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Northern Games: Mudwrestling

To Celebrate the Birth of Princess Ailbhe and Princess Siaran, and the Wedding of Princess Gwenna and Prince Lorenzo A week of celebratory games hosted by various people have been announced!

Prince Kieran Redrain and Lady Ysbail blackwood will be hosting the mudwrestling event in the Redrain Areana's very own mudpit!


Feb. 13, 2019, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Ysbail Kieran


Reese Amari Mirk Gunther Drea Mikani Acantha Eilonwy Donella Aksel Jasher Cillian Jeffeth Carmen Kenna Danvir Athaur



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Northlands Arena - Mudwrestling Pit

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

Kieran sits at the benches near the back, both to avoid any potential mud splattering on him and to keep an eye on arrivals. When the designated time is reached, he looks at the small crowd and shrugs. "Very well, it will be a very quick event. All the better so we can get to the drinking sooner." He rises from his spot and starts to make his eay to a spot to talk to participants.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Mirk.

Benny The Beaver arrives, following Acantha.

Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrives, following Reese.

Reese arrives in the arena while looking like Reese in al her pink and ribbons. She peeks over the area, trying to get a feel for things here.

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards arrive, following Mikani.

Amari strolls in, probably here more to watch than participate, given how nicely dressed she is in Keaton colors. Nobody with their hair so perfectly coiffed would likely want to throw themselves into a bubbling pit of mud. The fact that she finds a bench a little back from the front row to settle in on proves as much. The two enormous dogs that trot in with her might be a different story though. Hearing Kieran, she says, "I hope it's not too quick!"

Siggi, a small fox, Aralie, the shy assistant arrive, following Drea.

Mirk arrives a little late, dressed in simple linens and wools in earthen tones. He remains back from the mudwrestling pits themselves, choosing a corner off to the side and folding his arms over his chest. "I hope I haven't missed the beginning of the games," he says to Kieran. "Though I won't be competing myself. I'm here purely to bet on the outcomes and heckle any of my friends and family that are brave enough to try."

Reese peeks over to Amari, having a smile of greeting for the Lady. She continues further into the area and finds a place to perch. The Princess seems to be in a cheerful mood.

An elder figure in his mid-fifties makes his way into the Pit area. Gunther wears barely functional clothing. A ripped shirt that has grey body hair jutting out of the seems. His tuft of hair at the top of his bald noggin is a mess. He wears loose and stained paints. He has hairy limbs and the short five foot two man looks around. "Reckon this is then? I think I'm gonna be workin' here in the future and what not. Real nice Princess sort gonna help me out." The man smiles, "Gunther Crownsworn, pleased to meet you all." He's got that old man tact that speaks to everyone at once.

Kieran looks to Reese as the princess arrives and offers a bow, "Your Highness. Will you be participating in the event today or are you just an audience member?" He looks then to Amari and smirks, biting his tongue at whatever reply he wanted to say. Instead, he shrugs, "It all depends on the contestants."

3 Last Watch Sentries, 3 Redrain Guards arrive, following Donella.

Reese smiles over to Gunther, waving in his direction. She then looks over to Kieran, smiling to the Prince before saying. "Oh, I will be participating. I will need to get out of some of my bling to mud wrestle though."

Drea strides into the area, heads swinging around this way and that. She nods to those she knows and makes her way toward Kieran. "Son! Where's your partner?"

Mikani shows up in her usual leathers. She wasn't one for wrestling but she was one for watching people making fools of themselves in the mud. Mikani smiles at those she knows. "Good evening everyone. I hope I haven't missed anything." She looked around for muddy people before going to stand by Mirk. "Lord Halfshav it has been far too long."

1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Jasher arrive, following Eilonwy.

Kieran nods to Reese, "Indeed. Your clothes won't stay pink for long in the pit." He grins to Mirk, "There may not be too many people to place bets on, if Princess Reese is the only competitor. Though, it will be amusing to watch her wrestle herself.". Thebprince turns his attention to the old commoner whi greets the crowd, "Participating, Goodman?"

Acantha is a bit behind in entering, mainly because her retainer is having a day. She's not dressed in anything that resembles a mud wrestling outfit, so the Clearlake Lady probably isn't wrestling. She heads in and finds a seat, a nod given to those that she knows.

a huge spotted dog named Fury arrives, following Aksel.

Amari wiggle finger waves across at Reese and smiles right back. Kieran's sort of assurance and maybe more the smirk are given a lightly arched brow. "I hope they have a lot of stamina and fight. I've never seen anyone mud wrestle before." Definitely a non-participant then, though she gives Mirk a measuring look and slow nod, as if she's wondering if she couldn't beat him. Gunther too gets a curious look and polite nod of acknowledgement, his introduction returned in kind, "Hello. I'm Lady Amari." Drea then will get the brightest smile.

a huge spotted dog named Fury have been dismissed.

Gunther looks behind him when Kieran speaks to him. He blinks, "I'm sorry son, I don't know a Master Goodman. My name is Gunther though." He then nods, "Reckon I'll be givin' it a go sense I'm gonna be caretakin' the place an' all. And trainin' fellas here." He smiles warmly to Reese, "Princess, I reckon now its just me an' you to do this then? Is that okay with you? If'n this is important to you I'll concede onna account my Sally would like you to get what you want I know. You been awfully nice to me."

Leading Prince Jasher to the pit area, Eilonwy skirts the mud. Gesturing to the benches she pauses to take a look about. "Huh, Lord Arik said he was fighting. Oh, but look, Princesses Donella and Reese are here. Keen."

Reese starts to move her outer clothing, leaving her in a white linen camisole and white bloomers. Her steel silk is folded up neatly and handed over to Rosalie who carefully guards such. The Princess now looks all ready to fight!

Donella brings Prince Taran (actually wearing his little skirt and knee socks... but not anything else. Because rargh! Mama has his shirt. The infant princesses along as well, one tied in a sling, and the other being belched over Donella's shoulder. Nell looks about for a place to sit and park the kids.

1 Crimson Blades Private, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrive, following Cillian.

Reese peeks over to Gunter, heaving a smile for the Man. "I guess it is us, Sir Gunther." She says toward him and even gives the man a smile that touches her blue eyes.

1 Crimson Blades Private, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Sergeant leave, following Cillian.

"Am I late?" Aksel calls out as he comes into mudwraslin arena, fully dressed in, well only a pair fo loose britches. "Where are the bears?" He asks glancing about.

Mirk notices Amari's gaze, returns with a raise of an eyebrow, and says, "Evening, Lady Amari. I will not be participating tonight. Any fight involving me isn't much of one." He gestures with open palms. "Instead, I will let stronger men than I do the mudwrestling."

Drea gets immediately distracted by her grandchildren and she goes right Donella's direction to try and tease one of the kids away. She cuddles Taran first, swinging him around. "Are you going to wrestle, darling grandson?" she asks him before she holds her hands out to the baby being burped. "Oh, let me help with that, Donella."

1 Crimson Blades Private, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrive, following Cillian.

"I have Princess Reese, Goodman Gunther, and Goodman Aksel as competitors so far," Kieran notes to the crowd before offing bows to Donella and his mother. "Is that all? Are you going to let poor Princess Reese wrestle these two burly men by herself?" He then leans over to the two men and stage whispers, "She probably can and then some."

"Okay, well.." Gunther looks around the periphery of the mud as he hops into the pit. The geezer reaches down and takes off his worn sandals. His feet are less than stellar. "Oh, Goodsman! Goodsman! Sorry, fella, I get confused from time-to-time." Concussions for 55 years and all. Gunther tosses his shoes back to one side and then reaches down to the hem of his shirt. The man takes off his shirt and he is one hairy hombre. Gunther sports brown-grey hair on his neck, his back, shoulders, and pretty much any place save the ring around his head. All that mud and all that hair is going to get painful to take out later. Gunther reaches down and spreads his limbs out like an 'X' and he just falls face first into the mud.

Did Gunther just die? Small bubbles come from the mud where his face is embedded that says no he has not. Gunther then turns around and makes a mud angel until he is absolutely filthy. The old man then gets up and starts to get limber. He is dripping and slippery in mud from head to toe.

To Reese, "Good luck princess." The man smiles to the other competitor, "You too fella. Wish you the best."

"Lord Mirk," Amari greets in return, very formally in tone even if she's trying very obviously not to smile, "I thought you'd be more willing to wrestle than dance, but neither? What do you do for fun?" The bench next to her is patted if he feels like sitting down and revealing what he gets up to, even as she glances back to Kieran as the competitors are announced. She frowns at that and even face first into the mud Gunther can't quite coax a full smile after it's set.

Donella passes the only lightly drooling child to her mother-in-law, and tousles the hair of her little boy. "Thank you," she says, exhausted, and with only a spot or two of infant-vomit on her back. Its a good day. Girl #2, who is either Ailbhe or Siaran saws tiny, baby logs, while Girl #1 dribbles cheerily for her grandma. Kieran's calls for participants sends his nephew barreling at his kneecaps, out for .... mud.

"I was told we'd be wrestling, I assumed it was bears." Aksel looks mighty disappointed by this fact. He gives a nod of his head to Gunther before starting to slather mud over his body. It's the smart thing to do. Or maybe he just likes to get dirty.

Reese is now adorned in white linen with her gear being guarded by Rosalie. She rises to her now bear feet and pads over to the mudpit. "We are wrestling right now?" The girl asks. Her cheeks are warmed with pink, her blue eyes are bright and Reese seems to be still in a happy mood.

Mikani looks at Amari, "That would be assuming that dear Lord Halfshav likes fun." She teases Mirk warmly as she introduces herself to Amari. "Hello, I am Lady Mikani Redreef. It is nice to meet you."

Reese peeks over to Aksel. "I kind of count as a bear. A pink Crownlands Bear. They are a real thing."

Accompanied by Eilonwy, the height discrepancy between Jasher and the marquessa is especially pronounced. As they skirt the mud, he looks over the people indicated. "Interesting," he comments, then looks over towards the benches available before moving off to find a spare seat.

"I'm not a terribly exciting man," Mirk admits in a wry tone, at Amari's question. "The most fun I've had this week was lying back in the Grove and watching the clouds go by. It was a nice respite from paperwork. But since I can't do that here..." He shrugs a shoulder, and adds, "At the last event of this kind, I mostly sat and gambled and made myself a tidy profit in silver betting on the winners of the various contests. Though with more competitors to arrive at any time, I can't anticipate this one, yet."

Drea waves at Mikani and Amari and then cuddles her wriggling, drooling grandbaby. She leaves happy little kisses all over cheeks. Too tiny to giggle, but not too tiny to spoil. Drea goes right into the spoiling.

Cillian comes walking into the arena looking about his hazel eyes taking everything in, he is just behind his twin "Will you watch my things for me Marquessa." he speaks to Eilonwy as he follows her and Josher. Placing his things down he strips down he takes off what needs to be taken off and heads for the mud as he losens his limbs and such a smirk on his face.

Aksel flashes a slight grin towards Reese, making clawing motions with his muddy hands towards her. "Rawr," he says with a wink before looking around, "I should have brought some whiskey."

Reese hmms softly as she looks to Aksel. "Whiskey would be great. I think that Prince Keiran probably has some probably. He is a whiskey sort of Prince." She says.

Mikani laughs softly, "Just remember ... never bet against the Lady." Mikani reminds Mirk before going to sit by Drea. "Princess so good to see you again. I was thinking of you just the other day. I was in the Botanical Gardens and was thinking of our talk as I was looking at the flowers. How have you been?" She says to the Princess in her usual warm alto voice before smiling at the baby and making a silly happy face at the child.

Amari is happy to share her bench, gesturing to it in silent invitation as Mikani introduces herself. There's a very intent stare and then a nod as if the other woman has been placed and before she's away, the Keaton lawyer says, "Lady Amari Keaton. I'm sure we've met in passing before, Lady Mikani." Mirk's admission is given a soft laugh, "I suppose I shouldn't tease you. I enjoy paperwork." Seeing a wave, she lifts her hand, her expression immediately softening when she spies Drea with her grandbaby. "Too cute."

Gunther is not acknowledging the others. The man is pacing back and forth talking to himself. The words don't leave his lips. There are a few moments where he flexes his fingers and hops up and down. His one pack belly flops up and down as his calves work and give him barely any lift. He digs a small hole with his toes where he stands until water fills in the recess. He glides his feet in this water to keep them wet and moist to have less mud to bog him down and his movements when he scraps. Gunther then folds his hands together and he prays, "My Sally, my love, please watch over them thats about to fight me. Reckon they just don't know yet. So please make sure they is safe and none of them drinks through no straw. Please after, help me get the strength whats keep me from getting into my cups after. Onna account I want to make you proud of me. I love you girl. If you see it in your power feel free to let them get a lucky shot and take me too ya. I miss you so." The man then makes a religious gesture to the heavens. He sniffles a bit. It's the mud of course. Except for the clear streak his tear made. A swipe of his knuckles dirties it up again, "Alright, lets get dirty."

Acantha gives a look over things and a wave to Mirk, but the Clearlake woman then turns to head down the hall and back out the way she came.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Benny The Beaver leaves, following Acantha.

Taking Cillian's things, Eilonwy rolls her eyes at her twin. "Don't pull anything Cill." She teases after him. Items looped over her arm she follows Jasher to seats. "Your people don't strip to the waist and wrestle in mud? Must be plenty of mud on an island."

"We have a fourth contestant in Goodman Cillian," Kieran calls out. "I guess we can close admission of participants here." He eyes the four of them and debates the arrangement. "Hmmm, a battle royale or a small bracketed tournament?". He leans his head to one side then the other as he thinks. "Oh, what the abyss, let's go for a battle royale - 1 v 1 v 1 v 1." He clears his throat and starts shouting again to explain the rules. "No hitting sensitice bits! No droening your opponents in the mud. No eye gouges. You all start in a circle arm's length from one another."

Donella inclines her head toward the nearby Amari, Mikani, silent as yet as she grasps after her son and misses. Ah, well. He's only three. What's the worst that could-- "Taran! Taran Redrain, you get back here this MINUTE!" The little girl in her arms fusses at the noise somewhat, turning the color of her brother's hair. "Not mud. Sand slurry. Its not really the same thing..." she observes, watching Jasher.

Reese peeks over to Kieran and listens to the rules, the girl nodding in response. "Alright Princes Kieran. I think I can follow those words." She then looks over to Gunther, giving the man a smile that touches her blue eyes. The princess climbs into the mud pit while in her lines and crouches down, getting into a wrestling position. "Gloria be with us both, Master Gunther." She says toward him.

The behemoth known as Jeffeth Bayweather strides in, lips curling up into a bright smile. Only to hear that admissions are closed and that bright smile falters and disappears. There's a little frown. "Apologies. Would it be possible for a late entry?" The large man calls out.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"I don't," Mirk admits to Amari with a shrug. "I'm made for the open road or a quiet grove. But duties require." He glances from competitor to competitior, and cants his head. "Hm. I think I'll bet on Jeffeth, if he's still eligible to join. Rather than Princess Reese, though I do like her chances."

Kieran raises an eyebrow at Jeffeth as the man approaches, "Couldn't get here in time, eh? You can join, if none of the other contestants have an objection."

"He can have my place if'n its a problem. This fella has been awful kind to me." Gunther states in regards to Jeffeth. The man gets in the circle and in place.

Brother Chester have been dismissed.

"There may be," Jasher replies distantly. "Wet sand is not the same as mud, though. It goes places that take a while to clean off. Many of us would prefer to sail instead, myself included." His gaze draws to the wild wild wrestling at first, but perhaps by intuition or just the foibles of wandering eyes, his gaze then finds Donella. He looks back, barely more than an acknowledgment, before he looks once more towards the messy match in the mud.

Barf, the Bog Dog have been dismissed.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen have been dismissed.

River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant have been dismissed.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant arrives, delivering a message to Gunther before departing.

1 Crimson Blades Private have been dismissed.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant have been dismissed.

Aksel nods his head to Killian, "I'm good with that," he calls to the rules and Jeffeth joining as well. "He's as big as a bear."

3 Last Watch Sentries have been dismissed.

3 Redrain Guards have been dismissed.

Mikani picks up the small boy before he gets too close to the mud. "Oh Prince Taran. Looks like you can fly." She says in a sing song voice. While Mikani always has a warm voice she has never been one to be sing songy. She smiles at the small child. "Let's go find your mama. You can show those fighters up later." She says with big eyes as someone who might have been around children before.

Cillian looks as Jeffeth comes in and the young man blinks looking to Aksel and then back, he rolls his neck some and readies himself.

Quickly stripping to the waist, the large man smiles brightly to Gunther as he puts his belongings down in a pile. Jogging over to Gunther, the large knight claps his hand own on Gunther's shoulder with a gleaming smile. "Thank you Master Gunther. Let's show the North how well we Lowers boys know the mud, hmm?" Jeffeth grins broadly before taking a step away from the man to space out all the competitors.

"I suspect the mud is going to get into undesirable places just as handily. But that's never bothered anyone much that I've heard." Eilonwy says and watches the fighters get into the pit with a curious expression. "I wonder how this shakes out. I haven't seen a lot of these people fight, let alone brawl."

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Aralie, the shy assistant have been dismissed.

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Kieran watches as a guard suddenly gets into the pit with the others. The prince approaches the man and grans his arm, giving it a tug. "While I applaud your dedication to your ward, no guards are allowed to assist in the mud pit. You'll have to sit at the benxhes with everyone else."

Drea smiles at Amari and Mikani and then blows more kisses on her granddaughter's cheeks. She looks up to watch Taran try to join in, laughing as she wrinkles up her nose. She watches Kieran lead the wrestling, basking in her family around her.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant have been dismissed.

Gruffudd, A ridiculously large and fluffy Blackwood forest Cat, Inka Briar arrive, following Ysbail.

Jeffeth wields a tactical warhammer with a brutal spike.

Ysbail slips in sneaking over to Kieran's side looking utterly guilty

"I've seen a few of them. Not without weapons." That said, Jasher continues watching the muddy battleground.

guard is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant wakes up.

Tossing a braid over her shoulder, Carmen strolls in, eying the folks already in the mudput with a snort of amusement. Strikingly tall and lanky, she makes easy progress over to Mikani and those nearest her. "Lady Mika, you're looking unusually clean today."

1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant have been dismissed.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Mikani looks up at Carmen with a grin and a child in her arms. She bounces the boy making him giggle. "Oh and dip!" She says in a loud whisper every time she 'drops' him causing another loud laugh from the boy. "I'm not one for mudwrestling though I guess I could wrestle you if you need me to just to show you up." Teases her dear friend. "It has been far far far too long."

Kieran finally coaxes the drvoted guard out of the ring and looks back at the five combatants standing in a circle, facing each other, and an arm's length away. "Alright! BEGIN!"

Mirk rises to his feet, as the fighting begins, his assistant catching his attention. He offers a distracted nod to Amari and to Mikani, then slips away from the group.

"Huh. I think Reese will sweep. Cill's more of an archer to say- throwing with fists." Eilonwy speculates and sits up sp she can talk more quietly with the taller man while they watch.

Carmen answers Mikani, with a pointed look down to the baby, "Not /that/ long." She cracks a grin and then sticks out her tongue at the kid. "You're pretty good at that. Guildmaster Joscelin's been putting me through my paces, too." The mention of a friendly fight earns another snort. "No. I saw you go at Aleksei."

"I suppose you can make a wager," Jasher replies blandly towards the marquessa. He leans in slightly to listen, blue eyes swiveling up, then murmurs back, lips barely moving.

Mikani looks at Carmen, "Wasn't there snow on the ground for that?" She asks curiously the last bit of time had been a huge blur for her. Thinking of the last few months her dark eyes show a bit of pain for the briefest of moments before she goes back to her usual cheer and warmth. "I worked for a lady that had small children for a short time." She bounces the small prince again getting more giggles before she smiles at her friend again. "Tell me about your time with Joscelin. How has that been going?" Mikani asks before turning back to watch the fight.

Ysbail flushes as she converses with the Kieran in low tones, her attention shifting back out to the ring after a few moments, and to those present in the room. "Well, it looks like everything sorted itself out - but still."

There is spryness to the pot-bellied old man as he looks around the mud. His feet don’t sink much as he keeps them stepping. Gunther is no stranger to fighting in common settings. And while the Redrain are a far cry from the Oathlands wandering and poverty the orphan has known his whole; this sport is one of those that translates to the fighting poor. Gnarled mitts that have been broken and scared over until his hands are simply mutilated knuckle heavy ham-hammers. The man’s age has his hands trembling and there is a shake to him that may be the onset of early Parkinson’s or something ultimately life-debilitating down the road for the man. Gunther takes his time as his bare feet circle and he watches the movements and angles of each contestant. He does not go in straight away and instead he just dances out on the periphery. His mitts are out straight ahead almost like he was Frankenstein walking. His hands out in a guard as he keeps his feet spread to hip roll left or right if anyone tries to grapple. He seems to be locked on Aksel and determined. He goes in close and gets a hip toss but not without taking damage as he tries to get a good grip to maneuver the man to pin him. Gunther stalks his opponent, he engages slapping his hands on him with hard painful touches that come more and more frequent until he finally gets a good hit on him. Soon he goes in for a full takedown and manages to get the man in the mud on the ground. And they are going back and forth as they work and fight for position. Gunther seems to be getting the upper hand as he grabs a wrist and works towards an arm bar to finish but his grip slips in the mud with the result that the pair are locked up together.

Her attention mostly on the fight, too, Carmen says sidelong to Mikani, smile wry, "Still not long enough to pop out a baby that size." A particularly sloppy set of holds has Carmen chuckling under her breath. "Mad as hatters, them. I'd have to be off my ass drunk to go a few rounds with someone with Jeffeth's reach. I know Princess Reese. Who are the other victims?" She does glance down to Mikani then, vibrant green eyes narrowing at the corners. "It's been good. She's a remarkable lady and spoils me rotten. Which, I did deliver her baby so I might've earned a little of it back." Her tone is, oh, so casual. "What've you been up to?"

Shaking off the idea of wagering, Eilonwy looks to Ysbail and winks at her sister with a lift of her hand before resuming her soft conversation.


There's a lot of it. When Kieran shouts Begin, Jeffeth starts slipping away. Battle Royales can be difficult. So many choices. The large Knight Commander mostly stays on the defensive at first, keeping on his back heel. There are some precursory shoves. Testing the waters as you will. The big man gives a bump of his hips or a shove of his hands to every other competitor. Except, notably, the elder Gunther. While Jeffeth does stay rather near the man he never swings his hands out at the stocky fellow. Cillian however, does not get the same treatment. One huge arm wraps around the young man as his hip swings out to connect with Cillian's using the momentum to pull him over his hip and fling him down in the mud. Jeffeth is then retreating, remaining rather busy with a certain princess's continous attention. The large man mostly swats hands away that come his direction, while grunting something low to Gunther.

When it's called, Aksel immediately goes after Jeffeth. He looks like a bear after all. But the first attempt at an arm bar fails, and he's able to sidestep Gunther before turning his attention to that man for the most part. Then it simply becomes a flurry of half naked bodies. Mud flying this way and that. Several times it looks like Aksel is out of the count but he's able to wiggle himself away from that nefarious armbar that is being placed on him. He scrambles trying to find his footing, but it's mud so the best that he's got is being able to get back to his knees and turning to square back up against Gunther.

Reese is in the mud pit while adorned in her white linens. She tries to keep crouched low for better balance and so she can better resist the attacks. The girl got knocked down by Jeffeth and is sporting some bruises now, but she still seems to be holding up. She goes after the other wrestlers and while she went after everyone save Cillian at least once, she seems to be focusing on Jeffeth the most. She mostly misses!

Ysbail's look of a cat who had just devoured a beloved canary draws a curiously raised eyebrow from Jasher. Otherwise, he's engaged in quiet discourse so that the crowds can enjoy the sport of dirty fighting--metaphorical and otherwise--in the pit.

Sliding in the mud, Jeffeth shifts his large mass in front of Gunther, his hands out ready to deflect and guard.

Ysbail gives her adoptive sister another flushed look of mild embarrassment. She does wave, however moving over to murmur something to the marquessa.

Kieran serves as the announcer for the event and calls out loudly, "Goodman Gunther, the mystery participant, appears to be handling himself rather well in an arena full of seasoned combatants." The prince winces as thr action continues, "Goodmen Aksel and Cillian will /definitely/ need to stop by the Grotto for a bath after this and maybe a massage or possibly bandaging.". Then Jeffeth moves in front of Gunther, "Oh! And Jeffeth appears to have decided to partner up with Gunther! That was an unexpected turn!"

Leaning over to press a hand lightly on Ysbail's shoulder she offers some quiet words and then rubs her back softly before sitting up straight.

Ysbail is overheard praising Kieran: Excellent Hosting skills, quite excellent.

Mikani looks at child on her arms. "This isn't my child. This is Prince Taran, Princess Donella's son. I would have had to have gotten married and had a child. That is a lot to do in a bit of time." She laughs warmly. "Oh I know he does have a long reach. Cillian is Eilonwy's twin brother. I met him once but we didn't talk much. Gunther the older man I just heard his name in passing don't know much about him at all." She grins at Carmen. "I'm glad you are getting spoiled. You deserve it." It didn't pass Mikani that she avoided what she had been up to.

Cillian hears the words start and he readies himself, looking to those he is in the mud pit with and seeing who is the most dangerous it seems he goes for Jeffeth the most moving the shive him and try and knock the man off balance but it seems the much larger man is like tossing yourself into a brick wall. When Jeffeth grabs at Cillian the young man oofs as he feels it.

After the quietly uttered parting words, Jasher straightens to look back at the pit. His attention seems more fully on the wrasslin' going on, now, blue eyes following the motions with detached curiosity.

Gruffudd, A ridiculously large and fluffy Blackwood forest Cat, Inka Briar leave, following Ysbail.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, following Kenna.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 3, rolling 74 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 29 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

Smiling a bit herself, Eilonwy watches her twin. Wincing for his hits she looks away and watches Jasher instead for the moment.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 38 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 30 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 16 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

Completely late to the party, Kenna slips in and moves around the crowd until she spies someone she actually knows among the gathered crowd. Edging about she raises her hand and calls out, "Carmen!" Arm waving as she weaves her way to the mercenary's side.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 58, rolling 35 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

There is a look over to Jeffeth from the tiniest man in the pit. And Gunther grins over at Jeffeth as the man slides near him and goes on the defensive. Gunther adjusts his strategy completely and fights within the presence of Jeffeth’s shadow. Gunther moves behind the giant of a man and waits for him to deflect and then he goes recklessly forward. With a quick movement Gunther shoots in and goes for a complete takedown. As he wraps his arms around Aksel’s massive thighs; being a foot shorter than the man Gunther has a tremendous low center of gravity. Muscles tighten and vein’s pop along the clear male pattern baldness as Gunther picks up Aksel bodily over a shoulder and them SLAMS his forcefully into the mud with fury. And then as if attempting to finish him Gunther goes for the arm bar again. He takes the arm from the stunned figure who is reeling and he grips it tight. One leg goes over Aksel’s belly as he brings the length of the man’s arms across his pelvis. Gunther then arches upwards and there are ‘pop’ ‘pop’ ‘pop’ noises of tendons as he tries to force the man to tap out. Princess Reese gets involved and as Aksel is fighting to stay in the fight with his lingering arm bar Gunther has to use one hand to fend off and beat on Reese. He manages to trip her with his iron grip and put her prone to give Jeffeth a chance. “Reckon the poor orphans representin’ tonight, no?” The man grins a bloody smile over to Jeffeth. “Gonna be fun when it’s just you an me, friend.”

Kenna's shout has Carmen breaking away from her hushed conversation with Mikani to raise an arm over to Kenna in answer. "Officer Lady Kenna /Acheron/," Carmen greets with a grin. "Fight's good and messy now. I'm sure we could toss you in to pile on Sir Jeffeth if you wanted though. Seems to be the winningest way." She nudges Mikani with her elbow lightly. "You know each other? Lady Mikani Redreef carrying /not/ her baby." Then she yells down to the pits, "Get him!" That she's non-specific about who should get which particular him seems to be deliberate by the twitch of her smile.

"Ooooh!" Kieran calls out as he winces yet again. "This is beginning to look like it's getting a little personal! Her Highness, Cillian, /and/ Aksel all look like they should prpbably just loe down in that soft, warm mud and take it easy for a bit. Though, if ine of them wants to win, they should probanly think about focusing their attention of the dynamic duo of Gunther and Jeffeth!"

Reese spent much of her time guarding Aksel, but she start to get so very bruised up she stops. The Princess is covered in bruises and has been taken down more than a few times. She seems close to being taken fully out of the fight, but she fights on. She winces a few times, but seems to still be in a good move. Gunther and Jeffeth the ones attacking her even given a smile, but a very quick one as she is trying to focus on the fight.

"I don't think I'll ever get use to that name," Acheron, "and, I haven't!" Kenna directs a smile at Mikani and curtsies just a touch because there is a crowd. "It's good to meet you!" She spares some glances towards the the fighting and calls out in what can only be described as a yell, "I see Princess Reese and Sir Jeffeth - who are the other mud-covered people?"

Mikani laughs warmly as she nods to Kenna. "I think we have met in passing. Though lately I have been really bad with names and faces." She smiles apologeticly at Kenna. She motions her head to the toddler in her arms. "This is Prince Taran Redrain ... Princess Donella's eldest. I'm giving mama a break as she tends to the twins." She bounces the boy again and another giggle peals out from the child's lips.

What can really be said about this? It's wrestling and with the ammount of mud that's about, Aksel can't find ... and holy shit the Northern is lifted off the ground, but Aksel doesn't panic. He tries to find purchase and beat back at Jeffeth before getting slamed to the ground. It doesn't work and the wind definately looks to have been knocked out of him. But Reese is there to provide a little relive, but Aksel doesn't look quite right. Likely concused with the way he moves, but he doesn't quit. Feeble as it may look, Aksel still presses forward.

Jeffeth is now fully covered in mud. The massive man is a wall of muscle and not a segment of him doesn't have the dark ooze speckled over him. Two huge arms are swinging around rapidly as occasionally a loud guttural grunt is let out from the tallest competitor. There are a plethora of throws, pushes, and swings. The big man gets plenty of attention from Cillian, Aksel, and Reese and each of them at one point or another gets the large man throwing them back in the mud a foot or two.

Keeping himself near Gunther, Jeffeth soaks up any lunges for the stocky fellow. His hands are flicked, flinging off some excess mud. As he lets out a loud laugh over to Gunther. "We were born in this." The big man calls out, stomping one foot down into the mud. A little splash and the big man is laughing raucously, even as Aksel gets flung to the side. Jeffeth hunkers down and takes a step forward, looking a bit more aggressive now. Apparently he has been on the defensive sides of things this whole time.

Drea settles on the bench next to Donella and all her grandchildren and she watches the wrestling with a little amused smile on her lips. Not too much baby drool on her, but if there was, she wouldn't care.

Squinting, Carmen points to each competitor in turn after Kenna's question. Gunther? "The shiny top one's had help from Jeffeth, but I don't think he needs it. Man has hands bigger than my head and about as thick." Cillian? "Lady Eilonwy's twin and looking happy as a happy, mud-covered clam." Aksel? "And that one is named Aksel, I think. I'm probably more sure of his name than he is right about now."

Jasher continues watching the ebb and flow of battle, blue eyes curious. Occasionally, his lips would twitch, his face moving in the beginnings of a sympathetic grimace when a particularly telling attack is made, but otherwise he's the typical quiet observer.

Cillian tries his best to get at Jeffeth to do something to weaken him down but all he seems to do is keep running smack into the mud wall, he lets out a painful groan as he is knocked back and stubbles but he breaths in painfuly and does not seem to be letting up, no he heads right back in!

"I think I'm going to have bruises watching Cillian go at it." Eilonwy murmurs to Jasher. Cupping her hands around her mouth she calls out to Cill. "Use your head!"

"Is it a Redrain thing to show them unarmed combat from early on?" Kenna honestly asks Mikani asks, her face wide open with curiosity. No mocking present. Carmen catches her attention and she glances at each fighter in turn. "Do they have any Mercy's on hand? Or is being able to see straight over-rated?"

"Please do not tell your brother to start headbutting people," Jasher deadpans. Otherwise, he's still watching the pit.

Mikani shrugs to Kenna, "I'm not a Redrain. I do know in Redreef we get them on a ship as fast as we can." She nibbles her lip and laughs as the boy presses his face into her neck and she gives him a warm hug. "That's right Your Highness. I'm sure you could show them who's who." She assures the small boy.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 75, rolling 21 lower.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 5 higher.

Aksel remains alive, but close to death.

Aksel is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 48 higher.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Carmen gives a low chuckle and flips her braid over her shoulder. "Mercies? Not sure, but wouldn't be the first time I played medic to a bar - or mud - brawl." Her head cants to one side as she studies the competitors. "Wouldn't mind some snow right about now, as point of fact," she adds after looking over to Eilonwy and Jasher at their tactical contributions. Her grin is slow and unrepentant to Kenna and Mikani, however, when she concludes, most philosophically, "But even if they could see straight, not much is going to beat seeing these few strapping folk muddied up."

"He is thick headed, but that's not how I meant it. Do you think he's going to head buttpeople?" Eilonwy winces and sits forward a little more. "Not actually hitting people with your head Cill!" She leans over to look at Kenna. "I'm a healer by trade-battle medicine mostly."

Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 23, rolling 16 higher.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 20 higher.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

"Yes," Jasher replies, still wearing that absolutely straight face. He's still watching the pit.

Kenna hits her face with the palm of her hand lightly. "Duh, you're a healer." That's to Carmen as she smiles sheepishly. "I'm so sorry." Her eyes cut to Mikani, "Acheron sends their babies just...away. I almost feel so super spoiled that I actually grew up //with// -- oohhhh," Kenna interrupts what is her lack of filter to wince at the fighters down below. Towards Eilonwy, "I think they'll need both you and Carmen!"

Cillian has rolled a critical success!
Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 44, rolling 34 higher.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 8 higher.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 51, rolling 11 higher.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

The smile Carmen shoots Eilonwy's way is easy and friendly even as she gives the tiny woman a professional onceover. "Happy to offer my help. Not to put this wrongly, but it's going to be a messy business, my Lady, and shouldn't be more than a few bumps and bruises. That's your brother down there?" That friendly ease lingers for Kenna as she laughs, returning her attention to the fight. "Or might be the good officer is right and they'll need all the hands they can get." She winces, grimacing at a remarkable splash of mud before shooting Mikani a laughing glance. "I don't know how you're keeping the young sir out of that. It's cruel to my mind."

Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 57, rolling 1 higher.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 66, rolling 5 lower.

Cillian has rolled a critical success!
Cillian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 32, rolling 8 higher.

Cillian remains alive, but close to death.

Cillian is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Mikani shrugs to Carmen. "Figured I would help with keeping him out of the main fight. After it's done I'm sure he can have all the fun in the mud his mama wants him to."

Looking at Carmen, Eilonwy chuckles and shakes her head. "No messier than pulling the wounded off the field at Maelstom. I will manage, I'm sure." Even as she speaks the marquessa takes a leather tie to bundle up her curls. Looking to Jasher she grins wolfishly. "You might have to suffer alone for a moment or two."

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 75 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 19, rolling 60 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 92 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 26, rolling 40 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Reese is covered in bruises and looks close to falling! She keeps going after Jeffeth and Gunther, but mostly Jeffeth! The girl for the most part is missing, but she seems to be trying trying really hard.

Gunther won’t let go. He’s like a jaw that locks his jaws and he has hands that are utter vices. Years of working and using only his mitts to fight has left the man like a gnarled old honey badger. And he wades in fearlessly despite being undersized to the extreme. Gunther strains on the arm bar as he writhes in the mud. Even as Aksel stands in his concussed form Gunther still has his grip and hanging upside down he won’t release. But then as Aksel struggles Gunther lets the arm go to bring his legs up and catch Aksel in a triangle choke. Dangling upside down Gunther gets position and starts choking. He watches as Aksel’s face starts changing colors until it is a shade of purple. “Come on… come on yah lug, let it go.” And then when the man falls and his lights go out Gunther finally lets go rather than killing him. The old man even does him a solid and turns him over until he is face up and can’t choke on mud. He defends himself while he does so but soon once the man is safe from harm he is back at it and his new target is…. the Princess.

Gunther switches to Reese and he tries to close to keep her occupied while the other pair tangle. He tries to lock on with her missing a bunch only to get a glance blow on her thigh. The old man has that old man strength as he endures and keeps in it. He works in glancing takedowns that leave the woman prone, or off balance as he looks for openings to finish her off. He is clearly a long combat vet as he foot stomps to slow her movement, working, pushing, and positioning. Soon Gunther has her down and he has mounted her; he leans forward until his forearm is against her throat and starts trying to choke her while using his feet to kick and try and keep Jeffeth at bay. “Come on… Come on… give it up. Just a little more…. that’s it.” He rumbles as he gets closer and closer to taking her down.

"Different //kinds// of messy. I'm betting this stuff might wash off a little more easily." Y'know, because it's not blood. Kenna tilts her head down at the fighters and does a low whistle. "You know what I would GIVE to fight like that?"

Danvir comes into the area a bottle of whiskey in one hand and rocks glass in the other.

"One! Two! Three!" Kieram counts as Aksel goes down for the final time. "We have our first drop-out in the match. That was a good show, Goodman Aksel! Now to see who drops next!"

Jasher finally glances towards Eilonwy. "I'll live," he replies blandly, offering an incline of his head.

Bodies and mud flying everywhere! Slipping around, the mountain of mud doesn't lose a step. Well besides slipping. Sliding around the big man is seen at points manhandling Aksel and Cillian. The young Cillian puts forth a valiant effort trying to wear down the behemoth. But Cillian goes up in the air and Jeffeth throws the man out of the mud pit with a roar. Looking over to Gunther getting Aksel out of play the big man slaps his chest. "Two versus one isn't sporting, Master Gunther. Consider our agreement at its end." The large man announces, going to give Reese a shove before he switches to bear down on both Gunther and Reese.

But Reese /does/ look like she's close to going out. So the large knight gives a hipcheck over there as his hands fling out at Gunther.

Carmen casts Eilonwy's silk dress a skeptical look but does tip her head politely in answer. "They're lucky to have you, here and there." The fight distracts her away. Carmen gives a low, appreciative whistle in time with Kenna's. "Damn. Never seen the Ribbon Knight fight. She is a vision." Then she leans down to murmur something under her breath to Mikani.

Mikani laughs at Carmen's words and shakes her head.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 39, rolling 48 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Danvir finds an out of way place and sits down sipping at his whiskey and watching the mud wretleing he calls out "Go Resse"

Carmen, attention still on the fight, simply extends her hands to Mikani without ever looking down at her. The corner of her mouth twitches.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 57, rolling 22 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 59, rolling 27 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Mikani takes Carmen's hand hoping it's in friendship knowing it's probably to throw her in.

Kenna glances at the two hands and raises her eyebrow in SO MUCH CURIOSITY.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 75, rolling 21 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 93, rolling 4 higher.

Reese remains capable of fighting.

Jeffeth looks over in the middle of the brawl distractedly as well.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 110, rolling 31 lower.

Reese checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 68, rolling 15 higher.

Reese remains alive, but close to death.

Reese is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Gunther stays on the attack and coils and twists like an anaconda. He turns and rolls his body in strange impossible ways that are utterly flexible. He is dogged about how he proceeds keeping an eye on Jeffeth as he works and tries to sink a choke deeper on the princess. The man grunts as Jeffeth’s reach gets in and he takes some from the man. Soon he shifts until he has Reese’s back and he flexes and tightens his grip. And as Reese goes to deflect him he can feel the choke sink in. And that’s when his hold body clenches and tightens. And he cinches the choke hold to help pass Reese from the land of the wakey to the land of the sleepy.

Once out he does the same and makes sure she can breathe. He even does one more and gives Jeffeth a hold motion so he can carry her away from mud and to be tended to safely. That’s when the old man turns to look at the other orphan Lowers massive mountain of a beast. “Reckon this is how it had to be. Ain’t no way I’m tappin’ as you’ll have to put me to sleep.” And with that Gunther looks around. He squares up and he goes quick and low to take away the advantage of reach.

The brawl continues with Jeffeth occasionally harrassing Gunther but mostly focusing on getting the Grayson Princess to tap. The Bull of Solace provides a gore, rushing across the mud pit to plow into Reese with his shoulder. Taking her to the ground. Luckily for Reese. He's in mud. So the charge is half running at her, half keeping his legs pumping so he doesn't just flop down on his face. Once he gets Reese he is wrapping her up in those giant arms and just.. kind of rolling around. For a minute. To keep her off blance! While releasing her to let Gunther finish off the job.

Then he's pushing himself up to his feet and strolling to the center, looking over to Gunther and giving a little nod. Waiting for Reese to be tended to, then his shoulders square up and Jeffeth hunkers down. When Gunther comes in quick and low, surprisingly, Jeffeth just lets him. Swinging his hands down onto the back of the man.

Carmen blinks down at Mikani's hand in hers and bursts into laughter, shoulders shaking. She tugs the smaller woman into her side - careful not to jostle the child - for a quick squeeze, releasing her hand. Still, she does eye Mikani speculatively. "You're tall but I bet we could get some decent range with a little practice." She cheerfully cracks the knuckles of her right hand, each in turn, and finally notices Kenna's expression. Her grin quirks. "You're not so tall. Suppose I could practice on you, if you want, Lady Kenna. It is just mud, like you said. Would wash out just fine."

THAT IS A THREAT. Kenna bursts out laughing first and then steps closer to Carmen. She's going to try to wrap an arm in Carmen's like a leech to fresh blood. "If I'm going in you're coming with me!" Mutually assured destruction.... unless Carmen trips her before she can snag the other woman's arm. Which, considering Kenna's coordination, is also totally likely.

Mikani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 79 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 3, rolling 90 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Danvir Watches as Reese is choked out and starts to get up but when he sees that she is fine he restrains himself from going over.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 11, rolling 49 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 59 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Mikani as Kenna comes up, Mikani sees the crazy look in Kenna's eyes. She knows that look and Carmen has her in the other arm. With a quick and graceful movement she puts down the small prince and sends him off toddling with a laugh to his mother Donella and grandmother Drea. It was good to have two hands back to deal with whatever she needed to. If it came to that.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 23, rolling 57 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Jeffeth checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 0, rolling 93 higher.

Jeffeth remains capable of fighting.

Gunther has rolled a critical success!
Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 39, rolling 115 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Jeffeth checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 96 higher.

Jeffeth remains capable of fighting.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 67, rolling 3 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Jeffeth checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 32, rolling 36 higher.

Jeffeth remains capable of fighting.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 72, rolling 9 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 73, rolling 4 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 81, rolling 0 higher.

Gunther remains capable of fighting.

Jeffeth checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 55 higher.

Jeffeth remains capable of fighting.

Jeffeth checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 57 higher.

Jeffeth remains capable of fighting.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 95, rolling 24 lower.

Gunther checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 56, rolling 37 higher.

Gunther remains alive, but close to death.

Gunther is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, delivering a message to Cillian before departing.

Reese is overheard praising Kieran: Great mudwrestling party!

Sighing, Eilonwy rolls up her sleeves. "Is it so hard to yield? Stubborn creatures." She starts getting up so she can help see to the ones that have been knocked out. All the same she looks impressed with the fighting tying on her healers pouch so she can get to it's contents.

Kieran watxhes with rapt attention, dropping the announcing as participants start to drop. Finally, when the...mud?...settles, Jeffeth is left standing. After a couple of quiet seconds, Kieran remembers his job and calls out, "And we have a WINNER! Goodman Jeffeth has come out victorious in the mud wrestling event! Congratulations, you hulkong brute of a man! And please keep at least 20 feet away from me at all times lest you accidentally touch me and break me in half."

The short and squat man is mangled in blood, mud, and sweat. His nose is all mashed up and broken for the umpteenth time. It is smashed to the left and mucus and clots of deep crimson mingle in brown muck. His chest is smothered and caked. Hair is matted and tangled everywhere. He moves in at the pair lock up. Muscles bulge and strain as they fight for position. Jeffeth is so much large that Gunther is forced to sprawl and use his low center of gravity to remain standing. As he battles the men seems equal in strength. Soon Gunther is starting to win and get some success. He’s pecking and straining the man until he is about to teeter over and for a moment Gunther does a hip toss that gets the giant on his back in the mud.

Gunther goes in quick and tries to get position but he is starting to wind. He pants and breathes hard as they struggle. And as age comes to bear the giant begins to beat the older man. Gunther struggles to keep at it and does as he promises. The man just will not give up the ghost and quit. And as he grits his teeth and strains he goes on the defensive. He has lost. He knows it. But the fight won’t leave him. It has never left him.

Reese is overheard praising Jeffeth: Great wrestling!

Reese is overheard praising Gunther: Great wrestling!

Oh ho! Carmen looks between Mikani and Kenna with DEEP mirth. Carefully, she moves to lift her arms out of reach, leather shifting with the motion. "My ladies," she drawls pleasantly, "I promise to neither toss, push, nor carry you into the muds and you can both stop looking at me with that two-against-one gleam in your eyes. A little mud'll wash just fine off of me, I promise you that." Her attention snaps back to the fight and the absolutely insane bit of messy, muddy, slimy, slippery brawlin' going on there. "Excuse me, should go help with the others myself."

Kieran is overheard praising Jeffeth: Congratulations, you hulking brute of a man! And please keep at least 20 feet away from me at all times lest you accidentally touch me and break me in half."

Reese is pretty bruised up and very very muddy! She was taken out by Jeffeth a while ago and did get herself out of the way of the rest of the wrestling. She looks like she will be okay, but she might be feeling bruises for a few days. The Princess eventually gets to the side of the ring and watches the rest of the fight, seemingly quite interested in such. She cheers them on, but they are rather breathless cheers.

Mikani puts her hands up in the signal of peace. "I'm not the one with crazy eyes." Mikani laughs warmly. "I was just prepared if she pulled ya in." She looks around before giving Kenna a look. "I need a drink. You?"

Danvir moves over to where Reese is and overs her his glass of whiskey as he says "good fighting lady"

1 Rivenshari Clansman, Lucky, the fishing cat arrive, following Athaur.

Jasher offers a polite round of claps once the fighting has ended. "Good fight," he says, though not in the tone of voice to carry it. He may as well have spoken to himself.

Kieran turns to face the audience, "Thank you for our very muddy event! Hopefully you all enjoyed the show and a dew of you made some money on bets! Have a good night!"

"We could totally take you." Kenna asserts about Carmen, not quite able to get through the words without giggling her head off in them. "I think she's running away from us." That is said loftily as she turns away and offers Mikani an arm. "Let's do it. I'm on a mission to figure out what passes for wine here in Redrain so I can know what I need to introduce."

Drea is cuddled up with one grandchild asleep on her. She's petting the sweet one, whispering little things in her ear. Or those might be lullabies. Is there anything better than being a Grandmother?

Cillian lays in the mud he is not moving any time soon he hurts way to much! He lays their with his eyes closed, this may not have been one of his best choises he has made.

Mikani leads Kenna to the Spirits. "First round is on me at the Spirits. When you all get there!"

Moving to assess injuries, and pull out the smelling salts where needed Eilonwy stops and makes a face at her twin. "You better hit the Grotto after this. She pokes a bruise lightly. "You'll want a good soak or you'll be too stiff to get out of bed tomorrow!"

1 Redoubt Buccaneers, Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, 1 Thrax Guards leave, following Mikani.

Carmen calls back over her shoulder to Mikani and Kenna, "I am most /definitely/ running away from you!" She trots down to the ring to assist Eilonwy in pulling the bruised and battered out of the mud and to their feet. Her gaze falls first on Reese and she pauses alongside the princess. "How's your head, your Highness?"

Athaur arrives, the bells jingling in his hair on his clothes. He looks around curiously, and then blinks in susprise. "Oh. It is exactly like it sounded like. I see" Then he laughs, shjaking his head slowly.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 50, rolling 7 lower.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel leaves, following Kenna.

Cillian gasps, "Eily!" he opens his eyes as she pokes one of the bruises lightly. "We have a Grotto?"

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