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Grand Theft Arx

It's just a normal, normal day... Oh wait, is someone trying to steal something from Joscelin's shop? Hopefully the Iron Guard patrol in the Ward will catch the thief before they make off with some of that fancy jewelry.

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June 12, 2018, 9 p.m.

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Calaudrin Austen Kaldur Harper Calevaro Kenna Magpie Joscelin



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Atelier

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Mongoose arrives, following Joscelin.

Dot, the war-wiener arrives, following Harper.

Zavi arrives, following Magpie.

3 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Calaudrin.

Late Autumn. It's cold out and the sun is setting, the gold light filtering through the windows. The braziers are lit, the steady stream of customers enjoying the warm shop to do their business with Joscelin and her assistants. The scent of tea and freshly baked scones fills the shop throughout the day, lingers in the air as people continue to come and go, but as the evening begins to close in, the numbers dwindle.

Joscelin herself is at her counter, going through her ledger and tallying up the business of the day, doubtful that she'll have too many more customers this evening. She's dressed in seasilks and a leather work apron, buckskin boots with silver buttons, curls radiating outward to bounce as she moves.

Mongoose, the fearsome deerhound, is doing her best impression of a rug on the floor, belly up to a smoldering brazer.

3 Iron Guardsmen leaves, following Calaudrin.

There's a smuggler that slips into the Atelier, a scruffy-looking fellow with a roguish way about him. It's Magpie Grayhope, a face that Joscelin knows, and there's a grin pulling at his lips. "Heeeey... closing up soon? I'm starving. Got any snacks?" Because end of the day snacks for free are the best sort. He'll just step over the dog on his way to the counter.

Ainsley GM Roll checked str(4) + brawl(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

There's a scrawny looking young woman eyeing some of the pieces on display. Any time Joscelin or one of the assistants comes over she slinks off to another display case, insisting she doesn't need any help and she's just ... looking. After a moment or two of staring at some pieces she runs a hand over a display case, glancing over her shoulder at Joscelin... before turning and starting for the doors. Her hands stuffed into her pocket. And...?

Just as Magpie is busy bothering Joscelin? The girl's hand comes out of her pocket as she passes by a display case, wrapped in heavy cloth with ... something inside of it over her knukcles?

Glass shatters and jewelry is snapped up and the girl rushes for the doors.

Josie is in the process of pushing scones at Mags when-

CRASH. The kind of sound that makes any shopkeeper's blood runs cold. "What in the-..? Hey! HEY! STOP! THIEF, STOP!" She's coming around the counter to do... what? Look indignant and pissed? Because... WHAT ELSE is she gonna do? Mongoose, tall beast that she is, is not the kind of beast meant to attack or chase. She stands and bristles, the dog does, barking, growling at the girl and the source of the glass, but she doesn't take rushing the girl, more like putting herself between Josie and the scrawny criminal and almost trips her mistress.

"DAMMIT, dog-... HEY!" shouts Josie.

Joscelin shouts from nearby, "THIEF!"

Harper walks down the street next to Kenna, shaking her head no adamantly, "No, I still don't see it. Why would anyone wanna go on a blind date? I mean you really oughta know the person if you're gonna do that!" She mutters about silly notionts, but her head snaps around as she hears someone yell. "Wait, Kenna, shush, did you hear that?" She turns her head to look around and spots Joscelin standing in the doorway of her shop and takes off running toward her.

Magpie reaches for a scone and stuffs it in his mouth so his hands are free to grab two more. As he's chewing with chipmunk cheeks stuffed of pastry, the man turns at Joscelin's yelling with a muffled, "Sfwha fwowin shon?" His blue eyes widen and he draws an arm back and flings a .. well, a scone at the girl. That'll stop her. Surely.

When his patrol finished, Calevaro sent his soldiers back to the Sleepless knights, deciding to take some time for himself.. He made his way towards Joscelin's store, in hopes of taking a look at the wares for sale. As he hears the shout, he quickens his passe. As he scans the scene, it doesn't take long for him to recognize what is happening. He moves forward, atempting to block the girl's escape, a hand reaching for the sword thats sheated on his hip.

"For the excitement of the u....," Kenna's playful demeanor falls away when Harper shushes and the sound of THIEF rings through the air. Just a split second behind Best Partner Kenna makes her way towards the doorway but glances at Calevaro, "HEy! Keep the sword sheathed! There's no need for blood!" She totally smiles as she says that, worst at orders ever.

Ainsley GM Roll checked str(4) + brawl(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Calevaro checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Joscelin checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Kenna checked strength + brawl at difficulty 61, rolling 55 lower.

Calevaro checked strength + brawl at difficulty 61, rolling 34 lower.

Joscelin GM Roll checked str(3) + brawl(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

"Mongoose... dammit-" Joscelin curses, her shop full of people, broken glass, a THIEF...! "MONGOOSE. GET STOP HER," the jeweler snaps at her big, ungainly dog.

Mongoose barks and tries to dark forward and snap at the woman's clothes, to drag her down or get some kind of handle on her but to no avail; broken glass on the floor is not so great for bare, enormous paws.

Kenna is in the middle of attempting to just... get through the doorway. Honest. Any attempting to stop is purely instinctual with her just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Magpie chews methodically, swallowing down his mouthful of pastry enough to talk around it, "I can't believe the *nerve* of that girl!" He blurts out in absolute outrage. "She *must* be new around here. You're part of Grayhope!!" He should probably be doing more than just protesting someone disrespecting the Grayhope domain, but he's not.

Harper runs into the shop as fast as her little legs can carry her, but slows down as she approaches the door to the shop to try to assess the situation. Unfortunately, that puts her just out of reach of the girl.

Magpie checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 61, rolling 28 lower.

Magpie checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Ainsley GM Roll checked dex(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

The girl muscles past Calevaro, shoving him to the side with her shoulders. But pushing and shoving people out of her way. Dropping a stray earring or bracelet as she goes. Meanwhile, Magpie throws a scone and it smacks her right in the back of the head, making her stumble as she gets out the door. She trips a little bit, and ends up on her knees scuttling across the street...

Might be a good time to try and catch her?

"Ooh, Mags! Nice -SHOT-!" Josie gasps, pulling Mongoose back to her, kneeling to tug on the dog's bleeding foot. The deerhound whines and laps at her mistress's face in apology, and Joscelin grumbles something at Magpie.

Harper checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Calevaro recuperates quickly, having been surprised by the girl's strength. He continues to run after her, now he tries to take advantage of her downed position to subdue her.

Calevaro checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Kenna checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Kenna is one of those that gets pushed aside, bouncing hard into the doorway. If it wasn't for the fact that Kenna's ACTUALLY wearing her helmet she would probably be doing a LOT worse. She pushes off at the wall calling out to Harper, "Can you get her!?" Because Kenna's going to assume a fail on her part. (Simpler that way.)

Ainsley GM Roll checked dex(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 32, rolling 8 lower.

Ainsley GM Roll checked dex(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 16, rolling 12 higher.

Ainsley GM Roll checked dex(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

"Get off of me!" The girl shouts, attempting to dodge out of the way. She manages to slip away from Kenna and Harper when they make grabs for her. But ends up getting nabbed by Calevaro. She rounds about, lifting a fist to punch at his face. He'll have a choice: Keep a hold of her? Or get hit...

Well, a choice of keep a hold of her and get hit? Or let go and dodge..

Magpie sets the other pastry he's still holding aside, "I don't know, Jos." And then the man starts to stalk towards the doorway, but people are aiming to dogpile the thief. "Don't let her go! I need to question her!" The man calls, "Bring her back in!"

"Oh no.. You aren't going anywhere.." Calevaro says, choozing to get hit by the girl. He takes advantage of his armor, using its weight to hold her down. If he has room enough, he would try and reach for his sword but only if that would not risk the girl getting away.

Harper spying the girl coming out of the store she angles toward her. She attempts to snag her but gets a handful of clothing that slips away instead. Muttering she gives chase, slowing slightly as Calevaro latches onto her and watching for an opening to try to help.

Ainsley GM Roll checked str(4) + brawl(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

"Seriously! No swords!" Kenna says that again when the guy starts reaching for his. "We don't need blood, just... hold her!" Kenna steps forward to see if there's a way to get in the way of him drawing his sword.

Josie stays behind and helps her dog, staring at the pile of broken glass, wondering exactly what it was the girl took, glancing at her open door letting all that warm air out. She calls for one of her assistants to take hold of Mongoose and keep her there, walking to the door, side-stepping glass as she grabs her coat to wrap it around her. She looks really indignant, shooting a look to Mags as he insists on questioning the thief. That mollifies her somewhat but still.

Calevaro checked strength + brawl at difficulty 39, rolling 15 lower.

Harper checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

"Get off me you jerk!" cries the thief, shoving hard at Calevaro. She punches him with one hand and jerks to the side with all her wait. Breaking his hold, attempting to then dart away before she's grabbed again. The keyword is _attempting_.

Ainsley GM Roll checked dex(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 22, rolling 11 higher.

Magpie checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Ainsley GM Roll checked dex(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Calevaro doesn't flinch as he is punched. "For the record.. I wasn't trying to hurt her!" He exclaims to Kena, before he chases after the girl again, atempting to subdue her once more

Magpie makes it outside and watches as the guards wrestle to hold the slippery thief. The man will close the distance, "I want to question her." He says again, firmly, then without any warning or hint at his intentions, he balls his hand into a fist to drive at her gut. "Who the fuck robs a Grayhope place of business?" The man demands.

Harper snorts at Calevaro as she watches for an opening to try to help pin the girl down, "Listen to her. Don't draw your damned sword." She moves and tries to snag the girl as she slides away from Calevero, but once again catches another handful of clothing instead. She eyes Magpie, as he punches her in the gut with a faint grin, "Well that worked at least."

Harper checked strength + brawl at difficulty 2, rolling 10 higher.

"Then don't. draw. your. sword!" Kenna says while throwing her hands up in her air. Instead of trying to get the person Kenna's just going to go put herself in the most likely path of retreat for the girl. Better than doing something that's never worked for Kenna.

Calevaro checked strength + brawl at difficulty 2, rolling 30 higher.

"Get off me you jerk, I did nothing wroUGH!" She gives a sudden hurking sound when Magpie appears from nowhere and has punched in her the gu. She doubles over a moment, and then people are all grabbing at her and she's too stunned to anything. Jewelry and jems fall out of her pockets...

Kenna has rolled a critical success!
Kenna checked luck + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

"Oy! Don't leave that stuff just lying there...!" Joscelin squeaks, indignant. She grabs one of her apprentices and stuffs a coat on the young man, then hands him a felt pouch. "Pick up what's scattered, I'll have someone else inventory it." The boy darts forward, daring, ready to pick up the fallen bits of precious.

Harper dives for the girl's ankles this time while she's stunned from the punch, gripping them to try to keep her from standing up or moving, "Get her arms! Hold her down!" She calls over to Calevaro. She calls over toward the shop, "You got any rope or cord in there?! We'll tie her up!"

Oops, the girl is falling. Kenna hesitates for a moment and then leaving the fighting stuff and then goes to join Joscelin's boy in gathering up all the sparklie pretty things. Even the one that rolls juuussstt out of sight.

"Nothing wrong, right.." Calevaro says as the girl drops the jewels. Leaving what he believes will be an interrogation, Calevaro would move to try and help Joscelin's apprentice with the jewels.

Ainsley GM Roll checked str(4) + brawl(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 49 higher.

Magpie waits there, hand still balled in that fist as he watches the restrained girl gasp for breath. "So. Think long and hard before you say *anything*. The next thing out of your mouth better be a fucking *apology* to Joscelin here, and the Grayhope family." The man says in a dark voice, blue eyes watching the thief intently. Hopefully he sounds as intimidating as he's trying to be after chucking a pastry at her. "If you don't, I will kick your knee so hard you'll never walk again."

Harper checked strength + brawl at difficulty 64, rolling 52 lower.

Magpie checked strength + brawl at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Ainsley GM Roll checked dex(3) + dodge(2) at difficulty 37, rolling 7 lower.

"WHY KEYS." Kenna calls out as she finds something absolutely not at all related to this scene and stands holding a key in her hand. Just excuse her a moment as she sobs.

Harper goes for the ankles? ...well She's going to get *kicked* right in the face. Like the girl is part mule. But then Magpie is there and he's suddenly kicking her (karma is swift!) right in the knee cap, and there's a sickening crunch and the girl is screaming, "Oh my god, you fucker!" As she drops to the ground...

She's not going to be running away easily now

"That wasn't an apology..." Magpie comments in the wake of her screaming, not looking broken up at all about what he just did. The Lowers breeds a certain kind of people, after all.

Harper falls back on her arse gasping for breath as she ends up kicked right under the chin, apparently the only one that even attempted to hold the girl down as they all got sidetracked by glittery and shiny gems. She tries to croak out something that only comes out as a cross between a squeak and a hoarse croak, licking her lips to leave a bloody streak across them.

"Harper!" Kenna forgets about that key for now and dashes forward to Harper's side. The other two get to deal with Ms. Fighty-Feet as Kenna checks on her partner, "Tell me you're okay, please?"

Calevaro winces as he sees the girl's kneecap being kicked. "And you people said me using a sword would hurt.." He murmurs, chuckling to himself as he continues to help with the jems.

The girl wraps both of her hands around her knee, and howls out. "You fucker!" She rocks back and forth, and then rolls over and attempts to crawl upward.

Joscelin finally approaches, moved by Kenna's mention of keys. "What keys?" she says, frowning. She looks to Kenna and fishes in her leather apron for a damp, clean cloth for Harper's chin for when the scuffle stops. "Mags, ask her about keys." What keys?

"Get the girl!" Harper tries to yell, but it comes out somewhat garbled considering she bit her tongue. Ignoring the blood running down her chin she she moves to stand up, grunting a bit in iritation. She immediately dashes back to the girl to try again, only this time she goes for the girl's arms in hopes of pinning them behind her.

Magpie kneels down, aiming to press his own good knee down on her now very broken one. That should keep her from going too far. He draws a knife from his boot, a slender dagger. "What are the keys for?" The man asks, lightly tapping the flat of the blade against the girl's stomach..side.. whatever vulnerable place is available.

Magpie wields Pecker, a stylized gambler's dagger.

"WHAT FUCKING KEYS YOU GODSDAMNED PSYCHO!" It's more of a statement then a question, and it's followed by the girl punching out at Magpie's wrist because FUCK letting him poke her with a dagger.

Ainsley GM Roll checked str(4) + brawl(5) at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Magpie has rolled a critical success!
Magpie checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 41, rolling 11 higher.

"Wonderful question." Kenna backs off when Harper launches herself at the man, muttering something that sounds vaguely like a series of curses about partners who won't stay sat when hurt. "I never know what the stupid keys I find go to. And just key. Look," She comes closer and is just going to try being nice. "Sweetie, come on, you're hurt and you don't want to make this worse //please//. The Jail is a really bad place."

Josie is stuck between offering Harper the rag for her bleeding face, but then Harper jumps back into the fray to pin the girl further. And then that kick and Joscelin Arterius wisely keeps her distance, at least until the scuffling stops.

Harper tries her best to talk, but it still comes out garbled, "Dagdie, dop! No dades!" Growling in frustration she looks over at Kenna with a, "Help?!" expression, looking from Kenna to Magpie and back again with her eyes held wide.

Kenna checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

As the little *terror* of a thief punches at him, hard, Magpie puts all his weight down on her broken knee that he's kneeling on because she's still entirely too squirrelly. As Harper grabs her and protests the blade, the man frowns. "Why not? I'm not going to kill her." Still, he'll slip it back into his boot, keeping it OUT of the thief's reach. (The man has a habit of losing daggers to his enemies)

The girl now has her arms pinned by Harper, and at least someone is trying to stop him from stabbing her... and then Kenna's being very charming and she at least stops shouting for a moment...

Stage whisper, "Harper, I'm going to try to tie her up," Less stage whisper, "Just don't fight - please, I swear I'll do what I can to help you when we get to the jail." That's to the not-nice woman as she goes to try to start tying her hands up.

Harper makes sure her grip on the girl's arms stays good and tight, determined to not let her get away. She quirks a half-grin at Magpie that is macabre, considering the blood on her chin and teeth, as she bobs her head in thanks to him putting his dagger away. She waits for Kenna to come back with the rope. "Dou dalk do her?" She asks Magpie, her jaw getting stiffer by the moment as a bruise starts purpling on the bottom of her chin.

Kenna checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 73 higher.

Joscelin mumbles at Kenna about the key she found, coming closer, taking a second to wipe at Harper's face to clear up some of the blood, wincing in apology. Then she looks at the thief, peering at her, eyes narrowed as she tries to place her. "Kenna says there was a key with the jewels you stole. Why were you trying to steal it? Or ... any of it for that matter?" Her voice is quiet but clear enough the others can here, her shoulders stiff, trying to use her years as Guildmaster to insist on answers without threatening the girl.

Magpie speaks Broken Face, luckily, and gives Harper a nod before looking down at the woman that's being tied up. "Why did you try to rob this shop? Who do you work for? Please try and answer... There's obviously a lack of communication going on around the city." He says sweetly, putting his own charm on despite how he just mangled her knee.

Magpie checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

"Wait, no, I din't find it //with// the gems." Kenna's tying the woman's arms up, "It was just there. I //put// it with the gems." A headnod towards where Kenna had dropped all the sparklies, and one nice happy rusty o'l key.

The girl becomes nice and cooperative after Kenna talks to her a little bit ... unfortunately for the questioning attempts: She's also in a great deal of pain from her broken knee cap ... and she passes out. But at least her unconcious form will be easily taken to the Iron Jail while Kenna and Harper decide what to do with her.

Magpie just sighs. "Well. Damn." The man mutters, but backs off the girl and stands up. "At least she won't be robbing you again, Joscelin." The man says, then leans down to quickly skim through the thief's pockets for any other gems or such tucked away.

Joscelin is overheard praising Harper.

Joscelin is overheard praising Kenna.

Joscelin is overheard praising Magpie.

Harper gives Josie a smile and nod of thanks as she wipes her chin, "Dank do." She helps Kenna get her tied up, easing away from her arms after she's certain the girl's really passed out and not just faking it. "Do okay Dagdie? Dosie?" She looks between them to make sure they will be okay before they haul the girl off to the jail.

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