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Lyceum Naval Meeting

This is a naval meeting for the Lyceum and our allies. What we'll be doing is ICly and OOCly going over the subcrisis -- the raising of the banners -- and gathering suggestions / information to be provided to the crown. We'll do info-sharing for those who have no idea what's going on/need further info/details, sort of making sure everyone's caught up and as on the same page as we can manage. There will not be any decision making in terms of the overall strategy or conflict, this is just going to be to help inform it. If you're struggling on how to put in your +crisis actions or whatnot, we'll be taking a part of the meeting time to OOC discuss how to do that.


Jan. 14, 2018, 6 p.m.

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Eirene Leta Darrow(RIP) Ariella Dianna Isolde Apollis Marian Katarina Lucita Sparte Anze(RIP) Theron Quenia Cambria Dafne Deacon Antonio Rian Stefano(RIP) Eleyna Larissa Talen Estaban(RIP) Costas Reese Acacia Silvio



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Audience Hall

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Prince Rian is moving into the room slowly, now as he looks around taking it in and his eyes seeking out anyone faces that he knows, and then he moves towards a chair to sit down quickly, and his motions are slowly taken in, and then he speaks softly musical but gruff."Hello to those, I have yet to meet Prince Rian Velenosa, I think I have yet to meet any of you."

Lucita comes into the Audience hall with Silvio. She pauses near the entry and says. "Oh, goodness, a large turnout. Tall as Estaban is should still be able to spot him amid the crowd. Hmmm, Oh, there he is!" She continues along till she gets near him then lowers her voice to do introductions.

Dafne arrives, black-clad, quietly. She scans the crowd for a long moment and, picking out Quenia among it, makes her way to her vassal's side.

Anze is here with Costas and Eirene, making up the Malvici side of the table, giving occasional glances over to the various people who filter in and giving a small nod to Eleyna when she and Talen enter the room.

Katarina steps into the audience hall, melding into the crowd of Lycene and allies alike with quiet ease. Golden eyes skim the crowd over before she edges herself toward Marian, spotting her sister easily enough. There is a small attempt to catch Belladonna's eye, a hand going up in supportive wave to the Duchess of Pravus if she's successful.

Eleyna slowly makes her way down the stairs on Talen's arm, fingers resting lightly against his forearm to maintain her balance. Once on the ground floor, Eleyna is the one to guide the Archduke-Consort. She makes her way through the gathered crowd, offering silent greetings as she makes her way to the throne. She releases Talen's arm so that she can take that seat, looking over the crowd with a cool expression.

Marian introduces herself to Prince Rian and anyone else who is curious about the Redrain princess, "Hello, I am Princess Marian Redrain, military liason to the Ministry of Defense." She gives a smile to her adopted sister, Katarina, quietly inviting her to join her if she wishes.

Silvio follows along with Lucita, his dark curls bouncing as he moves with her. "It is arranged?" He asks quietly. "How long until the wedding?" Just a curious sort, with his dark eyes bright with curiosity over the man. Navy, Schmavy, he's here for the /people/.

The Mazetti contingent arrives, this time to either side of Cambria are Theron and Dianna. The trio walk briskly, and with a purpose. There is little in the way of idle pleasantries given, though there is a respectful nod to their hosts for the evening. They seat themselves, or perhaps more accurately, are lead to a place where they were expected to be seated.

Ariella was early herself, and rises when she catches Rian's glance. "A pleasure, your Highness. Lady Captain Ariella Igniseri."

Having elected to go with coffee in her mug, Belladonna is standing near the northeastern corner of the map, drinking from it as she watches everyone arrive. She does flash a quick smile in Katarina's direction for the wave, giving a nod of greeting. For the moment she's quiet, conserving energy.

Deacon arrives arm-in-arm with Larissa, keeping a paced gait with her in poised and gentlemanly fashion. He's dressed warmly for the increasingly harsh weather outdoors, complete with a warm-looking cloak. The chill from outside is banished quickly enough with the hearth going and so many people gathered. He pauses just out of the way of the entrance and leans over to murmur something to his companion with an amused expression on his face.

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Theron inclines his head to all present, flashing Marian a smile before stating, "Congratulations on your win earlier, Your Highness. I was blessed to finish third with so many better competitors in the contest."

Eirene's gruff but alert, sitting with her fellow Voice and their Sword, giving Estaban a motion to join them so the Admiral of Southport can get caught up. She grunts a hello in reply to various greetings, giving Rian a once-over as he sits. She doesn't bother to introduce herself back. The woman in red steelsilk and black leathers seems to be mostly ignoring people today.

A look of dark determiation on his face, Antonio Velenosa makes his way down the stairs, his fingers tapping on the sapphitre studdted hilt of his diamondplate cutlass. He glances around the room, at the mass of people assembled here, his lips quriking into a slight frown.

Talen finds a place beside and behind the odd marble throne, his hands sliding along the shoulders of the Grand Duchess as he leans to murmur. When he rises, fully once more, his attention returns to the crowd. Anze's greeting, the nod given, is returned. "Duke Malvici," he intones with gravally quality. "Welcome." The Mazetti, in kind, are given a silent acknowledgement. "Duchess Pravus, the High Admiral is absent today?" he asks.

Estaban comes walking into the hall looking around moving to take a seat near Anze, Costas abd Eirene he nods in their direction and turnd looking to Silvio and Lucita nodding to them and moves to join the Malvici clan.

Silvio looks Estaban over and smiles, appreciatively. He offers an inclination of his head and rubs his fingers over one of the rings on his own hand, holding them about chest level in front of him. "Well done, both ofyou."

Quenia smiles warmly at Dafne, nodding her head at her Duchess. "I figured I ought to be here, at least to hear what our faction has to say about everything. Ariella will be doing most of our captaining though, I think. Or, at least, leading the sailors. Zebulon still hasn't made it to Arx," she purses her lips at the latter. "I expect he should have a grand story to tell, that one."

Apollis arrives in the Hall and gives his cousin Ariella a wave as he moves to find a place to stand. The Lycene rogue walks past Marian and gives her a sly smile. "Hello, sweet Princess," he says in his creaky, honeyed southern voice.

"Prince Antonio," Belladonna proves her voice is not broken tonight, lifting it so she can call to him. Talen's question of her has her looking that way and giving an easy nod. "This particular type of meeting is not his forte; he's addressing other matters that need doing right now," she explains.

Katarina arches her brows mildly at Apollis' sly smile and honeyed words to her sister. An idle glance is flicked from him to Marian, then Valardin naturally turning in to have a few hushed words with the Redrain liason dubiously.

Darrow enters, silent, and in somber grey leathers. He's a contrary sight to the assembled Lycene, and it seems its noticed, as a guard moves to confer with him. In low, level tones, the Knight of Sorrow answers, and folds his arms as the guard winds off towards Belladonna, presumably to relay the message.

So many lovely people! Larissa smiles and waves to everyone she knows pausing only to listen to Deacon and grin up at him as she moves towards Belladonna and offers the Duchess as much of a curtsy as heavy winter clothes might allow.

Leta is there. She's changed from her undoubtedly sweaty gauntlet-running clothes, and is rather more fancily bedecked, but she does look a little worn out, and even limps ever so slightly as she filters into the audience hall. A finger twirls around her necklace as she finds as she stands off to one side, occasionally bowing her head to - everyone, really.

Marian brightens at the greeting from Theron, giving him a wide smile, "You had an excellent run yourself. Thank you for your well wishes." She gives a wink, "The Gauntlet is quite the beast. Was that your first time or had you run it before?" Marian doesn't care if Eirene is ignoring people, she still gives her a smile. She gives a polite nod to Apollis, "I just saw your sisters in another meeting."

There is much to listen to and learn, Rian sits there hands crossed over his chest, as he looks at them as they speak, and he is going to be silent till, he learns more, and his eyes are wide open, and his tattooed hands now resting on the table, and he is having trouble staying still.

The Archduchess of Lenosia offers Belladonna a nod and murmurs, "A pity that he cannot be here." Her pale gaze falls on Antonio as he steps into the Audience Hall and frowns. Eleyna's blond head cants ever so slightly to the side as she watches her cousin through the crowd, lip thinned into a slight frown.

Apollis smiles to Marian and replies, "Oh? Did they prove to be delights?" He looks over toward Katarina and gives her a smile when she whispers to Marian. "Hello. They call me Apollis Malvici," he says.

"Geography being what it is, what we have for navyis likely to entrusted to Ariella as well," Dafne notes quietly to Quenia. "However, I thought I should be here on the grounds I suspect I will gain context for much of our current crisis. I am not uninformed, but until very recently this is what not the crisis that most concerned me."

The curvy redhead known as Acacia Culler makes her way through the halls of the Velenosa Estate into the audience Hall. There's little upnod to those she knows and flash of a smile in her large dark honey-brown eyes. Pausing she takes a moment to scan then room then moves off, hips rolling easily as she moves with a confident gait to take up a position near the back of the room where she can observe the proceedings.

"It was my first run. To be honest it was quite the surprise, but I did make someone a promise I would be there," Theron inclines his head in response to Marian's compliment, turning into a grin after her wink. "It is indeed quite the beast. But if it is open to the public, I might entertain the idea of going there more often to train myself."

Belladonna's call out is acknowledged with a little bit of a nod, and Antonio starts walking toward her, his expression still stony and deterimined. "Duchess Pravus."

Deacon flashes a quick, fond smile to Larissa and relinquishes her to greet Belladonna. He follows suit, in fact, bowing his head respectfully to her. "Duchess Belladonna. Good afternoon to you." This is brief, however, as he seeks to avoid crowding her. While Larissa greets her, Deacon turns his attention towards the seating situation, mentally plotting a course.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Darrow before departing.

Talen exchanges a mildly quizzical look to Belladonna of the answer, yet says nothing, before he indicates the growing crowd as if to invite her to focus there. As is smoothes out, he listens to the talk on the air, an idle hand against the marble throne with metallic claws.

Katarina drags her gaze away from Marian, a subtle smile dimpling her cheeks after they're shared quiet words. "A pleasure, my lord. Katarina Valardin," she extends in quiet, pleasant introduction. Briefly, her gaze drifts past toward the Malvicis. Anze receives a bright grin and wiggle of fingers.

Dianna settled at Cambria's side, her eyes surveying the room slowly. There were familiar faces there to take in, but perhaps not quite as many as she might've liked. Lips pursed, and she then turned to murmur to kinsmen, "I'd almost forgotten how many noble families represent the Lyceum in Arx. Perhaps I ought to spend more time in our ward, and less in those of our neighbors."

Estaban is with the Malvici clan sitting there leaning back arms across his chest as he watches and listens to whats going on and being said.

"Lord Malvici, this is my adopted sister, Princess Katarina Valardin," Marian introduces the two together, "And was matters of war so sadly, it was not a social call with your sisters." Marian turns to Theron to tell him more about the course, "It's mainly used by House Valardin but if you speak with Lord Ansel Telmar, I'm sure he would be happy grant permission." She motions to herself, "If you have any issues, let me know."

Anze gives a little wave in return to Katarina, but he mostly keeps his focus on the duchess running the meaning and Talen and Eleyna as the rulers of the duchy. When he hears the name 'lord Malvici' he turns his head and waves to the group of Saik and Malvici if the other lord seems inclined to join them

Eirene leans in to Anze to whisper something. She looks very serious, not her usual flippant self. She jerks a thumb over at the doors and scowls. "I know I am. Or was. Likely still am. Should I bugger off then?"

"A pleasure indeed, Your Highness. You're a dream to behold," Apollis says to Katarina bowing his head. He turns toward Marian and nods his head. "Understandable. Perhaps we can make our social calls soon after all of this business is settled. I would hope to see you and your lovely adopted sister under better circumstances."

Rian brek

Darrow stands, as his way seems to be, apart from everyone else, now that the guard seemed to have gotten clearance for his presence. His pale, reflecting-pool blue eyes drift amongst the throngs of Lords and Ladies of the Lyceum, but he remains sternly silent.

"It looks like Lucita is over there," Quenia points in Lucita's direction for Dafne's benefit. "I'm going to wander over to her if you'd like to join me," she offers. "I think I may have heard my cousin Ariella too, and I'm certain I've seen my cousin Apollis," she notes, as she starts to wander in Lucita's direction. She gives Lucita and the stranger with her a warm smile as she approaches. "Good evening," she greets.

"Perhaps," Cambria notes idly to Dianna as she observes the vicinity as more and more file into the Velenosa audience hall. She crosses one leg over the other, and inclines her head towards something Theron has to say.

Theron nods to Marian, "I will endeavor to ask Lord Ansel for permission to peruse it, then. Thank you," he smiles at her, offering a bow of his head in respect to the warrior's prowess before he spends a moment watching the social niceties being exchanged. After a moment, he leans in and murmurs a few words to Cambria.

Making her way slowly through the hall and admiring its beauty, Ariella finally arrives closer to her sister Lucita and Quenia. She runs a hand through her short raven tresses. "This is quite a busy affair."

A tinge of color stains Katarina's cheeks, lending Apollis a sheepish sort of smile when his compliments reach her ears. "If time permits," she allows in soft-spoken response, feet shifting to lend her a more comfortable stance beside Marian. "I'd be more than delighted to make social calls. It's always a moment to be cherished, amidst all the naval meetings and talks of war and assistance."

Lucita gives Quenia a smile. "Prince Silvio Velenosa, may I present my head of house and cousin, Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, and Duchess Dafne Zaffria, and my twin Ariella Igniseri.

Belladonna pauses briefly when she is approached by a guard, listening with a smile. Whatever is asked of her she nods to agreeably, offering a few quiet words in response and a smile. "I want to thank everyone for coming," she speaks up then, giving a few moments of quiet afterwards for the shifting of attention as it continues. There's a smile aside for Antonio, a bit of relief touching her expression before she turns back to the group at large. "The first step tonight is making sure everyone is aware of the same basic information we're working with. If anyone does not know who Koraj Marin is, there's a book floating around the table with some very general notes. I've also information available on House Marin. He is our enemy, also referred to as the Gyre."

Carlo arrives, following Stefano.

"You might have better luck finding me in the training center," Marian offers to Apollis when he mentions a social call, "I'm afraid my duties at the Ministry of Defense and my training often hold my interest." She motions to Katarina, "But if you invite my sister, I am sure she will find a way to get me there." She gives a nod as Theron moves off to talk to others.She gives Belladonna her full attention as she starts the meeting.

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Apollis nods his head to Katarina as he keeps his emerald greens fixed on the her as if she were the only one in the room. "It is a trying time, but it allows us to show our true colors and to band together. I'm glad we can count on you and Princess Marian as allies," he says with a smile. He looks toward Marian and grins. "I find myself there quite often to watch my sisters spar and to practice my archery, in fact." As Belladonna begins to speak he turns to give her the respectful attention she deserves.

Reese arrives while adorned in pink and toting her weapons. She goes to take a seat near Katarina.

Quenia bows her head to Silvio, offering him a light curtsey when he is introduced. "A pleasure to meet you," she tells him. But then Belladonna starts the meeting, and she turns her black-eyed gaze in her direction.

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Rian reaches for the book, looking it over as he places it back, a few moments later with an exhale of air, as he shakes his head slowly, and he had just arrived, with a nod towards Belladonna, as she speaks, trying to take it all in with a sliding out a notebook, to start to take down notes, with a sigh escaping his lips.

Deacon ultimately decides to follow Belladonna's lead where seating is involved. The bundled courtesan stands near to Belladonna and Larissa, his attention rapt on the former. A nod of understanding is given to Belladonna, but as he is here to be informed, he stays quiet and becomes an attractive piece of scenery while absorbing information like a sponge.

"I've been rather negligent of my martial training," Katarina confesses her sins glumly toward Marian, a smile of relief naturally gracing her lips when Reese comes to join her and her sister. "Princess General, you heard nothing," she claims quickly, shifting over to make room. As books are passed around, she makes it her business to be quiet.

Dafne accompanies Quenia across the room and flashes a small smile at Lucita and her companions. "A pleasure," she murmurs. "Especially as I believe," she adds, a hint of wryness in her voice, "that Prince Silvio and I are cousins." That said, Belladonna begins the meeting, and Dafne quiets, looking to her.

Eirene mutters to Apollis, "Sit your ass down, stop flirting." She then falls quiet as Belladonna starts the breifing in general. Arms folding over her chest, Eirene settles in for the longh haul in uneasy silence. She occasionally glances over her shoulder at the door, holding up her hand as if looking into the mirrored ring she wears for something.

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Anze snorts at Eirene and grins a bit, giving an amused look at Apollis before refocusing on Belladonna and the situation at hand.

Estaban looks ahead when Belladonna starts to speak his attention is on her, this is important business yo! So he sits there silent the Admiral of Southport with his head tilted to the side.

Apollis grins at Eirene and nods his head as he takes a seat. He waves toward Anze while refraining from flirting with almost anyone.

Spying Stefano, Talen jerks his chin up, then calls out formally, "Baron Gilden, good of you to join us. Your place here is free, it seems," he reminds. At the throne they stand, listening and reading as appropriate, on the topic of Koraj Marin. Talen's glance over the Archduchess' shoulder to see the words soon stop, as his eyes turn up and away, to refocus on those ahead. "How're the preparations of your men?" he asks of the banenrman, of Caith.


"For a bit of history, now, we have already had one campaign against the Gyre's forces. The Thirteen Hammers was led by the Thrax Fealty, and involved a considerable destruction of the Gyre's forces," Belladonna continues, once the flurry of information being spread around has stopped. And of course, there are more copies of reports to be passed around. "What we are facing now, we need to take a moment to realize that the destruction of those forces by the Thrax...what we are facing now is perhaps half of what it could have been. Ultimately, the initial campaign was successful in its goals."

Larissa settles in near to Deacon and Belladonna and focuses on the meeting, keeping quiet and attentive .

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Sparte.

Sparte shows up with a short stack of bound notes under one arm, seeming designed for distribution. He glances around with the realization he is late, hurriedly going to find a seat.

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Anze gives a glance to Sparte and then mutters something to those around him. He still listens closely to the description of what we face though, at no point not taking Belladonnas speech seriously.

Darrow frowns as Belladonna mentions Operation Thirteen Hammers, and his right hand touches a long scar on his opposite forearm. His look of hard recognition falls on the reports on the Red-Rock Reavers, when his pale eyes pass over it.

The discussion of Thirteen Hammers provokes a grunt of grim reverie from Costas, and the Captain of the Carlotta turns his glass of whiskey aside to pour a measure out onto the floor; honoring the spirits of the drowned lost.

Marian listens attentively as information about the previous campaign against the Gyre is shared. She pulls out a journal and makes a few notes so she can study them later.

Eleyna eyes Costas as he pours whisky onto her floor, brow arching.

Katarina keeps her words with her sofa-mates to a reserved minimum, her undivided attention given to the meeting as it progresses on. Notes that are passed around are taken up, quietly studied with a silent bow of the head before her gaze drifts toward Darrow. She watches him a moment, contemplative, before looking away to murmur quietly to Marian.

There is some time given for those assembled to look over the historicial information. Belladonna uses that time to drink from her mug, her eyes flitting about to take in all of the various reactions. Eventually, "So that is in very brief where we have been. The history that we are working with, so to speak. Presently, the traitor is leading three fleets in our direction. Each one is bigger than our standing navies combined, which means we are going to need to reach further than what we have readily available. This is a recent briefing on the situation."

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Talen says, "It's okay, so long as we keep sticking the expensive labels on the cheap stuff when he's around, he's not wasting anything worthwhile."

Katarina is overheard praising Talen for: Ingenius idea.

Eleyna glances up from the papers in her lap and murmurs with a little laugh, "One of your better ideas, cur. Here, hold these." She passes off the papers into Talen's hands and settles back in her seat, hands folded over her middle as she splits her attention between watching Belladonna and watching the crowd.

Stefano enters the audience hall, close to where he lives. It's a short walk. Striding in, the baron looks around for a moment and then heads for wherever Talen and Eleyna happen to be. If separated, he chooses the former. Sorry. OK, they're at the throne. So he approaches and stands near the couple, "Everything is just fine." he responds to Talen eventually. That sounds like some misdirection but he's too busy listening to the briefing to elaborate for the time being.

Belladonna flashes a quick grin in Sparte's direction and nods her head, lifting a hand to sort of gesture around and then raising an eyebrow at him. Let's hope he speaks Bella.

Talen holds the papers, for about a second, then he passes them to Stefano. Delegation, bitches. With a glance aside, he raises his brows at Stefano, then murmurs, "I'm going to need those cavalry if they hit us. Which reminds me, I probably owe you another fifty or something," he drawls. "Just let me know next week what you need and I'll see it paid," he insists, of the former Knight of Solace. Indicating the crowd then, he says, "Mustering begins soon, for the rest. Let's hope all our vassal's-- and their vassals-- come to Eleyna's call."

Talen says, "It won't be pretty for them if they don't."

Sparte straightens in his seat. Flashing a glance around he holds up the stack of papers as he rises. "I've, uh, I've tried to put together information on the enemy. Not specific to the siege, just... The history of who we're facing, what they've been after and what has been effective. Things that might help." His eyes dart around the room. "I'll, uh, just walk around passing out copies I guess."

"Thank you, Master Fatchforth," Belladonna tells him as he begins to move about, offering his information. "We appreciate your willingness to share." She bows her head his way, then once more gulps coffee before lowering it and speaking. "That is where we are, right now. Everyone's current focus should be on the gathering of troops, of ships -- of bringing every single person you can possibly convince on board. If you need help doing this, if you need something from us, to do this, we are here. Our liege is asking for two thirds of your fleet, but I recommend you retain only what you need for immediate defense, and send the rest. I also recommend that you begin to marshall your ground forces as well. Regardless of which fronts we fight on, we will be fighting on land as well."

"A -minimum- of two-thirds of your fleet to be organized by the High Admiral as well as your ground forces, which will be led by Archduke-Consort Talen Velenosa," Eleyna lifts her voice to clarify with a nod.

Sparte retakes his seat, hands empty. He proceeds to try to blend in with the cushions through sheer force of will, it is clear big social gatherings arn't his cup of tea by the nervous smile and fidgeting.

"Between the High Admiral and I, we will liaise with Duchess General Malvici as appropriate for the Lyceum and its promises to the Crown," Talen explains. "Your generals, your admirals, your captains and so on-- they'll lead their forces but under the overreaching plan of the Compact's Ministry of War and the advisors therein."

Lucita writes, writes and writes more, taking notes on what is being said, from time to time the concentration in her expression sometimes segueing into a small frown and than back into a neutral expression.

Eirene leans towards the other Malvici to make a comment about something, looking irritable as usual.

Falling quiet when Eleyna and Talen speak up, Belladonna finishes off her drink and sets it down, waving off a refill and shaking her head to indicate she doesn't want any more. For now, she's staying quiet, letting the Archduchess and Archduke clarify as needed.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Estaban before departing.

This seems to be all Talen says, as he looks back towards Belladonna, indicating with a nod. "High Admiral Alrec and Duchess Pravus will be coordinating your naval forces through to Duchess General Calypso Malvici so once you are sure you know who leads your ships, send them her way, so she may speak with the Crown Minister of Warfare. If you have generals and captains, send them my way. We'll relay all orders appropriately, making it easier for the plans to be cohesive-- as we cannot afford disunity."

"Prince Antonio has agreed to join me in assisting High Admiral Magaldi with this," Belladonna does speak up then, glancing in Antonio's direction before she once more looks over those assembled. "We do not yet have a battle plan, and we won't, for a bit. Still, there are a few things that we can be working on. Does anyone have any _questions_ about what we've covered today? We aren't going to get into the metaphysics or religious aspects of this here. I may not have answers to questions, but we can get them. Two, we need to know if anyone needs help that they can think of, with information we already have. If you need help rallying your people, or such things."

Apollis stands up from the couch. He turns to Katarina, Reese and Marian and smiles. "Please excuse me, sweet Princesses," he whispers. He then turns to his fellow Malvici and waves to them. "I have to leave for Southport now," he whispers. "Hopefully I'm back soon."

Theron listens to what is said quietly, thoughtfully. He leans towards Cambria to murmur, before he's back to paying rapt attention to Belladonna and Talen's words. "Do you intend on allowing them to besiege Setarco?" That is the Mazetti's question.

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Reese lifts her gaze to Apollis, giving him a smile. "Take care Lord Apollis." She says softly.

Eleyna lifts her brows at the announcement that Antonio would be assisting. She turns her head to look at Belladonna briefly, her expression inscrutable for a moment and lips thinned into a decided frown. She raises her voice to address Theron. "We are not here to discuss strategy, Lord Mazetti. We need to know what forces we have before committing to a plan. I'm sure you understand."

Opening her mouth to answer Theron, Belladonna stops when Eleyna speaks up. She dips her head in the man's direction, but doesn't offer any answer, instead looking around those assembled to see if there are other questions.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Estaban before departing.

"Of course, Your Grace." Theron offers a bow of his head to Eleyna. "I will do what I can to assist my cousins in raising as many levies as possible." He nods back towards Belladonna, still thoughtful.

Antonio's expression doesn't change at Belladonna's annoucment, so it's pretty clear it doesn't come as a surprise to me. He just gives a little nod when his name is poken, so those who don't know who he is by sight now do.

For all that it is worth, the Prince, Silvio, seeeeeems to be listening with great interest in the well-being of the navy, and is holding his chin in an appropriately patriotic height, with pride in the people and the great family. OR. He MIGHT be trying to get a better look at Eleyna's earrings.

"The King has asked his advisors, the Ministry of Defense, to come up with a Compact-wide plan to defeating the armadas. As a result, they focus on three citites within three areas; the Thrax's Maelstrom, Pravus' Setarco and Crovane's--," he leans to check again from and advisor, "Stormwall." To elaborate on Eleyna's comments, he goes on to say: "We have chosen our efforts to unify the Lyceum and solidify our force strength but not the direction they will go. That falls to the decision of Duchess General Calypso Malvici and she will inform the Grand Duchess' appointees-- myself and High Admiral Alrec-- as previously agreed."

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, Tale - The Snow Fox, A Mirror Masked Woman, Calvary -- A Large Fluffy Hound, 2 Velenosa House Guards arrive, following Isolde.

Sparte's eyes have locked onto the tiny imitation unicorn. It is the look of a man worried he might be seeing things that arn't really there.

"That said, I did wish to mention that Setarco is seeking to make a few emergency food purchases from our neighbors in the Lyceum," Belladonna says, clearing her throat. "If anyone might be willing to help, please -- let me know. Now, that said, is there any information that anyone has that they would like for us to take back to the Duchess General? Information on the situation that you would like to communicate? Particular specialties being offered as assistance? It would be helpful to pass it along if you've thought of something already."

Leta just stands there, listening, though she doesn't seem to have required focus to keep up with everything. Her attention often wanders to the crowd, to the doors leading in, or to her own person, and a distant thoughtful expression sets in as she toys with her necklace, winding the gemstones between her fingers.

Isoldes slips in late, looking quite tired. She's silent and just content to listen.

Marian stands up quietly and slips out of the room, since it doesn't appear that they need anything from this military liason. She does make a few quiet goodbyes and leaves.

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"Well, Duchess Pravus, I had given thought to hiring merchants willing to take great personal risk for the common good of the Compact to supply the affected areas. That would involve using unorthodox routes to avoid the considerable fleet of our Enemy," Theron quips after a moment's hesitation, "Naturally, Setarco would be the destination of one such shipping routes. As Ostria is as yet unaffected by the aggressors and I know it best, it would be my port of call of choice for such things."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Darrow before departing.

Eirene's head shakes slightly. Nothing to add.

"We'll speak after the meeting; thank you," Belladonna tells Theron, bowing her head his way. There's a look sent around the room before she focuses in on Talen and Eleyna, offering more quietly than she's been speaking, "That is everything I had; did either of you wish to cover anything more, or wish me to?"

Theron bows his head to Belladonna in turn, falling silent afterwards.

Darrow begins making his way towards Belladonna, approaching silently as the meeting begins to wind down. He affords her a dip of his head, and then a similar nod to Talen, Theron and Eleyna.

The Archduchess nods to Belladonna when she leans in to murmur and then raises her voice, "It is imperative that our vassals understand the threat we face. Perhaps not the particulars, but if the Marin fleet breaks through Setarco, the -entire- Lyceum is in danger. We must have the ships and the troops to stop our enemy now before further damage can be done. Talk to your people. Charm them. Shame them. Threaten them. I don't care how you convince your people, but your duty to -me- is to get this done. None my harm us unpunished. So let's get the people we need to punish this bastard properly."

"No, you have covered everything well enough," Talen replies to Belladonna. "We can await the replies from our bannermen, of course, to see what impact it's had." Levelling that look amongst those within the room, he clasps his hands over one another at the back of the throne, turning his attention to the woman sat within it. "None my harm us unpunished," he repeats, as a Velenosa, the equivalent of any 'amen'.

Reese finally speaks up now that the meeting is coming to an end. "Thank you for having me. This was a very well done meeting. It is encouraging to hear. I will likely be taking out the Grayson ships and we have some weaknesses at sea warfare. I would love to speak with those taking out the Lyceum ships later when they are ready and more privately. I think our fleets will go to the same location and being on the same page might be a good thing."

Once it seemed that the meeting was coming to a conclusion, Dianna took the dwindling commotion, conversation, and shuffling of papers as an opportunity to speak -- briefly, directly, and with her eyes resting squarely on those leading them. "If I may, Your Grace -- to whom should we be directing questions and suggestions regarding strategy be directed? Several names have been mentioned, but -- unless I've misheard someone, or misunderstood -- I don't believe a central point of contact was provided."

The meeting begins to concude, Acacia discontinues holding up the wall at the back of the room. Giving a little roll of her shoulders, and idle checks the blades at her side and gives one last glance across the room. A dip of the head is offered to Elenya and Talen and then to Isolde before the curvy redhead takes her leave, slipping out as silently as she arrive.

a nondescript assistant leaves, following Acacia.

"Thank you for coming, everyone," Belladonna speaks more generally, then focuses first on Reese. She bows her head to the other woman. "I will do everything I can to aid you," she promises. "We will spend some time together to speak of it." She slips some bit away from the table with the maps then, a few paces taken to put her closer to Darrow and not the place she's been standing. "Thank you for joining us," she tells the Darkwater man.

"The point of contact for land troops is Talen Velenosa and the central point of contact for fleets and ships are Alrec Magaldi and Duchess Belladonna Pravus," Eleyna answers Dianna with a nod.

Reese looks over to Belladonna, giving her a nod. "Thank you, Duchess."

"Thank you, Your Grace," Dianna replied to Eleyna, rising to curtsy as she did so.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, Tale - The Snow Fox, 2 Velenosa House Guards, A Mirror Masked Woman, Calvary -- A Large Fluffy Hound leave, following Isolde.

Reese is overheard praising Belladonna for: She ran a great war meeting, informative, helpful, organized and controlled. Harder to do than it seems!

Quenia glances over at Lucita, who has been taking notes, and seems relieved. This Marquessa is looking a touch overwhelmed. "It's quite a lot to process," she tells Dafne. "I think I shall retire home for a time. Do let me know if you'd like to meet things, Duchess." Again, addressed to Dafne.

A taciturn nod is given to Belladonna's thanks. "The threats facing both of our domains is grave, Duchess. I am glad that the defense of Setarco is marshalling."

Talen extends an arm to Eleyna, once she is seemingly prepared to rise, so that the Grand Duchess may be depart with him. "Duchess Pravus, thank you for your attention to the matters while High Admiral Alrec is focused elsewhere. I am pleased to be working alongside an effective house and those as invested in stopping our enemies at sea." With a nod given, he then looks to Eleyna, fingers curling about pale palm and hand. "Shall we, your grace?"

Dafne inclines her head toward Quenia. "I think we should gather as a fealty and talk our way through our strategy," she tells Quenia. "However, I need to sit down and organize my thoughts as well. We shall speak soon." She looks to the front, and murmurs a general, "Thank you," before slipping quietly out.

Deacon steps back away from the table finally and nods towards Belladonna. "That was enlightening," he says and then exhales somewhat dramatically. "We'll garner all the assistance we can." The 'we' obviously including the nearby Larissa, who he indicates with a gesture of one hand. "We're going to discuss the itinerary over a bottle of wine, in the meantime." With that, he turns to Larissa and prepares to depart.

Quenia smiles to Lucita and Ariella. "I'll see you back at home." She inclines her head to Silvio, then turns to make her way out.

Ariella lowers her head to Belladonna, "Thank you, Duchess Pravus." She smiles and nods to Quenia and Lucita as she also begins to make her way towards the exit.

Larissa stands and nods towards Belladonna "Thank you Duchess. Of course if you have need of us, just call. We will be going over plans." she confirms before following Deacon back to he Manor.

There is a bow given in the direction of Eleyna and Talen, and Belladonna even offers a quick smile when she straightens, then turns back to Darrow. "We will do what is required of us. Thrax is holding similar meetings as this one," she says. "I'd like a representative there. Can you take someone as your guest?" Those that are moving out and thanking her have her smiling and nodding and nodding and smiling. Lots of 'You're welcome', too.

Southport's got enough unrest as it is, but now the crime rate seems to be rising as well. Word comes from the city of the death of a much-loved bookseller, a former Scholar named Doran Nilanza who ran a shop in the market known as the Gilded Page. He was found brutally murdered, the body having been dragged into the back room of his own shop. Some of those in the market claim that strangers from out of town -- a sellsword and some imposter wearing robes of the Faith -- were almost certainly behind it, but either way, no proof seems to remain.

Leta lifts her eyes towards the back of the room as the meeting comes to an end, blinking a couple of times. She remains pensive, but she slaps a smile on top of it and wanders off, drumming her fingers on the hilt of her sword.

Eirene's out. She nods to her Southportian fellows, gives a sharp salute to the 'important' ones, and then heads abck home. Sounds like they may have stuff to deal with.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard leaves, following Eirene.

Charlemagne the Unicorn, 1 Pravus Honor Guard, D'Artagnan leave, following Larissa.

Larissa leaves, following Deacon.

Anze rises as Eirene goes to leave "Duchessess, thank you for havin us, I'm sure as you well know we'll do what we can to help an that Malvici stands with Velenosa in this. Please let me know if we can help with anythin else."

Eleyna watches as people begin to filter out, then manages to rise and offers Talen a faint, tired smile. "Yes." She glances to Belladonna and bows her head slightly. "Thank you for getting this organized, Duchess. I am working on something that might, if it produces results, provide some additional defenses for Setarco and Stormwall. I'll let you know if anything comes of it."

Darrow's brow furrows, but he inclines his head somewhat. "If allowed, possibly. The war councils are the domain and control of the Warlord Grimhall, and His Grace. Who did you have in mind?" His stern gaze flicks to Eleyna at the mention of Setarco and Stormwall, but he doesn't comment on the absence of Darkwater from that.

"I'm sure Duke Crovane would be happy to hear bout that as well. If yah need a filter between north an south I'd be happy to assist with that as well, but I'm sure that Darren would be happy to hear from anyone as well" He slides his direwolf cloak over his shoulders then "have a good night duchesses." He says before departing

Costas hauls up from his chair, downs the last of his whiskey, and heads out alongside the Malvici Duke.

"Thank you," Belladonna tells Eleyna, bowing her head that way. "It is heartening to hear. Rest well." She offers another smile, then looks back to Darrow. "Yes, I am asking you to -- ask, or call in a favor, or anything else. We need to keep the lines of communication open. I can find someone relatively inoffensive to send, such as Lady Juliana -- she's Prince Abbas and Princess Fatima's sister, she should be acceptable."

Antonio winces at... something. Well, he winces.

Talen calls out to Antonio, "Fish, sea, plenty," as he leads Eleyna up the stairs.

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:nodded on sharply to Cambria, and then went so far as to offer her cousin her arm as escort.

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