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Ashford Brunch, Brunch because dinner is so 1010.

Brunch at the Ashford Grove! Dinner seems played out these days! Or at least so Olivia seems to think. All are welcome! Any Fealty! No Fealty! Who cares! Let's eat chicken and waffles and drink Some of Ashford's finest orange juice and sparkling wine.


June 9, 2019, noon

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Lisebet Alarissa Lethe Rysen Antea Pharamond Archeron Jacali Quintin



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Ashford House - Orangery

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(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The Orangery has been set up for brunch today!

Tables and chairs are set out for people to sit down, enjoy food, drink and great conversations. Each table dressed in white linens and adorned with a simple centerpiece consisting of two pink, and one white rose.

There are little areas set up for cooking with some of the Ashford's personal chefs serving up all manner of brunch foods, from really thin pancakes, to chicken breaded and fried in oil paired with waffles. Anything not present could easily be requested from the servants.

Most importantly there seems to be an endless amount of trays covered in flutes filled with a mixture of fine sparkling wine and Ashford's finest orange juice.

Lisebet comes into the Orangery for the first time today, having left Olivia to set things up. She's got a definite baby bump, though her clothing does hide it somewhat. It's just that with as petite as she is, it's difficult to hide. She stops to look around, smiling. "This is lovely," is her first comment. "Very nicely done."

Brunch. Everyone does dinner, but brunch. Who doesn't like breakfast and lunch all rolled up into one. Alarissa's left hte retinue at home save Maxene and she's made her way in and come to a stand beside Lisebet. "Indeed. Just think what it looks like in the spring with all the blossoms." She muses. "I'd almost make one for Thrax's estate but I think that might instigate further revolt."

Lethe takes a looks around with a smile. "It's nice to have some decent food for once. It's obvious I love this place. I'm glad that I could make it."

Olivia smiles brightly, "I don't usually do things like this, but seemed like a fun idea!" She curtseys to the Princess as she comes in, "Well if you change your mind I will help you design one! Maybe after I send my new gourds that way, people will calm down and you can sneak one in." She grins a little, and turns to Lethe, "We have pretty much everything! Or at least all the best stuff, say the word and Cedric can get what ever is missing." She looks around, "Way too much alcohol for this sized crowd... Let's hope more people come help, or we might all be blowing off our afternoon commitments."

Rysen arrives in the Orangery with Lygeia at his side. Overhearing Alarissa's comment about further revolt, he laughs softly, and bows. "Good to see you again, Your Highness," he says as he accepts a glass of orange juice and sparkling wine.

Lisebet grins at Alarissa, inclining her head respectfully. "Your Highness, it is good to see you again." An echo of Rysen's words. "And Lady Lethe, welcome." She gets a glass of orange juice, minus the wine at the moment, and turns to add, "Lord Rysen," ever so politely. "I agree with everyone, breakfast and lunch together is a wonderful thing."

"Lord Rysen. Everywhere I go, there you are!" Brightly stated by the effervescent - today - blonde. "Have you had a chance to meet Lady Lethe? A harlequin, once a lady in waiting to myself and a lovely Tyde." There's a nod to Olivia. "Once the gourds are planted and seen to on Maelstrom or wherever you and vega are going to settle them. Orange trees wouldn't endure in Maelstrom, too far north, the wintes are cold there. But I have been trying to woo the Fidante's to give me some of thier roses. Perhaps a fruit tree garden. Here in the city. Not just oranges."

2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrives, following Antea.

Lethe smiles. "It all looks delicious, and I'll be sure to drink what I can." She laughs softly and looks to Rysen. "Hello Lord Rysen. We've met briefly, and I did hear his song at the engagement party for my brother and Lady Radhilde." She looks around. "It's always so beautiful here. This is one of my favorite places in the city."

Rysen chuckles and nods to Alarissa. "Indeed, and I consider myself lucky for it." Turning to Lethe, he smiles and says, "It is good to see you again as well, My Lady. It is very beautiful here, is it not? I think my favorites are the dahlias." Rysen offers a respectful bow to Lisebet and says, "My congratulations to you and Duke Harlan on the little one soon to be arriving. I am very happy for you both." He takes a sip of his mimosa, and his eyes shift to Olivia, and he smiles.

Antea arrives at the brunch a bit late and moving briskly. She pauses as she's guided to the orangery, glancing all around before making her way towards Olivia to offer a swift and precise bow towards her. "My humblest apologies for being late, my lady. I was I was held up by an injury in the training yard." A grim expression on her face suggests the worse, but the mild tone suggests its nothing too serious. She offers the same swift and precise bow towards Lisebet, those stern features softening just a touch towards the Duchess-Consort, "Duchess Lisebet. I did say I would try to meet with my Ashford cousins... I thought perhaps it best to start with an event."

Lisebet grins at Lethe's comment about drinking everything. She inclines her head to Rysen briefly, adding a gentle, "Thank you, my lord." She shifts position a bit to allow Antea to join the conversation easily, and shrugs delicately. "It is lovely here, though we are considering building baths and perhaps a hot room." She pauses, and then adds, "And I think a swing here would be just the thing, but that is just me." And then a bright smile to Antea. "Welcome, my lady. Do you know everyone here?"

Olivia smiles to Rysen, "Lord Rysen, Thank you for joining us. I was worried we all have to drink all these glasses with no help. Now I am confident we made need more!" She teases the knight. She turns to Antea, "No worries! You are only late if you never make it. Otherwise, you got here exactly when was needed! Plenty of food and drink to be had." She smiles at Alarissa, "Perhaps I will give you a black one or two to grow! But I would be happy to help you set something up."

Lethe starts to fill up her plate with her favorites. She glances at Antea. "Did you say you were a cousin to the Ashfords?" She looks to Alarissa with a smile. "I really love your outfit. The colors are great."

Emit the staff continues to circulate with fresh drinks and clearing empty plates of food, as well as filling any special requests.

a set of bards plays some light harp music over under the arbor.

Alarissa looks to her dress, smiling. "One of the employee's in Aurora Thornburn's shop. Convinced me to take a chance on the design. I told her I'd feel like a fish. But it's quite nice really." Alarissa takes the compliment, a look to Olivia. 'Black oranges? Or..." Confusion on her face.

Antea shakes her head at Lisebet and murmurs, "I do not, my lady." Not that she waits very long to rectify it, turning towards the group at large and offering a swift, precise bow towards them. "I am Lady Anatea Mazetti, Marshal of Ostria and General of the Third Legion. Its a pleasure to meet you all." Looking back to Olivia, she dips her chin into a nod and offers, "Thank you, my lady. You are too kind." Lethe pulls her attention next, offering another swift nod, "Yes, my mother was an Ashford before she married my father. Lady Joye Ashford?" As if that might help to determine where she fits into the Ashford family tree.

"Gods and spirits, Liv - er, Lady Olivia! Let them discover my drinking problem on their own," Rysen says with a wink to Olivia. "Thank you for the invitation, My Lady. It is good be in the Orangery again. Even though these mild winters are pleasantly brisk," says Rysen, flashing a quick grin to Alarissa, "this places is always perfect." In response to Antea's introduction, Rysen bows, and says "The pleasure's mine, My Lady." When the music starts, a smile passes Rysen's features, and his finger lightly taps the rhythm against his glass.

Lethe nods to Alarissa. "It was a good chance to take." She takes a bite of her food as she listens to Antea. "It's nice to meet you. My mother is Lady Gild Ashford, and I grew up as an Ashford actually before I rejoined my family of birth. I'm Lady Lethe Tyde."

Lisebet chuckles a bit over the black oranges. She might have had the same question, but she lets Olivia reply back, only looking inquiringly at her sister by marriage. As Antea introduces herself, Lisebet follows that up with, "This is her highness, Princess Alarissa Thrax, Lady Lethe Tyde, and Lord Rysen Crovane. You already know Olivia." Having taken care of the introductions so far, she adds, "Aurora Thornburn's shop? I am not sure I've tried that one as yet. Perhaps I shall go see."

Olivia giggles a little, "No your highness. Roses. Black roses. As a plant expert, physician, alchemist and apothecary, I must ask you avoid Black Oranges if you can." She grins and turns to Antea and smiles brightly, "Oh! Well I am always so glad to have more cousins? Did you foster at the Keep at all?" The answer to that question, might bring about more, or answer several, who knows!

Root, a ferocious badger arrives, following Archeron.

Olivia turns to Rysen, "Of course! I should have advertised you would be here my lord, I am sure the turn out would have been more than I was prepared for, what with all your adoring fans." She smiles. Half true and half teasing. "Perhaps Lord Rysen will sing us a song? I have heard he is getting ever more famous for that."

Rysen checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

"Oh well black roses are... are they really black or just a very dark purple. I woudl be wary ofplanting black roses. More appropriate that they are reds, or sunset shades, the pruples of when the fading sun hits the water." Black, Alarissa looks a little weebly wobbly about that. Introductions are given and Alarissa smiles. "I'm going to go in seek of something to nibble and some of the orange juice and sparkling wine." She excuses herself

Rysen blushes furiously at Olivia's words and laughs. "You are in a most complimentary mood, My Lady," he replies to Olivia, "but I'm sure your guests would rather hear of your daring exploits, of which there are many, each more harrowing than the next." He smiles and takes a long drink from his glass. Turing to Lisebet, Rysen says, "You should take anything I say on the matter of clothing with a grain of salt, My Lady, but Aurora's shop is one of the finest. I was sent there by Gianna Whisper, and I have never regretted what Aurora and her staff have produced."

Olivia smiles at Alarissa, "Oh no. They are black I assure you. They are quite special and hard to grow. I believe they were Queen Alarice's favorite flower? Or her symbol? Hence the Blackrose Theater... or that is the tales I have been told!" She snags a flute from a passing servant with a smile, and lets the princess go find some food. She turns to Rysen and smirks, "Those boring old stories? I need new trouble to get in to."

Pharamond decides to slip in. Why? Because it's brunch - and brunch means it's not breakfast which means it's a valid reason to have a drink with one's meal. And so, looking over to those present, he gives a warm smile, though of course Alarissa, being a Princess, will get a more genuine bow-type gesture. "Morning Lords, Ladies, Your Highness." Oh, what's that? Sparkline wine and juice? He makes his way over to grab a glass as he waits to find out what converations may be going on.

Lethe takes a sip of her drink. "I'm going to have to stop by her shop someday. I could really use a new outfit myself." She looks to Olivia. "I think a black rose would be pretty. You know what else would be pretty? A green rose." She smiles as she looks to Pharamond. "Hello, the food is really good."

It's brunch at the Ashfords, all friends and family welcome. Lisebet is standing near the entrance to the orangery, though not where she'll get run over. She's got a glass of orange juice, and takes a sip, as she listens to the conversation. "Indeed not, Olivia," she says, with a shake of her head, though her blue eyes give away her teasing. "No mischief for you." And then a smile at Pharamond, as he arrives. "My lord uncle, welcome," she greets easily. Her head tilts a bit, and she smiles at the ongoing banter. "I shall be sure to stop in then, and visit this wondrous clothing store."

Archeron steps into the orangery, a small fuzzy buddy in tow. As Archeron makes his way towards the people and the snackings, Root is released to snuffle around in the earth around the trees, to find exciting bugs to eat. He's basically helping! Arch reaches out to snag one of the waffles ready to be paired with chicken and quickly snarfles it down. Ah. Snarfling down Ashford food. Like the good old days.

Antea offers a nod towards Lethe and murmurs, "I spent two years fostering at Ashford in my teens, learning strategy and tactics from the famed Ashford rangers. You may have seen me there, or not. I was not allowed much time to socialize, I'm afraid. But it is nice to meet you regardless, Lady Lethe." Turning towards Alarissa, she offers a small bow and murmurs, "Your Grace." She moves to go fetch herself a small plate of food, zeroing in on the chicken and waffles as if they are a treasured delicacy that she had been denied. A glass of the orange juice is also procured. When she returns, its to find more people have joined them. She tilts her chin into a nod towards Pharamond and murmurs, "My lord."

He walks over to Lisebet, pressing a kiss to her cheek, "Duchess," he says fondly. The sameis then offered to Olivia as he makes his way about, doing his best not to distract too much though Pharamond, despite his shorter stature, is not one who is shy about being playful or a little over the top. Fortunately, he's only on his first Ashmosa so it's likely that will take a little longer. "Which shop? I am always at the peak of fashion...okay that's not true but occasionally I need to buy nice things for people. Usually by way of...apology...for shenanigans but it's good to know where to go for such things." Lethe's smile is met warmly, as is Antea's nod. "I'm sure Rhiannon will be glad to see you again, then," he offers to Antea, who he does not know but if she studied with the rangers, she assuredly spent time with their 'Vengeful Tree Dryad,' as she is affectionately called.

Olivia makes a bit of a face at Lisebet, "A few more months and I will be cleared for getting in to all the trouble I want." She gestures to Lisebet's tummy. She turns and opens her arms to Pharamond, "Uncle! I am glad you made it. Make sure you eat before you have too many of those," She gestures to his glass, "They will sneak up on you... then you end up taking late naps... blowing off all your plans. Brunch is a dangerous meal. Hence why I chose it for a party. We love our danger here at the Ashford House."

Lethe smiles as she looks to Antea. "I'm sure we probably met at some point, but I wasn't a ranger. That was my brother." She gestures to him when she sees him before enjoying some more food.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, 3 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Olivia watches Archeron eat like a wild man. "Cousin I see you only came for the food! I don't even get a hug!"

Lisebet smiles at Pharamond, with a gentle return greeting. "Aurora's shop," she replies to his question. His words in general get a warm smile, though as Lisebet finishes her orange juice, she pauses. A blink, and her eyes go round and big as owls. "Oh. It moved. He - or she, moved." A pause. "I mean, that's a good sign, right? But I think I need to go find Harlan."

"You mentioned learning strategy and tactics, My Lady," says Rysen to Antea. "May I ask if you study the arts of personal combat as well?" He takes another drink from his glass, and no sooner has it been emptied than Lygeia appears at Rysen's side with another and a plate of waffles. "Thank you," Rysen says to his retainer, who quietly steps back from his side, and takes a sip of her own mimosa.

Olivia smiles at Lisebet and offers her a hug. "Tell him he is in trouble with me?" She says in a good natured tone.

"Oh. No, I didn't get to train as a ranger.. I was put with their tactician. I can't even hold a bow properly..." Antea murmurs gently, wrapping her fried chicken in the waffle and taking neat but plentiful bites. Oh yes, this has been missed. She looks to Lisebet, eyes dropping to her waistline, then back up, "Do get plenty of rest, my lady." Its offered as a sort of goodbye before turning back while she's being addressed, the awkwardness over babies leaving int he face of military talk! "Only the basics, I'm afraid, my lord. I may have outgrown the frailty of my youth, but I will never reach the peak physicality required for being a true soldier. That said, I am trained in the use of one-handed swords. I presume that you are a soldier yourself?"

Olivia shakes her head a little bit at Antea, "He is more like a bossy baby sitter, who won't let you do anything fun..." She grins and takes a sip of her drink.

Archeron looks up from his snaffled waffle to give Olivia a smirk "A ranger must be ready to take advantage of anything, cousin. Free food is one of those things. And anyway, it lets Root help, and lets me forget duties for a moment." Arch isn't even in his ranger armour today, but the lighter shimmering seasilk from his engagement party, with the dark shark skin gloves and their rough surface "I hope my dear twin is enjoying herself?" the last said with a look over at Lethe, though his sly grin quickly relaxes into a smile.

"That is not news, Olivia. Having the Duchess tell him when he is NOT in trouble with you, now that would be something," he says with a smirk as he takes another sip and smiles to Rysen, then. "Fancy seeing you here. Glad you came by," he offers, and while given past events one -could- imagine there may be some undertone there, it's clear he is being genuine. Unless he's really good at not being genuine...but then, if he knows you kno--seriously, he seems glad to see the man. Settling back with a bit of fruit and a small waffle, a little light for the breakfast this morning, he listens to the introductions. "House's a lot like being a baby sitter, because you have family that like doing reckless things and then telling you about them AFTRERwards," he says, giving a look over to Olivia before sealing his seriousness by sticking his tongue out, and smiling. "Lord Pharamond Ashford...that should make conversation easier than you calling me Lord Uncle also," he says, deciding to sit next to Antea then since this seems entertaining.

Lethe nods once. "I can't hold a bow either, but I'm thinking of learning. I can learn to use a weapon and do more exciting things." She looks to Archeron. "There is good food to eat, so I suppose I am."

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout leave, following Lisebet.

"I am, My Lady. These days most of the useless noblemen of Crovane are encouraged to take up arms - especially after Stormwall burned. I find that swordsmanship suits me well, and I was trained initially by a master from Sanctum, which horrified my father, who felt that a knight of Stormwall should wield the axe and only the axe," says Rysen to Antea with a rueful smile. "But I have always admired those with skill in tactics and command. Lord Ian Kennex is very skilled in those areas, and it has been a marvel to see him change the tide of battle with careful planning and the right words at the right time to build the fire in his soldiers. I'd imagine your skills could have much the same effect."

Rysen bows to Pharamond. "Thank you, Lord Pharamond," he says. "If you should be willing to share it, I would be most curious to hear how you came to be the Sword of Ashford Keep - whether you took to the combat arts from an early age, or were forced to learn them out of necessity."

Pharamond looks over to Lethe. "Do you ride, my lady? If so...the bow may be an inspired choice. There are ways to fight without relying on strength with the blade but it is a fairly all consuming study to become quite skilled at it. It is also an incredibly personal way to fight. You could say intimate, even, with how close one must be to their opponent. If you are seeking skill in defending yourself but not specifically in that type of martial training...the bow may be the right way to go. I tell all the folks in the House that in the city or in danger they shouldn't feel they need to stand their ground but do their best to get to help - to those who are trained to deal with such threats. The combination of riding and archery may make that far easier." His advice offered, he looks to Rysen, "It is a short tale but I am willing to share if that's what people wish to hear over breakfast."

Olivia looks around smiling. "Well this turned out fun! I will have to make a regular occurrence of it I think. Uncle you will have to help next time. You are good with menus and such. Perhaps Lord Rysen will play next time too." She takes another drink and turns to Antea, "You fostered.... You are THAT Antea?!" She beams brightly and opens her arms for a hug, "It has been so long! I did not recognize you!"

"Lethe tends to use a dagger at the moment I believe." Archeron adds to the discussion, chewing on that waffle "If you wish to learn the bow, sister, you know I will offer lessons. I am one of the best in the city. You saw me shoot that unusually large dog in the eye in that cave.." There is a wave to Rysen from Archeron "And Lord Rysen, thank you again for your poem. Tyde does remember that Crovane stood with it among its Northern allies, to try and stop what came to pass."

Turning a glance towards Pharamond as he chooses to sit next to her, she takes another quick bite of chicken and waffles, chewing thoroughly, swallowing, then murmuring, "Lady Antea Mazetti, but since you are family, Antea is fine as well. Thank you, my lord." Giving him permission to drop formality even as she continues to cling to it. Strange girl. She flickers the faintest of smiles towards Olivia and gives a small nod, "I have had more than my fair share of 'sitters'. Even in Ashford I had a Mazetti guard at my heels every day." Turning her attention back to Rysen, she gives a small nod, "I was sent to Setarco with the Second Legion, but I have read the reports of what happened at Stormwall. You have my sympathy on having lost your home for even a short time." Wetting her lips with a sip of juice, she continues, "Thank you, Lord Rysen. I have heard of Lord Kennex and hope to meet him someday." She pauses, trying to get her bearings once more and nods to Lethe, "I had thought to do the same, but it was suggested that a general should wield a hand to hand weapon rather than a ranged one. Since I lack the strength needed for a glaive or spear, I was taught the blade. But the bow is a very elegant weapon, and one I've come to appreciate. I am hoping that what I learned at Ashford can be applied to our archers in Ostria." Olivia's cry has her clearing her throat and giving a small nod, "Yes my lady. And I understand. Seven years ago I was four inches shorter and even thinner than I am now. I looked very little as I do now."

Lethe shakes her head. "I don't really ride well, but I could probably learn that too. I'm a healer, but sometimes I do end up in dangerous situations. Like once I thought this dog was going to attack me, not the same dog." She grins as she looks to Archeron. "I'll let you know. I remember that day."

Slightly off-key, but compensated by the cheerful composition and execution, a song is half-sung and half-hummed as a small woman in very loud reds meanders her way into the orangery. Some may find her a familiar face, but to others she might be an unwelcome intruder into private affairs. There's a skip-roll to her meandering gait, her top-hatted head bowed forward as she looks to the flowers that she passes, an armful of texts and vials hugged to her chest. When Jacali hears voices, her steps stop, and her chin lifts to a degree that she can appropriately look down her nose toward those gathered for brunch, a confused expression making itself known upon fair features as she considers each in turn.

Healers. Archers. Blades.

Her head tilts owlishly to one side in idly denied curiosity, a quick sniff taken in through her nose as her gaze flits toward Olivia. "Apparently I'm interruptin' sommit, me." A pause, a squint, "Allow me to rephrase, that's what I'll do," She clears her throat, "-Improvin'- sommit. Aye. S'what I do."

"It was my pleasure, Lord Archeron," replies Rysen at the mention of the poem, and there is a glimmer of pride in his eyes when Archeron mentions the Crovane as allies. "I am only sorry the outcome wasn't different, My Lord," he says softly. Rysen continues to drink and eat, hoping Pharamond will speak to his journey to becoming House Sword. He smiles at Olivia, and says, "This was a brilliant idea, My Lady. I rarely eat waffles, and these are perfect. I've got to ask..." beings Rysen as his eyes shift to Faustus for a moment and then back to Olivia, "how did you come by your kitten? I have not known you to love animals."

Olivia breams brightly as Jacali makes her way in. "Jac! Interrupting nothing! Come! Eat! Drink... please drink I prepared too much!" She opens her arms and threateningly walks towards Jacali, armed with a disgustingly genuine smile and hug. After the hug is accepted or denied, she turns to Rysen, "I didn't! It was some abhorrent cosmic beast of ancient origins, that /Aislin/ brought in to this house. It decided to start following me when I moved in to her old room."

Pharamond looks at Antea. "You were more little?" Let's face it - she's hardly tipping the scales as it were, though he's really not one to talk with her being what, a whole inch shorter than he is? He settles back though with a smile and nods to Lethe. "To be fair, as a healer, I would expect you to want to be even more capable of fighting on the run to keep up with your patients versus having to stop and engage." Looking then to Rysen he does answer. "THis may come as a shock given my reputation, but I wasn't very motivated as a child to do much as I found that fun, carousing, running around...anything that didn't involve responsibility was my pleasure. There was the chance for me to join the Ashford military as well and be the heir to our late Lord Killian or Ser Jordan...but it was clear I'd rather spend time in the pub with our troops than lead them. So I became House Sword as a last resort of seeing if I would make anything of myself. Turns out...if all I have to do is learn to fight, defend us on the rare time, and then keep doing what I want the rest of the time...I'm passably capable." He takes another Ashmosa from someone walking by, and then hands his empty glass off. ANd yes, his waffle has had...a bite...taken from it. "As I've gotten older though I enjoy the responsibility a bit more, if for no reason than there are fewer options of those to handle it with the passing of some of our stronger leaders. I'm sure another skilled leader will come up through the ranks again. But I take Oakheart seriously, and while there are many things I will joke about, I'm far more serious about wielding it than I am most other things in life. And that is the tale of a young lad who didn't want to do anything so was given the one thing he couldn't get out of and fortunately, to this day at least, has not messed it up."

Oh god.

Here she comes.

There is no small measure of horror writ across Jacali's features as Olivia approaches, strange green eyes going wide in the shadows of the brim of her hat, a sharp breath taken in through her nose as her head is thrown back. There is, however, little she can do with her arms as full as they are, and so does she stand there, stiff as a board as the affections are 'accepted'. Once she is freed, a dry chuckle escapes lips far paler than they've any right to be, an uncomfortable shift of her weight back and forth following soon afterward, "Aye... aye, s'me." She licks her lips quickly, suddenly so dry, "Jac." The last is offered under her breath as she does her level best to stop her skin from actively crawling off her body to flee into the nearby garden.

She moves to begin setting her things aside, though most are kept quite nearby, the tomes stuffed into a satchel for safer keeping. She's remarkably quiet as others continue their back and forths in conversation, settling herself into a seat of some description to allow her attentions to meander between whomever's talking at the time. When Olivia starts talking about Faustus, there's a vague frown that touches the corners of her mouth. "Aren't that bad, diddums. Fiesty, him. Missin' a limb, still swingin' wild at that what poses a threat... braver'n most sil--" Her eyes dart to the side, changing a sidelong glance into something almost accusatory. Suspicious. Judgmental, cloyed by apologetic lifting of brows and wry smirking.

"Braver'n most I've met." She concludes.

"Mmf. Killian. He was due to come to the Isles on a mission before his death. Aislin went in his place. And she disappeared. I still wonder if she is out there. The Gyre holds many mysteries." Archeron reaches for some of the chicken as he leans against one of the prep tables "Perhaps my dear Cousin Reveka will turn up at the wedding and I can ask." There is a silence before his smile returns and he nods over to Rysen "In the end, we have come to a good destination. It is hard when you know that to truly regret the journey, no matter how hard some of the stopping points on the way."

Lethe listens to Pharamond and nods. "You've given me something to think about it. I think that I've gotten older I like to have more fun than I used to. There's still a lot of things I haven't done. I spend a lot of time dealing with sick and grieving people, so I have to be serious most of the time. I just try to do things I'll enjoy when I can."

Olivia grins a bit at Jacali, "Well Jac, I think you have met Uncle Pharamond yes?" She gestures to the so very talkative sword... who asked him to tell stories again? Banished, who ever it was. "Then We have a whole slew of cousins. Lethe, Archeron, Antea." She smiles "Lord and ladies all the pleasantries." Then she points to Rysen, "That is Lord Rysen. Most popular Bard in all of Arvum I think." She smiles then gestures to Jacali. "Everyone this is Jacali. She is running our distillery these days, making the finest gin in all of the compact... also me and her like to mix chemicals together."

Antea falls gratefully silent as talk moves on around her, letting her simply sit and absorb the things being said. All this socializing has her looking a touch shellshocked and turtlish as she sinks back behind the severe lines of her usual expression. Sip of orange juice, a bit of chicken and waffles, and she listens to the stories and anecdotes being related all around her. Her name is called and she looks over, offering a somber nod towards Jacali along with a murmured 'Mistress' before falling quiet once more. Perhaps if she simply sits quietly, she can get away with not having to relate any personal stories of her own!

"That explains it," says Rysen to Olivia on the topic of Faustus. He nods in agreement with Jacali's assessment of the kitten, and says to Olivia, "I'm glad you and Faustus get along." Rysen listens attentively to Pharamond, chuckling to think of Pharamond as a work avoidant youth, and nodding as he speaks of the pleasure in responsibility and the duties that come with carrying Oakheart. He turns to listen to Archeron when he speaks of Killian and Aislin, and nods in agreement when he speaks of arriving at a good destination. "Reveka," he says softly under his breath, and he gazes thoughtfully into the distance, absently taking a sip of his mimosa.

When Olivia introduces Rysen to Jacali, Rysen winces and he blushes again. "Gods and spirits, Livie, please don't tell people that," he says in a low voice, laughing a little with embarrassment.

Lethe looks to Jacali with a friendly smile. "It's very nice to meet you Jacali. I like to mix chemicals together too. It's exciting." She tilts her head as she looks at Archeron. "Do you really think Reveka would show up? That's a scary thought. It's probably a good thing I'm never getting married."

Pharamond chuckles to Lethe. "Well don't look for m to dissuade you. I think the whole of Arvum could do with a little more entertainment and a little less duty at times," he offers, but starts to rise though nods to Archeron. He raises his glass at the mention again of Aislin and Killian before he looks about. "Quintin," he says as the man showsu p then smiles at Jacali. "Mistress and purveyor of fine spirits and brews. Welcome," he intones. "I need be getting back to some of that unfortunate duty that keeps us from all the fun things. I hope everyone has a good day today."

Quintin ambles in from the direction of the atrium, seeming a bit disheveled. "What's this about Reveka? Not Reveka Tyde, surely?" He bobs his head in a nod of acknowledgment to Pharamond, offering a quick smile. "Sorry I'm late. Sparring match went a little long, had to get cleaned up after."

Olivia gets Vials of Corrosive Liquid from Bandoleer of Alchemical Reagent Vials.

Olivia puts Vials of Corrosive Liquid in Bandoleer of Alchemical Reagent Vials.

Olivia gets Vials of Poisons from Bandoleer of Alchemical Reagent Vials.

Olivia puts Vials of Poisons in Bandoleer of Alchemical Reagent Vials.

"Do like chemicals." Jac murmurs in agreement, giving a subtle nod.

"Aye, helped him wit... sommit," She squints toward Pharamond with some vague recognition, then glances to Rysen, "Him I'm certain I met when I were at the Savin' Grace helpin' to break that fever," Her gaze travels toward the others mentioned: Lethe, Acheron, Antea. She pauses, the barest of vague recognition as she looks over them with all the clinical scrutiny a scientist can offer, lips pursing. "Aren't ringin' no bells, them lot, but s'a fine day for meetin' new friends, all the same." She nods her head toward each of them in turn, "Diddumses, good to know you, I'm presumin'." A moment of pause to consider, "So far, aye."

Her attentions then shift to the alcohols offered, head jerking back to regard Olivia evenly, "Oy. ... these ain't mine." Her brows lift, "... fair offended, me, goodness, I am, that's what I am -- offended," She clarifies, "Aren't even asked me, pff." PFF! Ksh. Tck. "Coulda prepared sommit if'n I'd known... never bloody tell me nothin'..." The last is more under her breath, arms crossing over her chest as she slumps huffily into her chair. When 'mistress' is murmured in her direction, she pulls a comical, exaggerated look of disgust.

"Just Jac, my tart, just Jac. Aren't nothin' more unbecomin' to ol' Jac than that sorta nonsense, y'see." She smirks toward Antea, "Sides, it makes it sound as though we aren't friends, you and I, she'n me, us'n all, and I know that aren't the case. Closest of friends, us, most dear, assuredly." She nods a second time, before shifting her attentions toward Rysen.

"S'alright, treacle, you can be the most popular bard, you can... I'll be the mistress of muck, me, the Queen of Hearts," She lifts a gloved hand to flick the playing card in the band of her hat, "Queen's gotta be more impressive than bard, ey? 'Course it is. You can sing in my court, you can, any time you so wish." She puffs up her chest, "So gregarious, so generous and so kind as I am."

And then to Lethe, "That it is, til it aren't. ... Er, supposin' it still is at that point, mind ... just... not for them what've been set burnin'."

And then to Pharamond. "Aye. S'me. So good of you to remember," Her smile fades, "Even if y'didn't use none of my brews for your weddin'. Coulda been sommit special, what I'd provide, it woulda been at that." HUFF! SNOOT!

She then turns her gaze to Quintin as he enters, giving him a quick once over, but not saying more than she has.

"She might, Lethe. I doubt it, but. She is family. And in truth, I cannot blame her for what she is. It was a path we chose not to walk down. But, that anger is not unjustified. Her hatred is not false. It was other powers that took advantage of that. Tragedy is a popular theme, no? I will be sorry when we have to kill her for what she has done. Though I hope she might see redemption." Archeron munches on a bit more Chicken, Root circles back around the trees, looking quite proud with his hunting prowess as he licks at his jowls. Clearly many nice crunchy insects and such have been consumed "And do not say that, Sister dear." Arch admonishes Lethe "Lord Rysen here is single after all, and an old ally family of ours. Though, we'd need to buy you some furs...."

Olivia stands there expectantly as Pharamond blows right past her! Not even a hug good-bye. She huffs once but poor Quintin is right there so he gets wrapped up tightly. "Q! Thanks for coming. If you got injured we have no shortage of healers here. Some of the best really." She smiles. "Antea over there is our cousin from the south!" She points, "You two would get along I think. She is a master of tactics and stuff! Then we have the Tyde Twins, cousins from the Isles. They spent a good amount of time with us though." She smiles and lets the normally apple wielding Ashford go. She turns to Rysen, "Rysen, so modest! You act as if you do not have a line that stretches half the ward of the compact when you play a show."

Lastly she turns Quintin to Jacali, "That's Jac. She is the best at... well everything pretty much. Only woman you really need to know in all of Arx."

Quintin is hugged. He briefly slings an arm around Olivia before he is released. "Hey, Livvie." That done, he collects a flute of orange juice and sets himself up a plate, adding fruits (which include an apple) and some chicken. He meanders his way over to a seat and drops down into it, stretching his right leg out in front of him. "Archeron, it's been a while," he says. To the people he doesn't know - Jacali and Anthea - he offers a smile. "Good morning and well met, the both of you. A nod for Antea - "We'll have to play stones sometime. There's a table up in the solarium," and a curious look for Jacali. "Everything? That's a lot!"

Lethe smiles. "I'm glad to hear that at least." She shakes her head. "There's a lot of single men. And I'm sure Lord Rysen is very nice, but I don't wish to marry out and start over again. I'm just getting used to being a Tyde." She sighs and says something to Archeron.

Rysen grins at Jacali and nods when she mentions the Saving Grace Hospital and laughs merrily when she mentions him playing in her court. "You are a most gracious queen, Your Majesty," says Rysen to Jacali with a grin. "I shall play the finest music and sing the bawdiest song all throughout the day, and even all night long." He winks at Jacali and then rises from his seat. "Alas, I should make my way back to the Black Hall. Thank you all for the good company," he says, and, turning to Olivia, says, "and thank you very much for the invitation, My Lady." He bows and begins to prepare to leave the Orangery with Lygeia.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist leaves, following Rysen.

Looking up when she's spoken to again, Antea stares at Jacali for a long moment, as if not quite processing that she's supposed to drop formality with with 'Jac'. In the end, however, she offers a small nod towards the woman, though there's an unsure expression that drifts across her angular features. Olivia's remarks have her murmuring, "I wouldn't make such a claim, there are others with years of experience on me that I still wish to learn from. But I do try, my lady." Drawing in a breath and letting it out slowly, there's a comment that actually brings a level of intrigue and excitement to her expression. She offers a quick nod to Quintin and offers, "You've named my favorite game, my lord. It would be my pleasure to play Stones with you sometime." Then she's looking back to Olivia and offers, "I should likely head off soon. Unfortunately I have preparations to make for a journey back to the Lyceum. A short trip, but necessary. I would like very much to come back and talk with you all more after my return, though."

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