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Wanted Concepts

Subject Poster Date
Maharet Whisper Giorgio 01/25/21
Background Connections Wanted Emma 01/21/21
Adventurous Ladies - Neilda and Temira! Medeia 01/20/21
Champion for Hire Xanthe 01/19/21
Connections Svana 01/14/21
Redreef Could Use More Dudes Ember 01/12/21
Come Be Grim With Us Valdemar 01/05/21
Eurui Refugees Margot 12/29/20
Godsworn Wanted Avary 12/28/20
WANTED: Jan Kennex Ian 12/28/20
Do You Wanna Play a Shepherd? Malcolm 12/28/20
Malspero and Port Venture seeks merchant! Venturo 12/28/20
Wielder of the Glinting Gale Lianne 12/25/20
Be an Eswynd! Norah 12/21/20
Seraceni Union Dio 12/21/20
Infamous Protege Graziella 12/15/20
Order of East Light Sorrel 12/15/20
Crimson Blades Want YOU Razija 12/14/20
Torture me, I beg you Svana 12/10/20
Fatima Thrax Katarina 11/25/20
the Raconteur and Kismet Venturo 11/19/20
Read For Your Own Saik Medeia 11/19/20
NPC Spouse Xanthe 11/10/20
More Malesperos Lianne 11/09/20
OC Noble House Furio 10/23/20
Connections Wanted! Natasha 10/22/20
Commoner roster connections Ember 10/20/20
Volya Malespero Pasquale 10/15/20
Roster Spotlight: Graziella Belladonna 10/08/20
New Valardin CGs Apostate 10/07/20
Wanted: Eswynds! Haakon 09/30/20
Wanted: Connections Trueth 09/25/20
Marriage Contract Addendum Calista 09/22/20
House Charon Magaen 09/17/20
Wanted: Prince Talwyn Valardin Macda 09/14/20
Magnotta Wants YOU! Domonico 08/30/20
Looking for connections Mimi 08/17/20
More Wyrmguards Dominique 08/17/20
Join Ravenseye Rosalind 08/12/20
House DiFidante seeks... Lora 08/06/20
Join Ravenseye Rosalind 08/06/20
Join Harthall! Orvyn 07/26/20
Be Grim with the Grimhalls! Vanora 07/26/20
A Besty Ilira 07/20/20
Squires and Knights! Bree 07/20/20
Seeking a connection? Svana 07/19/20
Rock me Amadeo Tyche 07/17/20
Do You Love the +Crafting System? Mia 07/15/20
Camilla Baseborn! Tyche 07/13/20
Join House Fortier Shae 07/03/20
Robert Margot 07/02/20
Acheron: Rosters and OCs Welcome! Riagnon 07/02/20
New Redreef Rosters Ember 06/30/20
Don't forSAIK us Lucita 06/22/20
House Eswynd Haakon 06/14/20
JOIN THE KING'S OWN! Corban 06/09/20
New OC? Valery 06/08/20
Proposition for an OC Ilira 06/06/20
House Gilden and You! Ysabel 06/03/20
Help Us Find Our Other Voice! Malcolm 06/03/20
Caprice and Vittorio Jaenelle 06/02/20
Think of the Children Ricki 06/01/20
Godric Selah 05/26/20
Garden Full of Roses! Calista 05/20/20
Looking for a bro Svana 05/13/20
WANTED: Olivian Malvici Calypso 05/12/20
Wanted: Rook Champagne, Courtier Extraordinaire Alaric 05/11/20
WANTED: Gio di'Malvici Calypso 05/05/20
Background Connections, Please! Lierre 05/02/20
Grimhall Recruiting Valdemar 04/28/20
Wanted one (1) best friend Mirari 04/18/20
Fight to the Last Marian 04/13/20
Do Stories of Redemption Interest You? Skye 04/10/20
Play A Blackram! Teagan 04/08/20
Starting Relationships Apostate 04/05/20
RP Hooks Wash 04/03/20
Clearlake Needs Ministers! Acantha 04/02/20
Telmarch Ministers and Allies! Isabeau 03/30/20
New Malvicis on the roster! Calypso 03/29/20
Who? Jennyva Shepherd, that's who! Malcolm 03/26/20
King's Own Recruiting Eleanor 03/18/20
Sword of Ischia and other Pirates and Scallywags Dio 03/15/20
Do you want a Wash? Wash 03/13/20
Edain Mia 03/11/20
Come Cavort in Caith! Ysabel 03/11/20
Fidante Military Leaders Calista 03/09/20
A Brother and Others! Svana 03/06/20
Join the Disco Inverno Tyche 02/17/20
Join the Lyceum Jaenelle 02/15/20
Keaton Calling! Reigna 02/10/20
Knights, Scholars and Adventurers of the Mourning Isles Margot 02/06/20
Join House Laveer Rey 02/04/20
Wyrmguard Social Types Dominique 01/31/20
Naval and Military Minded Folks Wanted Rey 01/30/20
Be a Fabron! Jules 01/29/20
Who wants a brother? Colette 01/26/20
Play my brother! Bree 01/26/20
Boat Knight Needed, Active PC or New PC Jeffeth 01/26/20
Join House Champagne! Yasmine 01/22/20
Wanted: House Clearlake Acantha 01/21/20