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Whisper Auction

The Whispers have decided to host a little Auction for time with a Whisper. It could be having them escort you to an event, it could be getting lessons from them, it could be anything within reason. Whispers will be open for bidding up after a light dinner. It'll be quite the show, As expected from the Whispers.


Feb. 20, 2017, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Saedrus Cailean Mailys Delia Mirari Larissa Sylvie


Lili(RIP) Costas Calandra Rook Kima Branan Rymarr Alistair Aureth Signe Atrid Luis Leta Ferrando



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Receiving Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Mirari, Kima arrive, following Costas.

Ferrando troops down the staircase and takes up a spot a few steps away before standing his ground, folding his arms, and doing the ever-popular Security Presence thing with an amiable smile.

Lili drops gold ring of caring lips carved from Gemecittan pink quartz.

Lili drops gold ring of caring lips carved from Gemecittan red quartz.

Saedrus drops gold ring of alluring lips carved from Gemecittan pink quartz.

Saedrus drops gold ring of alluring lips carved from Gemecittan red quartz.

Quiet, the Grayward champion arrives, following Rook.

3 Culler Lackeys arrives, following Calandra.

Calandra has joined the a mahogany grand piano with an ornately carved cabinet.

Lili gets The Dance of Whispers from a cloth clothing bag in the color of white.

Quiet, the Grayward champion arrives, following Rook.

Rook steps downstairs from the rooms above with a gentle pad of doeskin boots, his fingers trailing against the wood of the bannister as he descends. There's a sweep of emerald eyes over the interior and a few subtle steps taken to bring him in the direction of the guests and the Whispers.

Undoubtedly at the side of her co-host, Saedrus, is little Mailys Whisper, the picture of a Velenosa Whisper. She easily awaits until everyone has seated, everyone is undoubtedly escorted by an NPC Whisper, or a PC one. Whichever. They are on top of their game, of course. A brilliant smile is given, "Welcome, welcome. Dinner will be brought out once everyone is happily settled in and has had a drink brought to them." Another beaming smile, "Tonight is a dinner and a, so to speak, show. I am Mailys whisper." She flashes a brilliant grin over, "As some know." A hand moves to span toward SAedrus, "And this is my fellow host,t he most alluring Saedrus Whisper."

6 King's Own Guardsmen arrives, following Rymarr.

Calandra arrives in the receiving room just shortly before Rook. She quickly makes her way to the piano, her favorite spot in the room. The songbird is adorned in sea foam silks.

Branan claps politely for Saedrus - offering the man a tip of his head and a smile. The tip sends hair into his face and that smile.. does so little for his looks.

Lili smiles as she sees Rook after she enters and makes her way to him while carrying a painting. Kindness echoes in her voice as she speaks with him quietly for the moment. Her attention then shifting to Mailys as she passes the painting to Rook

Pariah, The StormCrow arrives, delivering a message to Mailys before departing.

Charlemagne the Unicorn arrives, following Larissa.

Lord Luis Igniseri of Granato is leaning back in his chair, eyeballing the room, and sizing up the competition. He remains quiet, only nodding towards Mailys when she discusses how the evening is going to go.

It's possible that the first question anyone might ask on seeing Aureth Grayhope stroll into the Whisper House is, you know, what the hell is he doing here, but he certainly walks like a man who thinks he belongs. Then again, he's Myrinda's son. Swanning in fabulous places like he belongs there is probably a learned skill.

Saedrus' steps upon entry are quiet as he descends the stairway aside Mailys. A full length robe is all that is worn today with split, open sleeves and a most daring split from the corseted fastening of his left hip down; each new forward step allowing the part to open across that leg. Evergreen and aquamarine shimmers beneath ebony fabric as he moves adding colour to the mourning shades. Each nimble step is mirrored by the spill of past-hip length dark hair only partially captured by a single long hairpin keeping a portion up in an intricately braided bun.

The male courtesan moves from the last step, with a most brilliant smile to those gathered, "Welcome each and everyone one of you to the Whisper House, and to the unique opportunity to meet our most magnificent Whispers." It's then Saedrus smiles brightly for Mailys' s introduction, leaning a fraction to press a brief kiss to her cheek. There are attendants from the Grotto as well as staff of the Whisper House itself that move about the space and people with the offer of red, white and sparkling wines; warm teas and non-alcoholic ciders with appropriate condiments for the autumn chill. Brandy and whiskey are also brought about on the silver trays the attendants carry.

There is a gesture out to the array of seating provided for the guests, all plush cushioned seats in Whisper House colours about elegantly set tables, "please do make yourselves comfortable, the meal is yet another culinary delight from our chef."

The rogue Costas arrives with a beautiful woman on each arm. The Baroness Kima Saik and the Whisper Mirari Corsetina a study in contrasts; pale blonde and midnight black tresses tumbling gracefully round their lovely faces as they hang from the shoulders of his abyss-dark long-coat. The trio make their way into the receiving room with slow, measured steps. Three predator animals at leisure, sizing up the room with laughing eyes and illegible grins.


Duchess Sylvie Zaffria is here, wrapped in black velvet that reveals the entirety of her back and a choker of amber stone that glows at her neck and spills silver feathers and chains down her spine. She escorts people to their seats, murmuring in ears and offering smiles that are already charming for any potential bidders.

Rook takes the painting and gives it a long look over before he laughs, ecstatic, giving Lili a brilliant smile. Returned words are provided even as he snaps his fingers for his apprentice to cross the room, take it and run it upstairs to be safely tucked away. With that done, his eyes raise to wander over the guests and Whispers in turn.

Branan lifts a hand to Costas, and makes his way over. "Why, Master Voducce." Says the Poet Priest... "What are /we/ drinking tonight?"

Lili smiles as Rook seems to like the painting and softly says something back to him before her attention sweeps about the Whisper House, taking in everyone with before her eyes shift back to the front of the house where Mailys and Seadrus have the floor.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rymarr before departing.

Kima flutters her lashes at Saedrus in passing as Costas leads herself as well as Mirari to their seats. She pauses only briefly in order secure for her person a glass of brandy. Her sleepy gaze passes over Branan before she makes a point of dipping her pinky finger into the liquid and then examining the nail in a show of one of the Lyceum's many poisons-testing customs.

When it appears to make the grade, the Lioness takes a sip.

Passing into the receiving room of the Whisper House comes Sir Rymarr Lyonesse, helmet tucked away beneath his left arm and pinned in at his left side. He comes to a halt just within the entrance in order to observe the unfolding events being held by the Whispers. A small contingent of knights remain clustered around their Lord Commander, but leave ample room before him to watch the progression of the House's supposed auction. Curiosity seems to be written into the stern features of the knight and his unblinking stare watches those within the reception area with passive scrutiny. Although his attention is momentarily drawn away by a messenger in the livery of the King's Own who dips into the Whisper House, only long enough to utter a quiet message to the Lord Commander. The messenger is sent away with little more than a nod of Rymarr's head, before he returns his focus to the gathering.

Aureth has joined the Blue Couch.

Aureth takes up station on one of the sofas, stretching himself out in a languid sprawl of limbs. His long hair is bound in a neat queue at the nape of his neck. His clothing is largely shades of blue and teal, leather and cotton. He crosses his legs ankle at knee, settles his shoulders against the seat, and claims a glass of -- one of the chilled non-alcoholic ciders. What is the bar owner doing with non alcoholic drinks, you ask? Well, if you ask that, you probably haven't seen him drink. Because he sucks. FYI.

Sylvie sweeps forward as the Lord Commander enters the Whisper House, moving to brush her fingers softly against the man's elbow as she greets, "Sir Rymarr, please, allow me to find you a seat," she murmurs warmly in greeting, offering a soft smile. "How are you, my lord? I feel as if I have not seen you since I watched the exchange of command from the old Lord Commander. And even then, you likely did not see me."

Costas flashes Branan a toothy smile, dipping his stubbled chin in greeting. "Master Poet." He glances aside at Kima as she chooses her drink. "It would appear we are having brandy this evening. Will you join us?"

The poet turns to settle down. "Brandy! Delightful." he says with a plop. "Who are we bidding on today, MAster Voducce, and who are your frieds? I am here to bid today. I am here to spend some of my carefully horded money."

Calandra starts to play the piano, but is soft background music not meant to interfere with conversations.

Calandra checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 44, 29 higher than the difficulty.

Rook detatches from Lili a short time after, wandering toward one of the couches and slinking into it, leg pulled up to the opposing knee as he reaches for a glass of something sparkly. With an amused expression at something said not far from him, his attention drags toward the march of King's Own. "Oh, how lovely," he murmurs at the sight of such, then leans over to the nearest person, which happens to be Aureth: "It's always good when some of His Majesty's royal guard come to visit. Everyone is on their -best- behaviour all of a sudden. Are you?"

Sylvie's approach is noted by Rymarr with only a vague tilt of his head forward and aside before he mutters quietly to the knights standing sentinel around himself. Once Sylvie moves within the vicinity of the armoured retinue and moves to touch at Rymarr's elbow, he clears his throat with a quiet gesture following Sylvie's words. Likely wordlessly instructing her to wait for only a moment. Rymarr's helmet is passed aside to one of the knights which act as part of his retinue, then plop-plop both gauntlets are tugged free and deposited into the basin formed by the helmet. Satisfied that he was in fact at least decently presentable, Rymarr motions Sylvie to lead the way with a gesture. While the pair begin to move to the seat which Sylvie so helpfully indicates she would find, Rymarr's answer is kept in a low, crisp tone, "For the moment I am doing well enough. Though I did in fact see you at the ceremony. I see all," Rymarr intones solemnly, whether a joke or otherwise is far more difficult to determine from the dour man's sternly spoken words.

For the time being Mailys makes no specific greeting to those she knows, she just smiles brilliantly at everyone. Once all are situated she gives a small tilt of her head to those offering to serve the meal to get on their job, "while food is being served I'll explain how this will work. You are bidding to spend time with one of the lovely Whispers that decided they would let themselves be bid upon. There is Lady Lili Whisper." Mailys fans her hand to the younger Courtesan, "Duchess Sylvie Whisper" an indication to Sylvie, "Saedrus Whisper." To her co-host next, "and myself, Mailys Whisper." An indication to herself, "We're Whispers. We'll be terribly wounded if you let any of us pass you by." A playful reminder of the value of having a whisper on your arm is, "The minimum bid will be 500 silver and it'll show your support for us Whispers (AKA, us Whispers are also connecting to tasks. Those that want too)."

Aureth's lingering smile widens as his pale gaze flicks up and over Rook. He tips his drink in his direction, eyes narrowing very slightly with the glint of humor that lingers there. "I'm always on my best behavior in public," he assures Rook. This is patently untrue, but he certainly /says/ so with every appearance of earnest belief. "King's Own or no King's Own, I should not wish to offend the Whisper House with anything less. For one thing, Ferrando's right over there."

"Too true, too true," Rook concurs, looking toward Ferrando with a brilliant smile and a familiar wave. "Then there's Master Quiet over there," he adds, pointing towards his personal champion. "Rook Grayward. How do you do, good man...?" he introduces to Aureth, hand extended, fingers unfurled to shake if so inclined.

Ferrando smiles cheerfully with a precise nod from way over yonder near the stairs leading up. He is certainly right over there!

Luis orders himself a glass of wine--some from the dog who bit him. His nasty hangover brings remembrance of every foolish decision he made last night. "Dear Mailys, who shall be going first? I must count my money carefully against all these large husky men with their brawn and their pocketbooks."

Saedrus waits, head tipped to speak to Mailys on occasion as the guests all begin to take a seat. It's all perfectly cooked dainty little pheasants with honeyed greens, roasted root vegetables and the like. Warm, fresh breads with thick crust are brought with vinegars and oils for dipping; it's all rather decadent and all that. While the guests enjoy a meal, so begins the show and Saedrus saunters himself to a place in view, a few steps up the stairway, to best be seen. "Most honourable guests, you are blessed with the musical talents of Mistress Calandra Whisper on her recently acquired piano for the duration of the night," Saed smiles to Calandra "it is a perfect symphony for the evening. But! On with the Auction, our first to be on offer is the most beautiful Lady Lili Bisland," offering a hand to Lili to take and join him center stage.

Sylvie waits patiently for that moment, letting him disarmor as he wills before her fingers curve more firmly around his elbow to guide him. She barely gives a glance towards any of the other King's Own, perhaps assuming they are useless targets to charm more money from. Or something. She also chooses to interpret his words as a joke, a laugh slipping warmly from her lips as she tips her chin. "It was a lovely ceremony, my lord," is what she offers in turn. She does guide him to a seat where dinner is being served, but doesn't take one herself. Her gaze lifts as Mailys introduces her, tipping her chin in a nod to the room, before she adds, "Any silver earned in a bid against me will be given to Gild."

Mirari is dressed in a dress of the severe abyssal black silk, adorned with high quality steel at the neck and shoulders; the boddice daringly open all the way down. She looks utterly dangerous; but at ease as she settles in next to Costas. A broad, warm smile given toward Mailys and Saedrus both. Her green gaze flickers over toward Branan when he approaches; the smile given to him a hint sharp.

Clasping Rook's hand with an easy friendliness, Aureth introduces himself, "Aureth Grayhope. Ward and hope; why, if only a Grayson were present, would that be a full set?"

Lili offers a warm smile and a wave hello as her name is spoken and begins to make her way up to the stage. Her hand takes Saedrus's as she says "Thank you Master Saedrus." Now standing rather prim and proper in the center stage, her smile remaining upon her curled lips.

"Woah, woah. You never want the full set in the room, it's an instant win and everyone else gets upset," is Rook's warning to Aureth. "We don't need that kind of international animosity right now, all things considered. Speaking of, I've had few interactions with the Grayhope family beyond the lovely Calandra, so it's an interesting opportunity I have to introduce myself. You're an enterprising lot, your family, aren't you?"

A grin is flashed to Luis at his question but she doesn't respond, knowing full well that hr c-host will do his part flawlessly, "As you can see, my lord, the most perfect host that is SAedrus is on top of indicating who." A cheeky grin is given to Luis, "I will be heartbroke if you do not place a bid on me, my lord." Mailys has, clearly, proven that it is pretty impossible to truly break her heart. She declares her love for multiple people multiple times a day and then 5 minutes later claims heartbreak.

"Lady Lili from all I have heard and seen is an exceptional testament to Jayus' blessings. Her art is divine, and her dance even more so. As said, the bidding with start with 500 silver." Saedrus smiles brightly to the gathered crowd, "A dance lesson would go for far higher than that though, who will start off the bids?"

Calandra's long slender fingers sweep over the keys with grace and skill. She peeks over to Saedrus and then to Rook as they speak of her music, having a gentle smile for the courtesans.

"But my dear Mailys, I would bet on you, but I must bet on Lady Lili. 600 Silver, if you please, Saedrus," Luis says as he raises his glass.

Costas raises his eyebrows in surprise at Branan's question. Settling around the table with the group, he makes introductions, first indicating Kima. "This is the Baroness Kima of the Saiklands, the Sword of Southport and the finest blade I know." He then drifts his gaze toward Mirari, his eyes lingering on the girl's face for a moment before he goes on. "And this is Mirari Corsetina. Another of this house's fine Whispers, and I've the pleasure to be allowed to chase round her skirts. She's not tired of my attention as of yet, which I count a kindness."

"Lovely? It was meant to be practical," Rymarr murmurs back to Sylvie before he's shown to a seat. He nods once and speaks with a little more enthusiasm and strength to his words while casting a nod toward Sylvie, "Thank you." Once in place he moves to settle into a seat, while a leather gloved hand rises up to carefully run a thumb down his jawline. Blue eyes squint as he turns his focus over the interior of the room, again taking in those present with his usual scrutinizing stare. At least until he lands on an individual or two, whom he watches for a moment longer than others. As the bidding commences and Rymarr settles into his seat, his chin inclines to watch the whole ordeal begin in earnest. Absently he lifts a gloved hand and announces in his usual stern, crisp manner, "Eight hundred."

"And who says practicality can't be lovely and poignant in its own way, Sir Rymarr?" questions Sylvie quietly, her brow curving slightly. But then he's settled and bidding, and she moves to draw away to greet others.

"600, to the Lord," Saedrus calls out with an indication to Louis, "But I am sure we can do more than that-- 800!" with a smile to Rymarr, "Though it should be known a portion of our bids will be put forward towards the future war efforts, for both the Mercys and the provisions for Soldiers so please, do give generously!" Who doesn't love a little guilt trip!

"Can I hear 1000 for the lovely Lady Lili? Saedrus asks of those gathered.

"1100," Luis retorts immediately and calmly with a smile over towards Rymarr.

Chuckle low in his throat, Aureth says, "Dear Calandra is actually a Culler, not a Grayhope, though I am sure that our family would only be blessed by the misapprehension," and scrubs thoughtfully at the back of his neck, his gray eyes flicking out towards Lady Lili, consideringly. He does not immediately bid, but rather turns his attention back to Rook. "Fairly enterprising, fairly. My mother was Myrinda Grayhope, the pinnacle of fashion in Arvum," /obviously/ the pinnacle, /obviously/. "--and my brother Fortunato is one of the finest artists in the city when he can be persuaded to finish a piece." He smiles. "Me, I just run a bar in the Boroughs. The lazy one, you know."

Branan settles in, tipping his head to Kima. "Baroness."

"1100 to the Lord here," Saedrus acknolwedges and looks about, "1500, perhaps?"

Rook says, ""A neat 2,000," calls Rook without even looking up, while talking to Aureth."

"A neat 2,000," calls Rook without even looking up, while talking to Aureth.

Mirari leans herself just a little bit more against Costas' side, emerald gaze flickering over Branan once more. A low soft laugh is given toward the conversation between the two men-- quiet enough to not interrupt the bidding. She glances toward those who are bidding with a curious expression. To Branan she says mildly, "A pleasure to see you again. I see you're over the shock of my asking price for perfumes. I thought you were about to pass out in my shop the other morning."

Branan coments sidelong for Mirari.. "No no. THat was the presence of a lady as beautiful as thee."

Saedrus chortles happily as he looks to Rook and smiles, "2000, to Lord Rook. Though I could not imagine you require dance lessons, my Lord. Is there 2500?" The male courtesan asks again.

"Saedrus Whisper, she is surely not worth less than 2,500," Luis says, nodding to Lili as if this was a certainty. "Better make it 2700, just to be sure.

"I'm just greedy," Rook says with a cheshire grin.

Luis' smile cast toward Rymarr results in the latter turning his attention back to Saedrus. He casually lifts his hand before giving it a brief, almost dismissive wiggle of gloved fingers before he calls out, "Two thousand and two hundred," he adds almost nonchalantly. He shifts in his seat then and moves to again rest his jaw into the cup of his hand while he watches and listens.

Leta struts in, as one does, easing off her cloak and continuing inside with only a touch of wary curiousity in her wide eyes, taking in the space. She inclines her head to Ferrando in passing, "Minister." she says with a broad smile and a wink, doffing her feathered hat for a moment, but detains herself, hands on her hips, to study the proceedings before a Whisper's likely to come by and lead her to a table.

Lili blushes softly as the big continue to raise higher and higher. Her eyes flitting between Rymarr, Luis and Rook as the numbers are spoken by them.

"My, 2700 to the Lord once more," Saedrus casts a look to Lili, then looks out to Rymarr, "You may wish to increase that bid, my Lord, should you wish those lessons." Saed offers in a warm purr.

Costas looks up from the quiet chatter as his table to enter a bid. "Surely these fine lords can do better than 3000." The common scoundrel eyes the assembled nobility with no small amount of challenge.

Sylvie does step forward to Leta's side, her fingers brushing against the woman's elbow even as she murmurs in greeting, quietly, "You are the Princess Serafine's friend, are you not? Welcome, my lady. Let me show you to a seat."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

"Too right," Rymarr replies to Saedrus in return. Though he does not bid further on the matter, but instead turns his attention to Rook and Luis both. He considers the pair before again his focus travels back to Saedrus while the bidding proceeds.

"3100, of course," Luis says with a wave of his hand.

"Such a challenge, Captain Voducce!" Saedrus laughs happily and smiles to Costas, "Come now, 2700 is the current bid! I am sure 3000--" the male courtesan grins, "3100! Will any offer more than this?" Saedrus nods to Luis and looks across the room for further bidders.

"Oh, do excuse me," Rook replies to Aureth, "that's awfully rude of me to assume." With a short laugh he adds, "A bar, you say? Well, that's still very much something, isn't it. It must be a centre of the community down in the Boroughs," he says with only the mildest of distaste. With a flick of his eyes up as he's outbid, he smiles, pleased.

"I have 3100, no other bids?" Saedrus asks out to the crowd, "3100, going once!"

Luis winks to Lili.

"It is," Aureth says with a sharper humor lighting his gaze. "Very communitarian, particularly when people remember not to smash my chairs over each other's heads." He sips his cider, gaze sliding back up to Saedrus as he calls for more bids, but he doesn't offer one.

"Twice!" Evergreen eyes cast along the crowd and he smiles, "And won, by the good Lord here. Congratulations, my Lord and might I say you have the most sublime taste." Saedrus smiles to Lili and offers an applause, "Thank you, Lady Lili."

" chairs break over peoples heads well, Master Aureth?" inquires Rook with a sense of highly piqued interest.

Costas catches that wink. "3500."

Calandra has a gentle smile for Lili. She continues to play the piano, but keeps the music softly in the background.

Luis makes a face toward Saedrus as if to say he is not amused by Costas' late entry.

Leta blinks for a moment at Sylvie, then nods her head, "That's - yes, I am. Thank you, my Lady. Not a proper lady myself, mind you, my Lady." she reddens subtly and tries pretty hard to tone down the Boroughs in her voice there, inclining her head respectfully as she prepares to follow Sylvie's lead to a seat.

Mirari tsks just a little bit at Branan, giving a small shake of her head toward the poet. She also reaches out to press her hand against Costas' side, fingers curling against his dark jacket. "You'll have to do better than that, sir, if you are to manage to out charm, my Costas."

"Oh, dear Captain Voducce," Saedrus purrs kindly, and makes a flourish bow before Costas, "You may need to be faster in future, but there are more lovely Courtesan's which to bid on."

"The cheap ones can. Splinters everywhere. Generally I think it's pretty hard on the heads." Aureth slouches deeper back into the couch. He laughs. "Speed it up, Costas," he calls lightly across the room, "not that I can blame you for getting distracted in such company."

"Mistress, then," offers Sylvie warmly, a soft apology on the words as she leads Leta to a seat. "But, certainly worthy of the princess's attention. How is she, Mistress-- Leta, isn't it?" It takes her a moment to find the name, searching through memory trying to find it even as she finds a seat and waves over a servant with a glass of wine and the first course that has already been served to others.

THe little Mailys is approached by a sneaky little Whisper who has grand ploys. whatever they might be has an amused smile that tugs Mailys' lips. She moves to Saedrus after he makes the final call on the bid and murmurs to him quietly, looking quite amused by whatever she is told. She then steps away to say with a brilliant smile, "Next up is our one and only Duchess Sylvie Whisper. She is a stunning and amaxing date to have. She will be the perfect companion and who doesn't want to be able to whisper in the ear of a Duchess?" Mailys bids Sylvie over with a bright grin.

Branan raises a hand... "1000 Silver?"

Saedrus escorts Lili aside with a bright smile to the girl as he whispers something past Lili's ear.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rook before departing.

Lili looks to Costas as the late bid is placed before she looks back to Luis as Seadrus escorts her aside and whispers something back to him in turn. Then she gracefully steps off the stage and makes her way over to Luis.

Aureth tosses out lightly, "1500."

"I am sorry," murmurs Sylvie to Leta as she must abandon her, moving towards the auctioneer in the form of Mailys. Her lips curve into a crooked smile, and she lifts her words to call out, "And did no one mention, yet, that you will receive a gold ring with Gemecittan quartz? It will match to your Whisper, forever symbolizing your bond for this auction." She tips her chin towards Branan and then Aureth.

"2,000," Luis says with a raise of his hand. As Lili approaches, Luis smiles at her and whispers something to her.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

Costas nods sagely to Aureth, grinning mischievously across the intervening space. "An error I shall not repeat. Accustomed to keeping my silver closer but this isn't the evening for that, is it?" With this he reaches into his coat and produces a hefty coinpurse, casting it onto the table with an indecorous thud.

Branan is not a man of many means - his clothes humble. He settles back when he is outbid and then the numbers keep rising. He seems content, to have started the bidding at a level that the nobility can maintain.

Aureth winks at Sylvie (like a dork). "Well, if there's a ring included, I'll have to up my bid to 3000."

Pariah, The StormCrow arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

"For the Duchess? Surely you jest. 4,000," Luis says as he prepares to pay Saedrus.

While the bidding comes to a close and a new Whisper is announced as the current bidding, Rymarr slowly eases back and into his chair in order to watch on in silence while the bidding commences over Duchess Sylvie. Each of Rymarr's gloved hands come together, fingers interlace, and he lowers his head to rest atop the bridge formed by his fingers. He considers the bidding taking place with a brief glance to those who cast their bids. Luis' bid draws Rymarr's attention, then again his focus shifts back to Saedrus whom Rymarr rumbles out a bid toward, "5,000 silver," he adds casually. Though after his bid his chin lifts from his fingers in order to turn his watchful stare over his fellow bidders.

"Leta it is, my Lady." the brawny woman replies with a sunny smile, though that fades slightly to answer the question, "Her Highness is - well, she's as well as can be, with all that's happened." she answers with a hand gesture, a slow despondent flourish to the side to illustrate all that's happened. As the auction for Sylvie begins and the Duchess excuses herself, Leta bows her head, "Of course, my Lady." and then takes her seat and goes for the wine.

Aureth finishes off the contents of his cider and leans to the side to abandon his glass, dusting his hands together. He cocks an eyebrow in Rymarr's direction, and looks for a moment like he's thinking about it before he turns back to the others, smearing his hand thoughtfully over his lips and beard before he says, "6000."

Sylvie picks up gold ring of caring lips carved from Gemecittan red quartz.

Rook leans into Aureth and murmurs something quietly.

Costas slouches back carelessly on the soda, conversing quietly with Kima and Mirari as he watches the bidding trio continue to up the bids. His calm, stormblue gaze flicks to Sylvie, considering the Duchess thoughtfully.

"8,000 silver," Rymarr chimes back. He glances away from the bidding to peer down at his right hand and the glove worn upon it. He takes a moment of his direct attention to give his glove a little tug in order to settle it into place upon his fist. Satisfied, his hand lowers again to his right side and atop the blade sheathed there.

Quietly Mailys lsitens to the bid, well. not really quietly. Seh calls them out appropriately. "6,000? Do I hear higher?" wonders the little Mailys.

"You hear 8, Mailys. And let's make it 9,000 silver," Luis responds.

Sylvie's brow curves upwards slightly as she meets Costas's considering look, though she only smiles lightly. Her gaze slides towards Rymarr as he bids, her smoky gaze warming as she tips her chin in a grateful gesture.

Saedrus, not the auctioneer at present, slinks through the crowd. Mingling.

Mirari blinks a moment or two, and glances between Rymarr and Luis. Her eyebrows raise just a little bit and she asks of the Lord. "Are you planning to bid on all of the Whispers tonight, my lord?" A glance is given then toward Aureth. Her tongue running over her lower lip. "9500."

Sylvie picks up gold ring of caring lips carved from Gemecittan pink quartz.

Luis shrugs his shoulders, "Of course. Why wouldn't I? 10k."

Mailys grins at Luis, "I was slow on calling out." WhenMirari makes a bid, "10,000 for the Duchess. Do I hear 10,500?"

Aureth purses his lips thoughtfully. He widens his eyes across the room at Luis, and then Mirari. He chuckles, just a little, and says, "I'm only a poor businessman, yet I find myself compelled to offer more. It must be the lady's eyes. 10,500."

"12,000 silver," Rymarr offers back to Luis' bid with an expectant raise of eyebrows as he shifts in his seat to now stare at the Lord while he settles in to await patiently.

Lili picks up gold ring of alluring lips carved from Gemecittan pink quartz.

Luis yawns, "13 thousand."

"They have seen much," teases Sylvie to Aureth, as he makes the bid. She doesn't do so much to show herself off, but she does lift her fingers to tuck a dark, auburn curl behind her ear, the black diamond on her finger flashing to show off the best possible light.

Kima leans into Costas, murmuring something within his ear while wearing a droll smirk. Her gaze, however, roams over those gathered, settling upon...

Mailys picks up gold ring of alluring lips carved from Gemecittan red quartz.

Rook has a mischievous look in his eye as he speaks with Aureth, looking up to the proceedings.

Costas chuckles lowly as one of the beauties on his arm decides to join the fray, flashing Mirari a pleased grin as he bends his ear to listen to Kima.

Aureth makes a show of patting his pockets, and then says lightly: "14,000."

"May I make a run to the bank should I win?" Luis asks for clarification upon the rules.

Rook says, "We trust you, my lord."

"Yes, let's add to that. 14,500." Rymarr offers back to Saedrus with a glance. A vague smile begins to play over the features of the Lord Commander, his jaw unhinging for a moment while his tongue undoubtedly glides over his teeth. Soon enough his attention returns to Luis and then to Aureth while he awaits.

"I mean, have you seen Ferrando?" completes the Grayward lord.

"If my honor lasts as long as a trip to the bank, I wager 17,000," Luis says.

Rook is overheard praising Luis for: How generous.

"You may." confirms Mailys to Luis and grins at him, "YOu do not return with your coin I will send the Duchess and FErrando after you." A call of, "It is at 17,000. Are we still going higher?"

Rook is overheard praising Aureth for: Even a common man can dream large.

Aureth laughs, teeth set against the curve of his lower lip. "I would definitely not want to overestimate my purse in front of Ferrando," he says. He winces at Luis's bid and scruffs his hand at the back of his neck. "Ow," he says.

It must be said that Sylvie hasn't been surprised at the amounts, yet. Not until Luis offers that, her smoky gaze flickering with it as it snaps towards the man and lingers there in a question.

"Boys, it appears the Duchess does not want to go with me," Luis says as he looks around. "Surely someone can come to her rescue."

"Two of our Whispers, my Lord?" Saedrus is heard in a chortle amongst the crowd, "How very greedy."

"A Whisper would never be so crass, my lord," Sylvie offers back in an easy counter, her words drawling in the honeyed accent of the Lyceum at the edges.

Aureth whines a little: wordlessly, half a vocalization in his throat. He looks from Luis to Sylvie. He sideglances at Rymarr.

Mirari sighs a moment and says, "17001, and the night goes to Master Grayhope." She flicks her fingers just a little bit, leaning against Aureth.

Aureth checked willpower against difficulty 15, resulting in 6, 9 lower than the difficulty.

Once the final bid is called out, Rymarr casually settles back and into his seat. A rather satisfied expression written into his features. Two plate clad arms move up and cross over his chest and his gloved right hand travels up to rest a finger over his mouth, while that faint show of amusement seems to persist on the features of the normally grim and severe man.

Leta eats very, very carefully. If only these utensils were considerably larger, possibly two-handed, she might do better with them. Still, she manages a couple of bites without incident, and watches the auction with interest, seeming as fascinated by people watching as she is by the whole process of the auction. She offers friendly smiles to those she knows, some of them slightly more circumspect than others, raising her glass or her fork in greeting.

Aureth almost bids, but Mirari rescues him before he can speak. He coughs instead. Never happened.

A laugh is given at her Cousin's bit, "17,001. Lord Luis?" questiosn Mailys of the man.

"I...I can't. 17,002." Luis says, shaking his head dramatically.

"Mira?" wonders Mailys of her cousin and Aureth.

"I will /end you/." says Mirari, with a bright cheerful smile toward Luis. All teeth and shining emerald eyes. Which, you know, might actually mean something given her reputation. "17,500."

"The struggle is unreal," Rook laughs excitedly, before joining a hand on Aureth's shoulder. Emotional support department.

"And I would have you know," Luis says to Mirari, "If I am to meet an end, I would gladly have it be by you. Suffice to say, however, in this instance, I yield."

Rook is overheard praising Mirari for: An absolute delight in a bidding war.

"Coin does go to assist in aid of soliders and Mercys in the upcoming battles," Saedrus /thoughtfully/ reminds everyone.

3 Inquisition Confessors arrives, following Alistair.

Aureth sighs dramatically on the tip of a knife. He puts his face in his hands and then peeks through his spread fingers. SO MUCH MONEY.

"17,550 going once." says Mailys. "Twice.." The littler Courtesan is givenign a final chance.

"My lord, I must ask you to stop bidding. I cannot lose another vassal, over an auction," Sylvie replies quietly, a moment of somber in the auction as her gaze drags over Luis. Then he yields. Her gaze drags to Mirari and a smile touches her lips.

"17,500 going once." says Mailys. "Twice.." The littler Courtesan is givenign a final chance. (re with PROPER)

Calandra is adorned at in sea foam silks and sitting at the wooden piano. She stopped playing now and watches the bidding with interest.

The Inquisition arrives, scarlet and black hoods, the whole nine yards. Auctions are great places to keep track of people's finances... compare them to tax records... how did you make that much money? My my... very rich for just a simple merchant. Menacing figures peer about the Whisper House in silence as the bidding goes on.

Calandra seems quite surprised to see Alistair arrive at the auction. Her dark gaze settles on the inquisitor for a brief moment and a polite nod is given in his direction.

The slight Mailys watches the crowd a moment longer, "Sold to Mirari whisper for 17,500." Mailys beams then says to Aureth, "Enjoy your evenign with Duchess Whisper." Because that is who won, after all, technically, sicne Mirari seemed to have been focusing on her.

As the bidding is called, Sylvie sweeps forward to her fellow Whisper, her lips curved into a smile as she murmurs, "Thank you, Mistress Mirari. Whether the night is still for Master Aureth or not-- You certainly deserve the ring." Then, a band of gold with wicked lips carved of Gemecittan red quartz is offered out to Mirari, before the duchess leans forward to brush her lips with her own wicked smile against each of the woman's cheeks.

Saedrus smiles brightly at Alistair enters, "Inquisitor, please, come and take a seat, would you care for a wine, or perhaps a brandy?" The male courtesan offers approaching the man with a gesture back to the seats. "Do you plan to make a bid?"

Rymarr's chin tilts upward as the bidding continues on behalf of Duchess Sylvie Whisper. Absently his gloved hand draws up from his side and traces the pad of his thumb along the faint cleft of his chin. Again his hand lowers and moves to rest atop an armoured knee, though he seems prepared to rise up from the dinner table, he stops himself. A glance is cast toward Kima and Costas both, he considers the pair, and then turns his focus back to the upcoming bidding. He sits upright and rigid within his chair, shoulders squared and chin elevated ever so slightly. Intense blue eyes fixed on Saedrus while the Lord Commander watches and waits for the next auction with unblinking eyes.

Costas lifts his rough mitts to applaud Mirari. "Well done, my dark heart." His eyes glitter with amusement. "Sounds like you may have just saved some estates from foreclosure."

Inquisitor Alistair gives a slight turn of his head to regard Calandra. The Whisper receiving an Inquisition stare before he inclines his head slightly. Saedrus gets no such consideration though, a Confessor steping infront of the man unless he gets too close. "We're fine." The Thraxian thug remarks, looking Saedrus up and down for a moment, "But I'll take some whiskey. Something cheap." he grumbles out. Alistair doesn't stop his Confessor, his eyes on those bidding.

Aureth checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 49, 34 higher than the difficulty.

Aureth widens his eyes at Mirari across the receiving room. It's a pretty good boyishly hopeful expression. Pretty good.

Ferrando steps up to smile politely, if pointedly at his Confessor counterpart as he proceeds to establish a zone of No Funny Business.

Mirari checked perception + manipulation against difficulty 15, resulting in 69, 54 higher than the difficulty.

Saedrus pulls up when the Confessor steps in front of him, "What in the world could I possibly do, fawn him to injury?" Saed asks of the Confessor, motioning for one of the staff to fetch the drink ordered -- No cheap whiskey, sorry Alistair. Saed's attention is pulled by another attendant and he grins a little, "Oh! A surprise, there is another Whisper up for Auction before myself," he chuckles moving off towards Larissa, "Darling Sun, you were added to the ranks." Taking up her hand and drawing Larissa front and center.

Mirari leans against Costas and ... sticks her hand into his cloak (in public!) oh... she's just pulling out a coin purse. A smile is given toward Sylvie, returnning the kisses to either cheek. She glances Aureth's way, and the expression she gives him is /not at all/ fooled by that wide-eyed innocence. She mouths something to him but doesn't speak.

"It is both with great pleasure, and deep remorse for being the auctioner that I cannot bit, that I present the next auctioned Whisper: Mistress Larissa Whisper!" He introduces Larissa to those gathered with a most elegant bow, "I think I could speak forever on her talents and charms, but I am certain so many of you know them already. She is a delight, so much so, I already have a silent bidder," Evergreen eyes cast sidelong to Larissa with a little grin, "And for that, for my dearest, the bidding begins at 20,000."

Costas whistles lowly, chuckling. "What's the fun in outbidding if we can't see the poor Lord's dashed hopes?" He calls out to the stage.

The Thraxian Confessor just grunts, folding his arms as Saedrus plays the part of the innocent and harmless. "The best Assassins are the ones you don't expect." he rumbles out, looking to the whiskey as it is delivered. He makes a face. "Too rich." Alistair just grunts at his Confessor's tastes... the Prodigal Inquisitior clasping his hands behind his back as Larissa is put to auction. One of his other Confessors, a slim man with a limp to his left leg, lets out a whistle. "20,000? Some bank accounts need auditing..." he remarks in a singsong bardic like.

Branan just coughs quietly.

With a highly amused face, Rook stands and begins to extract himself. Banking audits? The Crown minister soon is gone.

Saedrus looks all too amused, probably because Larissa is probably still looking a little confused; this had not been on the cards. "Who would like to kick off and try to steal her away from her secret admirer?" A chuckle to Costas and Saedrus makes some airy gesture, "I will be happy to bring you with me to let him know when he is outbid,"

Rook's rise seems to draw the attention of Rymarr, rather abruptly actually. He considers the individual for a moment before his attention travels back to regard Alistair. The Inquisitor receives a casual dip of the Lord Commander's head in acknowledge. Though he does at least lift a gloved hand to beckon the Inquisitor toward himself, where he resides in a seat at the dining table.

Calandra chimes in. "25,000! If am allowed to head to the bank. I wasn't planning bidding, but for Larissa, I changed my mind."

Aureth meets Mirari's look from across the room, mouth hooking to one side before he shapes words back at her. He glances aside, eyes widening again the sums being laid out, and laughs, "Holy fuck."

Larissa had not expected to be bid upon this evening and the announcement takes the Whisper by surprise. Her cheeks grow a bit flushed as she stands to the room and she inclines her head to Saedrus for a moment as she leans down to confer with him for a moment as he leads her up to the stage "I'm so sorry, I had not planned on being auctioned tonight and I didn't prepare anything to say. So instead I will offer my thanks to all of you who are so willing to support our House. It is because of you that we choose the paths that we do, to serve and entertain in the best of ways and the best of people. I am very humbled to have such an extravagant bid from Count Maximilian and I would be very pleased with that.." she falls quiet as bidding happens anyways and she laughs.

Branan glances over at Calandra... as she bids 25,000.. whoof.

"25,000 is heard from our lovely songbird," Saedrus calls out, "25,500?"

You know who is not bidding, not even for laughs? Baroness Kima Saik. She just sort of looks green at the numbers flying around, arms folded after having finished her brandy.

Pariah, The StormCrow arrives, delivering a message to Mailys before departing.

Inquisition and the King's Own!? Perfect bedfellows. Alistair leaves his Confessors to their own trouble, the bardic man with a limp letting out another whistle, "Can a Whisper bid on a Whisper?" Alistair looks to Rymarr as the bidding begins, "Lord Commander." he remarks in his quiet whisper of a vocie.

Mailys has undoubtedly been sending messages to the secret admirer for she pipes up "30,000.}

"30,000 goodness,"{N Saedrus acknowledges with a nod to Mirari, "30,500 perhaps?" he calls, "Admittedly, Larissa is priceless but, for her service as a Whisper I am sure we can add a price."

Alistair's arrival soon draws Rymarr's attention away from the bidding. "Inquisitor Alistair, good to see you as always," and then a gloved hand motions the Inquisitor down to his own height in order to convey a low whisper. He glances around and then toward doorway leading off further into the Whisper House, though ultimately his focus returns to Alistair in full. The bidding on Larissa taking place seems to go ignored while King's Own speaks quietly to Inquisitor.

The slight Mailys leaves handling Larissa to Saedrus and easily moves to repleace him at Alistair, playfully pouting at him, "You would fault them for helping soldiers and Whispers alike, Inquisitor?" She smiles brilliantly at him again, after placing the bid from the secret admirer. "THe are scraping their bank acocuns with desire to help." Up at him she flutters her lashes more, beaming so brightly. She unphased by his surly mannerism.

Ferrando watches a certain crow flap about in and around keeping an eye on the Confessors to observe their running commentary. He hehs faintly as the crow makes an exit trip past him. Not a very secret bidder to him, apparently.

Leta is enjoying her fancy meal, even if she eats delicately and with some apprehension, and looks rather entertained by the proceedings. She does shift in her seat to look at the Inquisition's arrival with an arched eyebrow but, then, if she's wearing a little silk and a little gold, part of it comes from the Inquisition's own coffers. There's a mild frown, but then she returns to watch the soaring values with a wide-eyed look.

Larissa smiles and rolls her eyes a little "Leave it to the Count Max to bid on a Whisper not intending to be aucitoned. I think we can end this here, thank you." she clears her throat with a smile "Thank all of you again, we are so honored to serve you in our many ways. I hope the rest of the auction is enjoyed."

Costas glances aside at Kima, smirking. "Oh, Baroness.." He adopts a mock look of sympathy. "Did you want us to buy you some company?" The rogue tips back his brandy gusto, settling one callused hand on the bag of silver before him. "Think of all the starving orphans or whatever the proceeds are going to."

Aureth studies his fingernails. This is plainly out of his price range.

Saedrus chortles delightedly, "I am sure he has enough coin to spend, dearest," Saed teases Larissa. A glance to Costas, because yes, Saed has very keen hearing "The War Effort, Captian Voducce." Then he sighs, "Alas, it would seem Count Darkwater has won, at 30, 000." What'd he have plans of draining the man's bank?

"Or laundering money." Alistair's Thraxian thug remarks with a sweep of his gaze upon Mailys, and then going back to enjoying his whiskey. Alistair seems occupied with whatever he talks about with Rymarr in hushed and whispered tones, giving a glance to Mailys. "I am certain if any audits are needed they will reveal all here are fine upstanding citizens." He delivers in a rather dour voice that makes it difficult to tell if he is humoring or threatening.

Kima rolls her eyes at Costas, but says nothing.

Saedrus leans down to Larissa and touches a kiss to her cheek, with a bright smile.

Signe enters just now, totally unaware of what's going on for today. The lass doesn't look as though she had planned for there to be a crowd here today. She obviously doesn't get news much where she's from. Blinking her surprise away, she scans the crowd for familiar faces, pausing upon sighting Calandra. Biting her lip, she shuffles over to her, trying to remain inconspicuous. "Hey. Hey, your last name was Whisper, right? Calina Whisper? Something like that? Does that mean you're a Whisper-Whisper too? Can you help me?"

Rymarr's stern blue eyes travel from Alistair to regard both Mailys and Saedrus in turn, though he does not withdraw from the quietly spoken converation with the Inquisitor. In fact he continues to quietly murmur from one corner of his mouth, while the rest of him seems to keep an eye on his surroundings. Let alone the half dozen armoured knights lurking near the entrance of the Whisper's abode.

"/Laundering/-- what /exactly/ do you believe you are accusing the /Whispers/ of, of all people?" Aureth asks with the bark of a laugh.

Larissa whispers something to Mailys and Saedrus as she turns and bows low to the room before slipping back upstairs.

Branan asks of Mirari.. "I did't know the Whispers did laundry! How stellar."

"Yuo would doubt the intergrity of Whispers, Inquisitor?" wonders Mailys, still beaming at him brightly, "One of the Houses with the most connections? You are by far a cruel man who breaks my innocent heart. I am pretty sure I, and the other Whispers, can only be soothd by a gift." After her cheeky words she slips away to replace Saedrus once more at the stage. Well, sort of, "Next up is the beacon of grce and beauty. THe man of immpecable fashion sense. My co-host Saedrus Whisper." She pecks a kiss on him, "Knock them dead with your fabulousness, beloved." she tells him, with a grin.

"They didn't find the source of all their problems while shit-kicking the Lower." Costas remarks to Aureth, rolling his eyes. "They're just working their suspicions up the chain. Very thorough. One day they might make their way to some real crooks!"

Branan speaks up immediaely. "%c5000 for Master Saedrus!" It's not as impressive as other bids. But it's enthusastic!

Branan speaks up immediaely. "%c5000 for Master Saedrus!" It's not as impressive as other bids. But it's enthusastic!

The Thrax downs another shot of whiskey. "No no. Its the bidders who would be laundering money. The Whispers would just be a convient vheicle for it. Come now Aureth Grayhope... I figured you would know how to properly launder money..." The large Confessor remarks with a shark like grin towards the man. Alistair looks up from his quiet discussion with Rymarr to stare at his underling, who gulps down his whiskey and goes quiet. "My Confessor is joking... continue with with your auction." he says and then stares at Mailys for a moment, "10,000 for Master Saedrus." he declares, and then nods his head as if that is his gift.

"Such as, for example, a man of the Inquisition who personally, publicly, offered his blood to a blood sorceress for experimentation in the middle of my fucking bar?" proposes Aureth to Costas across the room. Oh dear, he's gotten distracted from the actual auction.

Alistair checked composure against difficulty 15, resulting in 27, 12 higher than the difficulty.

"Possibly." Calandra says toward Signe, patting the piano bench in an inviting matter.

Mirari squirms a moment against Costas' said and then suddenly shouts out: "11,000." It's like she just control of her tongue, by the look of it.

Saedrus slips aside for a moment to speak to one of the attendants, there is a glance towards Alister before Saed is stepping up alongside Mailys once he was done. A little sigh slips his lips and he flourishes a bow. The courtesan might of been about to say something but Branan's bid is called and Saedrus is chuckle into his hand. Evergreens alight to Alister and Saed smiles, "One coulr ask Mistress Mirari or Captain Voducce, I am very patient with my dance lessons."

Mirari fans herself at the mention of dance lessons, and looks for a moment like she might bid against herself.

Signe has very evidently never been to one of these Whisper Auctions before. She had probably thought they would be of intricate accessory pieces and gloves or the like, but why are they auctioning themselves? Carefully and quickly, she approaches Calandra, seating herself with her at the piano. "How many more are they uh... auctioning? What is all this anyway?"

"Handsy though." Costas comments.

Signe has joined the a mahogany grand piano with an ornately carved cabinet.

Charlemagne the Unicorn leaves, following Larissa.

Leta's eyes travel sideways towards Alistair, then Costas and Aureth and Alistair again. Her eyebrows start to climb up her forehead and she lifts her glass to her lips for a very, very, very long sip, returning her attention to Saedrus and the bidders.

Also, it would seem Saedrus saw to getting Alister that cheap whiskey, an attendant brings it on a silver tray. At Costas' remark there is a warming pink to Saedrus' cheeks and he glances aside.

For a moment Rymarr's chin inclines ever so slightly while he offers a quietly spoken response to Alistair. While the Inquisitor seems able to split his attention between separate conversations, Rymarr's only words for the moment are cast quietly aside to Alistair. While his stern blue eyes watch the events unfolding within the Whisper House, his conversational side remains firmly held with Alistair.

From Mailys Ferrando gets a glance and a subtle head tilt towards Aureth and Alistair to keep things from getting out of hand. "11,000, do I hear 11,500?" wonders Mailys.

Atrid walks in and looks around curious as he is hes yet to be here. So He makes his way through looking to see if there are people he knows around.

Calandra leans over to Signe speaking softly with her. "Just two more." She says, before lowering her voice even further.

Branan glances at Mirari - then back to SAedrus. Then back to Mirari... "12,000."

"13,000, for Master Saedrus," Aureth says, not quite having shaken loose from the crank that seized him a moment ago, but not about to let the auction escape him entirely, apparently.

Ferrando meanders over to occupy the intervening space and puts on the 'talk about it outside' flavor of his polite security person smile.

Alistair seems to completely ignore Aureth's little jab, continuing to speak quietly with Rymarr, his eyes drifting over to watch as the auction continues and the price of Saedrus rises.

Mirari checked composure against difficulty 15, resulting in 21, 6 higher than the difficulty.

Mirari turns her head and burries it into Costas' shoulder, her shoulders shaking-- is she crying? No further bid is coming.

Pariah, The StormCrow arrives, delivering a message to Lili before departing.

"And I have been told I make for lovely company at events," Saedrus says with a bright smile, "Never mind, I do see the management of the Grotto, a gathering could be held there for whomever win the bid, if they so wish."

"And he makes a great host. He will make a beautiful party planner or arm candy." She is listenign/watching for bids, "13,000 going once?"

Calandra speaks softly with Signe at the piano, seemingly quite focused upon her. Her expression is somber.

Signe does not give much reaction besides the baffled blinking for this human auction. She doesn't say muh except let her lips move as she returns a thought to Calandra. Her eyes have a neutral wideness to them.

Atrid spots Calandra but doesnt approach after all shes with someone and talking. He looks maybe a bit out of place here. He continues looking around and finds a wall to stand near as he thinks and watches people.

Pariah, The StormCrow arrives, delivering a message to Lili before departing.

Finally the conversation, at least on the end of Rymarr, seems to draw to a close between himself and Inquisitor Alistair. The Lord Commander of the King's Own shifts away and returns to his rigidly upright sitting position. The shoulders of the knight remain squared and absently a gloved hand lowers to casually perch over the dawnstone set into the blade at his side. He casts one final nod aside to Alistair. Following the nod Rymarr's focus returns to the affair occurring within the Whisper House. Though now the Lord Commander's intense blue eyes seem to take in the interior of the structure, the people within it, and he seems to consider everything with a little extra scrutiny.

Calandra still speaks softly with Signe, her dark eyes pregnant with concern.

Costas casts a remonstrative look round the assembled. "Found your purse strings. Have you?" The rogue clicks his tongue. "15,000."

"15,000. Do I hear 15,500?" wonders Mailys with a brilliant smile. "You're getting time with Saedrus, surely that is worth more than anything."

"Not to mention the devine rings, as designed by Lady Sylvie with exquisite Gemecittan quarts which will be gifted to the winner," Saedrus thinks to add with a brilliant smile.

Signe mumbles things to Calandra on the piano as she watches the goings-on. She doesn't seem interested in Saedrus much, no, though she does squint at his shoes every now and then.

"And clothing design is something of a hobby of mine," Ahem. Just a side note from Saedrus.

Mirari pushes herself away from Costas side and leans up to press her lips against his cheek. "Let me know who wins." A dip of her chin is given toward Kima, and she says, "Lady Kima." She passes the money for her won auction over to an attendant, before heading out.

"Think of the war orphans." Costas exhorts the crowd, apparently forgotten again what the charity is tonight.

Alistair returns the nod, slowly rising to view the auction and the seeming final bids upon Saedrus. It seems his own purse is rather shallow, as that 10,000 silver bid was the only bit of money he offered in this auction so far. His Confessors, seem to just enjoy glaring at people and enjoying whiskey. The Thraxian one clearly glancing to Aureth now and then.

Luis yawns and stands, "Well, this has been fun. Good luck to all of you." He gives a polite wave and heads for the door.

"Or perhaps I could help enlighten someone to the varying tastes of aged, single malt Whiskey." Not the Cheap stuff. Looking at you Alistair -- but the tone from Saedrus is kind and good-natured.

"I've helped orphans with my own hands..." Kima mutters lowly.

Snowflake the White Dove leaves, following Lili.

Lili leaves, following Luis.

"Well now I'm going to help orphans with Saedrus' hands." Costas retorts to Kima, grinning like a damn fool. "All over my aching shoulders."

It is likely a shock that Alistair could look even more dour and less amused as Costas makes a remark regarding orphans. But he does. The Inquisitor gives a look to Costas with a very slightly raised brow.

"Hard to argue with that," Aureth says with a low chuckle on his breath, eyebrows lifting as he looks from the piano to Costas and Kima.

"Going once for 15,000." says Mailys. Around the little Courtesan looks, watchign for any further bids

The Mirrormasked Woman arrives, delivering a message to Alistair before departing.

Signe lightly drums on the piano with her fingertips. She tries to be casual about it but her eyes seem to return moat often to Alistair. Sometimes Aureth. But mostly Alistair. Lord knows why.

"Better armor for soldiers with kids, that'll get you fewer orphans." Leta opines sagely. Look, where did the wine all go? She frowns and goes back to her food, cheeks having grown a little rosier since she arrived.

"I'll tell Athas his sisters would have been saved from the Pit if only someone had paid for a massage, yes," Kima drones. Oh, it seems the Baroness finds ill humor in watching silver just...wash away, apparently!

Calandra murmurs softly with Signe, her voice gentle and her dark eyes holding concern. She glances over to Alistair and then over to Aureth.

Atrid carefully approaches Calandra where she stands with signe. If she doesnt give him a gesture telling him to come no closer, after all he should say hello.

Costas just flashes an easy smile toward Alistair over the rim of his brandy. "Bidding's still on, mate. Fifteen large says I give a shit more than you do."

Calandra glances up toward Atrid, having a smile of greeting for the Lord. She turns back to Signe.

Kings Own, Whispers and now Mirrormasks. Alistair seems to get in with all sorts. The man turns to listen to the messenger, and motions for his Confessors. The Thraxian Confessor gives a grunt, grabbing another drink of whiskey. Alistair looks to Costas once more. Alas, the man is not some nobleman with a pride to needle into action. "I don't care." he says flatly and the Prodigal turns to depart.

Kima is overheard praising Alistair for: No fucks are given, no fucks are expected.

"Sold to Costas" says Mailys with a beaming smile.

"Now that's something you rarely hear." Costas remarks after Mailys pronounces him the winner of an honest exchange of goods for currency.

Signe does not quit realize the incoming Atrid, being far too focused on two other older men. She leans slightly in Calandra's direction and mutters something to the lass, , nodding and fixing her gaze on just Aureth.

Slowly Rymarr leans forward in his seat, his lips parted and his eyes watchful as his attention shifts from the Whispers, to Costas, to Kima, to Aureth, then to Alistair. He seems to repeat that circuit, quickly and efficiently traveling from body to body while he considers each in turn. When his attention settles on Mailys and Saedrus both, Rymarr's head shifts once as though it were in a sudden nod of agreement to some private thought. The armoured knight rises up from his seat in a single fluid motion. He sidesteps his chair and ensures that he pushes his chair in. He takes a moment to ensure that he's left nothing before and that he's left his place at the dinner table as close to how it was found as possible. He nods once before he takes a step back from the table and then casts a glance offer toward Saedrus and Mailys. The Lord Commander, so frequently dour and grim, permits a rather broad smile and a nod toward the pair. When he turns away again he moves at a brisk march through the Whisper House's receiving room to rejoin his knights; one of which holds out his helmet and gauntlets so that he may return to his full armoured uniform.

Calandra checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 58, 43 higher than the difficulty.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alistair before departing.

Saedrus puts on a hurt expression when Alistair explains how little fucks he gives. The male courtesan looks across to Costas though when the bids end and Saed bows graciously before the Captain. "Thank you, Captain Voducce."

Branan slips out.

Senza Luce leaves, following Branan.

Costas lifts his brandy in salute to Saedrus, then pats the courtesan-shaped empty space at his side left by Mirari's departure.

Calandra turns her attention to Aureth, giving the man a charmingly sweet smile that brings her dimples to bloom and reaches her dark eyes. She even gathers her senses, smiling over to Mailys and Costas with her congratulations. The songbird then looks back to Aureth. "Come upstairs with me and the Lady Signe, she wants to see the baths?" she says in her gently expressive voice. "I will sing to you both." Calandra then tries to reach gently for Signe's hand.

"Since everyone seems quite ready to leave, I think we can skip over me." says Mailys, unphased by this really, "Unless there is someone who is set on me. I'll just give my second ring to Calandra for providing entertainment."

Aureth has left the Blue Couch.

"I can hardly refuse so gracious an invitation," Aureth says with a lift of his chin. He rises from the couch, tugging a little at his clothes to draw them back into ready order. "I would be honored."

His Confessors are already out the door, Alistair gives a sweep of his gaze once more amongst the Whisper House, his gaze settling on Calandra for a moment, and the entertainment she offers to Aureth and Signe. The man makes no comment though, and no further bids, as he departs. Likely other people need to be terrorized or accused of crimes.

3 Inquisition Confessors leaves, following Alistair.

"Perhaps I will call the bid and have you to myself, dear," Saedrus says to Mailys, leaning down to kiss her cheek.

Signe allows her hand to be taken, cheeks turning a touch pink as Calandra puts on her a kindly melodious tone. Before they are drawn away from the crowd, she calls out to Mailys, "I-I heard you did fine craftswork with wood? I'd like to speak with you on account of those if you-- Ack--" Poor lass almost trips over her skirt, heavy and black as it is.

Each of Rymarr's gauntlets are tugged onto his hands and each hand flexes into a fist in turn. Checking the fit and the way his hands rest within the gauntlets, Rymarr's head nods once with some measure of satisfaction. The helmet however is extended back to the knight which offered it, accompanied by a quietly spoken, "One moment," and when the knight of the King's Own accepts the helmet, Rymarr turns away once again. He moves without the rattle and clunk of steel plate that is ill fitted, instead his movements are relatively quiet save for the rasp of steel that has been expertly fitted to the wearer. He crosses to a certain Baroness, Kima Saik, whom Rymarr attempts to approach from behind and lower an armoured hand onto her right shoulder. While doing so he leans forward and down and quietly whispers to the left ear of the Baroness as he does so, his stern blue eyes casting up and across the room until they find both Mailys and Saedrus once more. Again the rather intentional smile seems to slash across the features of the normally dour and grim man.

"I tell you what, Mailys." Costas sets his brandy down on the table, then glances aside to look at Rymarr as he approaches Kima. The rogue only lingers his eyes on that gauntleted hand on the Baroness' shoulder for a moment before he returns his attention to the stage. "Let's bring my tab up to 20,000. For the both you and Saedrus. And you take this last 5000 and find me an orphanage needs a roof patching. Deal?"

Apparently he -had- remembered the night's proceeds were for the war effort.

Signe has left the a mahogany grand piano with an ornately carved cabinet.

Saedrus smiles to Costas, a dip of his head to ask for a moment, and in passing back to Mailys evergreens settle briefly on Rymarr briefly. To Signe the male courtesan smiles, "Well, dear girl, if you like Mailys' time on the matter--" Saedrus blinks to Costas and chuckles. "The 'war orphans' will be thrilled, Captain Voducce."

Kima smiles brightly, turning her head towards Rymarr as he leans forward and down. It is a rather bold move, all things considered, and her smile is only /too/ dazzling as murmurs something against his cheek.

Atrid returns Calandras nod and realizing she is busy at the moment he turns and heads out to make his leave.

Leta looks up from her wine and starts raising a hand, almost absently, but stops herself when Costas puts in an additional bid. She reclines back in her seat, grinning, and casts a curious look in Calandra's direction, followed by a nod and a subtle shrug.

Saedrus smiles to Costas, a dip of his head to ask for a moment, and in passing back to Mailys evergreens settle briefly on Rymarr. To Signe the male courtesan smiles, "Well, dear girl, if you like Mailys' time on the matter--" Saedrus blinks to Costas and chuckles. "The 'war orphans' will be thrilled, Captain Voducce." (repose for Signe)

The lingering that Rymarr does over Kima's left shoulder is brief at best. Long enough for a sentence or two, perhaps, before he rises up to his full height once again and withdraws his hand from the shoulder of the Baroness. He turns in place and begins to march at a ground-eating pace toward the knights of the King's Own who continue to stand vigil at the entrance of the Whisper House. Though he comes to an abrupt halt midway through his transition from Kima's seating to the knights awaiting at the door. He shifts slightly in place in order to cast a look in the direction of Costas. He studies the scarred once-corsair for a long, silent moment. Then a rather broad grin seems to blossom over the grim Lord Commander's features. He casts a polite nod of his head toward Costas before he again turns away and moves to rejoin the knights of the King's Own. He accepts his helmet when it's returned to him and unceremoniously dump the helmet atop his head. He gives it one fierce tug before he looks to the gathered knights, nods once, and then the contingent of royal protectors begin to march from within the House.

"To have you for full night to myself, saedrus? I would be unable to live with myself for not sharing you. Although.. We could insist that Ferrando be our chaperone." So they can both make him move things that don't need moving. At the smile from Rymarr Mailys flashes a grin at him. Then to Signe, "For discussion of woodworking with me, perhaps another day?" Then to Costas, "you can just offer the funds right to the orphans, Costas. I did, after all, just pull myself out of the running before you placed you choice up."

"All to yourself, dearest," Saedrus assures Mailys, "Else you can assist me, assist Captain Voducce with the orphans he is so teribly concerned about." A delighted little chortle thereafter.

Calandra has a sheepish smile for Leta. "I can still teach you to sing Leta, I just got too shy to be auctioned. Or it was something else you wanted taught? But I will even teach you for free." She murmurs. She has Signe's hand and peeks over to Aureth, trying to gage if he noticed her charming smiles. Finally she peeks back to Atrid, having apologetic smile for him as well.

Saedrus' gaze does linger towards Rymarr again, an the courtesan makes an elegant bow towards the Lord Commander and a brilliant smile as Rymarr moves to leave.

Signe returns an awkward grin to Saedrus which also ends up greeting Mailys. "Another day indeed," she agrees, thereafter turning to Calandra who still has Aureth and her in tow. A tight-lipped smile is levied to both. "Shall we?"

Costas grimaces, his glass pausing on its way to his lips. "Eh... That sounds like charity." The leathery warrior seems nonplussed with the idea.

"By all means," Aureth murmurs, not without a certain glint of curiosity in his pale eyes as he glances between Calandra and Signe.

Calandra nods in response to Signe. She smiles toward Aureth and then starts up the stairs, deeper into the mysteries of whisper house.

Calandra has left the a mahogany grand piano with an ornately carved cabinet.

Ugarte leaves, following Aureth.

3 Culler Lackeys, Aureth, Signe leave, following Calandra.

Mailys snickers at Costas' comment and blows him a kiss, "You can do it in my name, dearst cousin." she tells him.

Saedrus laughs happily takes his sauntering ass over to fill the courtesan-sized space next to Costas, near Kima. "Well, I think that all went rather well." He decides drawing the length of his hair over one shoulder to toy with.

Once at the doors, Rymarr pauses only long enough to speak a quiet word to one of the knights of the King's Own which accompanies him. An armored hand lifts up and gives a heavy-handed pat of the knight's pauldron before that lone knight ventures out of the Whisper House at a brisk pace, ahead of the other servants of the king. The remain half dozen knights, including their Lord Commander, all begin to file out of the Whisper House in single file. Helmed heads lower slightly in order to prevent themselves from bashing their heads on the doorway, the armoured men and women each seem so accustomed with walking single file - likely due to the fact that Crownguard Tower itself demands such in their entry and exit.

The knights proceed from the Whisper House, but Rymarr pauses for a moment in his steps. He leaves the remaining knights to come to a halt upon recognizing that their Lord Commander did not march with them. Instead Rymarr turns back to face the interior of the Whisper House, his helmet inclining ever so slightly before he calls out with a ring of good natured cheer toward Saedrus, "Out of curiosity so that the exemplary work of the Whisper House in the name of charity can be known - how much did the House bring in for their efforts?" Rymarr asks without removing his helm, which of course muffles words and largely conceals much of his features. One thing is evident, a fierce passion and alertness resides within the intense blue eyes of the Lord Commander.

Leta touches her chest and grins to herself, but pushes herself to her feet as the auction seems to come to a close, with her not having even bidded. A hand goes to the purse at her side, fingers lightly petting it, just a little lighter than when she came in, then slips out of her seat. Straightening up and adjusting the angle of her hat, she nods her head to Costas and Kima, the people she's at least acquainted with, then turns and tags after the King's Own out the door. Not too close.

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