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Wanted Concepts

Subject Poster Date
Join House Corvini (Awesomesauce)! Giulio 01/21/19
For Better Or Worse Jennyva 01/20/19
Whispers Bliss 01/19/19
BLACKWOOD WANTS YOU! Ysbail 01/19/19
Igniseri Wanted! Quenia 01/19/19
Join House Stahlben! Volcica 01/18/19
Join Grimhall! Vanora 01/17/19
Still Seeking Crew! Valenzo 12/31/18
Join the lions! Become the Bisland Hotshot Judge! Kaia 12/31/18
Join the lions! Become a renowned socialite! Kaia 12/31/18
Join the lions! Become a Bisland Duchess! Kaia 12/31/18
Join the lions! Become a Bisland Duke! Kaia 12/31/18
Play a Greenmarch Margret 12/27/18
Join House Blackshore Skye 12/23/18
Knights of Solace Jeffeth 12/20/18
Who Doesn't Love Snakes? Sabine 12/18/18
Malespero Wishlist Lianne 12/18/18
Play Esme Fidante! Calista 12/17/18
Ravenseye Recruitment! Aella 12/16/18
Braum Fatchforth Sparte 12/06/18
Prince Galen Thrax Sorrel 12/06/18
Lady Tove Clearlake Acantha 12/05/18
Check Out Laurent Cristoph 12/03/18
Consider the King's Own Corban 12/03/18
Non-traditional marriage Samuele 12/03/18
Husband's Family Umbroise 11/30/18
Late Night Attache Clover 11/30/18
Blue Steel? Join House Whitehawk! Delilah 11/25/18
Crew of the Tasty Terrapin! Valenzo 11/21/18
Lady Teagan Blackram Gaston 11/16/18
The BZZZ about Laurent Cristoph 11/13/18
Blackram, Steelhart, Telmar, Wyrmguard Tesha 11/12/18
Background Links Mirella 11/12/18
Rebuild House Blackshore Skye 11/03/18
House Bisland Recruiting! Michael 10/28/18
Be a Templar! Preston 10/25/18
Join the Knights of Solace! Thena 10/24/18
Keaton Wants YOU! Reigna 10/22/18
Nighgold & Acheron Concepts Riagnon 10/22/18
House Whitehawk Recruiting! Delilah 10/20/18
Join House Leary! Fairen 10/16/18
Looking for Grimhalls Valdemar 10/08/18
Lord Lysander Rubino Grazia 10/06/18
ISO: A Few Good Corvini(tes) Giulio 10/03/18
Play an Inverno Aisha 10/01/18
Consider the King's Own! Corban 09/29/18
For Goodness - Saik! Lucita 09/28/18
Derps! Grady 09/21/18
Join House Magnotta! Artorius 09/20/18
Join House Riven! Thesarin 09/19/18
Liberators! Caspian 09/09/18
Join House Blackshore Skye 09/09/18
House Deepwood Recruiting! Samantha 08/31/18
Grimhall Recruiting Valdemar 08/27/18
Ru-Taul family members Caspian 08/25/18
Princesses of Thrax! Jophiel 08/24/18
House Harrow Felicia 08/23/18
Background connections? Ouida 08/22/18
House Redreef Mikani 08/22/18
Luckless Commoner Helpers Nottie 08/21/18
Seeking Nerds! Fairen 08/13/18
House Corvini Wants YOU! Giulio 08/13/18
A more difficult road Sparte 08/12/18
House Acheron, House Nightgold Riagnon 08/11/18
Wanted: A Secret Thorley 08/11/18
Sunniva Harthall Orvyn 08/07/18
Calling All Want-to-be-Hawks Kenna 08/04/18
Joxur (the Mighty) Rymarr 08/01/18
Lycene Lady Saoirse 07/31/18
Seeking Past Contacts Manuela 07/30/18
Would You Like Family Ties? Joscelin 07/30/18
Join House Melaeris Lilith 07/30/18
Redreef Shores wants YOU Ember 07/29/18
Sibling Rivalry Fecundo 07/29/18
Join House Blackshore Skye 07/29/18
Bisland Recruitment Drive Gabriel 07/28/18
One of Us. One of Us. Hadrian 07/28/18
Commoners Welcome & Wanted Arik 07/27/18
Volkov Wants You! Aahana 07/25/18
Knights of Solace! Thena 07/22/18
Play Tovell! Corban 07/16/18
Instrument Makers and Bards Gianna 07/14/18
Yo Ho Yo Ho! A Tyche's life for meeee! Donato 07/09/18
Join the Faith Orazio 07/06/18
Nerd Family looking for more Nerds! Fairen 07/06/18
Be an Iron Guard Sparte 07/04/18
Arman Saoirse 07/04/18
Kennex Wants YOU p.2 Constantine 07/02/18
Kennex Wants YOU p.1 Constantine 07/02/18
Harthall Characters! Orvyn 07/02/18
Join the Crimson Blades! Violet 06/30/18
Semi Reformed Pirate? Margot 06/29/18
The 'Mysterious Champion' Caspian 06/29/18
Sisters wanted! Reigna 06/28/18
Arcuri's Wanted Josephine 06/28/18
Malvici Rosters+ Calypso 06/28/18
Wanna be an uncultured savage? Snow 06/28/18
Calling all Harrows! Felicia 06/26/18
House Melaeris: Voices and Ministers Vera 06/18/18