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IG-OG: Toast the Silver-Tongued Recruiter

After recent Iron Guard efforts toward recruitment, from among the masses one rose a head above the rest. Let us come together and celebrate those who have made strides in replenishing the losses suffered in the latest, along with a show of camaraderie in remembering those lost. But definitely don't forget to remind Deputy Commander Estarde's of the newly earned nickname. Drinks and food at the Traders Tavern, courtesy of Lieutenant Rymarr Deepwood. Free drinks to those not of the Iron Guard who show up to remind Calaudrin that he is in fact the Silver-Tongued Recruiter.


Jan. 2, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Rymarr Silas Calaudrin Michael


Malcolm Kenna Reese Kaia Samantha Harper


Iron Guard


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern

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Comments and Log

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Reese arrives, following Malcolm.

Guillermo, an adorable messenger pigeon, 2 Bisland pride guards arrive, following Kaia.

The Traders Tavern has increased security this evening, on account of a complement of the Iron Guard who have shown up to make use of the establishment for their own round of camaraderie and enjoyment. The drinks flow and food circulates among the guardsmen. Off-duty all, there are a couple instances of on-duty guards making a bid to sneak in, all in the name of getting some of grandpa's cough syrup into their system to warm them throughout their patrols. They are promptly send back out the door and the collection of off-duty personnel return to their food, drinks, and morale building.

Rymarr, whether Marquis or Lieutenant depending upon perspective, rises up at a table near the fireplace. He lifts a glass - of water, because Rymarr - and calls out with a sudden boom reaching from his chest and joining his voice, "My fellow protectors of Arx, the Iron Guard..." he says as way to gain attention from those present. Once he has at least half of the reverler's attention, he continues on, "... recently we made strides in replacing our losses suffered at the Lodge of Petrichor".

He goes silent for a moment and his eyes shift down to the table before himself for a brief moment. A moment of silence for the fallen, perhaps. Afterward his chin lifts and he states aloud, unwavering for those he addresses, "The Silver-Tongued Recruit, our very own Deputy Commander Estardes, along with a handful of others made great strides in recruitment for our beloved guard. A new wave of recruits that we must mold to be the future defenders of this fine city and the people of it. Tonight? Tonight we have an opportunity to rest, indulge, and enjoy the company of one another. To recognize those around us, right now, as those who will bleed with us on battlefields present and future. Enjoy it. Tomorrow we've a future to take by the reins and ride."

He lifts his glass of water a little higher in salute to those present and then permits himself a sip before he settles back down into his seat.

"So, then, the plowhorse's actually in the cottage, Princess, and the thatched roof's done fallen in - the door's completely off its hinges, and the chickens had th' eggs scared clean out of them for WEEKS. Took even longer to get 'em from the loft of the caretaker's cottage. Didn't hear the end of it. Which is why you oughta never scare a Graypeak Vanner if you don

"-- don't have any horse sense." Malcolm's telling some kind of story, opening the door as he offers a less-than-graceful ducal escort for one Grayson Princess. The pair of Guards - one officially official - the other an official trainee. The latter is the Shepherd Duke, the one that offers a broad and toothy smile to the gathering. "See, that was a mighty good toast."

Silas is already here, at the bar and finally trying this 'Drink Fizz-Key' everyone was going on about weeks ago. His face screws up slightly at the first sip, and it's clear he's debating whether he likes it or not. He nevertheless raises his glass at the conclusion of Rymarr's speech. "We honor Lieutenant Calaudrin. Your new admirers have sent no shortage of adoring messages our way. The pile is now on your desk, awaiting your attention."

Calaudrin looks incredibly uncomfortable when Rymarr uses that turn of phrase on him and buries himself into his tankard of ale. Which is the true and accurate way for anyone with a silver tongue to behave. If people look at him, he awkwardly waves from his seat. At least he's not complaining or rolling his eyes, he's doing his very best to behave. Except for when Silas mentions there's a pile of messages on his desk, at which point he looks like he's physically in pain. It earns a thumbs up though. He's been trying very hard to be a good sport.

Michael and Kenna stand off to one side. Kenna's arm hooked though his loosely. When Rymarr finishes his speech and Silas mentions the paperwork Kenna can't hold it in any more. She tries to be polite and turns her head into Michael's arm, trying oh-so-very hard to hide her laughter at his punis... reward.

Reese arrives while in the company of Malcolm. She is adorned in lots of pink, but practical pink that the princess could fight in. She listens to the Duke's story, seemingly amused and has a smile for him that briefly brightens her blue eyes. Her attention is then drawn by Rymarr's toast. "Yay, Commander Silver-Tongue Calaudrin!" She says at the end of such, lifting her voice to carry. Reese then looks over to Silas and then to the messages. "Oh, wow, a fan following, impressive" She says.

Kenna checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Reese is overheard praising Calaudrin: He has a silver tongue and a fan base, woot!

Michael is overheard praising Calaudrin: For the recruiting! And the paperworking!

Reese is overheard praising Rymarr: Great toast, the Marquis has a way with words!

Reese is overheard praising Silas: Running the IG which takes some skill to manage us!

Silas smiles back at Calaudrin when he grimaces. "Have you taken a squire yet? You seem like you'd like a squire." He clearly enjoys teasing his Deputy Commander. He shifts his attention to Malcolm, the newest member of the guard. "Ah, Duke Shepard. How have you been settling in?"

Silas is overheard praising Calaudrin.

"Ted is my squire," Calaudrin answers Silas promptly. Ted is at the bar, he hears this news and whips around. He shakes his head vigorously and mouthes the word 'NO!' over and over again at the Lord Commander.

Michael has an attachment upon his arm, and was /not/ paying attention to that bit about paperwork. Probably because as soon as that word was side, his mind clicked off to think about something else. Paperwork is not a thing a Michael does. "Hmm?" To a Kenna before catching up to the conversation. "To the man, his just rewards! Huzzah!"

"Oh, he's in need of a squire?" Rymarr asks as he sits a little straighter in his seat, though it's not as though his armoured self was necessarily slouching in a suit of armour. He lifts a hand to wave at Calaudrin, likely to gain his attention, "Prince Edain already has offered to take Nara on when she's old enough. Layne is without a future knight to act as squire for. I'd considered one of his namesakes, but..." Rymarr's brows shift upward as he gives the sideward eye to Calaudrin. There is, more than likely, an unspoken 'eh? eehhh? eeehhhh?' somewhere in there. Absently Rymarr lifts a hand to flap his fingers at Reese in silent greeting.

Malcolm's there - still grinning - until Silas asks a question and he goes all wide-eyed. Deer-in-the-sparklegas lamp look. "Well, Lord Commander Silas. Baron Whitehawk. My lord. Settling in jus' fine, all things considered, andI haven't even done a patrol yet. Can now though, seein' as I've got a crest an' all." He looks aside, offering Ted a wide and sympathetic smile, informing Calaudrin's squire: "'S call delegating responsibilities. Which, speakin' of - gotta step out for a moment to see to somethin'."

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting leave, following Reese.

Reese leaves, following Malcolm.

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Reese arrives, following Malcolm.

Reese looks toward Rymarr, giving the Marquis a smile of greeting. "Nice to see you again Marquis." She then then waves to Malcolm as the Duke leaves. The girl goes to find herself a drink, choosing an amber ale.

Kenna mutters, "Paperwork. It's ... ... that ... ... ... ... do - ... if you avoid it very ... well."

Kenna stands on her toes to whisper into Michael's ear for a moment before lowering herself back to the ground and shoving him slightly. Detaching herself she moves away from him and towards the bar to get herself something to drink. (Always the best policy when someone else is paying.) "Are you //sure// you want Calaudrin Marquis?" Kenna calls out to Rymarr. "I mean... //Esoka//." That's who Kenna'd choose.

Silas looks to the frantic Ted when Calaudrin claims he's the squire, then back to Rymarr. "Perhaps when Ted is finally knighted, he can take your son. He IS the Knight of Griffins, after all." He looks crestfallen when Malcolm steps out. "Well, we should enjoy this lull in disaster while we can. I don't think those ships outside will be budging easily..."

Reese smiles to Kenna and then hmms. "Dame Esoka is pretty amazing. I want to be her squire like right now." She says, but then adds. "I'm probably not quire material though." She looks over Silas, nodding to his words. "Yeah, they are nob budging. More trouble to come of course. Thank the Gods we have a silver-tongued recruiter!"

"Hey, duke! I'll help you with-" Ted looks after Malcolm hopefully but he's gone so quickly. He sits there dejected and stares over at Calaudrin, sighs. Now it's back to Calaudrin, who shoots Rymarr a really confused look. "Isn't your child a baby? You want me to squire a baby? I don't think you're supposed to do that." Kenna is given a LOOK.

Reeses to Calaudrin. "Having a baby squire is just a fancy way of saying you are babysitting and changing diapers. My sister tried that one on me once. I won't fall for it again!"

"Lady Kenna," Rymarr begins without looking to her initially. When he does shift his attention around to her, he offers up a faint tone of amusement and a nod in return, "I know many a fine knight. It will ultimately be a very difficult decision for Marquessa Deepwood and myself to make". Rymarr's attention shifts around to Calaudrin, whom Rymarr fixes with a blank stare. He nods slowly, carefully. A hand lifts to place a fist to the tabletop, an arm which Rymarr leans some of his weight onto as he tilts his head toward Calaudrin, "They... children grow up. You know this, right? It's very important to me that you know this". Rymarr's eyes twitch or something or another. He then sits back into his seat and offers another nod before he continues, "But that is how things sometimes go. Prince Edain has been Nara's future knight since a few weeks after her birth. When the time comes, she will become his squire. Just as making arrangements for Layne now would work in a similar fashion. What could possibly go wrong for you, though? Being the knight of one of my children?" Rymarr asks this question with a rarely witnessed grin to accompany it.

Having heard of a toast and an open celebration taking place at the Traders Tavern by the Iron Guard in honor of their newest recruit, Kaia made her way in to partake casually on the occasion -certainly she'd be bound to find plenty of familiar faces. A smile on her face "Ah, congratulations on your newly earned nickname, Deputy Commander Estarde!" she says, with a smile before giving the familiar faces a nod of acknowledgement followed by brief greetings, "Lieutenants; Commander; Lady Kenna; Princess Reese." As she made her way over to the bar.

5 House Deepwood Guards arrives, following Samantha.

Silas nods to Reese's aside. "Might have to put that special ballista of ours to good use, soon." He sighs and takes a long sip from his drink. "What will happen if they don't wish to become knights, Marquis?" Silas asks Rymarr, genuinely curious. Kaia is given a casual wave and nod when she greets him. "Good evening, Lady Kaia. Nice seeing you again."

"I /do/ know this. But you're trying to squire one of them /now/, which makes me concerned for you. Do you understand this?" Calaudrin is speaking very slowly to Rymarr, in nearly the same tone that Rymarr is using to him. Which probably makes for one amusing spectacle for the other people around them. When it becomes clear that the Marquis isn't donning his children up in suits of armor, he looks relieved. "Well, good. I don't know, I think I'll just be Ted's knight." Ted shakes his head NO several more times.

Kenna's very good at ignoring looks sometimes, and this one is even easier because she's looking at Rymarr and NOT Calaudrin. At the Marquis' words she bows respectfully but doesn't respond. See she does know when to shut up sometimes. Stepping up to the bar she eyes Silas' drink, ponders then orders two of those Fizz-thingies. "Lady Kaia, it's wonderful to see you again." When the drinks come she goes back to Michael's side, offering up the drink to him.

Reese has a drink in her gloved hands how. She seems to be enjoying the party.

"What if they don't want to become knights?" Rymarr straightens a little further, if such a thing were possible. His voice suddenly becomes distinctly crisp and precise, "They've got Lyonesse blood in them. Not become knights? Hogwash, Lord Commander. Hogwash, I tell you," Rymarr says with another twitching of his eyes. He clears his throat as he settles into his seat near the fireplace again, at least as much as wearing a suit of armour may allow him to settle and relax. As talk turns to more dire things though, Rymarr offers only a stoic nod of his head, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who has remembered that little gift," he says to Silas before he continues, his tone kept neutral and even, "though I'd hate to turn one, two, or however many would-be suito... rulers... into people we're in open war with. I'm inclined to think some will accept a diplomatic refusal, where others are going to try to use some form of coercion."

Kaia smiles in return to them and replies with a "Likewise, Commander Silas." And a "You as well, Lady Kenna." She orders one of those sponsored drinks on the counter, just to satisfy her curiosity, before shifting on her sit to glance around the room -waving a greeting to her cousin, Michael, as she spots him from afar, but not really walking over to intrude. She simply sits there, observing the event, as she awaits for her drink to be served -finding the nearby conversation and tone between some of the men quite amusing.

Dot, the war-wiener, Judy, an investigative assistant arrive, following Harper.

Silas gets Lodge Defense Distinguished Service Medal from a sleek carmine leather sword belt with attached wooden scabbard.

Samantha makes her way into the tavern, her guards making a point to spread themselves a little so she doesn't feel like a mama duck with a group of ducklings behind her. "Hello everyone." she calls out and makes her way over to Rymarr. There will be a kiss, clearly affectionate while not meant to be an overt attention grabber for the room. Hello, he's her husband, she loves the guy, ain't no thang. And then she turns her head to smile fondly to Silas, "I think for Nara, it's a fundamental part of her education I've already agreed upon. For Layne, well." She isn't disagreeing with Rymarr, but she's leaving his future determined in more vague terms. To Calaudrin, "I hope he's honoring you appropriately."

Reese looks over to Samantha as she arrives, having a smile of greeting for the Marquesa of Deepwood and well the conscience of the peers! "Hi Marquesa, it is nice to see you. How old is Lady Nara now? " she asks. "And well Layne as well."

"Oh, right. That." Michael nods to Kenna and her whisper, and waits for her to return. "Lady Kaia Bisland. Hello. Sissstteerrr." Michael croons it as Samantha passes to head towards Rymarr. A quandary for the Bisland lord. He seems perpelxed. And whispers to Kenna.

"I'm the first knight in a long line of merchants. It happens," Silas answers Rymarr with a grin. "Couldn't haggle if my life depended on it." Then Samantha sweeps her way into the tavern! He offers her a half-bow, and nod to her retort. "I suppose the future will see..." He finishes the remainder of his drink and clears his throat. "That drink was... okay. It was indeed better than milk and whiskey."

Kenna is here to help. Reaching up she gives the other drink to Michael then whispers into his ear before stepping back and gesturing towards Rymarr and Samantha.

Rymarr offers a solemn nod of his head to response to Samantha's words, he tosses a nod of acknowledgment toward Silas' words, "In all seriousness? I've known that I'm unlikely to have all my wishes fulfilled. In fact," Rymarr says with a brief glance to Samantha, "the Marquessa was the first to pose that question to me. 'What if they don't want to be knights?' and that resulted in a long talk about there being a chance that one of my children could grow up to want to be something other than something useful," Rymarr says with a sudden ring of laughter interrupted his typically stoic demeanor.

Harper pushes open the door of the tavern to make her way inside, with Dot on her heels. She stops and looks around then waves to everyone gathered there, before making her way over to the bar to hop up on a stool, saying to the bartender, "Just an ale tonight." After getting her ale she turns to look back at the crowded room curiously. Her eyebrows both shoot up as she hears Rymarr laugh, and she quips to noone in particular, "Uh oh, how much's he had to drink?"

Reese looks over to Harper as she arrives, having a smile of greeting for the redhead. "Hi Harper, nice to see you." She says, leaving off any titles. She takes another sip of her ale, seeming to enjoy such.

Samantha flutters a hand at Michael and Kaia merrily, and then beams at Reese. "Princess. Thank you for asking after them - Nara has turned four, and Layne will have his first birthday on the first of next month. We may have a little cake for him at the spring party, so he can put his little fist in it. It's what children do." She does note thoughtfully to Silas, "I think spending some years learning statecraft and combat from Duke Edain would do a world of good, and it's an honor for our House. Anything we give Nara is meant to provide her the tools she'll need as Marquessa someday." She looks absolutely delighted by Rymarr's laughter, it putting a sparkle in her eye.

Silas waves to Harper when she arrives. "You missed us doing our best to embarrass Uncle Cal!" He returns his attention to Samantha and Rymarr. "I've made... precisely no plans for my son's future. Beyond what to feed him tonight. Still not a fan of peas. Once we conquer those, perhaps statecraft will be next on the list." There's a thoughtful. "I hope I have at least -one- kid I can spar with in my twilight years, though."

Kaia's drink finally is handed over to her, and she takes a sip of it, just before turning around to take notice of her cousin Samantha making her entrance. She waves back in return, with a cheerful smile, before taking another taste of her drink from her spot at the bar.

"Some adults do it too," Rymarr comments aside to Samantha on the topic of one year olds, fists, and cakes. He nods softly toward Michael.

Michael gives Kenna a very thoughtful look, before nodding and heading towards the bar proper. A bit of finagling before he acquires a glass of Oathlander red wine to bring off towards the bustle of commotion surrounding Samantha to offer it to her. Speaking of Michael. "To the spirit of sibling friendship." Glass offered towards Samantha with a wry smile upon his face.

Reese looks over to Samantha, listening to her words with close attention. "That is quite the honor to have High Lord Edain for a mentor. He must think highly of your family." She says in her direction. "She will need lots of tools that is for sure, but I think with both yourself and the Marquis, she will have the great role models and do wonderful things." She adds and then ohhs softly. "Wow, one already." She peeks over to Silas, smiling at the Baron speak of his son.

Harper looks over at Reese as she takes a sip of her ale, peering over the top of her mug. Wiping her mouth on the back of her sleeve, she says, "Heya Reese! Thanks for the book you sent me. Was a nice read." Looking over to Silas, she chuckles, "Damn, hate I missed that. Did you succeed?" She wrinkles her her nose at the mention of peas, saying, "Can't blame him there. Peas are necessity food, not good food."

Kenna leans back against her seat, eyes following Michael as he goes to offer up his greetings to his sister. There's a stupid smile on her face that she shakes off after a moment. Standing she goes to sit next to Harper companionably.

When Harper enters, Calaudrin waves to her from his seated position. He doesn't /look/ embarrassed right now, but it's been awhile and a full tankard of ale between the last mention of his horde of adoring fans. He finds time to reply to Samantha in all of this, lifting his hand. "He's doing just fine."

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Calaudrin before departing.

"Momentarily," Silas answers Harper, and looks aside - towards Ted. "We tried to get him a squire, but apparently it's Ted, who keeps looking like he's about to have a conniption."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kenna before departing.

"Our children should be playing with each other, Silas." Sam says with a grin. "Then they can be friends as we were when we were practically both babies. And I have no doubt you're raising him just fine." She accepts the glass from Michael, though eyes him askance. "Did you put something in this?" A look to Kaia. "Did he put something in this?"

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Calaudrin before departing.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Calaudrin before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kenna before departing.

Calaudrin reads something handed to him by a squirrel. He reads it, scribbles on the back and then folds it up into a paper airplane that he throws at Kenna.

Harper leans over and hugs Kenna, a little over hard, saying quietly, "Heya, Partner. We should talk real soon." As she straightens back up, she calls over to Calaudrin, "So, Uncle Cal! Speaking of children, is hearing that you're gonna have new family in the whites the way they do it now?!" She grins over at Cal, then turns to look at Silas and raises her brows, "Ohhh please, let me and Kenna pick him a squire. We'll pick him a perfect one. Wouldn't we, Partner?" She winks over at Kenna impishly.

"Why, *I* /never/. Samantha." Michael shakes his head slow at Samantha, then offers up his own glass of wine towards her. "Fine. We can switch glasses if you think I am just so juvenile to have put something in your wine glass."

Rymarr's attention drifts aside to regard Samantha, then back around to Michael. Then back to Samantha. Then to the glass. He lifts up his glass of water again after a moment, seemingly distracted by the notion of Michael sneaking something into Samantha's drink, "Against all the odds, Deputy Commander Estardes went out there into the streets," he begins as he takes a sip from his glass of water to wet his whistle, "'pardon, sir knight, I need food to feed my family'. And the Silver-Tongued Recruiter said unto them 'I can not feed your family, but you can... in the Iron Guard'. And so the provider found the means to provide and our very own Deputy Commander discovered, deep within himself, the means to establishing his legacy". Rymarr takes another drink from his glass of water as he finishes his latest piece of motivational history.

Ted sits at the bar, he hears Harper. He begins to give a big THUMBS UP when it sounds like she's going to get him out of this squire thing. Calaudrin looks over at him and shakes his head before turning back to the other guards. The non-Ted ones. "A new family? By the time the baby is born, it's not going to be new. It'll have technically already been around a full year." He holds up his glass, content with that /dodge/ which also involves him muttering, 'I don't know maybe' into his tankard.

"Sally was //suppose// to deliver that to your desk." Kenna calls out after catching the paper flying-device and skims it. She was so focused on that interaction that she has to do a doubletake when Harper says her name. "Huh? Cyril?" A glance at Silas before she shakes her head. "I'd choose Marquis Rymarr, Dame Thena, or Dame Esoka. But it'd be hard to choose between them."

Silas smiles at Samantha and nods. "Play dates are definitely in order. It's a good thing that we're now just next door." He looks back to Calaudrin and blinks. "Oh? Is the Silver-Tongued Recruiter going to be joining the Dad Club? Congratulations. There is nothing you can't do, apparently."

From afar, Kaia chuckles and shrugs in response to Samantha's inquire regarding Michael's drink offering. She genuinely didn't know. "I'm unsure, I wasn't paying attention. Sorry~" she replies with a bit of a sheepish grin towards her cousins.

Are these true stories? Sam hopes they are, because that is just th kind of story that rings her Conscience of the Peers bell. She gives Calaudrin an impressed expression, nodding her hand. To Reese, "You're very kind. We can only do our best, but it is my hope to raise them both to do wonderful things." With a mock sigh of disappointment at Kaia, she then gives Michael pointed look before she sips from her own glass.

Michael waits, waits a bit more, smiling wider before he lifts his own glass and drinks from it as well. Eyebrows lift and he dips a little head nod to Samantha. "Enjoy the party, sister." Before he wanders off towards Kenna's table with Harper there. A victorious expression upon his face.

Michael has joined the Large Table.

Rymarr is overheard praising Calaudrin: The Iron Guard would be a shadow of its current form without the silver tongued recruiter that is Deputy Commander Calaudrin Estardes. He is one vital part of the overall effort.

Rymarr is overheard praising Riagnon: Does he work for treats? One cookie per new recruit signed?

Rymarr is overheard praising Jyri: Often the first to volunteer and with his own form of enthusiasm. A Prodigal, but one who has acclimating in his heart.

Rymarr is overheard praising Silas: He could easily revoke my promotion. He does good work, especially in recruitment. The Iron Guard has overcome much since a traitor lead them.

Rymarr is overheard praising Austen: He's chosen and accept for a new path in life. He did good deeds for the Iron Guard and his support to the Silver-Tongued Recruit of the Iron Guard was as important to the effort as breathing is to a warrior.

"But it's new to me, Uncle Cal. Which it wouldn't have been had I heard it from you before I heard it from the whites!" Harper grins at him, far from willing to just let him wiggle out of this. She looks over at Silas, then says, "Oh, so he didn't tell you either?" She looks at Cal and tsks loudly, though her eyes shine impishly. "Definitely, gotta pick you out some new recruits to train at least. I'm sure we can find you some just as smart as Jyri's. You did such a great job of recruiting them!"

Michael slips down into the table beside Kenna and there is much whispering and laughing occuring in that vicinity.

"Cal only tells me things like 'hey there's a bunch of abyssal monsters coming' and 'hey there's a bunch of ships with metal sails outside'," Silas answers Harper with a shake of his head. "And he's definitely training the new recruits. They absolutely love him, after all."

So much giggling from Kenna and Michael. So. Much.

"I'll help you, Deputy Commander," Rymarr states from just over the rim of his glass of water, "with the training, I mean. Team effort and all of that". Rymarr's attention drifts around to regard the giggling pair off on their own. He considers Kenna with a brief stare, then turns his attention back around to the others of the Iron Guard present, "Serious question. Has anyone just... you know... advised them that they need to leave?"

"I try to stay professional at work?" Calaudrin offers up to Silas, before turning a more remorseful look at Harper. Then he looks around the room, clears his throat and announces loudly, "I am having a baby." Wait, no. That's not right. "My wife is having a baby." No, still not totally correct, he tags on, "We're having a baby. It's definitely- shut up, Ted. Stop laughing!" He looks exasperated with the guy who regularly assists him with... stuff. Anyway. His expression is grateful when Rymarr starts speaking to him again, "Thank you for your help. I don't mind training the new recruits, it's actually sort of fun. But there's about a hundred of them."

From afar, Kaia discreetly observes the whole thing going on between her cousin's as soon as it had been brought to her attention, while enjoying her refreshment. She frowns as she realizes Michael had quite possibly done something to the Marquessa's drink; but, it was too late now, wasn't it? Samantha had already taken a sip of the drink. Kaia rolled her eyes slightly, a small grin forming on her lips, and she shifted on her seat in the opposite direction of the Marquessa --shooting suspicious glares to the mishiveous pair as she tried her best not to laugh. The whole thing, if her current suspicions were right, were slightly amusing to her.

Wait wait wait, Kenna's sitting up with a finger coming up to pause whatever conversation was happening between her and Micahael. "CALAUDRIN." She's staring. "YOU AND ESOKA ARE HAVING A BABY?!" She's standing up and she's so going to hug him if someone doesn't stop her first. There is so much hugging going to happen.

Harper raises her brows at Rymarr, choking a bit on her ale, then quips, "I thought you meant that you'd help him with the baby for a minute there. Had me about ready to snort my ale through my nose." She shakes her head, then says, "Won't help. They're here to offer us slavery in one form or another, not to just turn and leave, I reckon. At least from what I hear tell of it." She starts to take another sip of ale, and sits there for a minute with an intense expression before swallowing it down hard, then busting out laughing at Cal, "Damnit, Uncle Cal, don't do that when I got ale in my mouth!" She grins at him, then adds, "But, seriously, congratulations. I'll come play with the baby lots. I love babies." Spotting Kenna, she adds, "Uh oh, you've had it now, Uncle Cal."

Silas raises his glass again. "To the Silver-Tongued Recruiter's baby!" He looks to Rymarr again. "You mean tell the ships outside to go home? I suspect they'd only consider it if it was the King."

Samantha gives Kaia a little grin and small wave of her fingers, as if to say 'don't worry'. She looks over at Rymarr. "The uninvited guests in the harbor? I believe that will occur at the Assembly. Of course, the God-Emperor's sailors used magic to move a ship to the other side of the Bay, and I think we all realize neither faction is asking for permission. They're just waiting to see if it will come down to fighting or not." She lifts her glass in salute, laughing delightedly at Kenna's outburst.

Rymarr checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

"Okay. So he should advise them to go home," Rymarr replies in turn to Silas with a low chuckle. Harper's statement though earns a firm nod of his head, "I'll help the Deputy Commander with his second child. Whenever that is. I had the absolute best plan to scar Nara for life, it could be used to help with the second," Rymarr says with a stoic nod of his head with a glance aside to Samantha, then back to Harper, "I was going to cover myself in raspberry jam, then as Nara came toddling down the hall, I'd burst from our bedchamber with all of looked to be blood and gore on me. All while shouting for Nara to go get one of my swords, an axe, or one of my halberds because the baby had arrived". Rymarr's expression remains stoic as per usual as he glances down to his glass of water while it lifts up to permit himself another sip.

Samantha pauses midway to sipping her wine as she eyes Rymarr in a similar way to how she eyed Michael earlier. "I know where you sleep." she reminds her husband sweetly.

"Good news, everyone!" Rymarr states suddenly, loudly. "She knows where to find me later!" Rymarr says with a stare cast back toward Samantha as he lifts his glass to drink his water, without breaking eye contact.

Harper chuckles at Rymarr, but it turns into full fledged laughter at Samantha's comment. Eyeing the Marquessa, she states firmly, "I like you!"

Silas laughs at Rymarr, and Samantha. "You are very prepared with your plans to properly traumatize your kids. Like a good father ought to be." He then finally sets his empty glass down, and stands from his barstool with a grunt. "I'm afraid I must retire for the night. We should plan Cal's upcoming baby shower, next."

Calaudrin isn't clever enough to get out of Kenna's way, so he probably does get hugged even if he looks patently uncomfortable with the entire thing. "Yes, yes. Thank you." Is Rymarr talking about himself being covered in jelly? While Kenna is there, he whispers something quietly to the young woman.

Rymarr offers a nod back toward Silas and a glance toward Samantha, "I'll begin making the arrangements, Lord Commander. We'll make it an appropriately large affair. Something to outdo this evening. Banners featuring his and Dame Esoka's faces, perhaps. I'll see if a Whisper is available to sing the praises of the creation of their lasting legacy. Perhaps we'll make use of that music hall or whatever it's called..." Rymarr's stern blue eyes turn toward the rafters above for a moment before they fall again, "... I'll send a letter to King Alaric to notify him of the effort."

"No, don't do any of those things!" Calaudrin calls from where he's sitting. "Dear gods man."

Samantha mock-scowls at Rymarr before turning an easy, warm smile toward Harper. "I try." She pokes Rymarr in his armored upper arm. It's as effective as a butterfly wing grazing a water buffalo. "We'll discuss you being covered in raspberry jelly later."

Once she finished her drink, Kaia made her way over to Samantha and Rymarr to say her goodbyes "Marquis Rymarr, my dearest Samantha, it's been a lovely gathering; although, I'm afraid I must take my leave for the time being." She then glances over to Calaudrin " Deputy Commander, congratulations once more on your outstanding achievements, and the baby." She says kindly, before turning around to leave -eyeing Michael suspiciously as she passes him, and mouthing an 'I /know/ what you did.' followed by a frown, a motion of the hand to do an 'I'm watching you' motion, and a shake of the head accompanied by a soft chuckle and a wave, just before departing.

Harper chuckles at Cal as he gets mobbed by Kenna, but pushes off of the stool and heads over their way. Stopping to look at Silas, she says, "Take care Bosshawk. I got a few things I need to catch you on when you get a chance, on behalf of the council. Just let me know when you got time. And I'll help with the baby shower!" With that said, she moves in to hug her uncle, albeit very briefly, muttering, "You're gonna get sick of seeing me once I get hold of that baby, Uncle Cal." Grinning she straightens and heads toward the door too, "I gotta get some stuff done. Good seeing you all!"

Kenna pulls away from Calaudrin beaming with so much happiness at his anouncement. She nods her head. "I really think he is. But I can never tell because he's so serious. I just believe whatever he says." She's trying so har d to NOT hug Calaudrin again and instead goes to Harper's side. It's her turn to get hugged. "Congrats partner." WAIT NO SHE IS LEAVING. HUG FIRST.

"You should totally do those things," Silas quips to Rymarr. He bows to the rest of the assembled group. "Be well, everyone. We'll be in touch, Harper." And with that, he skips on out.

Rymarr looks back to Samantha and his eyebrows shift upward. His mouth opens in question, but he does not speak. He simply lowers his chin and his eyes widen ever so slightly. Then he looks as though he's on the verge of scrambling up to his feet. Kaia's words though offer a suitable distraction to Rymarr leaping to his feet and trying to lead Samantha from the Traders Tavern, "Lady Kaia, I do hope that you enjoyed your evening and may you walk with the gods. Do please stay safe in your travels. Thank you for coming," he offers back with a solemn bow of his head, though he remains seated.

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