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Tyde-Acheron Wedding Reception

Come and join House Tyde in welcoming Lady Radhilde Acheron into the family after her marriage to Lord Archeron Tyde. There will be drink, there will be food and in case Victus turns up, there will be a cherry filled especially gooey tall cake (and a carefully marked out splatter zone). Everyone welcome!


June 18, 2019, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Archeron Margot Radhilde


Martino Lethe Harlan Lark Kenna Lisebet Kaia Garret


Acheron Ashford Thrax Tyde


Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Tyde Tower - Walled Garden

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Comments and Log

Liliana, a demure lady's maid arrives, following Margot.

Kaia arrives, following Martino.

Archeron stands in the walled garden, over by the big cauldrons as the servants begin boiling up some of the shellfish. And where he can poke the ice gently. Ooh. Ice. Fun. Certainly somewhat nervously waiting for guests, and his new wife. He has however at least made some accomodations for being in civilisation and not the woods - he has no giant axe, only a fine rubicund bow with badgers. Meanwhile, Root is standing on one of the stone benches and is carefully trying to pound his paws against an oyster shell that is skittering along the stone. He's entertained.

Songbird, a dignified war-mastiff have been dismissed.

Crom, an expressive bull-mastiff have been dismissed.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Relic, Lisebet arrive, following Harlan.

Arm in arm with the shorter dark brown haired Lady Kaia Bisland, the Malvici Lord Martino steps forth into the walled garden of Tyde Tower. Martino's sharp green eyes cast over it, curious upon it and really upon everything he saw since crossing into the Thrax wards. Martino leans to Kaia's left ear as he utters hushed tones, likely adoration but possibly with the playboy minister honeyed drips instead. They both cross further in, Martino tucking his left hand beneath his torso as he bows low to the collected hosts, [Lady Radhilde and Lord Archeron Tyde. Our combined congratulations from the sweet Lady Kaia Bisland and I, Lord Martino Malvici.] The corner's of sharp green eyes crease to them both as he straightens anew.

Lethe is already sitting in the garden as people start to arrive. She pets her cat, and they both stare at people and their outfits as if they are judging them together.

Harlan comes in not that far after the Malvici's, and he offers a faint smile towards Lethe before he goes further and smiles, "Cousin, congratulations." He seems to be in a good mood, although he's keeping a close watch on his pregnant wife.

Princess Lark Grayson is shown to the gardens by a Tyde servant, her own guards left to the edges with other guards as she steps into the reception proper. She is an easy figure to overlook, diminutive and dressed in black wool rather than expensive silks. She doesn't have the grace and social charisma that other princesses often do, her lips holding an unreadable line that curves neither into smile nor frown. She takes a glass of wine from a servant, eyeing the line of people giving their congratulations. She waits, for now.

Acheron in the house! Kenna sweeps in sans Riagnon meaning her entrance is not all that awkward this time. She moves right towards Riagnon because hugs are absolutely in order at this moment. "Now I shouldn't threaten your life if you hurt her, should I Lord Acheron?" She's mostly kidding.

Lisebet could get a complex she could. But she's had her fill of raspberries, and she's content to come in on Harlan's arm, offering her congratulations as well. "Congratulations. I hope you enjoy a long and healthy marriage." She'll just leave it there. Her own guards left to the side properly, as she easily meanders along. Yes, she is with child, no she's not going to drop the kid any time soon.

Harlan would carry her wherever she needed to go if she was though!

Margot arrives from the great hall and smiles warmly an unusual, happy, no - proud - glow warming her features. The woman stops near Princess Lark, offering the woman a respectful nod. "I am delighted you could join us Your Highness."

Harlan mutters, "... in particuar ... should steer you ... or away ... far as food and ... ..."

"Duchess Tyde," greets Lark in low, murmured tones as Margot draws near her. She nods in turn, lifting her glass of wine in a gesture before she takes a sip. "I find that my time has nowhere near the demands that it did, before. Now that I have returned to Arx, I suppose I must find something to occupy it." A pause, before the notorious bachelorette adds, "A wedding reception seems like the proper thing to attend and celebrate."

Making her way closer to the garden now, well after guests have arrived, Radhilde is all smiles, the gesture warm as she first pauses by the entrance to look in to those gathered already before her umber gaze catches Archeron from afar and she makes her way over to her husband. The brocade gown of creamy white that she is donned in, contrasts quite lovely against her dark skin and the wide skirt shifts with each movement, a peek of the aeterna underskirts showing with each step and the beads and stones on the upper arm and back of the gown giving a glisten where light hits it. She takes a place beside Archeron, smiling up at him warmly, "Sorry to be a touch late." She says in a whispered voice, giving off a small grin and adjusting the circlet that sits atop her head, containing her sleek bun.

"Thank you Lord Martino." Archeron states, breaking into a warm smile as he greets the nobles that come in, returning bows in turn "And Cousin Harlan - I am glad you could join us with your own new bride. I hope, dear Duchess, our cousin is proving himself charming? Please, do help yourself to the food - I fear it won't be the boar my cousin is used to, but he will find Tyde has its own undersea forests to hunt." Lark gets a look from Root, who just huffs before attacking the oyster again, bounding after it as it skitters. Radhilde arriving though distracts Archeron from his badger's antics and he pets her hand as she settles next to him "I hope you approve of the new outfit my love?" And a sly grin is given to Kenna as he catches her words "I trust Radhilde will save you such an effort if I did. Thrax men may be the ones that fight, but people are mistaken if they don't fear the steel of our women's resolve."

"Like my lord says, congtratulations and best wishes to you both, Lord Archeron, and Lady Radhilde.~" she chimes, after making a proper courtesy. Guided by the Malvici, her eyes would wonder around for familiar faces -offering a small grin to them as they met, while listening to Martino's hushed murmurs. A subtle glow on her cheeks before letting out a chuckle.

Margot nods slightly to the princess, "It is a hreat moment for my family, to grow again." And her smile broadens whens he sees the new bride. "Ahhh to be so young again." She exhales before she reaches for a glass from one of the passing servants.

Garret enters the garden smiling, looking at all who have arrived as he makes his way towards Archeron.

Harlan snorts towards Archeron, "I eat things that aren't boar. Especially with Livvie about. Vegetables and fruit are on the table often." He does like boar though. And venison. And elk. Mmm. Elk. he does, however, look over at the spread -- perhaps looking for something specific. He grins towards his cousin though, before inclining his head towards Lark, "Princess, it's good to see you again. Welcome back to the city."

Martino's head inclines once again to Archeron before turning smooth on his toes to greet the other guests of honour present, "Duchess Margot and Duke Harlan. Our shared thanks also for the invitation to the city." Stepping light with Kaia beside he murmurs to her ear, "Shall I get you something to eat and drink? Have... you met many of the Tyde family here before?"

Lethe looks to Harlan with a nod of approval, but she remains seated and just watches those greeting the newlyweds.

"I'm sure she'll kick you, but y'know, just in case she needs some backup." Kenna quips to Acheron about Radhilde's ability to defend. Stepping away she goes to find herself some food - that's totally why people come to parties, right?

Kenna has joined the stone bistro table set with sky blue cushions.

Lisebet chuckles. "And if it's not Livvie making sure there are fruit and vegetables on the table, it's me." So there. "Though admittedly, I'm not eating quite as much variety as I usually do." She offers a curtsey towards Lark. "Your Highness, I don't believe we've met. Lisebet Ashford. A pleasure to meet you."

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"You speak as though you are old, my lady," Lark replies quietly to Margot, her brow quirking slightly. "You are younger than I am." A pause, before she adds, softer: "But I understand what you mean. A certain optimism, a new beginning invokes youth." As Harlan moves towards them and addresses her, her ink-dark gaze pulls away from the duchess towards the duke. "Duke Harlan, thank you. One can only stay in Bastion for so long before duty calls." Her gaze studies Harlan's bride, unreadable and mirrored, as she introduces herself: "Princess Lark Grayson. Congratulations on your marriage. I am sorry that I could not attend."

Radhilde gives off a chuckle at Kenna and expels a brief sigh over at the woman, though her grin to her is fond before she looks up at Archeron's response to her, giving off a snicker, "I try not to be too scary, love." Is her answer and she smiles, eyes turning to Margot, whom she smiles brightly to now and to Princess Lark as well, whom she gives a curtsey to before her gaze continues to rove, her head dipping aside at Archeron's soft words to her.

"There are not many of us to meet, Lord Martino." Archeron admits, gesturing across to his sister "My twin, Lethe. Our duchess and her brood. And then a couple more cousins. Thankfully one of my cousins I don't think is putting in an appearance." A little look is made to Margot, a teasing grin. Still there are kicking threats and Archeron smiles, gesturing to Root "I think sadly Root is already learning to love Radhilde more than me, Lady Kenna. I promise, she will be quite safe. Tyde is strong once again, and thankfully I'm no longer the heir thanks to Duchess Margot's hard work." And that's a relief! Smaller targets.

Martino flashes a pleased smile at Archeon's introduction to the family about, "Ah, Lady Lethe. A pleasure to meet you and oh..." His voice trails as head turns to Archeron as he asks, "That would be the Lady Filusae, yes? Or is there another."

Harlan smiles towards Lark, before he nods towards Margot, "A pleasure to be here, Duchess." He looks over at the food again, almost like trying to determine a plan of attack. For what, specifically, it's hard to say.

Kaia still arm in arm with the Malvici, offers a smile and a courtesy to both Duke Harlan and Duchess Margot as Martino greets them. Then, as they begin to move closer to the food and drinks she nods, "Oh! Yes, something to eat and drink would be lovely.~" she admits, and then and the other query regarding the Tyde's she paused. "Oh, I don't--" she was cut short, and well saved really, by Lord Archeron's response. A smile given to the others as introductions were made.

Lethe eventually stands and walks over to Archeron and Radhilde. She looks to Martino when she is spoken to. "Hello." She then turns to the happy couple. "I wanted to congratulate you on finding each other. Anyway I did bring a gift. I know my gifts are usually terrible, but I wanted to get you something for the occasion. I'm sure you know how much I love art, so I had hired an artist to paint this for you. I hope you have many happy days together."

Lethe drops A Journey Begins Painting.

"Lord Martino, Lady Kaia. So wonderful to see you both." Radhilde greets them warmly and spotting Lethe coming over she sends a warm smile her way, "Lady Lethe, I'm very glad to see you made it." She smiles still as Lethe speaks and she dips her head at her words, "Thank you so very much." The new Tyde Lady says as her arm goes to rest around Archeron's own gently.

"Lady Filusae and Lord Declan. There is old Lord Erasmus too." Archeron answers to Martino before he ahs, a moment of realisation "If you meant the one not coming? No no, that would be my cousin Reveka." As his twin comes over, Archeron offers Lethe a smile and a small bow "Sister dear, you know you are always welcome - and your gifts are always savoured. You saw I wore your shoulder adornment at the engagement party? But this..." And Archeron gestures to the painting "It is most lovely. I'm sure we can hang it in the main hall so all can see, hrm? It works on many levels. For us, and for the house. New beginnings, new paths."

Lisebet nods to Lark, a gentle smile on her face. "Thank you. It is impossible for everyone to be everywhere. We appreciate the well wishes, and do understand that not everyone could be in attendance. So far, marriage seems to be agreeing with me. Also, I think, with Harlan." She's standing with Harlan, her hand on his arm so politely, while he scopes out the food. As an opportunity arises, she puts in, "Lady Radhilde, Lord Acheron, my congratulations." She then glances to see if there is something to drink, finding just the thing on a passing tray.

"And you Lady Radhilde. It has been - far - too long but fully understandable when... love is involved." Martino's voice soft as he says such, glancing from Radhilde to Archeron to decide that this is a marriage beyond just duty. A flashed smile and nod of understanding to Archeron before he turns away from the left side of Kaia, Martino crosses off to the food spread to pick out what is there. "Mmm good day, with a dipped chin to those others around the spread."

Margot shakes her head to Lark, "I am plenty old enough to be wistful about being a cheery young bride again." She nods to Martino and Harlan with a warm smile. "Welcome Duke Harlan, and yourself Lord Martino. Please enjoy yourselves."

Lethe nods to Radhilde and smiles as she looks to Archeron. "I'm glad you like it. I'll leave you to greet everyone else and go get a drink or something."

At Lethe's approach, and the mention of her love for art, Kaia's face beams. "Oh! Lady Lethe, I'm Kaia. I don't believe we had had the pleasure of meeting before." she glances over to the painting given to the lovely couple. "You say you are a lover of the arts?" she repeats.

Garret listing to the other guest he finally approaches hosts "Congratulations on your union, Lord Archeron and Lady Radhilde. It is a blessing to see Tyde grow." He bows before them with a smile.

Lark's gaze slides back to Margot, studying her for a moment before she tips her chin simply. "I should offer my congratulations now to the actual bride and groom that we are celebrating today," she excuses simply towards the duchess before she draws away, moving towards Archeron and Radhilde with purposeful movements. Once they have a moment to receive them, she tells them: "My congratulations on your wedding, my lord, my lady. May it be everything you hope it is."

"Thank you. It is certainly good to grow the house, and with someone like Radhilde who strengthens us so well. And honours our old alliances." Arch answers to Garret, gently nudging against Radhilde as he does "Mm. Though my sister has a fine idea..." And Arch reaches behind him to the table to grab a glass of the spiced mead, offering it first to Radhilde "Mm. Oh, and thank you for coming Princess Lark. As a former Ashford, it is always lovely to have Graysons here. Even if it reminds Harlan that he lost his best ranger."

Harlan smiles towards Margo, "Thank you." He says towards Archeron, "I'm honestly glad you found someone to make you happy. I mean, there aren't as many trees here after all." He grins, obviously joking a bit, and smile towards Radhilde, "Congratulations, Lady Radhilde. He's not a bad sort, honestly." He being Archeron, of course. He then gives another smile towards Lethe and says, "It's good to see you as well." He then snorts at Archeron, "Luckily for me, we seem to excel at growing more back home." Another grin is flashed.

Lethe returns with some red wine and nod to Kaia. "I would say so. I'm not an artist myself, but I there is some amazing art in the city. It is very nice to meet you."

Kenna has left the stone bistro table set with sky blue cushions.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel, Princess Muffin, the fluffiest white mountain dog leave, following Kenna.

Oh the Malvici Lord knows just what to pick from the platter on offer - seafood! A small plate is accepted from a servant as Martino murmurs to them to pick out the oysters, a piece of crab and a small slice of the fish. Along with a napkin of course and two glasses of the spiced mead. Martino's left and right hand quite collected with the food he steps back to Kaia's side and offers both a glass of the mead, but also the seafood platter and napkin. "They had your favourite, my darling." As Kaia socialises away about art, Martino turns his chin to greet Lark, "Oh Princess Lark. It is good to see you once again."

Margot nods and stands back seeming content to let her cousins soak up the attention on their special day.

"And to you also, Duchess Lisebet and Duke Harlan. And yes, he's not bad at all, Lord Harlan." Radhilde responds in kind to the congratulations from them both, her head dipping with a kind smile before her attention turns to Martino, giving a knowing grin and a nod, "Yes, indeed. Thank you for coming, Lord Martino. Please do enjoy everything." And to Lethe, she smiles warmly, "Your gift is beautiful.. thank you. It means much." She watches her depart to find food or drink or both and then smiles anew to Garret, dipping her head to him, "Thank you, I am unsure if we've met before but thank you for coming and your well wishes." She accepts the glass from Archeron and peers inside, "Oh, our wedding drink, ah.. wonderful!"

"I don't think we will be short of drink for a time, my love." Archeron says to Radhilde with a smile, gesturing to the casks that sit waiting to be tapped "Though, you should make sure you get some food - there are some meats. I am sorry, finding things from the west coast was tough, but I had some things brought over from Crovane lands. The joys of the trading lanes." Archeron leans over to grab one of the raw oysters, quickly loosening the bivalve before tipping the shell to consume it. The shell is quickly tossed back into a small pile of shells. Later some mortar will no doubt be made! "We do have a cake somewhere in case Prince Victus stops by. For him to cut."

Kaia smiles at Lethe, "I see, and yes! Absolutely! There is." she agrees. "I actually partake in the joys of making art myself. My way of praising Jayus, yes?" she says. Her lively blue-grey eyes moving over to Martino as he hands her a glass of spiced mead and a platter of seafood. "Oh!~ Delicious!" she chimes, clearly pleased, before her eyes go back to Lethe. "The talented Jyri, now Lord Whitehawk, taught me some really interesting techniques, and..." she explained, and ent on about this and that about his art. Yep, the lady loved art!

Lark's gaze slides over to Kaia before meeting Martino's. She nods to the lord, agreeing, "And you as well, my lord. Although, I am afraid I may not be staying long." There is an apology tinted to her words, simple, as she glances around once more.

Lisebet is quiet, the petite Ashford Duchess perhaps less comfortable than usual in such a crowd. She has a very small sip of her drink, gaze taking in all the conversation.

Harlan asks Archeron, "Any chance you've got some berries?" He does, however, get some seafood -- nothing strong-smelling, though!

Martino lifts the glass of mead to his lips as he concures on the comments being made by the Lady Kaia to Lady Lethe, "Oh Kaia does truly mean she adores oainting as well. I have one of her pieces upon my wall actually." A faint twist of his lips up before covering them with the mead in a large sip, after the proper swirl. Turning on his toes he steps across to greet the Princess Lark quieter, "Oh quite so, yes. Also, congratulations on the two proteges. The Baroness is quite the interesting choice."

Radhilde takes another sip of the mead and eyes Archeron as he makes short work of the oyster before she turns to accept some meat from a server that comes her way, giving a quiet tip of her head in gratitude and going quiet as she enjoys the sounds of the others interacting with a smile upon her lips.

Lethe drinks her wine and listens to Kaia. "I do hope to get a chance to see your art. I like art that makes me feel something." She nods to Martino. "Do the two of you paint together?"

Garret listing and nodding along to the conversations quietly slips away as he heads for the exit

"I think you have me confused for someone else, my lord," replies the former High Lord of the Crownlands, her dark gaze lingering for a moment on Martino. She nods, simply, before adding: "If you will excuse me, Lord Malvici." With that, she moves away from the group towards Lisebet. The diminutive princess settles in next to the petite duchess with a murmur of words.

Kaia smiles at Lethe, and then glances over to Martino with a bit of a frown and she shakes her head. "Oh, no, no. I often do it on my own..." she says. "And, of course! I'd love to show you some of my work sometime." she says, before making a pause in conversation to take a sip of her drink. Her gaze then landing on the Grayson princess, eyes slightly widening for a moment before a beaming smile set upon her face. "Ah! Princess Lark Grayson, how lovely to see you once again." she says, making a proper courtesy. "You may not remeber me, I am Kaia Bisland. Daughter of Lord Samael and Sabitha Bisland." she says. We may have seen one another at gatherings in Bastion and Pridehall when we were younger." she comments, amicably. "It's been quite some time; I'm glad to see you here at the Capital. All well in Bastion?"

"Berries? Hrm. Margot might be the person to speak to on that, Cousin." Archeron answers to Harlan "Somehow fruit totally escaped my thought process. The downside of letting me arrange things. It ends up with meat. To be honest, we are lucky we aren't up in a tree house. But. Have to be a good Thrax lord these days." The last is said with a conspiratorial wink. Arch leans against Radhilde as he watches the guests. As Lethe gets into conversation with Martino, Arch lifts his drink "Sister, if you love art, you /could/ see if the former Thralls might want to build something in stone. A new beginning? Perhaps shrines, given how much some of them love the Most Holy."

"Mm... perh-- Oh of course, Princess! And my heartfelt welcome back as well to the city." Martino's voice delivers in his usual cultured southern refinement, forehead slightly crunched as he is confused to himself but instantly thankful with Kaia's step across to greet the Princess also. A hushed murrter to her to say, "Thank you Kaia." He steps back to return into the conversation with Lethe and Archeron, "Oh we have have not... and, well perhaps, we aught to organise sometime together then. Us three?"

Lisebet smiles as the princess comes her way, leaning to hear the murmured words. She shrugs delicately and then murmurs back a soft spoken reply.

"I am sure," Lark says to Lisebet, nodding in simple agreement as she offers a brief, rare smile to the duchess. Her ink-dark gaze draws away and towards Kaia as the younger lady addresses her, leveling like a weight on the woman as she speaks. "I do remember you, Lady Kaia," she answers simply, just that. "Bastion is fine. It continues along steadily, but duty recalled me to the city." A pause. "Speaking of, I should find myself back to such duties. Take care, Duchess Ashford, Lady Kaia. Enjoy the reception." With that, the Grayson princess sets aside a half-full glass and moves towards the exit.

Lethe looks at Archeron with amusement. "You're always coming up with ideas, but that is a good one." She looks to Martino. "Are you wanting to organize something?"

Radhilde is leaned upon and smiles at Archeron softly, "Enjoying yourself, love?" She queries gently but giving a smile still at the conversations around them, her warm gaze moving from person to person as she snacks on the meat and mead and interest piqued at Arch's suggestion to Lethe, nodding a few times.

2 Grayson House Guards leaves, following Lark.

Lisebet inclines her head to Lark. "Thank you. I look forward to future discussions with you."

Martino's lips curl just so as he lifts his spiced mead upon the question of Lethe, "If you wish to help and attend as well, Lady Lethe."

"I have many ideas, and /all/ of them are good, sister dear. But. It would help. Many of the villages the Kennex thralls set up were along the coast and quite ad-hoc. If more will join them, they need to move to higher land, and build in stone and seasoned wood. And well, it is a chance for something beautiful to be created, no? And a chance to start to tame the Island a little more." Arch smiles sidelong at his new wife and nods "It is nice to see people enjoy themselves here. We do not have many occasions like it. I suppose when we welcome children into the house. And when Lethe has her wedding. Those will be the next chances."

Kaia nods at the princess, and then cheery as always she shifts her attention back to the art muttering people (Lethe, Archeron, Martino, etc.). "Oh! That sounds quite interesting.~" she notes, as the Tyde's speak on the possibilty of creating some sort of new work of art. "I'd be overjoyed to support any worthy cause that involves art." she states with a sweet smile, picking bits and pieces from her plate of seafood in between pauses.

Harlan looks around the food for a while and mms, "Lis, love...we've got some raspberries at home. Maybe with some cream?" He eats a little bit of seafood where Lisebet can't smell it, before he drinks down a bit of wine and smiles toards Archeron, "Until next time, cousin." And he leads his wife out.

Lethe looks to Martino with a grin. "Of course I'd attend." She nods to Archeron. "I think making something beautiful could really raise their spirits." She ponders. "I'm sure there are other things we could celebrate, but I am looking forward to being an aunt." She smiles and looks to Kaia. "Any support would be appreciated."

Radhilde watches the Princess depart, smiling a bit but Arch draws her attention away and she looks up to him, tilting her head to one side, "It really is, and we should have more opportunities really to have enjoyment for others, us included. Hopefully not too much longer for either." She grins, looking over to Lethe then to Harlan as she overhears him mention cream with berries before heading out.

Martino laughs at the look upon Lethe and the grin, "Ah! Attend... attend." Martino turns his chin back to Kaia as he hushedly chuckles to her as he notes, "Well, it shall be you and I to organise the art class then my sweet. The last I attended, well, had His Majesty at it."

Lisebet chuckles softly, and gets to her feet with a smile. "Sure, berries sound wonderful," she says. "Thank you for the party, Lord Acheron and Lady Radhilde. Duchess Margot, thank you." She politely takes her leave, moving back to join Harlan once more.

"We don't want to celebrate /too/ much. People might think us less dour. We are a traditional house of Thrax after all." And Archeron gives a glance to margot "If, perhaps, traditional in all the good ways, and not to mean unadaptable to reality." As his cousin and Lisabet move to go, Arch smiles and gives the pair a wave "You are welcome any time - perhaps next time we will host a dinner for Ashford to attend? I have news by the way cousin, a possibly solution to the whole 'thing that wants to eat me' problem? We must talk soon."

"Thank you for coming!" Radhilde says to the pair as they make their way along, her hand lifting to wave after them and her lips upturning to a grin at Archeron, "Yes, yes, adaptable is a good thing but still not losing yourself, ofcourse."

Lethe looks to Archeron and Radhilde. "I wonder if I'll have niece or nephew first or maybe both." She shakes her head. "I'm not as dour as peiple think I am."

At last she was done with her food and drink, and had set them aside for the Tyde servants to take away. It was then when, one of Kaia's usual companions -and cousin, approached her and handed her a small pearly white box with a blue ribbon. A present for the couple. "Ah, thank you Colin." she said to her cousin, before he departed to blend in with the rest of the crowd. Her attention briefly moving over to Martino at his words. A thrilled smile on her face. "Oh! Surely love.~" she agrees, and then glances over to the couple. "Oh! Lady Radhilde; Lord Archeron; in behalf of Lord Martino and I, this is for you both. Something light and sweet for you two to enjoy at a later time.~" she says, handing them the small box. Inside, they would find a light cake filled with cherry jam.

Kaia drops a light cake filled with cherry jam.

Harlan nods towards Archeron, "I know that we are attending a party with Lisebet's family soon, but absolutely, we can set up a party sometime soon -- you can always visit, however.' He smiles, then leads his wife back hom -- for her berries.

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Martino's eyes crease aside at Kaia's presentation of the cake as he endorses the gift, "Good married couple. The cake is, supposedly, incredible. Lady Kaia has been inspired - utterly inspired - by Lottie." He steps anew to Kaia's side and presents his right elbow to her, "Shall we, my beloved, see back to the House? Lord Domonico has news for us."

The Lord Martino Malvici and Lady Kaia Bisland lock elbow to elbow again, a hushed laugh shared between them. Partings made, bows and curtsy's before the two turn and make their way back into the city anew.

Kaia smiles and nods. "Oh! Of course."

Radhilde smiles to Kaia and at the gift, thanking her, "Oh, how wonderful. Thank you both.. we will enjoy this later indeed." She accepts the box with a deep nod of her head to both Kaia and Martino before placing it down with other gifts nearby, "Very thoughtful gifts today. We appreciate them all." She waves as they soon get ready to go, saying just above the voices, "Thank you again for coming."

Kaia leaves, following Martino.

"Thank you Lady Kaia." Archeron says as he gently sets the box aside, careful to put it away from where a bounding badger might get to it. "It seems like everyone is winding down and enjoying the food - I am sure not quite as exciting as a lyceum party, but I promise, we will practice and you are always more than welcome." Lethe gets a little look, his tongue sticking out "Don't you start too, sister. Margot already makes her demands on heirs."

Lethe laughs. "I don't know why you're complaining Archeron. Radhilde has the hard job."

"Niece, nephew or both.. hmm.." Radhilde says with a laugh, looking over to Lethe and nodding to her words, "I sure do! I guess we'll see what happens hmm?" Her eyes shift up to Archeron with a smirk on her lips.

Margot returns from saying her fairwells and thanks and looks over the couple with a broad smile. "Radhilde, you look stunning. And you Archeron clean up well yourself. I am so happy to see you both happy together."

"I am always happy, Cousin. But, yes. Happier now." And he returns to Radhilde's side, beaming still "And I have some small part of the work involved, Sister dear. And we shall see what happens yes. But.." Archeron looks towards the doors "Seems to have been successful. No Victus cake incidents, and no cousin Reveka."

"And I was thinking you look so lovely too, cousin!" Radhilde responds with a growing smile as Margot compliments her and Arch, "He does look very handsome but I always find him to be no matter what he wears."

Margot gives Archeron a sharp look, "Lets not speak of our tainted cousin, least she appear." She nods and glances at all of them. "And Lethe, red suits you very well. Look at our growing little family." She smooths her hands over her aeterna dress. "Thank you cousin, it is... the white reminds me of the snow, which I miss horribly once it melts."

Lethe looks around with a smile. "Everyone is dressed very nicely. It was a really good party."

Lethe is overheard praising Radhilde.

Lethe is overheard praising Archeron.

Margot is overheard praising Radhilde.

Margot is overheard praising Archeron.

"There is always hope, Cousin, that things may resolve before the end. I do not think she will ever find a path back without the family. Even if that path will not save her life, it might save her soul?" Archeron suggests, looking back at Margot "Which reminds me, we should speak soon. I have a solution to that problem I had." Arch smiles "Shall we let the servants pack things away? I suppose the sooner the party stops, the sooner the family can grow."

Lethe nods to Archeron and Radhilde. "Yes you two should go and have fun."

Margot nods to Archeron as she heads back to the house, "Of course. Now go make some babies. Or at least one."

Liliana, a demure lady's maid leaves, following Margot.

Radhilde looks up to Archeron and chuckles as Margot heads out after her words, linking an arm tighter around him now, "Hmm, I guess we've got some work to do.. maybe not so much work really.." She gives a mild squint and a cheeky grin.

Lethe has left the a large blue hammock between two trees.

3 Tyde Houseguard, Fireball, a fluffy cat, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Lethe.

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