Still...I might yet give it a try." Considering as much, her brother soon bounds in and wipes all thought of competing from her mind. Laughing, she shakes her head to Artur. "Nothing to worry over. This time," she notes with another chuckle. "You are just in time, though. Arm-wrestling contest." She waves toward where the line is forming and then turns to smile warmly at Aella. "Do you truly think so, Countess? I mean, I will if you will?"

Thea steps just beside Artur, eyebrow lifted,"What sort of game?" She bows her head in greeting to the room, a small smile on her face as she greets everyone.

Brianna grins at Gwenna and Aella. "I think you both should. It's good fun, in any case." She turns to Artur and Thea. "An arm-wrestling tournament! The two finalists each will win a piece of star iron and the winner will drink free here for a year on me."

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid arrive, following Alessia.

"I was just telling someone its not often the way someone died that is remembered but the many, many, many ways they /almost/ died and the stories that comes from them that are shared. Lets almost die" Aella announces as she moves to take Gwenna's arm in hers to move towards the sign up sheet. "Even Lady Brianna thinks its a great idea" she gives an upnod towards the woman as she speaks, "and I am certain she has never had a bad idea in her entire life."

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Alecstazi offers Aella a grin, "No, Brianna's ideas in all things are superior, especially in the matter of relationships." There is a wag of thick brows and a smug little smile.

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Brianna snorts and rolls her eyes at Alecstazi, and one might even imagine the goose in her arms did the same. "Stop helping," she tells him with a grin.

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Laughing rather merrily at Aella's remarks a moment, one corner of Gwenna's lips tug up a bit higher than the other. "Oh, certainly not in regard to Lady Brianna. Besides, when might I ever have a chance to arm-wrestle again? I once got second place in an axe-throwing contest, you know," she tells the Countess as they move to the line. "That only three unskilled people competed is besides the point."

Cahal moves to sign up. Telling Brianna "Put my name down. It sounds like a good laugh." he chuckles. "Its absolutely worth risking broken bones and a bit of humiliation for a year of free drink." He soon returns to the table he just left, smiling to Kaldur. "Sorry about that. Duke-Consort you say?"

"Arm-werestling? Why can't we ever have a story telling event?" comes Artur's grump to the whole matter, though as Aella is volunteering his sister, he's going to join in as well. "Hopefully I will not have to arm-wrestle you, countess. You might be too cunning." he teases Aella with a wink as he moves to find a place to sit. "Oh!" he considers, and raises his voice slightly. "Everyone, this is Lady Tesha Malvici! She wanted to see our more.. lively side, instead of the Black Fox and it's elegance!" His voice is clearly teasing, before he gestures. "Tesha, this is my sister, Gwenna. And my friend, Countess Aella Ravenseye."

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Entering the Taproom of the newly opened establishment, Alessia Mazetti glances around, offering Sven a smile on spotting him. "Congratulations, Master Sven." She says to the man on approach.

Brianna looks over the tournament bracket, handed to her by a Halfshav servant. "I'm very pleased to see that the women nearly match the number of men in this tournament. It makes my heart sing! Last call for the tournament!"

Sven lets out a short low rumbling laugh when he sees the enthusiasm from Monique, Kaldur and the others who immediately get in line to compete in the Armwrestling contest. "I promise drinks will be poured for anyone who breaks their arms." He assures the minx with a bemused twinkle in his eyes and when he hears Alessia's greeting he turns in his seat to return the smile. "Thank you Alessia, I hope you'll enjoy my art even if it's less flashy and sharp then yours."

Merek makes his way to the place others are at, while he nods a bit.

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Thea amusedly smirks,"Or Thea--, but I think they all know that. " She gives a smile to Sven,"Congratulations Master Sven,"making her way further into the room.

Mirk eyes the growing list of contestants, and suggests to the room at large, "If anyone is interested in a wager or three on the victors..." He tilts his head. "Competitors are welcome to bet. On themselves, if they're confident enough in their own abilities."

Kaldur shoulders in with the rest, offering his name for the list before making his way back to the seats. He offers a Seliki-style bellow from a diver's lungs, "To our hosts!"

"Just don't wager on me," Monique calls out with a laugh. "Muscle is not my strong suit, but I'll try my best for the lure of free booze and shiny objects!" She tosses her fiery hair with sass. "I certainly wouldn't cheat of course..." But there's that gleam in her eyes.

Gwenna gives a roll of her eyes followed by an affectionate laugh at her brother's remarks. "Surely, Artur, you could hold a story telling event here some time later? I bet it would be lovely, actually, should the Halfshavs allow it." That said, she turns her attention and friendly smile to Thea. "A pleasure, truly." Then Brianna announces last call and the princess starts loosening her shoulders. "The tutors in Farhaven used to have me do this before spear lessons."

A furnace blast of hot air and bright sunshine floods through the huge doorway, as a tall figure strides through. From the huge smile that spreads on his face, Baelos Redrain is exactly where he wants to be. Ale? Check. Deer heads? Check. Arm wrestling!? CHECK. "Sign me up!" He shouts to no one in particular, as he walks further into the room to find a drink.

It is always best when others agree with you when you decide to do stupid things and pretend its perfectly normal. "I have very little upper body strength" Aella agrees with Monique, "so I dont plan on winning this, but i've won in my heart by forcing Princess Gwenna to do something she doesnt want to." She casts an innocent look towards the Redrain woman though she might look far too mischievous.

"I very much doubt it." Alessia says to the man with a light chuckle. "Lady Brianna, it's good to see you again. And helping Master Sven with the grand opening." She beams before her eyes lock on Alecstazi. "Cousin." She offers him a hug in greeting. "I hope you've been well." Finally, she begins to browse the spirits before making a decision.

Aella also! does give Thea a smile as Artur introduces them, "welcome."

Goose in arms, Brianna walks over to the arm-wrestling table, looking like some sort of very odd golden-horned waterfowl spirit. A servant holds the tourney bracket for her to read from. "All right! First up... Alessia and Artur!"

Alessia gets Whitehold Pure Burned Spirit from Grand Opening Liquor Racks.

Sven waves at Thea as she passes through. "Who do you think will win? A lot of our guests look brawny but if there's anything my visits to the training center has taught me it's that looks can be decieving." He taps his beard theatrically while looking towards Artus and Alessia who are called up to the arm-wrestling table.

Alecstazi looks to Alessia and smiles, "Cousin! You've joined the contest? Fantastic! Good luck. That arm is precious."

"Wait what? I haven't even had a whiksy yet!" Artur protests at Brianna, before he realizes that he's been told he has to arm-wrestle Alessia, and he looks over towards her. He gives her a little finger-wave towards the Lady of Mazetti. "Well, shall we?" he asks her. Though he can only see this going poorly.

Brianna corrects herself. "My apologies for being informal. /Lady/ Alessia and /Prince/ Artur."

Artur checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

"Last chance for wagers on who will win the tourney, reach the final round, or even pass their first match," Mirk flashes a grin, at the end, there and then gone as soon as fast as it had appeared.

"So we shall." Alessia replies to her opponent, chuckling at Alecstazi's comment, before stepping forth.

Alessia checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

Gwenna is laughing again, this time toward Aella. "You are a minx as well, it seems," she quips and then offers Monique a quick wink before returning her attention to the Countess. "It's not that I don't /want/ to so much as I suspect I will not be very exciting to watch. Yet, who knows? Oh! Look...Artur is in the first round, my lady."

Gwenna is overheard praising Artur.

Gwenna is overheard praising Alessia.

Thea considers as she watches,"Well-I dont know---brawn or smart..."

Taking a swig from her bottle, handing it to her maid, Alessia takes a seat opposite to the prince. "Your highness." She greets, politely, before placing her elbow on the table. Mustering the strength she can, she manages to defeat her opponent, though it'd not easy. Releasing his hand, when they've done, she rises. "At least you can return to your whisky." She chuckles lightly.

Once Alessia slams the back off Arturs hand into the table Sven raises a hand into the air in a gesture to summon the staff, sending a glass of clear whiskey to both the participants. "Of course you should have your whiskey!"

Taken out by Alessia, Artur grins. "I just didn't want to have to take on my sister. Do you know how much she would /gloat/ if she had defeated me?" Artur asks with a laugh and a wink to Alessia. "Well-earned!" he gives to her, before he's moving way from the table to grab the tumbler of whiskey.

"This round goes to Lady Alessia! Well done!" Brianna calls out. "Next up: Lady Monique and Master Merek!"

Monique checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 70 higher. Merek rolled a critical!

Things are even grander than he surmised, or at least it seems so to Baelos as he finds a bottle of burned spirit and a glass. There is a loud clink of glass on glass as he gives himself a very generous pour, then a rapid double-thump, first from the bottle when he places it back down in the table and then from the glass after he quickly downs the drink. Exhaling slowly and wearing a satisfied grin, he nods to himself and pours another as his blue eyes begin to watch the contest. He whistles and shouts for Alessia when she wins.

Brianna corrects herself when someone whispers in her ear. "My apologies. /Sir/ Merek."

Kaldur lifts his glass and his voice to Alessia and Artur's bout, turning attention to the next round and conversation at the grand chairs.

Aella claps for the first two after their match is up and waits for the next pair to see which wins. At the random man whistling, her head tilts and she points towards Baelos, "I dont know what is in that glass, but I feel I should have five of them if it makes you act that way."

Merek takes off his cloak to hand to his secretary, then he nods to Brianna and to Monique, while he makes his way to the table, his black leathers on as well. He then offers a hand with a casual shift, then when it all begins he simply shifts his arm a little bit.

"Thank you, your highness." Alessia says, before moving to approach the luxurious island. She raises her bottle to Kaldur in return, before sitting on one of the grand chairs. "It's so hard to choose with these seating." She looks around with awe.

Alessia has joined the Luxurious island with four grand chairs.

"You are mistaken!" Baelos turns his attention to Aella as he pours another one. "I mean, it is -very- good, yes, but I always act this way." He winks and shoots down another glass.

When she's announced, Monique settles across from Merek, eyeing him down the line of her nose. "Don't think I'm going to let you win just because I want you to enter in the Page's literary competition," she tells him, but there's a thoughtful gleam in her eyes as she extends her hand to the Knight, ready to start the bout. And she does try, with some back and forth and tendons straining, but when Merek shifts his arm the way he does, the position forces Monique's arm back with a resounding thud. "Ow! I think you've fractured my wrist!"

Merek is overheard praising Monique: 3

"Trade secret." Sven tells Aella with a quick wink of his right eye when he hears her speculating regarding the content. "I'm happy to hear you like it." He adds to Baelos as he looks the chugging man over. "Perhaps I ought to send a messenger over to the Sisters and ask them to get a cart ready, just in case."

Alecstazi frowns a little at the force with which Merek's arm forces Monique's back. "That's a bit harsh there, Sir Merek." There is a note of warning in Alec's voice as he moves towards the table, "Lady Greenmarch are you alright?"

Brianna winces. "The bout goes to Sir Merek!" she calls out. An attendant rushes over to examine Monique's wrist. "Up next: Duke Kaldur and Countess Aella!"

While there is sympathy and concern for Monique in her wrist, the announcement of the next pairing causes the Prince to calls out, "You got this, Aella! Show him your strength!"

"My apologies, m'Lady," Merek offers then to Monique, seeming to not have meant to do it so. He then lifts his brow at Alec's tone, but makes no comment to it, while he stands up with a nod as well, "Nice round," he says to the woman also.

Gwenna snorts a laugh at Artur after cheering for he and Alessia. "You know you would have beaten me. And then gotten a letter from mother," the younger of the Redrain siblings quips with amusement in her tone. Espying her cousin Baelos, she sends him a wave before turning to focus on things. There's a wince when Merek triumphs over Monique and she looks at her own wrist as if to judge it's resiliency. "Best of luck, Countess!"

Gwenna is overheard praising Merek.

Gwenna is overheard praising Monique.

Kaldur rises and makes his excuses to the company he's with, settling himself with a look of determination as he faces off against Aella, "Good luck, Countess." He waggles fingers before taking her measure and giving a go.

Kaldur checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Aella checked perception + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Kaldur's attendant sweeps in as he leaves his glass unattended - again - and holds it for him while he competes. Put upon, she is.

"Oh, come now, she signed up for the competition!" Baelos pipes up in defense of Merek, if for no other reason than he likes to stir up trouble. To Sven, he lifts his glass - is it full again? - "You underestimate me, sir. I always prefer to shelter in place." One corner of his mouth remains angled up in a grin as he turns his attention back to the contest again. "So far the knight seems to be the one to beat."

Attendants are quick to roll some bandage around Monique's wrist, and though she's offered something for the soreness the Minx waves it away, summoning a smile for Merek. "I signed up for it, not your fault. Congratulations, Sir Merek. I'll expect that book entry soon, hm?" she adds with a wicked smile, before making her way to Sven's table. "Well, you did promise," she tells the master brewer with a wry smile.

"You aren't a ship" Aella tells Kaldur with a great sigh as if that would make all the difference in the world. Still, she settles before the man and extends her hand to hold his in the proper form with her forearm stiff and her wrist locked. With a wiggle of her fingers, her eyes seem to shift focus between Kaldur's face and his own wrist as she notes the small shifts in position, the angle of his hand in difference with his arm. She watches each movement carefully, eyes narrowing only slightly as even with such attention to detail, it matters little if the strength is not behind her will. It does not take long for Kaldur to overpower Aella and for the thud of the back of her hand to find its finally resting place atop the table in loss. "Next time" she promises with a grin.

Alecstazi nods to Merek but there is a little frown that lingers before Alec retreats back to Brianna's side.

Thea watches with amusement. So this is what northerners do

Merek does offer a nod to Alec in polite respect, then it's back to Monique with a blink, "I like books," he says, then he chuckles a bit as well. "Thank you m'Lady, I didn't expect to win that actually," he then checks his own wrist, frowning a bit also. He lifts up a whiskey so he can chug an entire cup in one swig.

Kaldur whoofs out a breath, pleased, making a friendlier clasp of hands with Alessia at bout's end, giving her a wary look indeed for all that he beat her square, it resolves into a grin and a bow for their hosts.

Moving to sit with Gwenna and the others, Artur takes a long drink from his whisky. "Come over to the commiseration corner, Aella!" he calls out to the Countess with a chuckle. "We have all the good drinks!"

"The round goes to Duke Kaldur!" Brianna announces. "Up next: Prince Alecstazi and Lord Cahal!"

"That she did, that she did." Sven agrees solemny with the eagerly drinking Baelos who is continually having his glass refilled by the eager attendants. When the wounded Monique comes back to the table he starts reaching for the tree bottles that make up her drink and pours them one after the other before gently stiring them to create what looks like a sweet maelstrom in blood and gold.

Gwenna claps for both Aella and Kaldur. "Well done! Congratulations to you both!" Artur's words draw her attention and she smiles wide. "No doubt I will be joining you both in the commiseration corner before long," she offers and then looks back as the next pair get ready to rumble.

Gwenna is overheard praising Aella.

Gwenna is overheard praising Kaldur.

Cahal moves over to the wrestling table and gives Alecstazi a friendly smile "Good luck Prince Alecstazi."

Alecstazi grins and looks over towards the tall Blackram and chins towards the man. "Hello again, Lord Cahal. Are you ready for a... well. A something?" There is a flash of a smile as he moves to table and offers his hand to Cahal, "And the same to you, Lord Cahal."

Monique has joined the Expansive tables below a chandlier of antlers.

Artur is overheard praising Alessia.

Cahal checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Alecstazi checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

A new place to get drinks from? Surely the foremost expert in Arx spirits would not miss it! Pharamond, better late than never, makes his way into the new taproom, an excited look on his features as he seeks a place to sit and drink.

Merek is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Merek is overheard praising Cahal.

Cahal shakes his head. "I doubt anything could actually prepare me." he sets his arm down and waits for Alecstazi to take his place. A glance is cast across, checking if the other man, is ready and then, with his eyes slightly hooded in concentration, he starts slowly pressing Alecstazi's hand down onto the table.

Pharamond takes Whitehold Fine Apple Brandy from Grand Opening Liquor Racks.

Thea has joined the Ethereal chairs with strange images.

Alecstazi's grin is a happy thing as he looks to Cahal, "Worry not, I'm a prissy Prince who is more used to charging on horse than hand-to-hand," Alec's knuckles turn white as he flexes his lean arm and attempts to push back against the growing pressure of Cahal's strength. The Thraxian tries to adjust his grip, shift his stance, but the inexorable press of the Blackram lord soon has his arm bending past the point of no return. When his hand is forced back into contact with the table, Alec roars a laugh, "Good show!"

Alecstazi is overheard praising Cahal.

Alecstazi is overheard praising Brianna: Putting on a grand Grand Opening and taking care of a stupid goose!

Alecstazi is overheard praising Sven: Congrats on your Grand Opening!

Mirk is overheard praising Sven.

Mirk is overheard praising Brianna.

Gwenna is overheard praising Cahal.

Cahal gives a triumphant smile when Alecstazi starts laughing. "You almost had me believe you'd be no challenge Prince Alecstazi. Its a good thing I didnt take you at your word." After looking to the hostess with a smile he gets up and suggests "We'll have to meet over a joust."

Gwenna is overheard praising Alecstazi.

"The bout goes to Lord Cahal! Never underestimate that Oathland grit!" Brianna announces, gently stroking the wounded goose with one hand. "Up next is Princess Gwenna and Lady Alessia!"

Alessia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

Gwenna checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Pharamond has joined the Decadent lounges atop mountain lion pelts.

Gwenna makes her way to the table and settles into one of the seats. Rolling her shoulders a couple of times, she doesn't look anymore prepared for this than when she stepped into the event, but she's a Northerner! This is what we do, right? It is obvious the princess strongly suspects her proverbial goose is likely cooked, but still looks excited about the attempt. Dipping her head politely to Alessia, she offers, "Good luck, my lady, and please be gentle with me. His Grace will never let me live it down, or probably stop laughing, if I have to beg off the ledgers for an arm wrestling injury." It surely is of zero surprise to anyone that the Redrain's hand quickly kisses the table, though she doesn't seem injured at the least. Even though she expected it, there is a touch of surprise considering Alessia's obvious talent. "You are, indeed, an impressive warrior, my lady. A great win!"

Alecstazi has joined the Decadent lounges atop mountain lion pelts.

Rising from the couch, taking a sip from her glass, Alessia approaches the table and the princess. She settles onto a seat, placing her elbows on the table, this time her eyes scoping out the positioning of their arms. Managing to maintain her balance, rather than using pure brawn, she manages to pushes her opponent's arms onto the table. "Thank you, your highness." She smiles warmly, relieved to see the princess is uninjured.

"Well look at these two..." Baelos remarks as the gigantic Alecstazi and Cahal approach the table. He watches their match appreciatively, thumping his glass on the table in applause before Gwenna is called. She receives hearty applause, before he quiets down to watch the match. Observing Alessia, he comments to Sven (assuming he is still nearby), "Well I stand corrected. I think the Mazetti may be the one to best tonight."

"You can do it, Gwenna! Show her what that ledger lifting does!" Artur calls out encouragingly, before Alessia easily bests her, and he breaks out into laughter. "She's marching right through the Redrains!" comes the call as he makes room for his sister to rejoin them and is already pouring her a fresh drink.

Brianna cheers on the women, crowing in delight at Alessia's victory. "Lady Alessia takes the win! Up next is Prince Baelos and Sir Merek!"

Aella lifts a finger towards Artur, "one moment!" There is much sneaking happening now. Though its a little less sneaking and more cassually swaying with a great amount of confidence towards where Baelos is located. Once his name is called, she leans over and reaches for the bottle that the Redrain Prince has been having poured into his glass the entire time he has been here. "Good luck" she tells him even as she just as slowly pulls away with the bottle in her hand, allowing it to move across his face to dig alittle deeper into trouble. "Oh" she says suddenly, and takes his glass too with her other hand, "i'm learning the secret Sven!"

Artur has joined the Ethereal chairs with strange images.

"The knight? He nearly ripped poor Lady Monique's arm off!" Baelos remarks when his name is called. He protests with a smile, however, delaying just long enough to finish off his glass of burned spirit (which is promptly stolen by Aella) before crossing the room to square off against Merek.

Lethe has left the Luxurious island with four grand chairs.

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

Baelos checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Merek checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

"She's deadly that one." Sven replies to Baelos as he watches Allesia return from her second flawless victory. "I believe you'll be up next, may the spirits be with you and your heart burn strong." He encourages the northerner.

"Pick me up, cousin," Gwenna calls over to Baelos as he is announced for the next round of wrestling. Smoothing out her dress and she retakes her seat, she is still smiling wide. "That was such great fun! I'm so glad I competed. Now, though, it is time for a nice wine and relaxing." While it is close, it seems Baelos, indeed, picked her up. Proverbially. "Oh! Congratulations!"

Merek makes his way over to Baelos, then he begins with him. It is close of a match, but he's bested all the same. Still he makes the other work for it. He seems satisfied, with a nod to the guy also.

Gwenna is overheard praising Baelos.

Thea grins at Alessia,"And this is why we are friend..."

Alecstazi has left the Decadent lounges atop mountain lion pelts.

3 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

His Grace, a massive red roan Maelstrom destrier have been dismissed.

Sednaya, a female Maelstrom Osprey have been dismissed.

Xander, a complete asshole goose have been dismissed.

Laughing at Thea's comment, Alessia shakes her head. "And I thought it was my drinking." She teases.

Baelos is a man interested in results, sure. He can have a deadly seriousness to him when the situation requires it, or if (like many a Northerner will do) he has lost his cool. But on most occasions, including this one, the show is absolutely 100 percent as important as the results. Dramatically unwinding his arm guard to free up his strong arm, he is careful to roll up his sleeve and get a good flex in before they begin. All that being said, Merek is a difficult match, and when the Redrain barely edges out a victory, he claps the man on the shoulder. "Excellent!"

Merek is overheard praising Baelos.

Baelos is overheard praising Merek.

"And Redrain proves fierce as ever! Congratulations, Prince Baelos!" Brianna gently redirects the goose in her arms, who seems to be trying to eat her hair. "Up next is the semifinals! The winner of each of these next two bouts is guaranteed a piece of star iron. Duke Kaldur and Lady Alessia!"

Kaldur whistles for the subsequent rounds and rolls up metaphoric and literal sleeves, taking that challenge to stop the Lycene carving through Redrain ranks to heart. The honor of his new house and his new fealty on the line, he casts an appraising look at the woman, offering his hand to her as they are called to their bout, At a galnce, the bout should go to Kaldur, he's taller, broader, but as she's amply proven, Alessia is no competitor to dismiss. "My lady. Good luck." He grins, a bright feral thing, no reason their brawl-in-miniature can't be conducted with decorum. He leans to murmur something to Alessia.

Kaldur checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Alessia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Cahal says "Congratulations Prince Baelos!"

"Lord Kaldur, let's see a victory for your new home," Mirk calls out, as the two square up.

Merek nods then to Baelos, while he makes to chug another whiskey in one swig, while he sighs a bit, then he's settling back a bit to watch the other matches as well.

"I won't lie, this is a little exciting." Baelos comments as Alessia and Kaldur return to the center table. In the meantime, he has found his own table again, but his glass is missing. Frowning to himself, he scans the room for Aella, remembering her earlier theft.

Cahal is overheard praising Alessia.

Cahal is overheard praising Sven.

Cahal is overheard praising Baelos.

Cahal is overheard praising Brianna.

Cahal is overheard praising Kaldur.

It's a close thing, the bout is protracted - a duel - advantage pressed, teased, sought won and then - in a blink! It's over. Kaldur makes one faint and drives Alessia's hand home to the table with a thud. He gives a rough shout with the victory, rising to his feet to clasp hands - more civilly - with the Lycene. He turns attention swiftly to Cahal and Baelos, one of them will fall. Which will it be?

Gwenna is overheard praising Brianna.

Thea smirks at Alessia,"Amongst other things, but I may need you for Malvici one day...."

Taking Kaldur's hand, to return to their place of combat, Alessia leans in to murmur something back. Taking a seat, she attempts a similar strategy as before. Focusing on her balance. Despite her best efforts, the man bests her. Recovering easily enough, she stretches her arms, before inclining her head. "Congratulations, my lord." She offers with a warm smile.

Gwenna is overheard praising Sven.

"Oooh, too bad, Lady Alessia! Duke Kaldur, for the glory of Redrain!" Brianna grins. "Up next, Prince Baelos and Lord Cahal!"

Once Baelos' match is over, Aella can certainly be found with his missing glass and the missing bottle that is paired with it. The bottle is tipped at her mouth, and she is caught taking a swig directly from the source. There is a small look direction between the Prince and the glass she stole and she states, "I was going to use the glass, but there were finger prints on it." That is her excuse and she is sticking to it.

Beelzebubbles, the feline overlord you've been waiting for arrives, delivering a message to Sven before departing.

No matter - there are bottles galore! Baelos snags one and pulls the stopper out with his teeth for a long pull

Cahal gets up again and moves back to the contest table. "Good luck your highness"

Cahal checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

No matter - there are bottles galore! Baelos snags one and pulls the stopper out with his teeth, and takes a long pull as he crosses back to the center. He grins at Cahal: "You as well!"

Baelos checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Kaldur doesn't return to his seat, instead staying on his feet to study Cahal and Baelos as they square off, arms crossed, eyes intent.

"Good luck to you both." Alessia offers the two men as she moves to pour another glass. To Thea, she raises a brow, amused. "For Malvici?" She asks, curiously.

Thea slants her eyes at Alessia,"You think Martino is winning drinking contests?"her words teasing.

Aella grins towards Baelos as he solves the problem before moving towards Artur and Gwenna. Both are given respectful bows, though Artur receives a wink. To Gwenna, "this was a great deal of fun, thank you Your Highness for doing something unexpected with me. Unfortunately I must slip away for the time being, but I look forward to many adventures here with both of you in the future."

Cahal sets his elbow down and takes Baelos' hand. Again he looks to the Prince, checking for that moment when everything is ready, and again he seeks to win through a simple steady application of strength. This time though it seems the young Blackram is a little overmatched. Initially he puts up a good fight, eyes narrowing in focus as he fights against the bearded princes efforts but then, almost without warning, his resistance goes and his hand slams down onto the table. He rubs at his bicep as he steps back from the table, looking more amused than upset. "Good fight." Attention goes to Baelos and Kaldur then.

Cahal is overheard praising Baelos.

Cahal is overheard praising Kaldur.

Artur smiles to Aella, the wink bringing a small warmth to his cheeks as he returns it and bows his head to the Countess. "Of course, we have plenty of adventures to still have, Countess." he counters to her, lifting a smile in her direction.

"Baelos and Kaldur in the final!" Brianna says, handing each man a small piece of star iron. "Winner drinks for a year on me!"

Gwenna beams a smile at Aella. "I'm so grateful you did, Countess! And we've business yet to discuss, I've not forgotten. I'm very glad we got to have some fun today."

Sven lets out a rumbling chuckle, presumably at something his table partner just said while a feline messenger arrives with a scroll on its back. After unfurling and reading the contents he nods while an attendant takes it towards the depths of the backroom. "Iseulet is sorry she couldn't make it but promises pastries, a it's hard to turn down delicious tribute."

Baelos checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 76 higher. Baelos rolled a critical!

Kaldur bows deeply to Baelos, settling himself, with a deep breath, fingers flexed, he squares off.

Kaldur checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Leo, a Ravenseye Warrior, Runa, a large Northern Raven leave, following Aella.

The giant Blackram is not to be taken lightly, but again Baelos edges out a win. Given the sheer volume of arm wrestling in Farhaven, no doubt he has practiced his form. "Well done!" He nods appreciatively to the man after they finish. Luckily, his new bottle of liquor is in his free hand, and he takes another long drink while he waits for Kaldur. There must be pure liquid fury in that bottle, because Baelos absolutely slams down Kaldur's arm despite the clear strength of the other man. Letting out a laugh of competitive joy, he turns backs to Brianna, "Oh no, drinks on me!"

Cahal is overheard praising Baelos.

"And Redrain reigns supreme! Congratulations, Prince Baelos! Look at that. That's how you know he's related to me," Brianna grins, flexing her free arm. "Ah, Duke Kaldur, that's far too kind," she grins.

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