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Redrain Military Meeting

Darren is calling on all in the Redrain Fealty who tend to military matters as well as the heads of the various houses in the Northlands to come and meet to discuss his calling of the Redrain banners.


Jan. 14, 2018, 3 p.m.

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Kaede Aaron Drea Khanne Artur Ann Cirroch Asger Marian Anze(RIP) Sparte Thena Tila Astraea Gwenna Preston



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - Great Hall

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Siggi, a small lynx cub arrives, following Drea.

"Little Sister." Comes the murmered side comment in greeting to Thena before Preston turns his head, the slightly longer blond hair at his fringe flopping down "Are you still determined to send seconds and stay in Arx for this? Assuming my fight with the Archlector on disposition goes well, it will be a sight to behold up at Crovane." The knight's nose wrinkles a little "And assuming that the large Seraphs do not try to hold back folk." Any glares for now are ignored, the Faith contingent content to stand to the side and watch.

A Sanna is never early or late, they arrive exactly when they are needed. Or whatever that quote is. Cirroch steps into the hall a handful of minutes before the scheduled time and looks around at the crowd gathered, finding Tila and Khanne, heading over to greet the two with a smile. "Tila, Khanne, good to see you two."

Aaron slips in, bumping against door frames as he does, but catching himself quickly enough. The first available seat, he takes, sinking down with a relieved sigh.

Darren enters the Great Hall from the dining room, several documents in his hand and a mug of coffee in the other. His blue eyes settle straight on the Bear table in the middle of the room, moving towards it and setting his mug down with the papers. "Good afternoon." he says simply, organizing the documents in the order he wants them. "And thank you all for coming. I wish we met today under more pleasant circumstances..." His blue eyes finally lift from the table to survey those who have gathered. "I am sure for many of you, this is only the most recent in a series of meetings like this one you've attended these past weeks." Darren says, "By now word of what we're facing seems to have reached most corners of the Compact, so I am going to skip a lot of the explination and get down to what we, House Redrain and all of the Northlands are going to do." He says simply, his eyes flickering to Khanne and Asger. "I've already leady Mydas know as he is acting on behalf of the Nightgolds, but after this is over I will officially call the banners of House Redrain."

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Sparte.

There is little suprise indicated on Gwenna's expression, though with recent events, perhaps no one is surprised by the High Lord's words. A single nod dips her head and a faint frown of seriousness touches her mouth.

Marian picks up her drink and moves over to Darren's side. Since Fergus, the Warchief, is not able to make it, she's supporting Darren through this meeting. There is a quiet look that she gives her high lord, to see when he wants her to speak. Whatever joking demeanor she was wearing when she entered is replaced with a serious expression.

Artur arrives quietly, maybe a moment or two late, with a leather bound sketchbook tucked under one arm. Glancing around the room and noting those who have fathered, he doesn't rush to announce himself or make a big fuss of his arrival, simply heading on over to the Bear Table where everyone seems to be gathering and slipping into an empty seat there.

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There's a very soft snort at Preston's comment, but Prince Darren starts the proceedings before Thena can, or decides to, reply to the Templar. She instead jerks her chin towards a place to sit and, without waiting to see if Preston follows, makes her way over to take a seat.

Tila enters the villa, armed with a parchment and ink for note-taking and with a purposeful air about every step she takes. She steps over so she's standing shoulder-to-shoulder with her brother. "Cirroch. Lady Khanne." The latter gets a warm smile, though it's not enough to clear the seriousness in her eyes. "I'm eager to see what comes of this. It will make planning the muster clearer."

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Sparte shows up with a short stack of bound notes under one arm, seeming designed for distribution. He glances around with the realization he is late, hurriedly going to find a seat.

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Just a touch late herself, Drea strides through the big room in silence to join her family and fellows at the bear table. A quiet nod, so she doesn't disrupt the meeting in progress.

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Khanne smiles tiredly at the wave from Thena, waving back to her. She nods to Cirroch. "Good to see you too." Then, looks to Tila. "And you as well." She then turns her attention to Darren, lifting her coffee spiked whiskey for a sip.

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Anze tossses a bit of a curious look towards the arrival of Sparte but then returns his focus to Darren and his announcement. There is just a bit of a nod of agreement but he doesn't have anything much to add himself for the moment.

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As the rest of the family seems to be gathering at one table, Gwenna leans away from the wall and moves to join them.

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Astraea walks into the Great Hall and smiles to the people present before making her way toward the couch with all her kinfolk. Following Drea's example, she gives a polite nod to everyone seated and takes her seat. Leaning in to make small talk before the meeting commenced in earnest.

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Vashti, a flawless feline arrives, delivering a message to Preston before departing.

Asger drums his fingers against the table, a small hint of a smirk pulling at his lips "Aye it's going to be one hell of a fight and I think I've got a game plan that will make the most out of our limited numbers compared to the superior numbers we will be facing coming against us." scratching at his jaw he looks around the table studying each face in turn "It will however take each of our houses working together in unison to pull it off."

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Seeing that all the Redrains are occupying the Bear Table, Cirroch finds his behind a spot to sit at the smaller table, giving a smile over to Tila and Khanne before turning his attention back to the prince, remaining mostly silent--and a bit grim in the face.

Darren inhales, leaning forward on the table, holding his weight up with just his fingertips. "Before we continue..." Darren says, looking to Asger, "Please..." he motions to the man, "Share with us your idea." His blue eyes look to Marian for a moment, an eyebrow raising before he turns his attention back to Asger.

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As Asger starts to speak, Kaede sits up straighter, her eyes fixed on her Duke. She's attentive.

Preston makes a small whistle to summon the kestrel that had settled ontop of a piece of furniture as Preston moves to join with Thena. He hrms as a messenger arrives with a small note and Preston moves Guy up to his shoulder as he shares the contents of the message with Thena next to him "Whispers will be helping ensure the Seraphs heed. It was a bad time for Father Guiscard to leave us - his voice would have carried a great deal."

An elegant tilt of her head towards Asger, Drea gives the man her full attention, only slightly turning her eyes when Astraea speaks to her. She lowers her head slightly to murmur back, giving the younger woman a smile, careful not to allow her words to be loud enough or long enough to distract from the speaker.

2 Redrain novice guards, Archimedes the barn owl arrive, following Ann.

Ann slinks in as quietly as possible, dipping her head in apology at her lateness.

Marian smile at Darren, murmurs a few words and then gives her focus to Duke Crovane. It's clear by her expression she wants to hear his thoughts on the defense of his land.

Siggi, a small lynx cub arrives, delivering a message to Ann before departing.

Asger leans in to rest his forearms against the table "First off we need to evacuate all the ships and non combatants from Stormwall, the core part of my plan involves engaging the bulk of their forces on land where hopefully we'll negate any advantage that being give them. It is foolish to engage your enemy where they are strongest and that is why I'm going to do away with engaging in a straight up navel battle all together." Gesturing to Khanne he intones "I was hoping that we might be able to get my people across the mountain and into Halfshav land where they should be safe from the sea invaders. I want Redrain and Crovane to make the bulk of the force in Stormwall when the invaders land where we'll make them pay for every last fucking inch of soil they take with a hundred lives, when it becomes clear that they'll overrun us I plan to retreat to the mountains where hopefully we can meet with Nightgold forces who under Mydas have been fortifying the mines and stocking them so we can use them as a staging point in this war. I choose the mountains because it is going to be the easiest to defend point and the costliest to assault on the part of the invaders." looking around he asks "Any questions so far?"

"I'm with you right up until the mines part," Darren says, but makes a gesturing motion towards Asger. "Go on, if you have more to say though."

Khanne nods and says, "so far, I am with Darren. With you entirely, excluding the mines. Unless this is something you have already worked out with him and he has given his agreement? Personally... well, anyway.. continue."

"We've had offers of assistance from the Faith, Grayson and Valardin," Marian brings up to Asger, making sure that he knows others in the Compact are offering to help, "What kind of assistance to you want with your plan?"

Preston brings up his hand and coughs a little "I may have a question for the Duke, your grace." Preston begins, slowly standing in his clangy armour "Is Redrain so lacking in troops that it has already decided it will not hold the enemy or are we talking about contingencies? The Duke is most wise to say the fleet will go away - so it should, to join the rest of the Compact, but if we plan to allow the enemy to gain a foothold on our land, then he will be able to find those pockets of our enemies that exist on the continent, that we have not yet wiped out. If the plan is to have a fall back position in case things go wrong, that is wise. If the plan is to fight and withdraw, then I worry what that will mean."

Asger laughs and explains to Darren "Along with lumber, the bulk of our assets and trade lie in mining which we have extensive mines throughout the mountain range. While we wait for the invaders to land, I'd like Mydas to be overseeing their fortification and being supplied to turn them more into fortresses to rally behind rather then simply a bunch of tunnels. If it comes to invaders they'll also act as choke points so that we can make greater use of our numbers if they seek to dislodge us." looking over to Khanne he says "I have yet to meet with Mydas I was hoping he'd be here to weigh in on this." clearing his throat he continues "Anyways, once we have drawn them into the city and they are thoroughly engaged in a land battle about the time when it would be prudent for us to start pulling away, I'd like for a number of the ships we sent away earlier to sweep up the coast and lob fire arrows at their ships, hopefully we can cut down on their number not only to prevent escape and force them to fight on unfamiliar land but also to make it so they can't redeploy them elsewhere to increase pressure at any of the other battles. Stage two of the conflict will happen once we have evacuated from the city and it is held by the enemy, at the point I'd see Halfshav and any aid and supporting armies that we have gathered ride in from the south in a push to dislodge them from the city they are no doubt razing to the ground, they'll have gotten rid of the defenses in trying to get rid of the Redrain and Crovane forces making it much easier to assault them there. Once they have begun that push the forces that have reconvened at the mountains will push down to assault them from the west."

Asger cracks a grim smirk "If our ships have done their job in burning the wrecks that surround our port it will make it hard for them to escape out to sea once more and the only place they'll have left to run is the Ever Winter."

Listening, Gwenna doesn't take any notes despite her book being open before her. Her gaze shifts to settle on each person as they speak, her expression not really changing beyond that of grave interest.

Darren settles down in to a chair at the bear table, lifting his hand to hold his chin as he listens to Asger for awhile. If he agrees with the Crovane's plans or not, he does not say, but does nod. "Thank you, Duke Crovane. I am pleased to see you have thought so much of your homelands defense." He looks up at Marian, "Princess Marian, you and Fergus outlined a strategy this morning I'd like you to discuss." Darren says, "The last one we discussed." Darren says, motioning to her to speak.

Kaede scowls, and leands back into her seat. She'll stay quiet, besides some whispering to her table, but the woman looks mad.

Khanne looks up and says to Darren, "may I?"

Khanne gestures to Asger. "It's about his plan..."

Thena looks about ready to stand up next to Preston; the jerk of motion is there but in the end she keeps her seat. Still, she's shaking her head, lips set in a hard line.

Darren holds a hand up to Khanne. "One moment. I want Marian to explain her plan, before we discuss one in particular."

Khanne sighs and leans back in her chair, nodding."

Asger shakes his head slowly towards Marian "That's about the gist of it, I do have one or two other plans for stalling but those are good regardless of whatever main plan we go for." with a motion of his thumb towards Khanne he says "If she has a question now is probably the time to address it rather then later, no point in bouncing all over the place."

Anze lets his eyes settle on Preston once more when the knight speaks up, muttering something to himself.

Hands folded on the table before her, Drea now lets her gaze roam around the room. She particularly notes the expressions of those who don't seem enamoured of the plan, landing on Kaede, then Thena and Preston, as she sweeps the room with her stern gaze.

Khanne nods and says, "it is not a question. It is a statement... I happen to know that while the mines are fortified, they are not fit to house people. So, they should not be a factor in this plan. That is all. Some mines anyway." I am sure he can give more detail which are capable of being a staging point."

continues to sketch and to listen, the young prince seeming to take a keen enough interest in whatever is going on, though he doesn't really have much to contribute. He will evnetually, of course. Just, not yet! Glancing aside at Astraea when she leans over, Artur's face lights with a grin as he leans back a little, turning the book so she can see the sketch he's working away on.

Marian takes a stand and then pulls out a map of Arvum. She takes some makeshift models that she's made and lays out the Gyre's locations, "I'm going to step back. And discuss what possibilities I see with the Gyre fleet." She motions to the fleet going to the North, "Stormwall has a tactical advantage as the furtherest city to the North. But at the same time, any troops we send to the North to defend Stormwall also puts us in the position of being far away if anything goes wrong in the South." She takes Redrain armies and primarily places them in the North. Then she takes a few of the Faith, Grayson and Valardin up there as well," They'll be ground troops, and even if we keep some ships up there to circle back on the ships that attack, we'll be separated from the rest of the Compact."

"That leaves Setarco and Darkwater to defend from the other two armies," Marian offers the group as she studies the map, "Let's move to the Saffron Chain. The current theroy is that the Gyre wants to take Setarco...and while that's a possibility, we also have to consider they might be going there to visit the Saffron Chain to find the Abandoned tribes that were once loyal to their dark prince and never bent knee to the Compact. This part of the deployment may just be picking up additional troops to either march on to Setarco or circle back as a second wave to Darkwater." She motions and shows off the possibilities.

"Now Darkwater, could it be his main target? Possibility. But another point to consider is that Darkwater is four days away from Arx. It doesn't take much for the Marinites to change a heading and end up right at our doorstep." She pauses and then lets that sink in, "When Brand came at us, he did a full out frontal assault and he lost. But if I was that wiley bastard, I'd get the Compact scattered, sail in and take the King and Queen as hostage. Then force the Compact to give up the last daughter so I could be free from my cage."

"To your question earlier Sir Preston," Darren speaks up, his expression neutral. "Redrain's army, and its size is fine. No decision has been made about where we will engage these pirates, I believe the Duke was merely making his recommendation." Darren says, his eyes flickering to Asger. "After this is all said and done," he waves a hand around, "A decision can be made about where we intend to engage." As Marian lays out her scenrio, Darren's attention turns to the map. "We can assume our enemy has a single purpose here, to reclaim that which he thinks he is owed." Darren says, "We know, that to do that, he needs his daughter. To get her," Darren says, "He needs to possess something the Compact will consider so valuable that they would trade. A rock in the ocean, either Thrax or Lyceum, won't be enough. He needs something bigger." Darren's finger settling on Arx on the map.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Preston before departing.

Asger hooks an arm over the back of his chair as he listens to Marian, a frown pulling at his lips as he says "Now I hate to say it but if things go wrong in the south that's not something we should be expected to deal with. We can send naval aid, yeah, but I haven't heard of any southern silks rallying around us to help us out. We need to focus on securing our own borders before we fuckin' worry about what's going on outside of them. Seems likes worrying about being backup is something that should fall on those fealties that aren't being invaded." As Darren's finger lands on Arx Asger lets out a dark laugh "My friend what evil force hasn't had Arx as it's ultimate goal in their invasions?" with a grim sort of smirk Asger asks "I know I'm going to come across as a cold hearted bastard here but do us our victory require his daughter alive?"

"LIke to point out, friend, hard to rally north when their is a fleet comin for Setarco as well. Ain like we're happy to leave you to your own devices" Anze speaks up towards Asger.

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Astraea speaks up after the Dukes have spoken. "We're all in this together. If we start thinking like a people divided we won't win this. The enemy comes for us all and despite our natural inclinations to defend our homelands and leave the rest of the Compact to it's own fate...we have to consolidate our forces as a single unit and send them where they need to go. I'm no strategist but the North needs the South just as much as the South needs the North." Says the chevalier before piping down.

"Actually Asger, we've had offers from the Faith, Grayson and Valardin to come to our aid," Marian points out to him, "So yes, some of other Great Houses are rallying to help. I understand completely while we haven't gotten similar offers from Thrax or Lyceum because they're being invaded too." She looks around the room, "But can we manage this North invasion on our own? Do we think we have the numbers to protect our borders? Because if so, then we need to decline assistance from the Faith, Grayson and Valardin for them to deal with matters in the South. Or perhaps accept help on a limited basis such as asking for archers." She taps the map and admits, "I think there's more going on here. I think our people should be protected first but we need to make sure we're not leaving the rest of the Compact out to hang."

Preston stands once more, bowing his head to Darren "While I disagree with Your Grace that you should change your actions given any worry what happens south at the moment, for the enemy cannot advance his plans - whatever they are - if you smash a third of his forces here and trust in your brothers and sisters of the High Lords to do their duties at Darkwater and at Serteco." Preston takes a deep breath, steadying himself "However..." And Preston's eyes settle on Asger "I do not think it is wise to presume no-one comes to your aid. The Faith has committed heavy numbers of troops to the relief of Serteco and Crovane. We must each look to our part of the plan, focus on that and trust each other to handle each others part..." Gesturing to Thena at his side "I cannot speak for my Sister of the Solace, but the Templars are leaving significant forces in the Crownlands to cover such contingencies. So again, I say do not worry - trust in others. And hold the line. Give the enemy no inch of your soil. Clever strategems are wonderful, but this enemy does not tire. It doesn't weep. It doesn't /care/. And will only draw strength from our losses."

"Aye Anze I know and if we weren't being invaded you know I'd already be sailing down there to get ready for the slaughter, but as one of the fealties being invaded we need to concentrate our forces where our troops know the terrain best." Asger explains to Anze before looking over to Marian "Aye I know we've had offers from them, I wasn't the most concise when I said southern silks, I meant the Lyceum. I have received a number of heartening letters and offers of support from both the faith and even Harald the fuckin' grim." Attention turning to Astraea in turn he mentions "As for coming together like a great big soup then just pouring out raw numbers where they are needed it isn't playing to the strengths of our houses. For instance a Malvici warrior ain't going to be looking so great in the depths of a northern winter when it's colder then they ever dreamt possible just like putting a Velardin knight in plate mail on ship is just asking for him to be drowned. Where our enemy is a hammer we need to be a rapier, sharp and precise in our strikes for we don't have the numbers to out muscle him." Offering a smile for Preston he dips his head "And I am entirely grateful for the offers of assistance the Faith has ventured towards, I was simply saying we need to focus on our lands like the Lyceum and Thrax are doing in their own and trust in our brothers to carry through with their goals."

Darren has mostly listened as people discuss the strategies on the table, his eyes flickering from side to side. At Asger and Marian's last comments, Darren inhales. "Thank you both for your thoughts." He looks up at all gathered, "Thank you all for your thoughts." He looks to Asger, "I do not know if the daughter must be alive, but that conversation isn't going to happen." Darren pushes himself up out of his seat. He rests his fingertips on the table top in front of him, leaning forward. "When I was a boy, my father told me something about war. It seemed overly simplistic when I was young, really, I kind of thought he was patronizing me." His eyes look down to Drea with a warm smile. He misses dad. "He told me that the secret to winning a war is hitting your enemy where they are weak, and never engaging your enemy where they are strong." A tilt of Darren's head, "And while I'm not sure where the hell our foe is weak, but I can tell you where they are strong." he motions to the oceans on the map. "And I can tell you where Northlanders are strong." he motions to the frozen mountains at the top of the map. "The day that a Northlander faces an invader without a Redrain at his side is the day that I forfeit my right to be High Lord. So Fergus, as my War Chief, will be leading the Redrain army in to battle at Stormwall, Asger." He continues, "But I won't retreat in to any mines. They aren't suitable for a seige, even if Mydas starts today. And mines go one way, down. A wise commander, no matter how he is sure of his success, doesn't back his whole army in to a place he can't retreat from. That's a good way to have your army wiped out to the man." He motions to the mountains, "We fight them at Stormwall. If they get a foothold, we fall back to the mountains. We know the valleys, peaks, and vales of the Northlands far better than a bunch of southern pirates ever will." Darren doesn't sound like he's done, but he's trying to keep his wall of text just a wall rather than a bloody fortress of text.

While continuing to remain silent, Gwenna's gaze shifting back and forth as it has throughout the meeting, expression neutral, if a touch grave. There's a faint nod of her head when Astraea speaks, but little other visible reaction. Darren's words draw her attention next, head motioning in a small bob here, there.

Thena stands up beside Preston, getting to her feet nimbly. "The Solace is keeping a significant force in Arx. And we are mustering a force here, if it is wanted." Her dark brows arch a little, clearly a query as to whether or not it is in fact wanted.

Still keeping her own counsel, listening to and synthesising the information coming from all around the room, Drea nevertheless catches her son's smile and returns it with a gentle one of her own, and an approving nod.

When Asger retorts with his assessment of her previous assertions the pallid knight just nods and zips her lip. Then she notices Thena and beams, waving to her with a sheepish looking grin while trying not to be a distraction from her recent announcement.

Kaede checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

Darren continues, "And while the Northlands must be strong and protect their own, we simply don't live in a world where a High Lord can ignore his responsibilities to the Compact." He motions to Preston and then Marian, "If others are going to help the Northlands, then the Northlands will help others. Our people will not survive the wars to come if we cut ourselves off and act only in our interests. The enemies we face, the threats we must battle are bigger than any one fealty." Darren shrugs his shoulders, "That is a simple reality that we must face. Now, I have no intention of laying down specific plans today." Darren looks up, "I don't know half of you well enough to be discussing significant troop movements here. But I think our direction is set. Any forces we lead south," he motions to Marian, "You will lead. And I will expect you to bring the fury of ice and snow down on any foe you meet."

Asger says in Northlands shav, "to"

Asger says in Northlands shav, "Ya ever get the feeling a course of action was decided on before a meeting, lass?"

Asger glances back and speaks a few wry words to the retainer standing behind his chair in northlands shav

Marian gives a bow to Darren when he points out that any Redrain forces that are lead to the south to assist will be led by Marian, "You honor me greatly. I may not have been born into Redrain, but I will protect this house with the last drop of my blood." She turns to Asger and replies something back in Northlands shav.

Darren says in Northlands shav, "I listened to your plan, Asger. But in the end, I have to make a decision."

Marian says in Northlands shav, "No, nothing has been decided Your Grace to my knowledge. We are still in the planning phase."

Asger says in Northlands shav, "Oh I'd never doubt ya had to make a decision there my friend, just got a nagging feeling ya already had one pretty much hammered out before we got here. I digress I'm glad for any aid and even if none arrived I would be defending it to my last breath."

Her dark gaze flickers from one speaker to another, then Thena quirks the corner of her mouth in a little smile and waves back to Astraea.

Asger responds equally back in the shav tongue, the Duke seeming far more comfortable and at ease speaking it then he did in Arvani. Midway through his words he turns his palms upwards and offers a wry smile as if surrendering to the topic at hand.

If anyone looks at Princess Ann-The-Bookworms way, she gives them a shrug and an expression that explains she's lost too, when it comes to the Northlands Shav.

While she wants to show solidarity with her kinsmen it's easy to see she doesn't speak Northlands shav! Astraea blushes profusely and then sits back with her arms and legs crossed, but not before she turns to Gwenna, Drea and Anze and starts a good old fashioned whisper as per the usual non Northlands shav speaking folk!

"It wasn't." Darren tells Asger, watching the man before he allows a grin to break on to his features. "We're gonna have us a war." He inhales before looking at the rest of those gathered. "Does anyone have anything else they wish to bring up, before I call this meeting to end?"

Kaede stops her quiet, angry ranting to raise her hand, when Darren calls for people to speak.

Preston bows his head towards Darren after the speech "If it is the intent of the Northlands to stand and hold the enemy, we will not have you do so alone. The Faith will stand with the Northlands at Stormwall. If all our levies muster in time, we should have a force at the upper end of the estimate I provided - close to ten thousand men at arms. Including mounted knights, pike, archers and infantry. And I will command those forces personally as Knight Marshall."

"I'm going to be organizing a survival training class with the help of the Northlands Development Council next week to teach some basics of Survival in the North," Marian tells the group, "I would love for others join in and help me with the event. If you're interested, please see me." She gives a wry smile, "His Grace is correct that many nobles have never wintered in the North. We can at least give them some idea on what they're facing if they join us up there."

"Snowballs." Darren jokes to Marian, before nodding to Preston. "And the Northlands will be honored to fight with you." Darren says, before motioning his hand towards Kaede.

Kaede stands up. "Thank you, your grace," she says. "If our navies are sailing south... Seems it might be better for our people to be on those ships, and get dropped off further down the coast, in Grayson lands. Rather than marching children and elderly through the Stormridge Mountains."

Thena offers as well, "The Solace can offer a couple thousand men and women-at-arms. They're being pulled from those already stationed in the North and should be accustomed to the climate and fighting conditions. They're also trained in scouting and-" Her dark eyes slide to Kaede. "evacuation efforts, and protecting travelers and refugees. On land or at sea."

Khanne has been listening quietly, mostly keeping her two silvers, or a hundred silvers worth of two silvers to herself. When Darren speaks about his duty as a High Lord to the Compact, she nods, but in general, anything she has to say, remains unsaid for now.... except for one small utterance. "We are The North. We are Redrain... but, we are also part of the Compact. United, we stand and will prevail. Divided, we would fall. We fight for all of Arvum, and we will have our victory."

Marian gives a grateful nod to Kaede, "I like your thinking. We definitely need to get non-combatants out of Stormwall and to a safer place." She claps for Khanne's words, agreeing completely. There's a quiet look as if to ask if she wants to help organize the event.

Khanne looks to Kaede and asks, "which people? Those being evacuated?"

Ann takes a deep breath looking serious and stern for the moment, pressing her lips together in a thin line, looking at all present, then her cobalt eyes settle on Darren with a nod of solidarity, "To The Last, Your Grace."

"Yes, Lady Khanne. There was talk of evacuating into Halfshav lands," Kaede says. "I just think if I'm sailing south anyways, I want my ship full of my people, to ensure they're not marching through an icy pass," she explains. "Just need one of you all to figure out what port will accept a few thousand refugees..." she grumbles.

"Evacuation by sea presents two concerns for me," Darren says to Kaede, "Though, you are right that it would likely be easier from a logistics perspective. The first is simply the number of ships we have. To be honest with you, I think you are one of the first Redrain sailors I've ever met for more than 5 minutes. Basically, our fleets are nothing compared to those of the south." Darren says, "I am not sure we'd get enough people evacuated to make sense. War ships don't have lots of room for civilians and all." Darren sighs, "The second is, I don't know that the sea is safe. This pirate is strong on the seas. Putting defenseless Northlanders on boats just makes me nervous." He lifts his hands up, "But I readily admit that could be my bias to wanting to always be on dry land." he motions to Marian, then to Asger. "I leave it to you two to get with Mydas and work on the logistics of any kind of evacuations."

"I'm working with...pretty much all of Arvum to find places willing to clothe, feed and house refugees," Thena interjects. "If that is a concern, I can certainly help."

Khanne looks to Darren and Kaede at the talk of ships. "What ships Halfshav has are to support however and wherever they best would. We have a few... they can at least, help."

"I'd be happy to advise, your grace," Kaede says, to Darren. "And we'd be happy for the Knights of Solace help," she says, with a nod to Thena. "You find me a port to get people to, I'll make sure they get there. Safe, too."

Cirroch has left the Small Table.

"Well, you've done it now." Darren says to Kaede, "You've just been pressed in to the service of your High Lord." He grins, motioning to Marian. "Could you look at the possibility of a sea-based evacuation? At least for those infirm or young enough that the mountains might prove too dangerous?" Darren asks.

Tila has drawn up some makeshift ledgers, on her parchment, which she looks up from now. "While Giant's Reach has no port, we can certainly offer supplies and what comforts can be found for any refugees. Sanna shall help, in any manner we can."

Marian gives a nod to Darren as he mentions that working work a land and sea based evacuation plan is important, "Yes and I'll work with the House of Solace to make sure we can house any that travel by sea." She gives a look to Thena to let her know they need to talk later. Mydas and Asger get a look as well.

"Just remember, your grace, there are limited roads south - and those same ones people will want to use to move south will also be the same ones we will be marching forces up. It would be a good idea to lean on Dame Thena's expertise, as her people know the roads better than anyone short of the bandits." Preston turns and gives Thena a little smile before he looks again "Your Grace, the one thing you might wish to get to your mines, and you may with to speak with Blessed Bianca on this, are any records held in Stormwall. Our enemy rather enjoy destroying our history. It would be a shame to make it easy. Oh, and we also found that some of the enemy were quite susceptible to fire, make of that what you will."

Darren adds, lifting a finger. "Oh!" Darren says, looking to Asger and Khanne. "I am also volunteering my services and the service of Princess Gwenna to aid you in your calls to your bannermen. I think there may be some people who are... nervous by what we're facing and resist sending forces. When you wish to try the carrot," he motions to Gwenna, "My cousin will be very good at helping you. I trust you both to provide the stick, if needed." (OOC: If you do @actions for the banners subcrisis.)

Kaede inclines her head. "Thank you, your grace. Your highnesses. Ladies, lords... the rest of you lot," Kaede says, then she drops herself back into her seat.

Thena nods to Kaede, though does add for the rest, "I can offer aid in any evacuation efforts, land or sea. This is what my Order is sworn to do. Protect travelers."

Gwenna laughs a bit faintly at some of the words and then grows serious again, head nodding to Darren's words. "Thank you, Your Grace," is said and then she turns to glance at the others. "I'm been raised in the discipline of diplomacy, rather than the martial arts. I will do whatever I can to help the efforts, wherever I may be needed. I'm not afraid to leave the city, if need be, to be a face of Redrain in the evacuations. Truly, whatever I can do."

Asger drums his fingers idly against the table as he listens to the others talk about the raising of banner men. Reaching into his belt he pulls out a small flask and unscrews it with his thumb to take a deep drink from it.

Darren smiles. "Very well." Darren says, "With that said, I am calling this meeting to an end. Thank you," Darren says to all those gathered, "I know these times are dark and trying, but we will survive this. In time, we'll be drinking without a care in the world again." He bows his head, "Safe travels home."

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