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Words: "Dark means to stop darker threats."
Sigil: The faceless visor of the Sentinel
Nickname: Hoods.

An organization as old as Arx itself, the Inquisition was founded after the end of the Reckoning in order to find demon worshipers and other dark forces working to destroy humanity. Since the time of the Crownbreaker wars, it has become a completely political organization turned against vulnerable foes, declaring enemies as magic-users and enemies of the Compact.

Now as a completely secular organization split from the Faith and completely under the control of the crown and directioned by the Master of Questions, the Inquisition investigates all crimes that catch its interest that are not subject to the immediate arbitrary judgment and punishment of the Iron Guard.


Name Rank Title Description
Laric 1 Master of Questions ---
Alistair 2 High Inquisitor ---
Gareth 4 Inquisitor ---
Shrike 4 Inquisitor ---
Halsim 4 Inquisitor ---
Insaya 4 Inquisitor ---
Eliana 4 Inquisitor ---
Mercedes 4 Inquisitor ---
Tikva 4 Inquisitor ---
Aislin 4 Inquisitor ---
Godric 4 Inquisitor ---
Faye 5 Senior Confessor ---
Corrigan 5 Senior Confessor ---
Delilah 7 Associate ---