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Impromptu Dice Game at Crossroads

Duarte is hosting a dice game at Arx's newest casino. Bring your silver. Minimum bet is 100 silver. Max bet is 500.


May 7, 2018, 12:45 a.m.

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Agatha Jordan(RIP) Ford(RIP) Mirari Orathy Coraline



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Main Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

"Yes, well, it is all very last minute. Word /just/ went out, so..." Duarte shrugs in unconcerned fashion as he arranges some of the chips on the boxman's side of the table, "I suppose we will see."

Orathy remains seated on the couch, sitting forward though and ruffling a hand through his tangly hair. He does at least make an attempt to straighten out his clothing, "Reckon ya might get a better crowd. Or it be too damn short of notice."

Duarte is standing in the dealer's spot of the dice table arranging silver coins that will be used for payouts. Orathy is seated on plush couches nearby. "It is likely too short notice. I'm sure there will be a small turnout, if anything, but am willing to wait and see." He looks up and smiles to Orathy. "What else do I have to do?"

Orathy finally rolls his ass up off the couch and puts his fingers on the small of his back, pressing inward to stretch out. He grunts as he then moves on to rolling a shoulder and shaking out a leg. He tucks at his shirt and things trying to make himself all neat, but it somewhat fails in that. He wanders over toward the dicing table, "Aye. What ya have to do indeed."

Well. It's sort of a large turnout? I mean, Agatha Redrain is not a small individual. She's looking around and trying not to get distracted as she looks for Duarte. "Hey. I heard there was going to be some sort of contest here tonight. Did I hear wrong?" She tries to stop staring at things, the better to wave at the host. "It looks nice here, though!"

"Would you like to play yourself, Rath?" Duarte says with a grin. "Test your luck? Maybe win some of that blackjack money back?" His attention is grabbed by Agatha and his smile broadens, "Your highness! How lovely to see you. You heard correct! A dice game, to be exact. Care to join us? You might win some money."

Miella, a dark-haired shop apprentice arrives, following Mirari.

"Reckon I might be tryin a bit, aye," Orathy move toward the table but then stops short, when his eyes roam over Agatha. For a minute he just might piss himself, call that a shocked face. The seconds tick on and he shakes himself out of it, whistling, "Ain't seen the likes of a woman with yer strength since Freja 'n Echo. Princess too then?" He notes for Duarte's politeness.

Mirari strolls into the casino, for once not clad in head to toe black leather. She moves towards the dice table, hands folded behind her back before she bumps her shoulder against Agatha's arm. "Fancy seeing you here, Aggie. Come to rob the place or play for money?" She twiddles her fingers at Duarte before she squints in Orathy's direction.

Orathy has left the some plush comfortable couches.

Orathy has joined the a deep green satin covered game table - Dice Table.

Orathy, for Mirari's sake, squints right back.

Agatha waves at the Count and his friendly smile. There is a distinct possibility that dim, cheerful folk like Agatha are much beloved by casinos. "I thought I'd watch a bit to see what it's about, but I'll give it a shot!" Some of the cheer fades at mention of Freja. That's a way to shoot a mood in the face. "My cousins. But, yeah. Strong. Echo sneaks up on you, though! She's so -tiny-. And then she hits you with the sword and you think, "I never knew the stars looked like that up close." At least she jumps out of a mood fairly quickly. She turns her head and half smiles at Mirari. "I would never rob anywhere!"

Duarte beams a smile for Mirari when she arrives and waves back as he finishes the last small touches to the silver and places a curved stick on the satin. "Mistress Mirari! Looking lovely as ever." He motions to a spot at the table, "Come to play? I hope? I believe we can get started. Others can always jump in easily enough." He motions to the table, "The bets you can make are pretty clear and anyone can place any bet at any time. Just toss the silver and call out what the bet is. Who would like to roll first?"

Mirari has joined the a deep green satin covered game table - Dice Table.

Agatha has joined the a deep green satin covered game table - Dice Table.

Mirari takes a seat, putting her feet up and likely flashing half the people in the bar. She doesn't look bothered in the least as she shifts to get comfortable. "I hope you give free drinks here while we play." She murmurs, gesturing to a servant. "Wine please, dark red." She tosses her hair and smirks, her eyes shifting over toward Duarte. "I'm not rolling first. I have horrid luck."

Orland leans over, almost bumping shoulders with Orathy, trying to see, uh, Mirari. "Yea....we do free drinks...."

Orathy notes, "I reckon I managed to beat Echo once." He keeps tab! He moves to the table and shrugs his shoulder at Duarte, "Long as ya explain yer rules eh?" He nods to the Princess as he tugs out a small coin purse. It has enough silver in it to play a few rounds. He snorts at Mirari's free drink ask, "Reckon we ain't --" and grumbles over at Orland, "Shit Orland, watch it."

"We do!" Duarte chimes in, cutting Orathy off. "The more people drink, the more they bet and the longer they stick around to win more of our money." He smiles and shakes the dice, still waiting to see who they go to first.

Mirari aims a coy look at Orland and lowers her lashes as a smile curves her lips. "Then get me my wine, Orland." She says, turning her attention to Duarte. "What he said, explain it to the people who don't usually gamble away their money." She tilts her head and rolls her eyes a bit as she crosses her legs at the ankle, so much for a free show. "We call out a number ...roll the dice? How does this work?"

Agatha Hahs at the mention of free drinks. She doesn't sit just yet - have to make sure the chairs are going to handle the heft of some of the otehrs. That and standing means she can MOVE. "So! Okay. Right." SHe looks at the others who aren't picking up the dice and then gesture to them. "May I? Do I just say ONE and roll to see if I get a one?"

Orathy totally missed the free show, somehow! He was counting silver people. It's far more important over here! Though he does glare after Orland, until Duarte's voice adds on top of Orland's. He snorts at Duarte, looking suddenly grumpy. But then that's his usual face, the old silver-bearded ruffian hasn't really got many smiles in him!

Duarte motions to the satin, "It's quite simple. A 7 or 11 wins - so bets on 'win' are paid. 2, 3 or 12 loses - so bets on 'lose' are paid. Anything else sets a point. Roll the point again for a 'win', or a seven for a 'loss'." He points to specific items on the table, "You can also roll hard numbers, meaning both dice show same number to make the total, and get a healthy pay: 4, 6, 8 or 10. Those bets are lost if a seven is rolled first."

Orland returns REALLY fast with Mirari's red wine and stands with a big sheepish smile to see if she likes it.

Duarte says, "You can also make multiple bets on the table at once in any combination."

Mirari takes a sip of the wine and wrinkles her nose, but sets it down beside her. She slips Orland a few silver and nods in his direction. "Thanks cutie." She murmurs, before turning her attention back to Duarte. "Never played dice before, but I'll give it a shot or two." She gestures to the table, leaning in to see the numbers. "Minimum bet?"

"Minimum bet is 100 silver. Maximum bet is 500." Duarte hands the pair of dice to Agatha. "Everyone get their initial bets in and we'll begin."

Agatha leans over towards Mirari just a little. "I'm not sure the count understands what simple means." She's trying to follow along, really she is. It's just not her particular area of expertise. The clever plan to go first is quickly abandoning ship, but there's the dice. "So. Um... Huh. I'll bet 100 on 13! Now I just roll, right?"

Orathy side glances at Mirari and the byplay she has with Orland, scowling at Orland. He digs out a couple hundred silver, "Reckon I will bet on a...loss."

Mirari glances over at Orathy, a lazy smile on her face as she winks in his direction. Turning to Duarte she contemplates for a moment and then she nods. "100 on a win." She says, hanxing over her silver as well. "Roll something good, Aggie."

Duarte chuckles as he slides Orathy's bet to the 'loss' line. "The numbers are between 2 and 12 and the available bets are marked on the table." He says to Agatha. (look dice table)

Duarte moves Mirari's bet to the appropriate section of the table and holds Agatha's as he waits to hear what to do with it.

Agatha pauses. "Oh. I guess, um, 100 to win? Why can't I pick ... OH!" She snaps and nods as light dawns on marblehead. "So. I guess I just roll!"

Agatha has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1, 5

"The point is 6." Duarte says, moving a black marker to the number 6 on the table. "Any other bets before the next roll?" To Agatha he explains, "The object now is to roll a 6 to win. A seven will lose."

Agatha looks at the various bets and then reaches up to rub the back of her neck. "So what if I bet on the 7 on next roll? I lose the dice, but I win the money?"

Orathy grunts, "Next 7." (Sees if he does this right.)

Mirari gestures to Duarte, laughing softly as she picks up her glass and takes a drink. "No additional bet for me." She says, raising her glass towards the dicemaster. "Someone roll something that makes me smile."

Duarte smiles over to Agatha, "If you roll a 7, you win 4 to 1 on your money, but you will lose your initial win bet. If you don't roll a 7 on the next roll, you lose the bet."

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Coraline.

Agatha shakes her head. "I'll stick to my first bet then for now. At least until I understand it better." Though she does give Duarte a narrow eyed gaze. "You really want me to lose!"

Duarte slides Orathy's bet to the 'seven' spot on the table and pushes the dice back to Agatha to roll again. "I recommend you get a feel for the game before any additional bets."

Agatha has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3, 4

"Seven loses" Duarte calls out. He collects the win bets and passes a 900 silver payout to Orathy. "Pass the dice to the player to your left."

Cora has never been to a casino before. She decided why not change this thing? And so she does. Meandering she looks about to see what is what.

Orathy roars at the table with the sudden snap of seven on the table, "AYE, that's how it's done. Give me back some of that silver Mustache!" He chortles... like a little kid, hoarding all that silver over to him.

Orathy has joined the line.

Mirari grunts and stares towards Agatha. "Woman!" She calls out, and she drains the rest of her wine as she sits up straight and crosses her legs. She gives Orathy a frosty side eye and raises a brow. "Like you need that bloody silver anyway."

Mirari has joined the line.

Duarte looks up with an affable smile for Coraline and motions her toward the dice table with a hand as he move the marker off the table and slides the dice to Orathy. "Okay! New round. New roller. Place your bets."

Orathy cocks his head to Mirari, "Always need more sugar. How else am I be affordin the sweeter things in life eh?" He gestures to a worker, "You, be bringing this table some drinks, on me." He gives a cheeky grin. OKAY, so there is a smile in there somewhere. It's directly linked to silver.

Agatha hands the dice over to Orathy with a somewhat ungraceful grumble. And maybe a little glare. "See, I should have made that next seven, I guess! Well let's see you do better," she says before crossing impressive arms over her chest. Grrrface. Mirari gets a shrug. "It wasn't on purpose! You'll do better not betting on me." There's not even a smile for poor Coraline. Just a little wave. "Um. I'll bet 100 on win, I guess. He seems to have the luck.

"100 on a loss." Mirari says, before she rolls her eyes in Orathy's direction. "You need silver, visit your neighbor." She smirks and hands Duarte her silver. "Orathy, if you roll those dice like a jackass, prepare to get kicked in yours."

Duarte slides Agatha's bet to the 'win' line and nods, "Okay! You going to bet against yourself, Rath? Or are you going to be a winner for the table?" He smirks to Mirari and nods, sliding her bet over.

Being waved over Cora makes her way to the dice table and Agatha gets a wave back, "Hello all, what is this game you are playing then?" She watches with fascination.

Agatha shrugs her shoulders at Coraline. "I have no idea and I don't get it, but I think I'm handing silver to the Count and hoping the conversation is funny or someone gets in a fight," she says at bit more cheerfully.

Orathy grabs up the dice with a nod from Duarte, clanking the dice in his hand with a sneery grin over to Mirari, "Which neighbor be that eh?" He leans in, "You?" The dice rattle more and he smirks at her, "Reckon you ain't should be bettin like you be buggered up a jackass then." He looks around, considers, "Aye, let be bettin on a win here." Shake shake shake. His other hand flicks some of that silver pile back at Duarte.

Grinning Cora shrugs, "I guarantee I don't understand it any better, but a fight or a funny conversation is worth sticking around for."

Duarte places Orathy's bet on the table in the appropriate spot. He smiles to Coraline, "Dice, your highness." He motions to Orathy to roll. Then he motions to the table, "Care to play? Place a bet?"

Orathy has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4, 6

Duarte moves the marker to 10 and calls it out, "The point is 10. Roll a 10 to win." He glances around the table, "Any additional bets? A hard 10 (5+5) is a nice pay out..." tapping the area on the table for making such a bet.

Mirari leans in and shrugs, handing Duarte silver. "I'll bet on hard ten." She gives Orathy an evil eye before she smirks towards the table. "Get lucky for me dice, I love money."

When the dice tumble and give a 10, Orathy grunts, "Shitttt." He considers the dice, then the table, "11 on next." It's one of the hardest bets to get but hey, he puts it out there and effectively will lose his other bet. Risk taker! Hearing Mirari's bet, he snorts, "Kiss me if you get a hard ten, eh?"

Duarte makes the moves for the two betters, "Okay, roller. Go ahead."

Orathy has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2, 4

Leaning against the table she asks quietly, " place money on a guess of win or lose and then roll? And you also can win or lose based on your roll?"

Orathy sucks in his breath and groans, "Damn..." And the roll is not at all what he wanted! He sits back down, looking for some whiskey.

'You jinxed it by asking for that kiss." Mirari responds, smirking up towards Orathy. "Way to go, jackass." She signals Orland for another glass of wine. "Thank you sweetheart." She murmurs, turning back to gaze at the table."

"Six!" Duarte calls and slides the dice back to Orathy, making no payouts but collecting Orathy's bet on eleven. He looks to Coraline, "Yes. Win or lose before the first roll. You can also make other bets on dice outcomes in the middle of the round. Do you care to make a bet now?" He smiles, then looks back to the others, "If no additional bets, roller go ahead."

Orathy rolls his eyes at Mirari, then sticks his hand out toward the dice, "Maybe you otta kiss these instead!" But then he knows she won't and snaps his fingers around the dice, rattling them in his palm. "Let's try it again, next one an eleven-" he passes over more money. The casino gives and it takes...!

Orathy has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1, 5

"Oh I think I will watch, I don't trust my luck. Besides I am enjoying watching. So uh I will happily enjoy your rum though." Cora says with a tentative smile.

Mirari swings her crossed legs back and forth, her eyes on Orathy as he rolls a 6. She doesn't even waste words with him at this point, she just shakes her head slowly and makes a face in his direction. She gestures to Durate that her bet stands.

Duarte grins "Six again." He removes Orathy's bet on eleven and slides the dice back over to him. He smiles to Coraline, "Well let's test you out, hmm? What do you think? Do you think he'll win or lose?"

"Um lose?" Cora says in surprise.

Orathy grumbles and doesn't make another bet, grabbing up the dice. He considers them, then just tosses them on the table. No extra bets. He'll probably kick himself for it.

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Orathy has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3, 4

"Seven loses." Duarte says, collecting all the bets, but paying 200 silver to Mirari on her loss bet. He smiles to Coraline, "Lucky girl after all, eh?" He takes the dice and slides them to Mirari.

Mirari chuckles softly when the dice come up seven and she shifts her eyes to Orathy. "You're .." She doesn't elaborate, she just accepts the dice and gazes down at them. "Got my money back, perhaps you tiny shits aren't so bad after all."

Turn in line: Orathy

Turn in line: Mirari

Cora quirks a brow and suggests, "I will place my mythical bet on her winning."

"Sorry, your highness. Only one mythical bet per newbie. That'll be 100 silver please." Duarte says with an adorable smile and a little wink. He awaits Mirari and Orathy's bets.

Duarte checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

"I'll go for win too. I feel lucky." Mirari murmurs, leaning in to hand Duarte 100 silvers. "Here you go, sugar." She raises her voice as she leans back. "Orland, where is my wine!"

Orland, who hasn't wandered far from his love interest, whispers softly, "Still to your right." where he left it earlier for her.

Chuckling Cora shakes her head, "I think I will randomly talk to myself guessing what the result will be without either winning or losing myself. I don't trust that if I do actually put money on it that my luck won't change."

Mirari glances to her right and grins at the wine, plucking it up and taking a drink. "Good man." She murmurs towards Orland, nodding slowly. She gazes back at the table and blinks at the man there. "If it's just me, do I automatically win?"

Duarte slides Mirari's bet into place, "Afraid not. You play against the dice, not against others." He smiles to Coraline, "Clever princess, I'm sure 100 silver won't break your bank. Besides, it's fun and pays for the entertainment value."

Orathy would love to play and spend more of his silver, but the thing about running a business and /trying/ to be a legit stand up guy, is that there's always something that needs doing. Well, just so happens, somethin in the back needs looked after. So he excuses himself, "Reckon you shouldn't put everythin in yer mouth -" this to Mirari, before he takes the rest of his silver and hops off, following after a worried casino worker.

Ford comes in looking like he's one or two drinks into his night already. Though not DRUNK, just a couple in. He'd heard about some dice being rolled and decided to come check it out. Who doesn't love rolling dice?

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3 Culler Hoodlums, Cyrus leave, following Orathy.

"Clever yes, but never clever enough. And I have something I am saving for." she adds with a blush as she looks away.

Mirari chuckles softly and she sips at her wine, dice in her off hand as she waits. "Just tell me when, Amadeo." She says, setting her wine aside. She turns to glance at Orland and she gives him a serious look. "Keep that glass filled, Mister."

"Seems important! Maybe you get a little something to add to your fund." Duarte offers with a grin. He looks to Ford and waves him over, "Welcome, my lord! The lovely Mirari here is just about to roll. Care to place a starting bet? Win? Lose? Or anything else?"

"Give me a moment to fill my glass again and see just how badly Mirari's doing before I pitch in my own silver." Ford smirks, taking up a seat at the table and resting his arms on the edge, looking down into the little felt pit.

Duarte nods and motions to Mirari, "Just you, darling. And I'll toss something on eleven." He throws 500 silver on the eleven spot. "Let them loose." His eyes flick to the main floor and he waves Jordan over silently with a smile on his face.

"Aww, badly? Don't you mean just how *amazing* Mirari is doing?" Mirari questions, rolling her eyes before she grins towards Duarte. "If you win, you owe me."

Mirari has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1, 6

"Seven win!" Duarte announces. He tosses 200 silver toward Mirari and taps the sides of the table. He grins to Coraline, "Right again, love."

Ford whistles through his teeth at that roll, looking away only to make a quick drink order, "Alright, I see you, Mirari."

"Oh now see you are too good sir, I might be correct when I don't place money on the table. The moment I do it changes." Cora says with a chuckle and sips her newly arrived drink.

"It's hard to miss me." Mirari comments, smiling towards Ford before she gives the dice back to Duarte. "Here you go, sweetheart." She picks her wine back up and takes a drink from it.

Duarte pushes the dice back to Mirari. "No no...Still your turn." He smiles to Ford and Jordan, "Welcome, gentlemen. Place your bets?"

Ford nods this time, "Sure I'll jump in." Shifting his weight to one side he fishes out 100 silver and sets it on which ever color signifies winning.

Mirari leans in and sets silver in front of Duarte. "100 on a win." She remarks, before she leans back in her chair. She fingers the dice in her hand, humming softly to herself.

"Anyone intrepid enough to bet on craps or seven?" Duarte inquires as he holds off on giving 'the signal' to Mirari. "Maximum bet is 500, minimum bet is 100."

Ford turns a devious smirk up into the corner of his mouth, looking over at Mirari as if he's trying to divine the roll she's about to toss, "Put my 100 on getting a seven."

"The same 100, or an additional bet to what you placed on win, my lord?" Duarte asks hopefully.

"The same." Ford clarifies with a lift of his eyebrows.

Jordan steps into the room ostensibly late to this party. "So what's the betting in progress? Although I'm not really for games of fortune usually."

Duarte snickers, "Can't knock an honest dealer for trying." He smiles to Mirari, "Go ahead, love." A grin to Jordan, "Just here for the drinks, then? We are betting on the outcome of dice. Think of it less as a game of fortune and your exchange for the excitement and entertainment of it all."

Mirari holds the dice up to her lips, a grin tugging at the corners of them. She places a kiss on the dice and tosses them, leaning in to see what the dice show.

Mirari has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4, 6

Ford clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

Duarte sets a marker on the number 10 and collects Ford's bet. "The point is 10." He taps the picture of two dice, each showing the number 5, "Hard 10 pays 7 to 1. Not a bad time to make the bet."

Mirari lets out a delighted laugh and claps her hands. She hands Duarte more silver and tilts her head. "Hard ten." She bets, before she takes another drink of her wine.

Duarte places Mirari's silver on the hard ten and glances to the others for any additional bets on the next roll.

Ford does that handwave that one does to dealers. Not this round.

Mirari has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2, 6

"Eight." Duarte announces, making no changes to the table and sliding the dice back to Mirari. "What's your name, my lord?" He asks Ford, "I'm Count Duarte Amadeo." He slides a smile to Jordan, the introduction may as well serve for him as well.

Mirari swears softly at the dice and rolls her eyes. "I'm starting to hate this game, Amadeo." She points at the Count and smirks. "You're lucky that your wine isn't shitty."

"Ford Kennex." He says, nodding. Knowing full well it's UNCOUTH to shake hands with the dealer, especially in a dice game. So instead, a dip of the head will do.

"Well met, my lord." Duarte says with a bow of his head in reply. He smiles sweetly to Mirari, "Go ahead, love."

Mirari dips her head towards Duarte and smirks. "As you wish."

Mirari has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1, 3

3 Thrax Guards leaves, following Coraline.

"Did you switch these dice when my back was turned?" Mirari asks Duarte, a slight smirk on her face. "Bad form, Amadeo."

Duarte makes a popping sound with his mouth and slides the dice back to Mirari, "Four. Not a losing roll, love. Just a number." He snickers as he tosses his own silver on a Hard 8. "If no other bets, go ahead."

Mirari glances around, eyebrows raised. "Anyone else want to bet on my amazing dice that hate me? No? It's okay, I almost wish I could toss these dice out the door."

"Sure." Ford withdraws another 100 and slides it over, "On lose this time."

Mirari has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4, 5

Duarte lays Ford's bet against the 10, "Laying odds against the 10, pays 1 to 2." He notes the new roll, "Nine." And slides the dice back to Mirari, leaving all bets on the table. "Close, love." He smiles. "How was your day?"

"Can't complain, I get to go sleep soon next to my warm body. So even better." Mirari shakes the dice and blows on them instead of kissing them. "Orland also is keeping my wine full, I like that."

Mirari has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3, 6

"A double winner for whomever bet on nine." Duarte looks at the table and shrugs with a grin, "Oh." He slides the dice back to Mirari. "How about you, Marquis Kennex? Have a pleasant evening?"

Mirari stares at the dice and she hisses quietly at them. "I didn't bet on nine you shitty things, I bet on ten. Two fives, a six and a four, keep up now." She shakes the dice in her hand as she glances towards Ford, a sacchrine smile on her face. "Okay.. to roll Amadeo?"

Mirari has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2, 5

There's a gentle chuff of a laugh before Ford takes a drink, placing another 100 on the table and waiting to see Mirari's outcome. Looking to Duarte, his eyebrows lift and drop, "I've had better, but drinking and flagrant disposal of money is a good way to fix that."

"Seven out." Duarte says, removing bets from the table and paying off Ford for his bet against. He collects the dice and holds them, glancing around - his eyes land on Ford. "I hear that! Drink up." He takes the 100 silver and motions to the table to hear the bet, "It's your turn to roll, so I assume this is for win?"

"Yeah, just to win for a start, and then we'll go from there."

Said Ford...

Mirari scoots back in her seat, drinking her wine as she hands Duarte some silver. "Last bet for me, Amadeo. I need to get back to my bed before another woman crawls into it." She tilts her head, her eyes on the table. "I'll put 100 on win."

Duarte moves the bets to their appropriate locations. He passes a frown to Mirari, "Say it ain't so, love. We're just getting started and you know how I adore our time together." He slides the dice to Ford.

Ford scoops up the dice and glances towards Mirari, "Might have to invest in some rat traps." He teases before chucking them.

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4, 5

"How does that work?" Jordan asks of Mirari, smirking at her. "You leave your door open or are other girls just that stupid not to know you've a nice pair of claws?" The knight asks as he watches the dice getting rolled.

Duarte slides the point over, "9. Point is 9." Jordan's comment draws a snicker from him, but he admonishes playfully, "Now now my lord - only those with money on the table can speak across it." Clearly he JUST made up that rule. "Place your bets." He holds the dice for now to allow such to be done.

"Oh honey, if I hadn't had such a long day.." Mirari murmurs to Duarte, her eyes on the table. She swears quietly when the dice turn up the way that they do. "Nah, Luca attracts women like honey attracts flies." She smirks and shrugs as she glances back at Jordan. "They don't seem to care if I have claws, it's rather amusing." She hands Duarte more silver. "Hard ten. I want that *so* badly, you don't understand."

"Nine if you please." Ford says, setting some more coin on the table.

Duarte winks to Ford and slides the dice over, "Could be your lucky day, my lord. When Mistress Mirari wants something...the reward is great for whomever can provide." he grins. He holds Ford's bet, "The point is nine. This will pay true odds - 3:2. Go ahead and roll."

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5, 6

Mirari swears under her breath and she runs her hands through the dark silk of her hair. "So fucking close." She murmurs, rubbing a hand over her face.

"Eleven." Duarte says unnecessarily, since everyone can add. "That would've been a nice payout!" he suggests to Jordan as he slides the dice back to Ford.

Ford sucks his teeth slightly with a hint of a sneer, "Right on track." He says cynically, as he picks up the dice and rolls them along his fingers, giving them some mojo.

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3, 6

The sky opens. Lightning strikes. The dice are struck with mojo of the betting gods! "Nine!" Duarte announces. He reclaims the dice and makes the payouts: 200 to Mirari for her win; 450 all told to Ford.

Mirari lets out a burbling laugh and she gets to her feet, smoothing her short sundress over her thighs. "We should do this again soon, Amadeo. It was very fun."

Sometimes you have to grab luck by the collar and give it a stern talking to. Ford lifts his eyebrows and glances up towards the ceiling.

Duarte wraps up the exchanges and places his hands on the table. He gazes to Mirari and dips his head, "Any time, love. Your money is always welcome here and Orland will be held in reserve as your personal cocktail boy." He winks. He looks to the other men, "Bets, gentlemen?"

Mirari blows kisses as she makes her way towards the door. "Behave gentlemen."

Mirari has left the a deep green satin covered game table - Dice Table.

Miella, a dark-haired shop apprentice leaves, following Mirari.

Ford glancing over his shoulder at Jordan, he gestures to the table, "Have a seat." Then another 100, "On a win."

Duarte slides Ford's bet to the pass line for a predicted win. "She is lovely company, but stingy. I know for a fact that at 5000 per bottle of cologne she can afford steeper wagers." He chuckles. He holds on to the dice to see if Jordan cares to make any wagers.

Jordan settles down with a smirk to Duarte, shaking his head. "It's good to watch the games, but today's not a good day for betting, I'm afraid. Busy with my to-do's as they say. I'll cover his bet, I suppose."

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4, 5

Jordan has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4, 4

Ford tut tuts, "I didn't ask for only nines, only one."

"You love those nines, is that right Marquis?" Duarte chuckles and sets the point to nine. "Nine is the point. Care to bet anywhere else?"

"Nine I guess. They seem to favor me." Ford says with a small laugh.

"A true odds bet. Smart man." Duarte places the silver behind the initial wager on the line. "And you, my lord?" he asks Jordan.

"I'm no lord," Jordan comments to Duarte, "But I'll bet on six."

Duarte places Jordan's silver on six "Pays 6 to 5 and everytime a 6 is rolled. I'll keep your initial bet here unless you ask me to take it away and pay you the winnings." He nods to Ford to roll again.

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4, 6

Ford laughs slightly, "Oh I see." He says to the dice.

"Ten." Duarte calls out, making no changes to the arrangement of things and sliding the dice back to Ford. "Not a lord?" he asks Jordan. "Could have fooled me!"

Jordan nods to Duarte, looking at the dice intently. "That's until you catch the first curse to come out of my mouth, my Lord. Etiquette lessons in the city are paying off, though."

Ford rattling the pair of dice in his hand he looks to Jordan with a laugh, "Shit, piss, fuck." Then he tosses.

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2, 6

Duarte laughs! "That 8 did no one any good." He uses the stick to push the dice back to Ford and smiles to Jordan, "I remember my etiquette lessons not so fondly. The Archlector of Skald, however, can tell you some interesting stories about his."

"Alright, listen here fellas. I've had a particularly shit night. I've got some money on nine. Help me out, will ya?" Ford says to the dice after scooping them up, "Now go out there and do me a solid, huh?"

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1, 1

"You fuckers."

"Try again." Duarte offers, pushing the dice back to Ford. "Not dead yet."

Ford shakes his head. Disappointed like a parent of a bad kid, but he gives them another shot.

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2, 2

"Hard four." Duarte calls out. Holding the dice. "Any other wagers, gentlemen?" He smiles faintly.

"I should get back to them, to be honest." Jordan shakes his head to Duarte, rising to his feet. "I've got to get going. Thanks for the bets."

Ford draws in a breath and puts another 100 down, "Might as well go for 10 as well." He shrugs.

Duarte bows his head to Jordan, "Okay! Farewell." He smiles. "If he hits six I will send you the winnings." He pushes the dice back to Ford after placing the silver over the 10.

Jordan nods to Duarte. "Thank you. I appreciate that."

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5, 5

Ford lifts his eyebrows, "Well look at that."

"Too bad you didn't bet hard." Duarte smiles. He pays winnings to Ford, but keeps the initial wager on the 10. "Let it ride?"

"Yeah might as well, gotta get a six for our Knightly friend." Ford says.

Duarte laughs, "Alright." He pushes the dice forward for another go.

Ford has rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2, 5

Ford shakes his head, "Sorry buddy."

Duarte tsks, "Seven out." He collects the money on the table. "Still your dice if you wish to go again?"

Ford waves his hand, "No no, this was plenty fun, and it's not quite as fun if it's just me scrambling to make my money back."

Duarte chuckles and motions over some staff to start breaking down the table. "Very well, Marquis Kennex." He steps around the table and extends his hand, "Well met! And I do hope you tell your friends of our fine establishment, and visit often."

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