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In Memorium: Lord Cicero Malvici

The Silver Consortium will hold a banquet and open bar in recognition of Lord Cicero Malvici within the central hall of his founded organisation's headquarters. Food, drink and a celebration of life will occur, with all of the Compact welcome.


April 11, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Rook Mydas(RIP) Eirene


Ignacio Ven(RIP) Torian Belladonna Graham Lucita Barric(RIP) Waldemai Yasmine Ian Signe Bianca Cadenza Cassius(RIP) Jordan(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Silver Consortium - Central Hall

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Comments and Log

Bella arrives mere moments after Cassius, sending a brief glare towards her husband's back before moving away to join the rest of the group, albeit from a different angle. She inclines her head towards Eirene and offers a faint, soft smile but chooses to remain quiet for the time.

"I don't know," Eirene replies quietly to Ven. "You'd have to ask the Consortium," she says. She doesn't look like herself; a Lycene beauty in black silks instead of her usual battle-axe in black leathers. "Thank you," she replies to Rook. "I was a lucky or woman than I realized. At least we were happy, sometimes." The other greetings Armet with a quiet night of her head.

Ian gives up his dutiful study of the statue and, watching his feet as he walks, paces over to wherever people are supposed to be going. A soft clink coming from the satchel that he wears across his chest suggests there's glass bottles of something in there. One guess as to what.

2 Fidante House Guards arrives, following Ignacio.

3 Fidante House Guards, Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide, Ignacio arrive, following Cadenza.

Yasmine enters on Rook's arm with a more somber than usual expression on her face. Truthfully, she looks both baffled and curious about the arvani customs for a funeral. The Ravashari offers Eirene a bow of her head and murmurs with an obvious accent, "I am so sorry for your loss, my lady."

Waldemai clanks in, still in his armor. "Trying to get it fitted right," he mutters. "Can't get the measurements right when you make it for yourself."

Lucita quietly makes her way into the the area, her gaze sweeping over the rooms and those assembled there. She gives a graceful respectful curtsy and nods to each of those present. She moves toward Eirene, standing close enough to be supportive. She murmurs a soft "Hello." To Ian and Belladonna and others as her steps carry her past them.

Atila arrives, following Signe.

Cassius stands near enough to the others, dipping his head with a warm smile for Eirene, if one touched with melancholy before he goes back to his silent vigil. He glances over to Ian as if he hears something noteworthy, but shrugs, staying where he is for now.

Graham has been seeing to his responsibilities real or in his head that he attend and help as many as those affected by recent events that he can. He will enter into the room glancing around though he doesnt wear his armor today, his sword still hangs at his side. He will move further in to not block the way. He will spot at least one he knows well. "Lady Lucita, it is good to see you." He offers a small friendly smile.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ven before departing.

Cadenza makes her way in the door, on the arm of that Fidante lord. Exhaling she just closes her eyes for a moment then nods as if in thought. As she moves in, she nods and greets those as she passes before looking to Eirene. Bowing her head to the woman she smiles warmly then. There were no words she could offer at this time but she just moves out of the way for now. She was never good at these events.

Coincidentally, Belladonna manages to end up wherever Ian halts. She inclines her head towards Lucita with a murmured, "Baronesss," offered in return greeting. Glancing aside, she nods to Ian and offers, "Lord Kennex, a pleasure to see you again." She then leans in to murmur something to the man before straightening once more and clasping her hands together in front of her.

"It is through the foundations he laid for us that we can continue to make the Silver Consortium great and relevant in the Compact's economy," Rook tells Eirene, "and so we owe him this in the least. It is nothing more than a refined example of wealth, as befits the Lycene," promises the prince courtier. "May I introduce my protege, a celebrity amongst the world of art and entertainment, Mistress Yasmine Rovashani?" Out of polite effort he does this, a smile for Yasmine, before he says to the room. "Welcome, one and all, to a small gathering of for our late and dear friend, Lord Cicero Malvici. We encourage you not to mourn, but to celebrate life. So, let us drink, and let us speak of our time in his company, and let us mingle."

A few trays make their way around, various options to drink, though wine, champagne and whisky are prominent.

Ian nods to Lucita, and just gets through a greeting ("Baroness Saik.") when Belladonna whispers to him. He nods to her and unbuttons his coat just enough to slip a flask out of an inner pocket. He passes it over.

Sir Alren arrives, following Bianca.

Eirene nods slightly to Yasmine. "Mistress," she says in her husky voice. "I am confident the Consortium will continue well, inspired by his beginnings and motivated to always press onward," the Malvici replies diplomatically. She moves away from Lucita's companionship to stand away from the others, receiving guests and condolences with a murmur of 'thanks.'

Waldemai liberates a whiskey from a tray, or, rather, transfers its custody between responsible parties.

Gives Ian and small smile and takes the flask, tipping it back for a 'hit' before passing it back along. Yep, this will be her buddy during the funeral, the one who came prepared. She winces slightly at the bite of the contents of the flask but otherwise refuses to betray a single thing.

While Cadenza is on Ignacio's arm, it seems he is the real arm candy in this situation as he politely stays out of the way as other speak, nodding to those that acknowledge him. Overall, he just stays out of the way with his raven haired wife, just giving a presence to show his respects.

Cassius murmurs something to Eirene, looking sympathetic before he falls into silence. A twitch of something like approval on his face, but he disdains from any drinks, for a wonder.

Ian takes a casual drink from the flask as well, once Belladonna hands it back, before putting it away. Watching his feet as he goes, he angles towards Eirene where she's set herself apart, and takes a bottle of an intense red liquid out of his satchel.

It took a few minutes after entry for Bianca to locate Eirene, the woman's apparel nearly a disguise in comparison to what the Archscholar usually saw her in. As soon as the warrior was spotted, though, she was en route to the widow. She didn't say anything, simply moving to silently stand at Eirene's side with a polite distance between them for the moment.

With another bow of her head, Yasmine's eyes follow Eirene for just a moment before she turns her head to look at Rook, murmuring something low to him. She disentangles herself from his arm for a moment before weaving her way through the crowd to fetch a couple of glasses of champagne. One might think she's retrieved one for herself and for Rook, but with how fast she is downing one glass while she walks back to Rook's side, it might be the case that she has taken both glasses for herself instead. Because a memorial is the perfect place to double fist champagne glasses.

Signe arrives in the central hall to Witness the memorial. She's gazing over those gathered and an effort is made to tone down her usual high spirited excitement.

"I will leave you to the fabulous company of your husband's friends and associates and make my rounds, my lady," Rook shares with Eirene then, a bow of his head, a respectful bob. The prince courtier and Crown Minister's attention drift briefly aside, to Yasmine at her champagne collection, to whom he thanks, "Champagne? Oh, you're a darling," This, right while his arm extends, taking the glass. "I spy quite a few familiar faces," is claimed, the shine of his silver silks marking him alongside the red of his companion, then the whisper of them is heard as he walks forward. "I spy the Duchess Pravus and her Consort themselves," he tells the Prodigal woman he's taken license to guide, "will you please promise to behave yourself? Titles, curtsies and minimal references to animal anatomy?" There's a mild blanche, remembering -something-, clearly.

Lucita gives Eirene a nod and moves toward Ian and Belladonna. She is in a somber mood, quieter than usual for her.

Eirene coughs a little after the polite silence. She nods to Ian, grateful, and takes a step forward. "I suppose this is either the best fucking time for it or the tackiest," she says in her usual blunt fashion. "Cicero and I were lovers for years before I proposed. I was... thankful he would agree to marry me. Glad even. I wouldn't say girlishly giddy because let's face it, I had a few years on him," she says with a dry smirk. Now she looks more like herself with that expression.

"Anyhow," Eirene continues, "he made me happy. We were... comfortable in one another's company which is all a married couple can really ask for, but I think, as the years went on in our relationship, I think we were in love." She pauses at that and then concludes, "He'll have a legacy in more than this..." She motions to the Consortium hall. "because in our brief time as actual husband and wife, he managed to give me a child. So he'll have a son or daughter to be remembered by..."

Waldemai hoists his whiskey prisoner. "Hear hear."

Ian waits until Eirene is done speaking hands the bottle of the red alcohol -- because of course it's alcohol -- over to her, along with a few murmured words, presumably words of consolation. Then, after nods to Lucita and Belladonna, he turns and heads for the exit, watching his feet as he goes. Apparently he was just here for alcohol and (possible) consolation delivery.

"That baron was -fascinated- to hear about duck genitals," Yasmine whispers heatedly to Rook as he drags her toward the Pravus couple, managing to hiss just before she has to be 'polite', "He was the one who asked the question in the first place!"

Torian flows into the room, a smooth ripple of leather pausing only to find his barings and then orienting himself towards the libations and such. Can't properly remember a man's life with out a drink, can you? He takes a tall glass of something, must be a beer or ale, and then down the line he scoops up a smaller glass of some kind of brown liquor. He drinks enough of the former that he can then poor the contents of the later into it, fortifying the beverage in the tall glass and returning the empty shorter glass before he makes his waay towards the impressive statue, sipping as he goes.

Cadenza smiles as she raises a glass of champagne she procured from somewhere. At some point. She even grabbed one for Iggy.

Rook says in Ravashari, "Yasmine, come on, -five- minutes? She just said she's pregnant!"

Cassius listens to the words from Eirene and lifts his voice. "And a fine, fierce child they'll be, with both of your blood in him, right?" His smile is short-lived however, as he turns to Yasmine and Rook, peering between the two. "Do I want to know?" Clearly aimed at them for the duck genitals comment. "Greeting, your highness, always a pleasure."

Rook manages to have a very diplomatic smile that is barely touched by Yasmine's words, as if he's ignoring her, and raises his flute of champagne to Eirene in her announcement. "Congratulations, my lady. Should there ever be any needs to be seen to outside of House Malvici's purview regarding your son or daughter, they will have friends here, within the Consortium."

Barric arrives just for the best stuff apparently. The moment of silence he was silent for because that is all it could be in a place this crowded, and that quiet, but at Eirene's announcement he smiles, "Congratulations!" He calls out to Eirene and then his smile turns into a big wide grin, "So that's what you meant earlier." He chuckles and makes his way over to find a place to sit, but only after snagging himself some wine, or champagne, or setarco fire, or something to drink.

Ven cocks his head at the sound of a new language. "Color me interested, that's one I don't know yet."

Rook tacks on, after scolding Yasmine in Ravashari, a pleasant acknowledgement of Cassius. "My lord, my lady, the pleasure is all mine. Welcome to the Silver Consortium. I'll be frank and implore you not to encourage her, she's already one of my most unruly students yet, and I believe it causes her a great deal of amusement to get the investment of interest from others." Lord help him. As for Ven's query, his head tilts, a polite smile.

Eirene isn't showing like Lucita is, because it's far too early, but she offers a somewhat shy smile that looks out of place on her usually stern face. "Thank you," she replies to Rook, "I will make sure they know their father's friends and associates." She glances at Bianca and gives a 'whelp, that's out of the bag' shrug. "And thank you, your highness," she says to Barric.

Leaning over, Cadenza murmurs to Ignacio for a moment before taking a sip of her champagne. With that she looks to Eirene with a bright smile. "Congrats!"

Belladonna smiles faintly at Eirene's announcement, retrieving a glass of champagne from a passing tray to lift towards her. Taking a sip, those intensely sapphire eyes drift around the room. She returns the nod to Ian, then looks to the approaching Rook and Yasmine, her features smoothing back into that polite, if distant, mask. This is, after all, the woman that insulted her dear friend so casually in the whites not that lon ago. Only that iron control allows her to greet the pair with a smile, inclining her head towards the approaching master and protege. "Your Highness, a pleasure as always. We should speak, soon. For now, excuse me if you will. I believe I should offer my congratulations to Lady Eirene." Pointedly not even glancing to Yasmine, she swans away from the trio of Cassius, Rook, and Yasmine to approach Eirene with a warm smile. "I'm very glad for you, Lady Eirene. And let me please echo Prince Rook's sentiment. Pravus will gladly stand with Malvici. What is the saying... it takes a vilalge to raise a child? Something like that." Leaning in, she'll press a kiss to Eirene's cheek.

Bianca's hands folded before her, a small smile ticking a hint more broad at Eirene's announcement, bowing her head at the glance though per usual she played the role of silent observer. After a moment or two, though, she leaned to murmur something to Eirene rather than interrupt the shower of congratulations.

Yasmine checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Yasmine checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Eirene checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Eirene's a bit unsure how to respond to Bella's friendly gesture. She seems to be searching for the right reply and resorts for, "You're the most unlikely villager ever, Duchess." It's a friendly joke, if a flat one. "But - I am glad of Pravus' friendship. This is a Lycene baby, after all."

Lucita gives Eirene a smile and nod, a soft spoken 'congratulations, I'm there for you if you want or need me, Auntie."

Yasmine says something sulkily in return before she glances at Cassius and Belladonna and drops into a positively gorgeous curtsy. She seems utterly unphased by Belladonna's snub. In fact, she only seems to exchange a look with Rook, brows raised, and then glances to Cassius, almost as if she expects him to follow suit as she says with utter politeness, "A pleasure to meet you, my lord." She glances in Ven's direction, but doesn't say anything in response yet.

Rook tilts his head in a polite, diplomatic effort for Belladonna upon receipt of the brief words and the perceptible indifference to his companion. If it plagues him, it doesn't make it to his face, though he does turn his gaze to Yasmine as she looks to him with her brows aloft. "That gentlemen," he says of Ven, "is asking after the tongue you talk. Perhaps you might tell him of it, of your people, as you are versed in Ravashari customs moreso than any in this city. Considering you uphold Skald's own promise."

Cassius likewise looks a bit surprised at Belladonna's offer of friendship, but he nods approvingly, rumbling his agreement as he stands with his hands clasped behind his back. He looks down at Yasmine and, after a moment, turns his gaze to Rook and says only, "Of course, Prince Rook. I am well aware how unruly proteges can be when they get excitable, it is no bother to me. And do not forget, I still owe you that glass of champagne." And he then drifts over to stand by his wife.

Barric makes his way through the crowd over towards Lucita when he spots her amongst all the people, weaving politely around groups or clusters of people on the way careful not to spill anything. He lifts his drink in salute to Eirene with a small smile and then drinks to toast the new life. Finally coming to a stop near to Lucita he murmurs something to her and then nods politely to those who are near to her as well. "Good evening." A smile and a nod of his head is given to Cassius on the way and his attention is also caught by Belladonna and Eirene's interaction briefly curious before he settles in to socialize.

Ven smiles at Rook and Yasmine, drifting closer after getting himself some tea. "Languages are an interest of mine, I've spent most of my life traveling and picking them up turned out to be awful useful. It's a shame there isn't enough time to learn them all, but...well, it's amazing what they can do. Saved my life a few times, at the very least."

Cadenza nods as she then looks around. It was nice to hear such things about her cousin. Sighing she then looks around at the various conversations before glancing back to the rose lord. Looking around, she gives a wave to Ven as well as Cassius and Belladonna. Slowly she makes her way over to that statue...a smile tugging at her lips as she looked it over.

Eirene scowls briefly at Bianca as the two murmur back and forth. "I guess our children will be close enough in age to train together, Baroness," she replies to Lucita with a faint attempt at a smile. "We can tell thems stories of their dads..."

For a moment, Yasmine blinks and her brow furrows as if confused. Then, something Rook whispers to her makes understanding dawn in ther gold-flecked eyes. There is a brief frown, but then she smiles again, this time directly at Ven. "It's Ravashari. The language of my people. I am Yasmine. And you are?"

Bianca dipped her head to those speaking with Eirene before excusing herself politely (unfazed by the Malvici's scowl) to find a passing servant. Something was muttered to the man before again returning to Eirene's side and only a few minutes later the server returned with a glass and a pitcher of water which were handed over to the Archscholar. Glass was filled and offered subtly toward Eirene.

Lucita nods to Eirene, "Indeed we can. I hope they grow up to be close friends." And to Barric she tips her head to listen, gives a little smile and gives a low spoken reply.

"I would consider myself a polyglot as well," Rook says to Ven, "and it was only through a great honour and understanding of respect for the Ravashari that my protege gifted me lessons. I wouldn't feel affronted by not knowing it, I am not sure many do. What other languages do you speak, Master...?" he opens up, looking to Yasmine, nodding as they await a name.

The mother-to-be, well known for her love of drink, has water. Eirene looks momentarily miserable but sips it slowly.

"Valkieri will enjoy having other children around to play with, after they get a couple years in them," Cassius remarks with a little quirk to his lips, looking pleased by the thought. "It is good for the next generation to all know each other so well." He does watch the glass Eirene lifts closely, grunting in approval as he realizes it is, in fact, water.

Ven briefly removes his floppy blue hat to place over his chest. "Ven Foundling. Traveler of Arvum, seeker and seller of books, artifacts and knowledge." He says, redonning his hat with a graceful flip. "Aside from my native Arvani, I picked up Northlands shav while I lived with a tribe for a winter collecting their stories. I was barely an adult, then. Some years later I picked up Eurusi from a trader I befriended. My most recent was the hardest, I uncovered a book written in Nox'alfar and wound up traveling all over the continent getting bits and pieces of the language from all the sources I could find until I'd learned enough to speak it and translate the book." He sighs. "Turns out that it was a book of dirty limericks. Quite the joke at my expense, really. But I got to learn something new, and the buyer for the book didn't seem to mind what it was about much when I eventually sold it at auction. A few of the rhymes even translated half-decently."

Memorials are always hard if you don't know who the fallen is. But Jordan knows the widow, at least, and so he approaches Eirene, offering the woman a nod after a quiet entrance. Reaching out to touch her shoulder, should he be allowed, there's a solemn murmur before he glances about.

Chuckling at Eirene's reaction, she gives a small nod, "I suppose I am, my lady. But the offer is genuine and firm nonetheless. My husband would have my tongue if I spoke false on this." She flicks a glance back to Cassius, smiling faintly at her husband. Earlier grievances apparently forgiven on that account. Looking back up, Belladonna smiles towards the now Lady Cadenza Igniseri, lifting a hand briefly in greeting. When she realizes that all Eirene has is water, she seems about to say something, then thinks better of it. "Yes, Valkieri is coming along nicely but there is an unfortunate lack of other Pravus children for him to play with. Though Abbas' children are starting to interact with us all more, so I can hope they're getting used to us."

Barric smiles at Lucita softly after their brief conversation but then his attention is turned back towards Eirene, and Belladonna, "Duchess Pravus, it has been to long." He offers a polite bow of his head to Belladonna, "Though I wish it were under better circumstances for us to meet, this celebration, has had at least some happy news." Then to Eirene he says, "If I can offer assistance in any way, please, do not hesitate to ask my Lady."

Eirene calls over to Ven. "There's a book of dirty poetry about a Nox and a spider over in the Trader's Tavern, just a few buildings over from here," she says. That thought makes her snigger, laughing even as she sips her water. She accepts the touch from Jordan and nods back to him. "Yeah, it was... it was... loss doesn't even start," she says as the humor fades into a touch of anger. She forces herself to nod to Barric and gulps down more water.

Ven winces at Eirene's mention of the dreadful spider story. "Yeah, I've read that one. Wish I hadn't. I'm not usually a proponent of book burning but good gods."

Among those paying their respects Signe waves through the gathering of others, picking up on conversations here and there. She offers a small smile to those familiar, Graham, Jordan, Ignacio, Barric as well as to her kin Cassius. She approaches Eirene after learning more on who was survived by the lost. She'll patiently wait the opportunity to address her, "He'll remain in our thoughts Lady Eirene." The northerner offered.

"Your Highness, its always a pleasure. At least you can be glad to not have His Majesty around with more creative fashion suggestions for you?" Belladonna offers in reply, merriment dancing briefly in that sapphire gaze before she resumes her more polite face. "We shall have to find some time to meet when we aren't at a function or distracted. Or discussing fashion." She chuckles softly and glances between Eirene and Ven, lifting a brow. "Interesting..."

"Indeed I would," Cassius says in deadpan humor to his wife's statement, humming something under his breath to himself. He perks up a bit at the mention of a certain book, looking between Eirene and Ven. "Oh right, you wrote me about that. Really have to read it now, if it's that bad." He seems excited of the very idea, before Eirene's shifting humor makes him grunt and lean in, murmuring something to her as he lifts a hand to Signe.

Cadenza returns the wave to Belladonna before finishing her champagne. Taking Ignacio's arm she politely says her goodbyes to those who may notice then lets him lead the way.

With another squeeze to Eirene's shoulder, Jordan nods, in understanding. He murmurs something else, flashes her a smile and heads on over to the refreshments table. Once he's acquired some ale for himself, he flashes Signe a brief, but bright smile on his way to crossing paths with Yasmine. "My apologies," he states, once he realizes he was about to bump into her, nodding deferentially. "I should mind my step. Sir Jordan Ober, at your service."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Graham before departing.

The dark haired knight of roses gives a polite nods to whom ever he encounters including Signe heading out of the door discreetly with Cadenza on his arm. Ignacio leaves as quietly as he arrived, not wanting to disturb friends and family of Cicero in enjoying his memory.

3 Fidante House Guards, Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide leave, following Cadenza.

2 Fidante House Guards, Cadenza leave, following Ignacio.

Eirene gives Signe a grim nod. "I'll make sure someone doesn't forget him," she says sharply, glancing at the room for... something. Nothing. Just looking around. "But thanks." Jordan is given an slight nod. "We'll see," is all she replies to him, clutching her water and staring at it as if force of will alone will turn it to whiskey or vodka.

Yasmine's eyes light up as she listens to Ven and she says with obvious delight, "I know Eurusi, too! It is not my strongest tongue, but I know enough to speak it." She looks utterly intrigued at the idea of these 'dirty poems' and opens her mouth likely to ask about them in the least charming way possible... and then there is a near miss with Jordan. She even almost spills her last few precious drops of champagne! "Is fine. Hello, Sir Jordan. I am Yasmine. I am talking to this Ven. He knows dirty poems. I think he should tell us some." She looks at the man with wide eyes, blinking in owlish innocence even as a grin tugs at her lips.

Torian is about half ways through his makeshift boilermaker when he allows his meandering to get him near the huddle that includes Belladonna. He's patient for a moment, letting them discuss the spider loving poems, just sipping his drink. When a gap seems to present itself, he leans in a little. "Duchess, good to see you back in the city and well. I hear the battle was something aweful."

Graham looks up from his people watching as a messenger finds him. He reads the missive and nods in understanding. "I am very sorry though I am being called away He speaks to Lucita and Singne at least as he nods in appology to the others and will make his way for the door and out.

"How fortunate," Rook replies to Ven as he introduces himself nad makes mention of the tongues he can turn. "I know each of those as well, though my understanding of Shav'arvani dialects are from the West, deep within the Oathlands, rather than the North. Then of course," he hand to his glamourous companion, "Ravashari. I'd like to pick up a couple more but I am in no rush. They must have a use, I feel, or an appreciation of that culture must be had. That aides in learning and opens one's eyes wider." As he spies the gathering around Eirene, and Eirene's reaction to it, he clears his throat a little. "Shall we consider what this lady says a little more deeply, my friends?" he indicates of Signe, "and perhaps if anyone did know Lord Cicero Malvici personally they could speak on a memorable encounter. That may be a bit more palatable at this very raw time." Then, with a nod, he looks back to Ven and Yasmine after a brief offering given to the room. Jordan's arrival, and Yasmine's nearly broken response is observed, before he smiles slightly tighter. "I think there are better places for that, don't think you?" he corrects Yasmine tirelessly.

Bianca leaned to murmur another brief few words to Eirene, but by the looks of the Arscholar she was still a bit under the weather. Probably why her social level was at such a low.

"We must always be thankful for some small blessings." Barric says with a small wry smile at Belladonna, "Still it ended up turning out alright. I still have that outfit though I do not know when it will ever be worn again. It would be somewhat..." He pauses, "Tasteless to wear it again I think. Perhaps in time it might come around in style again." He smiles at Belladonna and then nods towards Lucita when she murmurs something to him, glancing over towards Ven and studying him a moment before he looks back towards Belladonna, "I would definitely enjoy a meeting that was not so crowded I think, give us time to really speak to one another and move beyond the usual pleasantries." He lifts his drink with a nod of his head before he takes a sip and murmurs something back to Lucita.

Cassius snorts at Eirene at whatever she murmurs to him, looking disbelieving as he stands beside his wife, looking about with little more to say at the moment...Other than to snag a drink as one passes. A large one.

The young shaman, Signe, smiles against all the sorrow and grim, agreeing with Rook. "Yes this should be a celebration of the Lord's life. Does anyone recall a funny interaction with the man? Something humorous. I did not know him personally though I would love to learn of the joys he's brought. That is how you honor their memory."

Lucita gives an apologetic glance to Baric. "Seems I shall have to give up the effort to introduce since some seem to be drifting away. Perhaps another time."

"He's right that I really shouldn't at a funeral, but..." Ven leans in close to Yasmine and speaks something quietly in Eurusi that has a lyrical tilt to it.

Ven says in Eurusi, "From Caer there once was a lad

whose lack of action made him sad

he went to human land

found they understand

and now that all call him granddad."

Rook says in Ravashari, "eurusi"

Rook says in Ravashari, "OOC: gdi"

Bianca dipped her head to the widow as well as to anyone who may have been in the immediate vicinity before finding her way to the exit.

Eirene mutters a joke back to Bianca, a moment of humor appearing again. She nudges the silver haired scholar with her elebow. "I... can tell one. Part of one," the widow says akwardly. She pauses as the poetry or whatever it is gets recited. "Or... not. Whatever makes people happy. Cicero probably wouldn't have cared much." Her expression goes back to slightly angry, her hand closing around her glass.

Rook says something in a rush to Yasmine in Ravashari and then adds, in Aravani, "Incorrigble," before he reaches for another glass of champagne. Though he doesn't seem so bothered beyond the show of such frustrations, so it must be in partially good humours.

Belladonna offers a smile towards Torian and gives a nod, "Indeed, Master Culler. I was fortunate enough to reach Arx with my son shortly before the battles occurred. I did not see them for myself, but my husband and vassals assured me that it was fierce and terrible. However, we will overcome. Work has already begun on rebuilding the fleet and I am in the process of starting a new goal. One that I hope to be highly profitable for all involved in the venture." She glances back to Cassius, the tiniest of smiles twitching at her lips to see him grabbing a drink. Then she's looking back to Barric with a chuckle and responds, "You wore it quite well, Your Highness. But you are correct. Items so unique should be saved for rare occasions. But do feel free to consult with me on fashion decisions before any other large events. It seems I will be attending the Grayson Awards Ceremony, perhaps we can coordinate something appropriate." She finally relents in her teasing to smile and gives a slow dip of her head, "That would be lovely, thank you."

Bianca froze mid-step, instead turning back to stay her departure. Brow lifted and gaze drifted over her shoulder. Her hand reached to give Eirene's shoulder a light squeeze before continuing on prior path.

"It's only right that you should share some stories of him, I think. That's what memorials are for, isn't it?" Ven says.

Sir Alren leaves, following Bianca.

"Thank you," Yasmine says to Ven with a nod before she grows quiet and leans in to murmur something to Rook before stepping away for more champagne.

Rook spreads his hands to Eirene, "Since Master Foundling has already, albeit in Eurusi, you may as well. Please, go on. I am, as they say, considered a little too tightly wound when I've not had enough champagne. So I'll just drink more to get by."

Torian nods along as Belladonna replies, tucking away his mental notes on her summary of the battle. She's busy though, and so he offers a bit of a bow, "Don't let me interrupt you all here. Just wanted to make sure I took the time for a hello." He turns then, sipping his way closer to the bottom of the glass, so that he mght marvel at the silver statue of Cicero. "Reckon what somethin' like that costs..." he wonders aloud.

Rook calls to Torian, "Master Culler, the cost was no object, I must admit. If you wish me to appraise you of how much it cost to make, I could only say 'not enough'. The Craftsers Guild did right by us, I think. One of their order made it and we couldn't be more pleased. I've had people comment how it tricks the eyes, even covered in silver."

"I was curious, who was the artist?" Ven asks.

"We shall have to see Duchess, the key word would be... appropriate." Barric says with an amused smile, mischief in his eyes before he takes another sip. "I do thank you for the kind offer, we shall have to discuss possibilities some time." He looks over towards Rook, Yasmine, and Ven for a few moments at all the foreign languages being spouted. Then he looks back to Lucita and Belladonna, "I have recently joined the Society of Explorer's, it is all really quite intriguing I think. I am told that since the way south is now moderately passable, we may begin expeditions in that direction. It should be most enlightening."

"We spent our honeymoon at the Lodge of Petrichor," Eirene says, trying to calm down her temper with the happier thought. It's not working too well. "And Dame Leola was kind enough to let us have run of the place. She may regret that now considering what we did on every last table and desk in there but I digress," she says with a ghost of a smile. "We went into her room and rumamged through her trunk of clothes out of curiosity to see what she had. There was this... pink dress. With silvery unicorns. The most -hideous- we're talking, only Princess Reese would love it." She pauses to glance at the statue as well, and blinks a few times to bat tears from her eyes. "We just... laughed. Held it up to one another and tried to picture what it would look like worn. It was hideous."

Rook says in Ravashari, "I'd have to consult my assistants, unfortunately. There's a receipt in the records room, I'm sure, -somewhere-. Forgive me for not knowing off-hand."

Rook says, "I'd have to consult my assistants, unfortunately. There's a receipt in the records room, I'm sure, -somewhere-. Forgive me for not knowing off-hand."

Cassius intercepts a letter, marked with the Pravus seal, and he squints at it, sighing quietly. "Apologies, a bit of business to take care of. Nothing too serious," he assures Belladonna. "But I should deal with it right now, after all." And he dips a bow, after listening to Eirene's story with a sharp, suppressed snort of humor, rolling his eyes. " Surprised he didn't try it on."

Torian shifts suddenly, but tries to not make it too obvious he's slightly startled by Rook's observation. "Sorry, didn't realize I was thinking outloud. It's a very lovely piece... but yeah I guess it doesn't need to be solid does it?" He tilts his head some, looking back at it. "I don't reckon it was poured with silver from a collection of mines all across the land, but I'm going to think on it like it is. Seems like that's fitting."

Eirene nahs at Cassius, "He wasn't into women's clothing. Not his thing." She gives him a bit more earnest smile but it just as soon fades. She reaches onto her lapel and pulls the clothes pin off from there, setting it down alongside the statue with the other trinkets left in memorium. She stares at the statue for an uncomfortable moment. "It's so much like him. At least the baby will know what their father looks like," she says softly.

Lucita gives Eirene a sympathetic glance, murmurs her goodbyes to her and the hosts of the event and turns to quietly slip out.

"Oh, hello, Mistress Yasmine," Jordan smiles politely to her, looking over to Ven and nodding to the man, studying him for a moment. "Dirty... poems," he pauses, shaking his head, somehow keeping his counsel for now. Something about jokes in this moment just bemuses him somewhat, though he murmurs something to the dancer.

Rook smiles broadly at the story Eirene divulges, then with a soft chuckle spilt, he then lifts his second glass of champagne and exchanges mild side comments with his protege as they stand there. "Master Foundling, may I ask then, what are you doing in the City of Arx? Do you take a brief reprieve from travel, or is this your next destination you intend to leave from, or what?"

"I'm working for a few clients who live here on some of my current projects, so it's been convenient to be around. I do have two upcoming trips being planned, but I don't know when yet." Ven explains.

"How extravagant, I am positively jealous," Rook insists to Ven. "We shall have to meet again sometime, I find myself fascinated by your potential trove of stories, and would certainly share in my own."

Watching as her husband prepares to leave, she lifts a brow at his mention of Pravus business. Giving a small nod to him, she turns back and moves towards Torian, stepping up next to him and taking a sip of her champagne. Glancing sidelong at him, she nods and looks at the statue of Cicero. "Its the eyes. They follow you through the room..."

Ven nods to Rook. "That could be fun."

1 Saik Guard, Micana leave, following Lucita.

Eirene motions for a refill of the water, holding tight to the glass. Apparently her attempt at humor failed. She goes to lean against a wall and be anti-social, glaring a nothing in particular.

Eirene mutters, "I know you ... are here, ... this. Fucking die. I will ... a way to make ... happen..."

Signe enjoyed the story that Eirene had shared, seeming to lighten up the mood if temporary. She slips out quietly from the affair.

Atila leaves, following Signe.

"So how did Lord Cicero come to found the Consortium?" Ven asks everyone.

Torian nods a few times. "It's a good trick Dutchess... and the whole thing really is well done." He looks sideways at Belladonna for a moment, then back towards the statue. "I reckon some of us'll get fancy statues, some of us won't." He drinks again, this time finding the bottom of his glass this time. "If you'll excuse me, I've got to go empty my hand here."

"It's a strange statue to get used to but I approve of it wholeheartedly," Rook says to Belladonna from across the way, after a nod to Ven, before he chuckles. As the event winds down, he then calls out, "To those who wish to stay and enjoy the remainder drinks and company, please do. Though obviously should you get too drunk and try wandering down those halls," he points to the vaults, "the Silvershields will escort you out. So, once again, thank you for coming-- to Lord Cicero Malvici." A lift of his drink. Then, after a moment, he says to Ven, "I'm not even sure I know when or how, though I have been a member for quite some time myself, even."

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