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SoE: Finders Keepers

The Society of Explorers received a request for aid. Since the society received the message, the countdown has begun to search for clues to the missing ship, cargo, and crew. They know the rules of 3. What will they find when they get there? Will they get there in time? And in the time of crisis, can people really be spared to look for one ship and it's crew?

OOC: A prp storytelling event for the SoE org. ***Pending Crisis GM scheduled war scenes, this may be bumped to accommodate players involvement in that***


March 13, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Caspian Emily Lou Luis Jasher Calaudrin



Outside Arx - Brighthold - Wilderness - South of Brighthold

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Deliverance, an albino falcon arrives, delivering a message to Emily before departing.

Master Cecil Maraja, a merchant prince with his fleet from somewhere west of Ostria, has taken up calling upon the Society of Explorers in this critical time. While armies are soon preparing to set sail if they haven't done so already or moving to march, there was no answer to Master Cecil's request for aid without him having to spend fortunes for a mercenary band. Lo and behold, he heard of the Society of Explorers and came to them, negotiating with one of the First Seekers a nominal finder's fee.

The mission was for the most part, was clear. Head south of Arx and try to find the remains of Master Cecil's cargo ship, called the Whistler's Bet, and all her crew! The Explorers that stepped forward could volunteer their time, but only for a quick stint, knowing that war was among them all and perhaps other duties awaited them. For now, after a quick stop to Brighthold and confirming that Maraja's ship had not made it to port and that other captains muttered about more 'break ups' in the sea and ominous stories of such, the group decide how they want to approach this very tedious mission - the ship after all, was last reported seen by a lighthouse north of Caith.

Jasher has no sooner arrived at the docks then he is ready to depart by the docks. "Send a ship to find a ship," says he to his fellows as he watches the ocean more than anything else. "If there are rumors of break ups and storms, I imagine we will run into whatever this Cecil ran into."

Luis, having been offered a position with the Explorers and probably one of its more recent recruits, comes dressed for the sea, which is to say that he's wearing his onyx and crimson leathers, with a heavy cloak and hood that can be pulled up over his head tot protect from the sea spray should it get ugly. Both hair and leather have been oiled and his dark curls cling to his head as he stands with the others, hand resting upon the rubicund hilt of the saber at his side. Across his back is a dark cloth wrapped blade slung over his shoulder. Looking from one to the other, he speaks "We could go on a ship, though it's likely run aground somewhere. Regardless, having a ship at our disposal will make for an easier search, with a little less walking, and we'll always be in sight of land." Which according to Luis' tone, is an important thing. He looks around, ready to hear whatever input others may have.

Calaudrin has spent his entire adult life in Arx and away from seafaring ventures. Still, in the last year or so he's been on them more often. Today he stands with the rest of the group after having determined where this ship was last scene. "Hmm. I agree, it would be a good idea to keep a look out for anything unusual out in the water while we travel to this lighthouse." As preparations are made to continue to on, he double checks his bow and quiver, making sure all equipment is in sound order.

First expedition! So exicting! It's easy to tell by the grin on his face Caspian has as they wander around Brighthold, talking to captians and getting more information about the missing cargo ship. Though his eyes go to Jasher and Calaudrin, offering a wide smile to them, "Hello there, don't think we've met before. I'm Caspian Wild, some day best champion in Arx." Looking as all the people pipe up with their suggestions, he says, "We should probably ask more about this light house near Caith. See if there are any hazards there, or any rumors of piracy and such. That may provide more clues where to look."

Lou checked charm + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Caspian checked charm + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Emily looks about as ready as she will ever be, considering she's never been aboard a boat. Fingers flex and tighten and only then unfurl as she stares out over the water. The earthen hues of her leathers make her stand out such a backdrop. Eyes flit to Jasher as he speaks and she affords him a wan smile as her dark brows furrow once more across her brow. The conversation of the others draws her attention and she turns then to regard each, blue eyes considering in silence before she nods to them. "A ship is definitely needed but Caspian is right, we need better information about the waters in the area."

Emily checked charm + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Luis checked charm + streetwise at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Jasher checked charm + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Lou listens intently to everyone as they make suggestions. She nods to Caspian. "Gathering information is always good. Though, I think horseback might be safer than taking a boat to get down there. We can always grab a boat on the way up to bring the cargo back while in Caith. We can make the decision on how to get down there after we gather a bit more information here first, though." This she addresses to those ready and rearing to sail down south in murky waters.

"Hello Caspian Wild, Someday Best Champion in Arx." Calaudrin replies to the young man, with a faint smile tugging along the corners of his mouth, taking any real sting out of that implied sarcasm. While it's probably a wise idea to converse with the locals, he's about as charming as a pile of crumbling bricks. So to spare any incidents, the Iron Guard is going to remain quiet on this portion of the start.

"I am Prince Jasher Thrax," Jasher generally introduces. "I fear no waters wild or dark, but gathering more information is generally warranted. If horseback riding has me at a disadvantage. Never cared for the beasts."

There is a brief look of relief on Emily's face as Lou speaks of horses. "Yes, horses," she agrees amicably. She lets out a long held breath and though it seems she has no idea how on earth to begin talking to sailors. She looks to each of the small group as they introduce each other however, dipping her head to Jasher and Calaudrin, only having met the latter in passing. "Lady Emily Deepwood.." she offers.

"Missere Caspian, a pleasure to see you again," Luis notes to the champion, since he clearly had missed the imposing figure that Luis strikes at his whole five-foot-ten-inches of gigantique height. "Oh, did someone suggest a horse? Well now, that sounds a lot more interesting." Luis remarks, chuckling and bowing his head to the woman for her foresight. A glance to the others, and he adds, "Lord Luis Igniseri. I think most of us have met, but I figure I'd say hi anyways, just in case you'd forgotten," he teases slightly. "So do we need some horses then? Does the Society have horses for us, just Lou?" he asks, as he casually side steps three large, rather obvious steps to bump into the side of Emily and wrap an arm around her shoulders. "Ready to go save the day?" he asks.

"I suppose horses are fine, unless it somehow ran arround on the island of Nilanza, but I suppose we could ride down to Caith and then grab a boat to check along the coast there?" Caspian says back to Lou with a shrug her way. Looking over to Luis, he gives the man a grin, nodding his way as he says, "Well, if that's it for planning, then I'm probably going to go dig up some more info on this lighthouse, see out what we can find."

The port in Brighthold is a bit more busy than usual, although sailors are looking wearily toward the sea, as if sensing the growing dread from the darker waters. There's plenty of captains that will snark at Emily and refuse to talk to her about passage anywhere, for whatever reason it goes around quickly and sailors walk away from any of her attempts - maybe they make a game out of it. Lou and Jasher have better luck talking to the locals. Thing is, there's not many ships that are bound South at such a time, most have their manifests scheduled to reach Arx. There's excessive hope and lifted spirits about being able to sell their cargo for higher prices right now, war stock they call it. Lou finds a Captain of a vessal that will go make the trip to Nilanza in two days time, and he wants quite a substantial amount for taking them there. Jasher does locate a smaller vessel, owned by a local that tends to ship livestock and heading down the coast a ways to a fishing village, in Brighthold's beholden grounds - though the cost is about 100 silver per person, much more reasonable and one of the only ships going south today. Luis and Caspian discover the talk of the shark's teeth around the peninsula, many ships get lost there under captain's that don't know the waters.

"I am ready to find some cargo, hopefully not aboard a vessel," Emily remarks to Luis as he puts his arm around her. Though as they all seem to split off Emily finds herself coming up with nothing repeatedly, soon finding that no one who is anyone will share information with her. She ends up following along with a few of the others and finally with Luis as she mutters something on the order of 'I need to speak with Derovai when I get back' a hand rubbing at the back of her neck beneath the wealth of dark hair.

As for horses, well they already came from Arx with them... Unless they walked the whole way? If they caught a lift on a cart traveling this way or a boat, well, horses in the market tend to be going for about 25 silver a nag!

"Hey. You there!" Lou calls out to one of the captains being not so nice to Emily. "Do you know who I am? I am Princess Lou Grayson. Yes. That princess. That goes out exploring. Brings back treasure and other goods, and who has ties to nearly /every/ fealty in Arvum as Pathfinder of the Explorers. If you do not want your trade to dry up, stop harassing one of my explorers. Because, I assure you, more than a few of the High Lords support our organization, and they'll hear about this sort of behavior." There goes Lou, being all mother bear growly at people who are being stupid. Lou doesn't abide stupid. Nor mean. Once she gets her information, she goes back to the others to share what she knows. She looks to Jasher, "Is the livestock vessel sound?" she asks. "And, did the captain of the vessel seem to know the waters we're sailing into?"

Jasher speaks readily and easily to sailors, despite his youth. He manages the salt-weathered air, a little rugged, worldweary and seaworthy. Talking shop about avoiding the worst hazards while sailing, well, more or less right at one. When he returns to the group, it's with a small smile. "I would expect to smell of cows, but it is a sound vessel and the man knows his waters. Anyone who ships anything as unsettled as livestock has to."

Once the group has met back in their meeting spot, likely a local tavern, Caspian sits down with a tankard of ale as he takes a pull of it. "Lou and I found out that there are shoals near the lighthouse, and that unfamiliar ships get lost." He says back to the group, leaning his elbow on the table. "So, not a bad chance that the ship we're looking for suffered the same fate."


Calaudrin waves to anyone else that introduces themselves to him. He watches with amusement as Lou scolds a bunch of ill-behaved adults, chuckling quietly under his breath. "It might be faster to go by boat. If it's a livestock vessel, would there be space for our horses? We could disembark somewhat before the location that the ship was last scene. If we wanted to scout along the shore."

Lou nods to Jasher, and looks around at the group. "I think the livestock ship might be the best bet then, and it will get us down there faster, since time is of the essence with war approaching. And..." And Calaudrin takes the words out of her mouth. "I think if we add some extra silver, they might transport our livestock - to make up for any cargo they cannot take with them due to our beasts."

Luis, looking right at home in any tavern, is already in a chair, leaning back on two legs, and boots up on the table, with a mug of ale in hand. He sips and drinks and gulps as the conversation carries on and that's when he notes the others, tilting his mug to Caspian, "Indeed, seems like it's a known place for ships to go down. Don't think that farmer will take us, but we should look for some sort of boat to row out there if we need to..." he admits, checking with the others. "And there Master Estardes with the voice of wisdom and reason. We can do both, for an inflated fee, of course. A glance to Jasher and Luis chuckles, "Alright, that sounds good, let's get this under way... right after another ale." Luis kicks his feet off the table and turns the forward momentum into a means by which to rise to his feet smoothly without the aid of his hands. He heads to the bar and pays for the drinks, while also ensuring they get a couple of bottles for the trek.

Luis also gives Emily an affectionate hug, "Ah, Master Derovai? Why for? Are you planning to have him beat up some mean ole sailors for you?"

"Make sure to get some rum! Can't go sailing without rum!" Caspian calls over to Luis from the table as he sees the man buying bottles. At Luis' remark to Emily, he grins, "I don't think Dero can beat up anyone. But at least it'd be romanic if he tries!"

Emily gives Lou a quick, grateful glance for the badgering. Crownlands bumpkin has had not exposure to sailors or sailing, she had likely gone about it all wrong and made herself an easy target. In any case she remains upon her feet as she listens to what everyone has come up with, brows furrowing once more at the mention of a ship. "If it makes more sense to use a ship, then thats what we do," she admits. Folding her arms before her Luis approaches her with a hug and a smirk rides across her lips. "Because I have a feeling has a talent for conversing with anyone and anything, might do me some good to take some advice," she laughs however at Caspian.

"We will not be sailing directly into trouble. The captain is like to be cautious. Then I suppose I will have to do this horse nonsense after, as we are bringing them." Jasher's mood seems immediately elevated by the prospect of being back on the water, even so.

Luis notes as an aside to Prince Jasher, "Ah, yes, your highness, I assure you, that the same love for which you show to horses, I have the same such love of ships upon the ocean sea... so we will both be miserable at one point during this journey," he says in good humour, "I'll save this bottle for you for when we're in saddle," he notes, patting one of the darker bottles as it is tucked into a pouch at his waist. Lycene belts are designed to hold several bottles of liquor in a safe to travel way...

For some rum and a 100 silver a head... the captain of the farmer's vessel moving livestock does look quite expectant that his fee will be paid in full before taking them on board. The silver jingles and he approves. He waves them all on board and hurries them along because he's disembarking quickly enough! The cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens are all on board, now with six horses. The vessel does well not to look overloaded but it was, a tiny bit! But what's a few extra tons on a vessel?

"Ah, they're just horses, they can swim... I mean I can't, but if need be we'll push Caspian into the waters first, should it be too much," Luis tells the captain of his floating open barn. He wanders on board, checks the straps of armor and laces of pouches to make sure he's not going to lose anything along the way and then he promptly turns and moves to the upwind side of the boat, finding a railing that gives him a clear shot of the water should he need to make haste for such things.

Nice boat! Caspian is leaning against the railing of the boat, looking out to sea, trying to keep away from the smell of livestock. He looks over to Luis, peering at him as he says, "If we get attacked by pirates, I'm using you as a human shield."

Lou gets settled on the boat, putting her pack down and leaning against the railing somewhere. It's a few days ride, so she makes herself comfortable - on the open deck. She's been on boats before, though larger ones than this vessel, sailing to Eventide so she's an old hat at this. "If you start feeling seasilk, just look at the horizon and stay in the fresh air. It will help," she tells people in her party.

He grins towards Lou, giving her a thumbs up as they both seem to be on the same mental track. Then everyone is getting on the boat full of animals. He frowns as a chicken runs over his foot. "Hmmmm." He moves away from anything that's not a person and inches towards a non-animal occupied section of the ship.

Jasher sets himself up on the deck, his face turned toward the horizon in anticipation. "I doubt we have anything to worry about," he says with confidence he clearly feels. Whether h should or not.

The merchant cog had two masts and the crew were quick to jumping to set the sails out but, mostly it was up to the oarmen to get the ship turned out of port. With the additional weight, the cog does ride the waves a little heavier so ... sea-sickness could definitely be a thing!

Luis checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 11 lower.

Caspian checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Emily checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Lou checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 82 higher.

Jasher checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Emily has to take a moment or two before she steps onto the boat itself, drawing a long breath as she settles with the idea of being aboard. The railing is given a long look and she herself decides to stay more towards the center to begin with. The smell however is not all together pleasant from her angle. She starts to join the others Burt holds back giving the side of the boat an assessing study. At the suggestion of fresh air however, she starts to move to join Lou and her grip on the edge of the railing is white knuckled and likely to be for most of the ride when she doesn't have her head over the side or likewise sitting down against the railing with her head lowered.

Luis, poor Luis. The first hours in were okay but then, it starts to hit. Seasickness. It's not something that can be stopped when it starts, especially with the cresting waves. Emily, will feel it but, not as terribly, maybe just an upset stomach.... where as Luis... suffers!

Calaudrin checked stamina + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Lus had already claimed the wonderful place upon the railing, haven ensured the structural rigidity of the railing and when they're off and into the chop, his recent ale which he had hoped would tide him over, turns sour in his stomach. It does not take long before the man is clutching the rail with a white-knuckled grip and he looks out to the horizon, "Look to the horizon, look to the horizon, breathe clean air, breathe clean air..." and he's doing it, he's doing okay, he's going to make it! Then the winds change and a wave of hot livestock sweaty stank courses through his nostrils and worms its way down the back of his throat, "Aaaaaaa nope!" he exclaims as he drops his head over the rail and out of sight, retching wonderfully.


Luis takes minor damage.

Luis checked perception + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Caspian checked perception + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Emily checked perception + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Calaudrin checked perception + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Lou checked perception + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 35 higher.

Jasher checked perception + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 12 higher.

Emily checked perception + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Calaudrin watches as Luis begins to vomit over the side of the railing. He nods his head and takes in a deep breath as if he's warding it off, afraid that sea sickness might be catching! He's not terribly comfortable on the ship himself, but a long time ago, he used to be on them. Occasionally. So he makes his way around, peering over the side and trying not to step in anything unfortunate.

Lou cracks her eyes open from where she was dozing - the boat not bothering her at all. She gives Luis a sympathetic look. "Drinking a tiny bit of water might help some, but really - watching the horizon is your best bet, when you can." Now that she's awake though, she stands and stretches a bit, taking a moment to look out over the water. "I just hope we don't run into the same pirates Cadenza did in Southport," she muses.

The crew of this lettle merchant cog isn't equipped with much to defend themselves with! They're shepherds of the sea, really, shipping animals from one point to the other. They're not looking out for any ships that could possibly cause them harm, or missing ships. With the design of their haul, the captain masters the ship through the shoals easily. Luis is still busy emptying his stomach and wishing he wasn't quite so close to animal farts. Emily was too, likely preoccupied with the issue of her stomach. Caspian, certainly he might be day dreaming - who knows but he doesn't see anything to alarm the others. Calaudrin spots something odd on the landscape, as they pass by the peninsula but it could be just another rockface - it's pretty rocky around this part of the world. Jasher's eyes can pick out that it isn't just rocks, but the broken mast and haul of a ship... but was it the ship they were looking for? Lou spots this as well, but she can tell that it's an old wreck and not the one they're looking for.

What even are horses, anyway? Aren't they really weird? Why do we ride them into war instead of say, bears? Bears are way more dangerous then a horse! He leans against the railing, wondering what it would be like to own a battle bear, and doesn't see anything along the coast.

Jasher keeps himself nearer to the rails than not, his hands braced on the metal, his eyes bright-watching. So it is that he responds to the first hint of a wreck with a touch more enthusiasm than perception. "A veritable wreck there," he says. "The shoal may be half wrecks."

Caspian is the one daydreaming about battle bears!

"Hey, some rocks or something!" Calaudrin helpfully points out. He seems very satisfied with his find.

Lou perks up when she sees some wreckage in the water, standing on the toes of her feet a moment to peer over the railing. She lets out a soft breath of air, and shakes her head. "It's not the boat we're looking for. We should keep searching," she tells the others. "So, keep your eyes peeled."

Emily is doing the best she can with the odd sensation of rocking. She's breathing, sticking close to the rail but its when Luis lets out the most disgusting sound heaves over the deck that light green turns to pallid that Emily is not far behind him. She wretches and slowly sinks to sit with her back against the side of the boat, coughing a moment as she blearily looks at her hands and focuses on the fact they are for intents and purposes - stationary. But she is soon up to her feet again, sucking in sweet fresh hair that is not rife with animal stench. As the others call out their findings, she turns her head and gets a quick look. As its affirmed its not what they are looking for she is then attempting to search in an order to keep her mind from the empty unease in her stomach.

Luis looks up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, as Caulaudrin points out that there are rocks and he stares at the man, just stares at him, long, hard, and full of... Oh wait it's something other than a rock, "That's not the boat we're looking for?" he notes when Lou points it out, but then nods, steadying himself against the rail. His hand reaches over his shoulder and he feels the grip of something tucked into cloth there and it seems to steady him. "Alright, I'm going to try to sleep this off, someone let me know when we're there..." he remarks and collapses right there at the edge of the rail, finding water from a flash passing his lips. He looks for Emily, having heard the little Deepwood retcthing. He sees just how green he must look and he offers her his flask in the interim. "Sailors... ships... they're a curse... this sea thing..." he mutters.

Caspian comes too when he hears something about a ship, looking around the coast, then to Lou when she says it's not the ship they're looking for. "Okay then," he calls over to her. A pause. "Hey Lou, we should get battle bears! They are better mounts then horses," he proposes.

Caspian also offers a little grin over to Luis, "You need a Thraxian stomach, Velenosa stomach is too weak for the sea! ...don't tell Cadenza I said that."

"We are cancelling Ariella's boat party or I am claiming some form of diseases so I can excuse myself," Emily intones and takes the flask from Luis. She narrows her gaze with a brief sip before spitting out over the side and taking another with a faint sigh. She hands it back. "You going to be okay?" she hazards at the Igniseri before her attention shifts to Caspian. "Battle bears.." she mouths.

Lou looks over at Caspian. "Sure. Once you figure out to make them not EAT us," she tells him. "Or, you know, maul us when they get angry. I'll stuck with Dreamer. She's a good horse," she motions over to the mare she brought with her. She quirks a brow in Caspian's direction, saying with a slight smirk. "And what are you going to pay me not to tell my best friend you said that?"

"They're really nice rocks!" Calaudrin calls over to Luis as he goes to sleep off his sickness.

125 Time on the water ebbs and flows. They're passing by the inlet and nearing the second peninsula when a cold wind blows, buffering the sails but the ship captain keeps the sweeps of his haul align with the dangerous shoals. Some of the crew start pointing over the side, some muttering bout omens... some about Sharks. If the group take a look themselves, fins of sharks feeding on schools of fish surface. The black tips skim and then disappear again into the depths, their sleek bodies gliding through the darker waters. In the distance, quite far away now, a darkening of the skies. The Captain calls out, "We're getting close to our port." It's on the far side of the second peninsula.

Time on the water ebbs and flows. They're passing by the inlet and nearing the second peninsula when a cold wind blows, buffering the sails but the ship captain keeps the sweeps of his haul align with the dangerous shoals. Some of the crew start pointing over the side, some muttering bout omens... some about Sharks. If the group take a look themselves, fins of sharks feeding on schools of fish surface. The black tips skim and then disappear again into the depths, their sleek bodies gliding through the darker waters. In the distance, quite far away now, a darkening of the skies. The Captain calls out, "We're getting close to our port." It's on the far side of the second peninsula.

"Huh," Caspian says as they hear that they are nearing the port, furrowing his brows as he looks over to Lou. "Are you sure that wasn't our ship? I mean, I'm pretty sure we scanned most the coast." After a moment he pauses, "Maybe we should stop by that light house and see if anyone saw our ship?"

Lou nods over at the Captain. "Let us know if there's anything we can do to help. I don't like the looks of those skies over there." Again, old hat. She's been caught in a storm or two herself, and lost a friend in a storm; their former Pathfinder. She eyes the skies warily.

Emily seems to be getting her sea-legs finally, some of the pallor of her skin fading. The call of port nearing cause her to let out a long sigh of relief as she keeps both her hands heavily upon the railing still. She gives a toss of her hair back away from her face. She glances aside at Caspian at his suggestion and firms her lips into a line. Lou's words do nothing to ease the Deepwood land lover.

Jasher's smile is briefly wider at the sight of the storm. "What a malign sky, what malign waters," says he, with rather more interest than good sense. "We will be ashore soon."

Calaudrin looks towards those darkening skies and squints, watching them curiously. "I don't like the looks of those. When did we plan on getting off the ship again?" He calls back over his shoulder to Lou.

"Indeed, the party... like I said, we'll have it when her ship is in drydock," Luis shares with Emily, bringing that point back to the fore. "Ah, I'll tell her anyways, it's important that Princesses know exactly what is being said when they are not around to hear," Luis snaps at Caspian, but it's clearly vomit-breath that has him snippy. Calaudrin's exclamation has Luis staring at the man, simply staring. He reaches back over his shoulder again, caressing the hilt of the blade there, as he most likely plots the death of several people at this point. He will stay where he is until they start to talk of port, and he rises, expecting to find some bottles of sweet wine, but noting that it's another nautical term that is useless at this point, he sighs, but will help look around.

Hearing the sailors, Caspian grows curious, and approaches one of them, offering them a wide, friendly smile, closely studying the man as he mutters his supersistions stuff. "Hey there friend," he says back to the man, wondering to him, "I had asked back in Brightport about dangers around here, and they mentioned sharks...what's up with sharks? Why do you fear them, other then falling over and getting eaten?"

Caspian checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

One of the sailors looks at Caspian, shaking his head, "Lurking sharks, those following the ships, those near a ship... aye, they are signs of an inevitable death." There is a dreadful agreement from a few others, who nod and grunt their approval of the sentiment given to Caspian.

"Sharks follow Thrax ships frequently enough," Jasher says, over-shoulder and dismissively.

Caspian Empathic Caspian is, he dips his head along with the sailors, looking quietly disturbed as well. "So they are a bad omen? An omen of death?" He wonders to the sailors, subtly trying to encourage them to speak more on this supersition.

Calaudrin is blissfully unaware that anyone is sending him murder looks. He peers over the side of the boat to check out the sharks and grimaces at the sight of them down there.

One of the sailors looks at Caspian, "What's worse than death?" Some people don't have the education or the belief of those in Arx, afterall. As it is, they look at eachother and then look at Caspian, as if contemplating feeding the man to the sharks to satisfy the their superstitions!

They picked the right captain for the job - or did they? He gets the merchant vessel into /a/ small fishing port before the storms even give a glint of a threat. The squall for now looms in the far distance. 6 horses and six people can disembark after the ship comes in to the village port, none worse for wear save for Luis. The ship ties off, and settles by the village - the sailors a mix of composure, some look fearful. For our adventurers, they'd note the Caith lighthouse that spotted Master Cecil's missing vessel is still a good ways down south, though the Explorers have saved a lot of time by taking a vessel. They know one thing, from Arx to Brighthold to this port on the south side of the second peninsula, their missing ship was not! Do they keep looking? Do they go back? There's enough time in the day to carry on, a threat of a storm far out to see doesn't mean it'll reach landfall...

If the Thraxian isn't concerned about sharks, then Lou has determined not to be too concerned about sharks. But then she spies how they sailors are eyeing her man, and frowns a bit. But, then they reach port, and everyone starts to work on the whole disembarking process. She takes the reins of her own horse, and then carefully leads her off the boat. She also seems more relieved they are on shore than on sea for the potential storm. Animals are hard enough to handle on land, much less the sea, when things get scary for them! "I think we should keep going, and ride along the coast line as best we can as we do. We might be able to spot the ship we're looking for on our way down."

Luis praises all the gods in the pantheon thirteen times as the boat docks and he quickly rushes off the boat to make his way onto the dock where he runs from the one end till his feet touch land and he bows his head to place his forehead against it. Praying to the land that it shall forever be beneath his feet. He sighs happily when he sits back up and looks around, nothing to see here but a crazy Lord... carry on peasants. Luis looks back up the dock and notes that no one else has even caught up with him yet.

"Much as I enjoy a fine jaunt on the water, we have not accomplished our purpose yet," Jasher says, with a nod toward Lou. He does help disembark in general ways, lowering planks and lugging cargo. He is wary of the horses.

"I would not move too quickly, Lord Luis, until landsickness sorts itself out." Lou says, a slight smile touching her lips as she regards him. "You'll be wobbly for days with sea legs, rushing about like that." Is she joking? Perhaps. Maybe a little. But land sickness is a real thing!

More than ready to disembark, Emily is not far behind the others of the party as she leads her own mare off the boat and back on to dry land. There is a faint draw of a smile for it and she takes a rather deep breath without fear of feeling ill thereafter. Her eyes however take in Luis bowing and blessing the land with his head before they get closer. She smies faintly and leans into the side of her mare as her hand passes over the whithers.

"We could travel down the coast for awhile and see if we can find anything. If poor weather moves in, we could ride inland and make camp. Weather it out." Calaudrin suggests, still watching those clouds in the far distance.

Caspian eyes the sailors with suspicion, hand resting on the pommel of his knife, just in case the sailors should get any dumb ideas. And when they are off the boat he looks off to the storm, then to the group, offering a smile. "Yeah, sounds like a plan."

"Lies and slander!" Luis calls to Lou as he rises and then heads back to the ship to gather the reins of his horse and lead it back to the others. He will vault into the saddle and be ready to ride, looking right as rain. The man much more comfortable in this position.

Luis checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Lou checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Emily checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Jasher checked strength + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Calaudrin checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

And so our Explorers start to head down the coastline, they run into a little problem, somewhere a few hours away from the village port... Lou's horse comes up lame. Might have had a misstep somewhere, might have had bad sea-legs itself. Thing is, probably can't ride the horse for a while - worth to note it's not in the state that it needs to be put down, but it can no longer carry a rider without being injured further. It might not even be able to travel much further.

Lou dismounts dreamer, and takes a moment to check the horse over. "She's in no condition to ride. I might be able to lead her a bit, until we can find shelter for her. We should find shelter pretty soon, too. Lest we get caught in the storm. And I doubt there will be any wolves willing to share a cave this time," she eyes the coastline warily. "Might I ride double with someone until we can find shelter?"

Luis rides his horse until he watches Lou riding down a bank without proper leaning, "Lean back, your horse!!" Luis begins, but it is too late, the horse attempts to keep Lou astride, but comes up lame as a result. "Land sickness..." he mutters under his breath and then reaches down to offer Lou a hand, "Loosen the reins and we'll walk her behind, you can ride with Emily, she's light."

Emily is still feeling the waves from the ship and despite this manages to stay astride her mare. But when they come up short for Dreamer, the Deepwood rounds closer and nods her head to what Luis says. "You are welcome to join me," she admits to the Pathfinder. Waiting for things to get settled, the lady will reach her arm down to help Lou up when she's ready and behind her.

Though Caspian is not horseman, maybe it's beginners luck he manages to ride through the rough terrain with no troubles. He looks over to Lou, admitting, "I'm surpise I haven't fallen off this thing yet. Luis looks like he knows how to ride. But yeah, might be worth letting your horse rest the night as we wait out the storm. Though we might not find a cave or something, maybe we should head into the woods?"

Jasher manages to stay on the horse despite his unfamiliarity with the creatures. His look toward Lou and her lamed mount is sympathetic. "Shelter it is, then. Must be a cave or a cabin somewhere."

Calaudrin lifts a hand and waves to Lou, "If you'd like to take my horse, I'll probably be able to move on foot alone in the woods and see if there's something useful in there. I should be able to keep up and come back out to join you again." He tips his head towards the path their on.

Jasher checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Calaudrin has rolled a critical success!
Calaudrin checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 115 higher.

Emily checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Lou gets a halter out of her backpack, and then gently removes the bridle from the the horse to replace it with the halter and a leadline instead. She hangs the bridle over the horn of her saddle, and then very carefully ties the stirrups with leather strings to the top of the saddle so they do not go bouncing all over the horse's side as it walks. She then takes a moment to check for any heat in the animal's legs, and each of the hooves, to make sure there's not a rock embedded in the soft frog underbelly of the hoof. If there is, she attempts to delicately pick it out. Once that task is complete, and only then, does she finally lead the horse forward, and swing up into Emily's saddle, leading the horse behind her. She might not know riding well, but she knows the basics of caring for her horse! She then starts looking for shelter with the others.

Lou checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Caspian checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 13 higher.

Luis checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Jasher can't help but keep his eyes coastward. Toward the hint and threat of storm. Toward any hint of the ruined ship.

Jasher meanwhile, as everyone else looks for shelter to take cover in, since that storm does look closer (does it really?), will come up with some scattered debris... and a splintered crate of goods, soaking wet, with the Maraja sigil upon it.

Lou, Emily, Caspian, and Luis will all find decent places to construct a shelter, but nothing that comes preassembled. No caves, no suitable rock overhangs. They'll have to work with the trees - hopefully they brought axes.

Calaudrin leaves his horse along the main path with the others, disappearing silently into the woods. He's wandered off for awhile. A good long while. Probably long enough that people are starting to wonder just where he even went. Maybe Luis is concerned that he's gotten distracted by some more pretty rocks! When he finally returns, he basically bursts out of the woods as if he's been at a dead run. "Pathfinder! The crew of the Whistler's Bet is alive! They've taken shleter in the a cave up this way! Follow me!" He waves on the group, waiting for whoever is going to follow him before continuing back to them.

Glancing back to Lou, Emily waits to see if she wishes to continue by foot or by horse.

Jasher meanwhile wanders further and further away from the group and toward the coast - he ends up returning at about the same time as Calaudrin. "Pathfinder! I have found a scatter of crates from the wreck, it is only up ahead. Follow--" He looks at Calaudrin and draws back a bit. "His is more urgent, let's follow him."

Lou remounts Emily's horse and continues to lead her mare. "Let's go," she urges quietly.

Digging her heels into the flanks of her mare, Emily urges her mount forward after Lou settles in and she makes room for the woman astride. She follows Calaudrin at a slow trot in attempt to keep him withint sight until they arrive.

"Ah, well that solves that! Well done!" Luis explains, "Never needed to take a boat in the first place..." he mutters as he turns his horse, deciding to follow where Calaudrin leads.

Caspian was coming back to tell everyone about the possible shelter sight he found, but then Calaudrin comes running up with the news, and Caspian's eyes go wide. "Well shit," he says, giving the man a wide smile. "Good job." And with that he moves to follow the man.

The crew was hunkered in a cave, a long ago rock system created by the sea levels of old. The cook fire they had started in the cave system didn't seem to push back much of the shadows, as if that cave went deeper than one could possibly imagine - only adventurers would look further! Sailors? They seemed clustered near the cave mouth. Fortunately, the crew looked healthy, for the most part, as far as it comes to people who survived a wreck of their ship. There's not nearly as many of them as their should be. And there were a few injured members, who had been tendered as best they could with the skills of their fellow sailors. The one woman looks like she could use serious medicial help or otherwise she might not make.

Arriving at the cave, Luis looks over the people that remain, slowly dismounting as his gaze sweeps the gathered sailors, "It's not that long a trek back to port, are you all right? Aside from the obvious one..." he remarks, noting the woman in pain, "We've a healer with us, perhaps... let's see what we can do..." he shares, then looks to Lou, as well as Emily, Caspian and Calaudrin. Jasher gets a nod as well. "Caspian, Emily, should we scout the place out? Have a look around while the others help where they can? We can get some firewood as well, looks like we'll stay here for the night," he offers. "Anyone else with martial persuasion is welcome to help, stretch the legs... or what has you tied to the cave?" he asks, clearly curious.

Calaudrin reclaims his horse when the group returns, leading them carefully through the woods towards the cave. It's by some dried up river beds and the crew of the Whistler's Bet is hunkered inside with a small campfire going. He's not one for people skills or medicine, so once he's brought everyone there safely, he steps back. Instead, he begins to carefully wander further down the cave and use a hastily made torch to illuminate the walls and floors to see what's back there. Enough space for all 6 horses, for instance? Is there a bear back there? Inquiring minds are curious!

Lou takes a moment to assess the situation, and frowns. "Anyone here have healing skills?" she asks, looking at her particular party when she asks this question. This is one area where Lou lacks expertise. She usually heals on her own, without assistance of other healers.

Stopping the mare some feet away from the cave entrance, her blue eyes settle across the assembled as lips pull into that thoughtful thin line. She waits for Lou to discmount before she will as well. Holding still to the reins of the horse she finds a low lying limb and for the moment secures the mare to one of the various thicker trees in the area. A brow lifts and she nods, "We could, we may have to wait out the storm if it makes it inland any further. Gathering some firewood would go a long way." she admits and then looks to Caspian. "No, not really just the basic how to set something till someone who knows how to deal with it sort of way."

Luis shakes his head, "I've got the most rudimentary of skills, but I can help, if that's better than nothing," Luis admits, however he does break out a bottle of rum to share among the folk, provided they take measured sips.

"I have no ability for binding wounds, past the obvious. Clean cloth and hope," says Jasher as he ducks his way in.

125 One of the sailors, who looks like first mate, nods to Luis, "The other part of the crew, are with the ship and cargo. We had some vultures come down around us, while we waiting for help. You them?" The first mate looks over Luis and the others, nodding, "Help would be good. Did ya bring a ship? Cargo is all over the damn place."

One of the sailors, who looks like first mate, nods to Luis, "The other part of the crew, are with the ship and cargo. We had some vultures come down around us, while we waiting for help. You them?" The first mate looks over Luis and the others, nodding, "Help would be good. Did ya bring a ship? Cargo is all over the damn place."

"I'm fine with collecting some firewood," Caspian says back to Luis with a small nod as he climbs off his horse, leaving it at the mouth of the cave. He looks over to the wounded woman, wincing, then looks to Luis for the answer to his question, then looks to Lou for the answer to her question. Otherwise he waits until the others are ready to head out and get wood. " that I think about it, why didn't we bring a ship again?" He wonders, looking over to Lou.

Luis nods to Lou as the first mate asks the questions, "Indeed, I believe she can help you with that, she's here to rescue you," Luis notes, and then looks around, slowly moving away from the group so that he can watch what is going on after the rum's been shared. "Let's go search the cave, and see if we can see why they didn't go deeper?" Luis offers to those still standing around.

Luis checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Caspian has rolled a critical success!
Caspian checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 34 higher.

Rum, sailors, and measured sips. That'll go well! Lou nods at Luis. "Have a look if you can." She looks to the first mate, and says, "We came on a livestock ship that disembarked at the nearest port. Chances are they could be hired again, and they likely set up for the night there with a storm coming in. We're Explorers hired by Cecil to come and find you." She smirks over in Caspian's direction. "We hired a ship." She looks back to the sailors. "Chances are we can hire another ship, but it would be more prudent to hire wagoneers instead, to take the cargo to the port, to be loaded onto a ship." She says this as she moves further into the cave.

Emily checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Lou checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 51 higher.

Jasher checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Luis checked charm + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

Calaudrin checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

The thing about it... is when everyone goes to start poking around in the cave, after Luis promised the help with healing, the sailors start to look at eachother with supicion growing. Even though Lou does provide a pretty solid reason for them being there, the tension of the sailors grow as ... the group abandons their injured and goes... spelunking...? There's grumbles and murmured words. The discontent is practically immediate.

Caspian is the first one to notice the markings on the cave walls. They're old, long cut into the stone with means that no one here would have the capacity to replicate. It looks like some old language, Arvum, but just older, sentence structure is entirely different than how words are used and communicated with today. But it's a riddle and the promise of treasure is clear, as clear as the X mark likes to indicate for any pirate or adventure, a cache of treasure. Lou could probably date the writing back to the time before the Reckoning... Everyone else can see it too, as the light from Calaudrin's torch illuminates it. Jasher will see foot prints leading into the darker recesses of the cave... Emily will spot the drag marks that indicate the woman back there might not have been injured on the ship. Luis will find evidence of blood spatters on the wall.

Lou takes a few moments to eye the cave walls, eyes lighting up in bliss. But, when everything else is pointed out, she frowns. "In light of the recent evidence that people were injured here, we should go back and check on the others again... They may not have been the crew..." Or, so Lou suspects. She looks to Calaudrin, who has the torch.

"Hey, you see this?" Caspian says back to the group as he points to the wall, looking over to the markings, blue-black eyes scowering it. "Some kind of riddle? Treasure?" He says quietly, lifting his brows in surpise. But then he looks over to Lou when she speaks, frowning as he rests his hand upon the hilt of his knife, readying to draw it.

Jasher massages his jaw with a long hand, and glances to Calaudrin. Since he has the torch. "Want to venture deeper in? A few steps."

When the light is afforded, Emily's attention shifts from the markings on the wall to the drag marks on the ground. She steps a little closer and lowers to squat before it. Her eyes lift to her companions as she then glances back at the others at the front of the cave. "Drag marks...did they try to figure something out and pay for it?" She suspects. She slowly stands looking to each of them and finally Luis. Her eyes slip to Jasher however and she narrows her gaze. "Could be trapped...but lets not go any further than the drag marks go..if you intend to."

"This doesn't look good." Calaudrin can be heard muttering to himself under his breath. When Jasher suggests taking a few steps in further, he nods and leads with the torch to check what could be further along. Just a /little/ further. As the hair on the back of his neck is now standing up.

"Looks like there's blood marks here as well, something was fighting... someone was... we're leaving ourselves wide open and our horses free to those outside..." Luis comments back, all of a sudden very wary at the prospect. He turns to look back in the direction that they came. "Should we go deal with them? Ask some questions?" he notes, but then the man is moving forward with the torch.

"Yeah, Luis is right, they may run off with our horses," Caspian says with a dip of his head to them. "Are we even sure they are the crew? I think it's best we go back and get some answers," he says to the group.

Calaudrin has rolled a critical success!
Calaudrin checked wits + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 56 higher.

Lou tries to puzzle out the riddle, then shrugs her shoulders. "This is usually Cadenza's deal. Riddles." She looks to Caspian a moment, looking /almost/ like she might blame him for her not being here, but she doesn't. It's only almost. But then she turns her attention back to the front of the cave. She pulls out the dragon figurine that she won at the Explorer's auction, and some very thick rope from her backpack that she cuts a piece from, wraps around the base of the figurine against one of her falchion swords. Not the diamondplate one, she's not marring that just yet with fire! She ties it around the tip of the sword, very carefully, then lights the thing on fire with her fighter starter. There. Her own torch. Albeit, likely not the best of them - and likely not to burn long! "I'm going back to talk to the people in the cave. We should find help for the woman there before going further in, and go from there. It's clear something happened down here and it's not safe, either because of a fight or because of some trap."

Jasher checked wits + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 16 lower.

Lou drops Firestarter set.

Lou picks up Firestarter set.

The group of sailors, the ones that look healthy, are all standing now at the cave mouth as by their silhouettes. Their voices have lowered but they're talking and rumbling things to one another.

Calaudrin plunges on ahead down into the cave - a few more steps- leaving the others to work out how exactly they're going to deal with the disgruntled individuals at the mouth cave - torch flame flickering against the shadows of the walls. What he finds is more clues to what happened.

"If they are not who they say they are, askng them questions could put us in a tough spot." Emily offers up, her eyes slipping to Caspian and Luis as Calaudrin moves further into the cave along with Jasher. She brielfy holds her breath as she sees what may come of their interests.

Luis checked charm + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Calaudrin takes those few steps forward and uses his torch to illuminate the cave walls, he frowns and then walks quietly back. "There were traps back there. And a pressure plate caused a partial collapse. It's possible that they got to this cave and went looking for something. But I think that woman in the front was caught up in what happened and they had to drag her out. They /may/ not be pirates... but it might be worthwhile to tactfully find out more about their story."

Luis will head back with Lou, taking Emily with him, should she wish to follow, "Those who wish to help our esteemed explorers, please continue, I'll head out with Lou and deal with our friends... let me know if you want to come," he offers and then he heads back out, looking at the sailors and then sliding right into his military tone, "You may ask why we ignored you, the problem is, there's not a healer among us, they're still back at the town, we didn't expect to find survivors. That said, those wounds they're not right, and that cave back there, has been explored, most likely by you, and so before we get all antsy, let's have a telling of what's actually happened here, so that we can deal with it properly?"

Caspian moves with Lou to go back to the mouth of the cave to inquire about what the hell happened back there, he looks to the people present with his sloe-dark eyes. His lips twist into a frown as he looks over to the injured woman, sighing, "I'm sorry we don't have anyone who can help her. But we will try to get her back to the town that is a couple of hours away, hopefully she will last the trip and someone will be there who can help her. But as my companion says, we need to know what happened. Please, share with us."

Caspian checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Jasher walks after Calaudrin and spares him a small nod. "Possible they are simply curious merchants. Ah, for a sketch of what the lost crew was supposed to look like."

"That would have been helpful." He drawls in mild amusement to Jasher. "Lets see what they say? I don't think it's safe to go any further in there. As exciting as it might be." Calaudrin looks down the cavern wistfully before making his way up front.

Emily checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Emily checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Not one for riddles or likewise poking around in the dark without more information, Emily returns with Caspian and Luis. She is not charming either and so she moves to assess the woman herself. She may not be able to help her but there is hopes to try to figure out what has caused the woman's injuries. Emily affords her a smile as she moves to kneel beside her and when she can't seem to figure it out she herself will try to bond with the woman though she's not going to out smile the two pretty men. "What caused your wounds?" she asks of the injured woman, brows furrowing which ruins the whole -concerned effect.

There was growing tension, some shoving, some looks, some whispers that hissed between sailor to sailor, some nods and motions as if they were all trying to get on the same page. Military tones aren't quite that charming, not to most people, but to sailors it's something they recognize and understand. Their whispers slow, their eyes turn upon Luis, and the first mate steps forward with a lifted hand to silence the others. "We were wrecked, attacked by thievin abandoned afterward, what's left of us is split in two - Captain is with the ship and our best fighters, protecting our haul. The lot of us here were to gather supplies and make shelter. We came across the cave and did what you just did. We went noising in there. We found it first, what ever is in this cave, is ours." There's a possessiveness with those who first find a place, wanting to keep it for their own -- or it's the fact that there's promise of treasure that apparently is worth the risk! He does nod at Caspian, "We need to get her to the town then, she's our navigator and said something about brass before the damn ceiling caved in on us." Jasher gets looked at and studied, brow lifted at the curious merchant part, "Silver drives us as much as any one. Why were you snooping back there?" The First mate answers for the woman, who is in a state of slipping in and out of consciousness. "She was crushed under the cave in, we managed to pull her out, not so for Thom."

"We were snooping around because her wounds don't attribute to much in the way of what would be expected with a capsized ship. You're right, she needs help, so why don't you take a few of your men and two of our horses and make a litter to drag her back to the town? The storm's coming, but if you go now, you'll make it in time." Luis offers, affording them the use of two of their horses, but that'll bring the numbers down to something far more manageable. "We'll stay here, did you have a messenger that can run to the captain as well, let them know that we're here and we've others on the way? That would be excellent, alright, make it so, and let's make camp for those whom are to remain." He states simply, mentally working on numbers to ensure that they will not be overrun.

"We should go to the captain and his ship, make sure the crew hasn't been attacked," Caspian says back to the group, telling them, "Then we should get a ship or some wagons so we can move the cargo back to town."

The first mate listens to Luis and immediately turns to another of his crewmates, sending her off with a quick, "Go tell the captain." And she scurries out of there. He gestures to the two strongest lads, younger ones too, with good able backs, "You heard him. Get a litter together. We can't lose Verira, she's worth more than the lot of us together. GO." The lads nod and duck out to go work on finding some planking for them to use for the litter. The First mate looks back at Luis, keeping an eye on him as much as Luis is keeping an eye on him! The First Mate looks at Caspian, "Wagons would work as long as you don't travel the coastline. Have you seen the rocks? The footing is bad enough to make a horse go lame - let alone wreck a ship up against." He sighs and looks toward Calaudrin, with the torch, "She thought it were something beyond value back there."

Calaudrin glances back over his shoulder to the cave and wall the markings on the wall. "It might be valuable. Someone put enough traps down back there to dissuade people. But... Was she able to understand what's on the stone? Did she mention anything before the accident?" He wonders, curious now that it turns out they're probably not getting stabbed.

"Situational awareness is important," says Jasher to the crew. And then he nods toward Calaudrin. "Worth coming back. With torches and preparation. We get everyone safe, first."

As the numbers start to diminish, Luis breathes a little more easier, and finds that they are now in a healthy level of majority, despite the fact that they captain could come back with the fighters. Hopefully the storm will hold out. Luis offers and arm to Emily, drawing her in, whispering an aside to her, for her ears only, "Did you want to do a quick scout of the area. Make sure they don't circle around for an ambush?" he asks of her, trusting her to do such a thing should she wish. "Tell your men to send for wagons then, the storm is going to make this messy, we may have to just ride it out tonight, and tomorrow, when it clears, we can have the wagons brought from town."

Her nose wirnkles as she listens, slowly rising as her attention shifts from the woman to the crew. She gives the woman's wounds a look over and then up back towards the cave with some measure of concern for those within. The scout is not really made to help with all these small nuances and she steps aside so that those are going to carry the woman have access to her. Blue eyes follow the movements the men even and notices the exchanged glances between Luis and the first mate. She keeps her voice low in turn, "I can but with the storm coming whatever they plan to do needs to be done swiftly," she intones and slipping off will make a slow circuit of the surrounding area to see if they are missing anything or anyone.

Emily checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Caspian checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

"She mentioned about how old the writing was, something about brass, kept going on about it," he looks reluctant and then shrugs, putting his hands on his sides, "She thought if we could get to it, the Inquisition in Arx would pay us all as much as we wanted. We heard how they got that gift, something fancy about a metal? Anyway, thought they might want other unique things and could pay us all triple what we'd make in our lifetimes working for Cecil. He isn't bad but freedom from the waters right now, would be a fucking good thing." He notes, "Some of us are willing to stay, to guard it." The talk of a storm has him frown, "Did it look like a normal storm?"

Calaudrin listens and look sympathetic. "That's a decision a lot of people might have made." He glances towards the cave opening. "It looked unpleasent, something we might not want to get caught in. I hope they can get your person to town with enough time. The rest of us on foot might want to stay and wait it out with you rather than risk it."

Luis nods as the questions are answered, and then he looks to those whom remain, "Prince Jasher here would most likely be the best to tell you about the storm. And brass and metals, you say? Well that's another interesting story." Luis shares, his lips twitching ever so slightly.

Aiden drops old brass plated chest.

Luis picks up old brass plated chest.

Luis drops old brass plated chest.

Luis picks up old brass plated chest.

Luis drops old brass plated chest.

Aiden picks up old brass plated chest.

Caspian turns his head over to those at the sailors as they mention the word Brass, blinking a few times as he says, "Brass..." He looks to to the sailors, then says, "Okay, lets think about this boys and girls for a moment. You claim the treasure, right? But you already lost one person and another is on her death bed. Do you think you can get the treasure? I will give each of you a two thousand silver to give up on the treasure and let us try to get it."

Caspian checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Luis checked charm + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Caspian's promise of two thousand silver each has the First Mate shake his head, "That ain't the wealth she were talking of. But it ain't for me to decide, it'd be the captain. We'll work out an arrangement."

Calaudrin checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 16 higher.

Emily returns as Caspian is trying to win over the crew. Something a bit filmy in her hand before she slips into the cave and goes to see if Calaudrin has found anything. Her eyes flit over what the light offers and she keeps at his side, offering her attention to what is ahead of them. She remains quiet, listening to anything that seems off as well.

Emily checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 25, rolling 20 higher.

Emily has rolled a critical success!
Emily checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 46 higher.

Caspian checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 3 lower.

Calaudrin checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 29 higher.

Emily has rolled a critical success!
Emily checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 20, rolling 80 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher.

Emily checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Luis checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Jasher checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Caspian checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 35 higher.

Emily checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

Luis checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 16 higher.

Calaudrin lights a smoke and watches as everyone climbs across the pit. "Good luck guys! I'll watch this side. I already did this kind of thing once." He rubs his crooked nose.

Caspian catches Jasher with Luis and pulls him up, telling him, "Woah there! Don't go dying on me, I just met you!"

"Plus he's a prince, imagine what that family would do to us?" Luis notes to Caspian, arching a brow and gently grabbing Emily by the shoulder as well to draw her close. "The thrill of adventure!"

"The thrill and near death of adventure as she is not quite deft enough to lend a hand - though Jasher really only has two. She gives Calaudrin a smile, "I am sure Esoka will know you were more wise than we," she admits.

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 40, rolling 1 lower.

Jasher leaps, grandly, and-- not quite grandly enough. Fortunately, there are people here to seize his arms. He's here on the other side, gasping. "Thank you," is all he can say.

After trying to fiddle with the lock, Caspain shakes his head, looking back to the others. "I don't think we're getting this thing out of here. Unless we tie a rope to it and try to pull it up? If we all do it together, we could manage?"

Emily checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Jasher has rolled a critical success!
Jasher checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 38 higher.

Caspian checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 39 higher.

Calaudrin has rolled a critical success!
Calaudrin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Aiden drops old brass plated chest.

Caspian picks up old brass plated chest.

After some exchanges, the sailors settle in for the night but they don't bother the Explorers. The explorers wouldn't be explorers if they didn't adventure in again. There's nothing else to do but wait for wagons to arrive from the fishing village and the Captain even comes by to look in on the group but he returns back to his ship, muttering with a kick or two to the crew lazing about the mouth cave, scolding them for wasting time with junk.

Meanwhile our adventurous group furthers into the cave. Calaudrin leads the way, tentatively. They're all searching for indications of boobytraps and he barely avoids another pressure plate. Thankfully, Caspian has some experience with working with these sorts of things. He manages to disarm the trap - no one gets hurt. The group carries on, the torch of Calaudrin no longer giving lead, as Emily is pretty certain of her steps forward! Without her sharp vision, they might have all walked over the edge and fell into what looks like a bottomless pit, or at the very least a very dangerous crevice. It's at that point also, she notices the big hairy spiders hanging from the ceiling, as their torch lights bounce off them - and we're talking big as dog spiders. For whatever reason, they don't stir.

Emily tempers the rest of the group to silence and they slip by without disturbing any of those many hundred eyes. Unfortunately, there's no way to keep going but to cross this crevice. With some ingenuity between them, the best climber goes first after firing an arrow to the otherside, or tossing it with an anchor. Either way, one crosses, then another, and a third, and finally a fourth - the fourth being Jasher. The Prince nearly dies, losing his grip and starting to take a fall - but Caspian and Luis, between them catch him just in the knick of time! They heave ho him over and Calaudrin, wisely, decides not to cross. The four adventurers carry on and come across an old brass chest. It's brass plated and despite Caspian's efforts to pick it in the gloom of the cave, it doesn't budge. They develop a plan to get it across the pit, with materials available and ropes, they devise a way not to drop the goods into the pit and not to wake the spiders from up above. Teamwork seals the deal. Hours later, they emerge to the front of the cave, dirty, sweaty, but boldly grinning at their find. It's a chest! An old one.... The jokes on them though, the lock just won't give.

Throughout the night, the Explorers are mindful of their new treasure and the Sailors glances. Thankfully the Captain of the Whistler's Bet is sensible. He keeps his sailors busy loading the cargo and the wounded. Unfortunately the woman, Verira - dies of her injuries before they can get her help - the shark omen might have had a ring of truth to it. The cargo is recovered, what can be. The crew, what is left, is loaded up, and the Explorers keep watch. Their destination is the fishing village, until a ship comes round from Brighthold to scoop them up. The chest? It's staying in Caspian Wild's guard, for now. Despite his efforts, it doesn't crack. Arxian tools may be required.

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