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Nia's Birthday Bash

Princess Nia Imogen Redrain is turning two years old. To celebrate the joyous day, Princess Marian Redrain is hosting a kid-friendly event at the Redrain Gardens. Come blow bubbles and pet furry animals with a bunch of toddlers.

<<OOC Note: No animals will be harmed in the hosting of this event. All children are to be supervised by their diligent parents.>>


Aug. 10, 2018, 3 p.m.

Hosted By



Ford(RIP) Turo Alarissa Arn Katarina Darren Etienne Monique Bianca Rowenova Aksel



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Gardens

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Comments and Log

It's a beautiful spring day, a light wind is blowing over the Redrain Gardens. The flowers are in full bloom. A makeshift petting zoo has been set up with rabbits, puppies, kittens, chicks and ducks for the kids to cuddle and pet with adult supervision. A bubble station has been set up with jars that have soapy water and a small round wire attached to a wooden dowel for the children to blow bubbles. When the kids get hungry, there are fruit, finger sandwiches and juice. For the adults, there are servants serving beer, whiskey and wine.

Marian is dressed casually today, a fine linen blouse with trousers, and for once has no apparent weapons out for little hands to grab. The birthday girl, Nia, is by her side in a seafoam green dress that by some miracle does not yet have a rip in it. Her little red curls hang to her shoulders. She has a big smile because it's /her/ day. The twins are present by kept out of the main toddler action by the nurses. It's very clear that like Nia, they have red hair like their mother and brown eyes like their father.

1 Trained Telmar Armsmen, Good Ansel the pocket-sized dog arrive, following Arn.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

Arriving with a little Darion on his hip, Ford makes his way in, appearing to be having a conversation with his son. A conversation which apparently Darion is having none of, as his hand is reached out, full hand grabbing Ford's nose. Probably just little nervous. He's dressed to the nines, though. Nice colorful shirt with pants and even matching slip on shoes. Like father like son.

Turo arrives with, just... an implausible number of children. Two - twins - are definitely Turo's and Arcelia's and are about 18 months old. There's another one that doesn't look like anyone in the Navegant family, who is about 5, and two more who are 8 and 6 or so. There's a strong resemblance there. And then there is the accompanying staff for this sort of thing. Turo's not wearing his armour (don't believe the lies of a desc), but instead is dressed in normal clothes, mostly black. The Count gives a few quiet directions to the staff, who nod and assure him the children will have a good time, then moves them all over toward Nia, the children offering their birthday congratulations.

Alarissa's present, Astrid with one of the nannies and already out with the rest of the toddlers. All dark haired and miniature Victus. Less scars. She's off to the side talking with some other nobles who came with nannies and children but unlike the others, she is not in linen. It's Aeterna and jewels. Rings and earrings and decked out as what one would expct. She looks less tired today.

Preceded by a small and fluffy white dog that at first glance seems perfectly adorable and friendly - but is not - the duke of the Telmarch comes storming into the Redrain gardens as if looking for a fight rather than a toddler's birthday party. Casting a dark glare about all the various children scurrying about, he doesn't attempt to maintain his distance or alter his course at all. If they get in his way, that's their fault. Why the old man is here is anyone's guess but he doesn't seem particularly pleased about it. With all of the excitement about, his little dog seems likewise overstimulated and ornery. This is not unusual.

Bear, a war mastiff, 6 Last Watch Sentries arrive, following Darren.

The aunt of the birthday girl and twin babes, Katarina has been in the company of her adopted sister for the better part of the day. Between stolen moments of doting affection bestowed upon the twins and helping to keep other toddlers well entertained, she's kept herself rather busy. "And just where is my darling little birthday girl?" comes the soft, excited cry of the young admiral, a velvet-wrapped gift hidden behind her back. Her knee bends, fingers running through Nia's large red curls before pressing a gentle kiss upon her brow. "I know she's just soaking all this attention right up," she murmurs playfully toward Marian. She's a vision of foreign fashion and Valardin modesty mingled in one, plucking up the birthday girl for cuddles and smooches upon her cheek.

Dandy, the red fox arrives, following Etienne.

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Q, a very tall man with a very short name, a very average man, Etienne arrive, following Monique.

"/My/ birthday," Nia proudly announces to any adult or child that walks up to wish her a happy birthday, "/my/ gifts, /my/ cake..." Marian clears her throat and gives a look to her daughter, "Thank me for coming." Marian tells her daughter, "'s 'thank you for coming.'" Nia gives her mother a look that looks almost mutinous and Marian tells her daughter, "Or no presents Nia." That gets a proper quivering of the lip and compliance, "Thank /you/ for going." Marian just gives up trying to correct her daughter and turns to Katarina who's just greeted her daughter, "And see how wonderfully behaved my child is." Then Nia sees Arn's pup. She screams, "Fluffy..." and tries to get around her mother to get to the pup before Arn can.

Marian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Marian GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + athletics(1) at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marian before departing.

"You let that thing near the dog, it's liable to take her hand off. I figure you don't want some handless kid. All the two handed kids would make fun of her. On account of having only the one hand. Unlike normal people." though Arn doesn't stop the animal or his dog from interacting, one would presume he has an accurate idea of how things will play out. Likely less traumatic than he suggests, though. "But children gotta learn from their mistakes, so." so he's not going to help. Not does he seems to concern himself much with what happens, as he doesn't even pay too much attention once he's had his say. "My father never threw me any birthday parties. You kids are spoiled. Besides, you only have one birthday and everyone has it. What's the big damned deal?" but there's something to eat and so, after a stare at Marian that counts as a greeting, he ambles off to get something to eat. Though Arn doesn't care about the dog or child, his guard does, and so the armsman does or will try to intercede if the well-behaved and more controllable Ansel seems keen on attacking.

Bear, a war mastiff have been dismissed.

"Duke Telmar. I see you brought your party face today!" Alarissa calls out to the Telmar Duke. Therre's a wink to Marian as Alarissa moves to the food as well with a glance to where her own offspring is. No infant brought with them. "Give the girl another year and she will be in your back yard, making noise and climbing the walls of the Gauntlet. Then you can teach her how to run it."

Turo rumbles a soft laugh at Arn's comments and then lets the children go do whatever it is they want to do while he says to Marian, "It's good to see you again, Highness. You look lovely, as ever," and then goes to find something to drink. And whiskey it is! He speaks quietly to Arn, since they're close enough for such a thing.

Marian manages to get her daughter by the arm before she can barrel into the dog known as Ansel. Even thought Arn's words are rather insulting towards Marian's parenting or rather spoiling of her daughter, she can't help but laugh, "Now Duke Arn, you have clearly missed out. If you let me know what day you were born, I shall make sure the next time your birthday rolls around that we celebrate by bringing flowers, streamers and ale to the Gauntlet to celebrate." She gives a wink to Alarissa, "And I will make sure to light a candle on a cake for every year that you missed out on one." She motions for one of the servants to bring another fluffy puppy to her grabby daughter's hands and Ansel if forgotten as she sits in the grass with the puppy and starts giving the canine some toddler hugs. She gives a bow to Turo, "Thank you for coming m'lord." She glances at Ford to see if his son's needs are being seen to.

Darren enters amidst a small army of Last Watch sentries, who spread out to take positions around the gardens. In one hand Darren holds a whimsical wooden pony, and clutched to Darren's side is a tiny little man with red hair, dressed not unlike his father in a dark outfit of umbra with a red coat. Darren approaches the gaggle of children before easing little Taran down to stand wobbling on his own two feet and clutching at his father's leg. The little fellow looks rather unsure of the other children, but Darren offers a warm smile for the adults gathered. His attention shifts to Marian, and he waves to her, before setting down the pony and looking for little Nia. "Where's the birthday girl?" he asks invitingly.

"She's as fiery as her mother and father. Can you blame her?" Katarina laughs brightly at Marian, the sound short-lived when Nia takes flight toward the ornery fluff ball that faithfully accompanies Arn. Her features contort in a mild wince, more for the duke's eloquent summary than the potential calamity of one fluff ball colliding with another. "What would we ever do without your particular brand of party fun, Duke Telmar," she deadpans toward him, tucking her present away for the mean time. Her fingers curl in affable wiggle toward Ford, moving toward him and his son with a warm smile. "Marquis Kennex, it's been a while. And I presume this is the sweet little one?"

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven arrives, delivering a message to Darren before departing.

Darren drops a whimsical wooden pony.

Making his way up to Marian and the birthday girl, Ford introduces the two of them. Darion being the professional as always compliments Nia's dress. Ford gives the boy a thumbs up for that, "Nice work bud." Ford looks to Marian with a smile and a nod, "Yes of course, we're gonna go play in some bubbles here soon." Uh oh, then he hears Katarina. He turns, smiling to her, "Much too long, Princess." Then, glancing at Darion with a smile he bounces him a little, "It is. All dressed up and ready to ruin his clothes."

Etienne glides in, looking as usual in his white and gold coat and wide friendly smile, his eyes immediately focus on the plethora of tiny creatures both human and otherwise producing an even wider smile from the pale-haired man. accompanying him is the stunning Lady Monique Greenmarch, while Etienne seems drawn to any number of cute and precious things he resists the temptation, with the help for aforementioned companion, until at least the greetings and introductions are past.

Nia sees Taran and lets out a squeal, she makes sure to take her favorite playmate by the hand and tries to drag him over to where the wooden pony that his daddy brought. The puppy is momentarily forgotten and proceeds to chew on the edge of Nia's gown, adding to the grass stains that are starting to mar the beautiful dress. Nia pauses as Darion comes up and says a nice thing about the dress. She gives a big smile and proceeds to show him her new wooden pony too. Her chattering is only half understandable as she slips between Arvum and her own unique brand of babbling left over from when she was a baby.

Marian gives a chuckle to Ford, "Oh don't worry, I'm sure all the children will be dirty between the bubbles and the animals...why look there's even dirt and grass." She gives a smile and turns to her sister and Etienne who are just arriving, "Come here and see the birthday girl before she loses herself in playing with this lovely horse that His Grace brought." She motions in the direction of Darren.

Astrid is encourage to join the toddlers as servants start to bring over the bubbles for the kids to play with. Marian remarks to Turo, "It's pure chaos, isn't it?"

Monique arrives with Etienne and where the Archlector of Gild is warm and open and smiling, the Minx of the Marches is withdrawn, sullen and recalcitrant, standing half behind the blond, using him as a human shield against all the children. She carries a large box, too, as further reinforcement.

Astrid's already getting in there, a little younger than Nia, but none the less diving in with the odd growl at a child who might get in her way. Her own Aeterna won't get dirty, though the sash might and already the dark hair is falling out of it's ribbons. But she joins with the other kids, a nanny watching over her.

When there is suddenly some strange man standing beside and speaking quietly to him, Arn recoils and takes a step or two away, affixing Turo with an almost disbelieving stare, "There's probably a reason for that, boy. I don't know what an Escuma is, but that's hardly relevant. Go play with some kids or something. I'm not here to socialize." still glaring at the count, Arn retreats at an aggressive and quick pace away from Turo. "I don't think they make candles in a large enough quantity for me. If you want to burn the city down on my behalf, you feel free though. Fitting tribute, I think. Then maybe I'll go back to the Telmarch. A much more sane sort of place." he grunts, but Marian can tell he's mildly amused. Very mildly. He looks at Alarissa and grunts the most basic of greetings. Then he's continuing along until he catches sight of a familiar face. This doesn't garner Etienne any special treatment. When he sees the archlector's companion, he snorts a laugh, "How about you leave my brother's boys alone, Greenmarch? You got problems. Ha!" the duke ends up not taking any food but does grab a drink as he ambles over toward Marian, giving Turo wide berth, "How you doing, Marian?"

Darren is quite satisfied to surrender Taran to his young cousin's guidance, and he smiles as he steps away, moving towards Marian and the other adults. Somewhere along the way his flask manages to find its way into his hand, and he helps himself to distinctly long sip while he turns to watch the children play. "She's getting so big," he remarks offhandedly to Marian as he caps the flask and tucks it back away. Little Taran just totters along happily after his cousin with the unsure steps of a child just learning to walk. He babbles as he goes, mostly incoherently, but does show enthusiasm for the "Horsey!" -- although he's not big enough to climb on yet.

Adam, A Young Apprentice, 4 Navegant Marines leave, following Turo.

Katarina's attention is inevitably drawn toward the sight of The Archlector of Gild arriving with Monique as his companion when Arn calls attention to the pair with his blunt words. Her lips nestle in a disapproving line before her attention shifts toward Ford. "He's grown so much since the last time I've visited," she remarks aside to the Kennex Lord, hands clasped demurely in front of herself with a distinct lack of things to do. "Really, all the babes have. I'm afraid I'll blink again and suddenly they're going to be too big to cuddle and carry about." She excuses herself from Ford's side, moving several paces aside to find a seat for herself upon a bench, quietly watching the children at play.

Sir Alren arrives, following Bianca.

Etienne takes half a step back, not completely leaving Monique on her own, but at least making sure she can be seen. His friendly smile and shiny outfit suitable child-attracting armor in defense of the reluctant party goer. He navigates them toward the center of birthday frenzy as requested, deftly dodging tiny feet of eager running children. and quietly assuring Monique she will survive.

After all the introductions and greetings were out of the way, it was looking like Darion was starting to burst at the seams. There was so much to do and we're not doing it, DAD. Ford glances to Darion, "Bubbles? What do you say." After an enthusiastic, borderline over dramatic nod, Ford nods as well, "Alright, bubbles. Let's make it happen." Off to the bubble station!

Marian gives a shake of her head and tells Arn, "Now Duke Arn, you have nothing to worry about. He is godsworn afterall." She gives her sister a wink and then turns back to the grumpy Duke, "And I am well enough I suppose. Getting the training camps reviewed now that spring is here, seeing what the new recruits are up to." She gives a nod to where Nia is glowing with pride that /everyone/ loves her wooden horsey, "Nia is getting bigger, the twins are starting to turn over on their stomachs. Soon enough, I'll have more kids than hands to catch them with." She pauses to call out to Katrina, "If you are looking to cuddle babies, the twins are over there." She points to her wee ones that are 8 months old.

Nia grabs one of the jars of soapy water on the ground, "Dirt!" And before anyone can stop her, plunges her hands in the mud so she can 'paint' her friends with muddy war paint symbols. Tarran gets 'branded' with dirt first but she'll try to get a few others before the nurses stop her and her mother stops talking to realize what she's up to.

"How about you come here and say that from a position where my fist can find your face, Duke Telmar?" Monique retorts to Arn easily, not even unfriendly, with a smile up at the blond Archlector at her side as he protects her from the children with his sunny composure. "Hey, Mar! Where's little Norbert? I've a present for her!" There's a wave of greeting to both Katarina and Ford.

Bianca stepped into the gardens, the ever diligent Sir Alren at her side. The elder Templar bayed back a pace to find a nook out of the way, allowing his charge a bit of distance and space to socialize away from his daunting presence. A kid party?! The Archscholar was going to be there. She took a moment to get her bearings, quietly observing the various kid-friendly events and the attendees though her first point of greeting would be the hostess. She proceeded on toward Marian and company, a small and amused smile catching her lips at Nia's antics.

Four and a half seconds into the bubble station and Ford found himself with a near glassfull of bubble mixture straight in his lap. "I mean.." He says to Darion, "'re never going to get proper bubbles that way, man. Here, try this." He does a demonstration of getting a good one. But Darion is far to amused with his dad's bubble pants.

"Don't tell me I don't have anything to worry about. I have plenty of things to worry about." Arn mutters a reply at Marian, head shaking briskly back and forth. His mind quite obviously wanders as Marian speaks about children and twins and such, "Baby crazy. Ugh." he doesn't speak at a particularly diplomatic volume as he watches Katarina for a second or two. Then he nods at Marian, accepting the totality of her response, "All right, then. Glad to hear you're all right." he gives her a sidelong long and then stalks away. Maybe he's cheered up some since he's actively avoiding children on his way out of the garden party. The Archscholar gets a nod and a growled, "Bianca." He does glare at Monique, but he doesn't say anything to her. His guard falls in line, as does the fluffy dog. Apparently Arn just came to ask Marian how she's doing and, having received his answer, is leaving.

Nia perks up at Monique's mention of a present. She lets out a squeal and stops painting her friends with dirt so she can run with grabby, mud soaked hands at her aunt's gown to give her a big dirty hug. She is singing at the top of her lungs, "Present, present.../my/ present."

Marian hears her daughter squealing and singing and stops talking to Arn to look over, "Nia!" But it's too late. Kids are painted in mud. Monique is being assaulted by a muddy toddler. The puppy that's on the loose is rolling in the mud and starting to make it's rounds to the other children at the bubble station. Dorian is the first kid the muddy puppy stumbles over to. And there's Bianca just arrived. She turns to greet her, unable to avert the muddy disaster, "As you can see I have my hands full." Arn gets a salute as he heads on out of the gardens, his clothes still intact.

Pellinor, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Maxene, 4 Thrax Guards leave, following Alarissa.

"Duke Arn, I would have never guessed I'd be so blessed as to cross paths today. Even if briefly as you seem to be departing." Bianca chuckled softly, stepping aside so as not to block the dour man's path though a respectful bow of her head was granted. "It is good to see you." And then to Marian, a light chuckle rang. "This looks delightful, your highness. I may even pick up a bit of bubbles myself to participate."

Monique gets a miniature Monique plushie from a sturdy backpack dyed in crimson hues with gold trim.

1 Trained Telmar Armsmen, Good Ansel the pocket-sized dog leave, following Arn.

Katarina pushes to a stand after some time, smoothing out her aeterna and seasilk ensemble beneath a brush of palms. "You there," she calls to an attendant, lofting a velvet-wrapped journal to pass into their hands. "See to it that Princess Marian gets this later, when things die down and the little Princess Nia is not so mud-caked." With her instruction given, one last glance is cast over the gaggle of toddlers at play and their parents loitering nearby before she slips out of the gardens.

Darren watches with amusement as Taran totters over to the mudhole as soon as his cousin vacates it, sitting down in the mud to splash happily. "They seem to like the pony," Darren notes, "but I might have done better with a few buckets of paint."

There's a child running at her. It doesn't matter that Monique loves this particular child. It's a /child/. And it's muddy and breakable and the Minx shoves Etienne in front of her to intercept Nia just a moment too late. "Oh, Norbert," she sighs at the muddy child, careful not to touch or break her. "Yes, /your/ present." At least the possessiveness Monique seems to approve of as she hands the box to Nia. Inside, is... a mini Monique plushie. Because of course that's what it is. Poor Nia.

Etienne is no match for the floor of children that have assaulted Monique, though he tries valiantly to take the brunt of the muddy attack, he is no match for pure present driven madness. Everything washes out of aeterna right? His reaction to the onslaught is to laugh loudly.

Ford can't help but to laugh when the muddy puppy makes his way through, Darion is more than happy to get as filthy as possible. Ford himself even gets pretty filthy just by association. Luckily the Marquis was expecting this kind of a disaster, he planned for it. Besides, mud washes out.

Marian gives a laugh, "Please...grab some bubbles and enjoy yourself." She winces as Monique is assaulted with a muddy child that just happens to be her daughter. Nia squeals as she tears open the gift, leaving Ettiene only slightly muddly, but not as much as her aunty, "Doll!" She totally misses that it's a doll in Monique's likeness. Marian doesn't and gives her sister a look, "Really?" She shakes her head and turns back to Darren, "Yes, apparently, I should have left the animals back at the farm because the mud is a bigger hit." She gives a shake of her head, "Don't even bother getting the paint." She glances over at Ford to see how his son is doing and more mud, more puppies. It's pure chaos as the most clean things are the animals in the petting zoo. Muddy toddlers are running around screaming and laughing as they start to dump soapy water on each other rather than nicely blow bubbles.

With her wolf pelt down over her facial features, Rowenova strides in to the birthday party at the Redrain Gardens. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" shouts she for Nia, the Nova standard birthday greeting (just ask Niklas and Sabella, both)!

Monique is overheard praising Marian: For having little Norbert.

There are times in ones life when a warrior comes face to face with that which terrifies him the most. When all they can do is look upon a scene and just stare without being able to move in obvious fear. For Aksel, it's not one of those sorts of days. "Ohh mud!" Aksel exclaims making a bee line in the direction of the biggest muddy space about and does what he does best. Help out. Granted the helping out bit is likely to help toddlers get even more muddy, but hey, they aren't his kids. Yes, Aksel maybe /that/ uncle.

Monique shoots Marian a look like 'See? Don't I bring the best presents?' and then stares down in dismay at her gown and the child. "Dolly. For /you/. And /only you/," Monique tells Nia quietly. "Don't let your mama get a hold of it, mmkay, Norbert? She'll ruin the fun. Now..." she awkwardly pats her beautiful niece on the mud-covered head and turns her in a different direction.

"Wolf!" Nia screams as she drags the beloved Monique doll in the mud to run at the wolf just as other children are screaming and running away. The few brave souls that stay with this toddler can see the little girl brandish the doll like a sword as she tries to whack the wolf, "Wolf!"

Marian looks in Aksel's direction, sending a wave to the man, and is about to rescue him when he gets with the muddy program and starts entertaining a few that haven't noticed the 'wolf' that the birthday girl is attacking. Marian rubs the bridge of her nose, trying to stem the burdeoning headach that is surely coming. She then opens her mouth and yells loudly, "Cake...everyone that is /not/ sitting is not getting any cake." She glares at her daughter, "Especially birthday girls who are attacking wolves."

Marian has rolled a critical success!
Marian checked command + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Bianca stepped to Alren to leave both her bag and the pristine aeterna of her official robes with him rather than mar them with mud. Her next procession was toward her fellow Blessed and Monique despite the sea of children that poor Monique was trying to re-direct. "Blessed, Lady Monique. Good to see you both." She called with a bright smile.

Rowenova crouches down with hands out to either side to maybe look extra scary, quietly growling in good fun before just taking the muddy whallop and then falling down (in the driest direction). Nova has been hit! She aroos quietly before then playing dead, one hand dropped over her leather vest!

When Marian makes the call for cake, Darion looks up at Ford as if to ask if he should actually sit. When Ford gives him a nod, he sits straight down in the mud. "Don't be a smartass, D." Then Ford rises up and makes his way over to get a drink for himself. Covered in mud up to his knee, splashes around his chest and a rather pristine muddy toddler handprint on his face.

Etienne watches the resulting chaos, trying to find a small place of shelter for a brief moment. The bottom half of him decorated with various muddy hand prints. He turns to face Bianca, "Archscholar!" he says warmly. "Quite the party." he comments.

Bianca chuckled as she neared, offering a more proper bow to the couple when she was close. "Quite the party indeed. This is just lovely." Her gaze fondly swept outward to the playing children who for the most part seemed to be adhering to the demands of the 'mom voice.'

Aksel, likely totally rolling around in the mud with various toddlers, looks over at Marian. "Ahh, man, we were just getting started," he says as rises to his feet. Not an easy task considering the fact several kids have clamped onto Aksels arms and are like wise lifted off the ground. A few even clamp onto Aksels legs and the Northman walks gingerly to where the sitting needs to occur. "Cakes good," he comments trying to disengage the clingers.

Redrain servants come out with trays of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the little ones. No child is given a cupcake until they are sitting nicely, no matter how many tears fall or shouts are given. Nia knows better to fight her mommy when she uses that voice so she waits for her cake like a good little girl. Marian steps forward as the children get their cakes, "Thank you all for coming to this mad chaos." She gives a wink to the adults, knowing those words will go over the kids heads, "Please accept my apologies if the outfits worn do not get mud out." She motions to the food by the side, "If you'd rather your children have fruit instead, the banquet table is over there. And on behalf of House Redrain, thank you for coming out to celebrate this little cub's birthday!"

Rowenova peeks out the eye holes on her wolf pelt and glances one way then the next direction before picking herself up from the ground below, carefully so!

A drink is not poured for himself until Darion is seated politely as he should be. Once he's done so, Ford gives him a thumbs up and goes about having a drink. The cake will provide a moment's respite.

Every party has one, and when Taran catches sight of the 'wolf', his ocean-blue eyes widen and well up with tears before he explodes in a riotous scream of anguish and terror of the sort only a baby approaching his first year can produce. "Gods and spirits," Darren mutters with put-upon amusement as he moves to scoop up the sobbing baby, immediately smearing his fine coat with soapy bubble mud as he shushes Taran reassuringly. The young heir is deescalated, peering towards the 'wolf' with a quivering lip and grinding the filth into his father's fine garment as he snuggles close for security. Darren chuckles helplessly as he pats the baby's back. "There there, lad," he tells the boy in a hushed and kindly tone.

Rowenova dusts off her furs and leathers and leans closer to Princess Marian, quietly complimenting her. After those brief words, she perks up and then slowly scans until the eye holes of the wolf pelt finally direct themselves toward the crying Taran in Darren's arms. She calls out in a kind tone, "I am not a monster, just a woman in a wolf fur, like your dad wears his bear fur during the winter time!" She must be a little weird wearing hers in Spring.

Almost no adult goes untouched with dirt and icing as dirty hands finish their cake and then proceed to make their way back to their parents with sleepy eyes. A few tears from the wolf are soothed by caring parents and promises of sugary sweets. As the party starts to wind down, the happy animals eat their treats that are given by their caretakers, the only things that were mostly left untouched. The puppies that managed to get out and get muddy fall in a heap, just as exhausted as their toddler friends. While the chaos of the day drove many of the single or older adults away, it's clear the happy children have had a nice outing to the Redrain Gardens hosted by Princess Marian Redrain and her darling daughter, Nia.

"Just what a monster would say," Aksel says softly under his breath in the direction of Rowenova. It's soft. Maybe no kids heard it.

Bianca glanced between the pair, inclining her head slightly. "I am going to go say my hellos to a few others. I hope you both continue to enjoy yourselves." She smiled, turning to proceed toward Darren but moved to stand quietly by as he calmed the child rather than interrupt and re-startle.

Darren holds Taran close as the lad shows no signs of having been convinced by Rowenova's entreaty. Darren grins to the clerk. "It's alright, Rowenova. He'll get to know you with time. Don't let him stop you from having fun with the other children -- he'll get used to you." He shifts the grin towards Taran and chucks the baby under the chin gently. "Don't be such a baby, huh?" he says in the sort of falsetto daddy-voice one doesn't typically hear from the Highlord in public.

With the cake finished, and Darion makes his way back over to Ford. "Nice job, D. Uh oh, you got some cake on you." THen he goes to wipe away cake from the boy's face that is not there, and smears a bit more mud on his face. Ford laughs, Darion laughs, and then promptly swats a muddy hand in his direction. In perfect toddler form, it was a cruise missile straight for the marble bag.

Rowenova shoulder twitches before she pipes up, "As you wish, Your Grace, and thank you! I hope he will feel safer over time." The wolf scout turns around toward Master Aksel and shoulder clasps him.

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