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Monthly "Skirt & Gown" Night

This is the third of what will hopefully become a monthly "Skirt and Gown" night. What makes "Skirt and Gown" different from all other nights? On this night, the ladies of Arx descend on some poor inn or tavern (or in this case, coffee shop) and relax with their fellow females. They get to know each other, welcome newcomers to the city, and discuss the issues of the day. They drink and make merry. They share in the bonds of female camaraderie.

This "Skirt and Gown" Night will be hosted by Lady Lisebet Farshaw in the new coffee shop Bold Espressions. We will discuss and hand over the hosting duties to the next lady at the event, so if you are interested, please stop by!

P.S. You can wear pants, but prepare to be gently teased about it.


July 28, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Gianna Aahana Amari Carita Coraline Lethe Isabetta Isidora Melody Bianca Ariella Sabella Denica Mirari



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Bold Espressions - Solarium

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I attended my second ladies night and came away with some coffee liquor to add to the cabinet at the office of the Bard's College. I always like to win a game. I also always like excellent ginger cake. Thank you!

an elegant snowy owl, Lystra, Morigan arrive, following Isidora.

3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Isidora arrive, following Coraline.

Isabetta arrives, following Carita.

The chairs have been set up in several intimate groupings, white table cloths with blue accents decorating the room. A buffet of refreshments has been set up. The drinks are mostly coffee based, hot and cold, with or without alcohol or sweet flavourings, but there is wine available, as well as several other options. Rumbutter tarts and ginger cake are fresh baked for the event as well.

Lisebet is standing at the moment, near the door. There are staff members who are coming in and out, bringing refills and custom orders should anyone wish anything from the main menu that is not set up as yet. She's wearing crimson, her skirs full and flowing. She takes a breath, squares her shoulders and flashes a welcoming smile. "Guess we're ready," she says softly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isabetta before departing.

Gianna sweeps into the solarium, clad in teal and bearing her gittern with her. "Oh, excellent. I don't seem to be late," she announces. She inclines her head to Lisebet. "Hello again. Thank you for hosting. Is that ginger cake?"

Aahana offers a warm smile to Lisebet as she says "Lady Lisebet, it is wonderful to see you. I think you picked a wonderful location for this months Skirts and Gowns party. Did you happen to have any new gossip to share by chance?" She looks to the cake and says "Oh I think it is Ginger cake, I can't want to sample so, it looks absolutely delicious."

Amari likely arrives with Lethe, if not punctually, then close. Meeting Lisebet at the door, she smiles and dips her head politely, "Lady Lisebet." Everyone else already in and moving for the ginger cake are given smiles. She'll follow, agreeing with Aahana, "It's very nice. I had no idea you were hiding this back here." She's impressed. Spotting Gianna ahead she waves, "Gianna Whisper. Hello."

Carita and Isabetta arrive together, "It's not really like drowning," the former tells the latter, "though it might be like /almost/ drowning." which isn't really a good conversation to bust in on all the ladies with, but that's how the Darkwater woman is.

Lyric, an aspiring vocalist arrives, following Melody.

Cora and Isidora arrive, Cora having changed out of her physician's robe and back into her usual black silk tunic and TROUSERS, yes ladies she is wearing neither skirt NOR gown. "There are several wonderful ladies likely to be here whom I think would be wonderful for you to meet, I can't guarantee that some of them might not also offer to bite you though." Cora is saying to Isi as they arrive. Seeing a few familiar faces, Cora waves to everyone cheerfully.

Lethe steps inside with an eager smile. She is ready to enjoy the refreshments and the company. She wears green and looks with a smile to Amari. "Everything looks amazing." She looks to the other women. "Hello."

Isabetta agrees with Carita and says, "Yes and almost drowning was exactly what we were going for." She takes in the sights and says, "Oh it's here? This place has the very best coffee." She gives little wave over at Aahana and even Coraline. "I even know some of the people. I hope we get to be animals again, I love figuring out which animal someone is."

Aahana brightens up as she sees Amari as she says "It is absolutely lovely here. I do agree and it is lovely to see you as always Lady Amari. How have you been since I last saw you? I feel as if it has been ages." She then looks to Isabetta, offering a warm smile and a wave back as she says "It is lovely to see you Lady Isabetta, I hope you are fairing well since I last saw you." She looks to Carita as she says "And it is wonderful to see you again Lady Carita. How are things going for you?"

Isidora looks around as she enters with Cora. Her plain blue dress not betraying her title nor her position

"Gianna Whisper, welcome," Lisebet says with a smile. "It is indeed ginger cake - one of the specialties from Westrock Reach, and it is still warm," she adds, to both Gianna and Aahana, before continuing. "Do feel free to play and sing, if you would like to, Songbird Gianna. Though of course it is up to you."

Lisebet tilts her head and shrugs delicately. "Alas, Lady Aahana, no further gossip from our conversation earlier. But perhaps we will hear some today."

"Lady Amari, how good to see you. This back room is a quieter room for occasions such as these. Welcome, do come in and have something to drink, gather up some goodies, have a seat." She raises her voice so she can indeed call that out to everyone. "Welcome, welcome all. Lady Carita, lovely to see you again. Princess Coraline, thank you for coming." A slight demure curtsey with that. "I don't believe I know everyone - my apologies for missing some of you."

Sir Alren arrives, following Bianca.

Stepping inside with the slow and steady stream of people is Melody, who scoots on over to Isabetta's side having heard the last part of their conversation. "Now what kind of animal would I be, dearest Isabetta?" Canting her head towards the Gilden and sharing a gentle smile with the others, Melody waggles her fingers out to the others. "I'm in desperate need of some coffee. What good timing~."

Gianna seems to have met just about everybody here, and she inclines her head as various people enter. "Lady Lethe," she greets. "Lady Aahana. Princess Coraline, hullo; Lady Carita. Hello again, Lady Amari." Gianna sets her gittern carefully aside so that she may procure a glass of wine. She is absolutely not shy about starting, should she be the first to descend upon the refreshments.

Isidora looks around as she enters with Cora. Her plain blue dress not betraying her title nor her position but the functionality of it. "What is with everyone and the biting?" She whispers to Cora. "Are you going to bite me?"

"Mistress Melody, welcome," Lisebet says. Maybe she took some lessons from Valencia or something? "Animals? I must have missed that event, but I do have two prizes, if we would like to have some sort of contest.


Aahana smiles to Gianna as she says "Oh it would be a true delight to hear you sing if you are feeling up to it. I could even accompany you if you would like." She looks to Lisebet as she says "I am sure some juicy things will come out here at the party. Or at least can only hope for such." Her attention distracted, letting Gianna slip away for now.

Bianca filed in shortly behind the grouping of ladies ahead of her, gaze lifting to take in the Solarium itself. Sir Alrec was left behind in the main room of the coffee house so as to afford his charge of the Faith a bit of privacy during the gathering. The Archscholar paused after stepping aside of the door, simply observing those present for the moment as well as the layout of food and drinks. As Gianna dove into the refreshments, she would not be long behind.

Isabetta is surprised as Melody arrives hardly at all behind her. She presses her lips together and then says, "What kind of animal are you? I wonder." She seems to wonder for a long time and then says, "What would you get if you crossed a wolf with an even bigger wolf and like a bear or something even bigger?" She then decides, "Cause then you're totally that.

To Lisebet, "It's very, very nice. Thank you for hosting." Then, considering Lady Volkov carefully a moment, "Was it last at the training center?" Amari ventures, but has to nod in agreement, "I suppose that was quite some time ago now. A shame to be sure." She moves then to join Gianna at the refreshments, claiming something rum based with some incidental coffee in it and a tart. Well two of those. One she offers to Lethe, "Is that a new dress?" She asks after an admiring look that drifts until she's looking back at the door. There are more familiar faces, she lifts her cup to the lot. "Hello! Cora!" Bouncebounce. So many people. She tries to smile at each and every one.

Aahana's greeting gets her a smile from Carita, "Oh, things are going as well as can be expected." There's a pause. "I hope," is added with a little laughter. "And how are you, Lady Volkov?"

Lisebet is paying attention, and when she's not, Ramona is there to point her in the right direction. "Archlector, you honour us," she greets Bianca. "Please do come in." Amari gets a big smile, and a nod. "Thank you. I really do like this room, honestly. Well, both of them, I suppose. But this one I hope to run regular events in, if I can."

"Lady Lisebet, this is gorgeous, I have wanted to attend one of these for ages but was always in the middle of something each time, I am so happy I get the chance to attend tonight and I bring a new friend, Princess Isidora." A bright smile appears and Amari, Carita, Isabetta, Gianna, Melody, Lethe all get bright waves. "Wow I am so happy to see so many people I know." She begins introducing people to Isidora, "That is Lady Amari, she is marrying into Thrax soon from Keaton and likes throwing swords. Or is it an axe now, I can never remember. She does economics really well and law. Which is good because I don't do law. That over there is Lady Carita, she is rebuilding Darkwater and doing a fabulous job of it too. That is Lady Isabetta, also known as Lady Trouble, great fun. And that is Gianna Whisper, she sings beautifully and opened the Bards College, worth a visit or twelve. And Mistress Melody, a wonderful woman whom I rather adore as well. And there are those I don't yet know but cannot wait to meet!" Cora grins at Amari's greeting "Hello Amari, how have you been? We need to do a girls night and I have got to drag you all over Thrax still, we need to visit Grimhall and see that skeleton for sure at least!"

"Hey Lady Lisebet, I hope you're doing already?" Melody moved to the refreshments herself, pouring out far too much honey into her coffee as she addresses Isabetta with a smile. "A wolf and a bear? I'm honored." Angling her chin to the side, her nose creased and she follows with, "... You're a hunter, though. So are you suggesting that I'm an easy hunt?" At the introduction, another smile blossomed on Melody's lips and she lifted her hand to wiggle her fingers out to Isidora. "Nice to meet you."

"Melody," Gianna greets. She sips her wine and inclines her head to Aahana. "I thought I'd play a little, at least. Just background music. I'll sing if people want, but I wouldn't want to interrupt the evening with it. Well met, Lady Isidora." She pauses, her gaze sweeping over the other woman. "...Your legs seem to be extremely long."

Isidora nodded her hellos to the other women. "Nice to meet you all as well." Her gaze stopped at Gianna. "Um ... thank you? I'm just glad they reach to the floor."

Lethe smiles as she speaks to Gianna. "Hello, it is good to see you again." She looks to Amari. "It isn't too new, but I haven't worn it for a while." She happily takes the tart.

"I am doing quite well, Mistress Melody, thank you," Lisebet replies easily. She smiles, adding, "And I hope everyone else is too?" That said, her expression turns to mischief at Cora's so wonderful introductions. "Thank you. I think my brother and his wife get the credit for this place, more than I do, truthfully, Princess Coraline. But I will gladly make use of Bold Espressions now that it is built. I am glad you could make it, welcome. And a pleasure to meet you, Princess Isidora."

Isabetta rubs her forehead and looks at Melody for a long moment as if assessing the ability to hunt her easily. She shrugs and says, "You know it would be fun to find out, we should have a hunting party where we hunt Melody."

Gianna tilts her head to the side, peering at Isidora. "Is it your shoes? Hmmn. Well, well met." To Lethe, she says, "Hello again. She's right, it is a lovely gown."

Aahana nods softly to Amari as she says "I believe it was at the training center if I am not mistaken." To Carita she says "I think well enough, though my eldest brother and my uncle went back to Volkov Woods recently to aide my sister in some things back home. I am sure they will return Arx once all those matters are handled. But Marquis Ruslan trusts me to lead her well in his abscene and I consider it an honor to do so." She offers a nod to Gianna and says "Then perhaps another time we could sing together? I would adore it so much."

"I am happy to have a venue to socialize comfortably, my lady." Bianca inclined a bow of her head at Lisebet's greeting, but didn't trouble the hostess further at the moment. Instead she went about selecting a few appetizers and a simple peppermint blanched coffee before moving to find a seat. Ever the observer, the Archscholar seemed satisfied as she watched those around her interact, a small and placid smile on her lips as she sipped her coffee.

With a cup of coffee cradled in her hands, Melody blew over the surface of the liquid to cool it. "Hey Gianna, long time no talk. You been doing good?" The prodigal's lashes fluttered at something Gianna directed to Isidora and -- Then she glanced down at the woman's legs before cracking yet another smile. "Mm..?" Her head canted towards Isabetta at the mention of a hunting party, and she complained, "If you're going to make a game out of hunting me, /I/ better get some good treatment after I've been caught." Finally, she moves to a find a seat to privately share secrets about the men of the city with her friends.

Cora beams at Lisebet, "Ah I was here for the grand opening as well, such a wonderful event and honestly if it were me I would take advantage as well. Besides everything you did to get ready for this get together is lovely." She moves to get something to drink, rum laced coffee should do the trick, and a tart. She nearly noses it however, "Yes, I would like to hunt Melody as well." She says with the purest innocence in her expression.

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Lisebet glances at Isidora and then over to Gianna at the conversation about really long legs. Of course, given her own petite stature, that may not mean much.

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"Of course," Gianna tellss Aahana as she settles into a seat, smoothing her skirt so it's draped attractively. "Hello, Archlector," she greets Bianca. "You're allowed to leave the Archives? Will wonders never cease."

"It suits you." Amari compliments Lethe's attire, losing her focus a little with all the talk swirling around. It's a lot to keep track of, but when she hears her name spoke by a familiar Coraline voice, she smiles and follows some of the introductions being given for Isadora's benefit. She smiles amiably enough to her and lifts a hand when she's identified, and chimes in, "Nice to meet you. It's axes now, mostly." The question asked of her by the Princess Thrax prompts a quick answer, "Well, I've been having adventures. We'll definitely have to catch up, and that skeleton... yes! How have you been? Terribly busy?"

Isidora slips into a seat quickly beside Coraline to distract herself from all the eyes staring at her legs.

Lethe takes a moment to enjoy the tart before replying to Gianna. "Thank you. Your dress is very pretty also." She looks to Coraline and Amari. "What skeleton?"

"Thank you, Princess Coraline. I was going to have to be sad that there was no fun introduction of me, but I will take the wonderful introduction for Bold Espressions instead," Lisebet says, attention removed from Isidora. "Adventures, Lady Amari? I do look forward to hearing about it, if it's something you could share sometime." And then Lethe asks about the skeleton, so Lisebet listens for a moment.

"Well, congratulations on your new responsibilities, I'm sure you'll do them proud." Carita tells Aahana, as she motions to the seating area. "If you need any assistance I hope you'll --" She pauses to look at Isabetta's legs a moment, a single brow lifting in appreciation, before her attention returns to Aahana. "I hope you'll ask me?" A pause, then, "Want to sit?"

Bianca dipped her head to Gianna, recognition rising in her pallid gaze. "Mistress Gianna. It is good to see you again. Yes, well... small miracles, I suppose." She chuckled in a soft lull of sound. "How have you been? I hope you've found some diverse answers to your questions."

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Bianca before departing.

Settling at Melody's chair grouping with her rumfee, Cora looks intrigued, "Adventures? Yes I want to hear all about them, oh and did you find a smaller axe? Ha, yes busy is a good word for it. Goodness last night for example, so many injured at the tournament, I was run off my feet and so many foolishly not staying put. Had to do a house call earlier today to see to one. He was flirting with Isidora terribly. Then of course getting the order up and running has been keeping me busy as well, quite busy, but I am so happy to do it. You should see our new building, lovely." Her attention going to Lethe, Cora grins, "There is a monster skeleton in Grimhall, it is quite impressive." A small laugh at Lisebet's words, "Well then we need to speak more often so that I get to know more fun things about you. Clearly I must seek you out for coffee and conversation."

"I'm well. I'm no longer an apprentice Whisper; I'm full-fledged. Did I have the Bard's College running when we last spoke?" She has a sip of wine and wrinkles her nose a bit. "My questions have been answered. I'm... well, I know what I'm not, now. Your aid was very much appreciated in finding those answers."

Aahana's lets a soft blush caress her freckled cheeks as she says to Carita "Thank you so much for the vote of confiance. It is indeed what I intend to do. And sitting would be much welcomed, where did you prefer?" Her hand gesturing, allowing for Carita to select for them.

"Ladies, I do want to let you all know that before we all leave, there are 2 matters of business that we will need to take care of. I don't think either one will be too taxing, and there is no need to rush. I am mentioning it now only so you can all think about it, if need be. The first is of course who will host the next Skirt and Gown evening. At the last event, I volunteered. Many thanks to Mistress Mirari for her own volunteering last month and to whoever will volunteer for next month. The second is - prizes. Thanks to Duke Ryhalt, Westrock Reach and Sir Thorley's generosity, I have two prizes that I can give out, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on a game to play?"

A messenger arrived for Bianca and she paused picking at her food to receive it and murmur a reply to the waiting messenger along with a silver piece. "Congratulations, Gianna Whisper." Her smile broadened a touch as attention returned in full to the Nightengale. "You did not have the college running, at the time I believe it was still in the early phases. I would love to see it in its glory at some point and please do not hesitate to call upon the Scholars for event sponsorship as needed. I am also /very/ glad to hear you have found your answers."

Isabetta falls quiet, very quiet because she has the snacks and while she has the snacks and the coffee sips she has something occupying her mouth. This makes it hard to talk and or gossip. The first thing she has is a tiny cookie and coffee. The looking around at people though, totally missed she's like, busy with the coffee and cookies.

"A monster skeleton." Amari echoes Coraline, but she says it with maximum dramatic effect. SpoOooOoky. Not that it's likely to scare a Harlequin, more like make her infinitely more curious about it. That might have been her intent too. As for adventures, the Keaton lawyer takes in a deep breathe and lets it out slow, "It's a long, involved story, involving a siege and crawling through a tunnel, and rats and tree people, and it's probably best to save it for another time. I heard the tournament was fun, I wish I hadn't missed it now. Did anyone lose their ability to father children?" She asks Coraline before settling in on one of the chairs, ears perking, "Games?"

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Isidora blushes at the thought of anyone flirting with her. Surly he wasn't. She was just glad that everyone was so busy talking that no one was paying her much mind.

Sighing happily as Melody claimed a seat of her own, she folded one leg over the other and gently set the cup clasped in her hands over her lap. "I'm not certain how I feel about a monster skeleton in Grimhall. What kind of monster is it?" The prodigal asks of Coraline and Lethe both before turning her dark gaze onto Lisebet. "I'm rather interested in this game, but... What would you ladies like to play?"

"The hall is still being built," Gianna tells Bianca, "But we do have people and sponsors. I'll certainly keep the Scholars in mind." She sets her wine glass aside, pulling her gittern onto her lap and gently plucking out a tune. Background music. "Games? Good question. There's no dartboard here, is there?"

Lethe looks at Coraline with amusement. "A monster skeleton? How exciting, and it's something my own home is lacking." She grins and looks at Amari. "That is quite a story."

"I am competitive enough I will try almost any game." Cora says cheerfully to Lisebet's information before nodding to Amari, "Oh I can wait for the story but we better have booze at the telling. As for the tournament, not during this though I hear at least one Prince has already lost that ability, granted he did like to fight in a sheet so..." Shrug. To Melody Cora shakes her head, "No idea, I know Victus was supposed to have killed the thing and given it to them so." Another shrug, "I kinda wanna go exploring all of the Thrax houses, probably gotta get permission for that though." Lethe gets grin, "If only I could sneak it up to my rooms. I think they would notice though."

Ariella wanders in, most definitely not in a skirt or a gown, but instead wearing a pair of side-lacing breeches that would not have been particularly comfortable a couple of weeks ago and are still pretty questionable even as the weather turns, along with a leather vest over a white silk blouse. She glances around the room before heading over to grab a plae and load it up with tarts and getting hersef a glass of wine.

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2 Grayson House Guards, Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Bianca settled back in her seat, nodding to Gianna's words though as the mention of games arose her attention shifted and gaze bounced between speakers.

Calling over to Gianna, Cora asks, "How goes the Bards College, did you need any more donations? I know nothing about instruments but I can send silver your way to get more if you need it." As Ariella walks in Cora waves and admires those breeches, whistling softly, "I need to find some of those." she says softly.

Isabetta finishes her cookie and is all finishing drinking her coffee and then tells Melody, "Yes, Reese' tower, trying to cheer her up. She seems to be cheered though and I'm starting to think I might move back into my own room in Velenosa, because I don't want to be in the way. I can visit her whenever which is fun and all." She reaches to take another drink. She's going to be so hyper later on.

"I've heard someone suggest everyone could be different animals and we'd have to guess," Lisebet says. "Alas, there is no dartboard, but that might be something to look into for next time. Are there any other suggestions?" Ariella gets an arched brow and a smile. "Good day, welcome to the Gown and Skirt evening," she says. "But Princess Coraline is right, I think I want a pair too."

Gianna inclines her head to Ariella, also looking over the pants. "Hmmmn." She's plucking quietly away on the gittern. For ambience, you see. She turns her attention to Coraline and says, "Oh, I'll always accept donations. We have a luthier with us now. Lord Jayden."

"Worst case scenario, you can just draw names from a hat," Melody offers gently to Lisebet. She's no help, really. "Mm -- Reese's tower is a lot of fun, but I can imagine the Velenosa estate is far more exciting." With a slight tilt to her head, she peered at Isabetta curiously. "Surely there's some good stories about things out there?"

Aahana with her conversational partner taking her leave, Aahana decides to take this moment to have a slice of the ginger cake. As she take the bite and polite chews with her mouth closed, it is clear she is enjoying how it tastes, as if it is heavenly upon her tongue.

reaches for more cookies from the middle of the table listeing to others talk

Amari laughs softly, "Certainly. After storytime, we'll load up on rum and go door to door in the Ward of Thrax, asking to see everyone's skeletons. There's sure to be a few." There is a question of games though, and which to play, so she gets quiet, thinking. "Animals might be fun." She has to admit.

Blushing darkly at being caught admiring another woman's breeches, Cora grins even still and winks at Lisebet, "If I find someone who can make em I will let you know who!" To Gianna she nods, "Excellent! I will send some silver along then." She looks like she wants to add something but quickly stops talking.

Sabella comes sweeping into the room in a swirl of aeterna skirts and big, bright smiles, "Hello everyone! Apologies for being late, I just came from the duel and--is that ginger cake I smell?" shd heads right on over to the table with said cake!

Lethe laughs as she looks ag Coraline. "I would like my own monster skeleton but nobody ever sends me one. They can't expect me to go kill my own can they? Seriously it would be fun to visit the different houses. They can all be so unique.

"Princess Sabella, so glad you could make it. How was the duel?" Lisebet asks, but she stops then because the cake totally takes over Sabella's attention. "it's freshly baked, probably still warm," she adds.

Isabetta shakes her head at Melody and says with a sigh, "Oh no Velenosa is just a tragic bore, all talk, no action. You know the Lyceum is just a bump of talk and no action. Why I cannot even recall the last time someone was properly poisoned." She sighs about the drama, or lack of drama. Then back to Melody she says, "You know I kind of enjoy being in different places, maybe I'll move someplace entirely unlike the Velenosa Estate. Something Valardin?" She's got to be joking.

"If anyone would like to stuff me in a gown or a skirt, you can wrestle me to the floor and get my bree- gods, no, nevermind. That goes places I don't really want to go." Ariella looks around at all the seats and finds a nice couch arm to prop herself up on, then looks over to Lisebet and Coraline. "Had 'em made special. I said 'I want something that says available, but not too available' and then when they showed me the design they came up with I said 'well, more available than that'. Eventually we got to the right degree of available." She pops a tart and looks around at the various gowns and skirts on display. To Gianna ehs ays, "I like the earrings."

"You probably just didn't stay long enough," Gianna suggests to Isabetta. She tilts her chin up a little when her earrings are praised. "Thank you. I believe they're Mistress Joscelin's work. Hello, Sabella. What were people dueling over this time?"

"Dance fighting?" Amari suggests, perhaps inspired by Ariella's wrestling comment. Is Lisebet still taking game suggestions? That seems to be one. "Did I hear Princess Sabella?" She turns in her chair, finally finding her at the ginger cake and when she does she smiles brightly. "Hello!"

Lisebet chuckles, shaking her head. "I think that would be going quite far, yes," she agrees with Ariella. "Just don't tell any of the menfolk or they'll be wanting to come in as well." There's mischief in her gaze, as she gives everyone a glance. "Well, we could do gossip stories? Or dance- what do you mean dance fighting, Lady Amari?"

Bianca sipped gingerly at her coffee, attention swerving to Amari with a dual lift of her brows at the question of dance fighting.

Aahana finishes her cake and begins to make her way towards Biance as she says "Archscholar? That is quite an impressive title. I have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet. I am Lady Aahana Volkov. It was mentioned to me that I may be of aide to the scholars, but I am not much of a researcher in truth. I am good with more diplomatic measures and balancing books more than anything else."

"Such is life in the big city," Melody opines to Isabetta as she sets her mostly empty cup down on the nearest surface. "They say that Velenosa loves scandal, but to be living in a mess of scandal would just be so very difficult -- Please don't move to the Valardin ward." There was a slight crease to her nose as she peered over in Ariella's breeches; unashamedly checking out those leather pants. "They look lovely. Mildly available." Lashes fluttered and her lips parted slightly before she asked, "Um. Odd question. What is the name of your ship, Captain?"

Sabella gives Lisebet a grateful look as she gets herself a slice, "Things with ginger and peppermint are really helping me out these days. Otherwise all I can eat are those sausages from the Spirits and I don't even think they're really sausages so much as grease in sausage casing," she shrugs like what are you gonna do? "And the duel was over whether or not Sir Jeffeth was short and had a mustache. I am happy to report he is tall and does not have one." she smiles and then says for Isodora's benefit, "I'm Princess Sabella Grayson, I don't think I've seen you at one of these things before!"

Isidora looks at Melody, "What is wrong with the Valardin ward?"

Bianca extended her hand in greeting to Aahana, ink-stained and quill worn as they were. "A pleasure, Lady Aahana. Aid to the discipleship, you say? Sit with me? I would be happy to discuss your merits and the potential of working with us if you so deem a desire for it. Were you looking for an avenue of discipleship or a more secular role?"

"You are most welcome, Princess Sabella. I am glad if it helps," Lisebet says easily.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Valardin ward," Melody shoots back to Isidora. "This one, though --" The prodigal narrowed her eyes playfully at Isabetta. "She's up to no good. You don't want such a snake in the Valardin ward. "

"Only mildly available?" Ariella looks down at her pants, considering how the availibility factor on them could be improved. "Hmph. I considered leggings and then not much else, but I have to wear these while killing pirates and while that seemed distracting, it also seemed unpractical." Looking back to Melody with narrowed eyes she says, "The Red Bargain. Why, might I ask, do you want to know?" Ariella picks up another tart and adds, "If you're looking for roast beef, we do not sell roast beef on the Red Bargain."

Isabetta regards Gianna a moment then shrugs and says, "Scandal can be, but sometimes I thirst for the excitement. Or I end up creating it." She looks at Isidora and replies, perhaps diplomatically, "I'm a Lycene, so I'm a complete opposite to the Valardin, not that I've suggested it doesn't exist. Valardin that is." She shoots a look at Melody then sighs, "I am not up to no good, I am a perfectly lovely single lady that is absolutely not trying to cause any trouble for anyone ever."

Aahana easily slips into a seat at Bianca's table as she says "Of course Archscholar. And I would think more of a secular role. I am still quite new to the compact and I am truly not sure if discipleship is the correct path for me just yet."

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"It's not like, kicking and punching. You and another person face off, you start with one move, they copy it and add a new twist, then you copy them and add another until one of you slip up, then you're out." Amari explains how dance fights work in her world. "The other game that's fun is two truths and a lie, each person tells two truths and a lie, and if anyone can discern the lie correctly, they're out." The talk of roast beef has her look to Ariella, then there's the exchange between Isabetta and Melody she's trying to follow.

Isidora laughs softly, "I see."

"That is completely understandable, my lady." Bianca's head dipped to add emphasis to her words. "I would hope any seeking discipleship would heavily weigh the decision, especially as we are one of the discipleships that emphasizes oaths taken upon membership." She set her coffee aside to better focus on the woman. "Generally speaking, secular positions revolve around the Academy and the pursuit of knowledge or dissemination of it. Most of our bookkeeping is taken care of by godsworn Scholars."

"Mildly available," Melody doubles down on the thought as she reclines comfortably in her seat. Dropping her chin in her hand, she glanced down at the breeches for another breath before saying, "It's a good thing, really." Mention of the Red Bargain earned an uneasy smile from the prodigal. "Ah. Um. I've just taken an interest in boats, now! Or -- Ships. Not boats. So I was just curious, yeah?" That uneasy smile was a brief thing, really, because something Isabetta said brought about a vibrant bit of laughter from her. "We all believe you. Absolutely. One hundred percent. One hundred and ten, even."

Lisebet glances around at everyone. "What do you say, your highnesses, ladies, and mistresses? Any of these ideas grab your desire to have fun?"

Gianna pauses in her discreet musical stylings to reach for her wine again and have a long sip. She remains silent on the subject of games, though her nose wrinkles a little. Just a little.

Isidora blurts out, "Naked running through the streets?" Turns a deep shade of red before slouching in her seat to hide.

Lisebet is listening to the conversations going on but true to her nature, she's not commenting a lot. Her gaze goes around the room, judging the interest of the crowd. She glances over at Isidora, and then she chuckles gently. "I think that's for after the event, perhaps if you lose the games and have one too many drinks to make up for it?"

Aahana offers a nod and says "Not sure if I would fit there then. I not wish to take the job of others. Lady Octavia made mention of it to me and I thought since we happened to me here I would discuss the idea with you. Though should I ever need the aide of the Scholars, I won't hestitate to reach out. And should hope that if any were to be in need of my talents, they would not hestitate to request them." A warm smile curling her lips as the kind words leave her lips.

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Lethe turns to look at Isidora. "As fun as that sounds I think I prefer one of the other games."

"Well," drawls Ariella, "I do occasionally offer tours of the Red Bargain, but generally keep to the supersition that having women on ships is bad luck." She gives Melody another look, just slightly less than friendly, then looks back at her breeches, seemingly just a biiit stung that she's being described as merely mildly available. To Lisebet she says, "The lying game sounds like the more fun of the two. Assuming no one wants to play the knife game. Which. Probably not?" She holds up her hand, scars vivid against her sunbrowned skin. "Honestly, I'm pretty bad at it."

Isabetta says dryly, in response to Melody and who knows what else. "It is good to be believed." She slouches a little bit and then drawls on. "You know I know a thing or two about ships. There is this place called the bildge. I have it on good authority it is the place that people on a ship bath and drink from and it is a special place. Also did you know that all of the water on a ship sinks to the bottom and that is also where people tend to relieve themselves? This is all a true story."

Amari laughs softly, "Probably not the naked run or the knife game. I think we're all entirely too sober." She lifts her mug and works on it, just incase the group decides. Then what. She stares at Isabetta, then looks to Ariella, who has her own ship, "Is this true?"

Gianna heard that. She arches an eyebrow over at Isidora for that suggestion.

Sabella has herself a seat and eats some ginger cake like maybe there won't be more of it later. And there probably won't be because of her! She glances to Isidora with a bit of a smile, "Don't worry, I wouldn't vote for that one. I don't even like going to the Grotto."

Lisebet eyes Ariella's hand, and shakes her head slightly. "I think I would rather we all end up uninjured from this evening's fun," she offers. "Perhaps another time?" And then she says, "Alright, I'm in favour of the two truths, one lie, yes? How do we determine who starts it, Lady Amari?" Since it's Amari who brought the game up. Sabella gets a grin, as Lisebet checks to make sure everyone is okay. "of course there is no need to play if you do not wish to. Let me just show you all the prizes." And hopefully at least some people will want them!

Lisebet drops Twilight Dragon, a Westrock coffee infused liqueur.

Lisebet drops Daylight Dragon, a Westrock coffee infused liqueur.

Ariella's expression didn't go unnoticed and Melody aimed to soothe. "Maybe just a touch more than slightly available. They're the loveliest pair of breeches, really." Trailing her fingertips in a loose, dismissive wave, she tried to push the conversation away from Ariella's attire. "That's a terrible supertition. Could I convince you to take me on a tour despite these pressing odds?" And yes, no mention was made on Ariella's gender. Isabetta's comments had the prodigal blinking a number of times. "This sounds like a not-so-special place to me, my Lady."

Isidora calms herself a bit before speaking again. "Maybe a game of two truths and a

Isidora calms herself a bit before speaking again. "Maybe a game of two truths and a lie?"

Bianca glanced up as the next game idea was mentioned, small smile again touching her lips as her brow arched.

Lisebet gets a nod from Ariella. "Fair enough. I got stabbed several times last night and can only walk thanks to the good work of Dame Coraline as it is, so maybe some self-inflicted wounds aren't called for." She gives Isabetta such a look, then says brightly, "She's mostly correct, and I would be perfectly willing to break my rule about women on my boat if Lady Isabetta would like to come down to my bilge and have herself a hearty meal. My boys are /fantastic/ cooks." She looks up to Sabella, then up a little more. "Princess Sabella, is that a new tiara? It's quite lovely. I mean, I like my hat," she pulls her captain's hat down low, "but if I ever had to wear something other than this, I suppose a nice tiara would do."

Amari pops up out of her chair, willing to sacrifice herself to get the game going, "Alright! I'll tell two truths and one lie. Then everyone will vote on which they think is a lie. Everyone who is correct, gets a point. Then I'll pick a new person and we'll go again. First to 3 points wins? Anyone left with 0 points at the end will be horribly, horribly punished. I'll leave that to the winner's discretion."

"That sounds like a good thought to me," Lisebet says. "Please do go ahead and start, when you are ready, Lady Amari." Ariella gets a grin and a nod, though the Lady from Westrock Reach surely doesn't know what's below decks on a ship.

Amari takes a breath and holds up one finger, since this is statement number one. "One, I once almost killed Duke Cristoph Laurent." She looks pretty serious about that one. Two fingers are raised. "Two, I am an accomplished painter with a preference for landscapes featuring donkeys." Also very serious, it's hard to tell. Three fingers goes up. "And finally, three, I've defended Princess Alarissa in court on charges of fashion crimes."

Ariella raises a hand. Not the one with all the nicks taken out of it. "If you're telling the truths and lies and no one guesses which one is true, do you get any points?"

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Sabella beams at Ariella and reaches up with one hand to tenderly move a golden curl or two side, tilting her head just so as the star gems catch the light. Not at all a move she's practiced a million times to get just right, "Thank you! It's brand new! And those look--" she pauses, "Ah, apologies, I'm being asked to attend a family event!" she stands and says to Lisebet, "Should this go long I will return!"

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Amari points to Ariella, "That's a good rule. Let's use that."

"Is it two truths and one lie, or two lies and one truth," Lisebet puts in, making sure they're all on the same page. "And thank you for coming, Princess Sabella. Do come back, if you can."

"Two lies and one truth," Gianna tells Lisebet. She eyes Amari. "Do I have to wait to give my answer?" She adjusts her legs, trying to get more comfortable.

Ariella wiggles her index finger, then swings it around to point at Melody. "Let Mistress Melody go first, say I."

Isabetta looks over at the game then at Ariella and asks, "I'm sorry was I just invited onto your ship?" She shrugs a bit and says, "I accept, but I insist on an escort to protect my chastity from these men of yours." She grabs Melody by the elbow and holds up her hand, "Melody here would protect me. Right Mistress Melody?" She then frowns a little and asks, "I thought Lady Amari went first."

Amari laughs, "I was going with two truths and a lie. Just lift your hand with one, two or three fingers up."

Lethe looks to Amari. "That is tough. I do not think I will do well at this game."

"I absolutely adore the label on those," Melody directs to Lisebet. "Do you have a favorite of the two?" Dark eyes settle on Ariella for a brief moment; smile fading into one of disappointment at the lack of an answer. Then her shoulders would fall as the Igniseri woman recommended she go first. "Fine," she mumbles out, straightening her back and guessing, "The second one is probably not true. Unless you're trying to trick us with the almost killing Duke Laurent bit, but you'd never do such a thing to us now, would you?" Turning her attention back to Isabetta, Melody's shoulders lifted to her ears in a shrug. "I don't wish to board Lady Ariella's ship if she'd rather not have me, but thank you for the offer."

To clarify her answer, Melody ultimately decided, "You don't paint landscapes with donkeys. I kind of hope you do, though."

Gianna raises her hand with one finger pointed up. She has a serene sip of wine. A very long one.

Lisebet laughs softly. "Okay, two truths and one lie." She considers, and then says, "wait, I am judging, so I will not participate. Though I may instigate, if I feel like it. It wouldn't be fair for me to win these prizes, after all." She gives Melody a pleased smile. "Thank you. They are both delicious and I cannot truthfully pick a favourite."

Lethe lifts her hand to show two fingers.

Apparently somewhere along the way Cora had falling into powernapping, not that she will ever admit to such a thing, nope. Blinking and rubbing any rogue sleep from her eye she pretends she was aware of everything that had been going on. Yep, no lost time here folks!

Aahana gracefully slips from her seat and begins to make her way out, she isn't wishing to interrupt to game at hand but has some family matters to attend to. A warm smile is given to all before she slips out.

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Cora answers the two truths and a lie thing with, "My answer is number two."

Ariella holds up two finger. "I doubt the one about the painting. I've been to some galleries in Arx. No one paints anything that isn't actively depressing. People on fire. People cutting themselves open. People being eaten by demons. People cutting themselves open and setting themselves on fire while demons eat them. No, no one is painting donkeys. Unless they're being eaten by flaming demons." She looks back to Isabetta and Melody. "I assure you, Lady Isabetta, my men are absolutely civil and won't threaten your chastity unless you ask them to. And even then, they'll take turns. Like proper gentlemen."

Bianca chuckled softly at Ariella's explanation of her selection, nodding slightly in agreement with the statements on local art trends.

Bianca rose her voice a touch, interjecting softly. "While Lady Ariella has a very good point about the artistic inclinations of our local artists... I am going to take a chance and say the truth is the first one, though I would guess the situation would have been accidental."

Isabetta points at Ariella, "I remember you! You're the one I ran into that said you would do horrible things to my chastity if you were a lord and not a lady and now people are talking about if you are a lord and not a lady and I'm wondering if you're gentle at all." She folds her arms and says, "And I have seen donkey paintings, I think Reese has them in her gallery so.." She sulks a little. "I'll go on your ship only if I'm allowed to wear a captain hat and have a go at the wheel."

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"Ah Archlector Bianca, I meant to say hello and introduce myself. I keep meaning to visit the Archives and never have had the opportunity. I admit I don't know much about the Scholars but would love to learn more." Cora says as an aside to Bianca. Then calls out, "I mean the truth is the first one! Sorry that is what I meant to say." Cause she wasn't sleep addled, she WASN'T.

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman, Loden, a hulking Mirrorguard Adjutant arrive, following Mirari.

And finally, Denica joins the party, perhaps fashionably late in her shocking umbra gown, decadant waves of her skirt trailing behind her as she walks. She waves to the group assembled. "Hello Ladies!" Denica beams to them. "I hope I didn't miss anything too fun!"

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Bianca leaned aside to Coraline in reply. "I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, Princess. Feel free to send me a messenger either to open the discussion or arrange a meeting time."

Mirari walks into the solarium, nodding and waving at the various gathered women before she moves to get some coffee. She listens quietly to the conversation floating around the room as she looks around for a place to sit.

Ariella sniffs airily, "If I were a lord and not a lady, there's a lot of people who would be in trouble, Lady Isabetta, but I assure you, you're near the top of the list. But occasionally the gods are unkind and create someone like me, who lacks what she loves and must seek it out in others. Frequently. Occasionally a few at a time." She pulls her hat backwards and shakes her head. "You can't wear it on the ship. That'll just confuse everyone. But you can wear it now. You have to call yourself Captain Isabetta for the rest of the evening, though. Captain of the Melody's Misdemeanor." She takes off her hat and tosses it to Isabetta.

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A bright smile goes to Bianca, "I will at that! I would love to sit down and have a discussion. Shall I bring something along as well? I have a few cases of rum hanging around, or tea." Cora waves to Mirari and indicates the seating area if the lady would like.

Amari looks faintly disappointed that her lie was so easily discerned, but it's obviously a sad face for dramatic effect rather than genuine emotion. She grins at Melody and Ariella for her comments on the art trends in the city. She doesn't disagree, "I do, in fact, paint donkeys and they're very happy and not depressing, but I'm not an accomplished painter. That's the lie. I'm terrible at it. Absolutely terrible." She counts up everyone who guess two aloud or lifted two fingers, "Points for everyone who guessed two. I select the art critique for the next round if she'd care to." She beckons the captain of the Red Bargain to take her place. "For one, I did indeed accidentally almost stick the Duke with a poorly loosed arrow and three? It was a mock trial, but I did defend the Princess on those heinous charges. We won." She slips off and back into her seat, grinning at the newcomers that have slipped in during round one. "Princess Denica!"

"Good evening to those newly arriving. We are playing a game. Please help yourself to the refreshments, but not the prizes. The game is to discern which of three statements is a lie - the other two will be true. And the Twilight Dragon and Daylight Dragon liqueurs are the prizes." Lisebet fills folks in a bit, easily.

Bianca lifted her hand in greeting to Mirari, her smile moving beyond its general placidity into a genuine warmth that seemed to alight the woman in a sudden burst of vibrancy. She spoke in reply to Coraline though, "Whatever you like. I'm happy to meet either in an official capacity or in a more relaxed locale than the daunting halls of the Archive or bustle of the Academy. Just let me know your preferences."

Gianna makes a face, as though she is genuinely affronted by this reveal. "A mock trial? Pffft." She downs the rest of her wine, shooting a sidelong glance at Ariella, and then at Melody.

Lethe grins as she looks to Amari. "At least I could guess yours correctly, but your art isn't that bad."

Isabetta absolutely sticks the hat on her head and tells Ariella, "Deal. But I cannot promise I won't try to confuse people. Because that is absolutely not what I do." She looks over at Denica and greets her, "Hey Deni, I'm Captain Isabetta of... Melody's misdam.. what was that again?" She looks expectantly at Ariella before deciding that, "Oh nevermind it doesn't matter. I told you the donkey one wasn't a lie."

Mirari flashes a brief smile at Coraline before she makes her way towards the table Bianca sits at. "Been a while, Bianca. I hope you're well." She takes a seat, crossing her legs as she gazes at the pale woman. She hears about the game and she turns her attention towards the other women, taking a sip of her coffee.

"I don't quite understand what I've done to upset you, Lady Ariella. Was it the talk about your breeches; which I've complimented you on?" Drawing a small breath, Melody pressed to her feet and smoothed out her umbra silks. "I'm going to get going now," she decides, "Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event, Lady Lisebet." The prodigal set her cup of coffee onto a nearby tray and moved for the door.

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Cora grins at Bianca, "I am good with either though I would love to see the Archives if I can." She looks over at Isabetta, "I like the hat, and Cap'n can I have a sail on the Melody's Misdemeanor sometime?" Denica gets a grin as she sits down and a cheerful wave. Then Melody is leaving and Cora looks concerned, "Oh dear, uh what happened there was subtext there I missed."

Gianna inclines her head to Mirari as the woman arrives, and to Denica as well, though she doesn't recognize the latter. She does, however, eye that dress with a calculating sort of look. There's a slight nod of approval, and Gianna abandons her gittern on her seat to go in search of more wine. Also some of that ginger cake.

"Lady Amari! It's been far too long hasn't it? I hope you've been well!" Denica grins, settling herself down in a seat amongst all the other women, glancing over towards them. "Well, who's lie and truth are we trying to find?" Denica wonders, looking at Lisabet, but then Melody also departs and Denica frowns a moment, biting her lip as she departs. "I just arrived so I haven't seen what it could have been," Denica admits sadly.

"Lisebet watches as Melody leaves, inclining her head at the compliment. She frowns though, nodding to Coraline. "I think I missed it too," she says quietly.Princess Denica is it? I'm Lady Lisebet Farshaw. Welcome. I am hosting today, but next month it will be someone else's turn. And it is now - I believe Lady Ariella's turn, unless she would rather not."

"To shorten things, if we guess wrong, we're eliminated. Last two standing wins. Starting this round?" Amari suggests.

When Melody gets up to go Ariella rolls her eyes and moves over to where Amari had been sitting before. "And here I thought I was being flirty. This is why women aren't allowed on the Red Bargain. Bad luck." She plops down in the seat and sprawls, manspreading like she just doesn't care about anyone else's personal space. "Okay. Two truths and a lie. Number one, during the battle in Setarco one of my men aimed rather poorly and struck me. He left me with a scar that, I must admit, I'm willing to show off at the drop of a hat. Though it does involve a drop of the pants." She considers for a moment, then says, "Second, I came quite close to getting married once, but my Marquessa insisted that my husband would have to join House Igniseri rather than me joining his house and he refused, deciding he loved his name more than he loved me, so backed out." She reaches up and pats her head, making a face. Not having her hat feels very wrong! "And, hm, Lady Lucita and I are identical twins and used to do this to swap out gentlemen callers when we were younger. She drew the line at Baron Esteban, though. Which is too bad, he was rather handsome."

Lisebet listens to the stories told, curiously. "Oh my, all of those are very interesting to hear, whether or not one is a lie. I cannot imagine how one might tell the difference."

"And Ladi Amari, that perhaps is a good thought. I agree, if nobody disagrees?" Lisebet adds.

Isabetta removes the hat and passes it quietly back to Ariella then turns to Mirari and asks her, "Is now good time to speak? We could do it quickly." She seems not to be taking part of this round of the game, preferring instead, it seems, serious business style talk.

Amari turns back to Denica after saying that, nodding solemnly, "Far too long. When did we spend time together last? High Lord Victus' birthday party? Drinking rum in the sand dunes? That was ages ago." But she could be wrong. She takes a moment to rummage through her memories, but doesn't correct herself, instead, she says, "We have to catch up." Though with Ariella up and taking her turn, she gets quiet to listen and whistle softly to herself. "Interesting." She hesitates, weighs the options and slowly raises one finger.

Gianna takes her cake and wine back to her seat, sitting down gingerly so as to not crush her gittern. It is a superb gittern, after all. "I'm fine with the new rule. Ugh. I don't know," she says, narrowing her eyes at Ariella as she attempts to discern the lie from the truths. "The second one is the lie."

Lethe ponders and raises three fingers.

Mirari nods at Isabetta, using two fingers to beckon the woman towards her table. "Come on over here, this won't take long at all." She nods, shifting a bit while she takes a drink of her coffee.

Isabetta rises and tells the people at her table, "Esxcuse me just a moment, I vote all three are lies." She crosses the room.

Cora ponders and holds up two fingers before drinking her coffee, see she is getting this whole being one of the guys thing. Yup. Siiiiping that rum coffee.

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"Elimination? I want to have a turn though!" Denica laughs, before she shakes her head, reaching for a drink and sipping idly before shooting a warm smile to Amari. "We've seen each other since then in passing but Vitus's party was the last time we ever really got to have some real fun together, we'll have to change that soon!" Denica quirks her lips and studies Ariella. "I can't even being to discern the lie..."

Amari is overheard praising Lisebet: Wonderful job hosting Skirt and Gown night.

Ariella looks around to the others. "Is that everyone?"

Amari keeps only one finger up, though with nobody guessing the same she starts to look uncertain. But no, sticking to one. There's a grin aside at Denica, "We probably should have agreed on the rules before we began, but we're sort of winging it. You can still guess! And are you and Lady Lethe well acquianted?" She gestures to her future sister-in-law and back to Denica, ta da.

Bianca sneaks out!

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"Any other guesses," Lisebet asks. "If not, then Lady Ariella do let us know which was the lie?"

Ariella points to Gianna and Coraline. "They got it. I did in fact get shot in the ass in Setarco, and I do love showing off the scar. I earned that fucking scar. I keep the arrowhead in my chest on the Bargain. It reminds me every day that before I put a fucking bow in someone's hand I should make sure they fucking know how to use it." She reaches down at rubs at her rear, then adds, "I had a lot of people offering to help me pull it out, though. And Lucy and I... well, we discovered a lot about one anothers' taste in men. But the closest I've ever come to getting married was the time I let a man stay over and then didn't throw him over the side of the ship in the morning." She shakes her head and sighs. "I must be getting soft."

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"Fabulous," Lisebet says. "I like this game, we get to learn more about each other. Perhaps if we play it again sometime we will be better prepared." She shrugs delicately and then says, "Who is next?"

Amari applauds, even if she lost, terribly, "Darn. Well I'm out. Are you going show us?" She asks Ariella, brows rising, curious now after getting the story.

Cora beams, "Huh, but doesn't that mean Mistress Gianna and I are the last two standing?" Cora asks innocently, although she can't quite hide that grin.

Lethe laughs. "I'm out too. I've cerainly learned a lot about you." She looks to Denica. "We are not."

"That would've been my guess!" Denica laments with a laugh, shaking her head, though she glances over to Amari and laughs a bit. "I'm curious now, let us see this famous scar of yours," Denica grins. "And I don't believe I've met Lady Lethe but in passing, it's a pleasure," Denica offers her with a dip of her head. "Well I didn't guess," Denica points out to Coraline. "So I couldn't be eliminated!"

Gianna perks right up. She likes winning. And Coraline speaks, and she considers it for a moment. "No," she tells the Princess. "The captain is still in it, I'd think."

Isidora remains silent as she sips her coffee enjoying those around her.

Cora sticks her tongue out at Denica, "Fiiiiiine," she sighs overly dramatically still grinning though." I suppose I shall have to just keep trying then. I tried Mistress Gianna, I tried." She laments.

"So then, we have Lady Ariella, Whisper Gianna, Princess Denica and Princess Coraline still in. Who else?" Lisebet asks.

"I'll be stepping out in a moment, I've another meeting." Mirari says, leaning in to finish her coffee as she waits to make sure her business with Isabetta is finished. "You ladies have a lovely evening."

Ariella pushes herself to her feet and nods to Gianna, "I think the cipher of a Whisper should go next." She starts back to the couch where she was perched, then snorts at the others and shrugs. True to her word, she shoves her thumbs under the waistband of her perhaps-a-little-too-tight breeches and rolls them down, with no small effort. Despite her quip, there's no dropping of pants this clingy. Indeed, square in the middle of her left cheek, there's an arrow scar that, though she is rather jocular about the whole thing, is actually pretty nasty. The arrow was barbed and bit deep. After everyone's gotten their look, she tugs her breeches back up and drops back down on the arm of her couch. "It's a fun way to introduce myself, I've found."

Mirari gets to her feet, leaning a hand on the table as she smiles at Isabetta. "You should go back to the game, if you need to speak to me about your decision, send me a messenger. We'll have tea or something." She raises her voice, waving at the other table. "You ladies have fun. Don't get into trouble!"

Isidora yawns softly before her head falls softly to Cora's shoulder her eyes closing.

Well, Amari's not going to be shy. If there's a butt scar to admire, she leans forward and does so without embarrassment. "Wuh." She says, rather intelligently, before letting out a sympathy breath, "He really got you good." Hearing Mirari, she looks up and raises a hand to her in farewell, "Good night!"

"Good night, Mistress Mirari, do take some of the refreshments with you?" Lisebet suggests.

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"I'm in," Denica grins, but as Ariella drops the pants, or at least as well as it could be and she seems to nod a moment as if in approval. "If that is the way I can get a lady to drop her pants after knowing her for such a short amount of time, it's certainly something to keep in mind," Denica says, glancing around and sticking her tongue out at Coraline then, she looks to Lethe and says as an aside. "Okay, I'll play fair this time and actually guess."

Cora positions herself so that Isidora has a more comfortable shoulder to lay her head on and smirks at Denica with a wink, "Sorry but I don't have such an amazing scar to use on you Den." She too admired the scar however, cause how could she not? Mirari gets a cheerful wave.

Isabetta rises and yawns, "Excuse me everyone." She waves and heads toward the street.

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Lethe ponders. "When I was little before I had to live with the Ashfords I really wanted to be a sailor. I once met a ghost. I very nearly died once trying to save a baby's life."

"While we are all thinking which statement is a lie, is there anyone who would like to volunteer to run the next Skirt and Gown Night?"

Amari ohs softly and almost raises her hand, but she's out. She so obviously wants to guess though. So badly. She reaches for her mug instead to sip and watch those few left in the game to see what they'll guess is Lethe's untruth.

Cora raises her first finger and looks like she is really hoping she chose correctly.

"As I said last time, if I hosted it would be on the Bargain, so choose carefully." Ariella sizes up Lady Lethe for a moment, then holds up her first finger as well. "I think that if you'd wanted to be a sailor-" She cuts off, makes a face and just leave her finger up.

"I'll... say the third... no. First? First," Denica decides finally, but she really doesn't look very sure of herself.

Lisebet watches curiously, as everyone makes up their mind. She catches sight of Amari trying hard to not guess, and grins her way. "Last call, has everyone who is going to guess put their fingers up?"

"I could try to host. I don't have an awesome ship or anything though, not yet." Amari offers, uncertainly, since even she has to admit that a party on the Red Bargain might be too amazing. Unless there's lackeys with poor archery skills onboard.

Denica is totally holding up one finger, just not looking very sure of herself. "I might be able to host eventually... not the next though, soon!"

"I uh, I can help too Amari if you like." Cora says a little shyly, "The only thing I have helped with thus far is the tournament last night, and please nobody try and fight with actual blades. Breadsticks, if you wanna fight you get breadsticks." Someone did waaaay too much healing last night.

Ariella adds, "And I can't guaratnee my men won't be there, hoping that showing off ones ass is part of the event. So. I should never host it. Also, women are bad luck on a ship. That thing too."

Lisebet smiles at the volunteers. "Excellent, you two can co-host, I'm sure that will work. And if you are looking for a location, I'm sure Ryhalt would give you a good deal on this room." There's amusement there, but certainly that is one of the hoped for uses of this Solarium, after all. "Lady Lethe? Which was the lie?" she asks, as well.

"Women are bad luck on a ship?" Amari, not being a sailor in any way shape or form, looks entirely unhappy to hear that from the real sea captain. With Cora offering an equally uncertain offer to host, it's a done deal. Co-hosts. She flashes her a grin, "It'll be fun. If we do a terrible job we have valid excuses." So, shrug. With all the guesses guessed, she also looks to Lethe for the answer, brows up. Curious. Quieter aside, "Then it will be Denica's turn and she'll show us all up terribly."

"No ship I have ever been on had bad luck for me being on it." Cora says firmly, "And we had wonderful adventures on some of those trips." She adds as an aside.

"A breadstick fight sounds fun, actually," Lisebet adds, smiling at Coraline. "I too have been on ships with wonderful adventure. Okay one. But I have been on more ships than that, honest. I don't think it's bad luck either."

Lethe grins. "It was the first one. You're all correct. I never wanted to be a sailor. I was always happier on land even back then. The other two are true. I did meet a ghost, and I did get hurt while trying to save Princess Astrid. It turns out she didn't need my help. It was on a ship though."

Further Cora adds, "Oh yes we can certainly speak to him." To Lisebet, then to Amari a bright grin, "Sounds good!" She nods to Lisebet, "Oh yes, we must have breadstick sword fights and no Thraxian I know hasn't been on a ship, male or female."

Amari offers a soft round of applause for Lethe and pats the chair next to her when she's done.

Isidora wakes up and rubs her eyes. "I appologize Lady Cora ...." Hopes she didn't drool on the princess.

"Oh very nicely done," Lisebet puts in. "And who next, Lady Lethe," she asks, curious to see who will be picked.

Lethe looks around and points to Isidora. "Have you gotten to play yet?"

"Bad luck on a ship? You sound like my grandfather," Denica laughs, glancing over to Amari. "Oh yes, I should go, I think I have a good lie," Denica grins, tilting her head and biting her lip. "Hey, when did Isa go?" she frowns and shrugs. "Well I don't think women are bad luck on a ship, just silly sailor nonsense. But... you helped Baby Astrid? I hadn't heard... thank you so much for that," Denica smiles gently. Isidora gets called on and she nods then. "Oh! Well I suppose she hasn't gone yet."

Cora grins at having guessed correctly and shakes her head at Isidora, "Oh no, you are fine. That is what shoulders are for." She says with a warm smile. She smirks at Lethe's words, "Princess Astrid wound't ever need help I am certain of it. She is the toughest kid I have ever met."

"I hope we're not bad luck." Amari, but given the Thrax saying otherwise, she's mostly reassured. "We're going to sail to Tyde Isle soon, and that'll be the furthest I've ever travelled by sea." So she's not too cool to act like she's not slightly nervous about that. A look goes between Isadora and Denica, neutral, but an eyebrow rises, "I think we may have bored her to sleep. Apologies! Maybe we should have had that dance fight and naked run instead."

Lethe looks to Denica with a smile. "Sorry for not picking you. I was one of the midwives, and I got to announce that she was a girl. I tried to help her, but like Princess Coraline said she's tough. She didn't need my help." She turns to Amari. "We'll probably be fine. I've traveled before with nothing happening. Anyway I think I need to be getting home. Thank you all for the fun time."

Isidora shakes her head, "No I haven't gone ... but that's okay. I have missed a lot of the game."

Gianna glances around and says, "And nobody's doubting the ghost story? We're all accepting that?"

"You will be fine," Cora says to Amari with a smile, to Lethe she nods, "I have got to come spend some time chatting with you, for fun I mean." She grins, "Especially having heard a bit of the story of Princess Astrid's birth."

Amari aws, but dips her head to Lethe, "Good nigh, Lethe. Let your brother know I've found him another magnificent pair of socks, for the trip. It should be fun." Gianna's comment prompts a laugh and a nod, "Absolutely. It's very true, apparently."

Cora coughs and nods at Gianna's question, "I have reasons." She shrugs.

Shrugging towards Gianna, Denica laughs. "I've seen enough that I will never doubt a ghost story," she smirks. "Well it was nice meeting you, Lady Lethe. We should get to know each other better sometime, and I can tell you all about how baby Astrid has been growing into a fine... very tough young woman." Denica laughs. "It's okay, we need to keep it all fair after all."

Lethe nods to Coraline and Denica. "We'll have to chat again soon, and I will Amari." She looks to Gianna with amusement before leaving.

Lethe has left the Small Grouping of Chairs.

Ariella laughs at Gianna. "I don't have to believe she saw a ghost to believe she thinks she saw a ghost, Gianna Whisper." She slides a bit to the side until she's in the couch, then gestures back to Gianna. "It's her turn now, then?"

s Isidora looks around wondering why the game has stopped then realizes that it is her turn. "Um .... 1) .... I have been in many battles but haven't lifted a sword in battle. 2) I am a twin .... 3) I love running through the streets naked....."

Gianna didn't guess last round, but there are prizes to be had here so she's not pointing that out. She sighs. "The one about running through the street naked is the lie," she says. She scoops up the last forkful of cake and tucks it into her mouth.

Cora grins and nods at Gianna's answer, "I concur, number three is the lie."

"At this rate, we may just have to break into the coffee liqueurs and share them right here and now," Lisebet teases.

Amari watches Lethe until she's well on her way, offering a quick final wave before she turns back to the remaining participants. She's still very much eliminated, but listens to Isidora's two truths and one lie intently all the same. "She might love it but never get the opportunity to actually do it." She ponders. "Perhaps she's only run naked once, and the freedom of it, the cool breeze and flying hair... and now it's her secret obsession." She's really selling it.

"I almost feel compelled to call three the truth because it is so outrageous and you are a Valardin princess," Denica giggles. "I am however going to go with three."

Ariella nods to the others. "The third. I think you love running naked but for a hat. And that's not truly naked."

Isidora shrugs slightly a smile tugging at her lips. "Has everyone answered?"

"I believe so," Cora says looking around. She chuckles at Lisebet's suggestion and laughs at Ariella's comment, "You are naked when you don't wear a blade, regardless of if you are wearing clothing or not."

Isidora looks at Coraline, "So I'm naked now your Highness?"

"By her logic I am always naked," Denica laughs, glancing over to Coraline.

"And me as well," Lisebet puts in. "This could go places very quickly."

Cora nods with an overly serious manner, "Yes, all of you are naked. I wanted to tell you all but it seemed rude."

s Isidora arches an eyebrow slightly to keep the red from her cheeks. "I see." She then clears her throat. "Yes you all are right ... three is the lie. I am Valardin enough to enjoy my clothing on my body."

"It's like you weren't even trying," Gianna chides. Her tone is mild.

Isidora looks at Gianna, "I felt pressured. I didn't know it was my turn." Her voice betraying a hint of anger.

"Who goes next? Lady Isidora, you get to select?" Lisebet interjects.

Amari crosses her arms over her chest, hands to her shoulders and covers up, for modesty. She's an Oathlander, she can't just go around naked! She does after offer a little applause for Isadora, even if the game wasn't decided, another round. "Well. Alright, whoever's next has to be really devious to break this tie. I thought you were all going to lose on a technicality there..."

"And here I left my sword back on the boat. And my other sword in my room at Domus Igniseri." Ariella pushes herself to her feet and offers everyone and airy wave. "Speaking of which, I think it's high time I found myself someone to walk be back to walk me back to the boat for a proper fucking." She pauses, then says, "I mean boat tour. Goodnight, all! Next time I'll wear pants, or next time I won't wear anything or next time I'll wear a skirt. Which one's the lie, ladies? It's up to you to decide!" Then she's heading for the door.

"Thank you for coming out, Lady Ariella," Lisebet calls. Really she's trying to do that with everyone, if she can.

"Farewell, Captain," Gianna says, setting her empty plate aside; her glas, too. She rests her hands in her lap, failing to look demure.

"As long as you show us your scar again, it's a party!" Denica shouts at Ariella as she seems to be departing.

Isidora blinks at Ariella's words. Not sure what to say her mind trying to keep her face placid.

Cora waves a hand, "It's fine, it's fine. All in good fun." Cora grins at Ariella, "Number three likely, lovely to see you again, get a blade a buddy to uh tour with I suppose." She blushes deeply.

Isabetta is just returning because she looks like she forgot something. "Where is that coffee I didn't finish." Of course it was taken by the staff, after all, she left a cup a while ago. "Oh well, I guess I'll order another." And she does.

"The skirt is a lie." Amari decides, lifting a hand to wave to the departing Ariella.

Isidora looks around at who is left in the room. "Who is all still in the game?"

"I am. Shall I take my turn?" Gianna suggests, glancing over at the prize coffee.

Cora coughs and raises her hand, "I am still in the game as well. Although Mistress Gianna may go next if she likes."

"Next!" Amari prompts, having lost track of the game some with that latest departure. "Denica, Gianna and Coraline, are the last?" With Gianna volunteering she smiles to the Whisper and doesn't have any objections, "I think Gianna will be a tough one. Good luck!"

Isidora gets herself another cup of coffee

"Excellent," says Gianna, seeming pleased. "I don't know who my parents are. I'm what's known as a spellsinger. I'm left-handed." Anybody remember which hand was holding the fork? Or the glass?

Squinting suspiciously towards Gianna, Denica slowly raises three fingers.

Cora also raises three fingers, granted she does look uncertain.

Lisebet considers what she hears, and her brow furrows briefly. "How interesting," she says, with a smile. To the returning Isabetta, she says, "There is plenty to drink, and have you tried the rum butter tarts? They are delicious."

Isabetta looks at Lisabet like she cannot decide if something amazing or awful was said to her. She responds, "Are you kidding me right now? That sounds incredible-bly dangerous." She decides to try them. "I'm going to have to do something to work this off, somehow."

"Anyone else?" Gianna asks, glancing around and looking very smug indeed.

Cora bats aside the excess smug and crosses her arms with a huff, though clearly good natured in the huffs.

"My cousin Alban has convinced even me to take up jogging before dawn," Lisebet says with a laugh and a nod to Isabetta. "It is even more important since this place has opened." She glances to the competition, keeping up with it.

Amari can't guess, since she's out so at the mention of tarts, she scoops up her empty mug, smiles at Denica and sneaks tart-way. "Incredibly dangerously delicious." She agrees, quietly with Isabetta.

Gianna rises from her seat and walks over to the coffee liqueurs. She picks up the bottle of Daylight Dragon, considers it, and then puts it down to reach for the Twilight Dragon. And she handles the bottles with her left hand. "I'm not a spellsinger," she tells them, lips curving in a wide smirk.

"You can't tease us with something that impressive!" Denica laughs, shaking her head and giving Coraline a helpless shrug. "I suppose that's it then?"

Cora laughs, "Of course that was the lie. Could have food me as good as you are with singing. Ah well, well played!"

Gianna holds up the Twilight Dragon. "I think I'll take this one. It will be a lovely addition to the College's collection. Thank you kindly." She crosses back to her seat, scooping up her gittern. "I'm afraid I must be going. Until next time, ladies!" She is super smug. Being annoyed at her for this would be pretty justified.

Gianna picks up Twilight Dragon, a Westrock coffee infused liqueur.

Lisebet's eyes flare mischief. "Right then," she says. "A clear winner. Well played, Gianna Whisper. And thank you for coming and playing." That mischief is still there. "Princess Denica and Princess Coraline - showdown between you two to determine who gets the other bottle and second place?"

"Shall we both just give our lies at the same time?" Denica wonders, looking to Coraline. "And see what we each guess?"

Cora rolls her eyes at Gianna and shakes her head, "Next time." Cora grins at Denica, "Oh yes, you tell your two truths and a lie and I tell mine then we answer each other. Sounds like a good showdown to me."

Isidora looks at them both. "Or you could just give it to me and not have the fighting."

"Okay, well. I was a mute through most of my childhood. I once won a contest for best mask, with a mask that I painted directly on my face, and my last courtship ended when I decided I was bored and I tried for months to get him to break up with me, but he never got the hint." Denica says, nodding to Coraline with a grin.

Cora looks amused at Isidora then looks at Denica and says, "number one, I sometimes write for fun. number two I gave the killing blow on a giant wolf, number three, I rescued my great aunt Margerie's gilded underpants from a cult trying to resurrect dead family through their items."

Cora ponders these options for a long moment, "Hmmm knowing your painting skills I will say probably number three."

Isabetta decides to pipe in, "All lies, both players are entirely all lying. As a consequence I say we lock them in a room together with nothing but a single cup cake. For like. an hour." She puts her hands on her hips.

Amari murmurs a farewell to Gianna as she passes by and turns back to watch the showdown for second place, nibbling on a tart as she does. "Oh, I hope the third is true and you tell me the story of your aunt Margerie's gilded underpants and the cult that stole them. All the answers are strangely plausible."

"Did Aunt Margerie's underpants get stolen by a cult?" Denica asks then with a blink as she thinks and tilts her head. "You know what, you never write for fun. Do you? I only ever see you write for work..." Denica squints and shakes her head. "Yeah, number one is the lie," she decides. "As for mine? It was the second," Denica laughs. "I did paint a mask on Isa," Denica looks over to Isabetta. "And she did win, but not the mask I painted on my own face," she has a smug sort of grin that even guessing wrong is unlikely to remove.

Lisebet listens to the options and she laughs. "I am glad I am the judge and not playing. I would find this very difficult to choose. And I am sure I'd have guessed wrong every time."

Cora laughs, "No actually the answer is I cheated all of them are true." Cora grins, "You win."

"Deni, I don't think they could tell the difference between us, they just said that face painted one and you wanted me to feel good so you let me take the prize," Isabetta remarks to Denica. "Anyway it was all some wild plan to experiment with painting clothes on people. The problem was whenever the princess tried it never stayed on."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isabetta before departing.

"You never met the man I tried to get out of a relationship with. He is irredeemably boring." Denica points out to Coraline and giggles. "Well you certainly got me," before she smirks to Isabetta. "They specifically said it was the color that you were wearing that they liked," she shrugs. "And the paints were fine, as long as we stayed out of the water."

Isabetta walks over to Denica and says, "I think you are mis-remembering." And leans over, apparently to remind her something? It's too quiet to hear anyway.

"And so our second place winner, princess Denica!" Lisebet puts in. "And really, all three are true? That means there must be quite some stories you have to tell. Actually all of you. I hope to hear some of them some day."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isabetta before departing.

Denica picks up Daylight Dragon, a Westrock coffee infused liqueur.

Isidora gives a rare smile at Lisebet. "You are a very gracious host. I'm sure people tell you stories all the time."

Picking up her now long cold coffee with rum, Cora sips and smirks, "Yes the gilded underpants were stolen, we got everything back and stopped them. I do write for fun sometimes." Cora blushes as she sips again trying to hide it, "And strangely nobody questioned killing the wolf." Cora chuckles, "Well I suppose I have a couple of stories tucked away somewhere." She grins, "The fun part is making the stories though." She looks to Denica and Isabetta, "I think I would like to see this painting of the body thing. And who was this guy?"

Isabetta lifts her hand in departure. "I should probably go," She then turns to Lisabet. "I am certain Denica would paint clothes on you if you but asked." She looks at Coraline and smirks, "I am certain Denica would let you watch, she'd make a party of it."

Lisebet blushes a bit, and then she says, "That would probably get my brother to threaten to lock me in my room for half a century again," she murmurs. "So totally worth it." Now her attention goes to Denica with a smile. "If you are amenable, that is, sometime. There is a masquerade ball coming up, as I recall."

Whatever Isabetta whispers to her, draws a bit of color to her cheeks. "Oh yes, well of course you're right," Denica says finally. "I am not going to..." Well Isabetta is already off, and Denica is left scratching her head and glancing at Lisebet. "I mean, if you were interested..." she looks over at Coraline. "You just need to make sure you... um... shave?" Denica blushes again and nods to Lisebet. "Well clothes or mask? The mask is easy enough at least!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Denica before departing.

Isidora looks confused, "Shave?"

Isidora turns a bright shade of red and covers her face with her hands. "Oh ... shave .......the canvas."

Cora laughs, "Oh well if you are looking for fun trouble to get into Lisebet we can definitely find ways to get you into some of that sort of trouble." Cora grins at Denica although she too is blushing madly, "We will see." She says primly.

Amari offers a small round of applause for everyone remaining, who saw the game to the very end, "Nicely done. When I see you both next I'm going to have so many questions about these things." But, there's a glance after Isabetta and she makes to follow. "So many questions. Good night!" A curtsie is suggested with a bend of her knee and dip of her head, "Thank you for hosting, Lady Lisebet." She lifts the tart she's been nibbling on, adding, "These are very good." No comment on shaving the canvas. She didn't hear any of that.

Amari has left the Small Grouping of Chairs.

Lisebet thinks - "a mask certainly, but I don't think I am brave enough to wear nothing but paint," she admits. "Is it possible to do accents with the paint to go along with a dress?" She suspects it is of course, though the dress might end up well painted.

Lisebet thinks - "a mask certainly, but I don't think I am brave enough to wear nothing but paint," she admits. "Is it possible to do accents with the paint to go along with a dress?" She suspects it is of course, though the dress might end up well painted. She smiles at Cora, shaking her head. "Fun trouble is it? That sounds like something I would like to try. We'll have to talk about this, I think. And then I can get fun and entertaining Princess Coraline introductins and we can all have fun together. Thank you all for coming!"

Denica nods to Lisabet. "Oh certainly, bring the dress to me and I will make sure the paints go with it," Denica promises, drawing a breath and smiling a bit. "Of course I'm always down to get into any kind of fun trouble," she grins at Coraline. "With any of you, this has been a wonderful evening, and it was lovely meeting you, Lady Lisebet."

Lisebet is overheard praising Amari.

Lisebet is overheard praising Denica.

Lisebet is overheard praising Coraline.

Lisebet is overheard praising Ariella.

Lisebet is overheard praising Gianna.

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