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Rooftop Bonfire (Totally Safe)

|| Rooftop Bonfire ||
|| (This will definitely not end badly) ||
|| ||
|| Come one, come all! ||
|| Enjoy the hospitality ||
|| of the Lowers ||
|| in a night of wishes, contests ||
|| and gift exchange! ||
|| Umbra cloak grand prize! ||
|| Graciously donated by Ulbran ||
|| ||
|| What will you wish for? ||
|| ||
|| *please bring a small gift to exchange* ||


Jan. 4, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Calandra Auda Theodoric


Adora Lore Raymesin Oswyn Felicia Gilroy Ajax Carmen




Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Square - Commons Courts - Rooftop Oasis

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

It's a nice enough evening for a rooftop bonfire. This isn't dangerous at all. The large, flattened metal bowl in the middle of the Commons roof is stacked with firewood and possibly furniture, and flames are just beginning to catch on the kindling, snapping to illuminate the dark night. There's children from the docks being paid to escort guests up to the roof and hopefully not rob them in the process. There's booze, too, and a table of food. Nothing overly fancy, and nothing too greasy, just in case people really get into the fire jumping contest later. And there's Calandra Whisper, grinning brightly at Theodoric Ulbran as they await guests.

Theodoric is lit by fire light, it's all very dramatic. The man draped in a heavy fur-lined coat is sitting, he seems to have brought or had brought a fairly plush looking chair up the long flights of stairs just for him to rest in. He has a drink, of course and is looking out as the crowd assembles on the rooftop, to watch the fire grow.

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. It's like sound was invented to warn of Adora's approach because her heavy footfalls always precede her. She looks around the roof, eyes the totally not dangerous fire, then heads over to where the drinks are. "Theo," she nods his way. "Culler." She sniffs distastefully at Calandra.

Lore arrives with a broad grin and a saunter to her step, large rucksack hoisted over one shoulder. "Hello, fellow roofies!" She lifts her free hand towards Calandra and Theodoric and heads towards the drinks! Food is eschewed for awhile as she gets herself some liquid libation. The coppery threads in her clothing gleams dully int he firelight while she toasts the hosts and takes a drink.

Raymesin makes his way up to the rooftop, without the need for someone to tell him where to go. The tall man, clad in his usual scuffed and scarred black leathers, takes a moment to look around the rooftop before offering the current occupants polite nods, with a deeper nod for Adora and a deeper one still for Theodoric.

Oswyn climbs up to the roof, chatting amiably with the child who's leading him on up. Once he's arrived - and he may be a coin or two lighter - he squints around. "That's a big fire," he remarks to no one in particular.

Felicia's unhurried in making her way up the stairs to come and check out the gathering on the roof, her usual black steel replaced with a more 'casual' set of black leather.

Calandra smiles back at Adora's sourness, "Mistress Adora, how good of you to come. Are you ready to jump the firepit?" the Whisper asks, and then turns to Lore. "Welcome! We'll do our best to make sure no one falls off. I've got people posted." Those people are drinking, but it's the thought that counts, right? "Of course, you can just cheer on the jumpers, if you don't want a shot at the amazing prizes!" She gestures to Theodoric, who has care of the prizes.

"Yes, only the brave will reap the rewards of this contest." Theodoric calls out. "If the worst comes to it, and you miss, have faith. The commons clinic is just a few dozen feet below us."

Adora eyes Theodoric and takes a long drink, "Are the prizes worth it?" She asks, sounding doubtful. "I might try if the prizes are worthwhile."

"The idea being not to get down there the fast way?" Felicia can't help but ask dryly, itching absently at her neck as she takes a look over the side and then shrugs, going to go look for a drink.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, we're only three floors up. You'd have to be -really- unlucky for a fall from this height to kill you! Just keep a Mercy on standby, it'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiine... now where's the line for jumping the fire?" Lore shrugs off the rucksack near the drink table and tosses back her drink in readiness. "I've survived summers in Eurus, this fire will be a mere candle in comparison!" The bravado! The arrogance! The... utter amusement?

Oswyn reaches up to rub the back of his head. "I, um, have some medical supplies in my satchel," he says, seeming a bit uncertain about the whole thing. Also, Adora is here, so he eases away from her. Lore's statement gets his attention, though, and he asks, "Eurus? You have?"

"Most certainly worthwhile," Calandra offers in Adora's direction. "A cloak of the finest Lycene Umbra, with a plethora of cunningly sewn pockets on the inside for... whatever use you might have for them. And then a magnificent captain's hat made of seasilk, and decorated in umbra. Finally, we've also got a fine pair of tailored boots done in silk! If that sounds like something you might want, we'll be starting the contest shortly." There's a grateful look to Oswyn's mention. "And if we might keep you around until the jumping's done, Master...?" she struggles for a name, coming up with none, only an apologetic look.

Theodoric rummages around in his overcoat until he produces what appear to be the items that Calandra has mentioned. A crumbled dark ball which when unfurled most look lovely (look theod's lycene), an object which springs into the shape of a hat once it's freed from its confines (look theod's hat) and finally he nudges a dark pair of boots sitting next to his chair. (look theod's dress)

Raymesin smiles ever so slightly at the idea of the Commons Climic being below; he settles in by Theodoric, lurking with intent and not a tent in sight. Well, other than the one currently going up in flames, that is.

"Sure have! Just got back from there a few months ago, actually. You don't think clothes like these come from Arvum, do you?" Lore offers to Oswyn with a laugh and grin, holding her arms out to the side and indicating her outfit. Looking towards Calandra, her brows jump up, "An umbra cloak, you say? Ooooooooo... whet my appetite, why don't you!" She pauses, glances to Oswyn, then grins, "And this is Master Oswyn. he owns the Scribing shop!"

"Oswald," Adora both greets Oswyn in a flat voice and misintroduces him to Calandra. Lore gets glowered at when she offers the correct name. "The cloak's nice. That looks like a stupid fucking hat though. Evaristo will love it."

"I'll give it a shot." Felicia offers absently in regards to the contest, attention fliting to Lore curiously even if she's content to linger at the periphery for now, drinking her booze and shamelessly eavesdropping.

Oswyn offers a shy smile to Calandra. "I'll stick around," he assures her. A nod to Lore, who introduced him correctly. "They're very nice? Is it the leather that's special? I'm not all that good with leather." And a quick little nod to Adora with a faint, fearful smile.

Calandra's grin to Lore is the embodiment of unapologetic. "I think we ought to do it now, start the evening with something exciting, get all the injuries out of the way so that Master Oswyn," the Whisper Nightingale decides to go with Lore's introduction rather than Adora's, "can get raging drunk with the rest of us."

Gilroy wanders up from the top floor, idly juggling a trio of apples in one hand, the other holding another apple, but just the one since he's eating it and eating more than one apple at once, while possible, is a good way of just not enjoying the apple as much as one should. "Love this place. Shitty stores on the first floor, shitty apartments above. Flops on shops!" He looks around, then tosses two of his apples toward the dinner table, "I brought food," and then flings the last apple toward Adora. "Got something for your horse, too."

"The cloak -is- nice... And I love a good Lycene piece," Lore offers back to Adora before tilting her head at the hat, "And if Evaristo is the same one that got that crazy wardrobe at the Atelier... then yes." Looking back to Oswyn and chuckles, shaking her head, "No, just the style of them, the cut, that sort of thing." Turning her attention back towards Calandra, she flashes a grin, "Perfect! Lets get this going, sounds like fun!"

Theodoric pokes the fire with a big stick, it's a big stick, actually somewhat like a log. The fire flares and pops spreading heat outward in a wave. His response is to toss the log-stick on to the fire with a satisfying thump, making the structure all that much higher. "Very well then." he says, his voice taking a tone of finality. "Assemble here, at this line, run toward the flames paying to what gods that will have you, and leap. The bowl, as well as the fire, as you can imagine are quite hot. So.. do it well." he stands back from the line.

Oswyn's head bobs in Lore's direction. He'll take her at her word, it seems. Gilroy's squinted at and given a vague sort of nod. Then he squints at the fire again and says, "This is a terrible idea. You all know that, right?"

Gilroy checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Lore checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 16 higher.

Adora catches the apple and gives Gilroy a glare, "I hope you die in a fire," she tells him sincerely, but does take a bite of the apple because it's free right?

Gilroy grins at Oswyn. "It's all good. I ate a bunch of spicy Setarco peppers earlier. They were hot as Eurus in summer. I have the fire in me now. It has made me one with the flame!" Gilroy swipes his fingertips across his tongue, touches them to his chest and makes a hissing sound, then adds, "That's science!" before he turns and runs right at the flames and leaps through the flames. "Bring on the Wheel, fuckers!"

Calandra steps well back from the fire and the jumpers, dark eyes glowing in reflection of the flames. She positions herself close to Oswyn, just in case. "So, you own a scribing shop, Master Oswyn?" the Whisper asks, without taking her eyes off the impending peril.

Adora watches Gilroy not fall to his death in flames, "This is the worst party ever," she complains to Reymesin, taking another bite of her apple, then giving it a look and showing it to him, "Does this look poisoned to you?"

Felicia's content to go last. Maybe she needs a little more booze before she contemplates her run at the fire. Or she's sizing up the competition. Watching Gilroy results in a snort, but when her time comes, after downing her booze she elects to give it a shot. The jump's good, the landing involves some pinwheeling of arms not to wind up falling backwards into it and a sudden double-hot-step to scoot her rapidly heating leathers further away from the flame.

"...That is very much not science," Oswyn says quietly, flinching as Gilroy goes running. He relaxes slightly once the man's over the fire. A nod for Calandra. "I, um, do. Yes. It's near the Vellichorian Academy. I'm a, um, scholar." He's tense again when Felicia goes running.

"It's more science than not, which means it averages out to science." Gilroy pats his chest and walks back around to the others. "And I'm wearing a pyreweave waistcoat, which will protect both of my chesthairs from being singed." He turns to watch Felicia go through, offering polite applause, then turns back to the others. "What prize does my bravery earn me?"

Lore waits after Gilroy takes a leap and grins, "Yes! That was great!" Then its her turn. Taking a few running steps, she makes her leap, skimming right over the very tops of the flames, practically int he fire she is! Then she's onto the other side and rolling up to her feet. "Woo! Now that was fun!! Can we go again??"

Theodoric claps as they leap across the flaming pit. "Very nice, very nice." he reaches beside the chair again, producing another log-stick, and tosses it on the fire, increasing its height and ferocity. "Again!" he cheers, the fire light reflecting in his eyes, you assume the red glare of danger isn't a natural state.

Felicia checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Gilroy checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Lore checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

"That is also inco..." Oswyn starts to say, but he just lets it go. It's easier. He does, however, open up his satchel and pull out a bottle of what looks like some kind of ointment. Hopefully medicinal.

Calandra watches the flames go higher with some measure of concern now lighting in her dark eyes. She side-eyes Oswyn and his ointment with relief but it doesn't stop her from biting her lip hard. "Maybe this wasn't the best idea..." Poor Whisper.

"It's fine, it's fine." Gilroy reaches into a pocket and pulls out a wrapped hard candy on a stick. When he unwraps it the potent smell of cinnamon is impossible to miss. "With this alchemical concoction I will become the Chosen of Lagoma herself." He twirls the lolly once, then sticks it in the corner of his mouth. Wiping away sweat that may or may not actually be present on his forehead, he wheels around for another jump. He takes a step back, leans into a runner's pose, then stops and shakes his head. "No no no. That's not right." He holds up a finger, squinting at the wind, then turns and lines himself up with the flame. He squats and uses his hand to line up his run. "Hmm, yes. That will do." He rises to his feet, runs and leaps across the bowl. "AAAAHHH!!!" This is a cry of triumph, not pain. Gilroy turns, points at the fire and shouts, "FUCK YOU, /FIRE/!"

Yay! They get to go again! Lore hustles back around to the starting point and waits, bouncing on the balls of her feet, until Gilroy makes his second attempt. When he has, she lifts a fist into the air and calls out, "Hells yeah! Good run!" Giving herself a shake, she takes a running start and leaps almost recklessly into (er, through) the fire! She may actually disappear into the flames for a moment or two. But she appears on the other side, unhurt! "WOO!"

Raymesin watches the entertainment, having found a spot near Theodoric to lean. He seems to have little interest in jumping over the flames himself, but is quite happy for other people to carry on.

Felicia checked dexterity + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Felicia laughs and shakes her head. Maybe the knight's a little cocky having watched Gilroy and Lore successfully clear the fire. She doesn't take as much of a run up as she did the last time, and this is clearly a mistake. For all the gracefully athletic 'take-off' she... uh.. misjudges the landing entirely this time, managing to plant a foot on one of the burning logs and having it suddenly skitter out from under her. She'd better hope that Lagoma's looking out for her given the sudden ass-over-teakettle crash half into the flames and can probably only thank quick reflexes and her leathers for the nigh immediate reaction of rolling out of the flames to try and stop herself from completely catching fire with a decidedly unknightly shriek of surprise and pain.

Theodoric looks impressed as two of the remaining clear the fire, but what is this, /another/ log. Does he own a forest? Is he a lumberjack? He hefts another log up and onto the bonfire making it even taller. "You know, the contest isn't over until there is only one left..." he raises a hand to the flames. "Again!" he throws both hands up, trying to get the small crowd going.

"Boooooooooo!" Adora calls out when Gilroy doesn't fall in again. She's well into the wine and ale and any other alcohol that's around, but not enough to even attempt to ruin her hands in the fire by trying to jump it. "When is someone going to--" and then Felicia gets scorched and she lets out a whoop, "Now it's an Ulbran party!" She gets herself another drink, "We say jump and the people line up to jump higher. Over a fire." She nudges Oswyn with an elbow and points, like he might've missed the whole fire jumping thing happening.

Gilroy checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 21 higher.

"Oop," Oswyn says. He's starting to move when Adora elbows him and points. A mumbled, "Yes, thanks, I noticed," and then he's trotting over to Felicia. "Dame Harrow! I think you're just singed!"

Lore checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 4 lower.

Calandra is overheard praising Felicia: Fallen to the fire, but still alive!

Calandra is overheard praising Lore: She put up a mighty fight!

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

Calandra is overheard praising Gilroy: Gilroy Grayhope, the Man on FIYAH! Only not. Because he made all three jumps!

"Again?" Gilroy watches with dramatic dismay as Theodoric goes to put on another log. "Wow. Okay. I can do this." He runs back around to the starting position and does some quick stretching, legs in, legs out, arms up, back twisted. When he feels nice and limber he says, "This is important. Everyone? I dedicate this jump to our good friend Adora." He takes a step back, runs and not merely jumps but does a forward flip. As if moving in slow motion, when at the apex of his flip, he holds out his hands and extends his middle fingers in a double bird aimed right at Adora. Then he lands perfectly on the other side. Playing it cool like he's totally just patting back his hair, Gilroy quickly checks himself for singe marks, then turns back to the crowd and offers a quick bow.

Felicia is still a little busy trying to interpret how much hurts because hitting the ground and how much because she's burned given the owlish look she gives Oswyn. He says singed, she numbly offers a couple of nods of agreement and mumbles,"I need another drink." and holds out her hands towards Oswyn, either for supply thereof or to tell her just how badly her palms are burned.

Raymesin applauds the jumpers, with an actual honest-to-goodness smile when they get singed. Apparently that's the best bit.

Oswyn is distracted by Gilroy's elegant flip for a moment, so when he turns back to Felicia and she's got her hands out he blinks for a moment, then looks at them. "Ah. Yes. That's going to sting." He considers her hands. Is ointment sufficient, or will ointment and gauze need to be applied?

This time its Lore's turn to midjudge her jump, or perhaps she didn't even look before she leapt! She certainly seemed to have more enthusiasm than skill going for her. Her foot catches on the back edge of the bowl holding the logs, rattling it in its holder while she tries to avoid the hot chunks and sparks skittering over the edge towards her! "Ah! Shit! Nope! Not today, Satana!" Quick movemnts and a bit of rolling gets her away fromt he fire itself, though a few embers may be dragged along with her.

Theodoric roars as the last person clears the fire. "Are you a man or a bird." he calls out, his heavy palms slapping together. He seems entirely too excited. He looks around again, circling the chair where his stash of logs was kept, only to find none remaining. Without a second thought he picks up the chair, it's plush red cushion looking toasty warm and hurls it into the fire. He points a finger at Gilroy. "You've already won, but just how foolish are you!" he waves his palm toward the fire it now having grown by a chairs height, the poorly constructed dry wood being taken up eagerly by the flames.

Much belatedly, one Auda shows up! She's dressed as she usually is, in grey leathers and an umbra blouse. She's got a present with her, of course, and she strolls on up from the third floor with a bright grin.

"Even turkeys can fly," Adora drawls, flipping Gilroy off the moment he finishes that bow, though certainly not with the finesse and impact he had with the motion a moment before.

Gilroy snaps up a beer and kills it right there, then shouts at Theodoric, "I'm the stupidest motherfucker who ever fucked a mother! Gimmie more fire!"

"He's not wrong." Adora adds mildly.

Calandra watches Theodoric and Gilroy in obvious dismay. Possibly someone had no clue what they were agreeing to. Averting her eyes, she slips over to check on Felicia and Lore, bringing drinks. Strong ones. "Will everything be all right?" Because of course it's not now.

Ointment, probably, though there's no doubt the smell of burnt hair, it's going to need some trimming, definitely. She's distracted by the chair tossing and apparently quite content to stay where she is, especially when Calandra comes over with drinks. It hurts, but, well, yes, booze is fantastic, given the way she beams up at the Whisper.

Adora checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Gilroy checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 45, rolling 2 higher.

Oswyn nods, unstoppering the bottle and dipping his fingers in for some ointment. He gently applies it to Felicia's hands. It stings. It stings a bunch. The shits and nopes turn his quint Lore's way, and he waves her over.

When Gilroy actually looks like he's going to jump again Adora shifts to make sure she's got a good view, "Burn up and die, Grayhope!" She shouts out encouragingly, "I'll spread your ashes all around the Lowers so that we can constantly tread on your grave!"

"Yep! I'll be right as rain, not to worry. Just... leapt before I looked!" Lore happily accepts the drink from Calandra anyways, rising up to her feet a little more carefully even as she grins. "I'll be fine. Some bruises, maybe a small burn on the leg, I've had worse sunburns, believe me." She chuckles and and leans in to stage-whisper, "Never go skinny-dipping in the ocean and leave your clothes where anyone in your family can steal them off." Then she's waving back to Oswyn and grinning his way, "Its fine! I'm fine! I've got an aloe plant at home, I'll smear some on it when I get there."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felicia before departing.

At Adora's cheer, Gilroy turns and gives her a wave. "Oh, you flirt!" He looks back to the flame and pauses to offer a prayer, "Oh, Skald, patron of all dumbshits about to do dumb shit, please help me so that if I die I at least look cool as hell doing it." He kisses two fingers and then gestures toward the sky, then takes off at a dead run. About halfway there he shouts, "SHIT THAT FIRE IS TALL!" then he jumps in. And through! When he lands on the other side his hair may have lost a few curls, but he's otherwise untouched. Brushing his arms and shoulders off, Gilroy straightens out his waistcoat and wanders back around to Oswyn. "SCIENCE!"

Theodoric makes a show out of passing out the prizes to the singed and unsigned, hinged and unhinged among the throng. "That was worth the price, it's not every day you get to see such brazen foolishness on display.. " he claps slowly again. "Now that you've tempted the flames, you should tempt your balance by drinking all that you can and attempting to walk down three flights of stairs without dying."

"You have some good ideas, Theodoric!" Auda beams to the Ulbran, but it's Calandra whom she approaches first! Sneaking in to kiss the Nightengale's cheek! Oswyn and Lore get a grin, as does Gilroy and Adora.

"Seriously a bonfire on the roof?" Ajax's voice can be heard on the lower levels for people near the starts, as his form can be seen a few moments later his steps accompanied by a metal pang his fingers resting on the clasp of his cloak, a small yawn escaping his lips as he feels the heat kicked off by the flames proper.

Felicia is content to stay seated, and offers Oswyn a wryly grateful grin for the ministrations provided before throwing back the drink. Closing her hands sting, heck, holding the glass even delicately by the tips of her fingers stings, but she'll be right.

Calandra, midway giving drinks to Felicia and Lore, jaw-drops at Gilroy's magnificent, flaming leap. She blinks hard to clear her eyes, as if that couldn't have possibly just happened. The timely arrival of Auda serves to draw her out of her awe. She hugs back, points to Felicia, Lore and Gilroy. "We've got some other birds in our midst, it seems. All cleared the fire on the first jump! It was incredible, Auda, you should have seen it!" There's a wave to Ajax as he arrives, and a grin. "You missed the action!"

Adora will deny it later, but when Gilroy jumps through those flames she looks, for just a few seconds, kind of impressed. Then she scowls and glowers at him, shaking her head, "I have the worst fucking luck," she mutters and gets herself yet another drink. "Good show, Theo," she gives the other man a nod, "Was this your idea of the Culler's?"

Auda is overheard praising Calandra: Tye Nightengale sure knows how to throw a party!

Oswyn nods to Felicia, and Lore's squinted at briefly. "It's here if you change your mind," he tells her, stoppering the bottle of ointment again. Starting to, anyway, at least until Gilroy's approaching. "Did you get burned?" he asks. He doesn't seem to notice Auda's grin for him.

Auda is overheard praising Ulbran: Such good prizes for a little rooftop party!

Lore flashes a grin towards Auda and gives a nod towards her. She turns just in time to see Gilroy's last leap, letting out a whoop of excitement, "That's how you do it! WOO! That's awesome!!" Tipping back the rest of her drink, she lifts a hand towards Oswyn and nods, "I'll remember that! But why don't you come have a drink, Master Oswyn?"

Felicia is overheard praising Calandra.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felicia before departing.

"The action?" Ajax wonders, his eyes widening as she covers fire jumping, the man blinking a bit before he rolls his shoulders, "Well in the very least it sounds like you know how to party." he snickers a bit shaking his head, "Sounds like an interesting time in the very least." His brown eyes roam the roof as he dips his head towards the gathered he knows.

Theodoric is overheard praising Ulbran: We're the best!

Adora is overheard praising Ulbran: It's not an Ulbran party until someone gets set on fire!

Adora is overheard praising Gilroy: Even turkeys can fly

"It's been an incredible night. And now it's time for drinking and /hopefully/ no one falling off the roof. Join us?" Calandra hoists a flask out to Ajax with a dimpled grin. "And ogle the prizes that Ulbran generously donated for tonight's festivities. I'm enamored of the captain's hat. Makes me wish I had a boat. Does anyone have a boat?" she calls out over the din, possibly slightly drunk already.

Raymesin is overheard praising Ulbran: Because what could possibly be better than watching people jump over dangerous things?

Adora is overheard praising Felicia: Good thing she quit the King's Own

Adora is overheard praising Lore: Anyone that cheerful when they get burned is going to have a lot more fires to jump over

"Nobody's going to be injuring themselves?" Oswyn inquires of Lore, his brow furrowed. He's still holding a bottle of ointment, because when people are jumping over a large fire for fun, it's a good idea to have a medic around. He squints over at Ajax and hesitantly offers a wave.

Gilroy reaches into a pocket and pulls out an apple. "Ooh, baked apple." He snaps up another brew, then flops down into a seat near Oswyn. "No burns. I'm feeling just fine." After finishes his apple he fishes out a haze cigarillo, dips the end into the fire, then has himself a puff while he relaxes.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felicia before departing.

"Nope! No more injuries, just alcohol and fun and a party!" Lore offers with a chuckle and moves to the table to get another drink. She's only limping a little, promise! Really, just taking it easy. "Come, have a drink, we can chat, it'll be fun!"

"If you're feeling generous, Theo, I could always use a shadowmeld cloak," Adora drawls, taking a slug from her beer before tossing the bottle over the side of the roof. What a great place for a party! She picks through a couple of the offerings then pulls a jar of pickles out of her pack and starts crunching on one. "I guess this isn't the worst party, even if no one died. The night is young after all."

Raymesin looks over towards Adora, grinning a toothy grin. "Can soon sort that out, if'n y'really want," the tall man says, his Lowers accent strong.

At some point, you are simply so late that you may as well call it early. Carmen trots up the stairs, energetic despite the height and the hour, and waves to a few friends, even as she angles for something that looks like it contains alcohol. "Figured it'd be drunk dry by now," she notes with a mix of relief and surprise.

"I doubt I will ever feel that generous, beside, you're the successful one in the family, aren't you?" Theodoric grins. "As for the party, I'm afraid I was just the bank roll for the Whisper here, who is more about the parties than I ever would be. I could use one of those cloaks too."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felicia before departing.

Auda snags a big ol' cup of whiskey, waving to Ajax and then Carmen as they both arrive. "I wouldn't mind some shadowmeld, either! How do we get that?"

"I'm afraid I ought to get going," Oswyn tells Lore in apologetic tones. He asides to Gilroy, "Congratulations." He tucks the burn ointment back into his satchel, gives a vague wave, and turns to head down the stairs again.

Lore blinks at Adora, "Why on Arvum would you want a cloak made out of demon skin? Or anything made from it?" She shudders and shakes her head, taking another drink.

Adora tips her bottle towards Raymesin, "I'd never turn down a free shadowmeld cloak," she stresses the word free so that there is no mistake and looks over to Theo, "Am I? Do you tell all the little Ulbrans about Auntie Adora up across the bridge who made good and now fleeces silks legally for a living?" She takes a drink and gives Lore a blank stare. "Why wouldn't you?"

"Oh, lo'" Ajax offers towards Auda, trudging his way in that direction, he undoes the clasp of his cloak, showing the armored covered chest of the man, "It sounds like I missed somethin' fun." his gaze moving towards the leaving man, "Could o' swore I threw snowballs with that guy."

Bypassing beer and going straight for a glass and the whiskey, Carmen manages to pour without spilling while having her attention blatantly focused on the bonfire. She turns, coming up alongside Auda, to ask, "What'd you throw in that thing? House Redrain? Evening," she adds, with a casual greeting and nod to the group gathered (even Adora - it is a party). Felicia gets a quick smile, glass lifting.

Calandra waves to Oswyn's departure, her cheeks a cherry red from the alcohol. "Don't forget, Theodoric, that Auda was the one who came up with the idea of the party of the rooftop." The Nightingale Whisper gives the other woman a grateful nod of her ebon head. But there's a blinking, "Demon skin? Surely that's not possible..."

Gilroy finishes his beer and pushes himself to his feet. "Well, you beautiful people, I gotta make like a chariot and roll on outta here. Great party, Theo, Cal!" He makes his way over to the exit and calls out, "Anyone wanna fuck a fire wizard, you know where to find me!" Then he starts down the stairs. To wherever it is he's going, because no one really knows how to find him.

Theodoric finishes his drink and follows it up quickly with another. "I tell them all that if they don't pull their weight Auntie Adora will seal them up inside a cabinet or a desk and sell them to some greedy silk. Works wonders on their self-control.." he smirks widely, helping himself to a pile of meat with his bare hand.

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