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Mirari Corsetina

If I feel something, I act. If I want something, I take it.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Shark
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Corsetina
Gender: female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'5
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skintone: Olive

Titles: Sword of Lenosia

Description: There isn't anything delicate about Mirari Corsetina. Her icy features seem to be hewn from polished marble perfection. High cheekbones and sparkling dark emerald eyes are set off by her silky smooth light olive skin. Her nose is perfect and pert, and showcase her full, bow-shaped lips that always seem to have a knowing, sardonic smile tilting them. She is not tall, and while she has a trim athletic form, her hips have a generous curve to them, and her bosom is full. Her jet black hair is thick and straight, falling down like cascading lengths of dark silk to her hips.

Personality: Mirari always seems full of promise. She delights in presenting an alluring promise of danger or pleasurable company, enjoying the tantalizing mystery of her motives. It almost always seems impossible to tell, save that she genuinely enjoys the game and embraces being whatever she needs to become to accomplish her goals. As a well trained Southern courtier she artfully conceals what is real with her and what isn't, but the fantasy she presents is one few do not find enticing. The dangerous, mysterious woman who can take an objection of her attentions to places they never even thought of going before, a woman to die for, some whisper literally.

Background: It's hard to be a six year old child with a mother recently deceased, and a father who was lost to the deep. It's even harder when your aunt and uncle have seven other children, and not enough money to keep everyone fed. Her aunt saw an opportunity and took it, looking back now -- when she's not angry -- even Mirari can admit that. Her aunt met with a man who recruited for a school in Setarco, the very place where they train their best courtiers. Some have said it is the best in the world. Money changed hands, a deal was struck, and Mirari was taken off to the school. A young child learns to adapt, and it wasn't long that Mirari was doing her best to impress her instructors and excel among her peers. She did so well that she was singled out for more advanced training, which the young woman took to like a fish in water. At the end of her studies she found her contract purchased by House Pravus, where she served for several years. Nobody but the current Duchess, Belladonna Pravus, and Mirari know why the relationship has been severed, a good courtier never tells.

Loyaly to House Velenosa and its Archduchess found Mirari a position in the House, where she blossomed and found happiness and fulfillment in her duties. Her loyalty was rewarded when Eleyna Velenosa named her the Sword of Lenosia.

Relationship Summary

  • Karadoc - You never know what is going on in his head.
  • Harlex - A grizzled wolf with a lot of potential.
  • Venturo - Eternally frustrating, but he always seems to make sense.
  • Faruq - He's too kind, and needs to be watched.
  • Mayir - Trouble.
  • Carita - I've heard rumors.
  • Ilinca - Flower loving, pleasant company. She has a way with words.
  • Rosalie - A sweet girl who really likes gowns.
  • Fredrik - I would apologize for Rosalie's spending habits...but I would be lying.

  • Family:
  • Mailys - Tactical Sized Mirari and the person who keeps me safe.
  • Blossom - Her art is beautiful, the way she sees the world is amazing.
  • Rosalynne - I thought my Aunt was dead, it appears her and my father are quite alive.
  • Rickard - My cousin. I don't know him very well.

  • Parent:
  • Miraya - Mother, long gone.
  • Ari - So it seems he might not be dead. Twenty years is a long time to be gone.

  • Oathlands:
  • Miella - She has seen me at my worst, and my best, and she hasn't abandoned me.

  • Frenemy:
    Mourning isles:
  • Eleyna - I will always have your back.

  • Deceased:
  • Talen - While I tease him often, I hold the Archduke-Consort in the highest regard.

  • Friend:
  • Vanora - Thrax is lucky to have you.
  • Valdemar - I trust you, don't make me regret that.
  • Duarte - Thank you for believing in me.
  • Giulio - You're doing great.
  • Berenice - This one is trouble, but it's the best kind.
  • Josephine - My Arcuri Momma.

  • Crownlands:
    Name Summary
    Aahana A wonderful and gracious hostess. And I learned she makes lovely hairpins. I can't wait to see when she releases the next ones!
    Agatha I want to learn how to use claws like she does. She's so light on her feet and graceful, and she made this amaxing perfume Echo likes and then ... then she just moons a whole room. What a weird sort of cool mix of things! I don't know if I'm curious or scared...
    Agostino A lovely, mysterious woman, brought to my attention by a mutual friend. Hopefully I will get the chance to know her much better.
    Alban She runs a shop that combines an interesting combination of wares. I will have to come by and learn more about her perfumes and the fripperies. I am not sure but I think she is not exactly what she seems. Now I am curious.
    Alessandro An extremely talented crafter, and also very engaging company.
    Alexio Ahhh, a puzzle that I have not yet solved. She seems all at once intriguing and dangerous, and yet sweet and kind. I will have to be mindful when I am around her, but I am interested to see what I can unravel. Perhaps it will be a mutually beneficial relationship yet.
    Alrec What a fun and delectable little thing. It's a rare woman can keep up with my swagger, but she manages capably. Very interesting indeed.
    Amarantha Lovely rings made by an equally lovely woman. I intend to frequent her shop and hope to get to know her better in the process.
    Amari Despite the feigned innocence and genial manner, I suspect she's quite dangerous. Nobody that whip-smart, engaging and well put together could be anything but.
    Aonghus Excellent work, craftsmanship was exquisite on that sword. She is nice as well, so far seems she could be a good business contact as well as maybe a friend.
    Apollis She's so mysterious and beautiful. I want to get to all those secrets. She said she thinks there is a lot to discover about me. I can see us causing plenty of trouble together. Might be the start of something special. I also really like the way my name sounds coming out of her mouth.
    Ardoin Lycene girls have a reputation for the sort of things that should give me pause - but Mirari is so very skilled at her art, and her beauty, wit and charm are far too intriguing to not be explored. Besides, don't we all have something dark that lurks in our hearts? I must know more.
    Arianna She's awesome. Her sense of style, the way she carries herself, and of course her shop is as beautiful as she is. There's a quiet cunning about her and she seems really perceptive, unless she's just a reserved kind of woman but I know that's not the case. All in all she's kind of rad.
    Ariella A crafter of some sort. A legend, to hear people talk about her.
    Astraea Mistress Corsetina is a lovely woman with a quiet charm about her. She's a little dark like Mara but I think that's just part of the southern nature.
    Austen A very direct woman with whom I managed to put my foot in my mouth within seconds of meeting her. Further proof that I should not speak to people.
    Berenice Absolutely delightful and positively ravishing.
    Bethany I think I was just invited over to let her gracefully get out of flirting with this gentleman.
    Bliss Oh, you mean she's the one who has been making everything I've been wearing lately? And she's just as large in life? What a perfect co-conspirator.
    Caith She was more patient than anyone should have been when faced with a drunk, muddy, half-naked giant stumbling into her shop. Not only was she that but welcoming as well! Gave some good advice -- someone to seek out again in the future!
    Calaudrin She seemed alright. Didn't get a good read of her in the few minutes that we met. I did notice that she left with that Knight of Solace, Jeffeth.
    Carita Though I wanted to get to know her better on the tour, I believe she was the first person to actually make me smile. I will certainly be looking out for this one. I get the impression she's incredibly hilarious to drink with.
    Caspian She is a woman with many layers. Many many layers, all kept closely guarded. I wonder what is underneath?
    Coraline I don't think I will ever understand Lycene ways, however Mirari seems a very kind sort, even if she does seem to enjoy making me blush.
    Cristoph I met Mistress- I mean, -just- Mirari during my time in Southport. It was a different sort of environment, even if the people of Southport are more like the Oathlanders than some /other/ locations in the Lyceum. I enjoyed our conversation in the square, with any luck I'll see her again in Arx.
    Cullen What a mysterious woman! Dark and beautiful and wearing claws, working for a noble house and owning a shop, plus rather witty to boot. Certainly a good person to know, I would assume.
    Cullen An extraordinarily beautiful woman possessing an astoundingly keen intelligence and myriad abilities. That she is trusted by the Archduchess is no surprise, nor that she wields Mirror Blade. Mysterious, but when hasn't a truly unique individual not been?
    Cybele Seems a bit more withdrawn, and claims to have "stopped stabbing the pretty ones". But is still Mirari! Still perfumes and stabbings and handsome men!
    Daemon Beautiful young lady who shares many-a lovely quality with her cousin. I was happy to be in her company and I'll be happy to be in it again.
    Darren I am glad we got to catch up - I didn't realize how much I missed our talks. I'm going to make sure we get to spend more time together in the future.
    Delilah I've heard she runs a shop by the city center, and though I might've met an incredibly drunk Mirari, she seems like a whole lot of fun.
    Duarte Dangerous.
    Echo This one has claws! She's got a number of talents, and though I may not care much for smaller weaponry, I will definitely be bugging her for both jewelry and perfumes when time allows.
    Elara Mistress Corsetina is a perfumist with a shop. Having left most of my own perfumes back in Stormward I have a need. Plus she seems a pleasant and knowledgable woman. Perhaps I should treat myself to a custom scent, have her do something she thinks suits me.
    Eleyna Loyalty begets loyalty. The Velenosa don't just punish those who harm us, we reward those who prove their loyalty. Mirari has repeatedly done so and, so, she has mine.
    Elgana A lovely and smart lady. She gives rather good advice and knows a thing or two about ships. I wouldn't mind spending more time in her pleasant company eager to learn more of what she knows and to know the lady herself.
    Emmelline A very pleasant sort of woman. Seems extremely accomodating to my neds. I will look forward to doing business with her, and perhaps somewhere along the way forge a friendship.
    Ezekiel It is difficult to read her, but she seems nice. And has paid me quite well for my time when I have provided assistance!
    Faruq A fellow Sword. Beautiful. Talented. Intriguing. Dangerous. Of that last part I am certain. All the more interesting for it.
    Faye An interesting woman, with well thought out opinions. I believe I'd enjoy speaking with her again. And if I'm ever in the market for fancy perfumes or jewelry, I know where I'll come.
    Fecundo When you meet a lovely woman sharpening a diamondplate stiletto, and then find out someone was trying to convince her to hunt you have mixed feelings.
    Fiora While I wouldn't rule out pissing in her morning coffee, I haven't done it yet. She can fuck right off.
    Gareth A tailor with an attitude. Very good.
    Gaston She bet against me and lost. I won't hold that against the woman, though, since she offered to make me a special scented perfume.
    Gianna Is there anything she can't do?
    Grazia Saucy and sassy. She's got quite the mouth on her, but she says things with style.
    Harlex A bon vivant and a sword-fighter but for a moment she reminded me of that she-wolf that near bite off my hand.
    Ian Not much she can't make out of glass.
    Ignacio A skilled fighter and shopkeeper. There is no doubt she is a good person and someone that everyone should get to know.
    Ingrid Mirari Corsetina is the fine craftswoman who owns the Works Obscura. She creates lovely pieces, whether it be clothing or jewelry and then some. She also seems to be quite close to Vanora, and I fully support anyone who is a friend of the family.
    Iseulet Met her at the Golden Hart. Damn, she looks like she knows what she is doing indeed.
    Isolde I am glad to see her back behind the counter of Works Obscura. Her perfumes are always of impeccable quality and I trust few others with the repair and crafting of my masks.
    Jacali My, what a splendid woman. I can't wait to see what all we might create together, my splendid self and my newest friend.
    Jacque She likes to challenge, has an interesting sense of fun. I enjoyed my first meeting with her, and I bought a couple of fragrances.
    Jaenelle An enigma of strength, beauty, and danger.
    Jeffeth A force both beautiful and untamed. She has captured many of my waking thoughts recently. Who knows where things will go, but she certainly has an appealing nature.
    Jev Kinda mean. Hot though.
    Jordan Good businesswoman, pretty smile. Knows how to sell her product so likely will be doing business with her at some point.
    Kaldur A most capable crafter and a bit of mischief to her. I'll be sure to spread word about 'Of Works Obscura.'
    Kenna Such energy and sense of ownership! She has control of this shop of hers without even a second thought to the matter, doesn't she? What a warm and inviting place to find myself.
    Leola One of the Whispers I've more time for than most. Something about the Saik produces fine ones. I do like her
    Liara Sharp tongue and sharp products, apparently. An amusing enough first encounter. Should chat with her properly sometime.
    Lorenzo A skilled craftwoman. I get the feeling there is more to her than meets the eye, and I hope to find out more about her in the future.
    Lottie Like a billowing bit of silk on the wind with with a grace and beauty comparable to the wild things whispered of in children's stories. She's always been real sweet to me and is a great talking partner.
    Luca What's better than a Corsetina woman? That's a trick question. The answer's in the bottom of a bottle. I'll meet you there and tell you. She's a fine confidante when it comes to what's behind the curtains, so to speak.
    Lucita Good businesswoman who puts customers first and socializing afterwards. One of the craftspersons associated with the Saik family, skilled with what she does. Pleasant-natured during our conversation. It is interesting to get to know her.
    Luis She does enjoy the thought of more physical things and in that she is quite exquisite, but she also enjoys the light banter that brings smiles and wonderful conversations. A pleasure to be around, though I know she hides a more dangerous side, the signs are there for those who see such things.
    Magpie Sharp of mind, quick to make decisions, and doesn't waste time asking a million questions that don't matter when everyone knows what needs to be done. Magpie definitely enjoyed the efficiency the woman makes use of and hopes to work with her again in the future.
    Mailys My darling cousin, and Dire Sized version of myself!
    Marian She is a life saver. The thought of dealing with stomach ailments for the next few months was just unbearable. But I think her scent is just what I need to stop random scents from assaulting me.
    Marius Merchant, Sword, Leader of the Mirrorguard, and all things 'difficult' but just as easy to smile.
    Melody A sharp eye on this one, with a tongue just as sharp. Sometimes bad news is good news for someone else.
    Monique The most seductive woman I know, and a wonderful teacher, besides.
    Mydas Her discretion is as appreciated as her skill with crafts. Add the fighting ability, and she becomes quite a varied woman.
    Niklas Renaissance (or whatever) woman. Master crafter, master fighter, master socializer.
    Norwood She seems to have an active mind. I worry about her eagerness for conflict - but perhaps that is her youth or other circumstances of which I am not aware.
    Orathy Reckon the thing about Mirari, she be getting to the point. There ain't nothing that ain't sharp about her. It be all sharp. Sharp from eyes down, and that's when she be even sharper. Reckon I ain't liking many but she be worth trying.
    Orazio A courtier of the Malvici. Everything one would expect from a trained courtier, even under pressure. Orazio always has an interest in courtiers, particularly ones who could steer their patrons away from dangerous waters. He's not prepared to call her a friend, but he's certainly interested in her potential.
    Oriana Oh, you and I are going to have -such- fun...
    Pasquale A Mirrormask and member of the merchant class in this sprawling city. Whatever she calls herself, she strikes me as a very uncommon sort of commoner.
    Petal She is very nice and flattering! Welcoming and well easy to feel included around her and she is very beautiful too.
    Quenia She's excellent with her words, they have a way of flowing around any topic she wants, and you would believe them. She's also nice to hold a general conversation with.
    Reese She is creative, intelligent and easy to be around.
    Rinel A makeup artist, who does... bespoke scents? Unusual. And very possessive about her books--which indicates an excellent character, in my view.
    Romulius Not sure what to make of this one, she talks so casually of killing people it makes my heart race with excitement, but she is so unreadable I can never be sure how she actually feels. Exasperating because... ahh fuck it.
    Rowenova Mistress Mirari Corsetina is a talented woman whose blade work (Willowfall, a serrated ebon steel longsword) I actually knew before ever having met her.%RAfter coming across her several times, I can sense a good heart in her, the kinda person who will share her flask with new friend (@ the Training Grounds) and watches over her own family members (@ the Black Axe), too.
    Roxana A beautiful courtesan/perfume maker/other things? She is clearly held close by House Malvici and has my sister and niece's high regard, therefore she has mine as well. I am very fond of perfume, as an aside.
    Sabella An amazing partner in subtle crime. Where crime is clothing. I must return and buy all the things!
    Sabella A seamstress that does absolutely exquisite work! Not just with fabric, but with jewelry as well! I have only run into her a handful of times, but she seems very friendly with Luca and he is an excellent judge of character. I would like to get to know her better.
    Samael What a beautiful woman. She helped me and my daughter Zoey shop for some perfume. She was very cordial and accomidating. I hope to see her again.
    Theo She's quick, charming, and droll. A breath of fresh air in a city choked to the gills with the painfully boring. I think I like her.
    Theron Mistress Corsetina. Seems to do perfumes, and I think I saw something about weapons in her store. Very outgoing, but likely dangerous. Seems to be well connected from what little I could see when her store was packed with people, so definitely someone to watch. Also a fellow Mirrorguard.
    Thesarin A clever one, from heraring her talk, and to hear what she said. Alchemist and sword-smith. Reckon I'll need to seek her out.
    Tomwell A miracle worker with perfumes. And though she looks as though she could kill me with her smallest toe, a secret romantic! Delightful.
    Tynan A mystery wrapped in pretty packaging. Wouldn't mind finding out more about said mystery, especially if she is as dedicated to change as she claims.
    Valarian Some people like their women plain and demure. To the Abyss with that. Mirari is beautiful, mysterious, adaptable, and clearly able to rip trash to shreds. And an artist of war as well! Something appropriate about a woman so like a work of art to create art to kill with. Seemed to appreciate my forthrightness. Good. I don't have time for mincing words.
    Vanora Mistress Corsetina is one of my very favorite people in the world. Also a gifted jeweler.
    Vayne A thoughtful woman, with incredible potential to peer deeply into her reflections. I look forward to the day when she finds her true self, and experiences the peace that comes along with that.
    Venturo Grace and elegance, and a good choice of drink. While a woman without the former can still be greatly appreciated, one who has a poor choice of alcohol is irredeemable! Thankfully, she passes the test.
    Veronica Finally! After everything Jonathan has told me about Mistress Corsetina, I finally got to meet her... It's truly remarkable how difficult it is to meet someone. She is... not what I expected though. Yes, she has the charming part down, but she hardly seems the type to be an instructor. Then again she is a member of House Velenosa; some mystery is to be expected.
    Victus Pretty Lycene. Like a lot of Lycene, I'd say that looks can be deceiving though. I wonder how many knives she has hidden on her at any time. Two? Three? Fifteen? The possibilities are endless.
    Violet The Mistress Mirari is a talented woman. I'm lucky enough to have a scent by her. She is doing work with the Mirrorguard? I wonder if she's ever thought about mercenary work...
    Vitalis Well! Sometimes you meet someone, and you know they're not only beautiful, they're smart and crafty as well. And then you want a bottle or two of wine, and to roll around with them all night. Pity she's involved, but I can see a lot of rather enjoyable talks nonetheless.
    Zoey There's something about her eyes that has me cautious, but her skill is evident! And she gave me some very good advice, to boot. I'll look forward to see what comes from our collaboration.