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Velenosa Fealty Propaganda Party

Join Princess Jaenelle Velenosa in a discussion on latest events, public concerns and opinions, and any other matters anyone wishes to bring forth that might need attention. (House Valardin said everything was fine, so!)


Jan. 3, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

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Beatrice Theo Juliana Pasquale Alrec Isobella Lianne Isabetta Tris Alessia Quenia Duarte Grazia Fiora Waldemai



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Audience Hall

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Jaenelle does not sit, but remains standing at the front of the seating arranged within the Velenosa audience hall. There are no notes before her, or cheat sheets to read from regarding this meeting, but there is an open bar and servants throughout the room taking orders should anyone wish for something. "Welcome" she announces with a warm smile, making eyecontact with as many as she is able to before continuing, "this is an informal fealty meeting, just to make sure everything is going smoothly and to hopefully answer any questions or concerns anyone might have regarding anything."

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Guillermo the Setarcian Captain arrives, delivering a message to Tris before departing.

The guards in the Audience Hall bow respectfully to the arriving member of House Velenosa.

Galiana, a meticulous and mysterious lady-in-waiting, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Isobella.

Beatrice's path takes her to an empty seat by a circuitous route that passes by the bar. She deftly balances three glasses of wine with a smile to a server and twists her way to the benches for the normally auspicious with a smile in greeting to those already seated.

Theo sits, one leg crossed over his knee, drinking from a glass of brandy. His gaze flicks over the gathering, lips pursed together in silent thought.

Juliana who has been sitting lost in her own thoughts blinks back to the here and now as Jaenelle steps in front and addresses the slowly filling room. A glance to her side and a smile to Lianne and Pasquale, nose wrinkle to Alrec and settles in to listen.

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

"So the first concern I am sure most people have that needs to be addressed is the Archduchess and Archduke Consort. Archduchess Eleyna is perfectly fine, as is her husband Archduck Consort Talen. They have had to leave Arx for the time, but I assure you that everything has been seen to before their departure and everything is more than under control until they return" Jaenelle states to the room at large. "Are you any concerns regarding this?"

Pasquale sweeps in, making his way over to find a seat among the Lycenes. The other Malesperos are sought out, spotted, and he zeroes in to find a place near them.

Alrec slips into the booth, a hood drawn over his head and sits over at the back. He gestures for his friend to come with him, not waiting for a reply. When confronted by Beatrice, the admiral smiles, showing his teeth, "Lady Beatrice." He says, bowing politely and pulling his hood back. He turns his gaze about the room, scanning its occupant before catching Juliana's nose wrinkle and scoffing in return. He bows his head to the others in his seating.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Beatrice before departing.

Sweeping into the hall with a swirl of seasilk, Isobella purloins a glass of wine from a conveniently passing server before going to take an empty seat. Galiana follows, the young woman taking a seat nearby. "None whatsoever," she responds to Jaenelle's query, as if she wasn't even a single moment late. "I hope they're enjoying themselves avoiding any menacing ships appearing out of the blue, wherever they may be."

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Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Lianne, despite optimism expressed earlier, arrives... well, not quite alone, but without her husband. She's other family, by both blood and oath, a few quiet words spared for family before her attention turns toward Jaenelle at the front of the hall. On the subject of the Archduchess and her husband, she has no question, but rather states, "We've confidence in their Voices in their absence."

Isabetta arrives.. Probably a touch late and heads over to a seat. She is alone, she is dressed in leathers, she is.. well too late to have any idea what is going on and therefore tries to be quiet.

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"We'll get to that next," Jaenelle tells Isobella before nodding in agreement, then turning towards Lianne and dipping her head in acknowledgement at her words, "will will do all in our power to make sure those words ring true and there is never any doubt to them. Mydas and I have always worked closely with both the Archduchess and the Archduke Consort, and in their absence we will continue to work for them and all of you."

Tris offers a nod of understanding and no questions out of her. She didn't even look the type to have questions about what the Archduchess or Archduck may, or may not, be doing.

Alessia leans back in her seat, brows furrowed as the princess addresses them. Her lips part, as if to pose a question, but she appears to think better of it, resting her hands on her lap.

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Juliana arches a brow, then bites into her lip. "As the Marquesa Malespero has stated, your Highness, we have the greatest of confidences in the Voices of Velenosa. Though it is good to hear that the Archduchess is fine and nothing has gone afowl with her consort." smiles to her cousin then takes a sip of the glass she holds.

Quenia has been seated in the audience hall for some time. When Jaenelle comes out to start talking, she turns her attention acutely toward the Voice. Thus far, she has no questions or comments to add to the conversation.

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Duarte slips in a bit late and walks to the benches to find a seat in a low key fashion.

"As you might have noticed, large ships have approached Arx with guests" Jaenelle is almost postive most in the room have been made aware of them by this point, so it shouldnt come as a surprise as she continues to the next point. "I dont have all the answers regarding these emissaries, but do know that it is a delicate situation currently. I have been asked by some what House Velenosa's stance in this is. We have faith in His Majesty to diffuse the situation to the point where war is not the outcome. If this is the unavoidable outcome, No one may harm us unpunished is not just the words of the house."

"I think the greater concern," Lianne speaks up, "is that slavery in the guise of salvation may instead be the outcome. I would hope that Velenosa has faith in His Majesty to avoid that outcome as well?"

Isobella, not likely a very often-seen face to all but her relatives that have been in Lenosia recently, speaks her thoughts aloud. "Is there not a middle ground between waiting idly by for diffusion, and all-out war? Has there been any talk of emmisaries? Diplomatic envoys? Peace-and-please-leave gifts of some sort?" she wonders. "Surely the Lyceum isn't merely the audience in this play, I know I should quite like us to have some say before enslavement is on the table," she adds after Lianne speaks up as well.

"I think the Marquessa is right." Alessia comments, glancing between her and the princess. "That's certainly a possibilty, what they truly mean to offer us."

Quenia glances over at Lianne, but also seems to nod in agreement with her words as she looks back to Jaenelle to answer that question.

"Without a doubt" Jaenelle states without hesitation to Lianne. "They are not here to be our saviors. They are not here to take Copper's place as protector. They have left us alone till now because they did not wish to prod Arx's overseer. We now have to protect ourselves. They wish to enslave us, to kill those who would refuse until there is no choice left. Right now they are in a pissing match" Jaenelle looks around the room. "We are not as important as upping the other. We are in the middle at the moment, though they underestimate our people, our survival, and our determination. The King has not set a date for the assembly yet, not as a matter of pride and spite for those demanding such a meeting but to make sure all information is gathered before hand."

"I've heard from a few that we are expecting, as well, an emmissary from Eurus." Duarte says. "Is there any truth to that?"

Lianne answers that confident explanation from Jaenelle with the smallest of smiles and an accepting nod, quietly satisfied. When Duarte chimes in, she looks his way, though her murmured reply doesn't carry terribly far, not meant to disrupt the pace of this meeting.

Pasquale raises slightly in his seat. Very slightly. He's a tall sort by nature. "Is there any assistance we can be with gathering such information? Whatever it may be."

"Have they said as much?" Isobella wonders. "Threatening to kill us before we even manage an assembly isn't very gracious at all." She looks to Duarte at the mention of Eurus, her hand gently swirling the wine in her glass thoughtfully.

Alrec crosses his arms, his gaze rising to the Princess hosting the meeting. He remains quiet, watching and listening to those asking questions.

Jaenelle looks towards Isobella then, "I am sure they will play the game and wait till the assembly. Right now Arx is the meeting place for Undying Emperor and Cardia. A game to see which can danger the best carrot to best the other as the victor." Adding to both she and Pasquale, "I am not sure who is leading what investigtion currently, but I am certain any help from the Lyceum would be most welcomed. I am sure His Majesty would be happy to direct you where you are most needed if you wish to assist." Then she turns towards Duarte, "I have not heard that we were expecting more, but we also were not expecting any."

"I never did like carrots much," Isobella muses. "Though speaking of produce; I know it's not as exciting as foreign dignitaries and the like, but with such fuss happening at the harbor, if there's anyone here with a mind for overland trade routes, I'd love to have a very boring but profitable meeting soon."

Quenia reaches up to gently finger the 'We Remember' brooch that she's wearing, even as she listens to the comments being bandied about. After some due thought and consideration, she finally says, "I think it's also important to remember that a group made themselves known who are for the freedom of Arvum. I don't know about anyone else, but I think we might be able to count on them to be allies in a time of need."

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"What group was this?" Isobella wonders of Quenia, seemingly unabashed in her newness to the city and subsequent ignorance.

Alrec chuckles, shaking his head, "Silks might not like what the freedom of Arvum means." He says, standing up to walk over to the wine table, grabbing a glass for himself and some cheese.

"The city is not without protection, we are not simply sitting here as a neutral game board for both sides to play across, destroy, and then go home afterwards when all the toys have been broken" Jaenelle assures the room, nodding towards Quenia's words.

Quenia glances over at Isobella, "The one with the red cloaks that put up the posters all over the city to have Hope, that we were not alone. That there are people even now working to our benefit, and the woman who made that very last proclamation."

Pasquale inclines his head a notch to Jaenelle and settles again, resuming that intent listening of his. Quenia's words meet with a soft "Hmm" at mention of the red cloaks.

"Silk is a fabric," Grazia notes dryly to Alrec, fixing him with a look. "The freedom of Arvum means living like we do now, rather than as slaves to foreign powers."

Lianne's lips press thin as the discussion progresses, though whether it's indicative of displeasure or contemplation is difficult to pinpoint. Whatever the case, she doesn't dwell long, lifting her glass to sip at her wine.

"Ah," Isobella emits, noncommittally. "As much as I appreciate a good, non-enslaved Arvum sentiment, I'd like to hear more about what support they offer other than hopeful words before I go tossing all of my gilded eggs into one untried basket. We're all in support of a free Arvum; it doesn't mean we can all make it come to pass."

Alrec holds another chuckle, shaking his head. He walks back, gesturing a surrender with his hands to the group before taking his seat and sliding down on it, sipping his wine.

"The Undying Emperor is not an offer. It's not a life. I'm not sure if this has been gone over. But the Empire just does not bind its subjects in word." Fiora glances to the rest of the room before continuing. "Has this been explained?"

Quenia looks like she might say more on the matter, but leaves it at that. Her expression, though, doesn't seem at all daunted by Isobella's words. Rather, she continues to finger the We Remember copper brooch she wears. She nods in Fiora's direction. "It's to be bound by writ, to have your very free will taken away."

"Copper did not work alone, though she cetainly had the power to do so. She had help and those who helped her are still here and should not be forgotten" Jaenelle says with a smile regarding Ashe and Copper's people. "But I can understand the desire to see more activity, to see something instead of waiting."

"Bound by magical writ. No choices of your own." Fiora continues, nodding to Quenia. "You live your entire life at the Emperor's pleasure. There's no chance of rebellion. No changing your mind later on when you find out it's a bad deal. You take anything from the Undying Emperor. It's permanent." With that said she leans back in her chair.

"Ah, but if we can get a good deal on it," Lianne quips dryly on the wake of Quenia's words, a grimly amused arch of her brows turned toward Isobella. She finishes her wine as the conversation continues.

"The Undying Emperor, Platinum, has lost his faith in us" Jaenelle says with a shake of her head. "He does not believe humans should be charged with their own decisions. So you can see how serious it is that we don't jump to conclusions, that we learn what we are able, that we prepare for everything and not just demand the meeting right away."

"He sounds like a hit at parties," Isobella says with a subtle crinkle of her nose before she points one graceful finger toward Lianne, her own expression shifting to one of macabre amusement.

Quenia notes, equally dryly to Lianne, "They do not allow drinking. I could not live without wine. That man there offered them something to drink when he drive his ship close to their boat," she nods in Alrec's direction. "They said as much when they came to see what he wanted."

Fiora checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

Theo swirls his brandy about his glass, and draws it up to finish off the drink in a single, large gulp. He smacks his lips together, placing the empty glass on the table, and pushing himself up from his seat. Duarte gets a clap on the shoulder in passing, and then Theo is off, striding out of the hall with his boots click-clacking against the floor.

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"Well in all honesty, I would be careful of taking wine from Alrec too." Juliana adds in a murmer.

Isobella eyes Alrec somewhat dubiously at that.

Lianne breathes a quiet laugh for Quenia's counter, her mirth lingering for Juliana's murmured response. With a lift of her glass toward the pair, she--oh. No, it's empty. For the best, really. She passes the glass off to a servant, declining another.

"It would be very poor for half the city's trade if alcohol was suddenly banned, though I am sure the Valardin milk trades will flourish without question" Jaenelle adds to that whole thing. "But at any rate. That is what I know thus far, and why the assembly has yet to be dated. If you wish to speak to me and Mydas in a more private forum about any concerns, please dont hesitate."

The guards in the Audience Hall bow respectfully to the arriving member of House Velenosa.

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Quenia stifles an amused expression behind her hand at Jaenelle's milk trade comment, her eyes dancing with barely contained merriment. She makes note of her offer to talk in private if needed.

Apparently hearing her cue to vacate her seat, Isobella does so, slipping away from the meeting with a murmured word or two of appreciation, Galiana trailing silently behind her.

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Isobella is overheard praising Jaenelle: Our faithful Voice, addressing the concerns of the Lyceum with grace and poise.

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Rising from her seat, Lianne dips her head toward Jaenelle. "We appreciate Velenosa's understanding of the situation and willingness to keep the rest of us informed and engaged. Thank you." With that, she turns a look toward members of her family, murmuring something about 'wine while it's still legal,' and starts toward the exit in no particular hurry.

Pasquale smirks at Lianne's comment about wine and rises, offering a half-bow toward Jaenelle. He starts out himself, with that.

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Quenia is overheard praising Jaenelle: Thank you for holding an informatoinal meeting!

Pasquale is overheard praising Jaenelle: Meeting wrangling is ever to be admired.

Lianne is overheard praising Jaenelle: Gracious, stoic and possessed of a fittingly dry wit. A fine Voice of the Lyceum.

Having heard a bit, and having things to think on, Quenia takes a moment to praise Jaenelle for her time, then also takes her leave.

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Alessia is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Tris is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Waldemai looks thoughtful and better informed as he heads back to his forge.

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Fajra leaves, following Lianne.

Not long after Lianne stands, so does Juliana, her gaze settled on Jaenelle for a moment a smile and not before turning to head to towards the door.

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Tyce the gruff and disapproving, Honore, the proudest and prettiest peacock ever leave, following Juliana.

Jaenelle watches as people stand, dipping her head towards the gathering in a grand note of dismissal and departure!

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, Honore, the proudest and prettiest peacock ever arrive, following Juliana.

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