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Spring Lodge Planting

Spring is coming and it is time for spring planting! Petal is holding a spring planting event at the lodge for those who wish to help plant. There will be a small gift for attendees and food available.


Jan. 8, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Draven Violet Cillian Rowenova Brady Shae Thorley Kedehern Ysbail Samantha Rymarr



Outside Arx - Lodge of Petrichor - Field of Petals

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Comments and Log


Thank you so much to Mistress Petal for setting up the Spring Lodge Planting where so many were incredibly supportive to my dear husband who recently lost many friends in Kalslov/Volkov lands. Thank you all for your caring regard.

Likely, Petal and Cillian aren't familiar enough with the young alchemist to know how Draven usually behaves. Though when he lands in the arms of his Wife, and she is asking him how he is doing, he isn't quite saying much, just clinging to her desperately and burying his face into her neck. So much so, that Brady unfortunately is completely ignored by the shorter man. "They're killing them! All of them! Wholesale slaughter! For no reason!" Comes out his eventual, strained answer to Nova.

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd arrive, following Shae.

Petal looks over to Draven, seemingly concerned as he speaks. "I am sorry." She says, speaking in the heavy accent of a Northern Shav. "I appreciate you all still coming at this very difficult time. I am deeply sorry about the murders that are taking place. I decided to still hold the planting, because I feel that growing plants and flowers on the lodge is even more important in light of recent events. It is a show of hope and to make Compact stronger and we need all we can get right now."

Violet arrives with a young Tala in tow and Sorcha in a wrap against her chest. Thorley isn't far behind. As the family make their way along the paths it is slow. Tala stops to smell the flowers that are already planted and blooming.

Cillian smiles and returns the kiss to petals cheek his gloved hand moves to take hers in his standing next to her as she speaks.

Someone must have been so busy during their work day that they have no clue what is going on (yet). Rowenova looks first to Draven in her armored arms then back to Petal before spotting Violet, adopted daughter, and tiny baby. Then, she gazes down to Draven. She does not really know the whole context, but he is obviously affected, and so she holds close the Alchemist Husband, quietly speaking to him just under his left ear.

Brady digs out a couple deep holes, evenly spaced, rubbing Sir Flops' head each time he passes by. With relative ease, he carries one of the bushes over to plant, periodically glancing up to eavesdrop on the others. Otherwise he mostly remains silent.

Ysbail is overheard praising Petal: Even in bleak times of this, new growth can be a form of hope on it's own. What a lovely event.

"I had friends from Kalslov! Jeremy! Axel! All dead!" Draven says with his face still buried into his Wife's neck, with the sounds of sobbing breaking through his muffled tone. His Wife speaks with him quietly, but he doesn't make any move to answer her really, just clinging onto her firmly. "So many stupid Fluffy people! It's all of their fault! Just killing us for the fun of it!"

Petal smiles warmly when Violet and her family arrive, seemingly very happy to see them. "Welcome." she says in her direction. She gives Cillian's hand a gentle squeeze. "With that being said and despite the sorrow of this day, we plant. I invite you all to plant the flowers or seedlings that appeals to you." She says, gesturing to seeds, bulbs and many seedlings. The plants are fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs and flowers. She then pauses for a moment. "Everyone who likes may make a prayer to Petrichor or to the spirits or to both or they may offer words or a silent moment. If anyone wishes, they are welcome to pray for those being hurt in the current fighting. I have small gifs for those who wish, items of nature that celebrate flowers and plants and that might be part of your own gardens at home, if you wish."

Sir Floppington no longer wags, his soulful eyes taking on a mournful gaze, and his houndly mien taking on a droopier disposition. He momentarily noses Brady's hand then moves over to where Draven is and looks up at him.

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Shae makes her why into the are of the the area of the Lodge that many have been working on together to plant new flowers and trees and plants. Her left leg dragging just a touch as she limps. Her dog following faithfully along next to her, and raccoon perched on one of her shoulders. Smiling warmly as she joins the gathered group, giving a polite and friendly nod to all in greeting.

Violet's smile is not as chipper as it might be. There is a tension in her jaw that can be noted by the observant. As she spies familiar faces she waves her own greeting. "Hello Petal, Cillian," She says, glancing back at Tala as she sticks her nose down into a bed of early blooming iris.

Petal smile warmly to Shae. "I am glad you could join us Lady Shae and you as well Baroness." She says softly in her heavy accent.

Rowenova bends down to one knee with her one bent up as she sets Draven onto the ground below them in front of her. Floppers can now come up to see him, giving him a nosing to his cheek and licking it, too, which is not something that he usually does most times, but this is a different deal right here. After fully registering exactly what Draven goes through with dead friends, Rowenova suddenly senses the stinging within her eyes and welling tears which ultimately spring and stream down through her eye liner to drag khol onto her alabaster cheeks. "I am so very sorry, Love." says she with a strained voice. "Kalslov is a Volkov house, yes?"

Brady works quietly, seemingly uncomfortable with the grief expressed. He busies himself with planting bushes, and digging holes. Each time someone new shows up, he offers a distracted nod. His clothes are getting dirty, but to be fair, his armor was already pretty dirty.

Petal looks toward Rowenova and Draven and something seems to click. "I am so sorry." She says, but seems unable to find any better words.

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Reluctantly, the sobbing mess of Draven releases his Wife from his desperate grasp and does eventunally sit down where places him. His head hangs low, with his red and puffy eyes. He does reach out and pet at Sir Floppington's head as the Good Boy begins to lick his cheek. When asked about Kalslov, he nods his head, still crying profusely. "Stupid Fluffy people. I hate them all. Liars and cheaters and murders. All of them."

Brady glances towards Petal, and steps closer to the group. He takes out a crumpled piece of paper and clears his throat, "Ahem... if it's okay, I'd like to say a few words. There is always opposition to hope, good people, and good works. The best we can do is to continue to stand strong, together."

His tone becomes more formal, "King Stag, Forest Lord, Monarch of the Soil,

From one make three,

From three feed ten,

Bless this field,

Bless this copse,

Bless this sacred glen,

King Stag, Forest Lord, Monarch of the Soil."

He folds up his paper and takes a step back, bowing out to lean on his shovel, a bit apart from the group.

Peta listens to Brady's words with close attention, giving him a smile. "I very much liked your prayer and thank you so much for coming. You can choose something if you want?" She says, speaking of the plants or flower-themed chests that she has in area of the field.

"I am happy to be here, Petal." Though there is a soft frown as she notices the state of Draven and Rowenova. Not moving over to start planting just yet, she takes a few steps toward husband and wife. A soft look of sympathy, "My heart grieves with you for your loss. I know that at times words do not ease the pain and anger, but perhaps planting a flower in the name of the ones you lost. May bring a touch of solace for the moment. And if you need assistance in finding those that have wronged your friends, I offer my assistance has a Huntsman of House Keaton, and a Warden of the West." Stepping back a little to give them both space, not wishing to intrude any further. Looking around a moment as she seems to be looking for someone.

Thorley was distracted. The last time he was in these woods, it involved fighting a gargantuan. Finally, it's Tala tugging on him that gets his attention, and the knight stoops down, scooping up his daughter, and setting her on his shoulders as he moves to join Violet and the others.

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Sir Floppington crawls up into Draven's lap as a stability anchor if he can, then Rowenova shoulder squeezes Draven as she hoarsely speaks, "Thank you, Mistress Petal." She quickly notes whilst looking straight at Draven while kneeling beside him and Flop, "You are upset, with good reason to be, but please, trust me that not all nobles are that way. You have found some before who are good people. There are plenty foppish wastes of space who should be swinging from trees." She has no idea people were hung up during all this. "...indeed, but every person has individual personality, like you and me. Certain people care. Some do not. You cannot know until you get to know them. The only reason I am saying this, right now, is because I do not want you to cultivate hatred from festering despair, which will, in the end, only make your life harder on you. Love you lots. Lady Shae is right. She is nice, and Baroness Violet and Baron Thorley and Lady Ysbail here." She nods up to the Keaton woman with a thankful look through her hazy tears before looking back. "Could you plant a flower? It might help you. I know you are good at it, especially since you transplanted those suncatchers from somewhere around here to the Stone Grove."

Coming from the area with stables, Kedehern emerges, looking perhaps a touch out of place, but heading over to stand next to Shae givin her a smile, and murmuring something under his breath to the woman.

Petal has a gentle smile for Shae and then goes for a small violet plant. She starts to plant such even while looking in Rowenova. "It is terrible what happened. I don't even really have the words." She looks over to Kadehern and has a welcoming smile for him.

Violet glances back at Tala and Thorley as the little girl giggles. It draws a faint smile across her lips as she tries to choose a sapling from the selection. " apple tree, I think," She says as she takes her shovel and begins to dig a whole. Baby-wearing and all. The woman glances at Draven and Rowenova as she hears her name, offering a wan smile for the obviously upset man. But the hole is dug and she turns to Thorley expectantly. "Did you bring the shells and blessings?" She asks him as she moves to unwrap the saplings root ball. As she does her lips begin to move. A silent prayer of some sort, though whether to spirits or gods is for her to know.

Petal looks over to Violet, sucking in a soft breath and giving her a hopeful and yet still somber smile even as she continues to plant the violets.

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Cillian looks to Draven he looks to the mam knowing that feeling of loss, his eyes look back to Petal, "I will be happy to plant some bushes Petal." he says softly in his thick accent, he spots Violet and nods to her, "Baroness Violet." he greets her.

At first, Draven doesn't seem to react much to what Shae has to say to him. He keeps looking down, crying and wiping at his wet face with his dry hand. Then he hears she is a Huntsman from Keaton though, and he glances up at her with a whirlwind of emotions. Distrust, anger, confusion. It shifts quickly into anger and he looks like he is just about to leap up at her until his Wife is speaking to him and he catches himself. "Amari is nice too." He admits, his hands reaching out to try and steal his Wife away so he can bury his face into her some more. "Flowers won't bring them back. Flowers won't keep these stupid Fluffy people from killing us again. I could have been on the road with them!"

Petal looks to Cillian and then to Draven. "So many of us abandoned have lost our families and yet it never seems to end."

Rownenova is given a warm supportive smile in return, and then Shae turns torward Kedehern as he arrives, her soft frown fades to a warm smile. Leaning a little closer toward the Laurent to listen to his soft murmuring. And then softly murmurs back, pointing to the various plants and flowers available to be planted. And the very lovely gifts Petal has for everyone. Shae noted the play of emotions on Draven's face, but only met them with a kind smile, one full of sympathy. And then turned to limp towards a grouping of trees, looking them over. Having taken Kedehern's hand to bring him with her.

"As Petal has said, with violence spreading across the lands of Arvum, there is no greater reminder that it is only together that we can fend off the darkeness." Cobalt blue eyes scan the grounds of the lodge, and each of the faces present. "It was Shamans working alongside Godsworn, Nobles alongside Commoners, some have been part of the compact all their lives, while others have only recently added their banners." She smiles broadly at Petal. "Copper's Sacrifice was not made with the intent that we tear each other apart. It is only by working together and embracing each other's differences that we can take up the cause she entrusted to us. I offer prayers both to the Pantheon, and separately to the spirits, as a mark of that resolve." Finishing with a soft lilting prayer in Northern Shav and another in Arvani.

"Aye." Thorley says, moving next to stand to Violet. Setting Tala down, the knight kneels to the ground to take out a small bag with shells and sand and a few smaller items.

"With the warm wind flows,

in the tall apple orchards and oak trees,

The old man fell asleep in the shade,

And his dreams were of the sea."

"As the branches filled and billowed,

the highest of mainmasts swayed,

as long sea-waves washed on the shore,

The brass galley soared."

"And he slept in the harbor of the shade."

Petal looks over to Draven. "It must be so very hard not to be with them right now and yet there are many likely glad you ae safe." She looks over to Ysbail a moment later, nodding in response to her words. "Yeah..we just, I don't know. We trying day by day." She says, but seems sorrowful herself. She then listens to Thorley's words. "Very lovely." She say to him.

Brady shoots Draven a sympathetic glance, shaking his head as he goes back to work. He busies himself with planting, having now moved onto flowers. Each time prayers are spoken, he pauses respectfully to listen.

Rowenova lets Draven steal her into the pile of him and flop but turned and landing on her rear end beside him. She pulls out a clean kerchief of which there are many (for reasons) from a skirt pocket. She carefully, slowly mops Draven's face, since she is having hard time seeing right now, too, and does not wish to aim wrong and eye poke him. "Flowers will not bring them back, indeed, but they might help you while you are hurting because you like them, and I know you do. It is more for you that I suggest you do. Not because I am overly concerned there might not be enough people to plant all the flowers." What a blunt Northerner. "You can also use your time on something productive, rather than lashing out in a destructive way which might end up in more pain, for you. Love you lots. I so very much do. You could have been on the road, but you were in Arx, and married to me, with a home, with your own lab, with Sir Flop, and with so many good Things. We could both be dead: we are not." Then, she shuts up and nods over toward Ysbail, "Aye, we are still alive, and that means there is hope." She looks out toward the other people who are here and being supportive, too. She quietly mouths her thanks to them, looking up to Thorley's poetry with a slight dip of her wolf-framed face then lifts up and quietly notes to Petal right there, "Exactly right."

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"Easy for you to say. They aren't killing you. Or your friends." Draven says sharply back to Ysbail, sniffling and nuzzling his face into how Nove tends to it with that handkerchief. Still there is an abundance of care that seems to be offered his way, even from Shae who he seems to distrust. He stays still and quiet for several seconds after everything Nova has to say, and then he reaches out for the tools required to start planting a flower.

Dauntless, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Patsy, Garen, the Iron Hound arrive, following Rymarr.

5 House Deepwood Guards, Rymarr arrive, following Samantha.

"I was shav'arvani before I became a prodigal Draven, or a noble for that matter." She offers gently, but firm. "I do not claim to know the depths of your pain, but anger and violence improperly directed will only worsen the situation." She smiles gently to petal and Rowanova. "Aye, that is the simple truth of it. We have Hope."

The spring planting is going on. Seeds, seedlings and bulbs have been made available to plant. So have gardening tools. The plants include flowers, berry bushes, fruit trees and herbs. The mood is a bit somber, likely because of recent events. There is a line for those who wish to say a prayer to the spirits or to Petrichor.

Cillian nods his head, "Not this time they did not, but they have before, we have all lost someone in this mess Draven." he squees Petals hand and lets go moving to get a berry bush and find a spot to dig a hole and start to plant it falling silent himself.

Petal looks to Ysbail, nodding. "Most of us were once Shavs in this room and most of us have lost many close to us in the battles and wars. It never get easier and Draven's pain is a pain behind understanding and sadly a pain that many of us have been through. It is like fate that it is us who gathered here today. I feel like..this should not the last time we meet. The killings of Shavs cannot continue."

Rowenova stays quiet as Draven and Ysbail sort out their Stuff and Things, having spake lots and now not, just doing rather than much saying any more: mopping up his tears, helping situate tools closer to where he can get them, cheek kisses, putting Floppers in her own lap, so Draven can move around, and nodding forth to all those who speak up now.

Violet lowers her voice to speak with Thorley as they and Tala work to properly plant and settle their sapling. The little girl seems happy to play in the dirt, but is quickly distracted by a bumblebee.

Sniffling, Draven just keeps digging out a small hole in the dirt with his trowel while Ysbail, Cillian and Petal speak to him, mentioning their Shav heritage. It helps, which is clear to see, even if his usual overabundance of energy is completely gone. Then he reaches out to pet more at Sir Floppington's head as Nova pulls him into her lap.

Standing and moving next to Violet, Thorley settles his hand on his wifes, and considers his words. "Violet and I have spoken, and we have opened Sandreef Point to any and all that wish to make their home and provide for any - oathlander, shav, prodigal - all will be welcome to grow our land." the knight offers as he turns his attention to the plants. "This garden is much like that ideal. We are all different, we have made it beautiful and bright. And together, we will make it strong."

Samantha and Rymarr make their way into the field. Samantha has one hand on Rymarr's arm, and she holds a little girl, dark haired and blue-eyed, by the hand with the other. Rymarr may look slightly grumpy, Samantha looks cheerful and the child is, well, beside herself. "S'there a unicorn? I want to see a unicorn!"

Ysbail moves over to grab one of the blueberry bushes for transplant, nodding to Petal and Rowanova as she does so. "The simple fact is Shav'arvani out number the compact nearly three to one last census I recall. It would not serve to give them something to Rally behind, but the fighting is well away from the north at this point. We shall have to wait and see how much it spreads. As if we didn't have enough to worry about." She murmurs softly rolling up her sleeves and starting to dig the hole as someone quite familiar to the kind of work. Smantha's voice, earns a wry grin. "Marquessa Deepwood, I should very much like to see the same thing, but I'm not sure they are around at present."

Brady wanders over to Petal, jerking a thumb at the greenhouse and keeping his voice low, "Hey, do you mind if I... um, use your greenhouse for a moment? For a thing?" He arches a dark brow, a faint grin on his lips.

Shae listens to each persons words, nodding and smiling softly as they each share there prayer and words. Shae moves away from trees to a gathering of flowers and herbs. Picking up a small little armful, that well, she turns and starts handing some to Kedehern to hold for her. And last but not least, she picks up some snowdrops. A soft little sigh as she does so, holding it a great since of reverence and love.

Moving over to one of the trees that has been planted already. Kneeling down she begins to plant each flower. Speaking as she does so, and speaking in a soft, warm voice as she does so, one with that is filled with optimism and hope.

"Thyme, for Courage and Strength

"Sage, for Wisdom

Rosemary, for Remembrance

Lavender, for Devotion

And last Daisy, for Hope

May each of them grow strong and spread the joyful smiles each one holds, and inspire those that see them, to remember that within each of us resides, a bit of Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, and last, but certainly not least Hope. And may we each carry them from here, like the wind, and birds and the bees carry them, to share with the rest of Arx, and Arvum."

There is a soft pause and then she plants the snowdrops in the middle of them all. "And Eirlys. In memory of the truest friend one could have, sister, friend, pack. You represented the best in all of us."

Petal looks over to Thorley, giving him a nod. "That is a good thing and I am proud then to be associated with your family." She then turns her attention to Samantha, Rymarr and their child, having a gentle smile. "Oh, hi and welcome, I am glad you could come family of Deepwood." She says in her heavy accent. Petal nods to Ysbail. "Yeah, I don't know what we can do. I feel very helpless, but maybe something can be done." She is drawn by Shae's words, sucking in a soft breath. "That was very lovely, Lady Shae."

Petal is overheard praising Shae: Lovely prayer

Petal is overheard praising Brady: Lovely prayer

Petal also looks over to Brady. "You can use the green house for a moment." She says to him.

Cillian gets done putting the dirst back over the roots of the bush and making sure it is packed in well. He tands up brushing his gloved hands off of his pants and looks around seeing Samantha he smiles to her nodding his head in her direction spotting the small child in her hands and he gives a soft sigh looking to Petal and heading back over in her directipm/

Petal is overheard praising Violet: caring for plants!

Petal is overheard praising Thorley: caring for plants as well!

Petal is overheard praising Ysbail: Wise words and a love of the land.

Thorley's words seem to take hold on the still crying mess that is Draven and he peeks up at him and Violet, sniffling and nodding his head at her too. It might be enough to stop Nova temporarily from tending to his wet face. "Can I help?" He offers, his tone still mostly broken with his own sorrow.

Little Nara's face just falls, but perhap surprisingly she doesn't pitch a childish fit, and instead she asks her mother pityingly, "Can I have a watering can?" Samantha laughs, bends to give her a kiss, and replies, "Go on, then." So off the little girl skips to get a watering can with which she can sprinkle the flowers.

Brady checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Glancing to Petal, Thorley gives a grim smile, before he hears Draven's words. "I have heard of your recent marriage and congratulate you on that." the knight says as he turns to Draven. "You can help by loving and not worrying your wife. She will want little cubs soon enough." the knight offers with a wink, before turning more serious. "We are still growing - when the time comes, I will let you know."

Rowenova hears out the apothecary prayer, "Sounds like Alchemy to me, it do." says the wolfy-framed wife to her upset Husband. She stays close, making sure there is plenty Floppington nearby Draven. The greying hound looks up with a couple wags for Draven and those soulful eyes looking up at him, as well as a nose up into that petting hand of his. She makes sure Draven can freely move and glances up to Thorley, "Thank you so much for what you just proclaimed. Thank you. You are both good people." She ruefully smiles back to Violet then back up toward Thorley again, and she bluntly suggests, "I think you two... would be good friends. Southern men who married to Northern women and were probably getting a hard time about it to some degree." She just lays it out, peeking back to Draven with concerned eyes.

There's a tilt of the Laurent's head at mention of unicorns, but well... Kedehern listens to Shae's words, and gives a soft, empathatic look to the woman as she bares some of her soul to those around, aong with the others. Silent for now, as those around partake in the planting.

Violet glances up at Draven and nods her head, "Certainly," She says with a gesture towards the watering can. "It needs a drink and then we can...where's Tala?" Violet stands up and looks around. The little girl is deep into a daisy field following her bumblebee.

Draven is overheard praising Thorley: He tried really, really hard to make me feel better when I was sad. I want to help him with the Prodigal Things.

Rymarr moves through the field at Samantha's side, though his cold blue eyes aren't long for staring smitten at his wife or engrossed in the sheer presence of their eldest child and heir. No, Rymarr's attention is cast off in this direction, then that direction, and then another direction. His jaw works from time to time. Grumpy? Mayhaps not. Alert and watchful? Definitely. One armoured hand, free of an arm or other restraining effect, rests atop the unadorned pommel of a blade worn high on his left side. Armoured as per typical, Rymarr's attention turns away from his efforts to regard Petal and the greeting which she offers to the Deepwood contingent. A polite dip of his chin is offered in return, followed promptly by a distracted greeting of his own, "We are happy to have come. Reverence of Petrichor is an important undertaking for ourselves and our House". Was that a rehearsed line? It almost sounds rehearsed.

Brady disappears into the greenhouse for a long moment, returning with a broad grin. He nonchalantly finds a trowel and goes back to planting flowers again, only this time he spends a lot more energy sniffing the flowers and whispering praises to them. To a tulip, "Oooh, look at you, gorgeous. I should get one of you for my broom closet."

"Her heart is as wild as yours, Violet. I still wonder at earning you." Thorley winks at Violet before loping off into the field, rawring at Tala, causing a squal of happy squeals as he chases after his daughter, and finally scoops her up and throws her to catch her and laughs long and hard. "Got you! And now.. bellyburps!" Pbbbbbbt against the girl's side, as he turns to start to bring his child back.

Ysbail finishes the planting of one bush, dusting off her hands, and moving in Samantha and Rymarr, though her face goes, just a touch funny when she looks at Rymarr before her expression clears and she shakes it off. "I've not seen you in quite some time Marquis. I hope you found an - eventual solution to your little problem." Grinning at Samantha and the little girl darting off. "It is good to see you both."

More sniffles escapes Draven as he listens to Thorley, nodding his head. "She owes me four hundred babies." He informs the other man, and then there is Sir Floppington wagging up to him and he uses both arms to wrap the Good Boy up in an affectionate hug. "It's a lot, but she is really strong. She can do it. I bet." And then he is peeking over to Ysbail playing with the little girl, which draws out a happy little giggle from him too.

Petal looks to Rymarr, seemingly pleased by his words. "Thank you Marquis. Your family is known to be a friend of the land and well of the Abandoned to. We are bit less joyous than we might have been otherwise. The recent battles and the many who died are heavily on our minds. Draven lost kind and family in the road wards. Likely this on both you and your wife's as well." She says, smiling sincerely and yet somber to Samantha. Petal then watches Brady with curious interest.

Rowenova grunts off the 'wife worrying' in Thorley's words. "Tis what I am for -- lovin's and worryin's, both -- but yes, there will one day be children, whenever we are strong enough." She must be one of those 'future planners'. Then, 400 babies... She cannot help letting out a little laugh despite the somber note upon which they all started here. Sir Floppers is all about being pet upon, especially by Draven. He wags even more than before!

As Shae stands back up she wipes at her cheek a few times. Turning to smile at Petal, the smile bright and warm like sunshine. "Thank you, Petal. And thank you for letting me be part of us, letting all of us. Sharing in a moment of goodwill and hope. And being able to give back." A dip of her head, and then she moves away from where she had planted the flowers. Nodding to Samantha and Rymarr, both given a beam of a smile. Looking to Kedehern, "There are Unicorns here at the Lodge, they are one of the First Children. I spoke with them once, about a spirit in the forest that Eirlys and I helped."

Cillian is silent for now watching everyone and listening, he almost seems like he is guarding on watch over all that have gathered.

Brady rises and stretches languidly, scanning the group for a moment before he strides straight towards Draven. With an informal uptick of his chin, he says, "Hey man. I'm Brady. I uh... I work with the Valorous Few."

Violet finds herself laughing at the number quoted by Draven. "I think 400 might be a bit much for any woman," She says with a glance at Rowenova. "Especially when -you- don't have to carry and labor and push 'em out." As she stands up, clapping the dirt from her gloves, she turns to watch Thorley and Tala. Her smile pulls back into a loving grin, dimples showing on her face. As Thorley returns Tala overhears something and she goes, "Unicorns? I like dragons better! They can flyyyyyyyyy."

"Don't tell your mother that, she wants to meet a gryphon." Thorley rolls his eyes good-naturedly as he moves to set Tala down and folds his arms over his chest in thought, and noticing the Marquis, offers the man a bow. "Marquis. It is good to see you again. Have you met my wife, Violet?"

Ysbail blanches when Violet mentions dragons, though Shae's comment attracts her interest too. "The first children are still all around us, if we but listen." She notes with a smile. "Violet, while they do breathe fire, Dragons are not - especially kind to people. They see us as... well something perhaps akin to kittens or puppies."

Samantha glances sidelong at Rymarr, gently amused before turning her gaze to Petal. "Please let me know how I can help. I'm not afraid of honest work. And I'm very sorry for the losses. I feel like there are ways to stop the violence if people would only try,'s in their nature." Nara, clutching her watering can, jogs closer to the people talking about UNICORNS and looks hopefully at Shae. "May I please see a unicorn please?"

Hugging Sir Floppington to his chest while still seated in the grass, Draven giggles a little as Nova laughs. Was he sad a moment ago? The only evidence of that would be those red and puffy eyes, and how his face is still wet. Otherwise, he giggles and smiles, sending his bright, beaming smile at Violet. "Just you watch! She can do it! I bet!" Then he peeks up at Brady and waves at him wildly. "Hello! Hi! I'm the Draven! Of Bruvir! From Volkov! I don't know you! I do now though! Oh! That's a mercenary group! I've heard about them! A little! I'm an Alchemist!"

Nodding, "I suppose such things should stop taking me by surprise eventually," Kedehern states to Shae, though it doesn't look like he believes that's going to happen anytime soon. Looking to Ysbail, "I suppose it depends then, really. Some people treat their pets quite well, after all," with a slight smile.

Rymarr's head turns swiftly to regard Samantha, then Nara. Clearly some talk of unicorns only just dawned on Rymarr. He considers his daughter for a moment and then there's a sigh from the Marquis-Consort. A sigh that seems to speak of a story - and maybe warning - to be told at a later time. Bedtime, perhaps. Rymarr takes in a deep breath and his attention drifts throughout the area. He offers a polite bow of his head in return to Shae's smile, then promptly returns his focus to Petal as a hand lifts to press an armoured hand against the front of his breastplate, "Yes, the loss of life is an unfortunate thing. Predictable, but unfortunate. Established pathways are always going to invite invasion, counter-invasion, and banditry. Let's just hope and pray to the gods that disease doesn't decide to make use of the roadways as well". The talk of dragons and unicorns draws Rymarr's attention, but Rymarr's eyes shift slightly at the mention of griffons. Though as Nara again asks about unicorns, Rymarr promptly states quite firmly to the young heiress, "No you will not. They are dangerous and not something to be trifled with, they are not a spectacle to be fawned over."

Cillian spots the two little ones and smiles waving them over, "How would you like to help me plant a berry bush?" he asks of the two children, as he grabs one and moves to find a spot, "Who like to dig the hole?"

Rowenova agreeingly nods after Shae's words, "Yes, thank you, Mistress Petal, very much." She peeks to Cillian over there, empathizing protective notions with a grateful smile which is aimed up to Brady, too, when he moves close. Though, Violet's words bring out a sudden laugh from the wolf-framed Nova. "Close to what I have been telling him!" The dragon and unicorn talk get her much like it did Rymarr and curiously draws her cobalt gaze, too, before the Wolf Scout looks back to Draven. "If only magic existed, then I could, Baby."

Petal is still planting and she seems to have a hard time keeping up with things now and could have missed a few elements of the conversation as she focuses on flowers. She does notice Nova though. "I should give you one my unicorn chests, you would might like that or make you a Unicorn Starlight dress like I made for Whisper Juniper, one of my bet dresses really." She says to her. She then turns to Rymarr, nodding to him. "Difficult times. I am pleased that people still came and decided to hold the planing still, because hope and rebirth is even more important now." She then smiles to Cillian as he invites the children to help plant.

Brady grins at Draven, red-eyed and smelling strongly of haze, "No shit?" He winces, with a wary towards the younger attendees, "I'm... a kind of alchemist?? Maybe? But mostly a sellsword. Listen, I heard some of your troubles earlier. I don't pretend to know ex-act-ly wgat's going on, but if you want I can talk to Baron Audric, the leader of the Valorous Few to see if he could meet you or something, work on a contract?" For some reason, he looks inquisitively towards Rowenova for guidance, giving a helpless shrug. Looking back to Draven he says, "I danced with Princess Helana Redrain at Artshall."

As Nara jogs over to Shae, there is a bright warm beam of a smile for the little girl, crouching down even, so she was at the child's height. Shae's dog, Daegmund, sniffs at Nara in greeting, his tail wagging happily. And the raccoon that was still perched on Shae's shoulder chitters in greeting. "Of course, if that is alright with your mother and father. I'd be happy to take you to see them." Her voice kind and bright. A glance from Nara, to her parents, Samantha and Rymarr. And then a glance to Kedehern. "You can come with us, Kedehern." Though there is a soft squeeze to his arm at the mention of people being good to their pets and a soft smile, too.

Ysbail grins at Kedehern, "When you write a book that is specifically about the rasing and care of humans, and how to avoid having to cull them, well - such creatures seem best avoided." But There's a grin and a curious glint in her eye none the less.

When it comes to herbs, drugs and other alchemical products, there are few that are as familiar with them as Draven is. More giggles escape him when Brady mentions his 'profession'. "Oh! Well! I love Alchemy! Oh! I know Audric! Because of Auda! I like them both! I would love to help with a contract! I'm really good at surgery too!"

Petal smiles to Brady. "That is an honor to dance with Princess Helena."

Rowenova probably missed an awful lot, too. She certainly notices Petal and matches gazes with the other woman and softly smiles after her kind offer. "Thank you. If you wish to, then I would love that very much." Not shy about such gifts! She wipes away her own tears which end up with khol streaks upon the linen cloth which is still damp from Draven's tears moments ago. Though, Rowenova glances up to Brady. "What exactly do you mean about a contract?"

Samantha looks between Shae, Nara, and Rymarr. Nara visibly wants to go so much, and trying very hard not to look tearful or defy her father. Samantha bites her lip, and suggests, "Perhaps from a distance? With her father watching over her." It's at least one attempt at diplomacy. She does take a moment to regard Cillian and offer him a smile.

Brady looks to Rowenova, shrugging, "I have no idea how I can help. I just thought that maybe the Road could use more protection? Or I could..." He trails off, sparing a wary glance at everyonr gathered save Draven. With a disapproving frown, he leans in and whispers to Draven.

Ysbail dusts herself off moving over, "I must make my leave, but thank you Petal, this was lovely. Lords, Ladies." Making a quick getaway as she spots a messenger heading her direction.

Ysbail has left the by the blueberry bush.

Thorley is overheard praising Petal: Plants, and more plants!

Cillian looks to Samantha returning her smiles, "Marquisa it is good to see you again." he says in his thick Northern Shav accent. "I do hope you are well?"

Rowenova says, "Farewell, Lady Ysbail. Thank you for all your help."

"To see a unicorn? Oh, I don't think you could keep from it," Kedehern remarks to Shae with a light chuckle. Looking to Samantha, "Oh, let her... It's every child's dream, isn't it? To see a real life unicorn?"

"Oh! I'm not a fighter! I don't like to hurt people!" Draven giggles and informs Brady, and then the man is leaning in to whisper in his ear and he perks up. "Oh!" Then he peeks back at Nova and leans in to whisper into Brady's ear in return.

Rymarr's attention drifts aside to regard Samantha, his jaw set and expression hardening. Just when it seems a stand-off is about to take place, Rymarr finally nods once and voices his agreement, "Very well". A quiet word is given to Samantha and then Rymarr slips away from Samantha and begins to march toward Nara, extending a hand toward his daughter expectantly. When her little hand clasps around one of the Marquis' armoured finger, he leans down to whisper quietly to the Deepwood heiress. Whatever it is that Rymarr utters to his daughter, it's enough to cause her to nod warily at her father. Some understanding is clearly made between the two as they begin to march through the field toward Shae, clearly prepared to follow after her. The attentive eye may very well note that Rymarr's hand rests securely across the hilt of the blade sheathed at his side, though it remains safely tucked away within its home.

Violet is overheard praising Petal: A plethora of perfect petals provided by Petal.

A perceptives scout with a little knowledge in certain Things, Nova looks up toward Brady and Draven with slight discomfort but looks away, soon enough, taking back Sir Floppington and smooching up his floppy ears.

Sir Floppington , of course , is all about attention and kisses and pets.

There is a sudden cry from Tala and she is holding her hand. Again she had gone to follow after a bee. Only this wasn't a bee but a wasp and a cranky thing. But before Violet can do anything about it Tala, with a fierce frown, has slapped the creature from the air and to the ground. "Bad bee!"

Samantha nods in agreement with Rymarr, shooting him a grateful look and Nara lets out a grateful squeal and a chorus of thank you's to her father (nevermind what her mother did) and seems inclined to obey her father, promising to do as told. She gets to see a unicorn! Maybe.

Cillian jumps up and moves over to the small girl, "Let me see little one." he kneels down in front of Tala.

Brady spends some time whispering privately to Draven, ending in him gasping and recovering quickly, only to resume whispering again.

Snapping to at the yelp, Thorley makes his way over to where Tala is and he crushes the wasp beneath an armored boot. His daughter is sniffling and there's a thought before he reaches into his pocket to pull out one of his tin of pipe tobacco. Taking some of it, he chews it, and then offers it to Cillian. "Press it on the wound." Gross? Maybe. Effective? Yes.

There quite literally is a very distracted, very skilled healer and alchemist nearby who could probably do quite a bit for any wounds. Bee stings or otherwise. Again, Draven is distracted though, whispering to Brady and peeking occasionally at his Wife.

Despite her puffy face, Nova still has intense blues of cobalt darkness which suspiciously regard Brady in regards to Draven, but then she glances back to where Tala is. "Wasp sting?" she pipes up then glances back to Draven after saying so. "If only we had a Master Medic hanging out around here."

Whispering one last bit to Brady, Draven spins as he hears Nova mentioning a wasp sting. He bounces up to his feet and starts opening up his satchel. "I can help! Watch! Let me see!" He says with a happy giggle, walking towards Tala as he ruffles through his Stuff and Things.

Brady makes a quick gesture towards Nova, "Something's happening." He steps quickly over to a blueberry bush that's already been planted and pats at the freshly tamped ground wih his gloved hands. He looks around himself, seems satisfied, and relaxes a bit, grabbing his shovel back up.

Tala glances up at Cillian and sniffles. But she looks more angry than upset at the sting on her palm. "I just wanted to say hi and it poked me!" She declares indignantly. It's enough to make Violet chuckle, "Well, that is why we don't poke them," Says the baroness.

Cillian takes the tobacco and looks to Tala, "This might sting but you are a brave one." he smiles giving her words of encuragment and puts it on the wasp sting. "There we go." he says softly to the small girl, "Yes, you can say Hi, but you should never try and poke a Been or a Wasp they can be grumpy and poke back."

There is a kind look of understanding on Shae's face, nodding to Samantha at her words. And then a little soft 'boop' of Nara's nose with a single finger. Trying to help distract her some with a bit of goofyness. "How old are you?" She asks Nara, a warm little silly smile. And then she gives a bright smile to Samantha and Rymarr. A light playful poke at Kedhern's side. Standing then she offer her hand to Nara. "Well, looks like we shall get to see the Unicorns!" Face cheerful and bright. Moving to lead the group off to the area of the lodge that has the Unicorns.

"The bumblebee liked me petting it! It crawled on my finger," Tala tells Cillian as her presses the tobacco to the red and swollen sting. Her nose wrinkles and a tear falls, but she just sniffles and doesn't full on cry. "Wasps are mean, though, and not like bees or bumbles," Violet says as she reaches down and ruffles Tala's curls.

"She is...", Rymarr looks to Nara with a thoughtful lift of his eyebrows. Nara seems fit to answer for herself as she answers Shae's question with a soft giggle at the nose-booping, "...I am eight". The child most definitely doesn't look eight. Not even close. Rymarr though just shrugs his shoulders in response before he adds, "She's most definitely not nine or older". Nara's hand remains wrapped around an alaricite sheathed finger and Rymarr's attention shifts between Deepwood heiress and Shae. Together father and daughter begin to follow after Shae in pursuit of the unicorns place of residence.

Samantha snorts. "She's five!" Samantha calls out, and moving to one of the flower plots, gets down on her knees and starts planting flowers.

5 House Deepwood Guards have been dismissed.

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