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Lady Delilah Whitehawk

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Scholarly Adventurer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whitehawk
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Toffee Brown
Eye Color: Bright Cobalt
Skintone: Golden Fair

Titles: Bisland Minister of Justice and INternal Affairs

Description: Delilah is a beautiful woman to behold and her appearance seems to be an adventure in itself. Her hair is the color of golden toffee and flows over her shoulders in gentle curls, pooling against her back. Thick bangs rest over chiseled eyebrows, and her bright cobalt eyes are fringed with long lashes. Her soft cupid's bow lips are usually pulled into a neutral line, but occasionally the corners upturn into a faint grin or smirk, and more rarely into a warm smile. Her fair complexion glows with the vigor of youth, kissed lightly by the sun and wind. She is tall and svelte, possessing notably long legs and graceful curves, though her attire tends to favor practicality over accentuating her attractive features.

Personality:     Just like the vast ocean Delilah is restless, moody and fond of change and travel. In her mind, there is always a question that needs an answer, and she is compelled to go out and find it herself when she can get no answers from people or dusty old tomes. She frequently documents the answers she finds and the discoveries she makes to make them easily accessible to others, particularly when danger is involved.

    When she was a little girl, penning fantastical tales of a heroine suspiciously like herself was a beloved past time, but Delilah is quickly discovering the world is far more magical than even her imagination suggested!

Background:     Delilah is the oldest daughter of three born to Jerome Mercier and the older sister of Kenna. She was, arguably, her father's favorite -- and it shows it many of her habits. Her wanderlust was obvious from a young age and her father frequently indulged her by allowing her to accompany him on his business trips up and down the Gray River. She picked up his penchant for thorough record keeping, as well as exceptionally neat writing.

    When she was sixteen she was allowed to go on her own forays with the small family river boat. She befriended a fellow adventurer, Bridget, during her first 'adventure' to Whitehold. They quickly became thick as thieves and explored much of the northern Crownlands together... until a deadly miscalculation on her part left Bridget dead and herself traumatized. What happened? She hasn't told anyone -- not even Bridget's bereaved family.

    She returned home and became a recluse, cutting herself off from most of the outside world, to simply digest what had occurred and to grieve. During this period, she distracted herself by working in a minor capacity with the Inquisition, writing at length about what she'd seen in her travels to help with with their investigations at home, and she considered joining as a junior rank as a confessor. She eventually climbed out of her depression with the diligent attention and care of her little sisters, and emerged from her room humbled and wiser from the experience. The wanderlust remained, and she answered the call once again.

    When she heard her sister Kenna left home to join their ennobled cousin's household, Delilah was flabbergasted, having been unaware of just how much her sibling admired the new baron. When she had some rest afforded to her from her adventuring and studies, she decided to follow as well -- particularly when she heard that the Nox'alfar were given an embassy within Arx. It's not every day you see an elf... or is it, now?

Relationship Summary

  • Jerome - Far-traveled. Worldly. Kept the flame of wonder sheltered.
  • Helen - Mother. A cool balm. Sunshine? Inscrutable.

  • Family:
  • Evonleigh - Sister wild and fair. White peony, a steam-mist of rose petals, and a kiss of jasmine tea.
  • Tabitha - Cousin gentle and warm. Violet, chantilly, and a dabbling of orange blossom, delicately enchanting.
  • Kenna - Sister gilded and fierce. Sunborn freshness of neroli, quince, and a hint of caramel just before sugar burns, a dusting of spice to go with the trace of iron.
  • Silas - Cousin upstanding and enduring. Oakmoss, woodsy shadows, and the shock of basil, fresh as a sun-warmed mountain creek.
  • Gaius - Brother keen and effusive. Dancing with lightness and gold, vapour-soaked citrus leaves, uplifting geranium, and a bite of white musk.

  • Oathlands:
  • Cristoph - Friend open and noble. Headwinds of clove and elegant leather, beneath amyris wood and white musk. Liberally struck by the unexpected note of beeswax.

  • Lyceum:
  • Appolonia - Scholar elusive and evocative. Heady bitter absinthe and davana purrs with deeper, hidden notes indecipherable at first pass: clove and saffron over gaiac and cedar-drenched oud.

  • Mourning isles:
  • Alarissa - Potentate, jewels and fine silks. A radiant smile of eglantine rose and hawthorn, an untamed, luxurious finish of pink peppercorn, musks, and soft minerality.
  • Zoey - Confidante sublime and mirthful. Harmony in green lily, jasmine, chamomile, and iris, all the elements of an enchanting odyssey.
  • Ian - Friend taciturn and laconic. A clarifying strike of clary sage and cardamom over hidden depths of papyrus and wood smoke.

  • Friend:
  • Tynan - Lawyer finessed and refined. Invigorations of lemon and sharp eucalyptus, and a final argument of fir balsam and white cedar.

  • Crownlands:
  • Thesarin - Liege, redoubtable and unyielding. Granite stone, oakmoss, and a shod foot on the woodland of fern fougere.
  • Mia - Liege steady and elegant. Sage and geranium imparting a bright backdrop to woodsy resins, a breath of fresh air.
  • Gabriel - Duke proud and mastered. Rich and structured oak moss, bergamot, and chypre to impart sophistication.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A wonderfully delightful lady who I hope to spend more time with in the future, perhaps when I am not covered in golden glitter and with my horse all dressed up as a dragon.
    Adora Her hair is really fucking bright. I don't like her.
    Aethan Likes to give hugs.
    Ainsley Lady Whitehawk is a compassionate and caring woman. Clearly with a smart head on her shoulders. Though there's something a touchy dreamy about her. When I see her I almost think about the legendary Lady of Twilight Dreams...
    Alarissa A stunning woman, with most excellent taste in accessories. She even makes me a little bit jeaous with her dragonweep. Someone to keep close tabs on, for I've a feeling she might be someone who rises when no one is looking.
    Alessandro Very much taken with Monique, it seems -- though really, who among us is not? It is only right and proper to be so. And of a scholarly turn of mind, I think, which is always welcome in my presence.
    Alessia A very pleasant woman. Intelligent and easy to talk to, I would be glad to have the opportunity again.
    Alexandre A kind soul who decided to donate her time for the local orphans and Jayus, in botch cases something to be admired and praised!
    Amari Though as she says, Delilah may be as alike to her sister Kenna as a sword is a rock, I think she's wonderful in her own way. She's eloquent, congenial and as the eldest of the brigade of sisters, seems as though she'd have that requisite eldest sister sense of responsibility. Quite lovely! I was glad to cross paths with her again and make a proper introduction.
    Appolonia Somewhat quiet of a woman but she seems keen enough for conversation. Doesn't seem too out of sorts in the Shrine, either. Perhaps this one would be worth the time getting to know better. I do so enjoy those of bold spirit.
    Arthen She talks, and sometimes I can't really tell you what she's even saying, but she makes it sound good all the same. That's not nothin', right? She's got a confidence about her, though, and just from the bit of conversation we had, I can tell we've got some shared interests. I just need to get a book of translation, is all. I've went through more, for worse.
    Auda Quiet but delightful! I look forward to meeting her in a setting where we know the language.
    Bianca Enthusiastic, detail oriented and breathtaking. Lady Delilah is a pleasure to work with and always so gracious in every encounter we have ever had.
    Brigida She certainly does talk.
    Caspian Quite prim and propper! But still fun to be around.
    Col General Trouble. Ne'er-do-well. She speaks rather loquaciously for one of those. Which makes her more dangerous I am sure. She seems pleasant and affable. The worst kind of trouble. Indeed.
    Constantine A sense of humor which is a boon to her favor. Though our greeting was brief I look forward to future encounters. According to her table mate, she also makes a lovely pot of tea.
    Coraline A woman who's words are poetry and who's intellect shines behind each one. Her cordiality and pleasantly wisdom filled conversation is as fulfilling for the mind as a good meal is to the spirit.
    Cristoph I've had the pleasure of making Lady Delilah's acquaintance these last few weeks. She's a charming young woman with a sharp mind. She frequently looks like she's always into something and is a fine conversationalist.
    Cullen Like others of her family, absolutely charming and humorous. I have quickly come to realize the Whitehawks are one of my favorite Houses, and I certainly ought to get to know Delilah better as well. Intelligent and doubtlessly an excellent conversationalist.
    Cybele Once-inquisitor, now inquisitive. Lady Delilah learns many things, asks many questions, with clever minds and clever tongue. Wonders if she has clever fingers as well, to snatch secrets from their hiding spots.
    Daemon I saw her if only briefly when we painted rocks, but they were good rocks. She was a good soul. I'm glad children have ladies such as her to look up to.
    Domonico Keen apple eater. Protector of innocents when danger strikes. Directed people to where they needed to be in a crisis. A good person.
    Elgana Another Whitehawk! I'm not certain on the how she's related to Kenna but I can tell they are cut from similar cloth. She's a keen woman with whom I hope to get further aquaintened with.
    Etienne Spirited, and ready for adventure it seems.
    Ezekiel It is always pleasant to find those that enjoy my art... and she was quite lovely. I hope we might meet again!
    Faruq Not the best of times to meet someone new, under the dark cloud of a loss of life. Which makes it difficult to really get to know someone. I am hopeful that will change with time and opportunity. She was mindful of others grief and that says a lot about a person's character.
    Faye An interesting woman, cheerful and enthusiastic. I'm not sure yet if she has the seriousness it takes for this job, but I look forward to finding out.
    Gianna Pleasant. Quite talkative.
    Hannah Sensible, intelligent, and has a good head for languages. I rather like her and hope to be on more missions with her.
    Harlex Well spoken poet. Reminds me, though, of another time. On the road I use to watch the trees at night and the breeze through them which would rattle the boughs and let the moon rays slip through flickering in the shadows like silver eyes. Seemed at the time to hold such meaning. But I often wondered if it weren’t just, in the end, the wind moving air through the darkness. If it weren’t just nothing. Guess I don’t know. She seems all right, either way it turns.
    Harper Anyone that helps me come up with new nicknames is alright in my book. Plus she doesn't stand on titles, which earns her extra respect. Besides, she's the sister of my best friend and partner. I gotta like her, right?
    Ian Close friend of Zoey's.
    Jasher A spirited seeker of faraway lands and forgotten knowledge. Doubtless she will find much if she stays the course.
    John Lady Delilah seems like she enjoys writing, a lot. She is also very intelligent, well spoken and seems to like dogs.
    Jophiel One of the first I met when I came to Arx, Delilah has become a solid support in my new life - I am proud to claim her as a friend.
    Josephine A lovely noblewoman, one who likes to slip in and look at things. Some day she'll let me make something for her that will sit beautifully in her ears.
    Juniper Not only does she have excellent taste in books and conversation, but she has a courtier’s knack for poetry. A silver-tongued Lady.
    Katarina It's no surprise that Delilah has impressed positively upon Katarina given the Valardin's close ties with the Baron of Whitehawk and Delilah's sister, Kenna. The siblings are like night and day, but they compliment one another. Where Kenna is exciteable and effervescent, Delilah is more methodical in her approach to the world around her but no less fervent in her lust for life. A great conversationalist with a penchant for detail that is to be respected.
    Kenna MY SISTER. She's serious, wise, and has her things together so much more than I ever could. She is more important to me than anything else in this world, and I don't know what I would do if she ever left Arx for an extended period of time. I am sure I would be LOST.
    Laric Like day and night.
    Liara A tad on the formal side compared to the company I had been keeping just an hour or two previous, but that is probably just a return to normal rather than any sort of deviation.
    Lou Inqusitive, and resourceful. She has a keen mine and a well developed sense of curiosity. She will go far in the explorers.
    Luca My favorite librarian.
    Lucita What fun, the conversation wound through history and fashion, social topics and beverages, people we knew in common. It was refreshing and challenging, the type conversation you look forward to sharing again.
    Marius Whimsical and charming, Delilah radiates with an energy and warmth that is very difficult to match. Scholarly pursuits have brought her to those near me, and she's captivated me just as quickly as she has captivated them.
    Melody It sounds like I'm listening to a book. Now I know what you're thinking -- That's not possible. But she's got a heck of a vocabulary on her, and now I might even be terribly afraid of her.
    Merek Delilah went to assist the kids, when dogs were released upon the Market. She seems nice enough. She's a Whitehawk, so as much is usually to be expected with Silas' wonderful family.
    Mikani The element of water in person. Maybe she is a goddess in hiding.
    Mirari A very charismatic and polite lady. She seems to have power behind her, in her carriage and her words. I will enjoy getting to know her better if I am able.
    Monique For a woman with as much good cheer as Lady Whitehawk, she keeps a remarkable level head and modesty that is unsurpassed. I only hope that I can help keep that head on those modest shoulders.
    Naka Curious, scholarly woman. Met while attending the same lecture. She came prepared to take notes and ask questions. I suspect that that combination of forethought and attitude makes her rather good at what she does.
    Norwood She came on Lord Seliki's arm, and seemed a perfectly put together woman who is, by all accounts, good with his words.
    Olivia A very knowledgable researcher, by the impression she gave, full of interesting stories on a number of topics, including some similar to those I find myself studying. She did seem interested in working together, and while I probably cannot tell her much she doesn't know, hopefully I can make myself of some use all the same.
    Ophelia I /adore/ her name! And that shirt of hers looks better on her than it does on Luca. Just don't tell him I said that, okay? I would love to have tea with her soon!
    Oswyn An inquisitive mind and a keen intellect. She's sure to find answers.
    Petal She seems friendly, cheerful and well spoken.
    Quenia I was quite delighted to meet Lady Delilah. She was ever so pleasant, and truly interesting company. Surely enough to keep any curious Igniseri facinated for hours on end. And Igniseri have curiosity in spades.
    Reese She seems friendly, cheerful and really really smart.
    Rhea I really want to steal that dress.
    Rook Lady Delilah Whitehawk holds herself remarkably well, has pursuits in a range of spheres, and seems to be remarkably pleasant company. A chance meeting with an interesting introduction is why the salon keeps gaining customers day in and day out.
    Rosalie She is every bit the lady that I would hope to be someday. She has a way with words that I could never hope to match, but that I can certainly appreciate. And her compassion is clear to see. I am hopeful that we could be great friends.
    Rowynna How does one write about a force of nature? For I'd surely account Lady Delilah Whitehawk as such. She is some aspect of beauty and motion all stuffed into so much flesh and gorgeous hair. I barely feel adequate to keep up.
    Sabella She's smart, talkative, funny, and delightful! I know that we are going to be the very BEST of friends! She is definitely a kindred spirit!
    Sanya Clearly an intelligent and insightful woman. I imagine she opens the minds of those she interacts with, I'm glad to have met her.
    Sasha A fellow lover of generousity and animals. I hope to be able to cross path with her again soon
    Sorrel An old friend with whom I am delighted to share information and get excited about practical occult with. We inspire one another and I'm always glad to trade information with her.
    Sparte Lady Delilah was the first member fo the Whitehawk family I met after Lord Silas was ennobled. She was a delight, and all of her family have proven to be just as delightful. Not having seen her for a while I admit I grew concerned, but here she was. Just as amazing as ever.
    Starling A very kind and charming Lady who seems to value the beauty of the world. Well met.
    Sunaia She has the airs and graces I lack. All to the good, the world probably needs more of that sort than it does mine.
    Thesarin A dreamer, and a seeker, and damned clever. All fine things to be, how I reckon it.
    Tynan A shared scholarly interest, it appears, and one that seems to think in the same patterns as myself. That's probably not a good thing for her, but I always enjoy a clever mind.
    Valdemar An interesting woman who definitely has a way with words.
    Victus I remember her having a nice dress. Can't remember where, but the dress was nice.
    Vitalis Lady Whitehawk offered me solace at the Shrine of the Queen. She is intent, intense, and implacable, but as ephemeral, elusive, and yielding as smoke. A woman of sharp contrasts.
    Zoey A friend of my father, we met through him. I guess we're as thick as thieves by now, and that's quite alright by me!