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Vassal of Velenosa

Words: "Cunning is no sin, a foolish ideal is no virtue."
Sigil: A swatch of silk wrapped around an iron gauntlet.
Colors: Steel and Blue
Nickname: Sins

Few houses have as dark a reputation as House Pravus and that is precisely how they like it. Few scandals ever do them any significant harm, as it is only to be expected from libertines, and the house clearly decided a long time ago it was better to be feared than loved. The occasional ruler of House Pravus will attempt to reform their name, but most simply embrace how they are perceived- a dangerously cunning house that will stop at nothing to achieve their own ends.


Name Rank Title Description
Belladonna 1 Ruling Duchess ---
Sebastian 2 Voice ---
Lianne 2 Voice ---
Sudara 2 Voice ---
Cassius 2 Voice ---
Viviana 3 Noble Family ---
Juliana 3 Noble Family ---
Alrec 4 Pravus Household ---
Felix 4 Pravus Household ---
Orathy 4 Pravus Household ---
Deacon 4 Pravus Household ---
Duarte 5 Vassal ---
Oriana 5 Vassal ---
Donato 5 Vassal ---
Farrah 5 Vassal ---
Tenebrae 6 Vassals' Household ---
Cesare 10 Elsewhere ---
Cedarav 10 Elsewhere ---
Jackson 10 Elsewhere ---
Lunara 10 Elsewhere ---
Ari 10 Elsewhere ---
Tyche 10 Elsewhere ---
Val 10 Elsewhere ---
Evelin 10 Elsewhere ---
Vayle 10 Elsewhere ---
Lune 10 Elsewhere ---

Ruler: Belladonna

Minister Category Title
Cassius Warfare Duke-General
Felix Loyalty Chief Minister

Land Holdings


Description: The Silken City, as Setarco is called, is the port city as well known for its decadent opulence as it is for its wealth. Said to be the place where courtesans first developed their art, the gorgeous city is far more libertine than the rest of the Realm with the ruling House Pravus renowned for lavish parties and a gleeful amorality that delights in shocking prudish visitors from the north.