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Lady Oriana Inverno

It's a shame how whole families can be torn apart by something as simple a pack of wild dogs.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Religious Noble
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Inverno
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Criminal
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Sable
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Golden Tan

Description: The innocence of youth still clings to her, softening what might other wise be overly sharp features, rounding out the high cheekbones and pointy chin into something that goes beyond just mildly pleasing to the eye. Pale grey eyes are sharp, watchful and hold a mischievious glint to them that brightens what might otherwise be an overly washed out color. Her hair is the soft brown of sable pelts, and seems to be well cared for, and always exceptionally styled for whatever situation she might find herself in.

Personality: Quick-witted with a wickedly sharp tongue doesn't even begin to describe her. She's always got a response, tends to try for the last word in any conversation. She's not rude, never that, but she's not a push over, either. She stands her ground, and faces the world with a smile even in the face of grim fates and has been prone towards gallows humor.

Background: Ludovico Inverno was her grandfather, which provides one with something of a strange legacy. The man was made Count in order to get the Inverno out of the way, saddling them with an arid, seemingly useless island. The island, however, has worked out beyond all reasonable expectations. Due to that, everyone in the family has some pressure to continue this, to make it work, and to stick it to...whoever might doubt them.

Oriana had an older brother, one that was meant to eventually take over the family and the House, so she was allowed the freedom to explore and settle into whatever life she might want to have. The life she chose was a questionable one, by most standards. She begun taking to sea with some of the ah...fisherman of Caina, coming back frequently with more than just fish, however. Among those in the family, they knew, but she was careful enough that any illegal activity couldn't be connected to her, or in turn the family itself. In fact, she denies it often. She's just a girl, with a penchant for the sea and her religion.

When Argento was recently taken by House Pravus her own family was thrown into turmoil, some they found had gotten closer to Argento over the recent generation than before. But somehow it was never proven if Oriana or her twin brother were among those loyal to Argento, or removed from the conflict itself. If asked, she always maintains her loyalty to her family as being all that matters.

Relationship Summary

  • Ignacio - My in-control Knight-Captain of the Roses. I enjoy our time spent together.
  • Name Summary
    Ann We have a thing or two in common. Mostly an affection for birds and a sense of humor. Easy enough to talk to, maybe we should sit down together for a quieter meeting.
    Caspian Too charming for it not to be a crime. Some southern ladies seem to have the cool, sultry nature mastered, and she is one of those. What has Lord Ignacio got himself into?
    Grazia So exuberant, she and her lover are, and in public! It's a little scandalous. She's not even that drunk yet!
    Ignacio Lady Inverno, charming and intriguing. She is definitely worth getting to know better.
    Jacque Lady Oriana Inverno is a fun-loving, clever Lycene lady. I think she's good with her words and knows how to get the right reaction out of people. One to watch, definitely.
    Margerie I happened onto a discussion with Lady Inverno at the marketplace. She has apparently been branded a chatterbox as well. AS one prone to such behavior myself,I find her a fine addition to the club. Keen sense of fashion, too.
    Reese She seems pleasant, lovely and very much of the South{n