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Telmar Winter Gauntlet

House Telmar will host a special Winter Edition of The Gauntlet. This is as always a test of skill, but this is also a gathering for fun and enjoyment. There will be host drinks and refreshments for after the gauntlet as well. We're also offering prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the placement.


July 8, 2018, 5 p.m.

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Norwood Jordan(RIP) Seth Jasper Isabeau Merek Berenice



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

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Comments and Log

The Telmar Winter Gauntlet is being held at the only feasible place, The Gauntlet! There stands have been decorated with snowflakes and red ribbons to bring a more festive feel to the grounds. There's a crowd gathered already, people settling in to watch those who are going to be running the obstacle course. Of course there's prizes on the line for this Winter run and that might be why some are here. There are warm drinks and snacks for those that are guests today.

Lady Tesha Telmar is seated with her guard Cora, which is a pretty rare sight. Cora's wearing a bright smile and speaking amiably to the woman dressed in crimson as she writes out names of people. She has a mug of something warm to drink and her hood pulled up but it's hard to hide her smile at the turn out.

Merek has decided to wear his leathers for the Gauntlet, which are blended with umbra. He walks to the place which entrants are gathered about at, and stretches a bit. It looks like he will be participating.

Berenice looks like she most definitely will /not/ be participating, but she seems delighted to be here. Her silken gown is fortunately accessorized with a luxurious fur wrap about her shoulders, and her dark hair spreads in loose waves down the wrap that is snugged warm up to her neck. Her gaze drifts cheerily about Gauntlet before she makes her way to some of the spectator seating to find a place, lowering in a rustle of silk and gathering her dark hair a bit to draw it in front of her shoulder.

Berenice has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Telmar's Tower is but a short distance from the Steelhart mansion, but despite this Jasper is still early -- perhaps in support of his cousin Seth as much as the gauntlet's organizer, giving Tesha a deep bow if he should happen to catch her glance. Even on a day like this, there's little evidence of cheer in the somber Lord's expression, rolling his shoulders while he waits, nodding to the other participants.

Jasper has joined the The Gauntlet Obstacle Course.

Norwood is absolutely participating in the gauntlet, and is more or less keeping to himself off to one side as he ponders the gauntlet he's only run for run before now. (Strong silent type here.)

Norwood has joined the The Gauntlet Obstacle Course.

Not a competitor of the event himself, Seth is dressed quite comfortably and warm as he watches those who wish to compete from his distance. He, of course, has a warm something or other to drink to tide him over and both of his hounds sit attentive and upright with one at each side of him. He looks in Tesha's direction, giving her a subtle bow from where he stands, though he does not wish to distract her from the event going on. Instead, he takes another warming drink from his mug. Narrowed grey eyes look over each and every participant, gauging their strengths and so forth. He does come to a stop once he spots his cousin, Jasper. No smile is exchanged between the pair, but perhaps, just a mere look of acknowledgement.

Tesha gives a smile to, Merek and a dip of here head, "Hello my Lord." she greets him. Then to the others that join her near the obstacle course and she gives a bit of a brighter smile when she sees the Steelharts. "Good day, everyone." she greets them. "Welcome to the Gauntlet for those that haven't ran it before." she adds. There's a grin to Norwood, "Sir Norwood." she gives a dip of her head to him. "Please remember to enjoy yourselves during your run. Lord Seth Steelhart and I will tally scores and announce the winners after the runs." she tells them. With that, she steps back and allows people to start their runs.

Other Notable runners this afternoon will be: Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Dame Felicia Harrow, Princess Marian Redrain, Jonathan Fieldstone, Dame Alexis Wyrmguard, Sir Thorley Sandreef and Lord Arik Halfshav.

Here to compete, Jordan for once isn't clad in his armor, which he leaves in the care of a Telmar guard with a nod in thanks. He adjusts his swordbelt as he stretches his limbs, heading over into the competition area, jumping around a bit to warm himself up for the contest.

Merek nods a bit and offers a bow towards Tesha, the Knight curious about the greeting, but not saying anything about it for the moment, then he turns to the course as he waits. Once called, he moves forward to start his, although he doesn't do too well on it. All the same, he does manage a couple of the obstacles fairly well.

Norwood is called away from his own contemplation by Tesha's greeting, a smile building on the Knight's lips as he bows to the woman. "I will do my best to enjoy it." He isn't about to go first, choosing to watch some of the other competitors first while tapping Queensguard's hilt thoughtfully. When it DOES get to the older knight's run it's clear from the very start that it's one of his best. The knight fairly flies over the different obstacles, absolutely crushing a few. Even the last run up the rope where most father is taken with rather surprising ease though after the older knight is just going to go to one side and lean against a wall breathing hard and gasping for breath.

Jasper gives a nod of acknowledgement -- and respect -- towards Norwood, but doesn't interrupt the knight's preparations. Strong silent types gotta silent. That same, acknowledging nod is given his cousin, in the stands. There might also be a not-so-subtle eyeing of Jeffeth, before he steps up and, with a breath, takes his turn. He's off, a strong start, vaulting the single bar with an apparent ease, and the hurdle with the same. From there though, he struggles: the wall proving difficult enough that it must sap his strength, falling behind and struggling over the high hurdles. He brings it home with a strong finish on the rope though as, covered in the slush of melted snow, he slumps to a stop at the end, visibly disappointed with his own showing.

Jerome, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Isabeau has joined the East Spectator Seating.

Whatever Jasper's performance, even when he looks so clearly disappointed, Berenice -- with no indication that she knows the man at all -- is clapping enthusiastically to him. "Good show, my lord!" she calls out to him encouragingly.

Tesha gives a wave to those in the stands observing and a bright smile. Then the Telmar woman is jotting down a few notes and speaking quietly to Seth as she looks over those that are participating. She compares a score with the man and she gives a soft smile to the man.

One of the runners up is none other than Champion Sir Jeffeth Bayweather and his run is spectacular! The large man making the obstacle look easily overtaken. At the end of his run there is a murmur that runs through the stands, much like after Norwood's run.

Princess Isabeau Valardin is an obvious late arrival to the winter running of the Telmar Tower gauntlet, but as it's obvious she's not a competitor, that should make little difference. She wears the hood of her warm cloak down and seeks out a seat in the stands to watch the competitors run the course. This is one of her favorite past-times.

Seth quietly confers with Tesha, a hint of a smile crossing his lips when he says something to her. Then that dour Steelhart expression returns when his gaze lifts to view the competitors once again. Hearing the applause from the stands, he turns his gaze in that direction for a fleeting moment, before returning to these calculations.

Jordan does really well. Really, really well. It's a demonstration of athletic prowess that he presents at the low hurdles, getting past them almost as if he's flying. He acquits himself well at The Wall, and he aces the Double Bars. At the V-Logs, he makes pace, easily, but the high hurdles give him some trouble, and he loses some of that incredible momentum gained at the onset, and then there's the dreaded Rope. He climbs it, resolutely, but it's definitely at a slower pace than the rest of the course.

At the end of the course, Jasper appears to be talking in low tones with Sir Norwood, while he watches some of the other participants with an even look. The encouraging call from the stands appears to surprise him -- as does it's source -- his gaze seeking out the unfamiliar woman, a bow executed in Berenice's direction to express silent gratitude for her support, all the same.

Merek, once complete with his part, moves to the side and settles to relax.

The other runners take their turns and there's a few slips and one falls off. Lord Arik Halfshav is not his best today, neither is Jonathan Fieldstone to name a few. Sir Thorley does amazingly well, as does Dame Alexis Wyrmguard and Dame Felicia Harrow on their runs. The line for the running goes by quickly some would say or Tesha is just really good with keeping things moving.

"If everyone will sit tight for just a few moments Lord Seth and myself are going to calculate scores and then we'll be announcing the winners and letting them pick their prizes." Tesha announces to everyone. Then she leans in and speaks with Seth as she points out something to the man.

Berenice's smile widens when she inspires such surprise in Jasper, and she just wiggles her fingers at him in a little wave when he looks over to bow. She has applause for all the competitors, really, but it's the most encouraging for those that have the most obvious slips in their efforts.

Tesha drops golden rose of the champion steel blade.

Tesha drops Winter's Gift, an enameled pale steel sword.

Tesha drops regal vines around a faded amethyst rose small blade.

Jordan stops to catch a breath, espying those in the audience. He offers a bow towards the assorted nobility and royalty who happen to be spectating, but otherwise makes his way over to wherever there's a ladle of water waiting for him. He certainly looks red on the face, and given the amount of sweat that one perspirates in this event, it's not surprising that he's desperate for water.

Tesha stops her quiet talks with Seth and there's another smile to the man before she rises, "Lord Seth Steelhart is going to be announcing our Second and Third place winners." she tells the crowd as she gives a look to Seth.

"Good showing," Jasper offers towards Jordan, as the man completes his run, as well. He falls silent, straightening, attention shifting respectfully towards Lady Tesha as she speaks, then towards his cousin. There's no expectation in his posture of anticipation -- clearly he doesn't expect to place on his own performance.

"Failure is quite a motivator." Norwood says simply to Jasper. He's slowly starting to regain his lost breath and he reaches up to rub a shoulder that's taken way too many hits to be at all comfortable with that last run. At the mention of announcing the winners Norwood turns his attention towards the other Steelheart in attendance.

"Thank you, my Lord." Jordan nods to Jasper, still catching his breath. He listens as Tesha seems about to announce the runners-up, looking attentively to the Telmar.

"Everyone has had an impressive performance, especially in this weather." Seth speaks aloud to the gathered. "So I applaud everyone's efforts and I'm sure that we will be seeing all of you come Spring." His throat is quietly cleared, when he continues, "In Third Place is Sir Jeffeth Bayweather." Here the young Steelhart lord claps as it's a name that he does know, having met the man briefly before. "Coming in Second Place. Sir Jordan Ober." His steel grey eyes looking from first Jeffeth, then seeking out Jordan in the mix. "Congratulations to you both."

Isabeau quietly conspires with Berenice in the stands, looking over each competitor as they're pointed out... and possibly discussed. Norwood and Jeffeth are given particularly warm smiles in the process. Oooh.

Jasper gives a mute, if agreeable nod to Norwood, clearly in sync with the older knight's view. There's familiarity in Steelhart man's expression at Jeffeth's name being announced, and truthfully the stern-looking Lord doesn't seem at all surprised. He's not familiar with the second name, though, and it's not until Seth's glance towards Jordan identifies him that he gives the man an approving nod. "Well deserved," he murmurs.

Tesha gives a warm smile to Seth as he announces Second and Third place and then there's a grin, "All of the runners did amazing today and braved the cold to come show their prowess, so they should all be congratulated." she comments as she gives a round of applause to them all. Then she gives a look around, "And our first place winner, with an astounding score put on the board today, is Sir Norwood Clement!" she smiles brightly as she looks to the older Knight. He did do a fantastic run! "Sir Norwood, if you would please come and select your weapon and Sir Jordan if you would after him." she asks the other Knight.

Merek is overheard praising Norwood.

Seth is overheard praising Norwood.

Seth is overheard praising Tesha.

Seth is overheard praising Jordan.

Seth is overheard praising Jeffeth.

"Thank you," Jordan murmurs back to Jasper, nodding to the Steelhart with a friendly smile. There's a respectful bow of his head towards Norwood as he's announced as the Gauntlet's victor, and the Ashford-sworn knight waits until the Sword of Artshall has taken his pick before rising to do so, himself.

Jordan is overheard praising Tesha.

Jasper does not look in the least surprised at the announcement of Norwood's win, clapping loudly. "Well done, Sir Norwood!" He's curious about the knight's choice of prize, watching carefully.

Jasper is overheard praising Norwood.

Jasper is overheard praising Tesha.

Berenice is overheard praising Norwood: What a showing!

Berenice is overheard praising Jordan.

Berenice is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Berenice is overheard praising Jasper.

Merek is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Merek is overheard praising Jordan.

Norwood brings his hands up to clap for both of the knights, Sir Jeffeth louder because, well, Jeffeth is the BOMB. Seriously, the BOMB. When Tesha is calling out his name there is a blink from the older knight."If you will pardon me?" That to Jasher before Norwood makes his way towards the woman and bows to Tesha. "My lady, thank you," and he'll choose his his weapon, taking up Winter's Gift in his hand to test it out before nodding. "The workmanship is superb."

Berenice is overheard praising Merek.

Berenice is overheard praising Tesha.

Berenice is overheard praising Seth.

Norwood picks up Winter's Gift, an enameled pale steel sword.

Isabeau is overheard praising Norwood: An excellent running of the Telmar gauntlet! Superb!

Isabeau is overheard praising Jordan.

Isabeau is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Isabeau is overheard praising Jasper.

Isabeau is overheard praising Tesha.

Isabeau is overheard praising Seth.

Tesha gives a smile to Norwood as he approaches and there's a nod to him, "It's my pleasure. Winter's Gift was actually donated by one of the Keaton's as a prize. So I am glad that it is going home with someone that will cherish it." she tells him. "And it is lovely. I hope it serves you well." she admits. Then to Jordan, "Sir Jordan, we have two blades from Dame Ida for you to choose from. The golden rose and regal vines." she smiles to him.

Seth echos everyone with his own applause when Norwood is mentioned as the winner. Of course, it came as no surprise to him, and perhaps everyone who was watching the event. The hounds at his side, their ears perk up at all the raucous, though they do not move from the Steelhart's side. He seeks out his cousin, Jasper, in the crowd now, quietly observing the man from where he stands beside Tesha, though he is eventually distracted when all of the winners step up for their prize, so the clapping continues.

Isabeau claps her gloved hands for all of the valiant knights and soldiers and such who tested their mettle against a mid-winter gauntlet. "Sir Norwood always makes a fine showing," she informs Berenice rather warmly. "And Sir Jeffeth is such an athlete. I'm not sure we've seen the like of him in Arx for quite some time..."

"Mm," Jordan contemplates the two blades, considering them before bowing towards Tesha and Seth. He approaches the selection and picks up the golden rose blade. "My thanks, my Lady, my Lord."

Jordan picks up golden rose of the champion steel blade.

Tesha picks up regal vines around a faded amethyst rose small blade.

Norwood turns to bow in Isabeau's direction when he hears his name coming from said direction and then takes himself right out of the limelight again, more than ready to let louder personalities take the stage.

Merek moves from the place with a bow to those hosting. He then makes his way along.

Merek is overheard praising Tesha.

Merek is overheard praising Seth.

Tesha gives a smile to those that are around, "Another round of applause for our winners and contestants." she claps for all of them again. Then there's a look to Seth and she leans over to say something to the younger lord.

"Well, I got two out of three of them," Berenice says with a laugh to Isabeau when all three of the placing winners are announced, and she claps enthusiastically for all of them. "Although I've never met any of them, but that's hardly a surprise, given that I've only recently arrived to the city. Still, wonderful to watch." Her smile slips /just/ a touch mischievous.

Norwood has left the The Gauntlet Obstacle Course.

Tesha is overheard praising Norwood: For being an excellent runner!

Tesha is overheard praising Jasper: For giving the Gauntlet a try.

Tesha is overheard praising Jordan: For participating in the Gauntlet!

Tesha is overheard praising Merek: For participating in the Gauntlet!

Tesha is overheard praising Seth: For being a wonderful co-host on the spot.

Once the selection of prizes is done, Jasper rolls his shoulders, straightening. The somber-looking Lord glances up towards Seth as if meeting his cousin's gaze, though whatever's conveyed isn't clear. After a moment, he moves for the courtyard and the house beyond, to change out of the wet, muddy things into something more properly befitting a Lord -- for the most part, warmer, as well as finer clothes.

Tesha gives an impish look to Seth and there's a squeeze to his arm as the woman moves towards the obstacle course. "My lords and ladies. Your Highnesses. Thank you all for coming and watching the Winter Gauntlet. We will be holding a special Spring edition of the Gauntlet as well." she announces with a wave to them.

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Tesha is overheard praising Isabeau: For supporting the Gauntlet!

Now that the event is dying down, Seth continues his conversation with Tesha, but something said makes his posture stiffen, every muscle in his lean frame tightening. And yet he nods in agreement. He doesn't look overly enthused, his expression somewhat blank if bordering on a mixture of apprehension and nervousness. His hounds pick up on some of this, the wolf-sized mastiff position itself closer to him while the young pup just pushes up against his master's leg in a more playful manner.

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