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Prodigal's Meet & Greet

House Clearlake is one of the newer Prodigal Houses of the Compact and Lady Acantha would like to invite other Prodigal Houses and Progidal Commoners to Clearlake Lodge for an evening to get to know others. This might not be the norm, but, it's a nice way to meet people. Plus there will be drinks and food and good company.


Jan. 25, 2019, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Acantha Triton


Arik Ysbail Jan Monique Malcolm Olivia



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Clearlake Lodge - Great Hall

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Kit, the grey fox, Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants, Quartus, Fourth of Monique's Assistants arrive, following Monique.

Tonight was the evening for the Prodigal's Meet and Greet at House Clearlake's Lodge. Even with the times as they were, Lady Acantha was going to try to push through things and try to meet her fellow Prodigals and see if they could shed some light on a few matters as well as just give their own point of view on the Compact and how their situations were with it. It was also just a time to socialize with each other. There's finger foods sat out on the table and there's tea as well as whiskey and wines for drinking. Acantha's not going to let people go hungry!

Arik may not be a prodigal but he is Acantha's patron thus he arrives at the meet and greet with his hand on the pommel of Frostfang and a generally under dressed appearance. Undershirt, swordbelt, scandalously snug trousers, and boots with a heavy signet ring on a silver chain around his neck. "I wonder if anyone from Stahlben will come?" he says in a rumbling voice while approaching Acantha with a polite dip of his head.

Ysbail is here, the Blackwood shaman decked in her ritual armor sans one helm. "I hope so, I've been meaning to speak with Lady Volicia to see how her research into the Blizzard's maw has gone and compare notes on that spirit in the north. I've a considerable amount more on the subject now, though I still need to speak with a few of Lagoma's favored."

Entering at a brisk pace, Jan looks lost in thought. She notices the others and in the interest of not turning herself around, decides to stay. She murmurs a few greetings, mostly though only the bare minimum of what is expected, and scans about the room. Her eyes settle on the map table and her eyes light up faintly with interest. Her guard follows her without any words at only about an arm's length of distance. She discretely moves a few things just a hair to get a better look at the depiction of the islands close to the Mourning Isles.

It's a redheaded Greenmarch (aren't they all?) who enters next. Lady Monique Greenmarch glances around, looking properly impressed, a smile of greeting on her lips. "This was a wonderful idea, " the Minx offers heartily, approaching the gathering with an appreciative eye for the whiskey.

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Benny gives a look up when others start heading in and the beaver moves to wander behind the house banner for Clearlake. There might be a place for him to lounge back there.

Acantha gives a smile when she sees Arik, "Lord Arik, your cousin wrote me today and I have to say I'm sad he's not coming." she admits. "I'm also saddened that Lord Triton is not here yet." she muses. Then there's a smile and a wave of greeting to Ysbail, Jan and Monique, "Welcome to Clearlake Lodge. Everyone is welcome this evening." she greets them. "I'm Lady Acantha Clearlake and I thank you for coming out, even with the times and the possible dangers, though I don't believe anyone is going to interrupt our meet and greet." she tells them. "So please get something sweet and something to drink and have a seat. I'm eager to speak with people." she grins.

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Arik gives Ysbail something of a look before he puffs out a breath and offers, "Mayhap try Dame Morrighan who is very fond of Lagoma or you could seek out Archlector Roran." with that said his gaze is drawn to a redhead with a lingering look before he manages to place the face and perk up both coppery eyebrows only to be distracted by the arrival of Jan as well. "I think Mirk might be busy with writing folk about the second part of the Cascade Springs."

Ysbail looks back at Arik, head tilted and then shrugs. "I will check with them certianly." She notes. "Cascade springs?"

Perhaps being drawn out of her silent musing by the current company, Jan remembers her manners. "I have a fresh bottle of our Kennex Cartugan. Take it as my contribution to the evening." She takes a seat and dismisses her guard to the door with little more then a dismissive motion. It's hard to read his reaction. He seems to perpetually wear a scowl, but he nods and moves to to watch the door. "Vraxese will make sure your hospitality is not interrupted." Jan offers what looks to be her best imitation of a polite smile, but it looks so foreign on her face, one could almost confuse it with an expression of pain.

Jan drops Cartugan - Kennex Brand Rosewater Vodka.

"Thank you, Lady Acantha. I'm always avid to meet other Prodigals, to discuss what we might do to help one another. It's not so easy to integrate, most times, the customs that we had adopted outside the Compact." She moves to select a whiskey with easy grace., smiling to Jan as she passes.

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"Does he need help with that? Or does Halfshav require any assistance?" Acantha asks Arik. Then there's a smile to Jan, "Thank you my Lady that is very thoughtful of you." she tells her. "Please feel free to have a seat." she motions to any of the spots. Then there's a smile to Monique, "It's no trouble at all, I know there are some services out there, but I felt that maybe having a meet and greet to where people could talk might be good. Especially for newer Prodigals to the Compact. Especially right now." she nods to this.

Ysbail nods to Acanthia's words, "I imagine it will be harder for the crownlands to adapt right now, hopefully we don't get any more unwise seraphs spouting things they should know better than to do in the north.

"We are looking for anyone who would want to aid us and we would in turn offer assistance on their own projects. We are having some some issues with bringing commoners into Cascade Springs from smaller settlements. Often times the smaller villages have a historic tie and they are reluctant to leave it. Sweet and convincing voices to sway them are always welcome Lady Acantha." Arik concludes with a wolfish smirk for the young protege and then a shift of frost grey to the others. "Kennex, I don't think I recognize you Lady Kennex welcome to the Redrain ward I am Lord Arik Halfshav the Sword of Whitehold and this is my talented protege Lady Acantha Clearlake."

Shepherd's Duke is clearly a new visitor to the Lodge and most /definitely/ the Clearlake's great hall. He arrives, weapons peace-tied securely, and his hat in his hands as he takes a look around the large room. Admiring the blue-gray stone first, then the rafters, and back again. "Evenin'," Malcolm offers with a bow that's not the worst - but not the best. "An' well met."

2 Ashford House Guard, Bethany arrive, following Olivia.

Ysbail nods, "It's hard to convince people to leave homes where their ancestors have dwelled for nigh a thousand years in some cases, but I wish Halfshav the best in the endeavor. I'm sure Mirk has it well in hand, he's an excellent diplomat." She notes offering Jan a nod of greeting before her attention shifts to Acantha with a smile. "Lord Arik, I think you keep ending up with your protogee's being promoted to the Nobility." Grinning at the joke before Malcom's arrival gets a raise of both brows. "Welcome, to both. It's unusual to see so many houses that are not Prodigal houses make an appearance. I believe I had the pleasure of meeting one of your household the other day - Lady Elsa?"

Jan dips her head slightly in recognition to Arik. "I've been away. At Stormward and sailing with my Corsairs in the forsaken parts of the Mourning Isles for the past.. year?" She glances to her man at the door, but he shrugs. "Something around there. I'm trying to get my land legs again. From what I've seen, I'm sure a bit more cooperation between the Houses will be of great worth in the future." Her eyes darken as if these thoughts have brought a cloud back over her mood. Jan pours herself a glass of rum and takes a long drawl from it.

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Tonight was the evening for the Prodigal's Meet and Greet at House Clearlake's Lodge. Even with the times as they were, Lady Acantha was going to try to push through things and try to meet her fellow Prodigals and see if they could shed some light on a few matters as well as just give their own point of view on the Compact and how their situations were with it. It was also just a time to socialize with each other. There's finger foods sat out on the table and there's tea as well as whiskey and wines for drinking. Acantha's not going to let people go hungry!

"My proteges always seem to advanced quickly... Marquessa-Consort Sasha, Marquessa Eilonwy, Baroness-Consort Violet, and soon Lady Acantha. Who knows where she will find herself catapulted." Arik points out with no smidge of humility as he lists off the list of past and current proteges he's given patronage too. "Mayhap yet another foreign power will arrive and inform us she is Queen of lakes and other small bodies of water. These days anything is possible."

"Is it? Pardon, my lady, forgivin' me for not knowin' what's common practice versus what's unusual. All's said and done - it's not every day that a commoner's made a Duke, yeah? But, here I am and here we are. An' here to visit a meet n' greet like I heard about. Came, really, to get a proper set of opinions on an issue I'm dealin' with in Graypeak's lands before I am pressed toward making any plans of action about it. No better way to do that than to speak with Prodigal, I think." With another shallow bow, Malcolm offers a flash of a wide grin. "Yeah, that's m'cousin Els. Glad you met her."

Ysbail chuckles, "Let us hope not too quickly. The compact may lash out again as they did with the recent wedding." She notes frowning softly.

Olivia enters the great hall and looks plesently surprised with all the people here. But when she starts look around she notices the animals here and lets out a quick squeak of concern as she hides behind the Ashford house guards she travels with.

Monique chuckles. "I met with quite the lashing when I married into Telmar," she offers up to the conversation, quietly sipping her whiskey with obvious enjoyment. "I think there was less at my divorce than at the marriage."

"I think your divorce caused quite the stir Lady Monique. My In-Laws certainly do not have fond memories of it." Arik points out with a low rumble of a voice and a lingering look at the Minx of the Marshes. "Corban even abdicated his noble duty after the incident,"

Acantha gives a look to the other arrivals and there's a nod of her head to Duke Malcolm, "Welcome. Please come in and have a drink and something to eat." she motions to the table that holds drinks and things. Then when there is a squeak and someone hiding behind guards she gives a worried look, "My lady, are you alright?" she asks Olivia.

Ysbail tilts her head shaking it. "I Imagine at that point it's a damned if you do damned if you don't situation." She shrugs, "I've never been married and thus never had cause for divorce."

Monique smiles over to Arik. "I do not speak for my ex-husband, of course, but he was approached long before we were married by Dame Leona to join the King's Own. I rather think it was a calling, than a choice to make amends. But," she rolls her shoulders, "I do not know for certain. As you might imagine, I don't go there anymore for a chat."

"So it's more then just cats?" Her gaze fixes on Olivia, a subtle quirk in her brow.

"Must say much of the quality of character that can break such hearts an' make such an impression on one noble family. Speaks t'someone unforgettable," Malcolm comments without being asked nor prompted, grinning broadly. Only then in the second thought does his smile falter and his expression goes sheepish. "Uh -- sorry. Not really the thing to say to new faces, is it? Wait, did I introduce m'self - nah, don't think I did." To Acantha, "Thank you. Duke Malcolm Shepherd, of Graypeak. Crownlands. 's real nice to be enjoyin' the hospitality of Clearlake." After that, he moves off to get a drink - whiskey - and a seat.

"I thought perhaps Archlector Etienne might have enlightened you. They are brothers." Arik points out with that same lingering look which only breaks now as he casts the gaze out for the drinks. "Excuse me my Lady." and steps away towards a table with whiskey set out for the guests.

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Monique's grin for Malcolm is practically sparkling. "No, please. Duke Malcolm, you are a breath of fresh air in a sea of displeasure. Graypeak. I've heard the name, though never traveled through myself. Tell me more about your lands?" the fiery Greenmarch encourages, offering a wave to the departing Arik, seemingly unoffended.

Ysbail can't help but grin at the Duke, and shakes her head. "Thank you Acanthia for hosting this event, I think I shall see myself out. Have a lovely rest of your evening."

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Gruffudd, a ridiculously fluffy large cat, Inka Bramblethorn leave, following Ysbail.

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Olivia keeps her distance from the various creatures as she looks around at the food and drink. She turns to Acantha and smiles nervously, "I a-am ok. I just uhm... it is silly... I am just kind of scared of animals... I am not trying to be rude. Where can I find the red wine here, perhaps that will calm my nerves....but where are my manners. I am Olivia Ashford, Duke Harlan's baby sister." Olivia is clearly a little scatter brained right now.

Acantha gives a quirk of her eyebrow, but she doesn't ask any questions. Wasn't anything that she was a part of. She does give another look to Malcolm and there's a smile, "You said that you were seeking assistance with an issue, Duke Malcolm?" she asks him. Then there's a look to Olivia, "I can have my little one go to my room if that will help. And we can get you a nice glass of red wine right over here." she offers with a sweep of her hand as she heads for the table.

Arik is standing where Acantha is pointing but isn't availing himself of the red and instead picking up a glass of whiskey. He lifts it up in a cheers gesture to anyone looking in that direction.

"If we're talkin' normal things, my lady, Graypeak's pretty banal." The last seems to be a word that's new to Malcolm's vernacular with the careful way that he's using it. The etiquette's a lost cause - but not the elocution. Maybe, maybe not. "We're a walled castle on the top of a mountain. Surrounded by lots of rocks, sheep, goats, dogs and horses. The valleys and plains are where we do a lot of our growin'. Real exciting stuff, it is. Recently, been wondering on how to deal with the problem of an clan of Abandoned that got a little riled up with the Road going through their ancestral lands. This is /after/ the previous Duke - called Butcher an' not cause he liked red meat - went on a bit of a spree." Malcolm's eyebrows furrow deep. "They came in on one of Graypeak's vassal lands, razed the fields, and kept on moving."

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Olivia follows close to Acantha towards the wine, she looks back behind her to make sure she isn't being followed, "No ma am you need not send your critters away on my be-" before she can finish she manages to trip over own feet as she was more worried about the fox and beaver than watching where she was going

Monique leans in with interest to Malcolm's explanation, her fiery brow furrowing in concentration. "Hm. We've heard much the same across the Compact, due to that Road. Only thing to do now is deal with it. Did you have plans already, or still weighing your options, Duke Shepherd?" she echoes Acantha's question, looking to the other woman with an inviting smile.

"There are a few good books in the Kennex command room you should read." Jan says to Malcolm. "Depends on how serious you are about getting rid of this problem though. Dealing with Abandoned isn't for the merciful." Her eyes speak of experience.

Acantha gives a look to Malcolm and listens as he speaks, "We seem to have had incidents like that all over the Compact with the Great Road being built." she admits to that. "Now, was it because they believe the land is theirs or was it just them attacking? I have not been able to keep up with all the news." she admits. Then she's distracted by Olivia tripping and the Clearlake woman gives a gasp, "I am so sorry my Lady, are you alright?" she asks her. "Please have a seat and I can pour you a glass of wine." she tells her with a smile. Then there's a look to Monique and a nod, "If you're weighing options I'm sure with the shared experience in the room we can help." she states.

"Well, see, that's the thing --" Malcolm lifts a few fingers, looking a little lost. "I don't want to drive them off. I mean, they started there first, an' whatever issues Gregor had with them are not followin' me. I refuse to work in his shadow, you know, 'cause I've got to work on my own standing - my own reputation as Duke - and I want to do right by my vassal while seein' to the Clan Stormstorm in a way that don't involve bloodshed. Do I try and bring them into the Compact as Prodigal? Do I let them just go about on their own way - seein' as now they're in the next Duchy over now? It's been a puzzle." He clears his throat, sipping at his own whiskey. "Definitely still weighin' options."

Olivia blushes a deep pink as she gets up hurries to a seat indicated by Acantha. She settles in and crosses her legs, trying to be graceful despite her fall, her cheeks still glowing pink in embarrassment. She looks around and seems to be making note of the conversation happenening around her, but just keeps quiet. She turns to Acantha and says "Thank you" in a somewhat muted voice, as if she is too scared to speak any louder and bring any more attention to herself.

"I would suggest sending a small group of Prodigals skilled in diplomacy to speak with the clan in question, before you make any firm decisions," Monique offers to Malcolm with a grin and a lift of her whiskey glass in his direction. "Just in case they have other plans themselves."

Arik watches the group now from a bit of a ways away between the tripping Lady and the topic of shavs, he starts downing the whiskey at a good clip.

Jan responds, "That's just my point. They'll use your honor against you. Have you ever given alms to the poor? Charity emboldens them. Which is exactly what will happen with the Abandoned. Before long they won't be satisfied with what you are willing to give anymore. When that day comes, all your mercy will have brought you is a better armed, better resourced enemy." She pours herself another glass of rum. "Mark my words, you show them your feet stand on clay, they wash it out from under you. You teach them you are planted on stone, and they'll break like waves on the crags." She nods simply to her own words.

Acantha gives a soft smile to Olivia as she pours her a glass of wine and then delivers it to her, "You're welcome." she tells her. Then she listens to the conversation, "Lady Monique does have a good point. Diplomacy would be a good point. Then again, Lady Kennex also has a good points. You should be firm in whatever you do. But also not a tyrant." she smiles to that. "If you'd like assistance in speaking with them, I'm trained in diplomacy and etiquette." she offers.

"Huh." Malcolm's jaw works, chewing on the suggestion as though it's a tanible thing, and he takes a sip of whiskey to chase it all down. "I was definitely bringin' diplomats - but, honestly, it never occured to bring Prodigal diplomats. Which is an inspired idea, honest. Ought to do that." Malcolm nods, turning away to briefly offer Olivia an apologetic smile. "You all right, my lady? Seem like you're - uh - nervous. Do I have somethin' on my face?" Then, back toward Monique, "Nah, will do that. Got folk to reach out after this - more Prodigal, and more experienced than I am." Malcolm blink-blinks and looks at Jan. "Uh. Well, see? I've never had problems givin' to anyone in need, my lady. Don't reckon that's a part of me that'll ever change. Even when I was a sellsword, see, I worked for free more times than I worked for pay. An' - it ain't in me to break a horse, nor break a dog, I certainly don't have it in me to break people like that." He empties his glass.

"That," Monique points out quietly, in the wake of Malcolm's words, "and we are all former Abandoned who have had a taste of the tough love of the Compact. I can't say I truly recommend such an approach, I'm afraid." She nods her fire-bright head to Malcolm. "I would be pleased to go along with you, if you need the extra help. I've got a good many shav tongues under my belt, and on occasion I can be persuasive." There's a green-eyed wink. "And I wouldn't mind spending more time with our Lady Hostess."

Olivia turns to Malcom as she sips her wine, "N-no sir nothing on your face... I am just nervous around animals, and when I don't know any one. Then on top of that I fell and must have made a terrible impression. Then I have nothing to contribute to the conversation... so then I feel like I am just being a freeloader stealing this nice Ladies wine.... Maybe I should leave....". Olivia's brain must be moving a mile a minute at this point, as she is jumping from thought to thought rather quickly, but she manages to take another sip of her wine though.

"Perhaps then the Abandoned on land are different from the ones I deal with at sea. I'd have my man here show you what those pirates gave him as their token of mercy, but I'm afraid it might offend more then help." Jan glances specifically to Olivia. "Let's just say his days of diplomacy have all but come to an end." With that she drains her glass. "I should perhaps keep these stories to myself presently. Wouldn't want to make a bad impression for House Kennex on my first week back in Arx."

Arik finishes a second glass of whiskey and sets it off to the side with a brief chuckle. He does re-approach the group and angle towards Acantha, "Lady Acantha if you're not taken up on your generous offer to treat with the shavs then I will let Mirk know to write you about your offer to assist with Cascade Springs." to the remaining nobility he dips his head, "Enjoy your evening and good luck with the abandoned. If worse comes to worse and it comes to violence I hear House Deepwood is accepting refugee abandoned without forcing them to kneel or they were for a time."

"All Abandoned, once. Good point, that is, and not one t'forget." Malcolm mutters, giving a small smile and a bow of his head, ruffling fingers through his short hair. "Noted, ladies. I'll reach out - soon - or as soon as I get an outline of a plan worked out." Admitted with a shrug of shoulders, then, he glances back at Olivia and chuckles. "I don't know anyone here either. Not until just now. An' since you introduced yourself, Lady Olivia, that means you're no stranger anymore." Nodding, "An' fallin' ain't no big deal. I fell on my ass in the training ring the other day." Another blink, and Malcolm glances back at Jan. "Oh." He rises, quickly, in order to refill his glass. Arik's last spoken bit of advice causes Malcolm's head to lift and he nods to acknowledge that, "I'll keep that in mind too, my lord. Thank yah."

Acantha gives a shake of her head to Olivia, "You didn't make a bad impression on anyone. People sometimes fall." she tells her with a soft smile to the woman. Then she's back to listening and there's a look to Arik, "I'd be happy to help Lord Mirk as well." she tells him. "Please be safe Lord Arik." she tells him with a dip of her head. "It's hard sometimes with Abandoned, because not everyone knows what is wanted. I think maybe figure that out first? Or do we know what is wanted? I might have missed that I apologize, Duke Malcolm." she admits.

"No, I only know what I want out of the situation - and what the other Duchy wants out of the situation. Haven't yet figured out what the Abandoned want." Malcolm shrugs, with yet another smile - small and sure. "Which will need to be taken care of first. That said, thanks much for the opportunity to ask for suggestions. It's been appreciated. I ought to head back to m'ward and take a load of notes before I forget all of this."

Jan brings her glass up, "To the Lady Acantha. You have my thanks for your hospitality, and the company you keep." You moves her gaze between everyone else gathered. She taps the bottom of her drink lightly on the table and finishes it in a gulp.

"Might I walk back with you, Duke Shephered?" Monique asks with a grin, lofting a single crimson brow to the Duke. "I've got to get back to the ward of the Crown and would love an escort part of the way there. Not safe on the streets these days!" There's a curtsey to the others and a friendly smile. "Lady Acantha. It was a true pleasure. I hope you'll make some time for tea with me soon? I'd love to speak with you more."

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Malcolm's offering another one of those well-practiced bows, offering his arm out to Monique, "Certainly, my lady. Be glad to. After all, I wouldn't mind the extra protection of someone like you - you seem like you'd give a brigand what for." With a wide grin and a flash of white teeth.

Jan says, "I must be off. I hope that all our paths cross once again."

Acantha gives a smile to everyone, "I think we'll have to have another night like this. And invite others that might be having issues." she admits. "Please be safe in your travels and I look forward to seeing everyone again. And yes, Lady Monique we can do tea sometime." she dips her head to that.

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