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Picnic for Lisebet's Wedding

A party for friends of Lisebet to have a small celebration before her wedding to Harlan.


Feb. 28, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By



Olivia Sparte Lisebet Amari Leona



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Westrock Aerie - Garden and Hot Springs

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Comments and Log

Elsbetta smiles at the small group of guests and says Lisebet is just upstairs getting ready please help yourself to anything you would like.

Olivia makes her way in to the garden. Rather ready for a party. She spots Elsbetta and walks over with a smile. "Lady Elsbetta. A beautiful garden. Thanks for having me over."

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard, 3 Farshaw novice guards, 1 Farshaw trained guards, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, Amari arrive, following Lisebet.

Sparte enters with a bottle in hand. Rather than going straight forth he gets distracted, moving along the garden wall a short distance after entering and taking a moment to look at and appreciate the stones used to make it. He starts to wander towards the springs themselves when he catches himself, spotting Olivia with Elsbetta and making his way over grinning. "This is a lovely garden, I apologize for being distracted. It is my first time seeing it. Sparte Fatchforth, happy to be here to celebrate the occasion. I brought a bottle of mead made by a friend's family as a gift." He holds out the bottle gift to show it, looking between Olivia and Elsbetta uncertainly. "Is there a place I should set it down?"

The backyard has been set up with little lights, candles of course, and there are picnic foods set up over to one side, buffet style so that it's a casual affair. There are servants flitting about to assist those in need, and there might even be someone settled in a corner playing a musical instrument.

Guests are welcome, and the garden is open for arrivals even if Lisebet herself hasn't made it downstairs.

Clearly, Amari isn't familiar with the place and may have either got herself lost, or dragged her feet in order to have a gander on the way back to the garden springs. She's brought her dogs, or they just invited themselves by following after and she didn't have the heart to tell them no. Either way, they pad along with her, the bloodhound sniffing her way around while the bog dog stays more protectively at her side. She gives the latter a pat on the head once they've reached the garden proper, "It is lovely!" She agrees with Sparte, taking it all in before adding a greeting. "Hello!"

Lisebet comes out now. "Am I late? I'm sorry I'm late," she calls, before she even knows who is there. "Els, is it all okay?" And then she stops, looking around. "Oh, how lovely!" she says. "And hello. Lady Olivia, Master Sparte, Lady Amari, welcome. Have you not been here before? I think it might be one of our best kept secrets. Well, until now."

Leona slides into the gardens, accompanied by a young man and a mountain...lion... cub. She doesn't seem to think this is anything out of the ordinary, and there are those in the city who probably know Captain Teemo anyway. As it is, the woman in steelsilk is hardly a fixture here - indeed it looks very much as though she has never been here before. But as Lisebet appears her eyes fixate on the woman of the hour and she makes her way over at an unhurried pace, unusual companions notwithstanding.

Elsbetta smiles at Master Sparte and moves to take the bottle from him. "Thank you very much for coming. I know Lisebet will be very happy to see you. Please explore to your hearts content. Thank you very much for the mead - it is a favourite of mine maybe we can serve it so everyone can taste some?" Looking at Amari and her dogs she moves towards them holding our her hand so the dogs can snif her. "Lady Amari so nice to see you again. Lovely dogs!" As if having a mountain lion cub is the most natural thing in the world. Elsbetta moves to the next guest "Welcome." she says "I am Elsbetta Lisebet's sister what a lovely cub you have."

Olivia smiles at Sparte, then to Amri waving at them both. She then spots Lisebet and walks over with arms open to give her a hug. "Ah dearest Lisebet. Getting excited yet? Elsbetta did a beautiful job here, is she helping at the reception too?"

"Ah, there's the bride to be!" Amari smiles as she turns from her absent examination of one of the bubbly pools she'd found her way to, "You both should probably keep this a secret or you'll be inundated with visitors at all hours, invited and not... Nice to see you, Lady Elsbetta, and thank you." River is the friendly one, so she's the first to sniff Elsbetta and approve with a rapid wagging of her tail. Barf is less interested, which is probably for the best. Olivia and Sparte both get a friendly wave, and Leona too. Then she and River notice the cub. Mountain lions are cats. River hates cats, or likes them so much that she has to bark loudly at them and give chase whenever she sees one. Amari at least has the reflexes to tighten her grip on the leash. "Dame Leona! Um, sorry, let me just-" And the barking starts in earnest as River decides that a lion is close enough to a cat to count.

Sparte grins over to Amari and Olivia as he passes the bottle over, looking back to Elsbetta after. "By all means, it is to add to the festivities. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Elsbetta." Sparte then turns to the newly arrived Lisebet with a bow. He has been practicing, it isn't half as awkward as it used to be. "Lady Lisebet, this is indeed a lovely garden but you are the finest flower on display tonight." Sparte lowers his voice. "I admit I read that line in a book, did I use it right?" He glances over at the mention of a cub, taking a moment to salute Dame Leona out of a show of respect before turning his attention back to Elsbetta.

Lisebet smiles at Olivia, and returns her hug. "I thought you were?" she teases. "But actually, I am sure that there is enough for both of you, if you would like?" She pauses and then adds, "I am getting excited yes. I have to admit." And then she turns to smile at Amari, chuckling. "Well, it is definitely a lovely place to be, in summer. It's a little cold in winter, to swing, but I do love to swing." She blinks as the dog starts barking, her gaze now going to the ca- lion cub, and her eyes widen. A quick glance to Amari, and she then turns to say, "Dame Leona, a pleasure." She pauses to offer Sparte a very winning smile. "Master Sparte, that was absolute perfection, thank you!" she exclaims, eyes gleaming with appreciation for the compliment. "I think maybe we could settle on territory for the puppies and kitties with a little room in between?"

Leona snorts at River's barking. "He can take care of this himself if you like," she says to Amari. But then she laughs quietly. "Teemo, Flap - would you two head over a little early? I'll be there soon but I wanted to talk to Lisebet for a moment first." It doesn't take long for her companions to leave, and then she's approaching Lisebet where she stands with Olivia. "Olivia," she greets the other woman with a smile. "And Lisebet. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Ashford will be the better for you joining them."

Olivia curtseys politely to Leona. "Dame Leona. Nice to see you." She smiles and turns to Lisebet again, "Of course I will be helping! But extra hands are always nice."

Sparte turns his attention to the animals that are making a small ruckus. When some start to leave his attention shifts back to Lisebet. "Glad I didn't bring Dame Tom. I want to take a moment to appreciate the gardens. It is a pleasure, and congratulations." He steps off, going to explore a bit more of what the garden has to offer.

"Amari would your dogs be interested in a tasty bones? I am sure we have some in the kitchens and it will keep them entertained." Elsbetta asks. Moving over to the table set up with several different beverages and glasses and carefully places Master Sparte's bottle front and center so everyone can taste it. Smiling at Olivia she says "I would love to help any way you would need me, my dear." Finally giving Lisebet her biggest grin. "You look spectacular as always!"

Lisebet cannot help but smile at Leona's reaction to the dog barking. She leaves it to those with leashes and/or nominal control over various four footed visitors. She pauses to nod to Sparte. "Thank you, and please do. Also, help yourself to refreshments?" she offers, with a glance to Elsbetta, curiously. "I think certainly Elsbetta will be helping, yes." And then to Dame Leona, she offers a bright smile and a solemn inclination of her head. "Thank you. I appreciate that thought and I do hope I can do both houses proud." There isn't a lack of confidence in her voice, but one never knows what the future might hold. Els gets a grin and a half shrug. "Thank you, but you have to say that, you're my sister."

"I'm very sorry, she's the biggest turd about cats. Always has been. I think if she ever caught even a normal cat she'd get the worst of it." Amari says to Leona, and everyone really, as that hound surely can bay. Hilariously enough, Barf doesn't make so much as a peep, but simply sits down with his back legs akimbo under him and starts lazily panting. Barf don't care. The Keaton though, her ears redden as if she's at least a touch embarrassed even long after the barking ends with the departure of the dread mountain lion cub. There's a murmur to her pooch about behavior and being silly, and the tone is a scolding one. Elsbetta's suggestion is considered seriously before she shakes her head, "Shouldn't reward poor manners. I'll send her out and spare everyone's ears permanent damage. Apologies!" With that, the dogs are put in the care of her Huntsmen shadows, one of whom leaves with them. Peace and tranquility is restored.

Olivia smiles happily, "Can I get anyone a drink. I am going to get something."

With all the various pets addressed Elsbetta turns her attention to the human guests. "

Lisebet gives Olivia a smile. "I wouldn't say no to a drink. Probably we could all use something?" she offers.

With all the various pets addressed Elsbetta turns her attention to the human guests. "The alcoholic beverages are at the table." She indicates with a sweep of her hand. "Coffee or tea is also available please ask any of the servants and they will get you a warm or cold cup."

"Don't worry about it," says Leona to Amari. "We're a little overcheduled in any case. But I wanted to come. Aislin is one of my dearest friends, and I know she'd be happy to see you join the family she loves so well." She smiles between the two of them - the Ashford and the almost-Ashford alike. "You keep on making good choices," she says to Lisebet - and she sounds suddenly very serious. "You have always been strong of heart and strong of will. The Compact will need that in the coming days." Gray eyes bore into Lisebet's for a long moment, as though she is evaluating the other woman carefully. And then she nods once and starts to step away, apparently her message delivered.... whatever that message actually is.

Amari watches the exchange between Lisebet and Leona, after giving a nod to acknowledge Leona. An attempt is made to not worry and likely not wanting to be rude, she quits staring at the pair when Lisebet is being told to keep making good choices. She drifts, picking up on Elsbetta's invitation and Olivia's offer. "Alcoholic beverages? Maybe a teensy little giant cup." That's where she's going then, following the gesture.

Olivia watches the interaction between Leona and Lisebet carefully, once Leona takes her steps away she raises an eyebrow and shrugs. Finally making her way to the table of drinks. She grabs as many glasses as she can with one hand and several bottles of wine in the other arm. Both red and white. She carefully makes her way over holding a whole lot of stuff.

Lisebet checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 30 higher.

Lisebet seems to freeze for a long moment, as Leona speaks to her. One hand half reaches out and pauses, and then she blinks, eyes widening briefly. "I - " She pauses, closing her mouth, and then she chuckles. "I know it is very busy, and everyone has much to do," she says. "But I hope it's not too late to perhaps find time for tea or coffee or some such. I rather feel I have missed my chance with so many people, Lady Aislinn being one of them." She takes a breath, and then straightens to her totally not intimidating height of five foot nothing. "Or perhaps we should make that drink something stronger."

Leona pauses and looks back as Lisebet says that, and then her eyes go to that half outstretched hand and she nods again. "Certainly," she says enigmatically. "I've never refused a hand stretched out for good purpose. Be well, and be happy, and walk in Light." And then she steps out. Mischief managed.

Sparte is entirely distracted taking in the gardens. He has discovered the coop full of towels and linens near the sauna, and is looking at it with the curiousity of someone who has never before seen a sauna and doesn't realize what it is. Right now he is giving it skeptical looks like an outlandish oven he doesn't quite comprehend, but would be willing to try cooking with.

Captain Teemo, a mountain lion cub, Flappinum, a human with many opinions leave, following Leona.

With a quick indication of her head Elsbetta ensures that a helpful servant moves to assist Olivia with her burden and another with a tray of glasses and several bottles moves towards the other guests. Very aware of the exchange between Leona and Lisebet she moves beside her sister to offer her quiet support. "Please help your selves." She says indicating the drinks circulating as well as the small food items now being offered by other servansts. Looking over at Sparte she smiles "If you ever want to experience the sauna you are welcome to visit us anytime. If you like you can partake now even though it does leave one a bit hot and sweaty."

Olivia smiles and thanks the servant that helped her with her arms full of stuff. Sometimes she thinks she is more coordinated than she really is. She takes a glass of red as the tray comes around. Looks a bit... neutral right now after the cryptic stuff... Watching fhe door the Dame left out of.

Amari finds herself a glass of something that looks appropriately alcoholic and is just having her first sip when she notices that Barf has returned. She peers at him hard, and there's a question in it, but he stares back innocently and she eventually just shrugs. Whatever. He sits his bulky self down near her and goes back to panting and being somewhat interested in the goings on.

"Oh, this is a sauna?" Sparte straigthens, looking at the sauna like it were - well - what it had always been but he was woefully unaware of. He rubs at the back of his neck, looking sheepishly over at Elsbetta and the others. "I, um, thank you for the offer."

Lisebet smiles to Elsbetta, and then she says to Olivia, "Red, please?" Sparte gets a glance, and a chuckle. "It's really quite lovely," she adds, as she moves to settle on her favourite swing, needing the comfort of the familiar spot perhaps. "You are most welcome to give it a try." She hasn't really lost her composure, despite that bit of weirdness. There is a brief knitting of her brow, and a nod, and then there's red wine, and a very long drink of it. "I think you all should tell me something funny," she says, with a half laugh.

Olivia shakes her head and snaps out of it. She hears Lisebet's request and snags a red for her too. She takes it over and smiles. "Oh Mistress Petal made me quite an incredible gown for the reception."

Cocking her eyebrow Elsbetta can't help tease Sparte a bit. "It is a very relaxing and cleansing experience..." She reassures him. Helping herself to a glass of red wine she takes a sip and does as her sister asked. "I bet you did not know the night before Ryhalt's wedding I spilt a whole glass of red wine on my pale pink dress ...." She grins.

Sparte makes his way back towards the gathering proper, still looking a bit embarassed. "Something funny." Sparte glances at the sauna a moment, before sighing and giving a rueful smile and shake of his head. "I thought that was an oven. Spent a full minute wondering what oathlanders cook in the thing, or if it was some sort of smoker."

"we should see if we can make ginger cake in there, one day," Lisebet teases. "But no, it only cooks us, and not too much." She smiles at Olivia, "Thank you. And did she? That's most excellent to hear, as she has also created me a wonderful wedding dress." A glance at Elsbetta. "Will you be wearing the same dress to my wedding?" she teases.

Elsbetta smiles widely "No my dear don't you remember my whole dress was a lovely dark red. Thank goodness we had such a great dye maker otherwise I would have been in one of my normal gowns that day. But the dress was still damp and I smelled funny all night..."

Olivia giggles a little, "Was your skin pink for weeks after that?"

giggling Elsbetta nods. "Around my wrists, and waist were the worst but yes there was definitely an overall pink glow to me for several weeks."

Lisebet definitely giggles at Elsbetta's story, still glancing over at Sparte to make sure he's okay. She shakes her head, amused. "So we have a new dress and an unexpectedly red one," she says softly. And a sauna oven, but we're not going there. "If you want, Master Sparte, you can also get your toes nibbled by fish in the pond?" she offers, definitely teasing there, right? Mostly.

Sparte gives a small snort, smirking at Lisebet. "A sauna wouldn't be the most half-baked thing I've done, but I will pass on being fishbait." The response is a cheerful one, given while he makes his way over to pick up something to nibble on himself from the picnic fare. "Pink skin must've been interesting. You could've had a portrait done in something short sleeved, just to watch the painter sweat."

Olivia laughs, "Oh that would be funny."

"There's fish in the pond?" Color Amari curious then, as she's half through her glass of wine and mostly over her embarrassment now. She wanders over to the pond despite asking. Not that she checks out on the wine dress story, or Sparte's discovery of the sauna. She smiles at both revelations.

Laughing softly at the idea of posing in the pink Elsbetta says "I would have had to do it with a colour sure to clash with pink ... maybe yellow or green..." She muses.

Lisebet chuckles again, kicking the swing into motion slowly. "I should think," she replies to Els, easily. "And it would be funny - a portrait to go along with the one of Ryhalt in the great hall." She watches Amari as she wanders to check out the fishes, and grins impishly. "There are, but it's still a lovely relaxing bath to clean up in." And of course there's the sauna. Ahem. "There's a reason you don't see us too often at the Grotto."

Well, in that case, Amari walks out of her slippers and sits on the water's edge so she can dip her toes in and risk fish nibbles. She leans back into her hands, and looks over her shoulder to keep track of everyone and the conversation, not about to neglect or ignore anything. "It's lovely." She announces, as if to win Sparte over to team pond. Then, with an arch of a brow, "We were going to do the very serious portrait painting. Maybe you'd like to sit for that?"

Sparte nods to Amari trustingly, but not so trustingly he goes to investigate the pond. Sparte turns his attention to Lisebet instead. "Lady Lisebet, congratulations again on your betrothal and marriage. This is lovely, but I must be off to get back to my duty. It was a pleasure seeing everyone, and a pleasure meeting you Lady Elsbetta."

Elsbetta laughs outloud. "If it is the same "portrait painting" you were discussing before I think I would rather be a painter than a paintee... Maybe you could see if Master Sparte would be willing." Her eyes are twinkling with mischief.

Lisebet smiles, inclining her head. "Thank you for stopping by, Master Sparte. I am glad you found time to stop in and visit with us. Please be safe, and if you do want to try the sauna, do feel free to stop in again." She glances to Amari and Els, and just shakes her head, not joining in that teasing.

Wilhelm leaves, following Sparte.

"It was wonderful to meet you Master Sparte. Hope to see you again soon"

Amari laughs softly as Sparte makes his retreat, offering a wave to the man and an aside to the ladies, "He must have heard about it too. Where are we ever going to find a willing model?" Though she sighs dramatically, she in no way seems truly upset. How can she be with a pond to dip and wiggle her toes in? "So, Lisebet - what is the first thing you plan to do as a Duchess?"

Now there's a question. Lisebet's eyes gleam, and she wrinkles her nose, glancing at Olivia briefly. "I think perhaps kiss my husband," she decides, keeping it pg13. And besides, his sister is here. "But after that? I am not sure. I know that Harlan is planning a trip back to Ashford lands which I think will give me a chance to start to get to know more about the house and my new family. And then I'll be able to continue to work on helping to improve things for the Compact."

Olivia has been wandering around exploring the garden, she can't be kept from flowers, "You all have some interesting specimines here."

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