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House Telmar Dinner

House Telmar invites family and vassals to Telmar Tower and the Great Hall for an evening of good food, friends and hopefully good memories of said evening.


May 22, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Ansel Barik Marius Simone Etienne Desiree Aviana Cullen Isabeau Percephon



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

The night has come for the Telmar Family and Vassals dinner. Which means that the Great Hall of Telmar Tower has been busy seeing set up for the nights dinner. The decorations are the crimson of the household itself this evening. Lourche has been running around, fussing ouver last minute changes to plates and chairs. Making sure that everything is at least up to his standards. Though the doors to the War Room open at the end of the room a bit before dinner is supposed to start and Tesha steps out dressed in a very regal looking gown of crimson. Her hair freshly braided back and a very bright smile on her face, "Good evening everyone and welcome." she greets those that have already arrived.

Barik is a tiny voice in the back of the hall, with an even tinier arm held proudly high before he bellows; "Fear no enemy!" and bangs his empty, iron-framed mug on the stone table before him.

Ansel is here, in crimson armor clad. He stands a few feet off of his cousin, hands resting on the great oaken table at the middle of the Hall. A polite smile is offered in tandem with Tesha's welcome as friendly and familial faces start to wander into the open expanse at the heart of the Tower. Telmarine armsmen with ramrod posture welcome the guests with stiff Oathlander bows offered at the doors, and crimson-clad attendants help the comers find their way towards the center table.

And the aforementioned family butler, tall and gloomy, sort of floats around the scene, hrrrmmmmm-ing and grumbling on occasion. A dreary fellow, by all counts. But the rest of the Tower is quite welcoming at the moment. Banners of red hang from the ceilings, and fires flicker brightly in the alcoves off the main area of the Hall.

Desiree looks around with a confident smile. She looks to Tesha when greeted. "Good evening."

Walking in with a warm smile on her face, Simone pauses at the entrance. Her hand is tucked neatly in the crook of Marius' arm as he escorts her into the hall. Looking over and seeing Tesha and Ansel her smile brightens even more and she quickly walks towards them, "Hello, Brother! Hello, Cousin! It is so lovely of you to invite us this evening. I can hardly wait to see our family gathered together tonight." She arches a brow slightly at Barik, with a small laugh, "I see some have already begun celebrating."

Former Telmar that married out count, right? Right? If not, all Percephon is making himself is a partycrasher. One with style. That style says: fending off autumn chill as he starts to shed layers like a peeling onion. Scarf, gloves, overcoat. All neatly thrown in the direction of that morose coat-rack over there. No. Wait, that's Lourche. Percephon offers a mild twitch of a smile as he instead drapes his overcoat over the back of his chair at the table, looking up to watch Tesha bustle around with a deep-set sparkle of his dark eyes. He tips his chin upward, "Tesha. Ansel." Bowing his head, "Lady Wyrmguard. Simone. Marius." A look around, "And company." Said as he slides into a seat.

As a coordination of knights, Lords, guards and ladies enters the room, Barik - much like a turtle - huddles inside his thick surcoat and hides back down into the backing of his chair, sliding his rear all the way to the edge of the chair to disguise as much of his torso as he could onto the chair's standing. He appraised Aviana after, nervous.

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Striding into the Hall quietly, Cullen gives a formal bow to all assembled. "Greetings, a pleasure to see you Lady Tesha, Lord Ansel, Lord Percephon...." A wave of his hand at Marius and Simone with a slight grin on his face, "You two..." And then picking up from Percephon, a greeting to Desiree, "...and Lady Wyrmguard." Squinting to the man raising a mug up high and shouting, "...and the fellow who has taken to festivities already. Good on you." Straightening back up, he drifts over to Simon and Marius.

Marius arrives with Simone on his arm, right on time. He pauses at the door as Simone sets off after entering, inclining his head to one and all in turn. "Good evening to you all." He states, to nobody in particular and everybody at once.

"Mrrrrrrnnnnnnmmmmmaster Percephon...." comes the rumbling tone of the legendarily morose Telmar family butler, just as a few articles of autumn clothing are tossed at his towering frame. The gaunt-skinned giant manages to catch none of them.

"Hello sister, Marius," greets Ansel, flashing a glad smile to his elder sibling and favored brother-in law. He maneuvers around in their direction, offering Cullen a polite bow in greeting as he makes his way around. "Lord Cullen, welcome. I'm sorry it's taken so long for us to meet," says one Sword to the other. "It's good to host you here."

Aviana watches as people start to wonder into the hall, she looks to Barik who she is sitting near speaking to him she seems to be looking a bit nervous.

Desiree smiles as she looks to Percephon and Cullen. "Good evening to you both. This looks to be an enjoyable evening." She

Princess Isabeau Valardin presents herself in the great hall of Telmar Tower in the company of her ever-present bodyguard. There are so many familiar faces present, that she barely knows who to greet first. Oh, but look! There's Percephon! "Percy!"

"Is it going to be a enjoyable evening?" Percephon echoes Desiree, phrasing it as a question, looking around cautiously as though he was looking for something - someone - that would be making the evening less than pleasant. Absent. Drawing in a deep breath, he seems apt to voice his relief until he sees a familiar Valardin princess, and grins: "Isabeau. It's good to see you after so much time. Doing well, I hope."

Tesha gives a smile when Barik calls out and there's a dip of her head to the man. Though when they are so far back there's a laugh, "If you would like to join us at the table?" she offers to Aviana and Barik with one of her dazzling smiles. Then there's more people incoming. Her stormy eyes turn to see Desiree and she dips her head to her, "Lady Wyrmguard." she greets her. Then there's Simone, "Simone, it's good to see you." she returns with a smile. Percephon sliding into a seat isn't missed and she gives a grin to her brother, "It is good that you could make it, will Lady Khanne not be with you?" she asks him. Cullen catches her attention and her smile brightens, "Lord Greenmarch, it's a pleasure to see you. I'm guessing you were going to sit by me?" she asks him with a smile. Then, there's a Princess! "Your Highness." she greets Isabeau.

Shaking his head at Ansel, "No need to apologize, Lord Ansel. I know how busy one can get, I had quite the demanding schedule for awhile myself. I'm quite glad that we are able to meet now, however. And I am quite pleased to be here, it is a fine place to meet for the first time." Smiling at Desiree, "Indeed, I believe it shall be so. I'm glad that we've the chance to run into one another. I do not believe I know your given name, however, Lady Wyrmguard. Lord Cullen Greenmarch." Isabeau is another unfamiliar face, but once again it is Percephon to the rescue! "Ah, Princess Isabeau. A pleasure to meet you." Drawing in a breath, he exhales slowly, nodding. Then a joyous grin appears on his face at Lady Tesha's words, "But of course, Lady Tesha. Thank you for the honor, it is much appreciated."

Simone moves over to hook her arm through Ansel's, her eyes sparkling merrily, "You have been far too busy. I have missed you little brother!" As Cullen walks up to them she turns toward him, "Hello, Cullen! I am so happy that you made it!" Though at Tesha's comment she arches a brow at him and gives him a teasing smile, but says nothing. Spying Perce, she gives him a wave, "Hello Perce!" She pauses to glance around the room before commenting aside to Marius, "I confess I have missed this place." Turning to Desiree, "Hello, Lady Wyrmguard. It is nice to see you again."

Off goes that commoner, essentially dressed in tattered rags and a worn coat denoting Blackram colors, to depart from the fire and out to the centerfield of the room. All hints of his clothing and attire hinted humility, and the way he bowed his head; he hunched his shoulders and looked perpetually at the ground denoted a desire not to displease anything with a noble head over noble shoulders. Instead, he'd hover around an unspecific chair of the massive table, meaning to sit only after just about everyone else had.

With a shrug of his rangy shoulders, Percephon thumbs his glasses into place and responds. "My driven lady-wife has business to attend to this evening, Tesha, so I'll need to pass long your regards when I return home to the Hall. I am afraid even my own time is limited this evening because I do need to make sure that Khanne sets aside the massive amount of messengers she is responding to in order to poke her about eating supper. That's /my/ studious character flaw -- not hers." He straightens his shirt cuffs. "I did call it first."

"We are always glad to host House Greenmarch," replies Ansel, directed at Cullen, though a smile is quickly flashed sidelong at his elder sister, to whom he finds himself now attached. The pair shares a quick look, an unspoken sort of agreement about the absence of a certain stormcloud of a Duke.

Shortly thereafter, Ansel dispatches a few Telmarine armsmen, a bundle of torches carried underarm, in the direction of the doors, presumably to set them up outside. The Sword's focus then slides over towards the sound of a familiar voice, and he looks towards the newly arrived Valardin Princess. "Your highness," greets the Redmarcher, offering as much a bow as he can whilst being attached via the arm to his elder sister.

Isabeau might be inclined to greet Percephon a bit more warmly, as her approach with open arms would suggest, but the scholar is spared her tactile affection at the last moment in favor of simply shining her smile for him to a high-gloss finish that he might be blinded by it. "I've missed seeing you, too, my lord," she informs the former Voice of House Valardin. She leans in a little closer and murmurs something nearer the man's ear before just as soon drifting away to terrorize-- er, socialize with some of the other guests. "Lady Tesha," she offers along with a little finger-wave. Shortly thereafter, she spies an Ansel and one might almost be able to sense the orchestral swell that could accompany the dread of her approaching the Sword of the Telmarch and his sister.

Desiree nods to Percephon and looks to Cullen. "I am Lady Desiree. It is nice to meet you." She smiles as she looks to Simone. "It is a pleasure to see you too." She looks to Isabeau. "It is also nice to see you Cousin."

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Barik has joined the A stone alcove with a fireplace and chairs.

Aviana blinks at something Barik says to her and her smile faulters and a hint of a frown comes to her lip, she watches Barik for a long hard moment perhpas a bit of anger showing in her eyes. But she breaths deeply as she gets up moving to join the others her hands clasped in front of her, "Thank you." she says softly her eyes look from person to person.

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Offering a smile to Desiree, Cullen states quietly, "A pleasure to met you, Lady Desiree. You are the sister of Marquessa Dominique, are you not? A congratulations on her upcoming wedding. I imagine it must be keeping you all quite busy, on top of everything else."

Ansel, sans the sudden appearance of an orchestra pit, just sorta stands in place behind his chair at the long oaken table. Perhaps hoping for a quick Oathlander bow-and-run, the Sword is caught looking over in the Valardin's direction as the unseen orchestra's rhythm plays that little high violin of surprise that goes along with the deer-in-the-headlights look on the Sword's face at the moment, especially when he glances sidelong and notices he's selected the last chair on this side of the long oaken table.

Simone turns toward Isabeau with a warm smile in greeting, tilting her head slightly in confusion at the apparent dread that seems to emanate from her, but offers her a polite curtsy. "Hello Princess Isabeau. It is certainly lovely to see you." She gives her brother a equally confused look as she feels his arm tense under her hand and says softly, "Is something amiss?" She deliberately foils any escape attempts by keeping her hand firmly planted on her brother's arm.

"Lord Percephon Halfshav -- a Telmar once upon a dream. To the great satisfaction of the great Duke Arn, Lady Desiree, I have finally made myself useful by marrying out of the family." A couple of fingers lift, "Now to that I can add that I have single-handedly contributed a cog to Halfshav's naval forces by sheer timing and happenstance. Which is, I think, my favorite kind of stance to take." Percephon's dark eyes are bright as his grin widens a touch, looking over at Isabeau. He nods, once, in the positive to her quiet question.

Isabeau nods her head respectfully to Simone and greets the woman with a wide smile before her attention shifts back onto Ansel and she says, "Good evening, Lord Ansel." As if nothing in the world was amiss or awry. Her gaze is direct, but not unfriendly; far from it, in fact. But, oh, is that her beloved protege over there at the alcove? Isabeau ambles right on by Ansel and calls out, "Aviana Bertram, is that you? How are you, darling?"

Tesha gives a look to Percephon and there's an understanding nod, "Please send my regards, but I know she's very busy with her work and things." she tells him. There is a curtsy to Isabeau, "It is a pleasure to see you, your Highness." she tells her. "I hope you have a wonderful evening here at the Tower with us." she adds with a smile. Though she looks across to her cousin Ansel and there's a smile to him, she can't save him. Then there's a chuckle to Cullen as she gives a nod to the seat next to her, "You might start to regret that when I start talking numbers my friend." she tells the Greenmarcher. It's to be noted the table at the end of the table is left empty. Maybe in case a wild Arn appears.

Desiree nods to Cullen. "We are sisters. It does keep us busy, but I'm very happy for my sister." She turns to Percephon. "That's wonderful."

Barik widens his eyes as Aviana's called out, being too dangerously close to her and in fear of being involved in such social conundrums immediately steps to the side; aside, against the corner, giving ample space for Aviana to find way towards Isabeau. His arms curl in front of him, letting his right hand hold the mug up, close enough for his eyes to stare deep into how empty it was.

Ansel, rooted in place thanks to his sister, has just straightened after bowing, and has raised his eyebrows as though to reply to something. He's juuuuust opened his mouth to say something in reply to the Valardin, perhaps a polite welcome in traditional Oathlander style, or perhaps an offer to find the Princess the chair, or maybe a pun about Arn. BUT, the world may never know. Because the Sword is left standing, mouth open, as Isabeau just floats on past. He blinks, then, a moment too late, and sort of shakes his head a bit. A glance sideways to his sister, then Ansel looks -very- intently towards the table before him.

Percephon pauses, gesturing for a moment as he retrieves a slim, silver-etched notepad in order to mark the occassion with a tick mark and a small note. The Scholar-lord then shuts the notebook and slips it away into his pocket once more.

Simone turns a questioning gaze towards her brother, her eyes speaking far more volume than anything else especially after catching Tesha's look that seems to show some understanding. She narrows her eyes very slightly, but holds her questions for now though it is painfully obvious she has questions, and many of them. She turns and watches Isabeau with a slightly thoughtful expression for a long moment, before moving to take her seat, where she would normally sit.

So, where were we? Ah, yes. Dutifully, Ansel just sliiiiides himself into the empty seat at the corner of the table; Simone and Marius on one side, and the large, empty chair at the table's head on the other. The end chair remains, at least for the moment, mercifully unoccupied by any ducal presence. "Don't remember the last time we've had this much of the family together in the Tower," comments Ansel, very naturally, to Tesha's direction. A grateful smile. "Thank you again for bringing everyone back together."

Aviana smiles, "Your highness," she gives the woman a cursty, "I am well and yourself?" she asks looking back at Barik tempted to go stand next to him for his rude comment to her but she does not she looks back to Isabeau, "I do hope the dress fits well, I am wearing another of my creations I plan to put some up in the shop." she says softly.

A look of mock horror fills Cullen's eyes at the mention of numbers being flung at him, but bravely does the Sword of Greenhaven take his seat next to Lady Tesha nonetheless. "If you start speaking of numbers, I promise to nod and pretend I know what you're talking about, and stare at Simone for a translation." Indeed, he does then stare at Simone, followed by Marius, as if hoping one of them would be able to help out in such a dire situation.

Barik seems to be too caught up in not being spotted by the princess that, after haphazardly moving around from chair to chair; from corner to corner, doesn't notice that the chair he had just stumped on - and by instinct, sought to sit on - was no other than such 'ducal' chair at arm's length from Ansel's own. It wasn't until he sat down and looked down across the table that he realized, widened his eyes, and sought wings to fly him out the hall. Instead, he played the fool, and looked over his shoulder, pretending to be waiting for the food instead. "Boy, quite hungry I am," he'd announce in thorough glee, patting the table.

Marius comes over to the table then, having apparently stood around. The Marquis slips into his seat with a smile at his wife and Ansel both. "It is nice when a pleasant time can be had in the tower." He remarks to Ansel, a flicker of a smile towards the Sword. Leaning onto the table, he raises an eyebrow over at Cullen, "I think we're all familiar with you doing that on every subject, really, cousin." He shoots back, that smile cracking wider.

"It fits like a dream," the princess reassures her protege. "I intend to wear it for the upcoming court at the crossroads. I've had jewelry commissioned to match it, in fact." That's quite a vote of confidence from Isabeau, indeed. "Come," she says, offering her hand to the young seamstress. "Let us sit down and have some supper together."

Tesha gives a soft smile to Ansel, "I'm happy to get everyone together. Family and friends of the family should be gotten together a bit more frequently." she admits. "But that's my opinion." she states as she settles down into her chair. Then there's a look up to Cullen, her dark blue eyes a bit amused as he is kidding, "I'm sure you'd be fine." she chuckles. Then there's a slow turn of her head when she notices that someone has sat down in Arn's chair. But her smile is still intact as she looks to Barik, "I should check with Lourche on the food." she tells him. Though she gives a smile when she hears Marius and turns her attention to him, "Marquis Greenmarch." she gives him a bow of her head.

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At first, Barik's arrival in the previously unoccupied head chair goes unnoticed by Ansel. He's doing this weird thing where he looks sidelong to his sister and Marius to continue their conversation, then looks up to the ceiling, then directly down at his drink, back up to the ceiling, then back over to his talking partners.

On the third or fourth such routine, however, Ansel sort of stops mid-way from ceiling to table, alighting upon his new table-mate. A bit of a grin crosses the Telmar's features, and a brief chuckle escapes his lips.

"Indeed, I wonder what's kept Lourche so lo-.." he starts to reply. his words are shortly cut off, however, by the inexplicably swift arrival of the looming figure of the family butler himself, casting a lengthy shadow over the end of the table.

"MmmMmMmdiinnnnerrrrrrrr is serrrrrrved..." intones the hulking brute, placing a very Arn-sized portion of the meal ahead of Barik, as though the substitution of the lanky teenager for the bearded, gruff Troll of the Telmarch was planned all along.

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Following the example of the family butler, crimson-clad attendants begin to filter out of the kitchen doors, bringing with them plates of all sizes and type of food. The serving platters are placed along the great table, and empty plates are shortly thereafter set in front of the diners. Dinner with the Telmars, it seems, is served family-style.

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Barik's whole body is sucked into the chair the moment said cave troll comes upon his side, his sluddering voice and immense palms nightmares made manifest by younger Barik. He even lifted his booted soles off the ground to quickly push them into the chair, fearing they'd be held by their ankles from below and pulled away, into said butler's cave. "Gods," he'd immediately breath out, widening his gaze at Ansel momentarily before looking down at the food. Adrenaline kicked in, and Barik began breathing in heavily, nearing hyperventilation, while focusing once again on the rumbling butler. "This is for me?" he'd have the testes to ask the giant, but such gonads of his quickly slipped back from whence they came once he realized the nature of the very question.

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Percephon, who has been staring at his water glass very-very-very hard and trying not to laugh, starts to serve himself from the various platters that are set before all on the table.

Aviana takes the princess hand a smile on her face, "I am glad it does." she says moving with her she nods her head to those at the table not really knowing anyone and feeling a bit nervous as well as she stands next to the princess.

Even if the gloomy-looking Telmar butler were inclined to answer Barik's question, the young man's words hang in the air unanswered. The black-clad butler has already slunk back off into the shadows of the hall's many alcoves, far quicker and stealthier than should be possible for a figure of his size.

"Please, dig in," invites Ansel, a youthful grin etched on his features as he watches the young man at his side, nodding towards the food set at the table. The Sword reaches to start populating his plate, himself.

After watching her brother calmly with a single, arched eyebrow at his antics to avoid looking at anyone directly, Simone turns toward Cullen with a teasing smile, "I am glad that you told me that Cullen, else I might wonder why you were staring at me and get confused that you wished me to alert you whether you had gravy on your shirt or the like." Catching sight of Barik in the Duke's chair that eyebrow arches back up again, but her eyes sparkle mischievously as she says in warm tones to Barik, "Welcome, good sir. I do hope you enjoy the meal."

Etienne glides into the hall, late, but seemingly unconcerned. Dressed in a flattering but otherwise unostentatious attire he quietly moves to one side out of the flow of comings and goings, at first surveying the room, he approaches the main group, hands clasped behind his back, "Sorry I'm late, I was caught up." a simple excuse, a gentle smile on his tanned face.

There's a bright smile flashed down the line of people towards the hostess by Marius, "Lady Tesha. Always a delight." before he goes back to studying Ansel when the Sword's eyes flit about. There's a curious headtilt, an arch of an eyebrow, a questioning glance. Pretty much all questions, unvoiced. Then there's a meal served, and the Marquis starts filling his plate. "So, did you take a blow to the head in a duel and that's why you're going cross-eyed, Ansel?" Okay, somewhat voiced.

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Tesha dips her head a little, her hand placed gently under her chin as she watches Barik while Lourche serves him and there's a smile, "Please, go right ahead." she tells him in a gentle tone. Then there's a bit of movement and she looks up, her eyes locking onto Etienne and she scoots back her chair in a hurry, "Cousin Etienne!" she offers a radiant smile as she heads down to greet him.

Barik begins feeling and stroking at the expanse of his neck, fingers pulling at some sort of non-existant rope he already imagined coiled around his throat; at that rope that'd snap his neck once he's hung on the gallows outside once Duke Arn inevitably finds out the betrayal beset upon his chair. There was a strong contrast between him and Ansel- Barik looked nary a hint of noble, he was sunburnt; he was of crisp, dried and cracked lips, muddy, green eyes and a particularly distasteful mannerism of flaring his nostrils piggishly when afraid. And in such overwhelming presence, he was perpetually so. "Thank you," he'd speak out - to Ansel, in particular - yet brought down his head as respectfully as he could for Simone after. With wary hands; wary of the cave troll, he'd take little everythings of the food haphazardly set out, and within range, to populate his plate.

Quirking his lips into a slight grin at Marius and Simone, Cullen dips his head slightly. "Of course, without translation in all things I'd likely be lost in the woods or something of the like. And Simone, I shall simply remove all confusion by avoiding anything with gravy so as to cause no concern." Not that he actually does, when he fills his plate there's definitely gravy. Grey eyes lift and lock onto Barik with a serious expression. "I've heard the Duke likes to sneak up on his chair from behind, should someone have the audacity to sit in it. Just a thought."

Isabeau happily leads Aviana over to the Telmar dinner table by the hand and directs the young commoner woman to take a seat by her side wherever these is space to accommodate the pair of them. Perhaps this places them near Percephon, or across from Ansel, or else somewhere within Tesha's vicinity. Whatever the case, however, the Valardin princess announces to the assembly. "Everyone, this is Mistress Aviana Bertram. She is the proprietor of the new shop next to Mercier Teas. She's an up-and-coming seamstress who caters to our... more modest sensibilities. And she's also my very first protege, so, please-- don't hesitate to call on her for any of your tailoring needs!" Isabeau is both the young woman's walking advertisement tonight. Could one ask for better publicity than to be talked up over dinner with a small pile of silks and such?

Ansel, perhaps in a moment of caution after Cullen's words, glances over in the direction of the stairs leading to the upper levels of the Tower. Spotting no approaching Duke, he gives Barik a quick grin, flashing a wink as he reaches for a piece of bread. "At the Rite the other week, I certainly thought the other fellow was going to..." Ansel replies, looking sidelong in Marius' direction briefly, giving a look of brotherly challenge back to the Greenmarch.

"Etienne?" Ansel asks, out loud, looking over in the direction that Tesha has greeted the name he recognizes, but has not heard for some time. "Is that you, Cousin?" he asks, moving to stand up from his seat, focusing on the figure of the newly arrived Archlector.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mistress Bertram. If you are Isabeau's protege, mistress, you may count me among your friends now --" Percephon's small twinge of a smile seems amused, "-- for which I apologize ahead of time for. I hear that being a friend to me is often difficult and fraught with terrible art. Although it's been some time since I have been moved by Jayus' to paint. A point that I ought to correct, very soon. Alis needs an updated family portrait." Pausing between bites, "Cousin Etienne? Well met."

Cullen. That's someone he had seen before- that did him a credit, for the fear that he instilled upon Barik was real. It was very real. The young commoner was in the process of bringing a mild leg of chicken into his mouth when he heard it, and immediately the greasy bone slipped from his grip. He'd look over shoulder, to his left, and find the massive, Frankenstenian figure of the butler. Immediately, he looked over his right, into the dark direction of the hall's door, doing a double-take to ensure the Duke wouldn't come spell his doom just yet. "I'd like to apologize for this, I didn't mean to sit here- I didn't; it was an accident," he'd explain, specifically at Cullen, clearing his throat and jabbing at his already shredded chicken with a wooden fork, not quite sampling it just yet.

Simone turns her head towards Cullen and offers a slight shake of her head as she laughs, "My Father does not sneak, Cullen." Turning towards Isabeau and Aviana she offers Aviana a smile, "It is lovely to meet you Mistress Bertram! I will definitely visit your shop soon, now that I know of it." Looking at Isabeau with eyes sparkling merrily, she says, "You will be a wonderful patron, Princess Isabeau, I have no doubt!" As she spies Etienne, her face lights up with a warm smile as she rises to stand next to Ansel, giving him a nod of greeting and calling over in a gentle voice, "Hello, Cousin Etienne! It is wonderful to see you!"

Ansel, after standing to greet the newly arrived Etienne, makes a dismissive gesture in Barik's direction. In agreement with Simone, he chimes in: "If you smell cabbage, perhaps then it's worthwhile to worry."

Greeting Tasha warmly Etienne apologizes again, "It's been so long since I was last here, I almost lost my way." his voice lyrical and joyful. He exchanges welcoming nods and greetings with Percephon and Simone and others collected who've already begun eating. "I'll find a seat, this looks wonderful." he says.

Marius gives a pursed lip, amused, smile back at Ansel and inclines his head slightly in a half-nod. "I can have Margret come look at it. Make sure you're fully at your senses." before he starts in on his food, nibbling a bit here and there. Etienne gets a glance, but since he can't prepend 'cousin' to the greeting, he instead smiles at Aviana, "A good tailor is invaluable, Mistress Bertram. I'm sure my wife will drive me to ruin in your shop as well now, that she knows it exists. You're very welcome." There's a quick smile, and the Marquis goes back to his dinner.

Desiree smiles as she looks to Aviana. "It is nice to meet you."

Tesha gives a smile as Isabeau introduces Aviana and there's a nod to the woman, "Welcome Mistress Bertram, I'm sure I'll be visiting your shop for a new garment soon." she tells the young woman. "I have someone that I would like to introduce." she states. "This is Etienne Telmar. Archlector of Gild." she tells them. Then there's a look to Cullen, "Lord Cullen Greenmarch do not scare the guests." she scolds him gently. Then there's a look back to Etienne, "There's no need to apologize, we're glad to have you. Please, sit and eat." she tells him as she returns to her own seat.

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Tesha is overheard praising Ansel for: For helping me run the dinner tonight.

Barik didn't even hesitate to sniff the air loudly, finding no cabbage lingering. He had no wit to take in Ansel's tease, no, but he did have two working nostrils to ensure Duke Arn wouldn't come upon him before he at least had the ability to kindly ask him not to aim for the face. Smiling this way, and that way, Barik saw wisdom in quietly indulging in the given food, humbled by it all, he ate like a bird, tiny bits, tiny portions. "It is an honor to share the table with you, Lord Ansel," he'd murmur, or say; or a combination of both, too awkwardly so to tell.

Flashing a wink at Simone, Cullen stage whispers, "He doesn't know that! He's squirming! It's fun!" Clearing his throat, his grey eyes fall on Barik again grimly. "It's not me you'll need to apologize to. Not my seat, I'd not /dare/ to sit in it." Dipping some bread in grave and nibbling on it, he gives Aviana an appraising look. "Excellent. Knowing a good tailor is invaluable. I will make sure to stop by and get some clothes made." Waving at Etienne, "Archlector, it is an honor to meet you." However....then an apologetic sigh is offered to Tesha. "My apologies Lady Tesha, I won't scare the guests. No matter how tempting it may be."

Cullen is overheard praising Ansel for: For helping Tesha host the dinner!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

Cullen is overheard praising Joscelin for: For making an absolutely beautiful amulet!

Distracted, as Celeste arrives just behind Percephon, tapping him hard on the left shoulder while holding out a sealed missive on his right side. He glances quickly left, cuts his eyes right -- pauses, with a dubious gaze to his messenger -- and he accepts the note.

"It's been a long time, cousin," greets Ansel, in Etienne's direction. Seeming satisfied that there's sufficient empty chairs present near the Archlector-cousin, he gives the elder Telmar a welcoming smile, and returns to his seat. The Sword glances up at the high ceiling, then looks back to the young man at his side, seated at the table's end. "You are always welcome at our table, sir...?" he the Telmar trails off into a politely apologetic smile. "I don't believe we've been given your name yet."

Ravana the tawny eagle have been dismissed.

Aviana smiles to everyone she seems almost over whelmed but she keeps it together, "I thank you all and I look forward to see you all at the shop." she looks down to her food and starts to eat her cheeks are a bit pink from blushing.

There was something in Cullen's red-roofed eyes that instilled upon Barik a terror previously unknown to man. It was made even worse when that eldritch messenger arrived, and then another, making it seem as if he was being fed information Barik wasn't privvy to. A deep swallow followed, and Barik hunched down his head towards his foot. From bird to fox he went, eating faster; swallowing thicker portions, and ensuring he could fork as much as he could down. "Blooriq," he'd speak out a mouthful for Ansel. Not learning from the self-inflicted lesson; "Blooriq Flooried," he'd conclude, clearing his throat and bringing in a wooden spoonful of boiled rice to complement his strong selection of protein.

Taking her seat once more, Simone arches a slight brow again at her brother and comments aside to him, "You have been talking to Lady Shae I see." Turning toward Etienne she smiles, "So, Cousin, it has been some time since we last saw one another. I trust you are well?" She studies him quietly while she awaits his answer.

With Barik's answer providing at least a clue to the man's name, Ansel gives a polite smile, nodding in return. "As my cousin said, you're welcome here," repeats the Sword, not trying to decipher what the young man's actual name is. With a glance back to Simone, there's a quiet chuckle. "She's not wrong," comments the Sword, amused.

Quietly, Percephon shifts away from his seat, "If I might be excused? I need to attend to another matter before the end of the evening." Ink-stained fingertips tap lightly on the edge of the table, and his brows furrow beneath the rims of his eyeglasses. "It was -- a welcome reprieve -- to see all of you. I will promise to be less of a stranger in the coming weeks. If anyone needs anything from me at all, please, feel free to send me a missive." With that, he rises. Snagging his overcoat over the back of his chair.

Having established a healthy plate of offerings in front of him Etienne eyes a goblet with some appreciation, at Simone's inquery he stops his gluttonous progression to respond. "The city takes some getting used to" another warm smile, "But I've found no end of duties since I was assigned to here. It's fortunate I arrived in time for this gathering, it adds to my warm welcome to the city. I must find some time to hear all the news about the family."

Celeste, the realist messenger leaves, following Percephon.

Tesha gives a look to Cullen, "That was more a jest. He just looks like he was terrified that the Duke might pop out of nothingness and end his life at any moment now." she tells him as she sits down next to him. Then there's a smile to Barik as she tries to decipher the name..."Barik?" she looks to him. Her intelligent gaze hoping. But then her brother is up and getting his coat and there's a frown that she can't hide. She gives the others a smile as she rises, "I'm going to walk Percephon out, I'll be back in just a few moments." she tells him.

Desiree stands. "I should also be going, thank you for inviting me."

2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

Barik speaks in muffled, yet agreeing tones at Tesha as she speaks out his name- indeed, her perception had nailed his name just about squarely. Upon a deep, thick swallow, Barik's head bobbed up and down like a child would upon eating the most sugar-inducing candy. There was even a certain degree of flush to his now reddened face. "That's correct, my lady. Again, thank you for this meal," he'd recite, dipping his head respectfully.

"Make sure he's bundled up!" calls out Ansel, setting down his goblet, directing the comment to Tesha, regarding Percephon. Should the departed cousin look back, there will be a pointed grin coming from the Telmar Sword with a cheery wave. "Lady Wyrmguard, safe travels," bids Ansel, offering a polite nod in Desiree's direction as the woman, too, makes her exit. He shifts in his seat, reaching for a pitcher to refill his goblet from.

Giving her brother an amused look, Simone nods, "Maybe so but I would not try telling him that." Turning back toward Etienne, she offers him another warm smile, "We are truly happy to have you here with us again. I would love to meet with you soon to catch up on events and share with you some things on which I am working that may be of some interest to you. I will send you a message to arrange a time if you like." At Perce and Desiree's departures, she offers a friendly wave and calls out, "Safe travels! Be careful, Perce!"

Tesha arrives back a few moments later and there's a smile to those still gathered, "He'll be safe." she tells them. She makes her way back down to her seat. There's a whisper given to Cullen and then she picks up her own goblet to take a drink as she gives a look to her plate. For the moment she settles back in quiet contemplation at the wonderful food and the good turnout.

In the wake of Percephon's departure, it looks like Princess Isabeau is struggling to resist the urge to call for a pen and some parchment that she might immediately send the man a message as if to summon him back to dinner. But, no. Not tonight. Instead, she fixes her attention on Ansel from across the table, staring intently, but only offering him any sort of smile once he's met her gaze. It's almost as if the pair of them are engaged in some sort of vaguely childish game, though the 'rules' of which aren't readily apparent. Yet, at the last moment, the beautiful blonde turns her head toward the newly arrived Archlector and brightly declares, "Gods bless your return to Arx, Blessed Etienne."

Marius raises his glass at Etienne, then, as the initial cousin storm seems to have abated around the man. "Welcome," He says evenly to him, "Marius Greenmarch. I don't know if we met, faces all become a blur after a while. I hope your stay away from the city has not been too burdensome on you."

Barik briefly made the horrible mistake of presuming Princess Isabeau was looking at him, instead of Ansel. The fault lied in Barik- he had been looking at Ansel's sword for far too long for comfort, and he had just been caught- or was he? No, he stared down at himself; he stared at Isabeau again, understanding he was yet to be discovered, and took shelter back against his chair's puffed backing. His face was immensely red, with an absurdity of freckles strewn out across it. To not seem out of place, he'd lift his empty goblet to Etienne's arrival, who he absolutely does not know.

Isabeau is overheard praising Tesha for: A wonderful hostess, just as kind and generous to House Telmar's guests as to her siblings and cousins!

Ansel chuckles back in Simone's direction, seeming glad to have his cousin around to go back and forth with, even if only for the evening. "We're glad to have you here, cousin," Ansel says, to Etienne's comment. "You'll have many members of the family wanting to hear your story and spent an evening in prayer," promises the Sword. Setting down his goblet, the Telmar cants his head to the side, wondering what the hell Barik is looking at on the other side of the table like that, given the man's demeanor before.

So, naturally, the youngest Telmar present will look opposite the table for probably the first time since he sat down, over towards the Valardin with the lambent smile. Naturally, this is right as Isabeau is looking over towards the other Telmar cousin. Ansel is left watching the Valardin Princess, confused.

"That would be splended" Etienne says in response to Simone, a glass poised at his lips, fork in hand. The smile spreads across his face at the well wishes and he responds to Isabeau. "Thank you, your highness." A small bite later he hears and answers Marius, "I will be the first to admit that I am of no better a keeper of faces, thankfully there are many who help me with the numerous people I meet. I find some pains being away from Telmarch, but where called one must appear, in truth the oppertunity could not be denied. I hear the new Seraph is already making positive changes."

Barik, whom's head was forgetable as a head could be, did indeed retreat back down to his food once he noticed Ansel's ponderous looks both left and right. He held onto a shamed squint- a squint so impossibly tightened one could swear his eyes had gone elsewhere, and now fine slits replaced them. Little by little, he endeared himself with portions of the food, and soon enough he was down to the bone. And like every good commoner worth his weight in linen rags, he started cracking and biting onto them to get at that sloppy marrow beneath.

Munching on a piece of bread with cheese as he leans over a bit to listen to Tesha, Cullen whispers something in return before picking up his own goblet and raising it to the Lady next to him. Gazing at Isabeau for a moment with a crinkle of his brow, as if trying to fathom said game, he gives up after a few seconds of deep thought. Listening to Etienne, he takes in the details with a slight nod - and then Barik's table manners with more than a little horror, blinking rapidly.

Isabeau watches while Etienne interacts with his family for a little while, but doesn't allow her attention to linger for very long, lest things enter into Ansel levels of awkwardness. Instead, she samples some of this and a bit of that and washes it all down with whatever isn't alcoholic. She asks Aviana in an easily overheard aside, "Do you make men's tunics and trousers as well, my dear?"

Tesha gives a smile to Barik as he looks down to Isabeau, but the woman doesn't tell him that the Princess is looking at her Cousin. They can have their dreams, right? She does however give a smile to Ansel when he talks to Etienne and there's a nod of agreement, "He's right on that." she mentions. There's a gentle smile to Cullen and a nod. Though she gives a look over the dinner table and realizes that nothing bad happened. It's a win for the Telmar family and those that attended. And Arn didn't appear out of nowhere and kill Barik for sitting in his seat.

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