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Scary Sculptures Workshop

Inspired by the Festival of Death, join me in Petal's workshop to give light to your creation and a voice to your biggest fears in the form of creepy sculptures. Mistress Petal's assistant will provide any help you might need if you do not wish to dirty your hands and decorations will be provided on hand.

Creations, light refreshment and a chance to scare someone you love by placing a scary sculpture in their doorway. What can possibly go wrong?

[ooc: Sculptures dont require materials, cost 10 silver. Belle will bring some stones, clay and glass with her for decor. Just come and fool around!]


July 18, 2019, 3 p.m.

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Videl Sven Martino Lethe Julian Alessia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Tangled Skein - Outside Spaces

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman arrives, following Martino.

Flutter, a lovely passerine bird, Joan arrive, following Videl.

Its a lovely afternoon and the Outside spaces of Petal's shop are brimmed with flowers and garden decor. Mabelle is standing next to the larger table with a box of decorations and a refreshment table is standing in the corner filled with sweets, mead and apple cider. She greets those arriving, "Hello! Good afternoon! Please come in, find your prefered working space!"

Videl enters the place, taking a good look around to see who else is there. She seems to be in a reasonably good mood, "Good afternoon, my lady." She greets warmly.

"Good afternoon." Sven greets as he steps outside into the space prepared by Mabelle, taking the opportunity to drift past the table with the sweets to swipe one up while he looks over the prepared workspaces. "I've never tried to make a sculpture before."

The lush, lovely afternoon washes over the Lord Martino Malvici to flicker his brocaded courtepy's sleeves in the breeze. Stepping further in, be bows low and smooth to Lady Mabelle and then to Lady Videl, "Ah Lady Mabelle... Lady Videl. A pleasure to see you both." He inclines his head after to Sven, the corner's of his eyes crease as he agrees, "Mmm nor I good Messerre. Nor I."

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Mabelle beams at the trio that entered, "Such pleasure to have you all here but you know what, I havent either. But the apprentices of Petal are here to help us, there are chisels and some chalkier stone, so it should not be too hard, I hope! And I have a box here with glasses and feathers and other things for you to decore them with"

Videl greets the other nobles and then quickly gets to work, clearly having an idea as to what she'd like to make. Clay is placed, and she begins to form it, adding more clay with every step. She's clearly not thinking small, but with these first rough shapes it's hard to tell what she's going for, and she's not yet done working out the rough shape.

Sven lets out a low humm as he inspects the workplace he's chosen for himself and runs his hand over the materials available with a thoughtful expression. "Since it's supposed to be scary, I suppose we might do alright no matter how much we manage to deform it."

A wash of laughter escapes the light tones from Lord Martino as he crosses to one of the workbenches, lowering himself down to sit upon the edge. "Such is my intention good Messere...." Martino's head tilts a moment, a flash of a smile follows as his eyes direct across to Sven.

Lethe steps inside and looks around with a curious expression as she arrives to the event. She nods to those here and looks at the clay.

Mabelle chuckles helplessly, "Well, you can either keep the horrifics or gift them to the shrine", she peeks at Videl already going at it and a glance between Martino and Sven on the who makes it awful-er contest. A wave to Lethe, "Lady Tyde, join us, please choose a station and create or deform to your liking! I have decors if you need!"

Videl looks over to Lethe when the noblewoman arrives, smiling. "Hello, my lady." She greets warmly, before getting back to her work. It's becoming apparent now that her figure is roughly humanoid in shape, around five feet tall, with wings instead of arms. The details, however, are still clearly missing.

Sven checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Martino lifts his chin in direction of Mabelle's voice to welcome the Lady Tyde with the utmost broad of smiles, "Ah Lady Lethe! A pleasure to see you again..." He shifts, sat on a stool so it is not like it can be shared, but defers to a seat beside, "Please, do join and help me make a true mess." Martino leans forward to gather some clay, wetting hands first, and begins to prod.

After having taken some time thinking about how to approach the innert clay waiting infront of him, Sven starts to slowly shape it into a hollow eyed skull with inhuman and angular proportions. He then reaches for another batch of clay which he starts forming into a set of sharp and twisted antlers.

Lethe smiles as she looks to Mabelle and Videl. "Hello I'm not the most artistic, but I'll try." She looks to Martino and sits in the seat he suggests. "I'm interested to see what everyone makes."

Mabelle observes the workshop gets busy and hands getting dirty and sneaks to the side to gather a cookie, "I cannot wait to see which one of you will incoporate feathers. Maybe do a chicken skull!"

"Mmm nor I Lady Lethe, nor I." Martino scoops more clay before him and presses two thumbs up. A small tool is picked up and around the top he begins to work, cutting down into the clay. Hands pressed inside to lift... and lift... and lift. Slowly what was a blob, stands up.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 9, rolling 32 higher.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 4, rolling 35 higher.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 3, rolling 48 higher.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 2, rolling 62 higher.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 1, rolling 53 higher.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 0, rolling 39 higher.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty -1, rolling 43 higher.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty -2, rolling 46 higher.

Videl checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty -3, rolling 130 higher. Videl rolled a critical!

Videl drops A clay sculpture of a strange being with glowing eyes.

Sven pauses in the middle of his work just as he's about to double the number of eyes on his skeletal face to let out a low whistle of appreciation when Videl unveils the fruits of her labor. "You have the soul of an artist. I think in the rush to get to work we skipped over all forms of introduction, I'm Sven from Whitehold and it's a pleasure to meet you."

As she continues to work, Videl's sculpture is taking on various details. She even hollows out the head before putting in some glass to form the eyes. She works really hard on getting every aspect of its detail perfect, it's clear that she's a skilled artist who's done this kind of thing before, even if not necessarily with this particular theme.

Martino's eyes widen the moment he glances across from Lady Lethe, to his own work and then across to Videl's sculpture. A low murmur follows as he speaks to his own, "Now... if you could look like that please..." Unsure what he is doing, a sharp dagger-like swipe is made with the knife. Slowly attempting to form something of a pattern on the fist-sized vase.

Mabelle smiles to Sven, "I think we met at your brewery, but well met again!" She observes the works on the table, specifically noting Videl's "What... is that? I'm ... horrified", she inspects the sculpture and praises Videl, "Perfect, really!"

Mabelle is overheard praising Videl: Scariest sculpture!

Lethe takes her time working with her clay and looks to Videl and her sculpture. "I love that. You're a great artist." She smiles.

"Lady Videl Igniseri." Videl answers Sven, the artist putting in some more finishing touches of her work. "Something from a dream I once had, I figured it suited the theme well enough. I don't think anything like this exists in reality, though." A pause, "At least, I hope not. Thanks for the praise." She nods to Lethe and Martino too, "You're too kind, really."

Martino checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 2 higher.

Martino drops a roughly hand sized vase with stab holes, glass pressed within and scratch marks.

Julian wanders his way in to the Tangled Skein. Head turning, brown eyes taking in the rather large shop and all it has to offer. A smile curls his lips as he sees all gathered here, "I heard people were sculpting scary things. I did not know if you all needed a model." He grins as he bows to all gathered. "Lord Martino. Good to see you again. You as well Lady Laurent. The others I do not know. But Hello." He rises from his bow

Julian adds "You as well Lady Videl."

Mabelle beams at Julian, "Ah Lord Saik, I'm certain the inspiration you give does not work in this case, but you're welcome to use any bad dream you ever had in here", she chuckles as she keeps track of the others, handing out decorations and pieces of glass

Lethe works on her sculpture and looks to Julian with a smile. "Hello, I'm Lady Lethe Tyde."

Sven checked luck + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 7 higher.

Martino creases the corners of his eyes across to Videl as he inclines his head, "Truly, Lady Videl, not kind enough." Going back to his own, firm stratches are made and finally he lifts his hands up. A slight smile, an awkward one at that, as he gazes upon the... surprisingly acceptable piece, "Well it did not fall over." Martino's hands are clay-slicked, a sigh at that and a touch of fustration over being sticky from the forever-sweet smelling Lord. "Lady Mabelle, Lady Lethe... Lady Videl. Sven.... Lord Julian." Lists of names completed, fustrated at the hands still, "Do all excuse me."

Sven checked luck + artwork at difficulty 4, rolling 33 higher.

Sven drops A clay sculpture of a twisted antlered head.

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman leaves, following Martino.

Julian chuckles at Mabelle, "It appears my mirrors have been lying to me then. I thought I was rather terrible looking." He grins and turns to Lethe. "Lady Tyde, A pleasure. I am Lord Julian Saik. General of the Saiklands." He looks around at the sculptures. "What was the best one made today?"

Eventuallly Sven finishes his own sculpture and steps away to reveal it for the rest of the workshop to inspect and critique. "I'm nowhere near the artist of Videl, but I hope my work will give atleast one young mallible mind something to haunt their dreams." His sentence is puncuated by a dark chuckle and a grin while he turns to look at the works made by the others.

"Lord Julian." Videl greets warmly. "How good to see you again. What do you think of my sculpture?" She gestures to the strange being with glowing eyes. She smiles towards Sven. "Your words are appreciated, but really there's far better artists than me within the compact."

Lethe continues to work with clay. "I don't think mine is going to be ready yet, but I decided to make a spider with a cute face. It's kind of scary since some people are scared of spiders, but I don't want everyone to be afraid of Death. Her shrine is a welcoming place, so that's why mine isn't as scary as some." She shows what she's worked on so far. "As for the best one I think that's a hard choice. There are so many great ones. I really do like Lady Videl's sculpture."

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to the Departing Martino, taking in his extremely odd sculpture, "Well, that's/... what is that?". She chuckles at Julian, "Speaking of mirrors, remind me to relay a tale to you later you might appreciate. Peering over Sven's and Lethe's creation and progress,, "Lady Videl's work is sublime, but scary is subjective so do not be discouraged by it." tilting her head at Sven she wonders, "What is that?"

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid arrive, following Alessia.

Julian looks over the different sculptures with a smile, "These are all quite Amazing. Far beyond what I am capable of. So... what was the inspiration behind such a party? Do people often request terrifying artwork?" He asks raising an eyebrow. "I will look forward to the tale Lady Laurent. I have a feeling you have so many interesting tales."

"It's what Lady Mabelle's known for." Alessia approaches the gathered, giving Julian a wink, before turning to the Laurent. "I'm sorry I'm late, my lady." She smiles apologetically, turning to greet the others.

"I don't think it has a name. It's supposed to be our fear of nature, of decay and the unknown made manifest." Sven tries to explain to Mabelle as he gestures towards the clay sculpture of a twisted antlered head. He then takes a step over to where Lethe is still working and takes a closer peek at her cute spider in progress. "I can just feel something in my bones when it comes to spiders."

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Gaspar.

Mabelle smiles to Alessia, "Shhh dont give away my secrets", she grins at her and Julian at once, she apologizes to Lethe as she shudders, "I am not very fond of spiders myself" Smiling to Sven "I think it was an animal"

A messenger arrives and passes over a message to Videl's assistant. The assistant ropes the messenger into helping lift the sculpture before informing Videl, who nods and turns to the others. "It was a pleasure, but I'm afraid I need to go. Duties to attend to."

Lethe starts to stand. "I should probably be going too, but I really had a lot of fun."

Videl gets A clay sculpture of a strange being with glowing eyes.

Mabelle smiles at the ladies departing, "Very good work, Ladies. Send them to people who love you enough not to avoid you after they receive them!"

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

"It was nice meeting you all. I hope someone will appreciate my work." Sven bows briefly to the remaining participants in the workshop with an added smile towards Mabelle before drifting outside not far behind Videl.

Julian smiles at Alessia and Mabelle. "Ladies. I do hope you both have had some fun. Sorry I was not more talkative. I was awestruck by the art done."

Mabelle tease Julian, "I have the pressure of entertaining. How have you been finding the city so far, Lord Julian?"

"I shall never forgive you, my lord." Alessia says to the man teasingly before turning to Mabelle. "Princess Jaenelle got herself a pet spider as a retainer." She muses.

Julian smiles warmly, "Oh Quite fantastic Lady Mabelle. Everyone has been so kind. Some likely far too kind for the likes of me." He raises an eyebrow at Alessia, "I will have to figure a way to make it up to you Lady Alessia."

Mabelle stares at Alessia for a long hard moment, "A spider. As a retainer. Doing... what exactly? creeping people out?", she shakes her head and admits to Julian, "The city is filled with nice people. I met your Baroness the other day. I'm pretty sure she tried to pitch you to me", she comments entertained

"The baroness is a beautiful soul." Alessia smiles at this. A chuckle. "Catch people offguarded in their confusion." She suggests, before turning to Julian. "I have no doubt you will, my lord."

Julian chuckles at Mabelle, "That doesn't sound like her. Taking on an impossible task." He winks and smirks at Alessia, "Only time will tell. But for now I must be off. Some paperwork to attend to. Do excuse me." He bows again.

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