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Black Mountain Briefing

A meeting to discuss our continued success. Please have any projects outlined and ready to discuss.


Feb. 27, 2017, 9:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Larissa Max(RIP)


Cordelia Kima Marius Khanne Simone Alarie Bianca Ford(RIP) Ianthe Calypso Salazar(RIP) Haati Mydas(RIP) Torian Jasher Calliope Dominique Atrid Julea Felix Ariel Victus Donella Jackson Belladonna Juliet(RIP) Octavia Monique



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Arvum Botanical Gardens - Community Meeting Room

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Comments and Log

Octavia has been here for a bit, hanging in the back, but she moves to join her brother as soon as he enters, settling at the table and whispering something to him.

Atrid steps in and looks around nodding to those he knows with a smile before finding a place to sit.

Octavia has joined the Associates area.

Mydas takes his seat at the table, smiling back to Ariel. "Excellently Milady, all things considered." Aurum, the direwolf, sits down behind Mydas, apparently disinterested by the current going-ons of the meeting. "Don't mind Aurum, he doesn't bite unless petted." he says in reference to the golden wolf.

Maximilian rises up when people start filtering in. The wolf is given a side-eye... but Max isn't going to give too much shit so long as its well behaved. He glances at Ford, then to Octavia - but says nothing. "Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming tonight."

Rising up from the table, he pushes the papers to Larissa. "I wanted to touch bases and make a final push." One hand gestures to the windows overlooking the warehouse... "We've done amazing work. Over a million and a half in raw silver profit sits in that warehouse."

Dominique ventures in taking a look around. She finds a place to sit out of the way.

Mydas arches a brow and then nods in approval, but otherwise remains quiet.

Atrid wanders over to sit beside Dominique and listens to the briefing.

12 Thrax Elite Guards arrives, following Victus.

Khanne smiles and nods her approval to Max's words. "Excellent work."

"Now. THat number sounds impressive." Says Max, stopping to look out over the warehouse, where roustabouts are moving goods around to and fro, filling orders while moving goods into the stockpiles. "And on one hand, it truly is. It represents a fortune. If it was in cash, it could rival a great houses treasury." He turns to look at the group. "And that is the impossible done in weeks - and it makes us mighty."

Victus is here, and was here from the start. He stands as before by the bar, leaning against it, listening in a half distracted way to Max talking.

Felix files in behind others, the man still dressed in his leathers from his patrols. He looks a bit on the tired side, but alert enough. A warm smile and a nod are conveyed to Max as he heads his way first. Close enough he doesn't have to yell, the smith inclines his head Max's way. "Duchess Pravus apologizes, but will be a little late this evening," he informs him before stepping to the side. Armed and armored as he is, he doesn't want to be a nuiscance.

Max nods once to Felix, then continues... "And on the other hand? This number is not impressive at all." He turns to look at the group. "WHy? Because this represents ONLY the company share! This is only what the company keeps! Every coin in that warehouse, is matched by a coin in our pockets. A coin we use to spend how we desire. If we dropped every coin we have earned into that warehouse.. we could feed the Lower burroghs AND ANY TWO districts we chose. And not have to take out a loan. Consider this power, my friends. Consider it well. And recognize that that profitability rests on just a few of our more active members."

HJuliet rises. "Once you open the floor, Count Darkwater, I should like to speak." Giving a nod, and settling again.

Maximilian then admits... "My own profit, will feed my house, and probably a quarter the Thrax District." He nods to Juliet, recognizing her desire. "And that quick update... leads me to the open floor. Juliet? You wished to speak?"

Bianca's smile lifted to Felix as he neared the head of the table, a small nod granted to the man before attention returned to those seated.

Ariel offers a warm smile to Mydas as she is responded to and nods about the wolf. Her gaze then looks upon Max as he speaks, smiling as he explains the how much profit sits in the warehouse. Her attention then looks to Juliet as she asks to speak and Max hands the floor over to her.

Larissa glances up and offers a smile to Juliet as she moves to speak. Then she dips her quill in ink and prepares to take notes of what is discussed

Ford pushes back in his chair, doing the typical balancing act on two legs as Juliet's given the floor.

Felix nods back to Max before quieting to listen. Bianca's greeting is noticed and the nod returned with a warm smile. Quiet for the moment however, he seems focused more on Max's words for the time being.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felix before departing.

Juliet rises again, and gives a nod of thanks to Max. Clearing her throat, running her hands down her skirts. "Hello. I think most of you have met me, but in case I'm missing anyone - I'm Lady Juliet Fidante. My specialty is networking. I can help you find the people you need to unload your goods, or help you find the goods you need to load on. If Darkwater ships are all taken, I can find a trustworthy captain. I can find the wagon train that will be guarded. I know people. It's what I do."

She pauses, and gives a nod. "While I don't try to upsell, I ensure that we have clientele, for a large part. And part of that clientele is the Crown. I'm the Deputy Minister of Youth, and I've been focusing my own efforts on aiding the Lower Burroughs lately, in a large part. Today, I was given an instruction by Lord Rook, the royal Treasurer." She draws a deep breath. "The Crown and Faith are looking to raise a vast sum of money and goods to deal with the Bringer army and its commander. This falls parallel to our own efforts here. In short - this may negate the -need- for siege stockpiles. And it may be roughly a third cheaper than keeping the city fed for a month. I would urge people to contact the Crown, and to negotiate deals. I'm part of the diplomatic corps, so I can try to speak for you and get you good deals - but I will also need to run anything by my superiors for final approval." She bows her head. "Thank you. I will be happy to take questions."

Maximilian nods to Juliet... "Thats wonderful. AS you all know, this is a pool of resources to win this battle and then focus on the war. So if the crown wants to talk - we're here to listen." SAys Maximilian. "Does anyone else have questions or comments for Lady Juliet before we proceed? Cooperation with the crown would be a great step forward for Black Mountain, which ... I can say... is a new venture, so many high lords are skeptical about." A glance to Victus.. "Present company accepted."

The mildest entrance made, as Simone Greenmarch enters the meeting room - slowly, quietly shutting the door behind herself. Lingering to the right of the door at the back of the room for now, arms folded over her chest.

Ford shakes his head in regard to having questions.

Victus, the Highlord in the room, has given very little reaction to Juliet's entreaty or Max's glance. He stays largely unresponsive, except the occasional move to sip from his glass (or refill it).

Victus has joined the well stocked wetbar.

Atrid looks up listening to what Juliet has to say. He smiles and looks around for a moment before looking back to Max he nods to show hes listening but has yet to have anything to say or ask.

Mydas looks thoughtfully at Juliet before speaking up. "I have no question, and of course support joining the crown's efforts. However, I believe we should maintain our individual efforts, just in case. Better have too many bags of grain than too few, where a siege is concerned."

Felix turns his eyes to Juliet as she speaks, nodding his head along with her words quietly. He doesn't seem to have questions at the moment, but he does offer a gracious smile Juliet's way in thanks for speaking.

Maximilian exhales then. "So my update is this. We are rougly halfway to where I had hoped we would be. And we are coming into the very last two week period where we can expect to have free movement on the seas and ports." A pause. "The host is almost here." A further pause as he looks to each person in the room - making eye contact as he does so. "Once they are here... trade may come to a complete stop. It's hard to say. If they have any kind of naval presence. Gods forbid it be ships or even a fell beast like a Kraken... Or just winter storms as we are now in the ice times..."

Max lets those things sink in before he continues. "So I am asking you now, as your friend, as the owner of the company, as the Count of Darkwater... Kick open your larders back home. SHake down your contacts. Get that trade and freight flowing."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felix before departing.

Maximilian looks between the people. "Ford has been gracious enough to prepared a few trade ventures that almost anyone can fufill. I know the partners are all ready and willing to assist. I echo Mydas' statements we should always continue our own efforts, an then coordinate, as this is the basis of our power, but let us show this city what we -are capable of- in a pinch."

Ford opens up his planner and begins passing out some of those aforementioned ventures. Everybody gets a document!

Dominique a glance is sent to Bianca. She sits and watches each person and is listening, thoughtfully. She rubs her temple idly, deep in thought.

Bianca finally chimed in as well, "I would like to remind those present that while our current goals are in the process of collection, the long term outlook for the company is also on the table. We now make an all call to our contacts, but ensure that in the same breath we are paving the road for lasting trade contracts. The more esteem we gain as a company, the greater the profit's ability to rise."

Juliet gives a nod of gratitude to Mydas, and shoots a smile towards the unresponsive High Lord at the wet bar. "Well. So you know that the Crown is now urgently looking for the kind of things we can provide. I'm not naysaying your individual efforts. I -am- saying that Black Mountain could stand to earn their place as heroes by contributing to the Crown's efforts. Which isn't to say that you'll go unpaid for those efforts, though as a Disciple I do encourage you to keep Gild at heart and remind you that this is wartime." She looks, again, to the High Lord, before her gaze sweeps across the crowd. Accepting the document from Ford. "Life itself is at stake here. If Brand and the Bringers succeed, you will not be alive to enjoy whatever coin you have gathered. If Brand and the Bringers succeed, it is the end of Arvum as we know it."

Maximilian glances sidelong at Juliet. "Lady Juliet... no one is arguing with you. But so far, you're the first person from the crown or high lords beyond Victus to reach out to us, despite several attempts with the Regency, then the regency council, then this new regent. We hear you."

Victus grunts and, rather than simply put his stamp on Ford's documents, he gestures towards one of his guards to go around and share a different pile. They seem to describe an effort to make ship's biscuits on a semi-industrial scale. the kind of provisions that are perfect for any siege, or war effort.

While he does mind Juliet's words, Felix isn't quite as outspoken about Brand and his lot. Not at the moment, at any rate. He does nod in response, though. These are things he's aware of, he indicates. There's a certain grimness to it all that has him quiet and focused.

Ford looks to those he passed a form to, "All of those are worded in a way that is not just a one time deal, but can be broadened once the threat has passed. Lady Octavia assisted me in drawing up the language to keep it broad and our options open. Future endeavors are key."

Mydas nods. "As Redrain's Consul of Economics, I'm still working on improving the food stockpiles of Redrain, mainly with grain, salted meat, salted fish and the like. My goal and duties are likewise similar, to increase our supplies, and to give the Black Mountain Trade Company opportunity and renown through our combined efforts. I'll be likewise glad to support whatever needs to be done to make this city defended by men and women focused on killing rather than hunger, and armed with good steel rather than whatever scrap could be scavanged. Nightgold will do all it can. And I will see the name of Black Mountain remembered, throughout the North."

"Thank you, Count Darkwater. And my apologies." Juliet offers to Max, and - seeing as there seems to be no questions, she settles down and glances at the documents - though she lends her ear to the different speakers, and takes time to study them as well.

Belladonna checked composure + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 33, 18 higher than the difficulty.

Late, but present. Belladonna slips into the room quietly, spending only long enough to spy an empty chair near Felix out before she's moving again. She slips in, settles down, and stays quiet for the time being. Anyone she catches looking her way gets an apologetic, sheepish sort of smile.

Atrid looks around nodding to whats being said and done here. He glances to those whom have spoken and remains quiet.

Gravely, Simone accepts papers, listening to each individual as they spiel. She doesn't take any notes. There is no need.

Bianca's hand lifted to receive Victus' proposition from the guard, tucking it behind Ford and Octavia's folder to handle one incoming topic at a time. A nod and small smile was offered to Belladonna as she found her seat!

Octavia leans over as she goes through various papers, conversing briefly with Ford's secretary in a low tone. As usual, she's far more interested in the contracts than in the conversations.

Maximilian exhales. "Alright. So. Heres where we're at. We have trade capacity enought to see everyone move freight this fortnight." Time is 2* normal speed, so each OOC week is 2 weeks in game. "It's my earnest desire, my earnest request, that everyone who can, do. And I know you all can. Even a modest effort, one you can finish tonight, is food in a hungry mouth, a sword in a willing hand, a concern off the shoulder of a commander. A stronger wall. A stronger compact."

Felix is standing, but there are chairs nearby. Fresh off of patrol, the large man still has his armor on. Standing just seems better. He looks sidelong to Belladonna with a smile and a nod, but does so as unobtrusively as possible.

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Victus' eyes follow Belladonna as she comes late, and he briefly lifts his drink in salute for her aplogetic manner. One of his guards, who had been passing around papers, moves in her direction to pass some papers her way, same as he had the others. Its content of his glass meanwhile is tossed back in a quick motion.

After a few lengthy moments of organizing through various papers, Simone nods thoughtfully and lifts a hand up. "Excuse me. I didn't mean to arrive so late, and I apologize for the Marquis' absence. He has be tied up in some other matters that caused me to attend this meeting in his stead. With that in mind, I would wish to become recognized as an official member of the trading house."

There's a quiet word of thanks for the guard that brings her the papers, and Bella tips her head to Victus and sends another smile his way. They aren't attended to immediately, set to the side, one hand settling on them lightly. Simone's words have her attention swinging that way, though she still doesn't speak up.

Maximilian looks over to Simone - offering her a nod of his head. "Of course MArquessa." He says, before breaking into a grin. "Let us welcome MArquessa Simone Greenmarch to Black Mountain!"

Ford looks away from the quiet Octavia and Babs conversation to nod towards Simone, "Welcome to Black Mountain Marquessa!"

Mydas chuckles, but then raises his glass of whiskey in salutation. Of course a Nightgold has whiskey, don't question it. "Welcome to Black Mountain indeed!"

Dominique claps her hand as a welcome. She is distrubed by high levels of paperwork now.

Bianca bowed her head to Simone with her usual small smile. "Welcome, Marquessa."

Victus leaves the gathering up notes on the various trade affairs to one of his men, and doesn't even look at any of it for the time being. He looks down at his drink, finds it an empty glass, and so pours a second one so he can salute the newest member of the trading company.

Atrid claps in Welcome to to Simone.

Larissa shuffles her papers and places them carefully in her folder as she places the quills and inkwells in their proper order as well. It seems the bulk of the business has been taken care of and the Courtesan moves over towards Victus with a smile and a brief curtsy. "Highness. Good evening." she murmurs to him as she reaches for a glass as well.. well a few of them, as she pours for Max and Bianca as well. Offering them each a glass with a quiet smile. Then she turns back to the Thrax "I would take a few moments of your time if you have some to spare."

Simone inclines her head, graciously, and answers all with a simple: "Thank you very much for the hearty welcomes."

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Maximilian looks back to the others now. "Any further questions?"

"None here." Ford says behind the mountain of forms and documents.

Victus shakes his head to indicate he has no questions. When Larissa approaches, his dark eyes sweep her up and down in a thorough scrutiny. He grunts in acknowledgement, and when she asks for a moment of his time, he inclines his head just a touch to concede to the request.

Felix takes a lot of mental notes, but nothing written down for the time being. Patrols being as arduous as they have been, he's likely to ask for someone else's notes later. When the time for questions comes about, he shakes his head and offers a tired smile Max's way. "None yet, but I will get in touch with you if I have anything."

Maximilian exhales then... "Alright! One last thing." Says Max. "Those of you who do not wish to run trade missions>

Maximilian exhales then... "Alright! One last thing." Says Max. "Those of you who do not wish to run trade missions? THere is still a way to help out. The warehouse stores a great deal of products from our realms. Packaging them is... time consuming. IF you wish to help, speak to Bianca about packaging chocolate for her... or myself to bottling rum."

This may prove relevant to her interests. Simone listens a moment, lofts an eyebrow and nods slightly.

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Juliet leans back, content to listen, for the time being. Giving a few nods, now and again, smiling as she glances over the people here.

Larissa nods to Victus and moves to follow him at his leisure and whenever he was ready. She casts a glance back at Max, assuming he may follow and join them when he was free.

Simone checked dexterity + all against difficulty -81, resulting in 15, 96 higher than the difficulty.

"So... if you want to contribute? Spendsome time in the warehouse... do some packaging and we'll move forward from there." Says Max, before stepping back. "Anything else?"

Ford nudges Octavia with his elbow.

Haati rubs his eyes a little and shakes his head, "Got it all here... All good and busy."

Atrid shakes his head to Max's question remaining where he is and remaining quiet.

Simone checked dexterity + all against difficulty -81, resulting in 11, 92 higher than the difficulty.

Ariel looks to Max and says "I can speak with my mother's side of the family and have some of thier Moonshine sent over if you like Count Max. Moonrivers are famous for those and their cordials."

When Max steps back and prompts for anything else, Belladonna glances his way; there's a moment's pause before she shakes her head, shifting to rise back out of her chair. There is a tip of her head in thanks to Felix, and the little duchess is turning to go.

Octavia looks up from the papers, then stacks them and sets them in front of Barbara. "Alright, Count Darkwater," she replies to the call for comments. "I've had some time to look this over, and I'm satisfied with where the endeavor is going. I'm in."

"Hm - warehouse then. Thank you for that. All, do have an excellent day," the Marquessa bids as she sees herself out, toward the next project.

Maximilian exhales. "Thank you all for coming. It's moments like this... when I'm the proudest I can be. There is a thrill to battle. There is a truth in the blade. But here?" A pause. "We build something lasting."

Then he nods to Octavia. "So glad you like what you see."

Dominique nods and rises from her seat and excuses herself.

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